Rumors and prospects: Italian wheeled tanks B1 Centauro for Ukraine


B1 Centauro in one of the parts of the Italian army

At the end of April, it became known that Italy plans to transfer to Ukraine a new batch of military-technical assistance in the form of a certain number of armored combat vehicles of various types. In particular, the possibility of sending wheeled tanks B1 Centauro. In April, such equipment was not included in the final aid plan, but in recent days, information has reappeared in the press about its possible transfer to the Ukrainian army.

Help with technology

The intentions of the Italian leadership to help the Kyiv regime with armored vehicles became known back in the middle of spring. So, on April 24, the publication la Repubblica reported that a fundamental decision of this kind had already been made. At that time, the Ministry of Defense was studying the existing fleet of equipment and was looking for vehicles that could be transferred to Ukraine without compromising their own combat capability and security. Based on the results of these works, it was planned to draw up recommendations for the government and approve a specific supply plan.

It was reported that the Ministry of Defense is considering a number of samples in service and in storage. In particular, the possibility of transferring combat vehicles with heavy weapons (“wheeled tanks”) B1 Centauro was studied. The number of such products for shipment was not specified - it was supposed to be determined during the evaluation work.

In the future, Italy indeed sent various types of weapons and equipment to Ukraine. At the same time, there were no Centauro wheeled tanks in these deliveries. Moreover, they have ceased to appear even in press publications. Apparently, the Ministry of Defense refused to allocate such equipment for shipment abroad.

Since the end of April, there have been no new reports of B1 Centauro deliveries. However, a few days ago, publications on this topic reappeared in the press. Again, the possibility of supplying such equipment is mentioned, but again without any details. It can be assumed that this time the matter will not go further than publications and discussions. However, another option cannot be ruled out - Italy could take the necessary measures and, as a result, decided to share its BMTVs.

If the decision to transfer wheeled tanks is indeed made, new questions become relevant. It is necessary to know how much equipment can be transferred, in what condition it will be, and how quickly it can be delivered to the recipient. The questions of crew training, possible deployment and combat use also remain open. However, the lack of confirmed information about plans for deliveries so far removes these questions.

wheeled alternative

The development of the future BMTV B1 Centauro was carried out in the eighties by order of the Italian Ministry of Defense. The army wanted to get an armored vehicle with firepower at the level of the Leopard 1 tank and increased mobility. Several companies from different industries were involved in the creation of the project. So, Iveco and Fiat were responsible for the development of the wheeled chassis, and OTO Melara was supposed to present the fighting compartment and weapons complex.

The development and testing of experimental equipment was completed at the turn of the eighties and nineties. Then mass production began, and in 1991 the first Centauro was handed over to the customer. In parallel with the series, the development of the original project was carried out. The wheeled tank received more powerful weapons, and in addition, a repair and recovery vehicle, a wheeled Freccia infantry fighting vehicle and a number of other samples were developed on its basis.

Production of the B1 Centauro continued until 2006, by which time about 500 machines of various modifications had been built. The main customer of the equipment was Italy - 400 wheeled tanks and ARVs were made for it. Another 88 vehicles of two types were purchased by Spain. The Omani army ordered a total of 9 upgraded BMTVs. In the tenth years, the Italian army began to reduce its fleet. She decommissioned 141 Centauro and handed them over to Jordan. 259 units remained in service.

In the early 1s, several BXNUMX Centauro arrived in the US for testing and evaluation. With their help, the American army gained experience for the future operation of its own BMTVs of the Stryker family. At the beginning of the tenth, armored vehicles with different weapons underwent evaluation tests in Russia. During these activities, significant shortcomings were identified, and Italian technology received a low overall rating.

The Italian "Centauro" was repeatedly used in real operations. Equipment of this type was used in Yugoslavia, Somalia, Iraq and Lebanon. Basically, with its help, the tasks of patrolling important areas and escorting convoys were solved. Wheeled tanks had to fight, and they showed their compliance with the requirements of local conflicts.

Technical features

B1 Centauro is an armored fighting vehicle on a four-axle chassis with a full-fledged full-rotation turret and cannon and machine gun armament. According to the customer's specifications, this BMTV combines the mobility of wheeled armored vehicles with the firepower of tanks of previous generations. At the same time, the combat weight of the "Centauro" is within 24 tons, which allows for the transfer by air. Crew - 4 people.

