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New mini-rocket from German manufacturers

Its first flight at the test level was performed by a miniature rocket, which was developed by the experts of the MBDA concern.

New mini-rocket from German manufacturers

This rocket was called the German word Kleinflugkörper (KFK), which in a free translation sounds like “small aviation". The test of such ammunition took place on the territory of the developing country, that is, Germany - in the Baumholder training center. The tests were performed twice and both times successfully. In each of the launches, the rocket covered the distance that was required to be overcome.

It is noteworthy that German government agencies were engaged in the development of a new mini-rocket. KFK production is implemented as part of a special program, the final result of which is aimed at creating small-sized rocket ammunition.

German experts say that when creating the KFK, they took into account the experience of fighting German soldiers against Taliban activists in Afghanistan.

A distinctive feature of the new German rocket is that only one fighter can launch it. The concept of using the rocket is that it will make it possible to become a serious alternative for grenade launchers and anti-tank missiles (anti-tank missile systems). The new mini-rocket has a jeweler's precision and is capable of hitting various targets with a high level of security for the shooter himself. The big plus of its use is that the launch can be carried out from various shelters.

For natural reasons, such a rocket will expand the list of capabilities of the infantry units. KFK can cause damage to enemy infantry, its armored vehicles, fortified positions. In addition, it should be noted that the firing range is significantly higher than the firing range, for example, from a grenade launcher. This will allow you to start without fear of a grenade attack from the enemy forces.

Such a mini-rocket is very promising. weaponssince something similar was already used by the Americans during the Iraq campaign. This is the FGM-148 Javelin, which the US Army used to destroy tanks. This anti-tank complex, equipped with a thermal imager, helped strike at enemy tanks from a distance of 2 kilometers. However, the German development has a smaller size and weight than the American one, which means that there are more prospects for its use. In addition, it takes much less time to prepare the Kleinflugkörper for launch than to prepare for the launch of an American anti-tank munition.