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The aircraft which was not - multipurpose VI-generation F-26 STALMA (USA)

F-26 STALMA - American fighter VI-generation. Developed by Stavati as a replacement for tactical F-16 Falcon. The name of the aircraft speaks for itself - STALMA (advanced lightweight multi-purpose fighter with a short take-off). It was planned that he will enter the program "DEM / VAL", which was held in 2004 year.

F-26 STALMA - integral triplane with one engine, controlled by one pilot. The sweep of the wing varies widely - 5-70 degrees. Provided great maneuverability and stealth for enemy air defenses. It has the same security and armament with the F-117 Nighthawk, but the cost of one plane is much less — roughly 25 million dollars. The beginning of the project development - 1994 year. The final draft was ready for 1997. The company hoped that after prototyping and flight testing in 2006, mass production would begin. The developers at one time said that the new aircraft will be delivered exclusively to American allies.

The aircraft which was not - multipurpose VI-generation F-26 STALMA (USA)

Device and design F-26
The aircraft is a mid-wing with a wing widely sweeping. Wing sweep is determined in flight automatically with the possibility of manual control. The wing has a slightly modified profile from NACA 66-415 and consists of titanium spirits and one spar of special alloys, ribs and stringers of titanium and its alloys. From above the wing is covered with titanium filler, the skin consists of graphite-epoxy composites. The inner part of the wing - fuel tank.

The edges of the wing are made of titanium and various composites. The front edge has slats, the rear edge has flaps of the Fowler type. The flaps and slats are controlled using hydraulic cylinders developed by Bertea / National.
Before a set of supersonic speeds, flight control is carried out using aileron. Spoilers mounted in the center of the wing provide lift control. Four suspension nodes are installed under the wing, allowing you to carry a kilogram of payload up to 7250. At full load, sweep is limited to 35 degrees.

The aircraft fuselage is made of 3 sections. The main structure is made of alloys and composites. V-type plumage with an angle of inclination 55 degrees. Cutouts for console from maximum sweep are provided in plumage. The plumage is used when typing supersonic, the lower end is motionless, and the upper one is fully turning, is controlled in three axes. The mobile part carries antennas and radiation warning equipment. The tail of the aircraft is attached to the farm, which holds the propulsion system.

The aircraft is mounted on a three-post hydraulic chassis. The chassis of the folding version - the front folds forward, the main - back. Landing speed no more than 7 m / s. To control the flow of air fighter has a 3 air intake. The ventral air intake is used at subsonic speeds, the side adjustable are used only on supersonic.

Propulsion system - TRDD F119-PW-100. Fuel refuel in the wing and fuselage tanks. Most of the fuselage tanks are protected. Fuel capacity just over 8 tons. To ensure fire safety installed gas (inert) and fire systems. Fuel is fed through a single throat in one of the fuselage tanks. In the bow of the left there is a device for refueling in the air.

The cabin is designed for one pilot and completely sealed. For him set the seat with a catapult "Aces II". The oxygen supply is carried out using the “Litton” system; the AiResearch air conditioner is installed for thermal control. Cabin lamp integral, drop-shaped, opening / closing is carried out by an electric motor or manually. The cab has viewing angles vertically 13 degrees, horizontally 40 degrees.

The control of the aircraft is quadruple, electrodistance from the installed console. In the left part of the collected control communications, weapons, defense and navigation systems, radar. In the right part of the collected control of the propulsion system, equipment control system, power systems, lighting, spare main systems and emergency system. The console center is responsible for flight control. In addition to the control devices, the 3 LCD monitors are installed. All monitors are interchangeable and display all available information on the situation, weapons, fuel reserves. On the right / left of the console, the 2 LCD display of the radar data output (front / rear hemisphere) is installed.

Hydraulic cylinders providing wing sweep change work from two independent hydraulic systems with a working pressure 275 atmospheres. In addition, the hydraulic system provides the chassis, air intakes, brake system. The pressure in the systems keeps the engine (in case of failure of the turbofan, there is a high probability of failure of flight control). To eliminate this, install pressure accumulators. The aircraft has an additional powerplant «Allied G250». It starts the engine and maintains the main systems with the engine off. Electrics are supplied from the generator “Sunstrand” with a power of 90kW (spare for 10kW). The power supply is on the main bus, it is duplicated by a spare tire (main systems only) engine start - a separate bus. DC current is output from the 28 B converter. Four 24V batteries are used to start the engine and power the central control console. On the starboard side of the fighter there are connectors for ground equipment and power supply.

The fighter has a radar station developed by Hughes AN / APG-73. Phased array antenna array. It is possible to install radar PS-05 / A or AN / APG 68ABR. The navigation equipment includes laser gyroscopes, built-in GPS, receiving equipment of various navigation systems. The equipment of protective systems includes an EW transmitter, secret communication equipment (voice) KY-58 TSEC, equipment of the “own-alien” AN / APX-109 responder, radiation warning equipment, AN / ALE-47 / 55 trap complexes. The DVR records the data and actions of the HUD with the MFD, as well as the data of the communication systems. In the black box, the last 1.5 hours are stored. As a payload, you can hang containers with additional equipment, such as guidance stations or navigation stations.

