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Armored car "Partner". For special tasks


Armored cars of the Typhoon family

A few days ago it became known that a new auxiliary armored vehicle was adopted for the supply of the Russian army. This vehicle is escort and control MSIU-4386 "Partner", made on the basis of one of the existing armored vehicles. It is not designed to work on the front lines, but it must perform important tasks in the rear.

New in the family

The new MSIU-4386 armored vehicle was developed by the Remdizel plant (Naberezhnye Chelny) and is actually part of the Typhoon family of vehicles. According to the developer company, work on the armored car started in 2017 on an initiative basis, but with the approval of the Ministry of Defense. The development work received the code "Partner".

Over the next few years, design work was carried out, experienced armored cars were built and tested. The main events of this kind were completed at the beginning of 2021, and in March, "Partner" was admitted to serial production.

In mid-June, a delegation from the Ministry of Defense visited Remdizel. During this visit, representatives of the department and the management of the plant discussed the implementation of the state defense order, and also revealed some plans. So, by the end of the year it was planned to collect and transfer to the troops 11 new armored cars "Partner". Also for the second half of the year, the transfer of large batches of other armored cars was planned.

K-4386 "Typhoon-VDV"

In early October, the press service of Remdizel announced that in September the MSIU-4386 vehicle was accepted for supplying the armed forces. Thus, the project "Partner" ended in success, and now the re-equipment of army units has begun. Serial production also continues, but its results and successes have not yet been specified.

As reported, MSIU-4386 will solve an imperceptible, but important task. This armored car is capable of transporting personnel and small loads, and must also accompany convoys carrying special equipment. If necessary, it can become a control point in places of work with other equipment.

Modified design

Within the framework of the Typhoon theme, the Remdizel plant simultaneously uses and develops several wheeled platforms. One of the main ones is K-4386 or Typhoon-VDV. This is a two-axle all-wheel drive armored vehicle with the ability to install various weapons and equipment. The machine has high running characteristics and is suitable for parachute landing. On its basis, several specialized armored vehicles have already been created, incl. escort and control vehicle.

In general, the new "Partner" is similar to the base "Typhoon-VDV", however, there are significant changes and innovations in its design, due to which the growth of some characteristics is ensured. First of all, it was possible to reduce the cost of operation without prejudice to other parameters. In addition, the booking has been improved in the direction of increased security.

Armored car "Partner". For special tasks

The main innovations of the project are related to the chassis and are probably due to the specifics of the assigned tasks. The "Partner" uses a simplified independent spring suspension on all wheels. In June, it was reported that this year all Typhoons will begin to receive new tires with safety inserts. Probably, this also applies to MSIU-4386.

The domestic media reports that "Partner" can receive various weapons, incl. in the form of remotely controlled combat modules. In particular, the BM-4386-D module with an automatic cannon and a machine gun can be borrowed from the K-30 in the configuration for the Airborne Forces.

The exact tactical and technical characteristics of the MSIU-4386 have not yet been published, but the parameters of the basic K-4386 are known. The serial Typhoon-VDV weighs 13,5 tons and is equipped with a 350 hp engine. and has four-wheel drive. The armored car carries 7 people, develops a speed of up to 130 km / h and shows a cruising range of 1200 km. In its original configuration, it is equipped with a cannon-machine gun combat module.

A special challenge

The newest "Partner" is intended to solve a specific important task, which affected its design, equipment and capabilities. This armored vehicle must accompany and protect convoys with various cargo. It can also become a kind of command and staff vehicle and provide the organization of certain works. It is these features of the MSIU-4386 project that are of greatest interest.

Logistics has always been a critical issue for any army. Disruption of communications can hit the overall combat capability and change the course of the conflict. In this regard, any elements of the logistics system need protection, and convoys with cargo or military equipment are no exception. Moreover, in some situations it is they that turn out to be a priority target for the enemy and therefore require special attention from the point of view of protection.

In case of possible ambushes, the convoy should be accompanied by armored vehicles. The experience of conflicts in recent years shows that these should be combat vehicles with good ballistic and mine protection. For return fire, they need machine guns of normal or large caliber. You also need a means of communication to coordinate the column on the march or when repelling an attack.

On the initiative of "Remdizel" a specialized "Partner" was developed with a number of characteristic features. Apparently, the suspension was not only simplified, but also optimized for continuous road use while maintaining acceptable off-road qualities. The composition of the equipment and weapons is also fully consistent with the specifics of the assigned tasks.

It should be noted that virtually any modern armored car, for example, the Typhoon-VDV, can accompany the columns. However, MSIU-4386, unlike other equipment, was initially optimized for such tasks, due to which it should show higher technical, operational and economic characteristics. In the light of the possible volume of work, this will give a noticeable gain of an economic and other nature.

With all these advantages, the new "Partner" retains a high degree of unification with the K-4386 and other members of its family. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to simultaneously build equipment of several types for different purposes without complicating production processes and without increasing the cost of products.

Thus, "Remduzel" once again managed to create a new modification of the "Typhoon", capable of effectively solving its tasks. At the same time, the desired results, characteristics and capabilities were obtained with limited revision of the original design.

