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Behind the scenes of testing the IL-76MD-90A

So, it happened. New military transport aircraft IL-76MD-90А after several years of development and construction took off for the first time. A few days after that, a contract was signed at the Ulyanovsk Aviastar-SP Aviation Plant for the supply of new air "truck" to the Russian armed forces 39. This agreement will have positive consequences for the customer and for the manufacturer. In the future, the Ministry of Defense will probably additionally order some more new aircraft of this model.

Among other things, the events of recent days are interesting in that the contract signed in Ulyanovsk, according to some media outlets, was almost impossible. The fact is that in the last days of August, the Izvestia newspaper published a note in which the words of a certain source in the military department were quoted. The anonymous author told the newspaper about the non-compliance of the Il-76MD-90A with military requirements. According to this source, at present the prototype of the new transporter does not have a number of special equipment necessary for operation in the military transport aviation: these are electronic warfare systems, weapons, special avionics, etc. Therefore, the source concluded, the IL-76MD-90A is unsuitable for use in the air force.

IL-76MD-90А / IL-476 on LIS Aviastar plant, the end of August 2012 (photo - nik.duo,

Nevertheless, despite the words of an anonymous source allegedly from the Ministry of Defense, the contract was signed and the new planes will go to the troops. Officials did not comment on the publication in Izvestia, but from the position of the military department, namely from the concluded contract, it follows that the aircraft of the customer are satisfied. Perhaps with certain reservations. If the version voiced by an anonymous source has something to do with reality, then most likely the special equipment has not yet been installed on the prototype plane and its place is taken by weight and size simulators. In addition, according to unconfirmed information, EW systems designed specifically for IL-76MD-90А will be ready only in the next 2013 year. So, the conclusions about the unsuitability of the aircraft turned out to be at least greatly exaggerated.

And yet the greatest interest in the project of deep modernization of IL-76 is its история and prerequisites for creation. In the middle of the last decade, the leadership of the air force faced a specific problem: the existing military transport planes become obsolete, and the purchase of new ones is associated with a number of difficulties. The fact is that before the production of IL-76 transport workers was carried out at the Tashkent Aviation Production Association (TAPO), which after the collapse of the USSR became the property of another state. Despite the latter fact, the Ilyushin company continued to work with the Tashkent aircraft factory and create new aircraft modifications, however, such cooperation had certain disadvantages. First of all, the development company was not satisfied with the state of TAPO. For the production of a large number of aircraft needed to significantly upgrade the plant equipment. But de facto it turned out to be impossible: Uzbekistan could not “pull” modernization of production alone, and Russia did not want to invest in a foreign enterprise, even with a positive return for itself.

It is worth noting that the Russian side several times attempted to increase its influence on the TAPO. So, in 2007, a document was signed, according to which the Tashkent Aviation Production Association in the future was to become part of the Russian United Aircraft Building Corporation. The case seemed to go successfully, but less than a year after the signing of the first agreements, Uzbekistan refused to continue the transfer of the enterprise. After these events, Russia continued the work begun in 2006 — the complete transfer of the production of Il-76 aircraft from Tashkent to Ulyanovsk. Further development of the situation with the IL-76 was ambiguous. On the one hand, the Ulyanovsk plant really coped with the production of another type of aircraft. But on the other hand, TAPO, left without new orders, suffers losses and has debts of several tens of millions of dollars. In other words, not entirely rational actions by the leadership of a friendly republic led to the fact that a foreign aircraft factory had already received a large order and in the future could add other contracts to it, and another enterprise (and its own, which should be twice as sad) - on the verge of closing .

Behind the scenes of testing the IL-76MD-90A
Prototype "01-02" IL-476 / "476 product", Ulyanovsk Aviastar aircraft factory, no later than 02.08.2011. In the upper photos in the background, the 01-01 machine for static tests (photo from the Djoker archive, http: / /

Consider what the order for the Il-76MD-90А aircraft is useful for the Aviastar-SP Ulyanovsk plant. According to the head of the presidential administration of Russia S. Ivanov, the contract for the construction of 39 new transport workers will provide the plant with work up to 2018. In addition, Ulyanovsk aircraft manufacturers assemble Tu-204 aircraft. Due to two models of Aviastar-SP aircraft, in the coming years it will have such a load that it did not have since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is worth noting that almost four dozen cars are most likely only the first part of the total order. IL-76MD-90А was developed with a long-term perspective, and after the delivery of the last aircraft in the 2018-19 years we should expect new contracts. The total volume of IL-76МД-90А orders, and in the more distant future, new IL-76 modifications can be represented based on the number of the current fleet of these vehicles. The Russian air force currently operates more than two hundred aircraft of this family. In addition, a certain amount of IL-76MD-90A can be ordered by the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

It is not difficult to imagine what economic and social consequences a contract will have. Under the contract for the supply of 39 aircraft, the Ulyanovsk Aviastar-SP plant will receive about 140 billion rubles. It is quite obvious how useful such a contract will be and how the standard of living of the company's employees will change. In addition, the contract signed by 4 in October is the most “ponderous” agreement for the supply of aircraft in the history of the new Russia. Over the past twenty years, never military or civilian state organizations have spent such huge sums on purchases of new aircraft.

