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The concept of an UAV with electromagnetic weapons from the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB

The concept of an UAV with electromagnetic weapons from the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB
UAV in folded position, side view. 1 - ammunition; 2 - UAV head fairing; 3 - retractable optical means; 4 - folded wing; 5 - hatch of the parachute system; 6 - starting engine; 7 - stabilizer; 8 - fuselage; 9 - rudders

To combat unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic systems of the enemy, a wide range of means with different principles of operation is proposed. An interesting variant of the suppression and destruction of air targets was recently proposed by specialists from the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB. They have developed and patented a special drone with electromagnetic weapons.

A forward-looking concept

A new version of a special UAV is described in patent No. 2787694 "Unmanned aerial vehicle for destroying enemy electronic equipment." The authors of the invention are A.Yu. Berdnikov and S.N. Kukankov. The patent holder is the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB of Russia. The application for a patent was filed in August 2022. The date of registration of the invention is January 11, 2023.

The essence of the invention is quite simple. To combat unmanned aerial targets and ground electronic systems, it is proposed to use a UAV of an original design, armed with an electromagnetic pulse generator ammunition. In the description of the invention, similar systems of the past are recalled, which show the fundamental possibility of manufacturing and using EMRweapons.

The patent provides a general description of the design dronecarrier and its ammunition. Also attached are schematic images of these products, showing their main features.

The development organization received a patent, but the status of the project is unknown. Perhaps everything was limited only to the development of a general concept. However, it cannot be ruled out that a real UAV has already been developed on its basis, and in the foreseeable future it will become known about its testing or even its implementation in the troops or law enforcement agencies.

Unmanned platform

The concept project proposes the use of a specially designed UAV, initially capable of carrying a special payload. The appearance and technical features of such an air platform are determined by the specific role and ammunition used. However, nothing fundamentally excludes the use of another carrier drone.

The diagrams for the patent show an aircraft of normal aerodynamic configuration with a cylindrical fuselage of high elongation and a conical nose cone. In the central part of the fuselage, a medium-sized rectangular wing of small elongation was placed. In the tail - plumage with rudders. The wing should be made of flexible material; plumage extends from the fuselage.

According to the patent, a special UAV should be delivered in a transport and launch container with folded planes. This will simplify the transportation and start-up of the product in all operating conditions. In connection with the use of TPK, the drone needs a separate starting engine, which is reset after the initial acceleration. In addition, a parachute system is provided for a safe return.

View from above. Solar panels shown in black

The UAV must be fully electric. On board it is proposed to place a battery of sufficient capacity. The top surface can be used to install solar panels. The flight is carried out by an electric motor with a pusher propeller.

For observation in flight, two sets of optical means are provided, top and bottom on the fuselage. In connection with the use of TPK, optical stations must be retractable. It is also necessary to provide a permanent connection with the video signal transmission to the operator.

Dimensions, weight and performance characteristics of such a UAV are not given. They are to be determined at the development stage of a real project, taking into account existing needs and technical capabilities. In general, the device must be able to fly over a considerable range and long-term duty in a given area.

Special ammo

The patent also describes the design and principle of operation of a special ammunition that hits targets with the help of EMP. In fact, in this capacity it is proposed to use a small-sized unguided rocket with special equipment. The UAV does not have the ability to carry it under the fuselage or under the wing, and therefore the missile must be mounted on its nose. In this case, it serves as a kind of temporary fairing.

The ammunition is carried out in a cylindrical case with a head fairing. An explosive electromagnetic pulse generator and a remote control system for detonation are placed inside the case. The tail compartment is given over to a small-sized solid propellant engine. No flight controls are provided.

The technical characteristics of the ammunition or its warhead are not given. As in the case of the UAV, such features of the missile should be determined at the design stage.

Work principles

As conceived by the authors, the use of a drone with an electromagnetic missile is not difficult. With the help of a regular TPK, the UAV should be launched, after which, under the control of the operator, it is sent to a given area. With the help of optical systems, the operator must monitor the airspace or the ground and look for a target to attack.

When a target is detected - an enemy UAV, radar, communication station, etc. - the operator must bring his drone to a combat course. Then, a special ammunition is launched from a safe distance, and the UAV leaves. Using a single rocket, he can return to the launch site and land with a parachute. After the necessary preparation, the UAV will be able to fly again.

