Professionals instead of "hen party" in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Professionals instead of "hen party" in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian FederationDecrees were announced this week that the posts of deputy defense minister Sergei Shoigu, instead of Dmitry Chushkin and Elena Morozova, considered to be the people of Anatoly Serdyukov, will be taken by Ruslan Tsalikov and Yuri Borisov. Obviously, the new minister is not going to work with the team of his predecessor, because such work would look like story from a fable about a swan, a crayfish and a pike pulling a cart in different directions.

One of the new deputy ministers, Ruslan Tsalikov, is a man who has been working closely with Sergei Shoigu for more than twenty years. For obvious reasons, today the Minister of Defense is not in the mood for experiments with personnel in the Ministry of Defense, and therefore he is trying to rely on trusted people in his work. Someone calls it the rudiments of manifestation of cronyism, but such a judgment does not hold water. Every person who turns out to be at a high enough post tries to pick up a professional team whose representatives can be trusted, and who have managed to prove themselves as worthy employees. The clan system begins when, even in the absence of effective activity, the department acquires "its people", as it was with the previous frame. If this is considered clan-like, then it manifests itself in any state of the world in which a certain political force comes to power. The clan system in Washington, the clan system in Paris, the clan system in Berlin ...

So, Ruslan Tsalikov, who worked side by side with Sergei Shoigu, when he was the last head of the Emergencies Ministry, and during the governorship in the Moscow region, is the deputy minister in charge of the financial aspects of the development of the army. After a series of corruption scandals in the Ministry of Defense, this post looks significant, because not only the image of the Ministry of Defense, but also the future of the entire military reform depends on rational financing and the degree of efficiency of spending. If Tsalikov manages to build a system in which competent control will be exercised over the financial component of the main military department, then the modernization of the army itself will no longer be skeptical by the military and representatives of, let's say, civil society.

Tsalikov has a wealth of management experience. For four years he served as Minister of Finance of the Republic of North Ossetia (1990-1994). It was a difficult time, not only for North Ossetia itself, but also for the whole country. However, according to experts who are familiar with his activities, Tsalikov did everything to protect the republic from financial influence from the forces supporting extremists in the North Caucasus, and was one of those Ossetian politicians who prevented the very idea of ​​rejecting the North Caucasus Russia. This alone gives a reason to talk about Tsalikov as a strong state figure and manager who is able to solve the most complicated tasks without falling under the negative external press.
Active work in the republican ministry led Ruslan Tsalikov to the Emergencies Ministry, where he was engaged in financial and economic activities for a number of years. Thanks to his work, too, the Ministry of Emergency Situations became one of the best-equipped departments of Russia, to which representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense paid attention.

After Sergei Shoigu’s transition to the governor’s post in the Moscow region, he took Ruslan Tsalikov into his deputies. Therefore, we should count on the fact that Tsalikov is the person who can really be trusted, and this, it must be admitted, has become very rare in our Ministry of Defense lately: trust has been weathered like an ephemeral scent when the window is wide open.

The post of deputy minister in charge of armaments was taken by Yuri Borisov. He graduated from the Pushkin Higher Command School of Air Defense. In addition, there is in Borisov’s baggage a diploma from the Moscow State University.

From 1974 to 1998, Yuri Borisov served in the Armed Forces, after which he moved to the position of general director of ZAO NPT Modul. At one time this company was engaged in the creation of software and hardware for computer equipment, used, inter alia, in the military sphere.

For four years (2004-2008), Borisov worked as head of the radio-electronic industry and control systems department, as deputy head of the Federal Agency for Industry. It was this section of work that Yury Borisov brought to the Ministry of Industry, and then to that segment of the Government of the Russian Federation, which is connected with the activities of the Military Industrial Commission, which is responsible for work in the field of the State Defense Order.

