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Dron on the leash, able to stay in the air forever

The new kopter-drone capable to float in air, I use the special screw which is in a ring. Without carrying any navigation system on board, this kind of equipment is equipped with only a pair of high-resolution video cameras. The difference in the image of these cameras is used by the unmanned vehicle in order to stabilize the position in space relative to the surface of the Earth. For night observations, the UAV uses a special camera with an IR emitter. The electric motor allows you to move in the air.

Dron on the leash, able to stay in the air forever
In bright light, the Ease power and communication cable is still visible. (Here and below is a photo of CyPhy Works)

But if there is an electric motor, then there must also be a battery. However, not in this case. The creators of such an interesting model claim that there is no special UAV battery on board, and this reduces the overall weight of the aircraft. Charging is carried out allowing the copter to fly for about 50 minutes. You say: but this is not enough! What do UAVs do when the charge ends?

This raises a reasonable question: what is charged in the UAV, if there is no battery on board? The Extreme Access System for Entry robot is powered by the thinnest cable, which is based on a kind of masking technology: an alternation of light and dark stripes. If the video does not allow to consider this cable, then it turns out that the idea of ​​the developers worked, and the masking is actively working. The cable is connected to the battery, which is located at the ground operator. And as soon as the battery runs out, the operator can change the battery in real time without landing an unmanned aerial device. The second battery should be, respectively, always at hand. And if the battery is not so simple, then you can generally power the UAV from the outlet, which gives him the opportunity to be in the air for almost an unlimited amount of time. The main thing is that the cable is enough, as well as the service life of electric motors ...

Such drones are created by CyPhy Works. Developers do not see anything wrong in the fact that the device is wired. Moreover, they find their advantages here: nobody can intercept information, as in the case of a radio signal emanating from ordinary drones.

More high-altitude Parc can serve not only in urban environments

There is another interesting modification of the drone - Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC). It is slightly larger than the one mentioned above. At the same time, the service life on one battery is up to 12 hours in a row. It is obvious that such a device will arouse the interest of the military, and therefore the developers are already conducting unobtrusive advertising of their offspring. It remains to bring the work started to the end, and implement it for interested departments.

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  1. gregor6549
    gregor6549 11 December 2012 10: 20
    Pepelats !!!!
  2. itr
    itr 11 December 2012 11: 10
    In my opinion this is the last century
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 11 December 2012 12: 27
      Quote: itr
      In my opinion this is the last century

      Let me ask you, what tools can a small unit use today to detect an adversary who is in close proximity beyond visual visibility? And the control of artillery fire?
      Before that, balloons, balloons, helicopters were used. Unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters are difficult, you can’t provide each company with them.
      In my opinion, a drone on a wire is what we need.
      1. zelenchenkov.petr1
        zelenchenkov.petr1 14 December 2012 04: 25
        Right! Cheap and cheerful! Eyes and ears in different wave ranges both day and night, both in weather and in bad weather. And I’ll do the rest myself, we can do it with a knife too, if I could know where and to whom !!!
  3. evgenii67
    evgenii67 11 December 2012 11: 13
    "The developers do not see anything reprehensible in the fact that the device is wired. Moreover, they find their advantages here: no one can intercept information, as is the case with the radio signal coming from conventional drones." yes "no one can intercept information" but if you want, no information, then you can intercept the drone by pulling the cable, this time; two, dear developers, I'm embarrassed to ask, where are you going to launch this miracle of engineering thought ... either over your head, or in an open field or desert, although there is still an option at sea what about how I myself answered my question hi
  4. Astartes
    Astartes 11 December 2012 11: 44
    "There is another interesting modification of the drone - Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC). It is slightly larger than the one discussed above. At the same time, the battery life on one battery is up to 12 hours in a row." combine the two solutions and get a mobile intelligence complex. Such a fool flies in front of the column, for example, and looks out for who is sitting in the bushes.
  5. Evgeny_Lev
    Evgeny_Lev 11 December 2012 13: 03
    Not so long ago, I sent the idea of ​​this kind of drone concept (wired power and information transfer) as a portable reconnaissance and target designation device in tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. I sent the idea to the competition of Moscow Region.
    For this reason, let me disagree with the comments above. Imagine that at the rear of the tower, in a special niche, there is such a drone, powered by a wire from the power plant of the car's engine. Drone toolkit, modular. Use on the move for exploration. Autonomous mode, in the algorithm matching with the movement of the carrier machine. Protection is a system of "Brownian motion". Data exchange with convoy drones. Due to the use of modularity for gadgets, it is possible to put one set of tools on one machine, a second on another, and a third on a third. Data exchange and infa from all three will be transmitted to each vehicle in the convoy.
    1. Astartes
      Astartes 11 December 2012 13: 12
      On a command machine, yes it is suitable as an additional source of information, a powerful receiving and transmitting complex. And on it it will be possible to roll back all the programs and features that then put on autonomous tactical drones.
  6. Professor
    Professor 11 December 2012 15: 09
    This system is not new. A "retractable mast" is already being used for reconnaissance, which is a helicopter-type UAV with an electric drive "tied" to a car ..
    1. Evgeny_Lev
      Evgeny_Lev 11 December 2012 15: 27
      Do not quite understand. Retractable mast or all the same UAV helicopter type?
      1. Professor
        Professor 11 December 2012 23: 16
        An attached UAV of a helicopter type acting as a retractable mast.
  7. Aryan
    Aryan 12 December 2012 02: 25
    here there is an interesting way to deliver charge to the UAV ... winked
    Instead of a bullet, an AAA battery can be screwed into an ammunition cartridge and a queue from the machine gun can be turned towards the UAV in need of recharging:
    stopudova a couple of "cartridges" like vatknutstsa in a drone! good
  8. gregor6549
    gregor6549 12 December 2012 09: 57
    I don’t understand why to fence a garden. If you want to have something in the air on a leash, it is easier to use the old, like the world, "stratosrat" or "airship". It is simpler and cheaper, and it will lift more cargo, etc.
    UAVs are good because they can be sent not only by mother, but also further, i.e. to a given point in space, which can be very far from those who sent it. And there, at this point, to perform the task, the implementation of which inhabited aircraft carries a great risk to the crew. In my opinion.