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The world is on the verge of a third industrial revolution.

October 25 in Moscow in the World Trade Center hosted a meeting of the Global Energy Prize laureates, which was dedicated to the 10 anniversary of this prestigious scientific award in international circles. The Global Energy Prize is an independent award for outstanding scientific and technological developments and scientific research in the field of energy, which contribute to improving the environmental safety and efficiency of the planet’s energy sources in the interests of all mankind. The award was established in 2002 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Since then, its winners have become 27 scientists from 9 countries: Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, Germany, France, Iceland, Canada and Japan. At the same time for the first time history Prizes within one event managed to collect almost all of its winners.

First of all, the Global Energy international prize is aimed at stimulating the development of energy as a science, in addition, it demonstrates the importance of international energy cooperation of private and public investments in the field of energy saving, energy supply and energy security of the Earth. The achievements of modern science and technology, as it repeatedly sounded at the summit, should serve the long-term interests of all mankind, improve the standard of living and social security of the planet’s population.

The key issue discussed by the summit participants was the issue of innovative energy technologies, which in the near future can substantially, if not drastically, change people's ideas about energy, as well as solve a number of global issues that modern society faces today.

Work in the field of energy are important for the military. So, for example, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) conducted joint tests of a Dassault Falcon 20 jet aircraft, which flew on 100% biofuel. These tests were performed on October 29. The case is unique in that before that the aircraft that were tested using alternative fuels were fueled only with a mixture of biofuels and conventional fuels (usually in the proportion of 1 to 1).
The world is on the verge of a third industrial revolution.

According to the American editions, biofuels under the brand ReadiJet were provided by order of the USAF by Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) and Applied Research Associates (ARA). The pilot flight of the aircraft lasted 1 hour. A report on fuel efficiency and its impact on the engine will be published later. Earlier in July, the US Air Force 2012 conducted tests on the A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft, which was filled with a mixture of "alcoholic" ATJ and conventional fuel. Until the end of 2012, the United States Air Force, which today accounts for half of all the fuel consumed by the US Army, expects to certify all helicopters and airplanes for biofuels. By 2016, the US Air Force expects to reduce the consumption of traditional fuel by half.

World Energy Perspectives

Within the framework of the last summit, which was organized with the participation of the Skolkovo Foundation, many questions and familiar statements were considered. In particular, how to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, from which the globe is choking, how to get rid of the “raw material curse” that hangs over Russia, etc. These and many other questions were tried to answer the guests of the summit - representatives of the global scientific community, laureates of the Global Energy Prize in different years.

It turned out that foreign and Russian scientists see the prospects for the development of the world energy industry in different ways. Russian representatives of science defended mainly oil and atom, and their foreign colleagues - renewable energy sources or, in other words, green energy - wind, water and sun. Thorsteinn Ingi Sigfusson, professor at the University of Iceland, president of the Icelandic New Energy energy company, assured the public that the world is on the threshold of the 3-th industrial revolution. The first energy revolution was associated with the use of coal and steam, the second began when oil and nuclear energy were used, and the third revolution will be an intelligent, intelligent revolution based on green technologies, smart solutions and the Internet.

As an example, the professor cited Iceland, which is gradually abandoning the use of fossil fuels. This fuel is, firstly, quite expensive, secondly, it pollutes the environment, and, thirdly, it can completely end in the coming decades. It is for these reasons that hydrogen energy is being actively introduced in Iceland. Today, Icelandic hydrogen stations are able to extract hydrogen during the process of electrolysis of water, the source of energy for which are hydroelectric power plants. The use of such technologies reduces the cost of electricity, and the air becomes cleaner.

Rodney John Allam, a member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers of Great Britain, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for the 2007 year, supported his colleague. According to him, today humanity is facing a serious dilemma regarding the use of fossil fuels. If we consider the existing methods of cleaning solid fuel at the stations, we will see that this is a fairly costly measure: it can add to the cost of generated electricity from 30 to 60 percent of its cost. Therefore, people who can not afford to pay for this, most likely, will try to use a different energy, which will give it an impetus to development. Already today, humanity has reached the point at which renewable resources will begin to play a rather tangible role - replacing conventional energy sources by about 20%.

In turn, Russian scientists were against it. Academician and Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Laverov sees in the near future an increase in the production of natural gas and nuclear energy, while the output of bioenergy, according to his estimates, will be no more than 2-3% on a global scale. According to another academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of Bauman Moscow State Technical University Alexander Leontyev, green energy is good enough only for local use where it is expensive to carry conventional fuel. So he shared the fact that he installed a wind turbine at his dacha. In addition, the use of green energy is very dependent on the country. For example, in Russia on the shores of the Arctic Ocean there are no opportunities for the development of solar energy, and there are no tropics in Russia.

