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Gun Yarygin

The gun of Yarygin is weaponwhich causes a lot of controversy recently, many mark it as an excellent substitute for a Makarov pistol, even more people speak of it as a weapon extremely unreliable and unsuitable to be in service with the army and police. One could say that how many people have so many opinions, and a large number of negative reviews are based not on the personal experience of using these weapons, but on the fact that someone said somewhere, read it somewhere, but given that the criticism was domestic weapons came into vogue, everyone considers it his duty to comment on PJ, although many have seen the gun only in the picture and even weakly present the scheme of its automation work, let alone draw objective conclusions. Let's try to find the truth, well, and at the same time find out what is wrong with this weapon, and why it causes a flow of negative emotions in most people.

Need to start with stories making this weapon. In 1990, the Ministry of Defense announced a competition to create a new pistol, which would replace the Makarov pistol in service. Despite all its simplicity and reliability, the PM uses not the most effective ammunition by modern standards 9х18, which do not meet modern requirements, which was the reason for the creation of a new weapon. Given the not the simplest time, this contest stretched over 10 years. So, the Yarygin pistol itself was introduced in 1993, and became the winner only in 2000. Since 2003, this gun and the new ammunition 9x19, differing in their characteristics from the Western model for the better, were adopted by the army. And at the end of 2008 and the Interior Ministry expressed a desire to get a new weapon. However, given how many different models of pistols are being positioned as a replacement for the PM, it is impossible to say anything concrete. Mass production of PU for the army was established only in the 2011 year, which can be considered as confirmation of the existence of problems with weapons that had to be fixed. In addition to the gun Yarygin for the army and the Interior Ministry, which was named in accordance with the ongoing competition "Rook", there are also several other options for these weapons. Thus, an export version of the Viking pistol with the designation MP-446 is produced, there is a sports pistol with the same name, but already referred to as the MP-446C, it differs in its weakened design, which allows the use of only standard 9x19 cartridges. Well, it’s better to keep silent about the traumatic version and the pneumatic one.

The appearance of the pistol Yarygin not quite normal. First of all, the half-hidden trigger, which is almost completely hidden in the casing-shutter, catches the eye. This was done so that in the process of removing the weapon he did not have something to cling to the equipment or clothing of the shooter, however, this decision is quite controversial, since it makes it difficult to pre-pull the trigger if the hands are protected with thick gloves, and the back of the weapon is for this looks quite unusual. On the other hand, provided that a double-action firing mechanism is installed in the weapon, the trigger can not be touched at all during the operation of the weapon. The remaining controls are fairly familiar and are represented by a standard set. So, the fuse switch is duplicated on the right and left sides, only the slide delay lever is located on the right, the magazine eject key can be installed both on the left and right sides of the weapon, this is done by the shooter himself. Standard sights do not have the ability to adjust, however, the rear sight is mounted on the cover-bolt on the dovetail-type seat, which makes it possible to replace it with a more convenient aiming device. The safety bracket of the pistol is rather large; it allows fire even if the shooter’s hands are protected by thick gloves; the front has a deflection for the index finger of the second holding hand while holding the weapon with two hands. It feeds a pistol from a detachable magazine with a capacity of 17 cartridges. You can also find more capacious stores with a capacity of 18 cartridges, they belong to weapons manufactured before the 2004 year. The gun can be either with a steel or with a plastic frame, and if previously there was a strict separation and “Rook” had only a frame of steel, now it can already be found in a lightweight version.