However, the success of the IL-76MD-90A is overshadowed by some unpleasant things. First, at present, the purchase of these transport workers is significantly more expensive than upgrading the aircraft to the level of IL-76MDM. Secondly, the deadline for the delivery of the first production machines may move due to possible problems with fine-tuning the EW equipment and other special equipment. Finally, the tests began quite recently and it is still impossible to say how much their course would correspond to the plan, especially since the first flight of the IL-76MD-90А was initially going to take place almost a year ago. Hopefully, the entire “limit on delays” has already been chosen and in the future the program of testing and building new transport airplanes will be carried out in strict accordance with the plan.

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  1. Civil
    Civil 8 October 2012 08: 48
    In other words, the not quite reasonable actions of the leadership of the friendly republic led to the fact that a foreign aircraft factory had already received a large order and could add other contracts to it in the future, and another company (and its own, which should be half as sad) was on the verge of closing .

    They will tear it down, plow it up and grow tomatoes, they will sell it to the provisional enemy, who, judging by Wikileaks, lobbied for this decision
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 8 October 2012 09: 45
      Well, they handed over the order - but will they be able to fulfill it? We will see, see, gloat in any case, we will not, although so far we have not done such a large series of large aircraft in Russia (more precisely, we have not done it since Soviet times) ...
      1. beech
        beech 8 October 2012 13: 42
        the new plane finally went to the troops !!!
        URA URA URA !!!!
        1. beech
          beech 8 October 2012 19: 24
          for what the cons !!!
          1. VAF
            VAF 8 October 2012 21: 13
            Quote: beech
            for what the cons !!!

            For BLA_BLA_BLA !!! fool

            The plane is still at the flight design stage, and he already has .... negative
            1. not good
              not good 9 October 2012 00: 33
              Dear VAF, Be gentle on laypersons.
              1. Ruslan67
                Ruslan67 9 October 2012 01: 09
                I agree with VAF-got amateurs! when the first plane enters the army then we will scream cheers!
  2. GG2012
    GG2012 8 October 2012 09: 38
    "... But on the other hand, TAPO, being left without new orders, suffers losses and has debts of several tens of millions of dollars ..."

    Uzbek brothers do not constantly fulfill the requirement of contracts on terms and quality of work. Here is the only production (!) Reason for the need to transfer the plant. The contract with China is broken for two years. And Russia pays fines (!!!)
    There is also a political reason: the Uzbek authorities are very active friends with the Americans, and besides, a very strange coordination has been revealed between the activities of the Amer special services and the problems at the plant.
    The local authorities do not comment on this in any way, "Syuschai! And I am shta! And I eat a lot!"
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 8 October 2012 09: 43
      You would have fantasized less, the reason there was completely different ...
    2. John from the USA
      John from the USA 8 October 2012 10: 42
      Probably Western intelligence agencies had a hand in the collapse of cooperation.
    3. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 8 October 2012 11: 46
      Here is a paradox, all the countries of the former union were striving for independence, but in fact Russia is becoming more and more independent. From Ukraine - in the gas issue (today they will launch the second branch of the northern stream), from Kazakhstan - in the space industry (agreements on launch sites for the Angara have been covered and Vostochny is being built), well, that is also from Uzbekistan ... politicians think that something is going wrong.
      1. Konsmo
        Konsmo 8 October 2012 15: 30
        Big money projects are best done at home. These are highly paid jobs and taxes.
        1. valokordin
          valokordin 10 October 2012 07: 34
          But in Tashkent, Russians worked at the factory
      2. Letun
        Letun 8 October 2012 16: 46
        Quote: viruskvartirus
        it’s interesting that the idea that something is going wrong is not creeping in among our politicians.

