Armored cars Otokar Cobra II for Ukraine

Armored cars Otokar Cobra II for Ukraine
Armored car Cobra II in a three-door case. Otokar Photos

Since the beginning of last year, Ukraine has regularly received armored vehicles of various models from foreign countries. The other day it became known about the next delivery of equipment of this class. Through the territory of a third country, a batch of Cobra II armored cars manufactured by the Turkish company Otokar was delivered to Ukrainian formations. In the near future they may appear in the combat zone.

Military cargo

Turkey and Ukraine have been cooperating in the military-technical sphere for a long time and mutually beneficially, and since last year there has been interaction in the field of armored vehicles. In August, the Turkish company BMC delivered 50 Kirpi armored vehicles to Ukrainian formations. Now it became known about the transfer of a new batch of equipment of a different type.

On April 13-14, a couple of curious videos appeared on the network, filmed by unknown operators on the territory of Romania. One of the recordings was reportedly made at a train station in Bacau in the east of the country; for the second, there is no georeferencing.

Both videos showed a moving train with platforms carrying two dozen Turkish-made Otokar Cobra II armored vehicles. The quality of the video and angles do not allow us to understand whether the same train was filmed in two videos, or if they are different echelons. It is alleged that the train (or trains) was moving in the direction of the Romanian-Ukrainian border.

Echelon with armored cars on the territory of Romania. Frame from the video from Telegram / "Poddubny"

It should be noted that earlier Turkey and Ukraine did not report any contracts for the supply of armored vehicles, incl. new version of Cobra. Nevertheless, such an agreement appeared, and now it is being implemented. The delivery was carried out without too much publicity, but it was not possible to completely hide it - unknown operators from Romania noticed the transportation of equipment and made it public.

Apparently, the echelon with Cobra II armored cars has already arrived on the territory of Ukraine, and its cargo has been handed over to the Ukrainian armed formations. Now it will take some time to master the received equipment, after which it will have to appear in the combat zone.

So far, we are talking about at least 20 Turkish-made armored cars. However, it cannot be ruled out that the two videos show different echelons, and the actual number of armored vehicles is higher. New shipments are also possible. However, taking into account various factors, up to the cost of equipment, it can be expected that deliveries will be limited to 20 known vehicles.

With improved protection

Back in the mid-nineties, the Turkish company Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. introduced the armored car Cobra. It had anti-bullet and anti-fragmentation protection, was distinguished by high mobility characteristics and could carry small arms or grenade launchers. The armored car turned out to be quite successful and was purchased by more than 20 countries.

Platforms with armored cars. Frame from the video from Telegram / "Poddubny"

In the course of mass exploitation and combat use, the shortcomings of the first Cobra were revealed. First of all, there were claims to the level of protection. The armored hull could not withstand any shelling and did not even protect against small explosive devices. In this regard, there was a need for a deep modernization of the existing design or the development of a new armored car.

In 2013, Otokar introduced a new MRAP-class armored car under the designation Cobra II. It retained some of the features of its predecessor, but the main structural elements and units were redesigned or replaced. Due to this, it was possible to significantly improve the key characteristics and transfer the car to the class "protected from mines and ambushes."

Since 2014-15 "Cobra-2" is mass-produced in the interests of different customers. The first batches of such equipment were made for the Turkish army and an unnamed state. In the future, Otokar received new orders from the Turkish and foreign military. Until recently, six countries-operators were known. Now Ukraine has added to this list.

Technical features

In terms of overall architecture, Cobra II differs little from the base sample. This is a two-axle all-wheel drive vehicle with an armored body. It is capable of transporting people or cargo, as well as carrying weapons for fire support of the landing. At the same time, it is considered primarily as a protected transport, but not as a full-fledged combat vehicle.