The Centauro machine is built on the basis of a welded hull and turret with anti-bullet and anti-fragmentation armor. All-round protection against 14,5 mm bullets is provided, and the frontal projection is protected from 25 mm projectiles. After installing hinged armor panels, the forehead can withstand 30 mm caliber projectiles. The engine compartment and the driver's workplace are placed in the bow of such a hull. The central and aft volumes are given over to a three-seat fighting compartment with a turret.

Shot from the main gun

The chassis is equipped with an Iveco V6 diesel engine with a power of 520 hp. Through an automatic transmission from ZF and other transmission units, power is distributed to all eight wheels. The undercarriage is made on the basis of an independent MacPherson strut suspension. On the highway, a wheeled tank accelerates to 105-108 km / h, the cruising range is 800 km.

In the basic version, the Centauro carries a 105 mm OTO Melara cannon based on the British L7. This gun has a 52 klb rifled barrel, muzzle brake and unitary loading. Ammunition consists of 40 shots: 14 are located directly in the tower, the rest - in the hull stowage. Auxiliary armament - two machine guns of 7,62 mm caliber. One is paired, the second is placed on an anti-aircraft installation.

The TURMS fire control system, borrowed from the Ariete tank, is used. It includes stabilized gunner's and commander's sights with day, night and rangefinding channels, a digital ballistic computer and a gun stabilizer. The gunner and commander have automated workstations.

Later, a new fighting compartment was developed with a different turret and reinforced weapons. It used a 120-mm 45-klb Italian-designed smoothbore gun, similar to the well-known Rh-120. Subsequently, these solutions were used in the development of the Centauro II project.

Dubious acquisition

In general, the BMTV B1 Centauro is considered an ambiguous example of armored vehicles. Questions and doubts arose already at the stage of formation of the concept of "wheeled tank". In addition, the design characteristics are not too high, and various shortcomings appeared during testing and during operation. For example, Russian testers criticized the Italian car for its lack of reliability.

One of the objectives of the Centauro project was to increase mobility and gain the ability to quickly transfer to the desired area. On the whole, it has been resolved. Wheeled tanks of this type can be transported by the main NATO military transport aircraft and independently perform long marches without harm to the resource. In addition, high mobility simplifies patrolling and convoy escort.

At the same time, fighting qualities are far from ideal. The vehicle is only protected against small-caliber projectiles and bullets. Any larger caliber artillery or anti-tank systems are capable of at least depriving the Centauro of combat capability. Also, the defeat of vital units and the crew is not ruled out, which completely removes the car from combat. The same applies to other means of destruction, up to aviation rockets and bombs.

As required, in terms of firepower, the Centauro is similar to the Leopard-1 tank. However, the 105-mm rifled gun of the L7 type has not met current requirements for a long time. It allows you to fight tanks of outdated models, as well as light armored vehicles, but for such purposes the gun is redundant. In this case, the return fire of any tank is a mortal danger. In addition, some shortcomings of the used SLA are reported. In particular, it does not allow firing on the move.

Leave or send

The B1 Centauro heavy weapon fighting vehicle was built around an ambiguous concept, which led to a specific result. The finished "wheeled tank" has a special ratio of combat and operational characteristics, which imposes restrictions on its combat use - or leads to unjustified risks. As a result, the Italian army, developing the direction of wheeled tanks, is in no hurry to abandon traditional MBTs.

