Where and with whom will school drones fly?

Where and with whom will school drones fly?
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UAV in every school

UAVs have become a real headache for modern Russia. The special operation revealed serious problems in planning the development of the industry and elementary design. Everything is in the worst traditions - at the state level there was no clear policy in the field of UAV development, which is why private companies had no interest in the issue.

When interest arose from everyone in a row, it turned out that most of the components are not manufactured in Russia. Difficulties with brushless motors, control electronics and surveillance systems.

It is no coincidence that in June 2023 the Government adopted an ambitious “Strategy for the Development of Unmanned aviation Russian Federation for the period up to 2030 and for the future up to 2035”. The year 2030 for Russia should probably become the most fateful, if not for the whole century, then for sure in twenty or thirty years. By this date, the country should have a world-class aviation industry, a sufficient electronics industry, and a five-fold increase in satellite constellation. And this is only part of the ambitious planning.

In addition to the purely technical aspects of the "UAV Program", the Strategy plans to "create a system of continuous education, training and provision of qualified personnel for the unmanned aviation industry." It seems logical that the initiative of the Ministry of Education to organize a pilot training program for students in grades 10-11 drones.

A separate subject for this, of course, is not singled out - several hours are ordered from the course of initial military training, which, in turn, is integrated into the OBZH. The CWP theme will return to schools from September 1, 2023, and with it the program for “drone pilots”.

Basic military training is a solid set of modules: Tactical Training, Fire Training, Fundamentals of Technical Training and Communications, Engineering Training, Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection, First Aid, General Military Regulations , "Drill training" and "Fundamentals of the security of military service."

Drone pilot skills and abilities are included in the Fundamentals of Technical Training and Communication course. Nothing but positive feedback story cannot call. There are several reasons.

Firstly, any technical component of education invariably attracts the attention of schoolchildren. With motivation in the lessons, it’s completely sour, and drones should move the situation off the ground, at least in the course of life safety. The drone is becoming as familiar to the battlefield as the Kalashnikov assault rifle, so future recruits should have good UAV skills.

If you believe the working program of the course, then high school students will work out not only takeoff and landing, but also more complex elements. The program includes reconnaissance and combat use (obviously, dropping ammunition and FPV kamikaze attacks), algorithms and signs of using electronic warfare systems, as well as piloting in various operating modes.

Secondly, a close acquaintance with UAVs in the classroom will allow future engineers and professional drone operators to decide on a profession. The Strategy for the Development of Unmanned Aviation was mentioned above, which is likely to face a shortage of personnel. The school curriculum should at least partially satisfy him.

There are decent hopes for progress in education, but there are also many difficulties. Many of them are critical.

What, where and when?

For conservative school life, the appearance of a course for UAV operators is hardly less resonant than the roll of thunder overhead. There are many complexities. The main question is where to find specialists who can convey to schoolchildren the wisdom of piloting and operating drones?

There are about 70 thousand schools in Russia, although not all of them have senior classes, but all of them have a teacher of life safety in the state. It will not be possible to promptly retrain teachers-organizers of the basics of life safety (this is the name of the position) - teachers need many hours of theoretical and practical training. In the worst case, school administrators quickly organize correspondence courses with a completely predictable result.

A possible scenario could be the transfer of the Basics of Technical Training and Communications module, which, we recall, implies the training of UAV operators, to traditional military training. Usually the event takes place in the nearest military units, where, under the strict guidance of sergeants and officers, future recruits get acquainted with the army way of life. Here it is easier to find professional drone operators to transfer experience. But not everywhere near the school you can find a military unit - the military is not deployed in every city, not to mention the villages.

The second logical issue is the technical equipment of schools. Each of the 70 thousand schools needs to find at least one drone for practical training. However, he will be safely killed already in the second week - either hotheads from 10 "B", or the life safety teacher himself during the next training session. Therefore, the school needs a whole staff of drones, ranging from the simplest sizes in the palm of your hand to machines of the DJI Matrix level and FVP products. This, of course, is the most “fat” option, but who stops you from fantasizing?

