North Korean unified nuclear warhead "Hwasan-31"

North Korean unified nuclear warhead "Hwasan-31"
The head of the DPRK and products "Hwasan-31"

The defense industry of the DPRK is developing the country's nuclear missile potential and regularly demonstrates the results of this process. So, the other day, for the first time, a nuclear warhead of the new development Hwasan-31 was shown. This product is characterized by limited dimensions and weight, which allows it to be used on different means of delivery. The appearance of such a munition can significantly affect the appearance and capabilities of the North Korean nuclear forces.

On an official visit

On March 28, the Korean Central News Agency reported that the day before, President Kim Jong-un, accompanied by representatives of the armed forces and the leadership of the defense industry, visited the Institute of Nuclear weapons DPRK. The organization reported on the work carried out and ongoing, and also showed the latest developments in the field of missile and nuclear weapons.

On the occasion of the visit of a high delegation, the Nuclear Weapons Institute organized a small exhibition, within which it showed modern developments. So, in the exhibition hall, several samples of missile weapons were placed on transport trolleys. A number of types of ballistic and cruise missiles shown are well known to those skilled in the art; There were no updates this time.

Another exhibit of the exhibition is of the greatest interest. The Institute of Nuclear Weapons for the first time openly showed the new nuclear warhead "Hwasan-31" ("Volcano-31"). Several such products or their models were present at the exhibition at once. Next to the warheads were informational posters, revealing the main features of the project and its prospects.

It is reported that the Hwasan-31 product was developed as a unified combat equipment for various delivery vehicles. According to the presented posters, it can be carried by ballistic and cruise missiles of a number of modern types. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that in the future the range of carriers will expand due to promising developments.

Kim Jong-un got acquainted with the latest developments of the Nuclear Weapons Institute and highly appreciated them. The head of state advised nuclear scientists not to stop there and continue to work on creating new devices and products. Such measures will help to maintain and improve the system of deterrence of the enemy and secure the country.

Unified ammunition

The Nuclear Weapons Institute showed the Hwasan-31 products or their mock-ups, repeating the original design. Thanks to this, the appearance of such a warhead is now known and its dimensions can be estimated. At the same time, even the main tactical and technical characteristics are not disclosed. Given the policy of the DPRK in the field of secrecy, it is hardly worth hoping that such information will appear even in the foreseeable future.

Block "Hwasan-31" is made in a case of a fairly simple form. Its main part has a cylindrical shape. The front cover is made conical with a hemispherical head, the tail has the shape of a truncated cone. Available materials suggest that the diameter of the product is in the range of 500-550 mm, the length is about 800 mm. The mass of the block is unknown. Judging by the known data, it can be quite large, but does not exceed 400-500 kg.

There is no information about the design and characteristics of the charge. The case can contain both a "normal" atomic and thermonuclear charge. According to known data, the DPRK has both technologies. The detonation power achievable with such dimensions can be estimated at tens of kilotons. This allows the warhead to be used in weapons complexes of the operational-tactical level.

Delivery vehicles

According to the posters presented at the exhibition, the Vulkan-31 warhead is compatible with eight modern or advanced delivery vehicles of various kinds. The main carriers of the product are cruise and ballistic missiles, but the possibility of deployment with other carriers is not excluded.

The Hwasan-31 fits under the nose fairing of a 600mm multiple rocket launcher known by the foreign designation KN-25. With the help of such a carrier, the charge is supposedly sent to a distance of at least 350-380 km. The missile is guided and guided by pre-entered coordinates.

The warhead can be carried by Khvasal-1/2 strategic cruise missiles. During tests, such products of a later modification showed a flight range of 2 thousand km and the ability to bypass and break through enemy air defenses.

Also, "Hwasan-31" can be placed on all ballistic missiles of the latest models of North Korean development. Such carriers make it possible to deliver a warhead to targets at distances from hundreds to thousands of kilometers with sufficient accuracy.

Of particular interest is the proposal to deploy a nuclear warhead on a crewless submersible kamikaze boat "Kheir-1". This product has already been tested and has shown its ability to covertly deliver a warhead to the enemy's coast. The Hwasan-31 product will give it the ability to hit large targets such as ports, as well as infect the area.

Development trends

North Korea acquired nuclear weapons quite a long time ago - the first tests of a warhead of its own design took place in the middle of the XNUMXs. In the future, as far as is known, various new warheads were developed, put into production and put into service. Several times such products were shown to the public.