Based on the biography of Yuri Borisov, it follows that it was not by chance that the man turned out to be the deputy minister of defense. Despite the fact that Borisov does not belong to the so-called “Shoigu team”, he is called to the department to solve urgent problems of solving problems with the state defense order. In recent years, this problem has moved into the category of one of the main ones, leading to a significant inhibition of military reform. Considering that Borisov himself is well aware of the state of affairs in the Russian military-industrial sector, this gives him the opportunity to say that he can reasonably approach contracts with suppliers, and indeed, it’s no secret to negotiate more actively in plan to start implementing large-scale industrial projects.
The new deputies of the new Minister of Defense, at least because of their professional features, no longer look like random people to the Ministry of Defense. In this regard, we can say that the “hen party” in the main military department of Russia is over. In the place of employees who managed to show their clearly not high professionalism in the light of the current sequence of corruption scandals, completely different people come.

You should not give out unnecessarily large advances, but I would like to hope that the professionals in the Ministry of Defense, who have occupied, perhaps, the most troublesome positions, will justify the trust that they have had.

Today, the Ministry’s financial, economic, and military-technical divisions have the primary task of establishing a qualitative dialogue with manufacturers of weapons and military equipment at such a level that there are no slips with the implementation of the State Defense Order, which have drunk in recent years. The task is certainly difficult, but far from random people are commissioned into the ranks of the top leaders of the Defense Ministry.
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  1. collapse
    19 November 2012 08: 07
    You guys work now. work and work again. Do not let me down! Let's hope for the best result !!!!!!!!!!
    1. Hunghuz
      19 November 2012 09: 25
      Cry to the abaron of the Motherland with harems, aligarchs, Faberge eggs ...... ???
      1. 0
        19 November 2012 10: 14
        As the saying goes, the family is not without a freak ... New equipment then enters the troops! And you say ...
      2. Dimych from Vanino
        19 November 2012 10: 40
        Cho for a syksualny minority? How to regatta all sorts of tomatoes?
      3. collapse
        19 November 2012 12: 17
        Do you even understand what I wrote, and what are you ???
        1. Cosmonaut
          19 November 2012 19: 07
          Yes, he does not waste time on them.
      4. Denzel13
        20 November 2012 23: 04
        "Uma ward", however, in the sense that it is hard to be waist-deep wooden.
      5. 0
        22 November 2012 18: 01
        Quote: Hunghouse

        Scream Abaron


      6. -1
        22 November 2012 18: 19
        Quote: Hunghouse

        Scream Abaron



  2. StrateG
    19 November 2012 08: 18
    Yes, it remains to rely on new people, hoping that they will be better than previous ones. Well, if so, we wish them good luck so that they would finally finish this painful reform.
  3. +14
    19 November 2012 08: 24
    Worse than with this brood of Serdyukovsky vipers, there will be no underwater skirts in the skirts. Best, most likely. In any case, Shoigu-not Serdyukov, he should correct the situation, he understands people.
    1. +2
      19 November 2012 10: 15
      Correctly correct! He is a tough manager, as a leader in the army should be
      1. Blat
        19 November 2012 13: 19
        and you like after?)))))))))))))))) responsibility and personal initiative zero
        1. rolik
          19 November 2012 23: 19
          Blat Well, judging by the flag, you love it harder and deeper. That is, according to the glands, so that the thought reaches the brain right up to the point. Romanians will do it to you soon lol
        2. +2
          20 November 2012 20: 35
          ugh .. "one word - Romanian" (c)
        3. -1
          22 November 2012 18: 25
          Quote: blat

          and you like after?))))))))))))))))responsibility and personal initiative zero

          FOOT FAT ...
    2. Serush
      19 November 2012 23: 19
      ITAR-TASS. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appointed Maria Kitaeva as his adviser. This was announced today by ITAR-TASS by the press secretary of the Minister. Daria Zatulina.

      “Advisor to the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu was appointed, he became Maria Kitaeva"Said Zatulina.

      Previously, Kitaeva worked as a presenter on the Russia 24 television channel, and this summer was appointed adviser to the Governor of the Moscow Region on information policy.