Diagram of an EMP rocket. 1 - body; 10 - remote detonation system; 11 - explosive magnetic generator; 12 - engine; 13 - lattice for docking with the UAV

At the optimal point of the trajectory, the rocket detonates the explosive magnetic generator. In this case, EMP of sufficient power is formed. Depending on the parameters of the generator and the target, the impulse can temporarily disable the radio system or cause fatal damage to it. It is expected that the electronics of small UAVs will simply burn out from such an impact, and more protected targets will likely need to be repaired.

promising idea

Known and used a number of ways to combat unmanned aerial vehicles. In particular, various radio engineering systems that affect the electronics of the target drone are widely used. Basically, these are jammers of various kinds, only suppressing radio channels.

Also, the issue of using an electromagnetic pulse against UAVs and other targets has been worked out for a long time. In theory, this principle of influence has great prospects and is of interest from the point of view of practical application. In this regard, different versions of EMP weapons are regularly offered, designed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles. aviation or other means of the enemy.

The concept from the Moscow Border Institute builds on these ideas and offers a new way to implement them. EMP weapons are proposed to be made in the form of a compact unguided rocket, to which an unmanned carrier is attached. With all this, the architecture of the complex allows you to reduce its size and weight, making it portable or portable.

At the level of the basic concept, such a development looks interesting, and the proposed methods of exploitation and combating targets are logical and feasible. However, the real potential of such a UAV can be discussed only after the transformation of general ideas from a patent into a real project.

At the development stage, the main engineering problems will be solved, and in addition, certain difficulties may appear that also require attention. Also of great importance for the implementation of any concept is the conduct of full-scale tests. They provide verification of products and principles of operation in conditions as close as possible to real ones, and allow identifying and correcting design flaws.

Concept and implementation

At what stage the project from the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB is now is unknown. Everything could have been limited to the development of a general concept and a patent, but it cannot be ruled out that the institute is already working on a real UAV and ammunition for it.

One way or another, the emergence of such a concept and a patent shows that various organizations and enthusiasts are ready to develop unmanned aircraft and advanced weapons. Many are already presenting ready-made samples with different functions and even testing them in a combat zone. And it cannot be ruled out that in the near future UAVs with EMP missiles will also be tested on the enemy.
Photos used:
Patent No. 2787694

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  1. voice of reason
    voice of reason 20 January 2023 04: 15
    Theoretically, an EMP impulse should also disable radio stations and the electronic filling of vehicles. But there are, of course, questions about power and power reserve, and most importantly, the cost of one impulse ...
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 20 January 2023 05: 29
      Of course, the key question is what is the power of the EMP pulse, what is the radius of destruction ... maybe the game is not worth the candle. what
      The cost of a penny momentum smile., the most expensive part is the engine and equipment in such a device.
      I wonder if there are chemical elements capable of emitting EMP in any way when exposed to them?
      1. Ka-52
        Ka-52 20 January 2023 06: 00
        I wonder if there are chemical elements capable of emitting EMP in any way when exposed to them?

        laugh))) well, firstly, the method of operation of explosive magnetic generators is very similar to the method of exploding a nuclear weapon. Only here there is an ultra-fast compression (due to the explosion of explosives) of the solenoid, and not subcritical fractions of the nuclear charge. The generated superstrong magnetic field is the source of EMP. And secondly, there are no such chemical elements in principle. Well, unless you mean trying to get EMP through a nuclear explosion.
      2. qQQQ
        qQQQ 20 January 2023 09: 09
        Quote: Lech from Android.
        Of course, the key question is what is the power of the EMP pulse, what is the radius of destruction ... maybe the game is not worth the candle.

