Predictable result: loss of Ukrainian BMP M2A2 Bradley

Predictable result: loss of Ukrainian BMP M2A2 Bradley
The first destroyed BMP Bradley and MBT Leopard 2, June 2023. Photo by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

A few months ago, the US began donating M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to the Kyiv regime. At the beginning of summer, this equipment was sent into battle for the first time - and it suffered the first losses. In the future, unsuccessful attempts to attack American infantry fighting vehicles were regularly repeated and had the same result. To date, the Russian army has knocked out a significant part of the Ukrainian Bradleys, and this seriously threatens the entire fleet of such vehicles.

Armored Assistance

The decision to hand over American infantry fighting vehicles to the Kyiv regime was made in early January. At the same time, the first batch of several dozen vehicles was included in the next package of military assistance. In the future, Bradley in one quantity or another was introduced into new packages. In total, it was planned to transfer more than 180 units. technology.

Shipment of equipment within these packages started no later than the beginning of April. Over the next few weeks, by the end of spring, a fairly large fleet of American infantry fighting vehicles was formed in Ukrainian units and formations. At the same time, the Ukrainian command and its foreign consultants considered it possible to begin the combat use of equipment.

At the turn of May-June, M2 Bradley products were first seen at the front. In the future and to the present, such equipment regularly appears on different parts of the line of contact. They are trying to use it in its original roles - as a protected transport for infantry and as a means of fire support.

Destroyed BMP in the Zaporozhye direction, June 2023. Photo by

Technical potential

The American industry produced several modifications of the Bradley BMP with different features and differences. Ukraine decided to transfer products of the M2A2 ODS (Operation Deseret Storm) version. This version of the machine was developed in the early nineties, taking into account the recent hostilities in the Persian Gulf. In the course of such an upgrade, the original M2 received a number of new instruments and systems, but no radical alterations were envisaged.

BMP M2A2 was built on the basis of a modified and improved hull. Combined armor based on aluminum parts was strengthened, embrasures that weakened protection were removed, and an anti-fragmentation lining was provided inside the hull. It also became possible to install dynamic protection. According to the developers, with a full set of protection, the forehead of such a hull can withstand 30-mm armor-piercing artillery shells and rocket-propelled anti-tank grenades.

The updated BMP received a Cummins VTA-903T diesel engine with an HP 600 power. and enhanced transmission. The design of the chassis has not changed, but some parts have been strengthened. All this made it possible to compensate for the increase in the mass of the machine up to 30,5 tons, and also to maintain the required driving characteristics. At the same time, M2A2 lost its ability to swim.

The armament complex has not fundamentally changed. Its basis was the 25 mm M242 automatic cannon with 900 rounds of ammunition. On the gun mount was a coaxial machine gun M240 with 2200 rounds. An armored launcher for TOW anti-tank missiles was still placed on the left side of the tower. The fire control system did not fundamentally differ from the means on board the previous versions of the Bradley.

"Bradley" in the lens of loitering ammunition, July 2023. Photo by Telegram / "BOBR"

At one time, the M2 weapons complex was compiled taking into account the need to fight against different targets. So, a coaxial machine gun made it possible to hit manpower and unprotected equipment, a 25-mm gun is designed to fight Soviet-style light armored vehicles, and against tanks or other difficult targets, missiles were to be used.

During the upgrade with the ODS code, the original M2A2 received a new ELRF laser rangefinder, safe for eyes and optics. The TACNAV tactical navigation system with a GPS receiver and a digital compass also appeared on the machine. The commander received the FBCB2 "battlefield control" terminal.

The crew of the M2A2 included three people - the driver, the commander and the operator's gunner, located in the hull and in the turret. In the ODS modification, the seventh seat reappeared in the troop compartment. Embarkation and disembarkation are carried out through the aft ramp or a door in it.

Preliminary results

The first Ukrainian Bradleys entered the battlefield in early June. In the future, such equipment regularly appeared on the line of contact. Together with machines of other types, they are trying to use the M2A2 in the notorious "counterattack". However, the Russian army was well prepared for the long-promised Ukrainian offensive, preparing positions, defensive lines and strike assets. As a result, any Ukrainian attempts to use foreign or old Soviet equipment end in losses.

