Pistols of the company Taurus Millennium series

Given the interest in Taurus pistols, judging by the comments to previous articles about them, I would venture to continue to advertise them for free. weapon, well, suddenly the manufacturer will notice, and if he does not pay, he will give at least something from his products. If before that it was only about weapons, which is produced with the permission of other manufacturers, now it will be about Brazilian versions of pistols, that is, not only produced at the company's factories, but also developed by designers of the country, "where there are many, many wild monkeys." It’s not about a particular pistol, but about a family of weapons for various ammunition.

So, for acquaintance, I want to offer you Millennium pistols, which are represented by two samples of the PT 140 and PT 157. Those who have read the previous articles already understood from one name what ammunition is used in these pistols, but it is still worth explaining. The PT 140 uses .40S & W ammo, while the PT 157 is rated for my favorite .357SIG ammo. Otherwise, the pistols are completely identical to each other. I will say even more. Since the .357SIG cartridge was created on the basis of the .40S & W cartridge case, the only difference between the two samples is only in the barrel, everything else is exactly identical to the micron, well, except that I forgot to mention the difference in weapon marking. Immediately it is necessary to dispel all assumptions that, due to its identity, a pistol powered by ammunition of a smaller caliber is less reliable and durable, since, despite the smaller caliber, these cartridges have more energy than a forty. Such doubts can be applied to a weapon that was adapted from .40 to .357 caliber by simply replacing the barrel without worrying about reinforcing other weapon units, but in this case the pistol, on the contrary, was first created for more powerful ammunition and only then by replacing the barrel was adapted for larger ones. That is, the version chambered for .40S & W even has an excess margin of safety. Although this parameter is never redundant. In general, the weapon is designed for its own ammunition.

Pistols, first of all, are intended as a personal weapon for self-defense, therefore, it is necessary to start the review with the mass and dimensions of the pistol, since they are especially important for such weapons, after all, every day there is no other use of such a pistol that is not in the right moment. Looking at these pistols, you understand that smart people on our planet have not yet died out, and it's good that they are also found among gunsmiths. Finally, you can say without a twinge of conscience, pointing your finger at this weapon, that this is the perfect balance between compactness, efficiency and ease of use. However, I am exaggerating here quite a bit, of course, there are similar samples from other manufacturers, but since there is a compact weapon for .357SIG, I just thought that somewhere this pistol is, and it is out of reach for me, completely blows away the roof. The total length for both pistols is 155 millimeters, with the magazine inserted, the height of the weapon is 130 millimeters, that is, we can talk about the normal size of the pistol grip, for which the weapon can be held confidently, and not try to grab with two fingers. The thickness of the weapon is 28 millimeters, which, although not an absolute minimum, is quite acceptable given that the weapon does not have much protruding controls. The weight of the weapon is only 530 grams, of course, without cartridges. Thus, we can say that this weapon, of course, is not a representative of those samples that can be pushed into the back pocket of tight jeans, but in a jacket pocket or in a holster for concealed carry, such a pistol will be very convenient, although the weight of the weapon will increase when in the store there will be cartridges, since in both versions of the weapon the magazine capacity is 10 cartridges. Let's try to calculate the real weight of the weapon with cartridges. So, .357SIG cartridges can be loaded with bullets weighing 7,45, 8,1 and 9,5 grams, which will correspond to the weight of the cartridge as 16,95, 17,6 and 19 grams, respectively, the weight of the weapon, depending on the type of ammunition, will be 699,5 grams, 706 grams and 720 grams. For .40S & W cartridges, the value will also not be the only one, since of the common options there are two types of bullets that differ in weight with a bullet weighing 10,69 grams and a bullet weighing 11,66 grams, respectively with a mass of cartridges 20,19 grams and 21,16 , 731,9 grams. So, the weight of the weapon will be either 741,6 grams or XNUMX grams. Of course, we do not consider the options "all in a heap". This is the real weight of the weapon when wearing it, but it still remains within reasonable limits and will not create inconvenience.