        I also think that the key point is the power of the pulse and, accordingly, the radius of destruction. All electronic warfare in the form of a jammer, as shown by the SVO, does not make any sense, only disabling electronics. But, as far as I understand, only EMP from nuclear weapons is sufficiently effective, everything else is the same fairy tale as about the omnipotence of electronic warfare.
      3. fiv
        fiv 20 January 2023 09: 17
        Explosive compression of a coil with current - explosive magnetic generator of Academician A.D. Sakharov, for example. Used in scientific research. However, with other purposes. And the design is slightly different, not for combat needs. Or explosive compression of a cesium iodide crystal. Or something else unknown to us. Either these green ones from Alpha Centauri chose the right side
        1. Ka-52
          Ka-52 20 January 2023 09: 51
          Used in scientific research. However, with other purposes.

          if you explain in simple terms from the appointment - these are magnetic field amplifiers. For example, the VMG can raise the field strength from 10kG to 1MGs. They are used in accelerators, where a powerful magnetic field is required to accelerate particles.
        2. Vicontas
          Vicontas 21 January 2023 21: 27
          With mass production, you can get a cheap means of destroying satellites. If finalized for installation on the MIG-31 with its speed and ceiling.
      4. Diger
        Diger 15 March 2023 19: 25
        Quote: Lech from Android.
        Of course, the key question is what is the power of the EMP pulse, what is the radius of destruction ... maybe the game is not worth the candle.

        1. Energy flux density is measured in W/m^2
        2. The density of the radiation flux from a point source decreases inversely proportional to the square of the distance to the source.
        there is no escape from the inverse square law in our dimension

        I= delta W / (4*pi*delta t*R^2)=P/(4*pi*R^2)
        the explosion of 200 kg of explosive at MGEMI will emit 50 megajoules. At 300 m distance, you get ~ 40 J / m ^ 2 and several joules of energy in the receiving path of the electronics, from which you can protect yourself. At the same time, 3 km from the explosion site, the indicators will be only hundreds Millijoules per m^2
        3. EMP is like a strong photo flash, only in the radio range, and the damaging factor is not only I, but also the duration and amplitude of the pulses, which are determined by the voltage of the electrical component of the electromagnetic field and are expressed in volts per meter.
        Values ​​from 5 kV/m lead to damage to electrical devices. A nuclear explosion has an amplitude of 200 units.
        4. Electromagnetic pulses generated by lightning have a duration of 1 millisecond with an amplitude of no more than 10 kV / m in the vicinity of lightning and up to 2 kV / m at 100-200 m. The electromagnetic pulse generated by a weapon has a voltage of up to 100 kV / m ( a laboratory value of 200 units is the maximum) at a distance of several meters and in an amount of 1 kV / m at 100 m from the explosion site with a duration of 100 to 200 milliseconds.

        Given all of the above, anyone can calculate and decide really this
        Quote: Ryabov Kirill
        promising idea

        or not
        Soviet patent 1969 according to IPC H02N11/00
        Declassified publication

        Quote: Ryabov Kirill
        recently proposed by experts of the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB

        belay what
        Yes Yes

        Quote: Lech from Android.
        Theoretically, an EMP pulse should also disable radio stations and the electronic filling of vehicles

        You practically, when you drove cars, flew on an airplane, sailed (walked) on a ship, VERY often fell under a lightning strike. And How ? Is your car's electronics and radio out of order? did the plane fall from the sky?

        On average, according to scientists, the power of lightning is tens of gigawatts (10^9 watts), but can reach several petawatts (10^12 watts).

        A vircator (VIRtual CAthode OscillatOR) is a tube microwave frequency generator made in the form of a triode or klystron. It is classified as a High Power Microwave (HPM) device and is a key component in the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon arsenal as well as microwave energy transmission.
        The output from the vircator tube is a waveguide and possibly an antenna that directs the HPM beam towards the target. Peak power levels of 10^10W are possible. The wavelength of power generation from the vircator device is in the microwave frequency range, eg 4 GHz and above, and includes the useful output power in x-ray wavelengths. At these short wavelengths, the transfer of destructive energy to more sensitive electronics becomes very efficient with a destructive EMP type effect.
    2. svp67
      svp67 20 January 2023 05: 58
      Quote: voice of reason
      Theoretically, an EMP impulse should also disable radio stations and the electronic filling of vehicles.

      Well, that one all depends on the power, but the fact that it will illuminate the radars is a fact and it is not yet clear whether then the "game will be worth the candle." Losing control of the air situation at the time of the raid ... is it worth it?
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 20 January 2023 15: 54
        and therefore the rocket must be mounted on its nose. In this case, it serves as a kind of temporary fairing.