Echelon passes the station of Bacau. Caption (Rom.): "Morning at the Bacau train station ... in Suceava" Video frame from Telegram / Dambiev

The armored car received a protected body of the bonnet layout with a single habitable volume. The exact level of ballistic and mine protection is not disclosed. At the same time, it is reported that it is possible to supplement the body's own armor with overhead modules. In all cases, the level of protection remains within the limits specified by the STANAG 4569 standard. Protection is provided against bullets of various calibers, fragments and explosive devices weighing up to several kilograms, depending on the configuration.

Two versions of the body are offered - with three and five doors and a sunroof. Three doors make it possible to accommodate nine people in the car: two in the front row, one in the second and six in the seats in the stern. The five-door version allows you to increase the number of passengers up to 11.

Under the hood is a turbocharged diesel engine. The customer is offered several models of motors with power from 360 to 400 hp. There is an automatic transmission and a two-speed transfer case connected to axle differentials. Suspension - independent with springs and pneumatic shock absorbers. The wheels are equipped with run-flat inserts.

On the upper hatch of the armored car there is a turret with frontal and rear shields. It can be equipped with a normal or large caliber machine gun or an automatic grenade launcher. Part of the production vehicles received remotely controlled combat modules instead of a turret. Smoke grenade launchers are also provided for firing into the front hemisphere. There are loopholes on the sides of the cabin for the use of personal weapons landing.

Armored cars delivered in the original configuration, without hinged armor. Frame from video from Telegram / Dambiev

The total length of the Cobra II armored car does not exceed 6,4 m with a width of 2,75 and a height (along the hull) of 2,65 m. Strengthening armor protection led to a sharp increase in curb weight - this parameter reached 18,5 tons. For comparison, the first " Cobra "weighed only 6,2 tons. With all this, on the highway, the car speeds up to 110 km / h, the cruising range is 700 km. Armored car overcomes various obstacles. Water barriers are crossed along the fords no deeper than 1 m.

Common problems

Thus, Ukrainian formations once again receive foreign-made armored vehicles. This time, unlike a number of previous episodes, we are talking about modern armored vehicles, possibly recently rolled off the assembly line. However, despite the novelty, this technique will face a number of characteristic problems and challenges. They will negatively affect its operation, and can also lead to a fatal outcome.

In general, the Otokar Cobra II is a typical modern MRAP armored car. This is a vehicle with high driving characteristics, capable of protecting the crew from shelling and undermining. In addition, there is some potential for improvements through the installation of additional armor or replacement weapons.

However, in the context of the current hostilities, all the advantages of the Cobra-2, from novelty to modular armor, are practically irrelevant. For example, all the benefits can outweigh a small amount of technology. Two dozen armored cars will allow only a few units to be re-equipped. At the same time, they will have to be operated in parallel with a number of other types of equipment. As a result, the Ukrainian formations will receive transport, but its use will be at least difficult.

Composition head. Frame from video from Telegram / Dambiev

The performance characteristics of Otokar Cobra II show the presence of additional risks. So, high speed and mobility is provided only on a good road. Off-road or rough terrain, not to mention engineering barriers, will seriously impair the mobility of an armored car. In addition, it will be difficult for him to interact with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other combat vehicles, of course, if they are nearby.

Like other MRAPs, the Cobra-2 armored car is protected only from bullets and shrapnel. However, it is vulnerable to anti-tank weapons and small-caliber artillery shells. Mine protection is able to save the crew, but in any case, the vehicle will be disabled and will not be able to fully participate in the battles.

Predictable prospects

In general, we are talking about a familiar scenario. Ukraine, one way or another, managed to get modern armored vehicles abroad and, apparently, has already received them. Now they will be handed over to the armed formations and they will try to use them in combat. Probably, the Turkish Cobra II armored cars will become one of the means of the long-promised "counterattack".

However, in the current situation, the real value of imported armored cars will be limited. The Kyiv regime does not have to rely on them to influence the situation. In this case, the supplier again finds himself in an unconditionally advantageous position. The Turkish side has found another customer for its equipment, and Ukrainian losses may lead to new lucrative contracts.
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  1. +8
    April 19 2023 06: 57
    Probably, the Turkish Cobra II armored cars will become one of the means of the long-promised "counterattack".

