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Surrogate war kills Americans for a whim and profit (“Veterans today”, USA)

Surrogate war kills Americans for a whim and profit (“Veterans today”, USA)The myth of democracy, the form of government of organized crime

July 4, America's Independence Day, is approaching 234. One of those patriotic holidays that, although we don’t want to admit, is gradually losing its meaning. Among them is Veterans Day (otherwise known as Reconciliation Day), Memorial Day, and others that have long faded and turned into an additional weekend for civil servants. Outwardly, everything remains the same: the same parades in memory of the dead, disabled and veterans, only now they are almost like an expired product for us, a burden for society. Is the same история Repeat every time, war after war.

There has always been a big difference between war and rhetoric related to it. The more time passes after the war, the more we learn about it. Under the onslaught of our propaganda, even the Second World War with the most transparent, seemingly history, is no longer so clear. So, the Holocaust, despite the endless drumbeat around it, is now a little more than a convenient excuse for the massacres in the Gaza Strip.

The border between an ally and an enemy is blurred. Today, many historians believe that Germany should have won the First World War with the help of the United States. For history, it is simple - neither Hitler, nor the Holocaust, nor communism, nor the Cold War, nor Korea, nor Vietnam. Millions of people paid for the help to the “allies” for decades of cruel slavery, which, in the end, led not just to another war, but to every war that we have had since, and every war that we have yet to join. . None of the existing conflicts would have arisen without the participation of Britain and France, who are trying to rule the world, using America in the interests of their hybrid policies. If we remember Lord Balfour * and the Rothschilds, the partition of India, Africa or the Balkans, we will see that every time we were not in a better position.

* Lord Balfour - British statesman, 50-th British Prime Minister from 1902 to 1905, author of the Balfour Declaration, official letter dated 2 in November 1917, from British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Walter Rothschild, representative of the British Jewish community , for the transfer of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain to, among other things, encourage the American Jewish community to exert pressure on the US government to get it to enter the war on the side of the Entente - approx.

There are three countries whose governments Americans can trust. America is not one of them, even our own people do not trust our government. These countries are Russia, China and Vietnam. As for the rest - who knows how many of them were bought by the "banksters"? Certainly, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, or Israel could be in the hands of the banksters. Can a government remain a government if every tax paid to the treasury means help to the banksters, every unit sold weapons means the expansion of the clientele of their military speculations, every treaty, every war, every threat, every new law must receive a stamp of approval from the banksters.

What if any political race would be nothing more than an attempt to get closer to the trough of a gang of robbers, clambering over the heads of competitors and launching an information war in the media, which is paid for by “banksters”, all the same “banksters”. They reach the point of absurdity in mutual accusations. Which candidate is corrupting the youngest children or stealing more than others? Who carries the thickest bible with him or worships the devil more diligently?

The real game is war. It has an incredible scope. First, the war is fought with money borrowed, then this debt is paid by taxpayers, those whose children are fighting in this war. The decade of the American war was particularly beneficial for one corporation, Exxon *. Until now, Exxon has not paid a cent of the income tax from billions and billions of its income to the treasury of the United States. This oil money was covered by the deaths of thousands of Americans killed in the war and by the military courts who fought for their interests, not ours.

* Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) is an American company, the largest private oil company in the world. (approx.

Take a look at any international conflict. The CIA claims that they have not heard anything about Osama bin Laden for almost ten years, and that the whole of Al-Qaeda can fit in a school bus. The Taliban are at war with the US out of hatred for Karzai, and at the same time show surprising flexibility regarding the presence of American troops in Afghanistan, which the Taliban do not seem particularly worried about. Does this mean that something unknown remains behind the war? Maybe this is another Iraq, in which, in truth, we are stuck for the second time.

We do not know. In all likelihood, slaveholding Kuwait and Iraq at one time concluded a number of dubious financial transactions that could well have given Iraq a sufficient reason to invade the 1990 year. This story was buried under a newspaper lie about babies thrown out of incubators and poor decent Kuwaiti residents who were executed in the streets. Saddam has long been America's best friend.