The principle of operation of the automatic pistol is built according to the scheme with a short stroke of the barrel. The barrel is locked by moving the breech breech in a vertical plane, which is realized through the interaction of the figure cut in the tide under the barrel and the pin passing through it. When moving in the vertical plane of the barrel, the protrusion above the cartridge chamber enters and leaves the clutch with the window for ejection of spent cartridges, which allows for reliable locking of the barrel bore. It is noteworthy that many note the complete similarity of the automation system with the Glock pistol, forgetting that very, very many samples of pistols use the same system of locking the barrel bore. Works automatic gun as follows. Immediately before the shot, the bore of the weapon is closed, that is, the barrel and casing-bolt are in engagement with a projection above the chamber and a window for ejecting the spent cartridges. When fired, the powder gases press not only on the bullet, forcing it to move along the barrel, but also on the bottom of the liner, but given that the pressure is held for a fraction of a second by force, it is impossible to call it, but a short-term pulse is quite possible. This pulse sleeve transmits casing-bolt, which begins to move back, as well as the barrel of the weapon is engaged with him, then he begins to move. In the process of movement of the barrel and casing-bolt, the shaped cut under the breech begins to interact with the pin, and since the cut is made slightly obliquely, this interaction causes the breech bore to descend downwards, which removes the overhang from the clutch from the window to release the shot sleeves Thus, the shutter casing and the barrel are separated, the barrel is braked against the weapon frame, and the shutter casing continues to move backward, removing the cartridge case and cocking the pistol trigger. Having reached its extreme rear position, the shutter-casing stops and under the influence of the return spring begins to move forward, removing the new cartridge from the magazine and inserting it into the chamber. After the shutter casing rests against the breech breech, it begins to push it forward, which leads to the interaction of the figure cutout in the tide under the cartridge chamber and, as a result, raising the breech breech and its engagement with the window for ejection of spent cartridges, i.e. locking the barrel After that, the gun is again ready for the next shot.

Gun YaryginAs you can see, in theory, everything is quite simple, and the scheme itself has long been worked out on many weapon models, so, in principle, there was nowhere to "mess up", but you need to understand that even with such a simple scheme of work, the weapon can be raw, and manifested in quite unpleasant moments until recently. First of all, it should be noted that there are quite frequent cases when the cartridge case did not leave the pistol, but it was tangled in the window to eject the cartridge case, stopping the shutter-casing. This trouble is not the biggest and easily enough disposable, but outside the shooting range such delays are unacceptable, as they can cost the life of the shooter. The main reason that the cartridge case was skewed could be called the low quality of the weapon, as well as not the highest quality of the ammunition themselves. At the moment, this problem has been eliminated, at least in the weapon itself, but the "sediment remained." The second problem was that the plastic frame of the weapon often did not withstand a large shot and burst. There is already a reason not in quality, but in the fact that previously only export and sports versions of weapons had a plastic frame, and the latter were weakened so that they could not use more powerful 9x19 cartridges, but only standard ones. Apparently, they have gone overboard with the weakening, and it is difficult to say how things are now with this, since this problem has “turned away” people from the national pistol for a long time. In my opinion, it was a very big mistake to launch a weapon to the masses before it was fully developed, as now the Yarygin pistol is very different in reliability compared to the first weapon variants, and this is confirmed by the reviews of those who just now encountered this weapons. Those who have tried the pistol from earlier releases have already added their opinion about the pistol of the POI as poor-quality and unreliable weapons, and even new ones, which are already much better in quality, cannot be overrun by their samples.

Of course, that without a negative moment in this gun has not done. You can still observe delays when shooting, if you use low-quality standard 9x19 cartridges, but with enhanced domestic weapons, they work without problems. Actually, you can even say that it was designed for more powerful ammunition weapons, and 9x19 with its standard characteristics is not the best option for Grach pistols. To everything else, you can add a sufficiently large width of the pistol, not the most successful standard sights, a long trigger stroke, and so on, that is, those things that you just need to get used to. Among the positive features of the weapon, first of all, it is necessary to note a full-fledged ammunition, which, however, is already beginning to get rid of its own, but here the domestic version of the 9x19 has a slight advantage over Western patron models adopted by the armies of other countries. the cartridge will be distributed in our army.