Another such demonstration took place the other day. At the same time, she was not limited only to showing the combat unit. The Nuclear Weapons Institute revealed the purpose of the Hwasan-31 product, and also exposed some of its regular carriers. In fact, without naming specific characteristics, North Korean industry has shown its technological capabilities and ability to develop and implement new concepts.

Kim Jong-un examines the head compartment of a 600mm KN-25 rocket

The Hwasan-31 warhead may be the latest development of the North Korean industry in the field of nuclear weapons. In this case, it demonstrates the current state of the industry and its potential. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that the next generation of warheads with a different combination of characteristics is already being developed, but these projects still remain secret.

Of particular interest is the concept of a unified nuclear weapon compatible with multiple delivery vehicles. This approach has already been used by the leading nuclear powers, and now it is being implemented by the DPRK. This means that the Korean military and scientists are taking into account foreign experience and using it to accelerate and simplify the development of their own nuclear forces.

The current level of technology has made it possible to make the Hwasan-31 charge quite compact and light, which expands the range of its possible carriers. According to the disclosed data, eight types of delivery vehicles have already been adapted to it. At the same time, it should be remembered that the DPRK continues to work on missile and other weapons, and regularly presents new developments of this kind. Accordingly, any new model may turn out to be a potential carrier of a new unified warhead.

The unification of various missile and naval strike systems in terms of warhead has obvious advantages. Thus, the industry can focus on one product instead of several different ones, which will reduce the complexity and cost of production. It will also simplify the operation and maintenance of warheads in the troops. Nuclear weapons make high demands in terms of storage and operation, and the transition to a single warhead will make it easier to meet these conditions.

Near the rocket "Hwaseongpo-11"

The combat potential of the Hwasan-31 product can be used in many ways through the use of certain compatible media. Missiles, cruise and ballistic, are capable of delivering a charge to a target at different ranges, incl. bypassing or breaking through enemy defenses. The recently announced kamikaze boat, in turn, will allow attacks from the sea. In this case, the impact on the target will be approximately at the same level - due to the common warhead.

Containment issues

Thus, the DPRK continues to build its nuclear forces capable of solving tasks at the strategic and operational-tactical levels. New delivery vehicles are being developed and regularly demonstrated, and now a promising special ammunition has been shown.

The exact characteristics of the Hwasan-31 product remain unknown. The state of the project is also in question - it is not clear whether we are talking about an experimental product or whether it has already gone into series and entered the troops. However, even if the necessary secrecy is observed, the new unified warhead speaks volumes and even in this form is quite capable of becoming one of the means of deterring a potential enemy.
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  7. +2
    31 March 2023 10: 58
    This is how the military industry works under sanctions...
    Only, perhaps, Kim Jong-un will be stronger in the shoulders of some cheek puffers ...
    1. +1
      31 March 2023 20: 13
      A few years ago, North and South Korea seemed to finally GUESS to take steps towards each other and to begin to unite at least the economies. Even for the first time in many decades, the leaders of the two Koreas met on the demilitarized line (border) ... But, it didn’t grow together, so how striped Uncle Sam immediately realized something was wrong for the United States and stopped this cause of unification of Korea in the bud ... As old as the world - DIVIDE and RULE ... But, there is still hope that the peoples of the two Koreas - in the next couple of decades, EVERYTHING WILL UNITE TOGETHER IN ONE UNIFIED KOREA (to the great regret of the West and NATO...of course). Such a NEW KOREA will become a very powerful player in the Asia-Pacific region, since the military power of North Korea and the economic power of South Korea = a powerful power in the region ... But, Japan and the United States will by all means put a spoke in the wheels of this alliance and thereby voluntarily accelerate the unification ...
      1. 0
        26 May 2023 12: 32
        "Such a NEW KOREA will become a very powerful player in the Asia-Pacific region, since the military power of North Korea and the economic power of South Korea"

        Koreans have factories working ...
  8. 0
    31 March 2023 12: 48
    Tactical nuclear weapons are a response to the endless US exercises near the borders of the DPRK. The flight time for US strike assets to targets in North Korea is less than 5 minutes. It is necessary to show them that a disarming strike will not work and a nuclear counterattack will work in full program and the protectorate of both Japan and the United States.
  9. +3
    31 March 2023 16: 07
    North Korean #analogues don't really have analogues. What can I say - well done! hi
  10. +1
    31 March 2023 22: 33
    The detonation power achievable with such dimensions can be estimated at tens of kilotons.