      Kitaeva herself told ITAR-TASS that her duties did not include information policy issues of the Ministry of Defense, while she did not specify the range of issues for which she would be responsible.
      1. Denzel13
        20 November 2012 23: 14
        It is curious why she will advise there. Really it is impossible to build young ladies somewhere else in another industry.
      2. 0
        22 November 2012 18: 28
        ..LAD, ONE TROLES, KI ...
  4. +6
    19 November 2012 08: 27
    You don’t have to wait for instant grandiose results, you have to dig a very large garbage dump. After half a year, it will be exactly clear what this team is worth.
    1. +2
      19 November 2012 08: 41
      Quote: lewerlin53rus
      You don’t have to wait for instant grandiose results, you have to dig a very large garbage dump

      I agree, first you need to rake, collect a part, and better of all, stole the money, transplant a thief, and begin work on restoring the army.
      1. +2
        19 November 2012 09: 06
        Quote: Baron Wrangel
        First, you need to rake, collect a part, and better of all, the stolen money, transplant a thief, and begin work on restoring the army.

        One question remains open. Why did you have to destroy everything and talk about the success of the reform, so that then everything would be restored. We do everything as always, first we think hi
        1. Mikado
          19 November 2012 09: 53
          Then, that no one is going to fundamentally change or restore anything. Do not you think that Serdyukov himself was ruining everything, on his own initiative, and the Tsar-priest did not know anything, but now he knew and decided to restore everything, while forgiving Tolik and giving him a new post?))
        2. -3
          19 November 2012 10: 32
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          We do everything as always, first we think

          maybe even ... we do it and don’t bother - people pick it up! ... feel
        3. majorlnb
          19 November 2012 15: 23
          It was better to leave an army that was not combat-ready with a whole brood of flappers who didn't do nichrome? What is the use of cropped parts if they are not able to give mobilization for the time required today?
          The army has long demanded reorganization. Another question is how "Serdyukov's team" did it.
          Shoigu can only wish firmness in his new position. Shit on his head will soon pour out the sea. There will be liberals and "defenders of the fatherland from the collapse of everything."
        4. 0
          19 November 2012 17: 25
          You too "think" about them - but no one there thinks about anything, grab, grab and will grab. And only those who have completely overreached and snickered are pushed into the shadows. Mind you, they do not plant, do not shoot, but move to a less protruding place ... Everything as it was and remains. The country has very few chances, very few ...
      2. +4
        19 November 2012 09: 14
        Quote: Baron Wrangel
        I agree, first you need to rake, collect a part, and better of all, stole the money, transplant a thief, and begin work on restoring the army.

        Well, I think Valery needs to get them all out of there first (which is still not easy in itself) and take up the army! We’ll always have time to transplant. The revenge is a dish that is served cold!
        The main thing is not to let go of the country!
        1. -1
          19 November 2012 13: 07
          Hello, Sergey.
          ".. And we will always have time to transplant."
          By yours .. mouths, but drink honey.
          Do not have time!
          Running late!!!
          Finally do not put anyone !!!!!
          even Onishchenko - only screams and swears.
          Oh, you’re right ... you can’t let the main thing out of the country. And who will ban?
          "Do you want to be advanced - this square-nest".
          I would change - soot ... not this one. And such nests ... shaft.
        2. Kaa
          20 November 2012 01: 00
          Quote: sergo0000
          The main thing is not to let go of the country!

          "Bachelorette party" - on "SATURDAY"! belay
    2. Kaa
      19 November 2012 10: 15
      Quote: lewerlin53rus
      it’s necessary to rake a very large garbage dump

      As you can imagine, how many cosmetics one needs to take out of the offices ... load tampaks with dump trucks ... pickup from MO ... laughing
      1. +1
        19 November 2012 14: 36
        Quote: Kaa