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  1. Vital 33
    Vital 33 13 October 2012 08: 49
    Bring to mind, and there will be a decent gun ...
    1. evgen2124
      evgen2124 13 October 2012 10: 15
      that's for sure! otherwise my unit received 60 Yarygin this year, of which control shooting with regular armor-piercing 7n21, only 14 pistols passed! the rest went back to the factory with troubleshooting!
      1. woland05
        woland05 13 October 2012 23: 42
        This happens when the arrows make weapons. Arrows must shoot, and gunsmiths must make weapons. The trouble is with the reliability of PY, but to shoot from it is a pleasure ...
  2. Kibb
    Kibb 13 October 2012 10: 24
    Why take a pistol for "dying ammunition" because the domestic version of 9x19 has only "small advantages"? With the obvious capriciousness of the system, it is not necessary to talk about multi-caliber - with difficulty they brought it to acceptable reliability under 7H21. Will a replacement be needed again in ten years?
    1. evgen2124
      evgen2124 13 October 2012 10: 36
      our first cartridges were regular Finnish ones! Then went Novosibirsk Wulf and the problems began!
  3. Fox
    Fox 13 October 2012 11: 17
    wretchedness, as it is! how much shit do not advertise, shit remains!
    1. Civil
      Civil 13 October 2012 11: 21

      1. mox
        mox 13 October 2012 12: 29
        Read above.

        evgen2124 RU Today, 10:15 ↑ new

        that's for sure! otherwise my unit received 60 Yarygin this year, of which control shooting with regular armor-piercing 7n21, only 14 pistols passed! the rest went back to the factory with troubleshooting!

        Disadvantages from Wikipedia:

        The all-metal construction of the ПЯ provides mechanical strength, reliability and durability of the weapon, however, it reduces the manufacturability of production and increases the mass of the gun. It is not clear why the figured cutout under the barrel is made in the form of a hole and should be made by drilling.
        By the quality of manufacture and finish, the Yarygin pistols of the first years of production are somewhat inferior to modern foreign pistols - in particular, traces of machining with a metal cutting tool can be seen on the surface of the parts, in some cases the surface of the moving parts requires polishing, and the mechanism requires debugging. The warranty shot of those pistols is only 4 thousand shots with modern requirements of 40 thousand shots.
        There is no safe trigger release, which is available in most modern designs.
        The trigger stroke is smooth, but a bit too big.
        The shutter-casing of the ПЯ is quite high and massive, the return spring occupies the entire underbarrel space, which makes the front barrel part cumbersome in addition to the large overall width.
        The ballistics of commercial 9 × 19 mm Parabellum cartridges, foreign-made 9 × 19 mm NATO cartridges and domestic 9 × 19 mm 7N21 cartridges are different; when changing ammunition, the gun must be shot again.
        When firing with commercial 9 × 19 mm Parabellum cartridges, some manufacturers may experience delays in firing.
        In the sports version of the MP-446C Viking pistol, to exclude the possibility of firing live ammunition with increased power, the strength of a number of parts was reduced, as a result, the pistol's service life was reduced. So, the extractor’s tooth breaks after 500-3 shots, the trigger pulls through ~ 000 shots, the barrel needs to be replaced after ~ 7 shots, the plastic frame withstands about 000-10 thousand shots (usually breaks in the area of ​​the rod hole shutter lag). At the usual frequency of sports shooting, the MP-000C's resource rarely exceeds a year of service. [10]
        When changing the store, some MP-446C pistols were able to produce an involuntary shot, which makes them unsafe to use. This is due to both poor fitting of the parts and the unsuccessful location of the sear, the lower part of which is open and is on the same level with the inner surface of the store’s shaft. When you insert the store at a certain angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the mine, the sear is touched. Pistols MP-446 "Viking" do not have such a drawback.
        The holes for determining the number of cartridges in the store are located on the right, which causes difficulties when using them in people shooting with the right hand.
        The magazine latch is not protected against accidental operation.

