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Incompatible with life

Traumatic weapon, used all over the world for self-defense, in Russia turned into a murder weapon.

Does Russia need a law allowing citizens to carry serious firearms? The answer is paradoxical: the traumatic weapon available in the hands of Russians already is in fact already a combat one. And if we talk about the new law, then about the one that ultimately tightens the turnover of “traumatic”. The fact remains: a traumatic weapon, used throughout the world for self-defense, in Russia has turned into a murder weapon.

Today, the citizens of Russia in the hands of 5 million 800 thousands of weapons - service and civil, including traumatic. The latter accounts for 3,5 million barrels - 60 percent. In Moscow, the proportion is about the same. In the capital of half a million trunks more than 200 thousand - "travmatika". That is, every fortieth resident of the Mother of God has a traumatic weapon in his pocket. And this is only according to official data. According to unofficial data, it is owned by every tenth city dweller, including old people and children. According to the head of the organization of licensing and licensing work and control over the private detective and security activities of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the capital Nikolai Boev, sales of smooth-bore, rifled and self-defense weapons increased over 2009 in Moscow by almost 7 percent. If these numbers do not scare you, it only proves that your nerves are too strong. Because every month in Moscow officially registered from 30 to 50 cases of the use of traumatic weapons. And how many still do not fall into the police reports! According to experts, only in three percent of cases the weapon of self-defense is used for its intended purpose, that is, to ensure the safety of the owner. In all other cases, it is used for unlawful purposes. Such a shocking statistic ...

Life trauma

What is a traumatic weapon? By the principle of action, “traumatic” is absolutely identical to the combat one, with the only difference being that it has a much lower power of the shot (for combat, muzzle energy reaches 600-700 J, for a traumatic one - 85 J). And as the ammunition used are not lead, and rubber bullets. Such a weapon is considered non-lethal, designed to protect its possessor from criminal encroachment. That is, to stop the aggressor of the attacker, leaving him alive and not seriously crippling. In practice, it often goes otherwise. “Wounds from a traumatic weapon can be very dangerous,” says a traumatologist at a city hospital, Boris Yegorov. “During my daily duty, 3-4 people sometimes get to our hospital with gunshot wounds caused by traumatic weapons.”

Suffer from traumatic weapons mainly in the summer. In winter, thick clothing still serves as a kind of protection. However, we must know our people. Using a weapon, they aim exclusively at the head, groin, or chest in the area of ​​the heart. That is just where to shoot a traumatic gun is strictly prohibited by the instructions for its use. But who it stops! Besides shooting, as a rule, in an emphasis. Doctors in informal conversations say that recently the so-called commercial calls from elite suburban settlements have become more frequent. Inhabitants of cottages and villas seek to avoid publicity and proceedings with the police. This means that medical assistance is provided to them in private, without filling out the forms required in the case of such applications. Husbands and wives, mother-in-law sons-in-law shoot each other. And once the medical team went to a duel held in the Rublevka area.

In terms of severity, traumatic injuries are, of course, less severe than gunshot wounds, but they can also be fatal. For example, a large-caliber bullet with a diameter of 15,3 of a millimeter and a weight of about 12 grams, fired from an Osa pistol, has a metal core in a rubber sheath. It can easily break the ribs, and the painful shock can lead to cardiac arrest. Such cases in the practice of physicians are not unique.

