Unknown HAARP

HAARP, High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or, in translation, "the program of active high-frequency research of the ionosphere" with the help of super-power ionospheric heating stands. Project Manager, General John Heckscher.

The HAARP program began in 1990. The project is funded by the Office of Naval Research (Office of Naval Research (ONR)). Since the HAARP facility consists of many individual elements, large and small, there is a significant list of commercial, scientific and governmental organizations that contribute to the construction of the facility, these are universities and educational institutions in the United States, namely, Alaska University, Stanford University, Pennsylvania State University, Boston College, Los Angeles, Clemson University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, John Hopk University Insa, University of Maryland, College Park, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MTI, Polytech, New York University and Tulsa University. BAE Advanced Technologies is the general contractor for the design and construction of a phased array transmitter (Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI - video).

The phased array is built on a site of 1000 x 1200 size (around 33 acres). It consists of 180 towers, 72 'in height, mounted on thermopiles at intervals 80' from each other. Each tower supports near its vertex two pairs of intersecting dipole antennas, one for the lower range (2,8 to 8,3 MHz) and the other for the upper range (from 7 to 10 MHz). The larger the area occupied by the field with antennas, the greater the power. The antenna system is surrounded by a fence to prevent possible damage to the tower antenna or damage to large animals. According to the creator of HAARP Bernard Eastlund, this is enough to create an anti-missile shield or a “quieter” for a tornado.

According to the HAARP press service, the project is committed to openness, all project activities are recorded and made publicly available. HAARP regularly (once a year) organizes open door days during which any interested citizen can watch the entire center. In addition, the scientific results obtained in HAARP are regularly published in the leading scientific journals (Geophysical Research Letters, or the journal Geophysical Research).

However, popular conspiracy theories about the Alarmed US military department's secret HAARP program, which is attributed to the ability to cause natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, hurricanes) in various regions of the world, circulate in both the West and the East. Of course, the capabilities of HAARP in this theory are exaggerated, but there is no smoke without fire. There have been no cases of HAARP causing an earthquake in a geologically stable region, but with the help of such methods it is possible to intensify or otherwise modify a natural disaster where there are certain geological conditions for this. Writer Michael Crichton, for example, justified this possibility with all the most advanced technologies. book

Geophysical weapon based on the challenge of disturbances in the ionosphere, among specialists it is considered a “weapon of despair”. Because nobody fully knows what can happen when it is used with the atmosphere and the magnetic field of the Earth. But it was developed during the years of military confrontation between the United States and the USSR, and scientists apparently proceeded from the principle that when five thousand nuclear warheads fly at you, you don’t have to choose

But to say this to conspiracy theorists is meaningless. And somewhere in the 2020 year, the Pentagon may begin building a very, very large antenna field.

The effective radiation power of the installation at the first stage of the project will be about 1 billion watts. It will be used to:

- "tomography of the earth's crust" (i.e., probing geological formations to detect underground complexes or mineral deposits), which, in conjunction with the Emass system and the Crey supercomputer, allows for monitoring compliance with nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament treaties;
- A more compact and advanced technology can replace bulky radio stations in Michigan and Wisconsin designed to communicate with the underwater fleet at extremely low frequencies;
- creation of artificial plasma sites (plasmoids) in the ionosphere, weather control and transmission of electricity to different regions of the planet;
- the device can be used as a trans-horizon radar and even as an anti-satellite weapon,

The most promising area of ​​research is the control of processes in the ionosphere, the solution of which will significantly improve the efficiency of K-3 class systems (Command, Control and Communication). The main objective of this part of the program is to identify and study processes in the ionosphere that can be applied in the interests of defense programs.

Over time, installations at the Gakkona military training ground in Alaska, Greenland, and Norway will create a closed loop with truly fantastic integrated capabilities for influencing the near-Earth environment.
Unknown HAARP

The significance of this qualitative leap in the weapons system is comparable to the transition from cold weapons to firearms or from conventional to nuclear weapons.