Invisible and important

The K-4386 Typhoon-VDV armored vehicle is not only a protected vehicle, but also a successful platform for the construction of specialized models of equipment. On its basis, a combat vehicle of air defense units, an armored car for special forces, a minelayer, etc., were created, and some of these samples were accepted for supply. Now the MSIU-4386 escort vehicle has been added to the list of serial modifications.

"Partner" will have to solve not the most noticeable, but important task of ensuring the safety of transportation. As production and supply continues, such equipment will have an increasing impact on army logistics and, accordingly, on the combat capability of the armed forces. Thus, we are talking not just about another modification of the famous armored car, but about an important project, the full significance of which will manifest itself in the future.
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"Remdizel", AP RF
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  1. Aurel
    Aurel 13 October 2021 05: 41
    The armored car is no longer a panacea, with javelins and bayraktars.
    1. carstorm 11
      carstorm 11 13 October 2021 05: 49
      He was not created from air targets) It's easy to fight with javelins. With the rest there is military air defense, which also accompanies the columns) You do not mix warm with soft)
      1. SaLaR
        SaLaR 13 October 2021 13: 17
        Listen ... maybe I don't understand? Why so many types of armored vehicles ?? Why is there no one platform ?? What kind of stress is it for the supply with the provision of spare parts ?? Where is the unification?
        1. carstorm 11
          carstorm 11 13 October 2021 13: 21
          And read it?) There is one platform)))) Typhoon.
          1. SaLaR
            SaLaR 13 October 2021 13: 27
            and the rest are also based on the Typhoon .. All Sorts of Tigers Wolves Punishers, etc.
            1. carstorm 11
              carstorm 11 13 October 2021 13: 30
              There are two in MO Lynx and Tiger. They are of a different class. And only they are in service. A little more Vodnikov was in the Strategic Missile Forces, and then in my opinion they were removed. The rest was at the level of experimental parties. Typhoon weighs twice as much. The Punisher is like the FSB. They have their own cinema. MO, even trucks since 18, orders only Tornado and Typhoon platforms. No Kamaz and Uralovs.
    2. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 13 October 2021 13: 18
      Recently in the SAR they blew up the armor of Kamaz with a colonel ... This is a MRAP - an explosion-mine protected vehicle.
  2. andr327
    andr327 13 October 2021 06: 28
    So what did you create? Some kind of animal unified with the Typhoon and at the same time a publication to the author with a lot of letters.
  3. RomanRS
    RomanRS 13 October 2021 08: 40
    I hope Remdizel has the capacity to produce thousands of them a year. And how are the tests of the "Athlete" going there? Or did “Partner” move “Athlete” away?
    1. faiver
      faiver 13 October 2021 09: 06
      about thousands of pieces a year, is it possible in more detail?
      1. RomanRS
        RomanRS 13 October 2021 09: 25
        Judging by its purpose
        This armored vehicle must accompany and protect convoys with various cargo. ... "Partner" has to solve not the most noticeable, but important task of ensuring the safety of transportation.
        ... This is not the rearmament of special forces brigades, where Typhoon-K deliveries of 30 units are rolled. in year. The scale is completely different.
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 13 October 2021 13: 20
          In Syria, so far only Typhoon-K 6x6 is lit ...... 1 piece
          1. Blackgrifon
            Blackgrifon 13 October 2021 17: 56
            Quote: Zaurbek
            In Syria, so far only Typhoon-K 6x6 is lit ...... 1 piece

            What "1 piece" ?! Why lie?! In almost every column, 1-2 typhoons 6x6 glows, 4x4 is rare, but they come across. And the Patrols don't even make sense to count them - the WG brings them there.
  4. Bradley
    Bradley 13 October 2021 10: 27
    Is it a MRAP or just an armored car?
    I hope that MRAP, we need such machines.
  5. Sergey Aleksandrovich
    Sergey Aleksandrovich 13 October 2021 13: 12
    For escort purposes, only the cannon version is not enough, there must be an air defense version as well.
    With something like this on the roof
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 14 October 2021 09: 48
      From whom? MRAP - a machine for colonial and counter-guerrilla actions ..... they have no aviation
      1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
        Sergey Aleksandrovich 14 October 2021 10: 25
        For escort in the Air Defense Forces and Strategic Missile Forces. And now it is quite possible to expect from partisans drones like in Syria, for example.
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 14 October 2021 10: 27
          What flew to Our base will not get into the convoy ..... and will not pierce the armor ... but what flew to the Armenians will pierce tanks. And here - escort of the convoys (the Strategic Missile Forces is also a convoy with the same threats)
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 13 October 2021 13: 19
    How do they get around the Cummins military vehicle installation?
  7. moreman78
    moreman78 13 October 2021 13: 35
    Now the MSIU-4386 escort vehicle has been added to the list of serial modifications.

    Great, the car was created, adopted, but how was it determined its place in the structure of the troops - that's the question?
    So far, no one has reshaped the OShS, and where now these armored cars will be "shoved" into the battalion staff. support or are they going to create additional security units for the rear? The armored car itself does not fight - it needs a crew + dismounted arrows of the guard unit ... And no one increases the size of the army ...
    So there are some questions!
    1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
      Sergey Aleksandrovich 13 October 2021 15: 38
      Such a car would not have interfered with border guards in Tajikistan in the early 90s. It is a pity that then it was not, however, there was no armored personnel carrier with a 30-mm cannon.