“It is especially dangerous to get into the eye and the peri-orbital areas,” Boris Egorov continues. “In these cases, injuries usually lead to loss of vision. Injuries to the bridge of the nose and temporal region are extremely dangerous. of the skull. When a bullet hits a large blood vessel, such as the femoral artery, death is also possible. Many shoot in the leg to scare or teach someone, and then it turns out that the victim dies from extensive blood loss. ayut thin wrist bone. People instinctively closing his hands on the shot, injured wrist, where a lot of small bones, which is difficult to recover, and injuries often lead to dysfunction of the hand. "

Arms race

The mass arming of the population began in 90, when gas weapons poured into the country in a huge stream. By the middle of 90-x Moscow "ate" gas weapons full. It was then that the debate began about the need to adopt a new law on weapons. They say that this law was lobbied by several State Duma deputies. On the sidelines it was said that the interest of people's representatives was due to their close friendship with the manufacturers of weapons. By this time, the warehouses of most of the weapons factories were overwhelmed with illiquid assets — fighting makarovs and TTs remaining from the time of the war. Someone had the idea to turn this scrap metal into real money through simple technological operations. Be that as it may, by the end of 1996, a new law "On Arms" was passed, where in the 3 article "Civilian Weapon" a rather mysterious term appeared: "domestically produced firearms with traumatic cartridges." What was meant was understood only in the 1999 year, when the firstborn in the form of a barrelless PB-4 "Wasp" appeared on the "traumatic" market. Production and sale of such toys have promised considerable profits, as the cost of "travmatikov", according to experts, is ten times behind the market price.

“The real boom in traumatic weapons began in 2004,” says Dmitry Knyazev, the senior salesman in the trauma section of the Kolchuga shop. - It was then that the beloved Makarich appeared on the market. At that time, from the pistol weapon of self-defense it was the only barrel that almost completely copied the battle makar. Naturally, our citizens could not pass against such a toy and swept it from the shelves. In fact, you legally in a holster turned out to be an almost complete analog of the combat barrel.

Incompatible with life

Death for 150 dollars

If you have a license, you can go and buy a barrel in the store on a completely legal basis. But there is one serious problem - the desire of our citizens to “tune” everything, regardless of the law. Today, a whole network of clandestine Left-handers operates on the traumatic weapon market, which easily increases the power of “traumas”, and at the request of the client can easily turn a traumatic pistol into a combat one. The correspondent of "Results" on condition of anonymity met with one of the most famous craftsmen of the people who work in Podolsk. Of his 52 years, Uncle Sasha spent twelve in jail, was tried three times, and all the articles were for illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. As he says himself, he sat behind the “kopnina” - so in the jargon of the shadow market are called the trunks, extracted by black trackers on the battlefields. Returning home from the zone once again, Uncle Sasha realized that it was much more efficient and safer to use his talents as a gunsmith, modifying the “trauma”.

Hidden from prying eyes behind a high green fence, the workshop is located on the outskirts of a good brick house on the outskirts of Podolsk. Uncle Sasha opens the door and flips a switch on the wall. On the massive bed of the workbench, two small machines shine - turning and milling. “Look, the master pulls a traumatic Makarych pistol out of the table. We have a pukalka designed for 50 joules. The client wants to shoot more powerful cartridges.” With some elusive movements the gunsmith instantly disassembled the gun into its component parts. Over time, Uncle Sasha seemed to forget about my presence, while continuing, aloud, to comment on his actions:

“We’ll throw out the factory reinforcement sleeve on xx, this shit will tear apart in all directions, it’s made of raw steel.” Now we will carve another, good, from alloyed steel, we will plant it on a trunk with a good fit. The recoil spring is also to emit, set from the fighting "Makar", otherwise the bolt will break ...

In order to no one was, we omit other engineering chips. In short, after two hours the gun was ready.

- Let's go check it out! - gunsmith was clearly pleased with his work. We moved to the stunted woods near the house. - Here I have a shooting range, - the master jokes, - now I will hang the target.

At a distance of 5 meters, Uncle Sasha fastens a centimeter-thick sheet of laminated plywood brought with him and distorts the shutter. From the first shot I laid ears. The roar is exactly like that of a combat pistol. After three shots on the front side of the plywood, three even, like drilled holes formed. And on the back side in different directions sticking out of the chips. It is terrible to imagine what will happen if such a pistol is pushed into the head ...

- And how much is this "tuning"? - interested.

