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New budget Walther PPX

As it turned out, not only phones or laptops can be budgetary, there is such a category among firearms weapons. When you see that a particular model is called a budget model and is made on the basis of some other weapon model with a higher price, then the questions are quite natural: what exactly did you save, and how did it affect performance and reliability? However, the release of such options for firearms are mainly engaged in eminent weapons companies, one name which is associated with quality, because worried that the gun will fall apart in his hands at the first shot, do not worry, but understand what the budget option is different from its high-grade grandparent, yet worth it.

In one of the previous articles, the conversation was about the Walther PPQ pistol, which was particularly resistant to salt water. This model is relatively new, but it has already managed to recommend itself only on the positive side. It is not known how much the manufacturer is familiar with the saying “strike while the iron is hot”, but the fact that he adheres to its counterpart is indisputable, since this year a new gun made on the basis of PPQ was introduced, and already in 2013 this model can be seen on the stores are, of course, not domestic. They called this gun Walther PPX and it completely repeats the construction of its older brother, one of its price is distinguished by a very small number of signs, although it may not seem so small to many. So, in the near future it will be possible to become the owner of this gun for 499 $, however, this price is recommended by the manufacturer, so it is not known how greedy the sellers will be. But this price for a weapon in which the burner cover is blued, a model with a stainless steel cover-shutter will cost 549 $, which is also the recommended price. For comparison, we can say that the progenitor of a pistol costs about 560 $, although many people bought it even for 450 $, and in some cases its price is higher than 1000 $. In general, it’s too early to talk about what the real price will be for this gun, since the price of a weapon can vary significantly in two nearby stores, not to mention the price gaps in different countries. Nevertheless, the manufacturer positions the weapon as a budget, let's try to figure out exactly what the “budget” of this gun is.

The first thing that catches your eye is the absence of an automatic safety lock on the trigger. With all this, there is also no non-automatic fuse, which calls into question the safety of the weapon. However, the pistol has only a double-acting trigger mechanism, which partially solves the problem, but all the same, with a cartridge in the chamber, this pistol would personally cause concern to me, especially if it is already substantially worn. As they say, in our business, it is better to overlook than not to miss, therefore we are on guard. This pistol is positioned as a weapon for self-defense and recreational shooting. So with the second one can completely agree, but the use of a pistol for self-defense is somewhat strange to suggest from the manufacturer. First of all, it should be noted that the weapon has a length of 180 and 184 millimeters (for 9x19 and .40S & W cartridges), although the weight without ammunition is a little less than 700 grams, which is not so much. The second drawback, I would call the not the most streamlined shape of the weapon, the presence of an attachment bar under the barrel for additional devices such as a laser targeting unit or a compact flashlight, which can catch clothes or something else that slows down the extraction of the weapon. However, this should not be considered a serious minus, as well as the fact that the pistol has no safety devices. To be honest, for me personally, this model is simply not associated with a weapon for self-defense, and the fastest way is that this opinion will not be mine alone.

As can be understood from the above, the pistol will not be produced in the version chambered for 9x21 IMI cartridges, but only in two versions for the most common pistol ammunition. Magazine capacity will be similar to PPQ - 15 (17) rounds 9x19 and 12 (14) .40S & W. True, here you need to make a note that this is a possible store capacity, and in many cases it will be limited to 10 cartridges in accordance with the legislation of a particular country. The sighting devices of the pistol are completely similar to its progenitor and are made in the form of unregulated rear sight and front sight, with marks applied to them with light-accumulating paint. But the controls have been significantly changed. Instead of a long slide stop lever, a relatively small push-button version of this element is used, which is located in a small recess in the plastic frame of the weapon. It is not duplicated on both sides of the pistol, as well as the lock for disassembling the weapon. The magazine release button is located as standard on the left side of the pistol, but can be moved to the right side. So these external differences already indicate that the pistol is a cheaper model than the Walther PPQ. But the main distinguishing feature of this pistol is that it does not use the same coating as in its older model, adapted for use near sea water and is not afraid of it. However, what exactly this will be for the coating is still silent, but at the exhibition it was said that this pistol will not differ in a low resource of work and a cheap option for protecting pistol parts from corrosion.