        As you can imagine, how many cosmetics one needs to take out of the offices

        Yes, sell it at a reasonable price to the US Army, the local gays will take it apart in an instant, and buy a couple of tanks with the proceeds laughing
  5. IlyaKuv
    19 November 2012 08: 45
    Time will tell, although Shoigu is a reliable person, he should not let you down.
  6. sefirs
    19 November 2012 09: 02
    DOUBLE BAB OF ARMY Ministry of Defense! angry
  7. 0
    19 November 2012 09: 07
    If everything that is written is true, then we can hope for a speedy shift.
    How many more will have to be moved off the stool before the military flywheel works?
  8. +14
    19 November 2012 09: 12
    sefirs - "BOTH BABY FROM ..." - well, why is it so clumsy, they may suspect of babophobia ... it's better so - BOTH THIEFS FROM BOTH SEXES FROM MO drinks
    1. sefirs
      19 November 2012 09: 22
      Agree with)
      1. -1
        19 November 2012 13: 10
        I liked the poems, Viktor_ui.
        Down with thieves from all sexes.
        Down with all the thieves.
        Down with the sexes of all thieves.
        Down ... shorter.
  9. +3
    19 November 2012 09: 28
    With conclusions about the team Shoigu should not be in a hurry. Time will tell. Although recently I haven’t believed the gentlemen from the Moscow offices.
  10. +2
    19 November 2012 09: 34
    Tasks are set, goals are defined, comrades for work! It seems so said at the end of the party meetings, but We wish success to Shaigu and his team!
  11. borisst64
    19 November 2012 09: 43
    The art of leadership, first of all, to put the right people in the right places. This is much more complicated than chopping off the shoulder and making subordinates smashed.
  12. +1
    19 November 2012 09: 51
    What’s of interest to me is if Mr. Xu is not imprisoned, then they will find him a new place of work, where he will again be able to bring (to his help) this women's division?
    And yet, I believe that this Mr. Xu is actually a deeply unhealthy person from the point of view of psychology, or he has a deeply "hidden" complex somewhere in relation to men in general and in military uniform in particular.
    1. Kaa
      19 November 2012 10: 17
      Quote: submariner
      if Mr. Xu is not imprisoned, they will find him a new job,

      He will be sent to China "for reinforcement" as an ambassador to Mr. Xi, there, too, they say, there are enough corrupt officials ... so to speak, to exchange experience ... wassat
      1. +1
        19 November 2012 12: 50
        Yeah, and together with the corrupt officials they take them to the stadium ... with bags on their heads, they will show Chinese students what is good and what is bad
    2. +1
      19 November 2012 10: 29
      Quote: submariner
      if Mr. Xu is not imprisoned

      only Mr. Pu knows this, but yesterday at his briefing with Merkel, he made it clear that there was no need to exaggerate the topic of stool so intensely ... winked
    3. 0
      19 November 2012 13: 44
      According to acquaintances serving in the Arbat military district, it was a great holiday (they drank for almost a week), Feldmebl's code, and then Makarka was removed. Immediately, his "woman's battalion" was remembered as they called the officers "green men."
      Well, as for "do-do-do-not-do", my personal opinion is that Papanov's principle "Sodyut you, but do not steal" is unlikely to work. Most likely, they will "pack" the female battalion employees to the maximum, and Buratin will find a thread of a quiet place with a small budget (that's enough, and so he sawed money) or send an ambassador or adviser to some thread of the Banana Republic away from the Russian Federation, and so that he does not shine there. Again, my purely personal opinion is to judge Xu, this is why our government admits its wrong in personnel policy, which it is unlikely to do.
    4. not good
      19 November 2012 15: 50
      No complexes, if the woman gave the apartment - this is understandable lover, but God forbid the man gave ...- pi ...
      1. 0
        19 November 2012 16: 04
        Thank you, I made you laugh well !!! laughing
    5. 0
      19 November 2012 17: 32
      Well, you turned floridly ... But wouldn’t it be easier to say BABA and she as the BABA Minister of Defense.
  13. +8
    19 November 2012 10: 03
    Guys, and judging by the first steps, the priorities are set.
    military education
    military medicine
    defense order and modernization.
    we will look further. At least in contrast to the former commander in chief and the type of minister of type of defense. Shoigu can make a decision and be responsible for it.
    1. +4
      19 November 2012 10: 32
      Hi Sanya. Do not rush to conclusions. Nothing has been done yet.
      1. +2
        19 November 2012 10: 42
        Hi Zhen, I’m just stating that the direction is already being drawn. And I agree to draw conclusions too early.
      2. +1
        19 November 2012 11: 48
        Do not rush to conclusions. Nothing has been done yet.
        Strange ... for some reason I thought. Something has been done ... Key posts are being taken. The personnel process is a geometric progression .. there are already hundreds of bags packed in the Moscow Region ... but nothing has passed ...
      3. SSR
        19 November 2012 16: 38
        Quote: Mechanic
        Do not rush to conclusions. Nothing has been done yet.