- 150 bucks. Of these, 25 is for the mainspring.

I once again inspected the holed plywood, and I felt somehow uncomfortable - already tonight the owner would put this seemingly innocuous trunk in his pocket on perfectly legitimate grounds. And, as they say about the gun hanging on the wall, in the end he will shoot. I wonder in whom ...

Kill without a trace

According to operatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, today on the black arms market of Moscow, a pistol converted from a traumatic under fire cartridges costs from 500 to 700 dollars. A traumatic pistol without documents is sold at prices ranging from 200 to 500 dollars.

There is one more important touch. Almost daily traumatic weapons are stolen during thefts from apartments and cars. After that, the "volyny" fall on the black market, where they are bought up by underground gunsmiths, such as Uncle Sasha. They grind down the identification number of the barrel, and then turn it into a battle for a couple of hours. According to detectives specializing in the fight against illicit trafficking in arms and ammunition, today up to 90 percent of the black market for firearms in Moscow is formed precisely by reworking traumatic and gas weapons, frightened and weight-sized dummies. In addition, the traumatic weapon has one very attractive feature for the criminal world - it is practically not identified. As experts say - gunsmiths, the bullet from military firearms contains information in the form of traces left in cuts in the barrel of a particular weapon. These very traces, like fingerprints, are purely individual. That is, a weapon found in a suspect after a forensic shooting may be irrefutable proof that the crime was committed with this particular weapon. In the case of a rubber-shot analogue, the bullet, as a rule, collapses.

Team "Cook!"

For those who follow the metropolitan crime chronicle, reports of the use of traumatic weapons are a routine. With the help of Os, Makarychey and Leaders, traffic disputes are resolved, drivers scorching by pedestrians, and those by drivers. Shops and exchangers are robbed with this weapon, they sort things out in communal kitchens, they are frightened by slow sellers and impolite waiters. The sensation was the recent shooting in Moscow by an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the driver of a snowplow. "The increased demand for self-defense weapons is connected with the natural desire of people to protect themselves," says Nikolai Boyev. According to the psychiatrist of the hospital. S.P. Botkin, psychologist Alexander Morozov, 90 percent of people buy traumatic weapons from fear for their lives, the remaining 10 percent - to ... paint on others. The first category is impressed by the releases. News, stories of acquaintances and Fingal under the eye of a neighbor, whom the hooligans “asked to smoke” at the entrance the night before. Together with a gun, these people are trying to buy confidence. Some, however, have to pay for their misconceptions with their own health. And someone should answer before the law, as was the case with actor Vladislav Galkin, who shot bottles from the “traumatic” in the bar.

As for the second category, these people buy weapons to show off to friends and the weaker sex. The practice of using weapons and their legal consequences are of little concern. "Notice, - says Alexander Morozov, - traumatic pistols, completely similar to combat ones, are in high demand here."

Do not panic

According to the Law "On Weapons", the right to acquire "traumatics" today are Russian citizens who have reached 18 years, have no criminal record and have undergone a medical examination. They must first obtain a special document from the internal affairs agencies at their place of residence - a license to purchase, store and carry. After that, go to the gun shop and buy what you like. Within two weeks, the purchase must be registered with the department of the Interior Ministry that issued the license. These same 14 days completely fall out of the sight of law enforcement.

It only seems that everything is extremely simple and clear. But the true state of affairs is that today anyone can acquire a weapon. As an experiment, try typing on the Internet the phrase "weapon license". At least a dozen offers will immediately appear at a price of 7 thousand rubles. Dobrokhoty will offer you to bring the license straight home, of course, after receiving the prepayment and your photos. As practice shows, most of these ads - banal layout. That is, they will take money from you, after which the benefactor will melt in the fog. But in some cases these are real services.