News about the possible transfer of "Centauro" to the Ukrainian army appeared a few months ago, but such deliveries have not yet begun. Perhaps Italy was not going to share such equipment from the very beginning, and the press published unverified information. However, another explanation is also possible. Having assessed the specifics of the fighting in Ukraine, the Italian command decided not to risk its equipment and the reputation of its industry. And, as a result, all B1 Centauro will remain in their parts.
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  1. 0
    13 July 2022 16: 30
    The Italians are "lagging behind", the Spaniards are already supplying "Leo", they will burn at the front without showing themselves. This is not "Caesar" and "Himros" it is unlikely that ours will buy.
    1. +10
      13 July 2022 16: 58
      Cardboard Wheels are good only in World of Tanks, and not in the Donbass meat grinder.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +3
      13 July 2022 17: 06
      It depends on which Centaur they will send. If in the latest versions (which is unlikely), then its SLA is very desirable to study.
      1. +1
        13 July 2022 23: 40
        You can study it, only the Italians will squeeze it, when they came to us, they were shaking over every detail!
      2. 0
        14 July 2022 15: 11
        In Kubinka, another hangar is being prepared .. Just for such foreign trinkets. hi
      3. +4
        14 July 2022 20: 52
        Don't do good, you won't get evil! When the whole world turned away from Italy when the coronovirus attacked, Russia rushed to the rescue. And in vain.
    3. +14
      13 July 2022 21: 00
      You read who just does not send military equipment to Ukraine. Half the world is arming the Ze team. Who helps us? Where is the BMP of Kostanay
      (what in Kazakhstan) plant?
      Where are the self-propelled guns of the Tashkent plant?
      Yes, it’s just that not a single republic of the former USSR produces anything military towards Asia. Everyone is fighting at the expense of Russia.
      And see if the Russians can put Ukraine. Selling everything. And they have always been for sale. Don't be liberal, no one is helping in the war against the Nazis.
      1. +2
        14 July 2022 10: 13
        In the Afghan war, half the world also supplied weapons to spirits, history repeats itself.
  2. +8
    13 July 2022 16: 56
    A typical anti-Papuan unit .. Somewhere in the endless African savannah, against the T-55 at best - yes, it will do for itself. But against the modern army, and even in Ukrainian realities, it’s not even funny .. It’s better not to supply than to disgrace yourself once again.
    1. +8
      13 July 2022 16: 59
      Choi then you are so 55ku then? I think that in capable hands she will screw this Centauro up like this.
      1. +11
        13 July 2022 17: 12
        Alas, the T-55 gun will take the armor of the T-XNUMX. However - and his gun will sew through the Italian box right through. But in open spaces, the Italian is clearly more mobile .. Actually, this is how the South Africans used their Ruikats against the same Angola. And quite successfully. Long-range raids across the savannah are clearly not an amlua of tracked vehicles. But the wheeled one is just that.
        1. +7
          13 July 2022 17: 27
          Well, it means an ambush from grenade launchers - there is bulletproof anti-fragmentation armor. Grandfather RPG-7 will calmly work this Italian chariot. From KPVT on wheels so as not to spin, not crawl and finish off with a grenade launcher. good
          Yes, I think that there will be a colander from the KPVT. And if a 30mm machine - even more so.
          1. +1
            14 July 2022 15: 14
            RPG-7, not Grandpa .. He has long received a second youth on the fields of any battles and local conflicts. "Shaitan's pipe" is more alive and worse than any modern product (within its range and the art of a grenade launcher, of course). hi
            1. +1
              14 July 2022 15: 22
              it was the shaitan pipe that we have southern nationalities and called him at the shooting in the training room in 89. hi
        2. +2
          14 July 2022 18: 30
          You are slightly wrong:
          1. The South Africans did not have time to use Ruikats against Angola. Used Ratel.
          2. Actually in Angola, there were far from only raids, but also full-fledged "cuts" between tank battalions and the infantry supporting them, with the active use of artillery and the Air Force.
          3. A 105 mm gun with modern shells, unfortunately, poses a threat to the T-64 (and there are many of them in the LDNR), the old T-72B (there are still quite a few of these in the RF Armed Forces) and for the T-62. This is not to mention light armor and infantry.