The fate of the project
This aircraft is a design work of a little-known American company “Stavati”, the photos presented are 3D-modeling. All those who were interested in clarifying the truth of the F-26 STALMA, argue that the company «Stavati» has no relation to the airlines that actually create combat aircraft. The project of a multi-purpose fighter had a goal to interest the European allies in the creation of a new improved fighter with a small cost. The company's website is present on the Internet, there are projects of various military and civil aircraft of original designs on it. The page with the F-26 STALMA no longer exists, although it was present on the site in 2000-2005.

According to military experts, the cost of the F-26 STALMA, nor could it be declared by the designers, the production of necessary components, the establishment of production, would ultimately lead to a strong increase in the cost of cost.

And finally, although the design of the aircraft is quite original, the plane as a whole does not create a very pleasant impression, because, as they say, only beautiful planes can fly well.

Key Features:
- Length - 15.1 meters;
- width - 9.1 meters;
- height - 4.1 meters;
- crew - 1 pilot;
- wing - 9.1 -17.3 meter depending on the sweep;
- weight empty / standard / max - 7 / 16.5 / 27.5 tons;
- engine system F119-PW-100 with 15870 kgf (unformed);
- speed cruiser / max - Mach 0.9 / 2.4;
- The radius of the fighting - 1.2 thousands of kilometers;
- lifting speed up to 300 m / s;
- High-altitude ceiling up to 23 kilometers;
- armament: 13 suspension nodes provide the installation of a combat / payload up to 8.2 tons. It is possible to mount various types of air-to-ground and air-to-air guided missiles on the suspension, and aviation bombs.

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  1. Speedy
    Speedy 6 November 2012 08: 54
    According to the characteristics, price and features - wishful thinking ... And in general it smacks of Hollywood ...
  2. snek
    snek 6 November 2012 09: 25
    People, it’s not like April 1st, to publish such materials ...
    F-26 STALMA - American VI-generation fighter. Developed by Stavati as a replacement for the tactical F-16 Falcon.

    Well, someone drew a couple of concepts and passed them off as an airplane prototype. What is this company "stavati" or "stavatti" (if by art). There are only two companies in America now engaged in projects of this level: Boeing and Lockheed Martin.
    In computer games, I saw more believable aircraft models, for example:


    In addition, this is a button accordion - I probably saw these drawings about three years ago, if not more.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 6 November 2012 10: 10
      Quote: snek
      In addition, this is a button accordion

      With a pedigree from the German accordion He-162A-2
  3. Antonio58
    Antonio58 6 November 2012 10: 55
    A couple of screenshots of the game from my phone:
    1. Antonio58
      Antonio58 6 November 2012 10: 57
      A couple of screenshots of the game from my phone:
      1. Antonio58
        Antonio58 6 November 2012 10: 58
        A couple of screenshots of the game from my phone:
    2. DIMS
      DIMS 6 November 2012 11: 04
      Go to the site "alternative history", there you can find not such jokes
  4. Slevinst
    Slevinst 6 November 2012 10: 59
    this plane is more like a concept for the next Hollywood blockbuster
    1. DIMS
      DIMS 6 November 2012 11: 05
      It looks like a good "electronic artist"
  5. mga04
    mga04 6 November 2012 12: 59
    To be honest, Stavatti's fantasies start to get a little boring, especially when they try to pass them off as real projects.
  6. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 6 November 2012 18: 34
    photoshop will endure everything. I especially liked the keels with holes, curved like bagels. interestingly, they were calculated for strength or drawn "from a lantern"
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 6 November 2012 19: 13
      Quote: wasjasibirjac
      photoshop will endure everything. I especially liked the keels with holes, curved like bagels. interestingly, they were calculated for strength or drawn "from a lantern"

      This is a sick fantasy, not a plane!
      1. Kir
        Kir 7 November 2012 00: 17
        Quote: APASUS

        This is a sick fantasy, not a plane!

        I don’t know to whom, but personally, this only convinces me once again that the main goal of this community, the notorious "American nation" represented by all kinds of creatives from "science", is the creation of "pseudo-breakthrough" projects for real real reasonable money, which to the extent of the "implementation" of the project, they turn into "unrealistically" big !, with a final like due to force majeure, etc., etc. ........ In a word, razvodilovo, counting on the "faint of heart" and not very distant !
        And as for the concept itself, unfortunately I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that the story was called "Men in Black", when "strangers" came to the writer of "scientific literature", with the aim of transporting him to themselves, as they considered him " nonsense "real" products ", or E. Hamilton's story" The Incredible World "well, something like that ... And that actually amers is the first time to embody nonsense, the same concept of the" legendary "MARK V ATAC from MOD, which in some sources they call Mark WATAK, instead of the correct V Attack), where Super is something like a "opener" for containers with herbicides.
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 7 November 2012 18: 43
          Yes, Americans are not the first to embody delusional ideas. All Americans dream of inventing something and live on the percentage of the patent! sometimes it leads them into unpredictability .............
          1. Kir
            Kir 7 November 2012 18: 53
            They should have taken Singer as a symbol of the "nation", just how many years have passed since the "invention" of the needle, and still like the "family" lives from the patent !!!
  7. Ksr
    Ksr 29 December 2012 21: 40
    It seems from the game some kind of picture. Never heard of such a project.