        EMP rocket - EMP rocket, but why did no one pay attention to the inevitable problems with the inevitable and strong change in the centering of the aircraft after firing the ammunition? Simply put, this litak will fall somersault after shooting the "temporary fairing".
        1. Andy_nsk
          Andy_nsk 21 January 2023 12: 17
          I think that the border guards should not be engaged in solving technical problems. Otherwise, they will become the main contenders for the Schnobel Prize :)))
          I do not see anything useful in this invention. By the way, since Soviet times, the applicant is not required to prove the usefulness of his invention, since the applicant pays a fee for the application, the main thing is to prove the novelty. This is where the "projections" come from. It is pointless to talk about the practical implementation, if they were going to implement it, they would have assigned the stamp "secret".
          1. alexoff
            alexoff 21 January 2023 17: 55
            It's been like this everywhere for a very long time, you can patent anything except for a perpetual motion machine and other things that blatantly violate the laws of physics.
        2. Diger
          Diger 15 March 2023 21: 28
          I will assume a battery on skids, which can move along the axis of the UAV + shift the point of application of AE forces (attack or sweep or brake shields).
          It can be easier to have 2 batteries connected to the ends of the UAV and in the middle of the “stud-payload in the center section area. Nothing to do.
          PySy IL-76 lands tanks and does not “tumble”, and the “MIG-31” seems to be a “dagger”
  2. yuriy55
    yuriy55 20 January 2023 05: 29
    At what stage the project from the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB is now is unknown. Everything could have been limited to the development of a general concept and a patent, but it cannot be ruled out that the institute is already working on a real UAV and ammunition for it.

    In our country, even the existing existing models of equipment and weapons, for the most part, do not reach mass production. From this I can only judge that all the talk about projects and concepts is shaking the air.
    It's time to change something in the system, otherwise we will slide down to 1914 ...
    1. arnulla
      arnulla 20 January 2023 06: 17
      I completely agree with you. We have seen countless concepts, layouts, beautiful pictures and no less colorful presentations of drones, aircraft, aircraft carriers, tower modules, combat robots, and so on and so forth ... And as it came to reality, even clothes and armor are not enough. And we are champions in exhibitions and ostentatious exercises)
    2. Sergei_tactics
      Sergei_tactics 20 January 2023 06: 48
      Well, if you don’t rattle populist slogans, but think, then there are a lot of reasons for not accepting and lacking prospects for development for a series. Most - the inability of developers to bring the idea to a full-fledged development. Most often due to lack of funding. This applies mainly to either private traders or small independent design bureaus. That is, there is an idea, maybe even a project. Maybe even a patent. But this is not enough to pass the development. In the US, there is support for such developers - venture capital companies. They can, and usually do, provide money for full-fledged R&D. We have almost none. Therefore, talented homemade people run around the country with ideas, but to no avail. However, it was the same in the days of the USSR
    3. your1970
      your1970 20 January 2023 07: 26
      Quote: yuriy55
      air shaking.
      It's time to change something in the system, otherwise we will slide down to 1914 ...