    Another knife in the back.
    1. +3
      April 19 2023 17: 47
      And when we supplied weapons and equipment to Armenia and Azerbaijan at the same time - who was "stabbed in the back"? Or who was "stabbed in the back" when, at the same time, during a meeting between the presidents of the Russian Federation and the TR, the SAR troops, with the support of our Aerospace Forces, were attacking pro-Turkish groups?
      By the way, who had a "knife in the back" during the Korean, Vietnam and Afghan wars, when the USSR calmly traded with those countries with which it directly or indirectly fought in the voiced conflicts? This despite the fact that then Soviet Russia was a superpower. And not like now one of the 10 strongest.

      And is it okay that everyone is pursuing their own interests and one of the parallel import routes goes through Turkey? Stupidly on this and you have to take this into account.

      And yes, all participants (direct and indirect) have their own interests in this conflict, and everyone fills their own "glasses": the Yankees, the Britons, the Turks, China, we. It has always been and always will be.
      1. -1
        April 23 2023 20: 02
        ".... And when we supplied weapons and equipment to Armenia and Azerbaijan at the same time...".
        I’ll clarify ... Russia supplied much more weapons to Azerbaijan than to Armenia, that is, for many billions of dollars, and by the way, long before Pashinyan was elected (since the beginning of the XNUMXs ...). Belarus also "distinguished itself" by delivering its "Polonaise" MLRS to Azerbaijan .... And it is unnecessary to remind about the huge military-technical assistance of Turkey, Israel and Pakistan for the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, since it has already set its teeth on edge .... Russia and Belarus (as Armenia's allies in the CSTO ... by the way) - acted very ugly towards Armenia ... And now Russia worries in vain that Turkey and other "partners" openly supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a huge amount of weapons .... The boomerang tends to return .
  2. Eug
    April 19 2023 07: 08
    But if you try to "put pressure" on Turkey, he will send you to hell and do a lot more nasty things .... such a "partnership". I won’t be surprised if the Turks start producing shells for Ukraine - why, gas is cheap from Russia, metallurgical raw materials - from Ukrainian ports (Nikolaev, Odessa) by ships of third countries (they won’t drown and confiscate cargo too) ... as for me - very a profitable gesheft for the Turks .. again, a deflection in front of NATO.
    1. +5
      April 19 2023 07: 58
      Well, say thanks to one geostrategist-chess player that they were import-substituting-import-substituting and became dependent in this regard on the NATO country (!). What if they only "frown their brows" and immediately run and return to the grain deal, etc. and so on.
    2. +1
      April 19 2023 08: 17
      Quote: Eug
      But if you try to "put pressure" on Turkey, they will send you to hell and will do a lot more shit...

      As a response, we will not be able to supply weapons to the Kurds - we have found ourselves in a very dependent position on Turkey. And thanks to whose such a brilliant policy?

      No matter how many knives were stuck in the back, nothing could separate the close friendship with Erdogan. Propagandists said, they say, Erdogan is about to leave rotten NATO for our friendly CSTO, and we need to put pressure on him and shower him with enviable things (flows, nuclear power plants, S-400, 6 million tourists ...). Yes, now he should have become like a brother to us after that! But this "brother-knife sticker" decided that nothing could separate our bosom friendship: neither direct deliveries of weapons to those who are at war with us, nor grain deals.
      1. +6
        April 19 2023 08: 41
        What weapons are the Kurds? There are many of them and they are not always friendly with each other. If they are foreign, then weapons will have to be issued at American checkpoints. laughing They are under the Americans and do not let anyone in particular.

        If Afrinsky, then the train left 4 years ago. From them remained horns and legs. And yes, the rest of the Kurds, including those from Zaephrat, stupidly threw them at the time.

        Yes, now he is like a brother to us.

        Don't forget the elections. The leading candidate (not Erdogan) promises to bring Turkey back to Europe, restore warm ties with the US, and so on.
        1. 0
          April 19 2023 08: 45
          It can also be Iraqi, so that the Kurds of Barzani would better fight together with the Turks against their enemies laughing
        2. +3
          April 19 2023 12: 26
          Quote: donavi49
          What weapons are the Kurds?