As already noted above, the weapon does not have controls that strongly protrude beyond its dimensions, but at the same time they are convenient enough to switch. The first impression of the switch fuse is not the best, and the second too. The element is not very conveniently located, but let's not forget that in front of us is not a full-sized pistol, but a baby created to protect. As a solution to the problem of switching this element - it is to carry a gun without a cartridge in the chamber and with the fuse turned off. The shutter delay-release faster than in a critical situation to mess with a small lever. Despite its rather large magazine capacity, the weapon has a slide lag. It is difficult to imagine a situation where there may not be enough cartridges for self-defense of 10, but if this happens, and there is another store, then it will not be difficult to replace it, since the shutter delay button is located just under the thumb of the second hand holding weapon. Speaking of the second hand. Since the gun is quite light, and the cartridges used in it are the same as in the "adult" models, it is more convenient to fire with both hands holding the weapon. All gun control elements are designed for such a gun hold, and the safety bracket has a deflection in the front part for the index finger. Slightly further than the shutter delay button is another switch, its purpose - disassembling weapons. The button for removing the magazine is located on the handle of the pistol just beyond the place where the safety clip is adjacent to the handle. The location and tightness of this button make it virtually impossible to accidentally press it, and accordingly, there will be no cases of unplanned drop-outs of the store. Due to the compactness of the design, all controls are located only on the left side of the weapon and are not duplicated on the right, which should upset those who have the left hand. On the left hand side, there is only one element - the locking lock, which the Taurus company sets on all its pistols and revolvers. The purpose of this device is to “lock” the weapon in the truest sense of the word. This procedure is carried out with a special key and, in theory, must protect the weapon from the encroachments of unauthorized persons. The device in certain situations is really very useful, but to say that it can provide reliable protection from the fact that someone else will use the weapon. In the end, there are no unlocked locks, and this simple miniature version can be opened with a barrette.

Pistols of the company Taurus Millennium seriesWe should also talk about sighting devices of this weapon. Probably, from the very beginning of the appearance of the laser target designator, there has been debate about whether this is a good addition to a weapon or not. Some prove their case by the fact that if a pistol is equipped with an LCC, the aiming procedure takes much less time, and even when practicing the skills of handling weapons it is useful to follow the laser designator spot as the weapon deviates from the target while pressing the trigger. Others assert that the laser designator is evil, since a person is guided only by him, and he can refuse at the most inappropriate moment. Initially, when designing these pistols, it was planned to install an integrated laser target designator, but the idea was abandoned for reasons of maintaining the low cost of the weapon. There is a gun and a seat for additional devices due to its small size. But open sights are mounted on the housing-bolt with the help of seats like "dovetail" and can be replaced with more convenient for the shooter. The standard version of sighting devices is a classic rear sight and a front sight, on which light accumulating points are applied, which facilitates firing in low light conditions. True, there are only two of them, one on the rear sight in the middle, the second on the front sight, but for self-defense this is quite enough, because the distance of the use of weapons is usually only a few meters, and only our footballer can not even get there without sighting devices. Based on all the above, we can conclude that this weapon is really very easy to use, not ideal, of course, but you have to pay for dimensions in one way or another, without this, unfortunately, in no way in a firearm or anywhere else.

Probably, it will be important for many to mention what these weapons are made of. The frame of the gun is plastic, made of impact-resistant polymer, the casing-bolt moves along steel guides, which are sealed in the frame of the weapon. Unfortunately, the design of the weapon and the desire to make cheap weapons forced the manufacturer to make these guides too short, which leads to a gradual loosening of the housing-bolt and, as a result, to the accuracy of the weapon. But this does not mean that the weapon is bad, do not forget that it is intended for self-defense, and therefore must rarely shoot. Therefore, it is necessary to draw the right conclusions about this fact and decide that a pistol is simply not suitable for regular training firing. Although, by and large, the price of these pistols is not the highest, so it’s permissible to treat them as an expendable material, of course, if there are financial means. Gun cover can be in several versions. So, the main ones are the burnished hood versions and stainless steel options. In this case, both options are in good harmony with the frame and the appearance of the gun is quite pleasant. In general, the appearance of the weapon is very neat and you want to take care of and care for the pistol, which is a “plus”.

Automatic weapons built according to the scheme with a short stroke of the barrel, when locking the barrel through the coupling of the projection above the chamber and the window for ejection of spent cartridges. It all works on the following principle. In its normal state, the state of rest, the protrusion above the chamber turns into a window for ejection of spent cartridges, which reliably blocks the barrel bore. When fired, the powder gases push the bullet forward and also press the liner on the bottom, but this only happens while the bullet moves along the barrel, therefore the word “crush” is not entirely appropriate here, rather “hit”. This impulse tends to push the sleeve out of the chamber, but behind the sleeve there is a casing-gate, to which this impulse is transmitted. The shutter casing, being coupled to the barrel, begins to move backward, dragging the trunk along and pulling it long and hard, if there were no tide under the barrel chamber, in which a shaped notch was cut. This cut is threaded with a fixed pin, which is fixed in the frame of the weapon. So, moving backward, the barrel of one of the surfaces of the figured notch abuts against the fixed pin, which leads to a decrease in the breech breech, and consequently, the exit from the clutch with the window for ejection of spent cartridges in the housing-bolt. The barrel of the weapon is stopped by the same pin, threaded into the shaped notch and fortified motionless in the frame of the weapon, and the shutter-casing continues to move backwards. When moving backward, the shutter casing compresses the return spring and removes the spent cartridge case from the chamber, throwing it out through the vacated window to eject the spent cartridge case. After the shutter casing reaches the rearmost point, it begins to move in the opposite direction, while it removes the new cartridge from the magazine, inserts it into the chamber and rests against the breech, pushing it forward. At the same time, a fixed pin and a figure cut-out at high tide interact under the chuck, but this time it does not lead to the lowering of the breech breech, but, on the contrary, to raising it. Thus, at the final front point of the cartridge is located in the chamber, and the bore is locked due to the coupling of the protrusion above the chamber and the window for ejection of spent cartridges.