          Another thing is that in conditions when both sides use a huge amount of artillery, and we, in addition, essentially control the air (whatever anyone whines, and the Su-25 and Ka-52 burn everything that comes across) to implement these machines (and even in single copies) the Sumerians will not succeed.
    2. 0
      11 October 2022 11: 51
      Comrade Stalin said that tanks don't fight tanks. Here recently an article was about the "carts" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with which they carry out breakthroughs in the steppes. So such a centauro would be very useful for them for fire support
  3. +11
    13 July 2022 17: 03
    The Centauro is designed to deal with amphibious assaults on the coast of Italy. Wheeled chassis are needed for fast movement along the highway along the coast. This machine was developed purely for Italy according to the specifications of the local Ministry of Defense, for a specific task. In Ukraine, they most likely will not live long
    1. +7
      13 July 2022 17: 31
      well, unless the protoshumers start using them as mobile art points, according to the principle, they quickly shot back and immediately dumped them. Without fire contact with tanks. So there will still be a chance to live.
      1. +4
        13 July 2022 18: 22
        So you described the main tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Only contact with tanks cannot always be avoided. lol and at first it seems like you need to survive the art processing, but here the armor is rather weak, but the size is large No.
    2. +1
      15 July 2022 11: 43
      Wheeled tanks are a separate class, centauro is just one of the representatives. What they should do on the battlefield and how and against whom to fight is, of course, a question, but such machines are not so successful on the market. There is a striker, amx-10RC and all sorts of Chinese fakes, even in the union they thought about this topic by creating a "Sting" on an armored personnel carrier chassis (and, well, yes, the Cubans have chthonic armored personnel carriers with 100mm cannons from 54-k). It is possible that ersatz wheeled tanks for weak, poor armies will not be taken out in a serious cut, but they have been riveted in one form or another for about a century.
      1. 0
        15 July 2022 22: 16
        They basically have 2 tasks: fire support from the 2nd line, so to speak, and reconnaissance. Stryker is only fire support, because there are no tanks in the Stryker brigades, as I remember, the AMX10RS is a combat reconnaissance vehicle, this is its main task. the Chinese have units like Stryker Brigades, i.e. The whole unit is on wheels, they need fire support and cars for export
  4. +7
    13 July 2022 17: 36
    Quote: paul3390
    against, at best, the T-55 - yes, it will do for itself.

    Why do you think that this "anti-pop vehicle", as you call it, should definitely be used against tanks? To use it as ordinary mobile artillery is quite fine ...
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. +3
    13 July 2022 19: 19
    ... Already in the liver sits the phrase "Wheel tank". Tank - fighting vehicle caterpillar. On wheeled tanks There is no, this is an armored car, no matter what weapons they put on it. Roughly speaking, even if the Maus were designed on wheels, it would no longer be a tank, but an armored car.
    And there is no need to refer to the BT series of Soviet wheeled-tracked tanks: wheel travel was used on them only for quick relocation, they went into battle on caterpillar tracks. And the fact that marketers came up with the phrase "wheeled tank" for sale to countries with a low budget, but passionately desiring to have tanks, is obvious.
    1. +2
      13 July 2022 22: 34
      Quote: Grandfather amateur
      A tank is a tracked fighting vehicle.

      Let me disagree.
      This is just our definition (local) from here:
      This is how mines of defense broadcasts for the domestic market.
      But ☝️ It is signed (and the state) under a completely different

      The term "battle tank" means self-propelled an armored fighting vehicle that has high firepower, mainly due to the main gun with a high muzzle velocity of the projectile for direct fire, necessary to destroy armored and other targets, high mobility over rough terrain, a high level of security and which is not designed and equipped mainly for the transport of combat troops. .... Battle tanks are tracked armored fighting vehicles having a dry weight of at least 16,5 metric tons and armed with a gun of at least 75 millimeters caliber, having a 360 degree horizontal rotation angle. In addition, entering service ☝️any wheeled armored fighting vehicles that meet all the other criteria above, also considered battle tanks.

      See for yourself: Article 2, paragraph 1, paragraph (C)
      And in any language, and signed, with all the powers

      Centauro has a mass of 24-30 tons and a gun of 105-120mm, which means it is a tank, no matter how you get it. request
      I prefer the clear definition:
      1. +2
        14 July 2022 05: 51
        Well, I have no particular desire to argue, but calling a fork a spoon still won't work for her to eat a bowl of soup. smile
        The tank was created during the 1st World War, it was on a caterpillar track. At this time, armored vehicles already existed. And it turned out a clear separation of the two combat vehicles: the BA - on a wheel drive, on the basis of a car, and the tank - on a caterpillar. hi
        And about the Armored War Cart... I like the sound too smile
  7. -4
    13 July 2022 19: 21
    There is nothing in NATO that is suitable for a full-fledged war. Unification is only at the level of ammunition calibers and then relative. Everything else in terms of armored vehicles and art and even small arms are exclusive crafts to make money on servicing sold copies. The nut from the Leopard tank and the nut from the Centauro are fundamentally different nuts because the countries within the "democratic European world" are irreconcilable competitors. The nomenclature of spare parts and the lack of real stocks of spare parts / repair battalions for maintenance makes these tanks only showpieces for Kubinka.
    In general, Europeans are strange people already switching to firewood and candles + washing on holidays, while they themselves are trying to participate in a high-tech war of attrition!!??
    1. 0
      13 July 2022 20: 52
      Apparently ....
  8. +9
    13 July 2022 20: 14
    We are humanitarian troops for the Italians to fight covid, they are military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This, I understand, is brotherly... And does anyone else have doubts that someone in Europe loves us?
    1. Alf
      13 July 2022 20: 44
      Quote from cheshirskicat
      We are humanitarian troops for the Italians to fight covid