Is the radiation exposure of these facilities harmful to the biosphere? Alas, now scientists are less inclined to conduct research outside their area of ​​specialization, on their own initiative. They are too dependent on the military-industrial complex, on bureaucratic structures, under whose influence they decide who is to be presented with a lucrative grant, consultancy or a degree. Therefore, information about the HAARP project is subject to significant distortions from both the defense industrialists and the military, and from their opponents.

Nick Begich.

The initiative to draw public attention to other potential opportunities of the HAARP project belongs to the scientist and politician Nik Begich Jr. Political activism in Alaska and trade union organizing activities, a position on the Alaska State Board of Economic Education, and two terms of office as president of the Alaska Teachers Federation brought him public recognition. Once he found intriguing in the local press news - it turns out, the federal government intends to build some incomprehensible installation, figuratively speaking, "almost in his yard." During the investigation Begich learned the background of the project.

1. It turns out HAARP originates at the end of 80's. Atlantic Richfield Corp (Arco) has set up a subsidiary called ARCO Power TechnoLeigh Incorporated (APTI). ARCO is the largest privately owned firm in Alaska, primarily engaged in the development of oil fields in northern Alaska, where it controls trillions of cubic meters of natural gas and billions of barrels of oil. It was in the interest of ARCO to find a buyer for this gas. Search for a new market in conjunction with the inventive genius of the scientist Bernard Eastlund, with whom the company had a contract at that time.

Eastland came up with a radically new concept. He proposed to create a huge field with special antennas with an area of ​​4 150 square kilometers, which would transfer the energy generated by natural gas to the sky. These rays of energy were supposed to create reflective surfaces that would direct the microwave energy back to receiving antennas located in the main part of the United States or somewhere else, and then this energy would be converted into electricity.

Eastland believed that energy could also be reflected down from the top of a thundercloud creating a tornado. Tornado is formed as a result of the rise of warm air through a layer of cold, creating a downward air flow. Computer simulations have shown that the flow of heat into the downward flow of air stops such a downward movement, preventing the occurrence of a tornado, and can even calm the tornado formed.

Now both of these ideas have been reduced to zero. "Everyone lost interest in them because it took too much energy, up to a million megawatts," says Eastland. But 3 in November 1993, the US Air Force Command announced that APTI had won a tender for the construction of a heating stand in competition with a large company, Raytheon, which specializes in defense engineering and has a strong reputation in this area. The only thing that helped APTI in an uncompromising competition with the military - a set of twelve patents.

After the contract was made, APTI was quickly sold to E-Systems from Dallas, Texas. The deal was made on 10 on June 1994 of the year. (E-Systems buys ARCO Power Technojeigh. \\ New York Times, 30.06.1994). In 1992, the annual budget of E-Systems was 1,9 billion dollars, the company included an 18.662 employee, and E-Systems was one of the largest contractors performing orders for technical equipment of special services in the United States.

Then "E-Systems" was purchased by Raytheon Corporation for 2,3 billion dollars. Riteon owns not only the HAARP project patents, but in addition to them the contract for the implementation of the second phase of the project. With the purchase of E-Systems, the company has significantly increased annual revenues, as well as a monopoly on pumping funds from the budget under the item "defense spending". The combination of the resources of these two organizations led to the creation of the most powerful enterprise in the world engaged in technical support of intelligence agencies.

When APTI was still owned by ARCO, it was relatively easy to monitor its activities, since it was a small company. It was not difficult to keep track of patents, as well as the accompanying data on the authors of the developments, on the transfer of copyright, etc. The deal with E-Systems made it possible to hide the ends in the water and securely disguise the assets of a small branch in tons of corporate documents. He now lies at the bottom of the deep corporate pool of one of the largest private companies in the world.