It is necessary to tell in more detail about the marking of weapons, as usually with this the Taurus company has problems, but in this case everything is correct and true. So, the weapon is designated by two letters indicating that it is a pistol and that it is a pistol of the company Taurus - RT. The last two digits of the three-digit number of the weapon model indicate the cartridge used, but this was higher, but the letters go further. There are few options here, or it is a Latin letter B, which means that the casing-shutter of the weapon is made of steel and blued with a blue tint, and there may also be two SS letters indicating that the material of the casing-shutter is stainless steel. There may also be an additional Latin letter P, which indicates that the weapon belongs to the PRO series, but how it differs from the standard models, I will honestly tell you, I did not understand, although I rummaged through a lot of information.

When this weapon first appeared on the market, the consumer reacted to it with a great deal of skepticism, as most people did not like much in these pistols. But for what I like Taurus, it’s because it instantly reacts to the wishes and moods of consumers, well, actually, this is not surprising, because people earn money. Thus, in the process of adding, correcting, and improving weapons for the average buyer’s requests, the weapon is presented in three generations. The first generation described above. The second generation of pistols differed from the first in that the shape of the frame of the pistol was changed, the individual elements of the casing of the bolt, as well as the controls of the weapon, everything else remained untouched, that is, they first improved the ergonomics. But this was not enough, the people were eager for deeper modernization, and not for bread and circuses. And this upgrade was carried out. The most important distinctive feature of the weapon was that its trigger mechanism became a double and ordinary action, when previously it was only a double action, that is, firing was possible only by a self-propeller. Perhaps it would seem silly to someone to use this type of trigger in weapons that do not have a trigger, and even not having the ability to safely descend, and that it would be more sensible to use ordinary trigger action, because anyway, in order to send a cartridge to the chamber, you need to delay shutter and release it, and thus cock spring. In general, if you think so, then I fully agree with you on this issue. But the citizens of the United States, namely, they are the main buyers of the Taurus company’s weapons, it’s more obvious that they have at least a weapon on their hands for several centuries, they should understand the nuances, I think.

These are two interesting pistols. The Taurus company offers law-abiding citizens for self-defense. Let this weapon do not shine with outstanding accuracy, does not have a magazine with a capacity for 20 cartridges, does not withstand hundreds of thousands of shots, but it is small, light and effective.
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  1. +2
    October 9 2012
    there will be better traumatism
  2. plump
    October 9 2012
    A toy. Yes, any uncle Vasya on his knees is better to collect. Although it will be tailored is not right, but firmly made.
    1. 0
      October 9 2012
      Well, I would not say))) If it were so, then it would be bought from Vasya, and not from Taurus smile But what they have adjusted with these pistols is true, rushed to release them to the market, it was necessary to "drive" them a little more ourselves, to study the wishes of the potential consumer in more detail, then it would not have to be redone twice. Although positive aspects can be noted here, we still listened to the wishes of buyers.
      1. plump
        October 10 2012
        Take a look at any museum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Such unique home-made products flicker there ... So Uncle Vasya has not yet been transferred. Personally, I saw a machine with small cartridges in a clip. (cartridges laid with a tarpaulin tape) removable butt, glushak (not aware of its effectiveness) and an elongated clip of 25 rounds. By the way, the pillar is cut into 500 m!
  3. Salut71
    October 10 2012
    Once again I looked at a normal weapon, squinted at his izh and cried with burning tears ((
  4. +1
    October 10 2012
    I envy black envy ... crying
    In total, weapons for various purposes have been with me for over 40 years. And people like me, in principle, are millions ... able to handle and not open hysterical shooting due to the lack of brains and elementary education. Nevertheless, the state in the person of its individual representatives falls into a coma, I represent a symbiosis of law-abiding citizens and the Constitutional Court.
  5. mih
    November 5, 2012
    interesting plane gun. I wouldn’t refuse to have one

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