France may transfer AMX-10P infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine

France may transfer AMX-10P infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine

In recent months, the French leadership has repeatedly announced its readiness to provide the Kyiv regime with armored vehicles and even announced the start of such deliveries. The other day there was information about the possible preparation of a new package of such assistance. Now the possibility of transferring infantry fighting vehicles AMX-10P is being considered. These infantry fighting vehicles were taken out of service by the French army a few years ago, but now they have found use.

According to unofficial data

Previously, the French leadership each time officially announced certain deliveries of weapons or equipment. In some cases, the press clarified the details of such plans. Now the situation looks different. Information about the possible transfer of old infantry fighting vehicles appeared at an unofficial level and has not yet been confirmed.

The existence of such plans and preparations for their implementation on February 17 was announced on his page in one of the social networks by the journalist of the publication L'Opinion Jean-Dominique Marchais. Without giving sources, he said that the French side is going to send 25 AMX-10P products to Ukraine.

The journalist recalled that infantry fighting vehicles of this type were in service with the French army until 2015. Then the equipment was decommissioned, and the army got rid of most of it. However, the armed forces still have a number of AMX-10Ps at their disposal, and these machines could be sold to the Kyiv regime. In addition, J.-D. Marchais offers to sell to Ukraine the old TRF1 towed howitzers, decommissioned by the French army last year.

These "news” appeared a few days ago, but official comments have not yet been received. So far, everything remains at the level of rumors and unconfirmed information from unknown sources. However, there were no official denials of the possibility of shipping the AMX-10P either, which makes the situation look curious.

Perhaps the situation with the old infantry fighting vehicles will clear up in the near future. Official Paris regularly reports on the allocation of this or that assistance, and unnecessary AMX-10P machines may be included in the next such package. However, it is not yet clear when this will happen, or if it will happen at all.

Half a century in service

The French AMX-10P infantry fighting vehicle is very old. The development of this project began in the mid-sixties and was carried out by the design office Ateliers de construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX). The objective of the project was to create a tracked vehicle capable of transporting infantry, protecting it with armor and supporting it with fire. Officially, such a vehicle was considered as a replacement for older armored personnel carriers, but in fact it was a French analogue of the Soviet BMP-1.

In 1968, the first experimental AMX-10Ps were tested, and the following year, such equipment was shown to the public for the first time. It took several more years to fine-tune the BMP. The first order for its production for the French ground forces was received only in 1972, and by the end of the next year the first batch of equipment was handed over to the customer. By this time, the AMX development organization became part of the newly formed GIAT Industries concern.

The French Armed Forces have consistently made several large orders for production AMX-10Ps. Basically, they bought infantry fighting vehicles in the basic configuration. In addition, AMX / GIAT developed a dozen and a half modifications of various kinds. They differed in purpose, armament and equipment, etc. Of particular interest is the AMX-10RC project. This reconnaissance vehicle received a completely new wheeled chassis.

Already in 1974, GIAT received the first export contract; Greece needed more than a hundred cars of different options. Soon 30 units. equipment was acquired by Qatar, and in the eighties there were orders from Indonesia, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The last foreign customer in the early nineties was Singapore. Having fulfilled the Singapore contract, GIAT closed the production line. By this time, about 1750 infantry fighting vehicles and vehicles based on it had been built.

The AMX-10Ps of the French Army have been in active service for several decades. If necessary, repairs and upgrades were carried out. By the beginning of the tenth years, the active fleet of such equipment consisted of more than 300 vehicles. However, the moral and physical obsolescence of cash infantry fighting vehicles determined their future fate. It was decided to abandon such technology in favor of modern designs. The replacement process lasted until 2015.

Almost simultaneously with France, Greece and Singapore abandoned their AMX-10Ps. Decommissioned equipment was sent for storage or disposed of. Some of the cars were sold abroad. As a result, the list of operators was replenished with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. According to the latest rumors, in the near future a small number of such infantry fighting vehicles may reach Ukraine.