      Especially if you remember that after they said - We did not ask you for help ...
    2. +2
      13 July 2022 21: 22
      What kind of brothers are they? But believe me, the earth is round, everything will return to them, we have a very wise leader of the country.
      1. 0
        15 July 2022 10: 48
        Over the past 28 years, I have traveled and repeatedly traveled almost all of Europe. By car, mostly with family. There are places that we have returned to many times. But Italy has always been a special place where you were constantly drawn to. There are a lot of similarities between Italians and us. And we were always treated very friendly, cordially. Helped when needed. I even thought about buying a small apartment in Venice.
        But that's when the NWO began and followed by a completely insane reaction of Europeans, including Italians. And friends living in Spain, Germany, Italy, tell WHAT is the attitude towards Russians now (Italy, however, is an exception. Italians do not care who of what nationality), the desire to fly to Europe has completely disappeared. How cut. And even when everything is over and some time has passed, I'm not sure that I want to fly to some European country. It became very disgusting to look at them and perceive them as normal people.
        Someone might say that I'm wrong. May be. But don't break yourself.
        1. 0
          15 July 2022 11: 26
          I agree with you 100%. I also wanted to buy a house in the suburbs of Bologna in the 10th year. Over the long years of living abroad, I was convinced of the old Russian proverb: "Where I was born, it came in handy there"
  9. 0
    13 July 2022 20: 34
    Well, here is another apparatus for studying the GABTU and UralVagonZavod ... more NATO equipment for studying a potential enemy and his technologies)
    1. +2
      13 July 2022 21: 19
      These cars were in the GABTU and quite legally.
  10. -3
    13 July 2022 20: 51
    All the bitches on zaoaayut
  11. -3
    13 July 2022 21: 01
    The Italians decided to get rid of their junk))) and not just like that, but for EU money. Well done, keep it up)))
  12. +9
    13 July 2022 21: 08
    Non-dangerous 250 Polish tanks...
    Useless Hymars...
    Cardboard Danish armored personnel carriers ...
    Czech aviation that does not affect anything ...
    French Caesars who get stuck...
    Quantity turns into quality. A sound assessment of situations is a necessary condition in order not to lose.
    Centauros not transferred are better than those in the Ukrainian army, no matter how bad these Centauros are.
  13. +1
    13 July 2022 21: 17
    The author, please fix this car has an in-line six and not a V6.
    1. 0
      14 July 2022 06: 54
      Quote: Pivot
      Author please correct

      The author does not read comments.
      On the computer, you can point out the editing error, they will fix it.

      1. 0
        14 July 2022 08: 23
        Thanks, I don't have a computer.
        1. 0
          14 July 2022 08: 59
          Quote: Pivot
          no computer at hand.

          The mobile version does not have this functionality (
  14. 0
    13 July 2022 23: 50
    it will be a crash ....... meeting with T72B3 will be the last
    1. +1
      14 July 2022 00: 14
      There, a BMP2 hit will be fatal
    2. +6
      14 July 2022 03: 18
      Quote: Zaurbek
      it will be a crash ....... meeting with T72B3 will be the last

      It all depends on the circumstances under which this meeting takes place. Centauro is quite capable of successfully operating from an ambush. In the past, our Ministry of Defense was very interested in these machines, and under Serdyukov they were tested at our training ground.
      1. +2
        14 July 2022 09: 10
        Both here and all over the world, the military is constantly experimenting with something. What goes into service, and what, upon close study, is rejected.

        My couch IMHO: With our directions and snow, this car has no chance of life in the Russian Federation, like any heavy wheeled armored vehicles.