UAV "Lancet" flies up to the "Bradley". Photo Telegram / "Zaporozhye Front"

The Ukrainian fleet of BMP M2A2 suffered its first losses in early June. During the well-known battle in the area of ​​N. p. Malaya Tokmachka in the Zaporozhye direction, a dozen of such vehicles were destroyed, not counting other armored vehicles. Then there were new fights with similar results.

The well-known resource Lost Armor has calculated that by now the Kiev regime has irrevocably lost 37 American infantry fighting vehicles. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the authors of the service are counting the destroyed equipment based on materials available in the public domain. In this regard, it cannot be ruled out that not all destroyed M2A2 ODS were included in their register, and the actual level of losses is higher.

It is reported that there are not only irretrievable losses of equipment. According to various estimates, up to two to three dozen M2A2 ODS are damaged, but subject to repair. They could be evacuated to the rear, but the restoration to return to service must be associated with certain difficulties. It is possible that some of the damaged equipment will not be repaired and will simply be written off.

Accordingly, to date, at least 18% of the delivered BMPs have been destroyed and a smaller percentage is damaged, but can still be returned to service. One way or another, almost a third of Ukrainian Bradleys are unusable, at least temporarily. At the same time, our army inflicted such losses on the enemy without significant effort.

Means of defeat

The failure of the Ukrainian “counterattack” is due to the competent actions of the Russian army. Our formations prepared defensive positions, set up explosive and other obstacles, and also created a supply of strike weapons to work on the advancing enemy formations. All these measures have been tested in practice and have proven their potential.

Three burned-out infantry fighting vehicles, August 2023. Photo by

A significant part of Ukrainian armored vehicles, incl. The Bradleys were stopped by anti-tank mines. Ammunition of a number of types has confirmed its ability, at a minimum, to damage NATO-style armored vehicles. In addition, as a result of mine explosions, a large number of enemy vehicles lost momentum and became an easy target for strike systems and complexes.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have become an effective means of destroying armored vehicles, including the M2A2 ODS. So, Lost Armor reports three known cases of the Bradley being hit by the Lancet loitering ammunition. Also, the resource noted two dozen episodes of the use of M2A2 lungs drones other types. so-called. FPV-drones inflicted damage to the targets, up to and beyond repair.

With all the progress in other areas, artillery remains an effective tool against armored vehicles. The Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly told and shown the process of the work of gun crews on targets in the form of Ukrainian armored vehicles, incl. M2A2. In such cases, one direct or close hit is enough to destroy the armored vehicle. Tank guns also show high efficiency. The episode with the participation of the tank under the name "Alyosha" became widely known - its crew hit and destroyed several Bradleys and other enemy equipment in a short period of time.

All this shows that American infantry fighting vehicles, despite all the upgrades, are not invulnerable. They are able to protect the crew and troops from bullets, small-caliber projectiles and shrapnel, but other weapons pose a critical threat. So, a minefield covered by artillery or UAVs turns out to be an insurmountable obstacle for the Bradley and other equipment.

Evacuation of the burnt M2A2, August 2023. Photo by Telegram / "Corner of the Sith"

With all this, the M2A2 ODS machines simply do not have time to use their potential. They often fail to reach the line of effective use of their weapons. Moreover, reaching the effective fire distance does not guarantee further success - a 25-mm gun or TOW missiles of a number of modifications cannot fight modern Russian tanks. In this case, the vehicle is in the zone of destruction of tank guns and other fire weapons.

Predictable outcome

Thus, the supply of American infantry fighting vehicles M2A2 ODS did not help the Kyiv regime. This technique is used illiterately, which does not allow realizing its technical potential and advantages. In addition, the Russian army prepared for the appearance of such vehicles at the front - as well as other NATO-style equipment.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of foreign weapons and military equipment, our armed forces organize defense at the forefront and inflict serious damage on the enemy trying to attack. In addition, strikes are carried out on the rear, incl. in places of accumulation of American-made armored vehicles.