        First steps
        Recall that one of the first steps of Sergei Shoigu as Minister of Defense was the suspension of the liquidation of military hospitals and the transfer of the Military Medical Academy from the center of St. Petersburg to its outskirts.

        “Agreed: to suspend all liquidation procedures for a number of military hospitals.

        We will follow the steps you look and "only a man proud of himself and the Country will walk as he can." Well Type positive dynamics will go.
        and it seems like he understands that experienced people are needed
        “Practice has shown the need for the introduction of assistant commanders of military districts to which veterans would be invited,” he explained to ITAR-TASS. “Practical measures on this issue are already being taken.”
    2. 0
      19 November 2012 13: 34
      and also military science, which they successfully began to "kill" back in the 90s.
  14. +1
    19 November 2012 10: 26
    "... From 1974 to 1998, Yuri Borisov served in the Armed Forces, after which he moved to the position of General Director of ZAO NPTs Modul ...
    I wonder where and by whom he served, from what position he "went" to the General Director and when (in the military service or already in the field) received his doctorate ...? feel otherwise the stool is also positioned as a "doctor" ...
  15. Abel
    19 November 2012 12: 53
    It’s interesting, on what grounds did all that bachelorette party get out and get into the Moscow Region? Any smart (wise) woman would prefer to take not the officer’s chair, but the place of an adviser and a reliable rear ... Are they all so stupid? Or greedy? Sorry...
    1. +3
      19 November 2012 13: 33
      Simple. Everyone worked under Taburetkin in the tax (both literally and figuratively) wassat
    2. 0
      19 November 2012 15: 14
      It is not in vain that the Bible says that the most terrible sin is pride, greed and envy!
      1. 0
        19 November 2012 18: 39
        Greed is the mother of vices ... formats a person's face completely
    3. 0
      19 November 2012 20: 36
      Quote: Abel
      place of adviser and reliable rear ...

      RBK: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has appointed the former TV presenter of "Russia 24" Maria Kitaeva as his adviser. This was reported to RBC by the press secretary of the minister Daria Zatulina.

      In the summer of 2012 M. Kitaeva already worked in the team of S. Shoigu, holding the position of adviser to the Governor of the Moscow Region on information policy. It is still unknown what range of questions M.Kitaev will oversee in the Ministry of Defense.