Technical features

The AMX-10P is a tracked armored fighting vehicle designed to transport infantry and provide fire support to them. The combat weight of such an infantry fighting vehicle reaches 14,2 tons. Own crew includes three people - the driver, commander and gunner. The landing compartment is designed for eight fighters.

The BMP is built in a front-engine hull with a central fighting compartment and aft landing. The body was welded from aluminum armor with steel elements. The frontal projection of the machine can withstand 23 mm shells, resistance to 12,7 mm bullets is declared from all other directions. In various modernization projects, it was proposed to install additional booking modules.

AMX-10Ps are equipped with a Hispano-Suiza HS-115-2 diesel engine with an HP 275 power. The transmission based on hydraulic transmission provides torque to the front-mounted drive wheels. Chassis received five road wheels with torsion bar suspension on each side. The speed on the highway is up to 65 km / h, the cruising range is 600 km. Water obstacles are crossed by swimming due to the rewinding of the tracks.

In the basic version, the AMX-10P has a two-seat fighting compartment with an external installation for a 20 mm M693 automatic cannon. Technical rate of fire - 740 rds / min .; shooting single or in bursts is provided. There is a two-way supply of ammunition, due to which shells of different types can be used. A 7,62 mm MAS machine gun is mounted on the swinging part next to the cannon. There are smoke grenade launchers. In the aft doors of the troop compartment, loopholes are provided for firing from a personal weapons.

Doubtful help

According to unconfirmed reports, France is going to transfer to Ukraine 25 AMX-10P infantry fighting vehicles, previously withdrawn from service and now idle in storage. There are no official comments on this matter, but it cannot be ruled out that Paris is indeed preparing such a delivery - although it has not yet announced it. However, the prospects for such assistance and its benefits for the recipient are clear even without official data.

As always, the foreign "partner" sends or is going to send to Ukraine a small number of morally and physically obsolete combat vehicles. The results of this are obvious. Due to their small numbers, they will not affect the state of the Ukrainian armored vehicle fleet and will not change its combat capabilities. At the same time, the results of assistance will be negatively affected by the large age and non-compliance with modern requirements.

In general, it is easy to see why the French army 10-12 years ago considered the AMX-10P BMP obsolete and abandoned it. First of all, this is the general age of the equipment. Almost all infantry fighting vehicles for France were made in the seventies and eighties. To date, their age has exceeded 35-45 years, and during the service they managed to develop almost the entire resource.

AMX-10P was developed in the late sixties, taking into account the characteristic threats of that time. As a result, the machine is protected only from small-caliber projectiles, and at limited distances. The widespread 30-mm systems, apparently, pose a fatal danger to the French infantry fighting vehicle. Installing an additional reservation in general does not change the situation.

The standard weapon of the AMX-10P was a 20 mm automatic cannon. By now, this tool is hopelessly outdated. It is able to fight only with manpower, unarmored vehicles and unfortified buildings. Almost any modern armored vehicle, ranging from infantry fighting vehicles of various types, will withstand its shells, and will also be able to return fire with a predictable result.

Rumors and reality

Thus, while there is a specific situation. At the level of rumors, the possibility of the appearance in Ukraine of another sample of French military equipment, the AMX-10P infantry fighting vehicle, is mentioned. At the same time, official information on this subject is not yet available, and common sense shows that it is inappropriate to provide assistance in the form of obsolete cars.

However, it cannot be ruled out that plans for the transfer of the AMX-10P do exist, are being worked out or are being prepared for implementation. The supply of such equipment, despite all the obvious problems, is consistent with the current policy of Paris and its allies. They seek to help the Kyiv regime, but are in no hurry to part with modern weapons and equipment that they themselves need. Mostly obsolete samples are sent as assistance, while their potential, opportunities and benefits for the recipient fade into the background.
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  1. +8
    24 February 2023 03: 55
    An infantry fighting vehicle like an infantry fighting vehicle of its time. It will go for infantry delivery. If unas and BMP-1 and BRDM are used, why not. It’s understandably outdated. .And again, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a combat-ready army. There was a good article about artillery, that's where their "trump card" is. That's what can negate (and will) our superiority. not really.
    1. +4
      24 February 2023 09: 12
      Well, not Bradley, but somewhere near Odessa or on the Belarusian border it may well replace the BMPs that are in the troops there.
      1. -1
        24 February 2023 12: 27
        Quote: Aron Zaavi
        Well not Bradley.