    For the 3rd generation, this is hundreds of kilotons ...
  11. 0
    April 1 2023 00: 29
    "The KN-25 is officially described as a 'super-large caliber' multiple multiple launch rocket system. It is designed for use on the battlefield at the battalion level to attack targets behind enemy lines up to 380 km away with a conventional explosive fragmentation warhead."
    "The KPA has 4 mechanized corps (two mechanized divisions and one tank division each) and 24 mechanized brigades. Each brigade has a tank battalion (31 tanks), a battalion of armored vehicles (46 vehicles), 4 infantry battalions, a battalion 122-mm and 152-mm guns and an air defense battalion (18 guns each), an anti-tank battalion (9 armored vehicles with anti-tank missiles and 12 anti-tank guns), a reconnaissance company (3 lightly armored vehicles, 7 armored vehicles and 8 motorcycles), a mortar battalion ( 6 mortars), an engineering company, a chemical protection company and a communications company.
  12. 0
    April 1 2023 00: 32
    Well, it can be assumed that North Korea's nuclear technology has not reached the Soviet level of 1972. Then artillery shells of 203 mm for the B-4M / "Pion" / "Malki" were adopted.
    1. 0
      April 1 2023 06: 12
      Why do Koreans need artillery shells with nuclear filling? Hit Seoul? By the way, the same Koreans live in Seoul as in the north of the peninsula. Both sides declare the task of uniting states, not the destruction of the population.
      1. 0
        April 4 2023 10: 46
        Japan will be beaten
  13. 0
    April 1 2023 00: 39
    "A kamikaze boat is an unmanned boat that can be used to attack enemy ships or objects on the coast. In February 2023, a bridge was blown up in Odessa using a kamikaze boat. According to the expert, the boat was launched from a Russian ship and was controlled via satellite communications
    The Hair-1 kamikaze boat is an unmanned submarine attack boat that was tested by North Korea as part of an exercise in March 2023. According to the state-run radio Voice of Korea, the boat could cause a tsunami.
    tsunami wave height for magnitude 9 at a distance to the epicenter of 50 km can be reached up to 30 meters
    the height of a tsunami wave for magnitude 5 at a distance of 10 km from the epicenter can be reached up to 1 meter.
    tsunami wave height for magnitude 5,4 at a distance to the epicenter of 50 km can be reached up to 1.5 meters
    the height of a tsunami wave for magnitude 5 at a distance of 100 km from the epicenter can be reached up to 0.1 meter.
    1. -1
      13 May 2023 19: 00
      A lot of fun about the tsunami. It is curious whether there was at least one full-scale experiment in the history of nuclear weapons?
  14. 0
    April 1 2023 01: 05
    North Korea tested nuclear weapons in 2006, 2009, 2013 and 2016. In the last test in 2016, the yield of a nuclear charge was almost 10 kilotons.
    An explosion power of 10 kilotons corresponds to an earthquake of magnitude 4,5 on the Richter scale.
    1. 0
      April 1 2023 06: 06
      On September 3, 2017, North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test. According to a preliminary report by Kim Young-Woo, head of the South Korean Parliamentary Defense Committee, the yield of a nuclear explosion is equivalent to about 100 kilotons of TNT. The independent seismic activity monitoring agency NORSAR, based on an estimate of the magnitude of the earthquake at 5,8, estimated that the explosion yielded about 120 kilotons. The German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources has provided an upper estimate of several hundred kilotons of power, based on a detected quake of 6,1.
      Russian expert on nuclear and missile technology Vladimir Khrustalev estimated the yield at 200-300 kilotons and said that windows rattled in houses in Vladivostok (probably those who did not install plastic windows).
  15. 0
    April 3 2023 12: 34
    Quote: acetophenon
    Well, it can be assumed that North Korea's nuclear technology has not reached the Soviet level of 1972. Then artillery shells 203 mm for the B-4M / "Pion" / "Malki" were adopted

    In these projectiles, fissile material is used very inefficiently, while their range is incomparable with ballistic and cruise missiles.
  16. 0
    April 3 2023 12: 45
    Quote: smart fellow
    The independent seismic monitoring agency NORSAR, based on an estimate of the earthquake's magnitude of 5,8, estimated that the explosion yielded about 120 kilotons.

    Norsar then depended his estimate on 6,1 degrees and 250 kilotons.
    An even later assessment of the change in the relief of the mountain massif over the place of testing, with the help of radar, gave a power of more than 300 kilotons.
  17. 0
    12 May 2023 07: 17
    These pictures will soon (at lunchtime) turn 100 years old. Another rubbish article.
  18. 0
    25 May 2023 01: 08
    And whom is this "hieroy" going to beat with his bonbas?

    His own people have eaten up the last cockroaches.

    The number of cars per 1000 people is zero.

    Clinics and schools per thousand people - zero.

    Psychic, what can I say.