      Deja vu ....
  16. Patos89
    19 November 2012 13: 23
    Everywhere they poke their people, as well as in the government, they had to lay off a pension to retire most of the Ministry of Defense. Some thieves were kicked out by others.
    And most of them will simply be transferred somewhere as always with the idea of ​​VOVA.
    The vertical of power.
  17. +1
    19 November 2012 13: 30
    It is not necessary to work here, but to plow! For the field called the Ministry of Defense Feldmebel with his "cheerleaders" just dirtied with weeds.
    It is clear that the results will not be immediate, maybe not even half a year will have to wait, but more. The main thing is that there is a result, and the result is positive. I don’t know about Shoigu’s activities in the Emergencies Ministry, but he worked out the correct "technology" of work in the Moscow region, forcing his government to work and at the same time keeping everything under control. That is, the normal system of vertical subordination. We will wait for the results.
  18. toguns
    19 November 2012 14: 40
    we wait, hope and believe crying
  19. 0
    19 November 2012 15: 13
    If Shoigu put things in order in the defense industry, be his president!
  20. webdog
    19 November 2012 15: 14
    women in the army have nothing to do, even in the rear units. the more women in the organization, the higher the level of intrigue. they don’t know how to do anything good.
  21. dmb
    19 November 2012 15: 55
    Yes, God bless them: with Tsalikov and Borisov. It's not about them. They may not be bad people. They will certainly not steal right away, they will simply be afraid. In the article something else is amazing. Mr. Volodin wants to assure us that Serdyukov and his shobla were stealing from unprofessionalism. Thus, he brings us all to one simple idea; the main villains, the businessmen, have already been arrested, and those who handed over state property to businessmen are practically victims of their incompetence. By the way, the fact that until now the status of these "victims" in criminal cases has not been determined, provides them with an excellent opportunity to overtake the stolen loot abroad of their beloved Motherland. And then, even in the case of a short sentence, it's great to use it. As for the principles of forming a "team" outlined by Volodin, the trouble of our state is that with the arrival of a new chief, replacements are made not according to the principle of competence, but according to the principle of personal loyalty. Let's be frank that the civil engineer Shoigu is more aware of military construction than the professional military? Then why restore the military education system. Was it possible for the NGSH to appoint not a professional Gerasimov, but some talented fire-master? Alas, nothing good will come of it. As a matter of fact, Volodin does not publish analytical articles. I am personally convinced of the latter by the characterization of Tsalikov given by him. Referring to the opinion of unnamed (and therefore most likely mythical experts) Volodin writes: Tsalikov did everything to protect the republic from financial influence from the forces supporting extremists in the North Caucasus, and was one of those Ossetian politicians who obstructed the very idea of ​​rejecting the North Caucasus from Russia. "I wonder if Volodin can name Ossetian politicians who put forward ideas from division? And in general, which of the politicians in power can he name among those who put forward such an idea? (The Dudayev gang does not count).
    1. +2
      19 November 2012 16: 17
      I noticed that the comments of the gentleman under the nickname DMB are criticism of absolutely any material. Moreover, all the comments are weighty like rotten autumn pumpkins (a larger volume can be seen extremely rarely). And Mr. DMB himself is a solid guess: well, literally for every line of articles he always has either "the author provokes", or "the author is incompetent", or "what would have happened if". Today it turned out that the author Volodin does not publish articles at all ... What can you say - the opinion of an individual reader is the opinion of an individual reader. Maybe there is no need to conjecture what the author did not mention in the article at all. Well, where did you get the idea that the author wants to assure everyone of something ... The main thing is not to overdo it in guessing, dragging the colonel ...
      1. dmb
        19 November 2012 20: 02
        Well, that's what the comment actually said. The author does not dispute what has been said in it and does not cite counterarguments; in other words, he agrees with him. Due to the lack of counterarguments, Mr. Volodin, according to the habit of our journalistic intelligentsia, immediately turns to the individual, firmly believing that his work is so epoch-making that it contains no errors. And everything else is the plot of envious people. I am forced to grieve, the vast majority of his articles contain neither bad nor good, and therefore simply do not need comments. In those cases, when he is engaged in primitive praise, or is openly gagging, we have to give this assessment, which he has never been refuted.
        1. -1
          19 November 2012 20: 31
          Well, if in the third person, so be it ... Let Mr. DMB not cherish the hope that for each of his "perspicacious" comments, someone will begin to explain to him how incomprehensible his assumptions about what the author said in the article. It just seems that Mr. DMB revels in the fact that this is not a printed version of the Pravda newspaper, and therefore you can not just skim through the article with your eyes, but also practice in "the author, who are you" ... And if you are tempted to give an assessment - forward to Odnoklassniki
  22. anoha68
    19 November 2012 17: 11
    Professionals instead of "divichnik" in the Moscow region. Professionals-lick anal? And Volodin apparently hopes, suddenly from rags to riches, like the head of the shop to the plenipotentiary. What is not an article, so a hymn on several pages of the current government. "Approved", whose opinion with with striking constancy it resembles "a directive issued from above." And signed "this is my personal opinion." Which rather speaks of his (opinion) complete absence.
    1. +3
      19 November 2012 17: 27
      Another delusional generator woke up from the category of "let me guess what the author is writing about." Brrrr ... You need to read the articles, the headings of which are "Everything was stolen - we are fucked", "Russia is in full ass", or "Rather in a dugout, otherwise corruption will bite you for a soft spot." There are many media outlets that will be glad to see you ... I write off everything on your personal envy of a peasant from Uralvagonzavod ...
      1. sergskak
        19 November 2012 18: 29
        Quote: Volodin
        Another delusional generator woke up from the category of "let me guess what the author is writing about."