          Yes, none. And even if they were friends, they still wouldn’t bet, because the Sultan would not understand, and his response would be very unpleasant.

          I mean that we suddenly found ourselves in such a position that it would be better for us not to mirror the very unfriendly actions of the Turkish president. And Erdogan takes advantage of this.
    3. +2
      April 19 2023 11: 33
      If it is profitable for the Turks, they will release it. Ships are being built, drones are being sold. Well, the opinion of some northern country does not interest them and will not interest them.
  3. 0
    April 19 2023 08: 41
    I can’t imagine where 12 tons were smeared in it? For comparison, BMP2 weighs 14.7 tons. Cobra for 12 tons has not enough wheels - apparently, the SUV is no longer needed
    1. +6
      April 19 2023 08: 50
      You are comparing a car from the 60s and the early 20th century. Technology has come a long way. BMP-2 became outdated physically 30 years ago. Producing them and fighting them is a war crime.
  4. -2
    April 19 2023 08: 59
    On two-axle trucks, there should be two spares. And the wheels on the rear axle should be able to install studs and add spares to the rear axle, turning the wheels into gable wheels. Otherwise, questions about cross-country ability arise for such armored cars. Do not put chains on the wheels to increase patency.
  5. -3
    April 19 2023 09: 14
    I assume 18 tons is the maximum weight with all modules. This is also because the overloaded ZIL (for comparison). If you still load it from above, it will hardly go on asphalt. Well, against the background of MBT, artillery, missiles that are really useful at the front, a strange acquisition.
    Regardless, it's a weapon. For the near rear, cleansing after the offensive, supplies and propaganda - that's it.
    1. 0
      April 19 2023 17: 49
      Protects from shell fragments? Protects. The Turks wanted to slip them a new car for marketing purposes - so they slipped it. About the cobra's patency, something is not particularly clear - the official figures are not bad - about the same as on a domestic typhoon.
    2. 0
      April 21 2023 10: 48
      It is needed for the transportation of drugs in the "yellow zone" and delivery to the LBS. In our country, most of these transportations are carried out by non-armored trucks. What a shame and disgrace.
  6. +8
    April 19 2023 10: 42
    why are you surprised, you just understand one thing, Turkey is a NATO country. but NATO is an enemy for us .. it’s still not a women’s forum, but every time people are surprised .. wake up ..
    1. +4
      April 19 2023 11: 18
      It always amazes me... Türkiye helps its ally Ukraine. What's in it?
  7. 0
    April 19 2023 11: 27
    In my opinion, an interesting picture - there is no wheeled armored personnel carrier 3x3 and 8x8 of a similar cost. And in 404 they drive MCIs. Which, no matter how beautiful, are used in 404 as armored personnel carriers and wheeled infantry fighting vehicles. And 4x4s (especially with the mass of our BTR82 with 30mm) do not drive very well off-road. The Serbs had some kind of successful cars like MRAP 8x8 .... and 6x6 MRAP was made by KAMAZ Typhoon (which is without a cab).
    1. +2
      April 19 2023 13: 16
      These mraps are much better protected than any Soviet armored personnel carrier, especially from mines, which are a big threat now and will be even more if the Armed Forces of Ukraine start an offensive and it turns out to be successful - our troops will mine everything when they withdraw, and such mraps will save personnel , which is also very important. And they will somehow sort out the cross-country ability, even now wheeled vehicles like GAZ-66 and the like are driving.
      1. +2
        April 19 2023 14: 12
        MRAP is MRAP, armored personnel carrier is armored personnel carrier ...... in the absence of mass armored personnel carriers, they are trying to replace them with MRAPs. They are better for patrolling on roads, worse for moving without roads .... moving through a trench is not possible for MCI. Here is the thought. If you follow your logic, then tracked armored personnel carriers are not needed at all.
        1. 0
          April 21 2023 10: 51
          Logically, each car has its own purpose. And these MCIs carry it out (transportation of drugs under armor with a good level of protection against mines and fragments). Btr 80 cannot provide such a level of protection. And the tented Ural / KAMAZ, which we carry fighters, and even more so
  8. +4
    April 19 2023 12: 02
    However, in the current situation, the real value of imported armored cars will be limited. The Kyiv regime does not have to rely on them to influence the situation.