Most Russian scientists in one voice assured their overseas colleagues that in the first half of the 21 century gas, oil and coal would remain the main sources of energy on the planet. And for a long time, mankind’s nuclear power plants will not be able to find suitable alternatives, since these stations are able to operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, unlike many alternative energy sources, which often depend on natural factors and weather.

At the same time, the most unexpected proposal was voiced by Boris Katorgin, the former general designer of NPO Energomash, which was engaged in the creation of powerful rocket engines for the ships Proton, Soyuz, launch vehicles Energia and Zenit. According to him, today it is necessary to develop space energy. Katorgin proposes to build solar orbital power plants and transfer energy from them to the earth in the form of laser radiation or microwave. After that, the resulting energy will be converted into electrical suitable for human needs. At the same time, the US will overtake Russia in this area. After 2016, the United States is going to supply electricity generated in space solar orbital power plants to about 250 000 individual houses. In addition, Americans are going to accumulate the electromagnetic energy of our luminary not only in the infrared, but also in the ultraviolet range, which greatly expands the efficiency of the installations.

There are advances in this direction in Russia. Currently, the Research and Design Institute of Power Engineering (NIKIET) named after Dollezhal, as well as the Keldysh Research Center are working on creating a nuclear transport and energy module. Here they are hoping to create a gas-cooled nuclear reactor that can be used as a power station, as well as for movement in space, as energy sources for plasma engines. The construction of such a nuclear reactor will be able to open to humanity the road beyond the solar system.

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  1. Forget
    Forget 14 November 2012 08: 58
    Our scientists are right, in the near future we will use only oil, gas and atom
    1. MG42
      MG42 14 November 2012 09: 03
      Of course they are right - they look at economic aspects.
      Ecology alone must also be taken care of in parallel, solar and wind energy are environmentally friendly.
      Article plus. Thanks for the stuff.
      1. Forget
        Forget 14 November 2012 09: 43
        Solar and wind energy can serve as an addition, and future energy is controlled thermonuclear fusion.
        1. Islam
          Islam 14 November 2012 19: 45
          Quote: Forget
          Future energy is controlled fusion.

          I wonder if the oil is no longer needed, the warrior will not?
          1. core
            core 14 November 2012 20: 00
            start fighting for water. and this is more terrible, could not capture a source of fresh water, then it will simply be poisoned.
          2. Nick
            Nick 14 November 2012 23: 16
            Quote: Islam
            I wonder if the oil is no longer needed, the warrior will not?

            There will always be wars. Oil appeared relatively recently around 150 years ago (as a mineral valuable to humans, and not as a mineral in the geological sense), and there were wars thousands of years ago. There is always a reason for war. Even because of the women fought, remember the Trojan company ...
            1. Islam
              Islam 16 November 2012 20: 01
              Quote: Nick
              There is always a reason for war

              yes unfortunately morons will always be found and the more powerful the country the more dangerous
        2. MG42
          MG42 14 November 2012 19: 54
          Quote: Forget
          Solar and wind energy can serve as an addition

          Yes, perhaps everyone knows this.

          As for nuclear energy, there is the sad experience of Chernobyl, and the Japs recently had Fukushima. The main thing is that a peaceful atom does not get out of control, and the fact that kWh from a nuclear power plant is the cheapest, yes.
      2. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 14 November 2012 10: 53
        solar and wind energy is environmentally friendly

        The production of solar and wind energy components so far in terms of environmental pollution is equivalent to their "environmental friendliness"
        The same as urban transport on electricity, but such transport does not pollute the environment, it is polluted by power plants that produce power for transport.

        As an example, the professor cited Iceland, which is gradually abandoning the use of fossil fuels. This fuel, firstly, is quite expensive, secondly, it pollutes the environment, and thirdly, it may completely end in the coming decades.