        Is it a bit much?
        1. Civil
          Civil 14 October 2012 20: 24

          thank you
  4. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 13 October 2012 11: 36
    I didn’t hold it in my hands, but still it seems to me that most of the waves are driven by those who also did not hold this pistol in their hands, but watched the Discovery turbidity a lot and read the advertising articles of all kinds of different glocks in tyrnet ...
    Although I think that there really are problems and they are related to both manufacturing and cartridges ...
    1. evgen2124
      evgen2124 13 October 2012 13: 57
      Problems!!! this is the protection of my life! why should I use a gun whose cartridge is skewed, this is the norm! or a store that wrinkles in your hands! where is the quality? yes to me the old pm is more expensive and better than this fool because it is trouble-free! why gsh18-a good, balanced gun does not go into production? the design is good only poor performance! starting from the material ending with the processing of parts!
      1. Colonel
        Colonel 13 October 2012 19: 37
        It so happened that we have to deal with new (from the factory) PYa and PM. I would venture to express my purely subjective opinion. Ich is very well conceived, but not well embodied. Although the difference between the trunks released in 2010 and 2011 is visible to the naked eye. Luger cartridges with a wolf on a pack are not the most suitable ammunition, although the barrels of 2011 were born. chewed them calmly, but the older brothers sometimes choked. 7N21 were too tough for everyone. To the PM account. If I am offered to choose a barrel born in 1968. (I had this in the army) and the current one (last receipts in 2008) I will choose the old one. And for the quality of material and workmanship. I won't say anything about GSH-18, I haven't seen it in hardware. Although at the training camp in Volgograd the phrase was pronounced: "It would be better if they (Gryazev and Shipunov) continued to make aircraft guns"
        1. evgen2124
          evgen2124 13 October 2012 19: 58
          gsh in iron is simply handsome! As for pm, I agree with you myself for 63 years, and still normally keeps accuracy (though I try not to score, I mean)! but the first five of 2008 were still normal, they ate all kinds of cartridges! I know the man who took the European Championship with him, though he did it with a file anyway (the rear sight and front sight were large for target shooting and the speed of the trigger was shortened)! but the last batch is something (horror)! the truth Vikings' writers are chrome-plating shop to increase stiffness like helps less distortions! and about gsh there the barrel is rolled mainly due to the fact that it is difficult to disassemble it and there are no disassembling instructions in the kit! So you have to clean it while sitting on the Internet! and so a great hole punch!
  5. neznayka
    neznayka 13 October 2012 13: 37
    I use this pistol not every day or even a week, but quite regularly. Of course, the PY is not the pinnacle of the art of weapons, but it is quite a worthy replacement for the PM (at the same time, I personally think the PM is an excellent pistol). The results of shooting from the PY are consistently higher than when shooting from the PM with the same arrows. In my opinion, enlarged sights are very convenient. PYa allows you to comfortably fire with two hands during high-speed shooting. It is convenient to use with both right and left hands and with gloves as well. Well, this is what is on the surface, I will not delve into the nuances; whoever uses it knows who will never take it in their hands to anything. What not to like: indeed, when shooting 300-500 standard 7N21 cartridges, a so-called "chimney" appears when the sleeve is not thrown out and is compressed by the shutter, however, when, in preparation for the competition, they began to use not armor-piercing 7N21 and Barnaul cartridges, nothing of the kind was observed, and with much more on the shot. Immediately striking is the miserable mechanical processing. But this is not a problem with the pistol as such, but a problem with the factory with its prehistoric equipment and unscrupulous staff. The store is loaded up in a chore, the cartridges are hard to enter, although in the heat of the competition the head of the team, equipping the shooter, managed to score 19 cartridges there. As for the shortcomings from Wikipedia, it is clear that half of them do not refer to the pistol itself, but to the technology of its production. Personally, I don't care how a curly cutout is made by drilling or in some other way. Well, the "drawback" is that when changing the ammunition from ours to NATO, the ballistics changes at all ridiculous, this is not a drawback, this is life, if you think so, then all the sniper rifles of the world must also be thrown into the trash, because for them the range of ammunition is many times higher and each has its own ballistics.
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 16 October 2012 01: 38
      Shoot from the APS!
      1. neznayka
        neznayka 18 October 2012 01: 39
        I shoot with the same frequency, and not only from it, and not only from ours. So what?
  6. total commander
    total commander 13 October 2012 14: 23
    Such an ugly gun cannot be good by definition.
    The design was created according to the principle - "with the world on a thread - naked shirt". Something from Beretta, something from Browning.