In addition, the school will need a specialist who can repair wounded UAVs. Not to mention the gigantic amounts of funding and the difficulties of purchasing drones in China.

It is worth providing answers to fair questions from the public and caring critics. For example, at the front, the fighters do not have enough DJI, but at your school, why is there a drone in every class, and more than one? Here it is just right for the headmaster to take special courses to answer such questions.

Drones need open air, which means that schools will have to provide separate areas for training. Financing also requires the purchase of special software for computer simulators.

In addition, it is highly desirable to organize an acquaintance with the technical base of the UAV and even the basics of design. It is not easy to bring a drone that has gone haywire to its senses - in its simplicity it is far from being a Kalashnikov assault rifle. We need stands, specialists, components, separate areas and money, money, money ...

The main obstacle to the implementation of the course is seen as a ban on drone flights, introduced immediately in 60 regions of the countries. How, for example, in a Moscow school to master the "reconnaissance and combat use" of UAVs? Obviously, only on the fingers. Officials from school education clearly did not agree on the initiative with the prosecutor's office and the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Without taking into account such subtleties, a good deed risks turning into another profanity. At best, they will be worthy of watching educational films and training on simulators. This will finally discourage the desire of schoolchildren to delve into the problem and develop.

It is not surprising that in the end we come to the truth as old as the world - an idea is good only when its real implementation is provided. The initiative of the Ministry of Education still has many more questions than positive emotions.
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  1. +3
    24 August 2023 04: 36
    It was smooth on paper ...
    At school, you need to add Basic military training as a separate subject. There is no need to combine it with the OBZH, there are completely different tasks. With NVP teachers, there should be no problems. Here is the material support, yes. Although, if desired, everything is possible.
    1. +6
      24 August 2023 05: 10
      The problem is in the women's team, they eat it in one fell swoop. I remember a former officer of the Airborne Forces came to our school as a teacher, and a quick-witted man. I took a bet and fizruk. He began to make fools of us men. I got training machines. He swung at the shooting range, as it turned out, he was in the project during the construction of the school, then the chickens pecked him.
  2. +1
    24 August 2023 05: 27
    Quote: Coward
    then the chickens pecked at him.

    They will visit once in Donetsk or Belgorod under the shelling of artillery and UAVs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ... they will see clearly in an instant. what
  3. +4
    24 August 2023 06: 28
    You just need to find out how many guys we have involved with similar models. I don’t think that a general acquaintance with drones will move things off the ground. Only the creation of mass DIY circles can captivate guys for life with this business. came out of short pants.
    1. 0
      27 August 2023 21: 59
      . Only the creation of mass circles such as "Do it yourself"

      Agree. Only the state stuffed spokes in the wheels. What is only one registration of aircraft models worth.
      The whole class in the school is not interested. Too specific hobby. Yes, and for teaching skills are needed versatile. There are no such teachers in schools.
  4. +2
    24 August 2023 06: 43
    Another point annoys me, is our state confident that the country needs schoolchildren familiar with the military use of drones? Well, I understand - the cadet corps, military schools, etc.
    But no matter how it sounded later, from schoolchildren - Why was it possible? - and it turned out to be possible.
  5. +2
    24 August 2023 07: 38
    "and difficulties with procurement of drones in China."
    Everything, the curtain ...