Automatic pistol, of course, works on the principle of using recoil in the short course of the barrel. The barrel is locked by means of a coupling of a projection above the chamber and a window for ejection of spent cartridges. The trigger type trigger with a half-hidden trigger, however, the trigger itself is completely hidden in the pistol-housing. So in general, this gun is not particularly remarkable, although its design is made according to a scheme that has been proven over the years, so the question of performance and reliability lies only in implementation.

Here is such a fairly simple model of weapons, positioned as a budget, can be purchased next year, but not with us and not with us.
New budget Walther PPX

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  1. omsbon
    omsbon 11 December 2012 10: 38
    In the light of the statement of our iPhone (prime minister) that we shouldn’t give weapons to the Russians, we don’t see these pistols, but it's a pity.
    1. scrabler
      11 December 2012 10: 51
      What about athletes in Russia? With us, you can legally become the owner of a short-barreled weapon being a member of IPSC for 5 years. So much for the "totalitarian regime" smile
      1. Petrovich72
        Petrovich72 11 December 2012 12: 23
        tell me how to become a member of this glorious organization in Gomel?
        1. scrabler
          11 December 2012 12: 39
          As far as I know at the moment there is no such possibility, but I can be mistaken. Ask directly here so it will be safer smile
          1. Demon_Ex
            Demon_Ex 11 December 2012 15: 37
            Membership in this organization permits only storage of the Constitutional Court, but not self-defense or, moreover, the carrying of weapons. As for the gun itself, the workmanship is rare ... but. In USM, burrs and burrs are usually the case. The plastic is quite durable, but the coating is erased at a time. In short, just consumer goods, in the German version. At the presentation, many simply shook their heads.
            1. scrabler
              11 December 2012 16: 32
              Well tyk layout is like, not fit to shoot.
              1. Demon_Ex
                Demon_Ex 12 December 2012 02: 22
                Walter has long been looked at askew, more precisely after P99. Workmanship has plummeted. About the curved frames and huge backlashes did not speak only lazy. Well, the layout is an exact copy, without the possibility of shooting.
  2. Petrovich72
    Petrovich72 11 December 2012 12: 31
    in general, the author, as always, burns. USM of only double action is used on all revolvers of the world without any fuses, it does not bother anyone. This scheme is used in the new ZIG 250. In Kel-Tek pistols (except for the PMR-30 there is a single-action trigger) and in many other models. The bar for attaching accessories is now just a standard — like an ABS in a car.
    and generally, do they pay money for articles of such a plan? and then I would have dashed, maybe I beat off the money for traffic wink
    1. scrabler
      11 December 2012 12: 52
      And the author will burn, as expressed a purely personal opinion. Since the weapon is positioned as a weapon for self-defense, it means that many will wear it without knowing where and with a bunch of trash, despite the fact that the weapon is rather big. And this means problems when extracting from the same bag, which goes without saying, is no good, plus add every little thing that caught on the seat, add the ability to shoot yourself if the same keys fell into the safety bracket and in the public transport crush . Naturally, an empty chamber - no problem, but if not? Do not forget that people take courses before receiving a weapon and in a month they forget absolutely everything they learned, if they only need these weapons for an emergency, and the soul doesn’t lie with weapons. But everyone knows that the fuse protects against accidental firing, but here the fuse is not a wire. So civilian weapons must have a manual fuse, regardless of which trigger is used.

      For articles, please contact here write, we are not greedy, there is enough material for everyone and for my articles of "such a plan" and for yours wink
  3. scrabler
    11 December 2012 13: 12
    By the way, I forgot to note that the photo is most likely the layout smile although there is a number ...
  4. JackTheRipper
    JackTheRipper 11 December 2012 21: 38
  5. alexey garbuz
    alexey garbuz 11 December 2012 23: 00
    Poker. Given that Walter. Previously released much more beautiful.