        laughing Brace yourself! Tomorrow they will tell you how to write what and in what manner and whether it is worth doing it at all. Although there are such voluminous comments that even now you can insert any of the listed headings and call them an article.
      2. anoha68
        21 November 2012 07: 42
        I didn’t envy anyone, it’s the destiny of the weak, and Mr. Volodin became very similar to the hero of the jumble, where the high school student sat on the 1st of June in the junior class: I am the smartest here, I will stay here. And leave my site-march to others.
  23. -1
    19 November 2012 17: 26
    It is hard to hope that Shoigu will do something really radically good for our Army, Navy and Aviation. He is led by the same one who led Serdyukov., And the tasks are set by the same person - our Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Federation Putin.
    1. +1
      19 November 2012 18: 43
      It is very interesting to see how the forum wakes up from causeless euphoria about the removal of Serdyukov and the appointment of Shoigu. It is also pointless to fall into pessimism about the situation.
  24. stranik72
    19 November 2012 19: 49
    But it would not be necessary to make a messiah out of Shoigu. Taking advantage of his "special" status, including the one earned on the blood of the shooting of parliament in 1993, no one especially delved into the work of the Ministry of Emergencies, did not consider the effectiveness of the Ministry of Emergencies, how the sovereign's money was spent. Only in 2010 fires in Moscow were extinguished by volunteers and the army, in 2012, in Krymsk, the main tasks were again solved by the army. No one understood why the taiga was burning in the Far East and Transbaikal, and the EMERCOM aviation extinguished fires in Turkey and Greece. So he is a man of the system and within the framework of this system he will work, there will be no paradise in the army, and the restoration of military science and education, a sharp improvement in the quality and technical specifications of military equipment does not have to wait for this, sovereign measures and money are needed, but about this for now silence, so do not flatter yourself.
    1. -2
      19 November 2012 20: 27
      And here I agree with stranik72 doubts about the effectiveness of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. what a shoigu with firemen did a separate topic
  25. ICT
    19 November 2012 20: 39
    Quote: rumpeljschtizhen

    firefighters - the same topic as for the naval (ships go, rather than sail)
  26. -1
    19 November 2012 21: 53
    Thank you for the clarification
  27. lakt2008
    20 November 2012 08: 05
    Someone shit, and now they called up the scavengers - to rake shit ,,,
  28. Stasi.
    20 November 2012 22: 17
    Shoigu will have to carry out a big purge in the Ministry of Defense and the entire army, so that at least one little Malysky Serdyukov shot does not remain anywhere. Clearing all these Augean stables will cost a lot of work and nerves, even such a seasoned person like Shoigu will be very difficult, the forces behind Serdyukov and the company will actively put the wheels in wheels. In practice, he will have to carry out the entire reform from scratch, because all of Serdyukov's camarilla by its thefts brought it to nothing. As for the criminal cases against the entire company, Serdyukov will not be imprisoned, no one will be forced to return the stolen goods. In a word, a storm in a glass of water is what all these criminal cases are. Assign for the type of switchmen, arrange a couple of three social and indicative processes and all. And the field assistant will quietly disappear from the country in some sort of position.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned), Kirill Budanov (included to the Rosfinmonitoring list of terrorists and extremists)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"