        For our politicians, everything just goes this way, unfortunately at that time it doesn’t go so for ordinary citizens. I think uncles with portfolios that ditched the plant in Tashkent didn’t live worse from this.
        The same is true throughout the post-Soviet space, the better the life of bureaucrats, the more ordinary citizen in the pope.
      3. not good
        not good 9 October 2012 00: 38
        Apart from the Baltic states, no one sought independence, and if the drunk Yeltsin had not initiated the law on the independence of Russia (it is not clear from whom), the camp might not have broken up.
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 9 October 2012 00: 42
          Sorry for the question: did you live in the Baltic?
      4. wax
        wax 9 October 2012 00: 55
        The matter, of course, is not going as we would like, but not our fault - we do not have time to wait for strategic decisions to be made there - with whom to be and to be or not to be. Sensitive productions will have to be created, and we can help to load these enterprises with other orders, which we must not lose sight of, because their complete collapse will lead to corruption for Uncle Sam, since his printing press does not stop.
      5. BlackCat
        BlackCat 10 October 2012 22: 28
        Quote: viruskvartirus
        it’s interesting that our politicians do not creep into the thought that something is going wrong .....

        So the reason is very simple:
        all high-tech industries were held in Russian. After the collapse of the union, they simply survived from the countries of our former Asian republics (in words, they forced them to leave). After that, the production was covered with one place, and after that the local ones were left without work. Therefore, now we see Asians in the vast expanses of Russia as guest workers (which was absolutely not observed in the Soviet Union).
    4. edge
      edge 9 October 2012 06: 46
      what kind of brothers are they to us ........... the whole history were dependents, only cotton and contributed to the general treasury
      1. BlackCat
        BlackCat 10 October 2012 22: 32
        Quote: hert
        what kind of brothers are they to us ........... the whole history were dependents, only cotton and contributed to the general treasury

        Not only in Asia were dependents. Georgia, for example, did not transfer any money to the Union budget at all, it only consumed it.
  3. itr
    itr 8 October 2012 10: 27
    Anyway, it’s better to help Ilyushin than Antonov
    1. Leisure
      Leisure 8 October 2012 12: 19
      This is a type of shirt, closer to the body. Uzbekistan and Ukraine are trying to fly.
      1. BlackCat
        BlackCat 10 October 2012 22: 41
        Quote: Lazer
        This is a type of shirt, closer to the body. Uzbekistan and Ukraine are trying to fly.

        And what would be more logical to close your factory by cutting workers, but to give work to workers in another state? Any state must first of all worry about its citizens. Moreover, it receives taxes on its content from them, and not from its neighbors.
    2. NickitaDembelnulsa
      NickitaDembelnulsa 8 October 2012 13: 38
      Yes, not necessarily at all! Ukraine itself has not yet coped with the Design Bureau. Antonova., She needs help in this! Indeed, to build such giants as the An-124, An-225 (It’s not very likely, but still, and the An-70 together is incomparably simpler!
    3. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 10 October 2012 04: 51
      +++++++++++. Definitely - as one politician friend of mine says))))))
  4. Vorchun
    Vorchun 8 October 2012 11: 09
    39 new cars, not enough for one district, but with our territory ... just a miserable one.
    1. Vito
      Vito 8 October 2012 11: 26
      Vorchun , Greetings.
      Quote: Vorchun

      39 new cars, not enough for one district, but with our territory ... just a miserable one.

      Let's hope this is just the beginning!
  5. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 8 October 2012 11: 29
    It is very clear on the example of TAPO that the West is doing everything in its power to restore the Russian aircraft industry, capable of pulling for itself the rise of the entire industry, because the plan of the West is to force Russia to sit near the oil and gas pipe and serve them in its interests, Russian barbarians are assigned only this place in the world distribution of labor. And the West will supply airplanes for Russia, for this the Russian aviation industry was practically destroyed first of all by the efforts of Yeltsin’s young workers. Thank God the process of restoring the Russian aviation industry with a creak but GO!
    1. not good
      not good 9 October 2012 00: 42
      Let's eat what’s going on.
  6. cucun
    cucun 8 October 2012 11: 42
    For the new Il 476, the whole project on the new cable network was disrupted. Irkutavia got caught, which was given this development .... Alas.
    Now we have transferred it to Sukhoi. I think things will go. But the timing will definitely shift ...
  7. Alex-UA
    Alex-UA 8 October 2012 15: 53
    Let them do it and wait, but they will, and Il planes are beautiful
  8. Botanologist
    Botanologist 8 October 2012 16: 09
    As I understand it, Russia is quietly concentrating everything that Gorbi has pissed off. And in the conditions of eternal orange-pink-blue revolutions, all allies are somehow not very reliable. Today we place orders for the same Motor Sich - and suddenly tomorrow someone really wants to make pleasant NATO. And we will press on conscience, friendship and fraternity.
    No, better let them put pressure on friendship, and we - on self-sufficiency and new technologies. So reliable.
  9. Romeohihnic
    Romeohihnic 8 October 2012 19: 12
    In the course of the program, an assessment was made of the current requirements of the main customer - the Ministry of Defense of Russia and other potential customers. Changes in the modernized IL-76MD-90A will affect both on-board equipment and systems, and the design of the product.
  10. studentmati
    studentmati 8 October 2012 22: 11
    Tight things are going on, very tight. But there is no way out, except to lift our aircraft industry off its knees, and make its own electronics for it. God forbid Rogozin and get here and offer to purchase a European Airbus transport.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 8 October 2012 22: 14
      Good evening, you have not been seen for a long time. Look wider, not only REOs, engines, ergonomics, and much more. The most important thing is that there are achievements, but industry is on its side.
  11. Shulz-1955
    Shulz-1955 8 October 2012 22: 39
    There would be a plane, and what is attached to it, will finish
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 8 October 2012 22: 42
      A competent approach, but no matter how you hang a Mercedes emblem on a Lada, it will not become a Mercedes.
      1. Shulz-1955
        Shulz-1955 8 October 2012 22: 46
        And Mercedes in the war is not needed, you need reliable equipment, and this plane is what you need
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 8 October 2012 22: 50
          So far, this is an under-equipped aircraft, with retrofitting, its characteristics will significantly decrease.
  12. not good
    not good 9 October 2012 00: 28
    The first swallow by Poghosyan, God forbid, not the last.
  13. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros 9 October 2012 00: 43
    Let the design and old, Soviet, but he is awesome!
    1. edge
      edge 9 October 2012 06: 52
      see the war is very close, since so quickly take to arms ......
  14. knife
    knife 9 October 2012 09: 19
    Who in the subject - the documentation was digitized by the product? Otherwise there were such reports, but now there’s silence about it.
    1. BlackCat
      BlackCat 10 October 2012 22: 48
      Quote: knife
      Who in the subject - the documentation was digitized by the product?