    After Makarov, he only causes longing.
    Regarding the accuracy of Yarygin - at the competitions when shooting from Makarov I knocked out 91 out of 100 (25m) on a round target. In training, of course, there were higher results. In this case, holding the barrel with only one hand and no overlays on the handle.
    I would send the rest of the PM to the private sector, and send something like Swift to the army. True, our state is trying to send its citizens to die in a cheaper war.
    And the AK-12 is also that monster. In my opinion, an unsuccessful alteration of the AK-74.
    I personally support the Swiss approach to AK design - SIG 550/551/552.
  7. vitamin ky
    vitamin ky 13 October 2012 14: 32
    not being a specialist in weapons and simply interested in for themselves-would like to know-and is there not much honor of our "police-police" -See they also wanted a new pistol-well, the army-army is understandable -new weapon is not a whim but a necessity -Yes, and running -testing and other bells and whistles -God himself ordered the entertainers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs -why ????? - to fight with grannies for seeds or wash at a parade in the city - how cool I am - these guys do not work out for a ragatka (in the bulk of that) - please do not throw slippers and explain them by mistake and without *** ok laughing
    1. evgen2124
      evgen2124 13 October 2012 14: 52
      this gun goes only to the special forces sir! and we don’t wipe seeds from grandmas! maybe it’s so customary for you, but for us it’s zapadlo!
      1. vitamin ky
        vitamin ky 13 October 2012 15: 49
        mmm didn’t in any way want to offend or somehow insult specialists and proffs, it’s not an excuse but a statement of fact — being a complete ignoramus in arms — for this I ask questions - (maybe incorrectly) —to know something, you need to ask us — unfortunately what is accepted - and it’s not a secret hi
        by the way, thanks for the answer, about special units I missed - knfuz
    2. Dr. Pilyulkin
      Dr. Pilyulkin 13 October 2012 15: 06
      For humor - a plus! smile
      For everything else - minus. negative
      I don’t understand the people who make fun of our Ministry of Internal Affairs. First, burst over them with or without reason, but what happens when you tail your tail toward them in the nearest compartment with a jog. Somehow ugly. And a lot of them died both in points and on the streets of our cities. So let's do it without sarcasm. hi
      1. vitamin ky
        vitamin ky 13 October 2012 15: 58
        no one tried to discredit your Ministry of Internal Affairs (I am a citizen of another state) and I can’t even evaluate it and compare the visual data with rumors - (I would like specifics and facts) - I’ll say very much about the Ministry of Internal Affairs — maybe in my 40s I don’t I know - it’s logical — but I know it from the cantor and sensed it on my skin — I also understand that it’s easier to put a negative on it and to promote it — than in painstaking routine and ungrateful work — but to plant reality, it’s not at all in favor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in general and in the above privacy -
        1. Dr. Pilyulkin
          Dr. Pilyulkin 13 October 2012 16: 53
          I am a law-abiding citizen, but also well acquainted with the lawlessness in this office. Unfortunately, in our country there is no other way. I don’t know, however, as in yours. I have close relatives and friends working in this system. I know a lot from first hand. I hear little good. My opera friend died at the hands of another Interior Ministry officer while detaining the latter. He threw a grenade when they tried to extract him from the household, where he barricaded himself. That was 6-7 years ago. This also says that our Ministry of Internal Affairs is in pain and is far from recovering. But there are decent people there. There are a significant number of them and they are trying to fulfill their duty in good faith. Unfortunately, it is customary to talk about the police in the media when something is wrong. But little is said about heroes and simply honest employees. This is the trouble.
          1. andrey.shamay
            andrey.shamay 18 October 2012 09: 54
            Yes, there are many wonderful employees in our Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is a pity that no one saw them. But when we were robbed, the investigator (a very nice, polite girl) quickly wrote off our and a few more cases to the first drug addict who simply could not commit this crime for several reasons. The goner is now steaming in the zone, and near our supermarket a group of thieves continues their hard work to free citizens from their property. Long live our Ministry of Internal Affairs, the most Ministry of Internal Affairs in the world !!! Hurray, comrades !!!
    3. Kibb
      Kibb 14 October 2012 21: 07
      Well, since you perceive the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then there really is no reason. Here they are only (MVD) a reflection of our society, and they are also very different. Explain why let's say they should not have a normal barrel? When a woman in letekh pagons with a PM drooping to w ... drinks beer in a stall, this is one thing ...
      But when the gun is really needed then ... the same PM, but it is of little use. But pros and in our Ministry of Internal Affairs are not uncommon ...
  8. Flooding
    Flooding 13 October 2012 14: 56
    Quote: total commander
    Such an ugly gun cannot be good by definition.