        Such enthusiasts are so touching. Iceland! Want to have your own thermal power station in Iceland?
        1 Caution, with a simple shovel, go deep three meters into the ground
        2 let the bottom of the pit heat circuit
        3 bury
        4 use
        And these beliefs about the benefits of biofuels! What are we going to eat? Already passed. A lean year, the main fields for rapeseed, there is nothing to eat. Was it not then that the adherents of the golden billion had a bright idea to arrange a "weeding" of humanity?
        To calmly grow rapeseed, and not to suffer in the shower, looking into someone's hungry eyes.
      3. core
        core 14 November 2012 19: 59
        who told you that biofuels are pure ecology? biowaste after the production of this fuel is worse than fuel oil spilled on the ground.
    2. Alx1miK
      Alx1miK 19 November 2012 01: 47
      Are Americans going to take energy from space in 2016? Yes, the Yankees will fall apart by 2013 yomayo. "Energy" "Lasers". Soon there will be nothing to eat, but they still go there. What kind of people ...
      1. studentmati
        studentmati 19 November 2012 01: 56
        Is it still incomprehensible. that the Yankees, having imposed a paper dollar on the world, stand on our shoulders. And what interest do we have in the fall of the Yankees, if they fall together with us, they will crush us and us. Our task is to at least minimize dependence on the dollar, and then we can already talk about the collapse of the US empire.
  2. borisst64
    borisst64 14 November 2012 09: 05
    About 250 thousand American homes with energy from space are clearly nibbling.
    1. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 14 November 2012 11: 13
      This is probably all the houses they have left, which they have not yet demolished for non-payment of loans.
  3. Lavrik
    Lavrik 14 November 2012 09: 06
    Traditional energy sources (oil, gas) are also cheaper than renewable ones (wind, sun). And now it is especially important for us.
  4. Shabur
    Shabur 14 November 2012 09: 37
    Oil, gas - the last century. Tesla’s technology is already a reality. But there are forces in the world that do not give them a way out, because it will be cheap and affordable. Even our government is interested in trading resources. Academician Dmitry Strebkov has already brought a lot of Tesla's ideas to life, there are working instances, and a single-wire system is worth it. It is a pity that such projects do not find the attention of our government. (
    1. Forget
      Forget 14 November 2012 09: 44
      Quote: Shabur
      a single-wire system

      can you give more details..
      1. Shabur
        Shabur 14 November 2012 09: 55

        1. 11Goor11
          11Goor11 14 November 2012 11: 16
          But this is not pseudo babble between housewives?
          1. Shabur
            Shabur 14 November 2012 11: 24
            [media = http: //]
          2. Shabur
            Shabur 14 November 2012 11: 26
    2. LAO
      LAO 30 November 2012 23: 03
      These projects are interesting, but practically not applicable.
      Learn the basics of electrical engineering and everything will "fall into place" at once.
  5. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 14 November 2012 10: 38
    right now the axis, the west will not move away from oil and gas - their oil companies rule!) and how many loners have mysteriously beaten for incomprehensible inventions of alternative free energy! ???? if they are extinguished - it means someone wants to make money on hydrocarbons, and then will boil the world with new technologies, but not for free !!!!! Tesla out - invented at one time ......
    1. Orey
      Orey 14 November 2012 14: 29
      All discoveries in history have always been made by several people in different places of the planet at about the same time - Tesla’s invention is a myth.
    2. SlavaP
      SlavaP 15 November 2012 00: 00
      It is obvious! Corporations and entire states, sitting on oil, will never allow a real alternative. And all this screeching about "green energy" is a cheap trick to distract public opinion from these developments (and Tesla's ideas and plasma and cold fusion)
  6. Slevinst
    Slevinst 14 November 2012 10: 47
    gas-cooled nuclear reactor, which can be used as a power plant, as well as for movement in outer space, as energy sources for plasma engines. The construction of such a nuclear reactor can open the way for humanity beyond the boundaries of the solar system.

    That would be ..., if only the problem of radiation in deep space would be solved and one could search for another blue planet
  7. ism_ek
    ism_ek 14 November 2012 11: 21
    When I came to the word "Skolkovo" - I stopped reading.
  8. Slevinst
    Slevinst 14 November 2012 11: 29
    Quote: ism_ek