    From article to article about the supply of weapons to Ukraine, the author prays this prayer, and the site regularly broadcasts it. I would like to see an article from this author, what influenced the current situation, if the supply of Western weapons does not affect this very situation in any way? Otherwise, this ritual looks, to put it mildly. inadequate.
  9. +2
    April 19 2023 16: 08
    The mechanization of motorized rifle units is the Achilles' heel of the RF Armed Forces, especially in the conditions of a steppe theater of operations, where tactics of small maneuverable groups are possible. We collect for conditional pickups and loaves. Here is just a short list of the equipment that could help the fighters at the front (an example of potential equipment in brackets):

    - buggies, ATVs and pickup trucks with ATGM crews (buggy Chaborz, UAZ Pickup, GAZ Vepr Next)
    - buggies and pickup trucks with mortar crews (buggy Chaborz, UAZ Pickup, GAZ Vepr Next)
    - buggies and pickups with UAV crews (buggy Chaborz, UAZ Pickup, GAZ Vepr Next)
    - light armored vehicles with AGS crews and heavy machine guns (Tiger, Typhoon-VDV)
    - buggies, ATVs and pickups with sniper groups (buggy Chaborz, UAZ Pika)
    - light armored vehicles for the evacuation of the wounded (Protected ambulance "Linza")
    - light trucks with an armored supply cab (Ural-66)
    - MRAP for the transportation of personnel (armored vehicles 3-STS)
    1. 0
      April 20 2023 10: 55
      The main thing here is the system. Armored personnel carriers are needed in the war, and MCIs are needed to control the liberated territories
    2. 0
      April 21 2023 09: 58
      IMHO, not a bad idea. Here is an increase in the level of mechanization (both transportation of l / s and supplies), and a bookmark for the development of our very few light infantry units.

      Quote from mildsar
      buggies, ATVs and pickups with calculations

      Can be unified a bit:
      1. a single family of light tactical vehicles (aka buggies) for calculating anti-tank systems / UAVs (in armored and unarmored versions) and for traveling purposes.
      The same crew of 2 people in a compact vehicle with OTT class 1 armor with a heavy machine gun and 1-2 anti-tank systems / cubes is already a good idea. And a cheap utilitarian traveling car for 4 people on the same chassis will also come in handy.

      2. Tigers, VPK-Urals for transporting l / s, performing special tasks and working with medium barrage drones and anti-tank systems.
      Actually, on the basis of the tiger there was an SRBM, which is even now very, very relevant (reconnaissance drones should be replaced with loitering drones only). The same can be done with the VPK-Ural. In addition, the latter is and was produced for export in the performance of a pickup truck.

      3. MCIs and protected supply trucks.

      And in general, I wouldn’t place a single combat module: something capable of carrying Kord / KPVT, AGS + transport and launch container with anti-tank systems or loitering drone. The updated Crossbow now carries a cord and ags.

      The very line of cars can be discussed.
  10. 0
    April 20 2023 19: 44
    It’s just right for Prigozhin to agree with Erdogan on putting beacons on them and transmitting their coordinates directly to the Wagners in order to dispose of them faster and for the Ukrainians to order new ones ... everyone benefits ....
    1. 0
      April 21 2023 10: 52
      Yes, especially for the Turks, the NATO country, it is beneficial to expose themselves to their partners in the bloc)
  11. 0
    9 October 2023 08: 46
    Will it sit on its belly in the muddy black soil? Personally, a more or less heavy off-road vehicle seems to me to be at least three-axle. And here is a double axle for hard roads.