        Not Bradley, but the French M113. Quite a useful armored minibus. True, in FIG it is needed if the normal M113 is like shoe polish at a shoe polish factory. Again they produce deunification for the sake of political show off.
    2. +9
      24 February 2023 09: 15
      BMP-1i BRDM

      Already got the BTR-50. Against its background, the AMX-10R is just super high-tech.
      1. -3
        25 February 2023 08: 48
        The BTR50 is a useful well-armored and highly passable vehicle (platform), like the MTLB. And to write that the French BMP is a high-tech, forgive stupidity, as well as praise the M113. In terms of capabilities as a platform, they didn’t stand next to 50k ...
        1. +1
          25 February 2023 11: 37
          well armored
          they themselves understood what they wrote?) it is sewn through and through from the PCM. and the specific power is lower than that of mtlb.
          1. 0
            26 February 2023 09: 02
            You can put a mortar on him, his older brother PT-76 is still in service with the Marines. With an 82mm mortar I saw him on board in 2001 in the Caucasus. It can carry a 120mm mortar with ammunition on itself calmly. So the rapier can be transported calmly on itself even in a swim. He has an excellent water jet.
            1. -1
              April 14 2023 19: 20
              As far as I understand, the armor protection of the French BMP is seriously better than that of the M113. The question arises, how did the French manage to implement armor protection of the BMP-3 level in a mass of 14 tons?
  2. +9
    24 February 2023 04: 57
    Outdated relative to what, this BMP is better than our BMP1 and 2, better armored, similar weapons. Against the background of news about deliveries from storage, the btr50p is generally a modern machine, and given the culture of storing equipment, they will also be better than our combatants.
    1. 0
      24 February 2023 07: 56
      Only surpasses the AMX-10P mod 2005. There were 108 of them, they have at least some armor. The rest are something like BMP-2. But a lot of them were released and they float (ha ha).

      In general, this is a quantitative gain, nothing good for us. Can be used together with BMP-1/2.
      1. +3
        24 February 2023 20: 05
        ABOUT! Again called "doubtful help". This "doubtful help" allows you to "not see the end" of the NWO ...
        1. -3
          25 February 2023 08: 53
          The end of the NWO is visible. Ukrainian. the meat will run out, and perhaps on an even larger scale, hiring and Poles will go. For Ukrainian. everything is sad, if not fatal, and there is no need to thank for the truth.
          1. +2
            25 February 2023 14: 00
            hiring and Poles will run out even faster, because it will be difficult to put up even 100 K mercenaries and Poles.
  3. +1
    24 February 2023 04: 59
    and these cars could be sold to the Kyiv regime.
    So they are going to transfer or sell their "scrap metal" free of charge?
    I was very interested in the security of this BMP
    The frontal projection of the machine can withstand 23 mm shells, resistance to 12,7 mm bullets is declared from all other directions.
    and this is with a similar weight to our BMP-1 and 2. And the casket just opened. The French combat vehicle in terms of overall dimensions in length and width is much smaller than our vehicles

    The landing in them is clearly not very convenient
  4. +3
    24 February 2023 06: 17
    Quote: svp67
    The landing in them is clearly not very convenient

    I was "extracted" from the rear hatches of the BMP-2 at one time. And looking at the folding ramp, I remember the door-tank that did not latch and the lintel, for which the sock clings.
    1. 0
      24 February 2023 13: 40
      Quote: Zufei
      And looking at the folding ramp, I remember the door-tank that did not latch and the lintel, for which the sock clings.