    How I came to the word "Skolkovo" - I stopped reading

    and what's the point then leave a comment?
    1. karbofos
      karbofos 14 November 2012 19: 09
      Yes, he has nothing clever to say, but you need to write something, that’s
  9. 8 company
    8 company 14 November 2012 12: 09
    It seems that Russian scientists are not very interested in alternative energy. Who will give them the magic pendulum? Maybe we can drive them into "sharashki" models of the 30s, then it will work?
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 14 November 2012 15: 26
      They have the inverse problem - even when plumbers began to make cavitation heat generators and trade them Russian scientists and television they organized defamation and disruption of deliveries on state deliveries - the fact is that when the bubble collapses, the synthesis takes place in a microvolume, this is a direct outlet to small synthesis reactors, if you understand the process model ... and scientists have ITER in Nice, billions are invested, and then a ghost wanders around energy independence.
      Scientists will tell you how the pyramids with a copper chisel and wooden wedges were made by driving and watering ...
  10. Pacifist
    Pacifist 14 November 2012 12: 13
    This is propaganda nonsense. Akin to global warming and the Kyoto Protocol. None of these "professors" even said a word about the attendant losses from the development of the so-called "green energy".
    Even in theory, it is impossible to convert everything to clean energy, given the energy efficiency of carriers and generators. For example, the so-called "green" hybrid or electric cars in their production and operation (meaning maintaining work cycles, maintenance) do many times more harm to the environment than conventional ones. Only one cycle of production of batteries and their disposal is worth something. They are again trying to push us into another scam, the purpose of which is to strangle industrial production and switch to the consumption of industrial products of those countries that have put a bolt on what they themselves are calling for, for example the United States.
  11. Volkhov
    Volkhov 14 November 2012 12: 52
    Only the US Air Force has a real approach - by the end of the year, planes are preparing to use biofuels (really any surrogate) to fly after the Flood (spring 13) from Afghan or other surviving bases.
    Someone will come out, only rejoice, and then Thunderbolt ...
    1. Pacifist
      Pacifist 14 November 2012 14: 00
      And where will they develop and grow raw materials for this?
      You need to think deeper. If there is a flood, then from Afghan bases they will attack opponents on the donkeys, however, like the others, because biofuel production also requires a high-tech production base, raw materials and personnel, and for raw materials, with current technologies, areas are needed unepic ... And in the Afghan valleys it is good to grow, from effective crops, you can only poppy, but that's another story. So they will row on the Thunderbolts with oars on the sand.
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 14 November 2012 15: 11
        Only railway transit through Russia of 5000 tons per day has been going on for many years, warehouses around Kandahar are guarded by a corps, everything is stocked up there. Seeds are stored on Svalbard, and this is only 1 open warehouse.
        This does not concern the Russians, they are solid wood, they are sure that they will not drown, in any case, to create structures similar to American and German ones, but they consider it unnecessary for themselves, with the exception of "Russian" Masons and Zionists, they probably have less wood in their brains.
        1. Pacifist
          Pacifist 14 November 2012 17: 24
          There, reserves for current operational activities, without constant replenishment, they will be enough on the strength for 1-2 months. The warehouse on Svalbard is a repository of seeds as gene material for the possible restoration of lost species or reclamation, but its capacities and volumes for the deployment of industrial production will not be enough. This will take years, and in addition, the issue of sown area remains open.
          In addition, without a constant supply, local mujahideen will digest this building for breakfast.
          On the topic of wood, there is such a state reserve office, whose reserves for energy, seed, strategic materials and equipment are designed for at least a year of life in an emergency. But unlike the widely publicized Spitsbergen, the State Reserve stores materials (industrial and agricultural) for the restoration of industrial production, and not for public relations.
          1. Volkhov
            Volkhov 14 November 2012 20: 47
            Divide the supply by the number of soldiers - I got 50 ... 100 kg per person per day without taking into account fuel and local purchases.
            The warehouse on Svalbard is not the only one, but the crop area is on the rising ocean floor, there is a lot of space and there will be no radiation from the nuclear power plant.
            The local population with refugees can digest the corps, therefore, wars are unleashed in the nearest regions and the locals are extinguished preventively, like the Indians in America.
            I was in some warehouses of the State Reserve - 3/4 are empty or leased, in addition, they are in flooded areas, about a year of life on these reserves - a lie, even in Soviet times they counted on 3 months, and this is taking into account the mobilization of factories that sold more to Gorbachev. So the "tree" is blooming.
  12. core
    core 14 November 2012 20: 10
    Our bio-fuel has been invented for a long time, our eyes are blocked, it’s just alcohol, and it can be driven, I apologize Izgavn, at sewage treatment plants.
  13. studentmati
    studentmati 14 November 2012 20: 31
    As long as there is oil and gas available, not a single scientific development on promising energy sources will be admitted to the "trough". Up to the murders of scientists. Hundreds of millions of people are involved in the extraction, transportation, processing, sale ... of hydrocarbon derivatives. And from each "I" have their own percentage. Why do I need a "pocket" power plant for a city of 20 million inhabitants, for example? I will never allow !!!
  14. mazdie
    mazdie 14 November 2012 21: 33
    I think in 30 years we’ll discuss
  15. wax
    wax 15 November 2012 00: 07
    The production of energy from the Sun at orbital objects for its subsequent transfer to the earth in the UV range and microwave, is similar to a poisonous cheesecake densely doused with chocolate - this way it will be possible to clean out any living thing except microbes underground, any part of the terrain. This is what the third industrial revolution is foreseen. In the history of our long-suffering planet, there has not yet been a case when the most attractive engineering, technical and other achievements were not placed in the service of the military to improve the destruction of the enemy.
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 15 November 2012 07: 26
      This is a Boeing project of the beginning of the 70s, in the USSR it was used for 15 years as a fish for student diplomas - in one even year a student of the Moscow Aviation Institute handed over, in an odd year - MVTU, no other opus is suitable for a number of reasons. Apparently the academician comes from those students ... Darwin must be confirmed by someone.
  16. Allegedly
    Allegedly 15 November 2012 01: 00
    "... The microscopic territory of the Emirate makes it extremely tempting to solve the Qatari problem in this case with one successful launch of a missile that fell from supports. Well, or hundreds of missiles - soldiers are so crooked everywhere ... Then, of course, you will have to apologize, but the problem will be solved. ..." (from)