2. After studying the materials of the discussion around patents, Begich concluded that the goal of HAARP was not at all the study of the northern lights, but the study of the possibility of influencing the ionosphere in much larger ranges. Among the patents that were not publicly available (and also owned by AIPT Inc.), Nick Begich discovered the following:
- US Patent No. 5.293.176 Issued: March 8 1994. Inventor: Paul J. Elliot. Title: Cross dipole antenna.
- U.S. Patent No. 5.041.834 Issued: August 20 1991. Inventor: Peter Coert. Title: Artificial screen in the ionosphere, formed by a layer of plasma.
- US Patent No. 4.954.709 Issued: September 4 1990. Inventors: Ari Ziegler, Joseph Elsin, Rishon Le Zion, Israel. Title: Highly sensitive directional gamma-ray detector.
- Patent No. 4.817.495 Issued: April 4 1989. Inventor: Adam T. Drobot. Title: The system of identification of space objects.
- US Patent No. 4.999.637 Issued: March 12 1991. Inventor: Ronald M. Bass. Title: Creating artificial areas of ionization above the earth's surface.
- US Patent No. 5.202.689 Issued: April 13 1993. Inventors: Robert W. Bussard and Thomas G. Wallace. Title: Light focusing reflector for space conditions.
- US Patent No. 5.068.669 Issued: November 26 1991. Inventor: Peter Coert and James T. Cha. Title: The system of energy transfer using radiation.- 5.041.834 "Artificial ionospheric screen formed by a layer of plasma";
- US Patent No. 5.218.374 Issued: 8 June 1993. Inventors: Peter Coert and James T. Cha. Title: The system of microwave transmission of energy through the emitter, made by printed circuit.
- US Patent N 4.873.928 Issued: October 17 1989. Inventor: Frank E. Lofter. Title: Explosions of atomic scale, not accompanied by the release of radioactive materials.
- US Patent No. 4.686.605 Issued: August 11 1987. Inventor: Bernard J. Eastlund. Title: The method and technique of exposure to a portion of the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and / or magnetosphere.
- US Patent No. 5.083.664 Issued: August 13 1991. Inventor: Bernard J. Eastlund. Title: The method of creating in the atmosphere a screen consisting of relativistic particles.
- US Patent No. 4.712.155 Issued: December 8 1987. Inventors: Bernard J. Eastlund and Simon Ramo. Title: Method and technique for heating a plasma site using electron cyclotron resonance.

3. In the Anchorage Municipal Library, which has a microfilm copy of the patents. In the patent section under the heading "Previous Developments", Begich found references to the articles of Nikola Tesla. Since Tesla's name was always associated with insane projects, Begich wanted to find out why the creators of planetary engineering still refer to the works of the late inventor. Begich noted an article to which he sent a patent, published in the New York Times 22 September 1940. “Nikola Tesla, one of the truly great inventors, who celebrated 10 on her eighty-fourth birthday in July, told the author that he was ready to bring to the attention of the US government the secret of“ impact at a distance ”, with which he said distance 400 km, thus building an invisible Great Wall of China around the country ... Powerful tension will disperse microscopic charged particles of matter, which will bear the destruction. "

5-7 in May 1997 of the year during the 12-th UN General Assembly, Dr. Nick Begich, spoke at the European Parliament on the activities of the US government in the Arctic and the creation of HAARP. Among those present were several deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, including Vitaly Sevastyanov. The initiative of Dr. Begich, along with the public disclosure in September of 1996, launched an international investigation into the HAARP project.

Amateur radio Claire Zikur

At the start of 90, Claire Zikour could say about himself that life was a success. He was about 50 years old, he worked as an accountant in the transnational oil company ARCO. He had his own house with an area of ​​about 300 square meters near a cliff in the vicinity of Anchorage, with a full wall window overlooking the Cook fiord. He spent at least two nights a week at his shortwave radio station. No one would have imagined that Zikur would take part in the activities of the eclectic team of environmentalists. However, a conversation with neighbors in October 1993 changed their serene life. Jim, the pilot of Alaska Airlines, went on the air one night and told that from his colleagues he had learned about the existence of a certain installation called HAARP, which is being built "in the forest thicket" to the northeast of Anchorage. Equipment with such characteristics could be the world's largest jammer.