      Judging by the photo, even the presence of a ramp does not greatly make the placement of the landing force comfortable, the height of the armored hull is not great.
      1. +1
        24 February 2023 15: 21
        The photo shows an early series car. Then the height was increased.
  5. +9
    24 February 2023 07: 46
    Almost every article about the supply of weapons to Ukraine contains the phrase "Doubtful help." Isn't it doubtful? Maybe enough to throw hats?
    1. +5
      24 February 2023 11: 16
      By the way, now every troop in the state has a mortar group (volunteers and the national collection from Chmut do this - 120 + pickups + Nettle + UAV group for each troop) and a company-level armored group on wheels or tracks. This is where any rzhavulki will come in, because it is necessary to give birth to 200-300 units of armored vehicles.
    2. +2
      25 February 2023 16: 46
      Not in every one. If their author is not Ryabov, there are good articles without caps. But most of the articles are Ryabova.
  6. +3
    24 February 2023 11: 20
    these machines could sell Kyiv regime. In addition, J.-D. marche offers sell Ukraine old towed howitzers TRF1,

    Fallen off the oak?! So it won’t take long to visit the Peacemaker! Sell.....
  7. +1
    24 February 2023 21: 41
    Rubber products will be supplied with AMX products :))))) symbolically
  8. 0
    25 February 2023 12: 26
    Most of the time, the military fights not with what they want, but with what they have. So I think it will be better for Ukrainians than nothing.
    1. 0
      25 February 2023 12: 47
      Quote: Decimalegio
      for Ukrainians it will be better than nothing.

      And why "than nothing"? In the same Italy, M113 in bulk.

      The only thing that is needed now in any form is artillery. Ukraine is ready to accept as a gift all 155mm barrels and all shells in the world. And the armored personnel carrier can already be unified, it’s enough to make a cabinet of curiosities out of the army.
  9. 0
    25 February 2023 21: 28
    I know this tank because I was an instructor on it in the 1980s. This tank is a real piece of shit. It has only 2 layers of armor spaced about 2cm apart. The armor is aluminum. The gearbox is very fragile, it is a 3-speed semi-automatic, disengaged by breaking off the main lever handle and taking care to select the desired speed before that, AR or 1, 2 or 3. The turning radius varies depending on the speed engaged, a very large radius on speed 3. It is believed that this is an amphibian, as it has 2 small propellers in the rear part at the level of the main lights (high part) of the casemate. But I don't recommend amphibious because, especially after so many years, inspection hatches don't have to be watertight.

    Translated by (free version)
  10. -1
    25 February 2023 22: 19
    In appearance, our "Shell" ... well, and how will it change the course of hostilities? Foreign show-offs with a minimal designation of their "participation" ... if they press, then "we have nothing to do with it."
  11. -1
    April 1 2023 09: 59
    These roosters, apparently having seen enough of their movie about Asterix and Obelix with their potion, imagined themselves to be great warriors. And in fact they were bent over by everyone without hitting. Miserable frogs. Don’t talk about Napoleon.)))) If it weren’t for our tsarist bureaucracy with a demotion in rank, then it’s still not known how it would have turned out there.))))
  12. 0
    April 11 2023 08: 49
    Not, of course, all this toothlessness of our Guarantor, MO and General Staff, is starting to strain. Of course our men will do everything they can. But you can’t crawl out all the way on the heroism of our soldiers. It is high time that a thread is taken for, although a thread, just supply restrictions.
  13. -1
    6 May 2023 17: 34
    judging by the description - an excellent infantry fighting vehicle, an analogue of the m113 with a gun. how armored personnel carriers will be in demand even now. amazingly, in the armed forces of the ussr / rf there was nothing of the kind and still is not. the desire to get a light tank along with an infantry fighting vehicle over and over again led to a landing "on the armor". just a normal, protected at least 12.7 aluminum box of normal height with an engine in front and a stern ramp, the domestic school never mastered