    Well, this is subjective. The taste and color, as they say ...
    But for the supply of marriage to the army, both heads and shoulder straps should fly.
    Then, you see, they would quickly figure out if PY is so good.
    1. I think so
      I think so 21 October 2013 15: 39
      What does taste and color have to do with it, if all these protrusions and ribs cling to clothes while wearing and operating this squalor ...
  9. zavesa01
    zavesa01 13 October 2012 15: 32
    Its weight does not bother anyone?
    1. I think so
      I think so 21 October 2013 15: 42
      It is believed that officers in the army are not from a frail dozen ... Well, those who took it into service probably do not use such banduras, by the way they are also unreliable in shooting ... A sensible officer will NEVER take this squalor instead of PM.
  10. bazilio
    bazilio 13 October 2012 16: 24
    It is noteworthy that many note the complete similarity of the automation system with the Glock pistol, So where is the similarity, not taking into account the principle itself? In PYa, the tide "rings" the pin, in Glock everything is different, his tide has a cutout and the breech part of the barrel, as it were, falls down and sits on the pin. And in general, the vast majority of pistols operate on the principle of locking with a short barrel stroke, it is extremely difficult to come up with something new here
  11. Construktor
    Construktor 13 October 2012 16: 38
    Not so much bad PY as raw. The development and production of small arms is a complex thing. Lope sweats came down from Izhevsk before PM debugged, Mama Do not Cry! The debugging is called and the technologist acts on par with the designer.
    But the history of the PM remained in the "totalitarian" past. Now, in the age of capitalism, production, or rather the owners of production, is only interested in profit. So no one will bring it - not profitable, sir.
    Yes Yes. I agree. Let's buy a license for a used bagpipe. But so again you have to pore over the fine-tuning. Do they need it? Then come on ready to fly ...
    Or maybe we'd better buy a "ready-made" police over the hill?
  12. Irek
    Irek 13 October 2012 17: 10
    Quote: total commander
    I would send the rest of the PM to the private sector

    I would take to the "forest" to walk, but who will ...
    although it’s possible with a slingshot, less noise
  13. mazdie
    mazdie 13 October 2012 22: 43
    Enough dirt! Great gun! Shot from it many times! Do not confuse a bad-looking Viking with a real army pistol. Yarygin is the best replacement for the outdated PM. For several thousand shots, I personally did not have a single problem, for comparison, the PM had 3 misfires. Cartridge 7N21 is not very bad.
    Take it easy
  14. sergey261180
    sergey261180 14 October 2012 09: 08
    For the police, except PM, nothing is needed. It is simple, small, comfortable. Power he doesn’t need.
  15. crambol
    crambol 14 October 2012 11: 11
    Opinion of the layman. In the second photo in the article, in my opinion, a very low-quality matte finish, which has worn off on all protruding parts. One gets the impression that for domestic consumption, as it was in the era of underdeveloped socialism, it is being done "cheaper" and worse. They say their own and such will devour. Hence, careless and low-quality manufacturing with all the ensuing consequences. The opinion of weapon consumers means little, because the decision is made by very high-seated comrades, who see weapons only in the form of donations.
    1. slav4ikus
      slav4ikus 14 October 2012 20: 20
      these comrades then praise the Gloks of the Beret and so on.
      1. crambol
        crambol 22 October 2012 22: 52
        I absolutely agree.
  16. TAGIR
    TAGIR 14 October 2012 13: 00
    For the police, a pistol is needed not with lethal force, but with a stopping effect. So that you can use traumatic and shell-free bullets.
    Army and police weapons should be different. The police must neutralize the criminal and detain, and not kill their own citizens. The army must accordingly destroy the enemy (we do not need prisoners)
    1. evgen2124
      evgen2124 14 October 2012 13: 34
      So he is in the PPS and does not go! By the way, the 9n19 luger cartridge has a greater stopping effect than 9n18pm! it does not have a core like in pm and it is in service with most of the police units in the world!
  17. crambol
    crambol 14 October 2012 13: 20
    Quote: mazdie
    Enough dirt! Great gun!