        And Ukraine will take. In urban battles, this stool is clearly better than the BMP-1/2 or BTR 60/70/80.
        And he will continue to produce a zoo in his own troops.
  15. -3
    14 July 2022 08: 18
    Scrap metal for the poor. They did it and now they don’t know where to throw it away. No one buys, whatever they put in jail for squandering money, they decided to throw off Ukraine.
  16. -2
    14 July 2022 08: 51
    When they put it up, it’s not clear yet, do you need to train the staff, or how about the 777 howitzer, under the control of an American officer? It’s also worth noting that the roads in Ukraine are so-so and black earth. There, as soon as it starts to rain, you can set fire to these “Centauro” right at the station, they can’t go off-road ................
  17. +3
    14 July 2022 12: 15
    I remember our contingent of military personnel from the RKhBZ units during the rampant coronovirus infection in Italy washed the sidewalks and disinfected the premises. And now, as a "gratitude" Italy sends military equipment to Ukraine, which is designed to destroy our military personnel and civilians. Why do we stick our nose everywhere where we shouldn't and always try to please knowing that our efforts will never be appreciated. But they warned that Italy is part of the NATO bloc, and therefore it is our likely enemy on the battlefield, and therefore it is better to wash the sidewalks in your country. Yes, it is clear that history really teaches that it does not teach fools anything.
  18. 0
    14 July 2022 13: 58
    Quote: Old Sergeant
    And see if the Russians can put Ukraine. Selling everything. And they have always been for sale.

    Correctly! This jackal stands quietly on the sidelines, waiting for someone to sing hosanna. Here are just young people of military age from Turkestan, there are millions in Russia. It would be nice to use them in the NWO for obtaining a Russian residence permit. Let them earn with their blood the right to live in Russia, receive pensions, and raise their children in comfort.
  19. -1
    14 July 2022 14: 13
    Approximate course of events. Characters: Government - P, generals - G.
    P: Here it is necessary to transfer heavy weapons to the ukram.
    G: What are we doing here?
    P: So the Russians offend them.
    G: (They take out a guide to the European Armed Forces) The Ukrainians themselves had almost 1000 tanks only in the ranks, and it is not known how many are in storage. If this is not enough for them, then how can we help?
    P: What about European solidarity?!
    G: If you are so eager to get into someone else's war, then don't be surprised if the Russians remember for a long time, then take away the decommissioned and broken junk. There are guns from the time of our beloved Duce, a captured Russian machine gun from Stalingrad, just right for Ukrainian bullets, grenade launchers and ammunition with rockets that have an expiration date.
    P: In Washington they said it was necessary!
    G: Who needs it? Do they need? Don't we need to? We will now steal fifty “centaurs”, which they don’t even know how to operate, and half of them will be abandoned before the front due to breakdowns, but what will we fight on ourselves in which case? Will you compensate us for this, will you finance new equipment? As well as reputational losses when the Russians drag our equipment to their museums and point the finger.

    In the meantime, Slavyansk and Kromatorsk will soon be over, and there will be Avdeevka and Kharkov, and winter without fuel, ...
  20. +1
    14 July 2022 18: 46
    Despite the hatred mood here, any weapon contributes to the meat grinder of war. And this, by the way, is a highly mobile gun of a decent caliber on wheels. And you don't need to send it against tanks. But from an ambush, a convoy of trucks, or light armored vehicles, will be completely shot. And very quickly run away to another position. This is how they will be used until they are knocked out
  21. -1
    14 July 2022 19: 51
    Yep, like this laughing
  22. 0
    14 July 2022 21: 04
    Can this tin of 23-30 mm be picked open?
  23. -2
    14 July 2022 22: 32
    For example, Russian testers criticized the Italian car for its lack of reliability.
    Here from this place, if possible, in more detail! This is not Petrov & Boshirov?
  24. 0
    15 July 2022 20: 03
    Italian tanks have never been the standard ...
  25. 0
    16 July 2022 23: 25
    centaurs are very comfortable in AFRICA!!!!
    1. 0
      8 September 2022 12: 20
      There is an opinion that against a native with AK - everything is very convenient.
      In principle, the KV-1 would fit if you stand further than the RPG hits.
  26. 0
    7 September 2022 08: 09
    This kind of lightweight technique should be so dynamic that it would be difficult to aim at it! Otherwise, it is a target even for hand weapons.
  27. 0
    8 September 2022 12: 19
    I remember in the 90s some schizos seriously flooded the saying "the USSR had wheeled tanks and generally fast ones, which means it was aggressive and was going to attack!"

    And then there's the evono cho.
    Such a reference is another thing that must be understood directly.
  28. -3
    1 October 2022 10: 03
    If the wheels were made with a staggered arrangement like that Tiger, the normal pepelats would be with an increase in booking ...