      There is an old joke, I won't tell the whole story:
      ".... and there -" VAZ ".
      And the chief technologist says to the chief engineer
      - I told you, the place is cursed. And you - hands, hands ... "(c)
      In 1914 it was the same situation...
      Moreover, we always had a flight of thought and a complete inability to introduce into mass production.
      It’s easy to come up with some kind of perdemonocle with ion thrust, and it’s boring to stamp even and identical cartridges. Hunters will not let you lie - banal hunting cartridges of the Barnaul plant fly differently, even the caliber floats and weight ...
      1. alexoff
        alexoff 21 January 2023 18: 01
        Mass production must be competently organized by a large mass of people. And one genius can do it in a single copy. We have a lot of geniuses, but it seems that there are no normal managers at all, solid effective managers and insolent boyars. In fact, a society with smart leaders and no geniuses will always defeat disorganized geniuses under the leadership of effective managers, order beats the class
  3. Bingo
    Bingo 20 January 2023 06: 40
    Nu-nu. You know... Something is wrong here, and for at least two reasons. Well, the number of times ... Tell me, pliz, how much energy to throw out in order to pay off ... The simplest walky-talky-type ratsuhi, well, at least within a radius of ten meters?
    Well, the second question is since when did the greens flood something for the neutron? Yes, it looks very similar.
    1. Ka-52
      Ka-52 20 January 2023 07: 17
      VMGs can generate fields ranging from hundreds of thousands of gaus to millions. So your ratsuhi will not only be extinguished, but even melted))) and the fillings from the teeth will fly out laughing
      1. Sanyav_72
        Sanyav_72 20 January 2023 15: 08
        There, the pulse is very short, the ratsukhs will not melt, but the semiconductor junctions will break through.
    2. fiv
      fiv 20 January 2023 09: 27
      Due to the ultrafast flow of detonation processes, the power of explosive magnetic generators of relatively small sizes can reach units - tens - hundreds (?) - GW (millions of kilowatts). And energy - up to hundreds of megajoules.
      1. Duncan
        Duncan 20 January 2023 16: 30
        The lightning discharge is even more powerful. Has anyone heard of damage to phones next to lightning?
      2. futurohunter
        futurohunter 21 January 2023 09: 54
        This is not a vigorous explosion, the range of these prodigies is very small. Yes, nearby, in the area of ​​​​the beam, something will burn, or simply will not work for some time
  4. sergo1914
    sergo1914 20 January 2023 07: 01
    Graphic materials, of course... my 1988 course project. 34 years have passed ... The feeling that some old development was taken off the shelf. Modern development tools allow you to calculate strength and blow aerodynamics. Well, the conical head part ... kindergarten. Haven't you heard of the lively one?
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 20 January 2023 09: 18
      But wasn’t there already a description of this patent on VO quite recently? belay (Somewhere, I recently read about this UAV with VMG! Eh, sclerosis, sclerosis ...!) And by and large, I'm surprised by the "hype" around this patent! The fact is that everything described in the patent has long "existed" (!) ... well, at least at the "level" of other patents! The only thing I can assume ... is that the "patent holders" included such a "trifle" in the patent that other developers "forgot" about!
      1. cold wind
        cold wind 20 January 2023 09: 48
        Such systems already exist in reality. You can even look at their work.

        Lockheed Martin has shown the operation of the Mobile Radio Frequency-Integrated Unmanned Aircraft System Suppressor (MoRFIUS), designed to intercept a swarm of drones.

        MoRFIUS "uses powerful microwave (microwave) technology to efficiently and affordably knock dozens of drones out of the sky in a short amount of time." The publication notes that the US Army is already testing this weapon as one of the air defense systems (air defense)

        1. Ka-52
          Ka-52 20 January 2023 12: 50
          such systems already exist in reality. You can even look at their work.

          you first understand how the magnetic field differs from microwave radiation.
          1. cold wind
            cold wind 20 January 2023 14: 41
            If there are complaints about my comment, explain the difference between the "EMP missiles" from the article and the drone using "powerful microwave (microwave) technology"? laughing Why your question is completely unclear. laughing

            P.s. for those who do not understand why it is so funny:[email protected]
  5. Carib
    Carib 20 January 2023 08: 47
    There are working structures generating an EMP impulse. How effective they are at weight/area 100 in destroying electronics is unknown. Most likely classified information chipboard. And most likely the efficiency is not very good. Otherwise, all MLRS would have missiles with such a filling. The first one flies, 5 minutes before the main package, destroys the connection, albeit locally, and then the rest of the package finishes off both people and equipment, and it’s not even possible to prevent them, and hide accordingly. Fantasy however, for today.
    1. setter
      setter 20 January 2023 12: 13
      How effective they are at weight/area 100 in destroying electronics is unknown.

      Everything is just known. Ammunition with a range of 200 meters will weigh 900 kg. As for the percentage of disabled electronics, a lot depends on what design, from what elements, the presence of protection and a number of other factors.
  6. setter
    setter 20 January 2023 10: 17
    EMP weapons are proposed to be made in the form of a compact unguided rocket, to which an unmanned carrier is attached.