    It's not about mud. The car is good. The master's hands are growing out of the wrong place. And he is not to blame if the "interests of the firm" press on him.
    1. evgen2124
      evgen2124 14 October 2012 13: 35
      about the masters to the point! although it’s hard to expect otherwise from the pet!
  18. understudy
    understudy 14 October 2012 13: 45
    Quote: crambol
    as it was in the era of underdeveloped socialism, it is being done "cheaper" and worse

    In the days of socialism, for such "overlays" in the production of weapons, many would have felled forests in the taiga. Best case scenario.
  19. crambol
    crambol 14 October 2012 15: 59
    Quote: Understudy
    In the days of socialism, many would have felled forests in the taiga for such "overlays" in the production of weapons. Best case scenario.

    Colonel, forget about socialism! Together with his charms and shortcomings, the best shots that made excellent technique were left.

    I don’t put a minus, I’m not accustomed.
  20. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 14 October 2012 20: 25
    PM has already outlived its own - both the pistol itself and the shot - I would like to get my hand under a good barrel for a replacement - but there are no options yet - the specialists have a handicap - they are ELITE - but we have what - BUT WANT
  21. Kibb
    Kibb 14 October 2012 20: 52
    Can return the topic to the gun? Let's still discuss the topic Fort15-Jericho 941-CZ75-Browning (give credit to Cyril).
    But whatever you may say, but with pistols we are not doing very well (under "we" I mean the former USSR)
  22. tracer
    tracer 16 October 2012 09: 53
    He held and twisted it in the Viking version. New from the box. I didn’t shoot, but somehow the workmanship resembles a 1942 Mosin rifle. He even snaps like that .... not so ... it’s not clear what kind of descent .. In general, he smoked a smoke .... And bought ..... Beretta M92 FS ... TT of 1954 is made better than the new Viking. In general, I did not like the Viking, nor the convenience in it, nor the workmanship, nor the reliability ...
  23. georg737577
    georg737577 18 October 2012 22: 01
    The gun must be reliable. First of all, it is reliable. Suppose you can’t call Colt 1911 very accurate with not the most outstanding indicators .... But I don’t know if I can make semi-finished products with such a proven locking scheme.
  24. artem9570
    artem9570 20 October 2012 21: 42
    georg737577, you're right M1911 a very good gun, albeit an old one. but he is still popular in the army and among the civilians. and about PY it’s a bad gun and as soon as it has passed the contest. gsh-18 also said not the best gun (a friend from the security forces told me)
  25. Evgeniy.
    Evgeniy. April 27 2014 12: 06
    Today he shot at the Russian Democratic Party from 3 pistols - Chisette, Glock and Viking. Viking is the coolest trunk! Heavy, accurate with good returns. Glock is lighter and more oblique. Cisetta did not remember.
    Exclusively from my impressions.
  26. medvezavr
    medvezavr 17 May 2014 22: 36
    Many times I went to exhibitions and meetings in TsNIITOCHMASH. There you can shoot plenty. From time to time in 7 years, the gun got better. Now this is a good example of an army pistol under a reinforced cartridge. The problem (and not small) in the quality of the cartridges themselves is a very unstable quality. Especially in the first installments. In general, the problem is not so much in the trunk as in the frames. And this applies not only to PY.
  27. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 6 October 2014 11: 12
    I have long wanted to read an article about Yarygin. I liked it. The biggest advantage of the Rook is its 18 rounds magazine. Cool!