Ways of further development of the situation are clear and predictable. The enemy will again try to advance, using the foreign Bradley armored vehicles and other equipment that he has left. Its progress will be stopped by one means or another, after which the advancing groups will be defeated. In such a situation, the prospects of the former American M2A2 ODS become obvious. Only the exact timing of the complete destruction of their remaining park is in question.
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  1. -4
    18 August 2023 03: 34
    As they think there in the West, we already know. What 37 cars? Bild published material from Staromayorskoye, where 31 armored vehicles were hit, half foreign ... Leopards have already been burned 30 pieces.
    And most importantly, all this equipment burns faster than the Soviet one. although they promoted her as a wunderwaffe ...
    1. +10
      18 August 2023 06: 58
      BMP, and other equipment is just a tool. But its use is a completely different matter. Remember how we entered Ukraine. Everything is destroyed, we need the right approach. But another look, what would happen if the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not have this "menagerie"? Definitely there would be no offensive. So this technique still played its role (and will still play) on the battlefield, but it is not intended for another .
    2. +4
      18 August 2023 11: 27
      Where did you count 30 leopards? According to the photo - video confirmations, no more than 15 of them are collected.
      1. 0
        18 August 2023 15: 48
        Moreover, according to the same photos / videos, directly destroyed - 4 units, damaged - 11 units.
        According to Bredley, the alignment is also not in favor of Konashenkov’s fairy tales, according to the photo / video destroyed - 24 units, damaged - 26 units, while there are already enough precedents when Bradley leaves on his own after direct hits by Grad, mortars, ATGMs.

        And if someone howls again that "Oryx is not an objective source of recording losses," then the data on the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are pulled up there, including from our LostArmour.

        Well, as always, Ryabov in the very first rows talks about "little, late, blah blah blah" along the way playing on cardboard coffins BMD-4M, Octopus, BMP-2M, BTR-82 and further down the list, when our most massive "modern" BMP-3 does not meet the protection requirements.
        1. -3
          18 August 2023 23: 45
          There will probably be only a few direct hits by Grad and mortars on all armored vehicles for the entire NWO laughing . And after the ptura, Bradley burns out, since it is aluminum. And the rest is taken away.
      2. -8
        18 August 2023 16: 16
        I trust the Military Chronicle resource, the most objective analysis and events never run ahead. According to their calculation, 30 Leopard tanks were destroyed.
  2. +6
    18 August 2023 07: 55
    American infantry fighting vehicles, despite all the upgrades, are not invulnerable
    If infantry fighting vehicles, no matter which country, were also invulnerable, then, as they say, there would be no price for them. And this is how it performs its functions: delivering infantry to the battlefield, supporting it with fire ... They are burning and will continue to burn, because. war is not an exercise in greenhouse conditions.
  3. +4
    18 August 2023 08: 07
    The key phrase of the article is ''...used illiterately...''. An infantry fighting vehicle is an infantry fighting vehicle and that's it.
    1. 0
      18 August 2023 17: 47
      Yeah. The article should be exactly this size)
  4. -1
    18 August 2023 08: 44
    "the forehead of such a hull can withstand 30-mm armor-piercing artillery shells" - well, I really liked it, now I want to see such artillery guns with a caliber of 30 mm, or I missed something and armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles with helicopters now belong to artillery.
    1. +1
      21 August 2023 07: 19
      Everything with a caliber larger than 20 mm is artillery.
  5. +3
    18 August 2023 17: 46
    Interesting article. BMP Bradley cannot do this, that, the fifth, the tenth.

    And what kind of infantry fighting vehicle can go through a minefield, artillery and UAVs? Will the author name?

    Tow quite well penetrates the armor of the T-72, T-80 and T-90. And which hits the body and which hits the roof.

    What is the article about? Unclear.
  6. +1
    18 August 2023 20: 44
    As they say: the American infantry fighting vehicle burns normally!
  7. 0
    18 August 2023 20: 46
    Quote: Vladimir 290
    "the forehead of such a hull can withstand 30-mm armor-piercing artillery shells" - well, I really liked it, now I want to see such artillery guns with a caliber of 30 mm, or I missed something and armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles with helicopters now belong to artillery.

    You will be surprised, but the 30mm cannons of infantry fighting vehicles and helicopters are artillery pieces. Only placed on the combat platform.
  8. 0
    19 August 2023 16: 36
    It has long been known that it is not technology that wins, but soldiers. And the Ukrainian in Bradley is no different from the Ukrainian in the BTR80. And how the fighting pid @ r @ sy of the West will show themselves, we hope we will not see soon.