    The development of the "electronic bomb" has been going on for a long time and intensively, and there are a lot of publications on this topic. Including about the problems accompanying the creation process. One of the main ones is the size and weight of the starting current source, which is used as high-voltage capacitors, small FC generators or MHD devices capable of producing an electric current pulse from tens of kA to units of MA. Therefore, an EMP munition with a range of 200 meters has a weight of 900 kilograms. Let me remind you - the payload of the Baykar Bayraktar TB2 UAV is 150 kg, the British MQ-9 Reaper has 1700 kg.
    From here, one can approximately imagine the dimensions of the "compact projectile" and the "attached carrier" and assess the competence of both the "invention" and the article describing this "wunderwaffe".
    1. setter
      setter 20 January 2023 16: 19
      Minus, apparently, the authors of the "invention". Gnawing resentment that their work at the level of the circle of the House of Pioneers is criticized.
  7. Maks1995
    Maks1995 20 January 2023 11: 01
    Judging by the rather rough description, it is precisely such a project that is not viable.
    In any case, 2 optical systems, solar panels in the wings greatly raise its cost.

    If the emy charge is highly effective, it is easier to deliver it simply with a projectile or rocket, it is possible to install it as a detachable module on standard UAVs.

    If it works only at close range, then it’s easier to put some kind of shrapnel instead of Amy.

    It looks like descriptions of possible patents, such as "detection of stealth aircraft by comparing the background radiation of the universe", the sensors of which will be distributed throughout the aircraft's skin ...
    1. agond
      agond 20 January 2023 11: 23
      It is clear that to create a more or less compact, non-nuclear device. generating EMP of some significant power is impossible, but it is possible to build a large ground-based stationary pulse generator (not disposable and even directional) today. Placing a number of such generators on the front line can seriously complicate the use of UAVs by the enemy.
      1. futurohunter
        futurohunter 21 January 2023 09: 59
        Placing a number of such generators on the front line can seriously complicate the use of UAVs by the enemy.

        Any "Shell" will cost less, and will cope with drones better than your monstrous generators. And the enemies are not fools: after a couple of turns on the generator, it will arrive
  8. Radikal
    Radikal 20 January 2023 11: 07
    The concept of an UAV with electromagnetic weapons from the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB

    Survived! Is there nothing else to do in the border universities? All issues of organizing the OGG in modern conditions have been resolved, or are there not enough specialized technical institutes?! It would be better to take care of the development and implementation of a new look for combat units like the MMG / DShMG border detachments of the Soviet period for the protection and defense of the GG with neighboring countries that are pursuing a hostile policy and subversive activities against our country. sad
  9. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov 20 January 2023 11: 17
    The whole question is whether the radius of destruction from EMI will be greater than from an ordinary fragmentation warhead of the same weight?
    Only then does it all make sense.
  10. Dmitriy22
    Dmitriy22 20 January 2023 11: 43
    Something special again! The maximum unification of everything and everyone (within reason), the reduction of the nomenclature! You only need to change the warhead. Generator, land mine, anti-tank or other ammunition. Ideally, for delivery vehicles, it is also necessary to develop a unified constructor - a motor, an ols, a locator, a reset means, a warhead ... and in which case to stuff it and with what software to equip the question will be the second ..
  11. usm5
    usm5 20 January 2023 12: 36
    As far as I know, such ammunition of various capacities was developed long ago, therefore, only the development of UAVs with the appropriate technical characteristics is necessary for their delivery. It is not clear why a fighter satellite cannot be armed with such ammunition to disable the enemy satellite constellation as an asymmetric response to the supply of deadly weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Better war in space than strikes with tactical nuclear weapons on the ground.
    As a result, our space grouping may also suffer, but the enemy will definitely be left without "eyes and ears" and targeting systems for high-precision weapons. You look at all this and there is no end to surprise. Well, when will political impotents leave this power?
  12. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 20 January 2023 15: 47
    They wrote something that the Russian Federation has such EMP ammunition ... but it’s not visible. They say that there is a kind of thermonuclear ammunition, where the main energy goes to impulse and radiation, and the explosion itself and the contamination of the area are minimal.
    1. Alexey Lantukh
      Alexey Lantukh 20 January 2023 16: 15
      If a thermonuclear bomb is detonated high enough, then EMP will be like one of the damaging factors of a nuclear explosion, but radioactive contamination will be low and short-lived.
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 20 January 2023 23: 38
        They wrote about a variety with high, during an explosion, ionizing radiation and EMP ... In
  13. Alexey Lantukh
    Alexey Lantukh 20 January 2023 16: 12
    In applications for inventions, it is usually written "... characterized in that ....". In this case, it differs in that the known electromagnetic bomb system is transported by a UAV. Just.. It's up to you to apply... Only in my application, the bomb will be transported by a non-powered glider. And what an innovation. Most likely, no one has filed such an application.
    1. Momotomba
      Momotomba 20 January 2023 19: 36
      Quote: Alexey Lantukh
      Only in my application will the bomb be transported by a non-powered glider. And what an innovation. Most likely, no one has filed such an application.