    “For example, at the front, the fighters do not have enough DJI, but at your school, why is there a drone in every class, and more than one?
    Here it is just right for the headmaster to take special courses to answer such questions."
    Ahhh, it turns out that the principals of the school are to blame for getting into the SVO with a bare fifth point and moving only when the fried rooster pecked at it.
  6. +3
    24 August 2023 12: 55
    Again, everything will be done in one place. Sysadmin in one lyceum + half-time in other images. institutions. Laptops on Linux Astra were delivered to one of the lyceums. Now I’m telling the madhouse of their implementation: they came, and the next day we need a photo report that we use them (we twisted our finger at the temple, about whom we should think). Since no one understands how to work, it has been postponed for now. Then a week later a letter, urgently check the performance of all laptops and in case of problems they gave the address of the workshop. (Do you feel the logic of events?). 1,5 months passed and they bothered to conduct training, but peculiar: online 3 video lessons for 1,5 hours, where they didn’t say shit how to install programs and stuff, but stupidly here is the menu, here is the control panel, there is time. And they entrusted training to computer science teachers, who have been sitting on Windows and offices all their lives. So with the UAV it will be approximately in the same spirit.
    1. +1
      25 August 2023 22: 39
      Ooooh, Astra is that shnyaga if there is no connection to the tyrnet, then such dances with a tambourine and with a tyrnet too laughing
    2. 0
      24 September 2023 06: 27
      As I understand you. I teach computer science at school. In general, we decided to open as many as 4 growth points (rural school, for a moment). They didn’t give me any money to renovate the offices; new furniture had not yet been delivered at that time. They sent several laptops with Astra, some chemicals, and that’s it. The demand comes from the district (which was supposed to allocate funds for the renovation of 4 offices) urgently!!!! make a photo report of 4 offices from different angles, where new equipment and repairs would be visible. Moreover, the far wall in the office must be painted in a strictly defined color; the required color was sent to us in advance. Although even the signs for the classes were in the process of being made. Do you understand the abyss of rabid idiocy from which the Ministry of Education administers education? Thanks to Photoshop, although in the hour we were given for the report, we didn’t get high-quality photos. And now they demand that you send video reports every week on how the office is being used... I really want to quit, honestly.
  7. +1
    24 August 2023 13: 12
    Well, it’s definitely nonsense to teach this to everyone, not everyone needs it and is interested. Have you tried to hide the child to do something that he is not interested in or that he does not understand at all? In addition to the senior classes, many already have their own interest in the future path of development, and many are not interested in the military topic at all, and money will be allocated for their education. We need circles, a choice of additional classes or lessons, only desire and interest guarantees the result, and not obligation!
  8. 0
    24 August 2023 14: 21
    Drone simulators will be distributed, and the kids will watch how the teacher flies there. Or something like that. Or even worse. School computer science in the 80s can be recalled. Which en masse was taught in the absence of computers in the school.
  9. +1
    24 August 2023 21: 14
    Is Eugene from the Moon at all? The possession and use of drones is so regulated that now you can only talk about schools when you have the flu or when you are drunk.
    Drones are quite a hype topic if you make a show out of them, and where there is hype, there the children themselves somehow, without state regulation, will learn to smoke in the alley. The problem was not in the training of personnel, but in the complete absence of state thinking, open chains of meanings. Sheep to shear them and shit less - this is an approximate relation to the "electorate" - that's what we are dealing with, and not with bad training programs, extracurricular activities or construction there .... (omg, in the era of the Internet, what a stupid construction when a continuous copy-paste on a 3D printer is possible and even desirable ?! money can and should be channeled through adult participants in the hobby market, and not through bullshit in pioneer circles).
    Ukraine saw an opportunity and succeeded exactly because their hierarchy is much lower developed, it was not forbidden there for which the Russian Federation quite realistically fined and loomed, if not bunk beds, then sour talk against the lamp.
  10. 0
    12 September 2023 00: 39
    If there were civil proceedings, there would be no need to introduce anything, nor would it be necessary to create a program for the next development. It’s stupid to have production oriented towards the civilian market as another segment of the industrial rather than resource economy.
  11. 0
    9 November 2023 04: 34
    Such a school program requires drone control ranges in every district.
  12. 0
    19 November 2023 01: 47
    Well, as usual. Everything is through.... At first, a flight simulator is enough for understanding; the device and principle of operation are explained on a dummy. If someone “lights up”, then further training