Zikur began asking radio amateurs if they had ever heard of anything about the HAARP transmitter. Claire summarized the investigation in an article that was included in the list of "the most important unpublished news of 1994 of the year" in the book "Project under censorship" ("Project under censorship" New York: publishing house For Walls Eythindus, 1995).

However, during the cuts in ARCO Claire lost his job, he sold the house and went wandering around the southern states; but his case was continued by “wilderness guys”. These were two groups of local Americans. First, hunters, geologists and representatives of other professions whose main work takes place in the forests. They do not have a telephone connection and are highly dependent on their own radio stations. Secondly, the pilots.

In most parts of the United States, this level of awareness might seem something extraordinary, but in wooded Alaska, radio communication is part of everyday life, most people access the media and the Internet through satellite antennas, and this allows them to be knowledgeable in many areas of scientific knowledge. In addition, Alaskans are distinguished by an independent nature warehouse, which they owe to the years of struggle for the development of the territory, which is one of the most severe climatic conditions in the world. They are prone to skepticism. For many of them, press conferences conducted by the military raised more questions than answers were received.

Bernard Eastlund

After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University, and after working for eight years in the fusion development program under the auspices of the Atomic Energy Committee, Bernard Eastlund at the beginning of 70's co-authored the invention of the "plasma torch", which could use the excess plasma of a fusion reactor for recycling solid waste. His main invention is the ionospheric emitter, an application for which he submitted in 1985.

In the 80-ies to negotiate with the patent office was not easy. When Eastlund applied for the first of a series of patents related to the invention of the ionospheric heating stand, the expert told him that it looked more like a science fiction writer. Eastlund replied that a similar technique has existed for a long time. Step by step, he developed and submitted to the Bureau the documentation and calculations proving the performance of his offspring. Only this has affected the officials. But before the materials were made public in 1991, the command of the Navy placed his patent under the number 5.038.664 under the “Secret” label.

Project interested in the Pentagon. Further, the main studies of Eastlund were held under the auspices of the Department of Defense Research Projects Administration and were called the “Energy Missile Shield in the North of Alaska” (DARPA Contract No. DAAHDJ-86-C-0420 “The Energy Missile Shield in the North of Alaska”).

Bernard Eastlund died on December 12 2007 of the year.

Nicholas Tesla

In the 19 century, it was known that metals that were ejected into the universe during star explosions have an invisible force field. Much of the iron went deep underground, where it rests peacefully until now. As the planet rotated, the metals rotated with it. This rotation gave rise to an all-pervasive electromagnetic field.

It is believed that the prospects of unlimited possibilities and the value of the electromagnetic environment were discovered by Nikolay Tesla, the inventor of Tesla's resonant transformer, producing high voltage of high frequency. The output voltage of a Tesla transformer can reach several million volts. This voltage in the frequency of the minimum electric strength of air is capable of creating impressive electrical discharges in the air, which can have a length of many meters. These phenomena fascinate people for various reasons, therefore the Tesla transformer is used as a decorative item. But Tesla's invention in the future claims to create a truly cheap source of electricity that will be used as a high-voltage power source for beam weapons.

The author of Tesla's biography, Mark Sayfer "Nikola Tesla: story laser and beam weapons "(based on the Tesla International Symposium, 1988) based on, among other materials, the FBI documents, summed up the life of the inventor:" There is substantial evidence of the hypothesis that Tesla’s archives and scientific works were systematically concealed from the public in order to hide the origins of secret developments, known today as "Star Wars" ".