Who made this mess? Who advised Kuwait to once again test the patience of Saddam, provoked Saddam to invade, America to enter the war, to which, frankly, we had nothing to do? This is, first of all, Israel. If Saddam controlled Kuwait, you know what danger would threaten America? Instead of a weak and fragmented country, which Iran manipulates at its discretion, controlling, in fact, the fifth oil supply on the planet, we would get a powerful ally next to Iran. We were fooled. That's what a surrogate war means - we disentangle the porridge, and someone else takes the cream off.

Saddam simply could not believe the stupidity of America. He kept the extremists in check, prevented terrorists from coming to Iraq, produced oil for the United States, ensured its uninterrupted and timely supply, bought everything we wanted to sell it, and paid bills on time. Can we believe that he really did all the horrors that he was accused of? Yes, some of them. The sheikhs, who had real power in his own country, did not want to put up with the style of his rule anymore.

Saddam more and more resembled, say, Dick Cheney *, observing all obligations, even under the dictatorial regime. In the end, no matter what Saddam does, all this pales in comparison with the damage caused by America, which established its gangster “bankster” rules, unleashing a civil war, flooding Iraq with terrorists and leaving the country in ruins, with a million dead and millions doomed to beggarly existence.

* Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney - American politician, Republican, worked in the administrations of four US presidents. (approx.

We trampled an ally. Yes, it was a dictatorship, destroying its own people, but so similar to the one we are building today in America. And all for what? For money. Follow the money.

At a time when the troops arrive every day in Afghanistan, when we, together with Pakistan, wage a war about which almost nothing is reported, about which nobody knows anything and does not want to know, it's time to ask yourself some difficult questions. With whom, and especially, why do we actually fight? After we started a farce with journalists "embedded" in military units, we have nothing left but to let professional storytellers, propagandists and puppets sing the praises of people shedding blood in a war. It is impossible to come up with more insults. It is unclear whether these journalists are ready to sell their souls for “access,” or simply close their eyes for fear of being killed at the hands of a drug gang from the government of Afghanistan, who are supported by foreign military. Or maybe these journalists are simply not sufficiently qualified, ignorant, or blind.

Rare voices coming from there begin to sound with an understanding of the real situation, but so far none of them have put together a holistic picture. The truth is that the war in Afghanistan is little more than an interlude to the 62-summer conflict between India and Pakistan. To protracted, open military conflict and terrorism, which have become global. Who can keep an understanding of the situation when China is fighting with the hands of Pakistan, Israel with the hands of India, when America is stumped by incitement from the drug barons on the one hand, the owners of oil companies on the other and, of course, our owners in Tel Aviv on the third?

There were no terrorists in Afghanistan at the time, and there was no reason to drag the United States into Afghanistan. Obviously, 11 September has nothing to do with it, unless then something else happened. And this something, unknown to us, pushed the United States into a region so remote that additional supplies for the troops became almost impossible. The region from which to manage terrorist operations was no less insane.

The Taliban have stopped drug production. Without drugs, the countries of the Caspian oil and gas would not have become drug-addicts, now destroying Russia.

Afghanistan opens the door to Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and a tasty piece at all times - Kazakhstan, the heir to the Khazar lands. If these countries are added to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, everything will fall into place.

Now you can control not only 40% of natural gas, but also the lion’s share of the untouched oil fields on the planet, recently discovered and proposed pipelines, which together form the future of the world, driven by hydrocarbons, if it does not go away from this destructive path.

If you check the military spending of these countries, find out where their special services are trained, as well as the origin of their technologies and their weapons, which are always prohibitively expensive and create dependence on external control, then the result of such a test would not be surprising.

Why did America invade Iran? Why every day, in every newspaper, on every TV channel, at almost every congressional meeting, dozens of nation’s “think tanks” trumpet the need for war against a country that never threatened the United States, and which, as recognized by the CIA last year, no no nuclear program? If you think about it, just take a look at the map.

Taking into account the alliance of Israel and India, the partnership of the United States and Pakistan, the role in the war of Afghanistan, which for the most part comes down to the role of a passive victim, 88% of the population of Kabul participating in the insurrection against the Karzai brothers, their drug cartels and the army of small bandits, the situation looks schizophrenic at best. And if we consider that the permanent enemy, the Taliban, is funded by America, the situation goes beyond the limits of ordinary schizophrenia.