Militia situation on the market "travmatiki", of course, worried. For example, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is actively lobbying for a mandatory training program for future owners of traumatic weapons. According to the "Results", it can be a 120-hour course, consisting of legal, fire, psychological and medical training. In all likelihood, schools authorized by the Ministry of the Interior will prepare the future owners of weapons. The course in them can cost about 10 thousand rubles. In addition, in the 2008 year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed the introduction of a mandatory test shooting of the entire gunshot trauma, which would significantly limit the use of traumatic pistols to crime.

At the same time, the law allowing the acquisition, storage and carrying of short-barreled firearms is gradually lobbying. Such "initiatives" cause panic among specialists. If the state is unable to establish an elementary order in the “traumatic” market, then what about serious weapons? “I consider the free circulation of firearms a dangerous and poorly controlled topic,” said Gennady Gudkov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Security Committee. “First of all, we will not ensure equal rights for our citizens. Statistics say that Russian military pistols want to have a maximum of 12 million one-fourteenth of the population. The others are against. Therefore, it is an illusion to allow permission to wear military pistols to solve personal safety issues for citizens. Russia is a corrupt country. means that bypassing all prohibitions, gangsters, people with unstable psyche, drug addicts, and alcoholics are the first to arm themselves. "

... Any stick has two ends - it is important, in whose hands it is. For example, a kitchen knife is sold for cutting sausage. But there are more crimes committed with him than with the use of traumatic weapons.

Was the case

To defeat

"Top Ten" most shocking incidents with the use of traumatic weapons in the capital

21 February 2004 of the year. In an apartment on Leninsky Prospekt, a grandmother accidentally fired an Osa pistol at the head of an 2-year-old grandson. A bullet piercing the skull damaged the brain and the orbit of the right eyeball. The child was taken to intensive care.

8 October 2007 of the year. At the intersection of Bolshoy Spasoglinischevsky Lane and Solyanka, the driver of Mitsubishi wounded three pedestrians from a pistol who, in his opinion, were too slowly crossing the road.

December 5 2008 of the year. On this day, a traumatic weapon was used twice in road disputes. The first accident occurred on Presnensky Val Street - the “nine” and the minibus did not divide the road. The driver of "VAZ" grabbed a pistol and opened fire on a crowded route taxi. As a result, several glasses were broken. No harm done. The driver of "Zhiguli" disappeared from the scene. In the evening of the same day, they were shot at the intersection of Andropov Avenue and Kolomna Passage. During the analysis of a minor accident, the driver of the "Gazelle" seriously wounded the driver of a foreign car, firing a pistol into his eye.

December 10 2008 of the year. On the 807 route bus, two young men disturbed an elderly woman who was riding with her son, roughly demanding to remove the bag from the seat. A quarrel ensued. As a result, the son, who stood for the mother, opened fire, hitting one of the instigators of the conflict in the eye. A victim with a penetrating wound was assisted in the hospital.

December 11 2008 of the year. On the street of Vilis Latsis in the "Zhiguli" they found a visitor from Dagestan wounded in the chest. As it turned out, he brought a certain man, and at the end of the road, not wanting to pay, he shot the driver twice. Hold the arrow failed.

December 19 2008 of the year. On Petrovsky Boulevard, the borssetochniki robbed the driver of a foreign car. He opened fire on the car in which the robbers tried to escape. The bullets pierced the rear window and the car collided with three more cars. No harm done.

17 September 2009 of the year. The driver turned to the police one of the companies, who said that the unknown, threatening with a pistol, hijacked the service "Mercedes". Employees of MUR at the house 10 on Nagorny Drive blocked the hijacked foreign car. While trying to detain the police, fire was opened. The attackers were detained. One of them, an 25-year-old visitor from Ingushetia, was seized of a TT traumatic pistol, which he owned without permission.

26 September 2009 of the year. A visitor from Togliatti became a victim of a traumatic weapon. On Melitopol Street, three people approached his "Gazelle". One of them shot Togliatti in the foot, after which the criminals took 220 thousand rubles from him and fled.