      Helium balloons do not hold!! laughing
    2. futurohunter
      futurohunter 21 January 2023 10: 10
      Alexey Lantukh
      Only in my application will the bomb be transported by a non-powered glider

      A bomb is a non-motorized glider am
    3. alexoff
      alexoff 21 January 2023 18: 05
      You can also deliver it by a crewless boat, write 2 patents at once
  14. bird
    bird 20 January 2023 16: 13
    Intellectual power is felt, but what exactly is the patent novelty? in that the warhead of the drone is in the form of a "rocket under the front fairing? or in the fact that the drone with "electric drive and solar panels" carries an EMP charge?? AAA novelty is that this is an invention of the FSB border guards institute ..
  15. bk0010
    bk0010 20 January 2023 18: 15
    If you can hit a target with a rocket, then why bother with EMP?
  16. Knell wardenheart
    Knell wardenheart 20 January 2023 18: 16
    The EMP Explosion Generator is a rather expensive toy, the idea is a dead end. UAVs now cost a penny, and it is possible to reduce the effective EMP impact zone on such a product by slightly increasing the cost of the design itself (no one has canceled the Faraday cage and other methods).
  17. Reader 2013
    Reader 2013 20 January 2023 18: 42
    The name of the developers amused, taptuns, they patented something for the first time in 50 years
  18. Momotomba
    Momotomba 20 January 2023 19: 30
    What was the patent for? For special ammunition with VMG inside or for UAVs, with this super-munition?
    Neither the concept of application, nor the idea, nor the design of the product can withstand criticism in principle ...
  19. futurohunter
    futurohunter 21 January 2023 10: 05
    Young people are tired of iPhones, now they are inventing flying gadgets? Previously, there was a fashion for quadrocopters, only the lazy did not collective farm something on quadrocopters. Now, apparently, the crisis of the genre, because collective farms generally unknown animal. It was correctly noted here that instead of solving real problems, they come up with garbage. As for flying cockroaches, there are enough electronic warfare guns, and "Shells". It would be better if they made a symbiosis of a small-sized radar and some kind of Cord thread to grind cockroaches
  20. cpls22
    cpls22 31 January 2023 16: 13
    the advantage of EMP ammunition can only manifest itself in space - because it makes it possible to hit equipment without destroying its integrity.
  21. Gemini
    Gemini 19 February 2023 12: 09
    some kind of kindergarten trousers with straps, I remembered the Apple patent for some kind of hand-drawn bag
  22. - = SADKO = -
    - = SADKO = - 9 March 2023 04: 55
    Well, like small children, you need a patent for promotion, scientific work, so to speak, ash is clear :-)
    So they crossed a snake with a hedgehog and even a solar battery thud, in order to exclude any doubts about the appointment ...
    For snakes have been around for a long time, and hedgehogs also quite successfully hunt mice.
  23. mongolian9999
    mongolian9999 14 March 2023 22: 43
    With the modern development of technology, this project with the declared characteristics is unrealizable, and some ideas are useless, or rather drawn by a non-specialist. There is a project for drinking money.
    Brief information for those interested. An average brushless electric motor pulling an airplane model weighing 2-3 kg - and an inflexible wing with a lift coefficient of 1,9 weighs 100-140 grams and produces 200W. Current consumption is about 20 amps. The solar panels drawn on the project will give out 40-50 watts in the sunniest weather. It seems good, but the controller for charging the battery also weighs at least 70 grams. Yes, a battery, and an optics-navigation system. And it remains for the payload of 100 grams. The question is: what technologies will make it possible to make an Emi generator weighing 100 grams of the required power. Even, simply by removing the solar panels with the controller for the payload will be already 200 grams. With a loss of 2% range.

    Or this thing must be the size of a Boeing. The price too.

    Conclusion: another trampoline for space.