America wages a war in alliance with Pakistan, gives it broad support in the fight against the Taliban, and Pakistan attracts even more military forces and suffers heavy losses than the United States. However, at the same time, the United States allows India and Israel to openly operate in Afghanistan, receive information and conduct anti-terrorist operations against militants, originally armed and trained by Pakistan, who attacked America more than once.

Imagine what could have pushed America to this, what kind of “indissoluble bonds” could have required the death of Americans from their own allies, as happened in the story of the American warship Liberty? This is one of the dangers of a surrogate war. There are no allies in it, only owners who don’t pay the bills, but reap the rewards of the chaos created by them. Therefore, China is fighting India with the hands of Pakistan, while Israel is fighting the Pakistan with the hands of the United States, the people of Karzai and India. This is the same proven method of warfare that destroyed Iraq. He also predetermined the destruction of representative government in the United States, which replaced the police state, finely veiled, controlled by oligarchy, which, in turn, is controlled from abroad. The same method destroys Russia, and is ready to tackle Iran.

The art of this game, from design to implementation, allowed writer Jeff Gates and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to call the creators of the myth of the superiority of the Jewish race and its role in the universal apocalypse people, for whom any manifestation of popular will, patriotism and even their own interests are secondary to surrogate policies and slavish obedience.

Thus, the great colossus of Christianity, America, with its worldwide military hegemony, remains fooled and helpless, stuck in a war, compared to which even the Vietnam War looks like a holy crusade. Each subsequent war is even more corrupt, more brutal than the previous one. Tens of thousands of military personnel spending years away from home, dependent on antipsychotic drugs, almost experience the fear of returning to the United States, foreseeing that they may suffer at the hands of their own military, the Veterans Affairs Department, go to trial and end up in a prison cell, as happened to many veterans of Vietnam.

Without work, without any guarantees for many of them, when even families have collapsed in a decade of senseless war, most of them agree that the only way to survive is to spend the rest of my life in the army. What was intended as a professional army turned into an army of highly skilled hostages. If the Karzai regime is a narcotic dictatorship, which is fair, given the unlimited funds, the country's medieval division into provinces and endless insurrections, can we call the Americans at least mercenaries?

Are we better than a gangster waiting for his victim around the corner in some American city when we sell small agricultural veggies grown by our Mexican and Afghan-cartels?

What brought us ten years of surrogate war? Americans do not want to hear about it anymore, although the economic crisis has provided the army with an endless stream of desperate unemployed. For many of them, service is the only way to earn a living. Every day, fathers of families, some of them already for 40, leave their families in tears and go to war only to allow their families not to die of starvation and to provide children with elementary medical care. Every day, mothers are ready to withdraw from the place, leaving children in the care of friends, relatives and even strangers.

Our recent grand success? We destroyed the middle arm 500 leaders of the Taliban, who, if we had simply abandoned the agreement with Karzai, would have fought with our opponents in our place.

In the end, all this will end, uncertainty exhausts all parties involved. The government, which, if not for the efforts of the United States, would have been in power 20 or 10 years ago, finally, this power will receive. We can call it anything but Karzai will leave. What kind of victory can we achieve? At best, we will get the same as in 1989, when Soviet troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan. Then there was no leader in America, we were busy with secret preparations for the first Gulf War, and the upcoming Saddam invasion of Kuwait.

AIPAC * long ago showed how naive Christians can be persuaded to side with that which is contrary to American interests. America, as we know, lost. September 11 brought us national security, FISA ** and an end to all that our constitution meant for us, allowing the free nation to turn into an international military pirate, a giant Somalia with nuclear missiles and aircraft carriers. And this is our country, which today is preparing for another surrogate war with Iran, Venezuela, Turkey or Pakistan? What do we care, this is no longer our country. We just go where we are told.

* AIPAC (an abbreviation of the American American Public Affairs Committee) is the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee. (approx.

** FISA (Financial Information Services Agency) - The act of listening for foreign intelligence purposes. (approx.
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