27 September 2009 of the year. Outside the Sayany restaurant on Uralskaya Street, having quarreled with the 38-year-old Muscovite, they shot him with a pistol. At the scene, investigators found 5 shells from a traumatic 9 caliber pistol of millimeters and the victim’s lifeless body.

December 13 2009 of the year. A car inspector made a remark to a citizen who was walking along the roadway of Rokotov Street. In response to the remark, the man shot him in the leg with a traumatic pistol and tried to escape, but was detained.

Shooting rules

The use of traumatic weapons is regulated by the articles of the Federal Law “On Arms”. Thus, a license is allowed to acquire no more than five weapons. For a larger number requires a special license to collect.

Citizens can use weapons in a state of necessary defense or extreme necessity. The use of weapons must be preceded by a clear warning to this effect of the person against whom the weapon is used, unless the delay poses an immediate danger to people's lives or may lead to other serious consequences. The warning may be oral or it may be a shot up. Shooting should be conducted from a distance of no closer than one meter. It is forbidden to shoot in the head. The use of weapons should not cause harm to third parties.

When carrying a weapon should be fused and the cartridge removed from the chamber. The number of cartridges in the cage is limited to ten.

It is prohibited to use weapons against women, persons with disabilities, minors when their age is obvious or known, with the exception of cases when an armed or group attack is committed by these persons.

The owner of the weapon is obliged to notify the internal affairs agency at the place of use of the weapon every use of a weapon that has caused harm to human health. Next will be the examination, trial and court, which will determine the legality of use. Tuning weapons in this case can play a cruel joke with the owner. If the alteration has changed the ballistics, then the defender may turn into an accused.

It is forbidden to carry weapons when you participate in meetings, rallies, demonstrations, processions, picketing or other mass actions.

Licenses for the purchase, as well as permits for storing and carrying weapons are revoked in cases of the death of the owner of the weapon, systematic (at least two times during the year) violations of the law, constructive alteration of the weapon and ammunition to it.

The decision to revoke licenses or permits must be preceded by prior written notice to the holder of the license or permit by the authority that issued the license or permit. The warning indicates which legal rules and regulations have been violated or not fulfilled, and a term is set for eliminating the violations.

In the case of revocation of licenses or permits, re-applying for their obtaining is possible for legal entities after three years from the date of their cancellation, and for citizens - after five years.


Not toys

Questions are answered by the head of the department for organizing the licensing and authorization work of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in the Moscow Region, police lieutenant colonel Sergey Filatov.

- Enough. A total of about 100 thousand owners of traumatic and gas weapons were registered in the Moscow region. It often happens that weapons are stored anywhere: in a closet, under a sofa, in a parked car. This is the case when carelessness is a crime. And whether it is out of ignorance, or because of the emerging sense of superiority, which, probably, gives them a weapon, our people are starting to use it right and left. Over the past six months, more than 30 crimes with the use of traumatic weapons have been committed in the Moscow region alone. In all cases, the perpetrators were held criminally liable because they exceeded the required degree of defense.

- How is the circulation of traumatic weapons regulated?

- We exercise control over all citizens possessing weapons, trying to clearly fulfill the requirements of regulatory frameworks. The procedure for registration, receipt and use of traumatic weapons is prescribed in the Law on Weapons of 1996 of the year, as well as by a number of departmental instructions issued at the end of 90's. The procedure for obtaining a license for “traumatic” involves the submission of a medical certificate and the verification of knowledge of the legislative framework.

- It is no secret that the same medical references are bought for money. Do you check things like that?

- The Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development has a special form No. XXUMX-046 for obtaining a license for a weapon, requiring the passage of four doctors - a psychiatrist, a narcologist, an ophthalmologist and a therapist. If the submitted certificate is suspicious, then a request is sent to the medical institution, and measures are taken in case of falsification. An attacker can be brought to justice, and, of course, a license is not issued.