      All in number. Because of this transfer, there was mainly a delay in production (such an explanation has been found in the press more than once).
  15. bddrus
    bddrus 9 October 2012 10: 14
    I am tormented by the question WHY 39, NOT 40 ???))) Well, would they round up or don’t know where to put the fortieth then?))
    1. Big lexey
      Big lexey 9 October 2012 14: 20
      Quote: bddrus
      I am tormented by the question WHY 39, NOT 40 ???))) Well, would they round up or don’t know where to put the fortieth then?))

      It’s like in a joke:
      A man comes to a bar and asks the bartender to pour him 7 glasses.
      After completing the order, asks the bartender to remove the first and last.
      To the surprised question of the bartender "Why ?!", he answers:
      - The first one always goes badly, and with the last one I fool ...

      So here, they decided to order 40 pieces, but they refused the first one right away. As they say - the first pancake is always lumpy :-))))))))))))))))))
  16. Farvil
    Farvil 9 October 2012 15: 01
    The country has money for which it is possible to rebuild a country with new technologies in industry and agriculture, the fishing industry, which is in the way, it’s not a competent government and officials with rampant corruption, it’s a shame the richest country that can provide itself to everyone, lives wretchedly, it’s west integration is necessary, not for us, they don’t have the resources and not ours, let them integrate with us, but on our terms.
    1. Kir
      Kir 9 October 2012 18: 22
      There is also something more important than natural resources, this is our human potential! which includes, as you know, not only hands but most importantly Brains !! It is enough to see how much intellectual property has been "stolen" from here and is still going on !!! As the saying goes, your "brains" and our "signboard"!
  17. Konrad
    Konrad 9 October 2012 19: 42
    The article was mentioned as a minus, the lack of weapons. I don’t understand why it is necessary for the transporter? Well, there were cannon sparks on cars of the 50s (An-12), and now why? Messers have been written off for a long time, and a modern fighter will strike a rocket from such a distance that the guns have nothing to do. Only extra weight + shooter.
    1. sergey261180
      sergey261180 9 October 2012 19: 44
      So amers think so. Where are the guns on the transporter? They fly closer ...
  18. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 9 October 2012 20: 01
    Yes, excellent performance has been achieved and this modification is a new generation of aircraft. The step is not small. Well-tried and tested solutions have been preserved, but everything from the wing and cockpit to engines and avionics has been improved good
    1. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 10 October 2012 04: 56
      I would like to take a closer look at the "source" of the Izvestia newspaper (I don't want to write with a capital letter). There is nothing in their opinion. They have no brain.
      I want more of these (new) aircraft, oh, how I want! And as quickly as possible. Who knows the production cycle of one unit 76?
  19. scorpiosys
    scorpiosys 10 October 2012 01: 50
    Please excuse me! There is a communication problem from the Southern Federal District. As soon as I report that I am from a city floating in the night, they immediately chop me, and not me alone. The theme has been around since the month of July, when it was all, and when there was a night of 5000 losses. I apologize for the verbosity ...