Road to HAARP

The study of the ionosphere began with several amazed radio listeners. In 1933, a resident of the Dutch city of Eindhoven tried to catch a radio station located in Beromünster (Switzerland). Suddenly, he heard two stations. The second signal — from a powerful transmitter in Luxembourg — had never previously been broadcast at this frequency, its wave was at the other end of the scale; and yet, in this case, the signal overlapped the Swiss station.

The Luxembourg effect, as it was later called, did not long remain a mystery. A Danish scientist by the name of Tellegen found out that the cross modulation of radio signals was the result of wave interaction caused by the non-linearity of the physical characteristics of the ionosphere.

Later, other researchers found that high-power radio waves changed the temperature of the ionospheric section and the concentration of charged particles in it, which affected another signal that passed through the modified section. Experiments with the interaction of radio waves took more than 30 years. In the end, it was concluded: powerful directional radiation causes instability in the ionosphere. Since then, the main instrument of scientists has become a transmitter with an antenna array, called a heating stand (hereinafter the term used in domestic science is used as an equivalent to the English "ionospheric heater").

In 1966, Penn State University specialists, a pioneer in this field of science, built an 500-kilowatt heating stand with an effective radiating power of 14 kW near the campus. In 1983, the transmitter and antenna array were moved from Colorado to Alaska, to an area that is 40 km east of Fairbanks.

The waves that were then able to generate were not of practical interest, but the Air Force and the fleet found the means to create a larger ionospheric modulator, HAARP.

Long before HAARP was laid, more powerful heating stands were built in the former Soviet Union than in the West, and much more scientists were involved in experiments on the effect on the ionosphere. Recently, the German Max Planck Institute built a heating gigawatt stand near Tromsø in Norway. But HAARP differs from this and other stands by an unusual combination of research tools that allows you to control radiation, wide-frequency coverage, etc. The significant difference in the characteristics of the stands is due to the fact that the HAARP design provides the ability to focus the radiation into a narrow beam. At the time of the invention of the method of focusing a phased array antenna by Eastlund, the best that could be achieved by similar methods is the level of one millionth of a watt per cubic centimeter at a height of about one hundred kilometers. But with the use of a full-size sample of the Eastlund heating facility, one can reach an energy density of one watt per cubic centimeter, i.e. the amount of energy delivered is a million times larger. It is not easy to make comparisons even between the prototype of the installation and other heating stands, since at the first stage Istlund’s development will repeatedly outpace any other similar stand in terms of energy concentration. All other heating stands spray energy, rather than focus, like HAARP

Future HAARP

The HAARP project is an integral part of US space policy. In 1993, Air Force commander General Merrill Mac-Peak, speaking at the US Space foundation meeting, said that the point of view that the deployment of offensive weapons in the near space was banned should be revised. He emphasized that the country should create new weapons systems, which in the future will enable it to control outer space. Representatives of the Air Force did not disclose what they had in mind, but claimed that the creation of such systems was a political rather than a technical problem.

In 2000, the Rumsfeld Commission, then a member of the Governing Body of Rand Corporation, was created to mark the 2000 budget vote. For the "Rumsfeld Commission", space is already the same military sphere as land, air and sea. And it should have its own troops, equivalent to the ground, aviation and the fleet. The United States must occupy this sphere and prevent the penetration of any other power into it. Thanks to this asymmetry of means, their military superiority will become undeniable and unlimited. The Rumsfeld Commission put forward ten proposals:

The conclusion of the Rumsfeld Commission is the following: “The story is full of situations where they waved warnings and resisted changes, until any incident that came from outside and was considered“ incredible ”did not push indecisive bureaucrats. The question is: does the United States have enough wisdom to behave responsibly and to reduce their vulnerability from space as quickly as possible? Or, as has already happened in the past, the only event capable of awakening the energy of the Nation and pushing the United States government into action should be a devastating attack on our country and its population, the “cosmic Pearl Harbor”.

http://www.haarp.alaska.edu www.x-libri.ru/elib/begmn000/index.htm
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