- What is missing in the legislative base to reduce the number of offenses with the use of “traumatic”?

- Now the Ministry of Internal Affairs considers the introduction of a practical exam as an innovation. The fact is that when a person first takes a weapon and does not know how to wield it, he is not aware of the possible consequences. And if in the course of preparation for the exam, he practices shooting, acquires the necessary skills, he will represent what power it has and what may follow its application. In addition, the owner of a traumatic weapon will feel the brink of exceeding the required degree of self-defense. No one has canceled the article 37 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which states that the opposition must be adequate to the danger of encroachment.

- Does the western experience take into account when developing the exam?

- Of course. American practice is well known: if a candidate for obtaining or renewing a license did not shoot a certain number of shots during the year and did not provide information to the police about this, then a weapon permit will not be issued or not extended, and the weapon itself will be withdrawn. I am not a supporter of draconian measures, and in this sense our Criminal Code is sufficiently work-capable, does not require any tightening, but people themselves must understand that they don’t have a toy in their hands.

Dmitry Serkov

Safety Precautions

At gunpoint

What if you are going to use a traumatic weapon? Sergey Filatov, master of sport in sambo, instructor of the Skif self-defense club shared his advice

It cannot be ruled out that a self-defense weapon, widely spread among the population, will be used to attack you. If you cannot convince an attacker armed with a pistol with words, try to get as close as possible to him by making a grip in the clinch, if possible blocking his hand with a pistol. If you do not have the skills of wrestling techniques, try, on the contrary, as quickly as possible to break the distance. At a distance of 5-6 meters, it is difficult for an unprepared gunner to hit a target, moreover, as they say in our circles, the “eraser” (bullet from a rubber-gun) into the ass from six meters is better than it is from the meter to the head. If you still opened fire, remember that a bag, case or folder is a good protection against traumatic ammunition.

The first and main conclusion: if the enemy has a pistol in his hand, it means that you have already half lost the battle. Any conflict situation must be very carefully controlled, so that this does not happen, and to block the removal of weapons. The second conclusion: if it did happen, then your main chances are that your opponent misses. And for this you need to sharply tear the distance and leave the line of attack.

Grigory Sanin


How much to shoot?

Counters of gun shops today are crammed with an abundance of "traumatic" (in the photo). The market presents about 30 models. The main share is occupied by 9 caliber pistols of millimeters, but lately heavy machinery has appeared - the Turkish Terminator pump and the Russian double-barreled Hauda 12 caliber. The cost of "traumatic" ranges from 10 to 20 thousand rubles.

According to experts, buyers, as a rule, are interested in two things: similarity to the combat barrel and power. From the point of view of similarity, the Makarich pistol, which resembles a PM, is irreplaceable. As for power - the leaders of the "Wasp". Its muzzle energy is up to 85 J.

Abroad, in the production of self-defense weapons, silumin is used - an aluminum alloy with silicon, which makes the products brittle and therefore short-lived. We have never saved on steel, and the majority of buyers prefer Russian developments produced by three plants - in Izhevsk, Vyatskiye Polyany and Sergiev Posad.

Weapons must be stored in a special safe with a wall thickness of at least 2 millimeters. Pull such a safe on 2-3 thousands of rubles.

Depending on the material, a holster can cost from 500 rubles to 15 thousand rubles.

A pack of cartridges from 20 pieces - from 600 rubles. If you are actively training, then in a month you will need at least two packs.
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    Rinat 1 23 October 2013 15: 41
    Conclusion, the CIS population is far from ready to arm themselves
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      Meshchersky 19 December 2017 14: 28
      The population has long been armed with dangerous toys instead of normal weapons. Therefore, they scorch each other, because the weapon is "not real." Traumatism is evil. We need a normal law on weapons and self-defense, in which the principle "my home is my fortress" is mandatory and the concept of "exceeding self-defense" is canceled.