Sanitary armored car "Linza" and its prospects


Armored car "Linza"

The supply of the Russian army has a large number of ambulances of various classes and types, including specialized armored vehicles. Right now, measures are being taken to update this park with modern and advanced designs. Thus, the Linza sanitary armored vehicle on the Typhoon platform was successfully brought to the troops and put into mass production. In addition, other samples of this class have been developed, which can also find a place in the army.

On the Typhoon platform

In the middle of the last decade, KamAZ and Remdizel from Naberezhnye Chelny completed the development of the promising K-53949 Typhoon 4x4 armored car. This machine was considered as a protected transport for personnel and as a platform for the construction of special-purpose equipment. In particular, on the basis of an armored car, an ambulance could be developed to work on the front line.

A sanitary version of the Typhoon called Lens was shown for the first time at Army-2018. Then it was reported that in the near future the car will pass the necessary tests, and already in 2019 it may enter the armed forces. The technical details of the project soon became known. Thus, two options have been created for equipping machines for solving different problems.

Sanitary armored car "Linza" and its prospects

In September 2019, the leadership of Remdizel announced that Linza had passed the entire test cycle and was preparing to be delivered to the troops. Until the end of the year, it was planned to transfer the first batch of equipment of two modifications to the army, and in the foreseeable future they were going to deploy full-scale production.

At the end of May 2021, Izvestia, citing its sources in the Ministry of Defense, reported that the lenses of the first batches had been successfully mastered by the medical units of the Central and Southern Military Districts. By the end of the year, the delivery of new equipment to the Central and Western districts is expected. Such vehicles are supplied to the supply of medical special forces and medical battalions of motorized rifle brigades.

On June 17, representatives of the Ministry of Defense visited the Remdizel plant, where they got acquainted with the current state of affairs in the Typhoon program. In the wake of this event, it became known that there was an order for 56 Linza armored cars. They should be built and handed over to the army by the end of the year. Plans for the next year and more distant prospects have not been specified.

Features of "Lenses"

The Linza sanitary armored vehicle is based on the K-53949 Typhoon 4x4 product. For him, an updated hull with an enlarged aft part was developed, which accommodates places for the wounded and the necessary equipment. The body can withstand the hit of a 7,62 mm armor-piercing incendiary rifle bullet. The crew and passengers are protected from detonation by 6-8 kg of TNT under the wheel.

The chassis remains the same and allows you to keep the running characteristics at the level of the base armored car. With a curb weight of 15,2-15,5 tons (depending on equipment), "Linza" develops a speed of over 100 km / h and can move both on the highway and off-road. The standard hydropneumatic suspension is of great importance. It reduces shaking and eliminates known risks to the injured.

It should be noted that Typhoon 4x4 is already being produced in series, and in several versions at once, and in the near future it is expected to launch the production of new modifications. We are talking about the massive introduction of a unified family of technology, due to which the operation of all samples, incl. "Lenses" will be greatly simplified.

"Lens" is intended to solve two main tasks, for which a different set of equipment is used. In the configuration ZSA-T ("Protected ambulance - transport"), the vehicle can carry up to six seated wounded or up to four on a stretcher. Together with the wounded, there is an orderly in the passenger compartment with first aid equipment. ZSA-T is intended for the immediate evacuation of the wounded and injured.

The configuration of the ZSA-P ("item") provides for an increase in the crew from three to five people. Only two stretcher spaces are retained in the cargo hold. The rest of the volume is allocated for the placement of the property of the medical battalion. The armored car transports a frame tent and various equipment for deployment at the selected position.

Thus, the medical department at Lenza receives all the necessary capabilities. It can carry out the evacuation of victims from the lesion and provide the necessary assistance at its own field first-aid post. At the same time, the armored cars of the new model have obvious advantages over the existing unprotected equipment and over samples on old platforms.

Supplement or alternative

It should be noted that "Lens" is not the only modern domestic development of its class. At exhibitions in recent years, sanitary armored cars have been repeatedly demonstrated on different platforms. Perhaps some of them still have chances to get into the troops.

For example, several years ago the Asteys company presented a sanitary modification of its Patrol armored car. The latter is a two-axle vehicle based on KAMAZ plant units weighing less than 12 tons and carrying capacity of 1,5 tons. The armor protects the crew and passengers from 7,62-mm automatic bullets or 2-kg explosive devices. Increased protection is possible. In the patrol's sanitary modification, the aft troop compartment is given to the wounded in regular seats or on a stretcher.

In publications of recent days, "Linza" is often mentioned together with the armored car "Strela" from the "Military-Industrial Company". It is a light vehicle with a gross weight of 4,7 tons, capable of carrying various weapons or equipment. The basic armored car and its floating version are already presented. Several other modifications have been announced. At the same time, the possibility of building a sanitary version has not yet been mentioned.

Armored car "Strela", claiming a place in the army

However, the dimensions and weight make it possible to develop an armored car for medical units. Most likely, in terms of the number of wounded transported, such a machine will be inferior to other modern developments, but it will be able to surpass them in mobility. For example, the development company mentions that Strela can be transported not only by military transport aircraft, but also on the external sling of Mi-8 helicopters. In theory, this will provide some new possibilities.


The medical service of the Russian army is facing known problems in the area of ​​materiel. The basis of its vehicle fleet is made up of unprotected vehicles, incl. outdated models. All this seriously limits the ability of the service to evacuate the wounded and provide first aid and first aid. Fortunately, the necessary measures have been taken and the situation is beginning to change.

In the near future, the old vehicles will be supplemented by modern armored cars "Linza". By the end of the year, more than fifty such machines are expected to be delivered, which will make it possible to fully re-equip several parts. In the future, the production of "Lenz" is likely to continue. In addition, the appearance of orders for similar machines of other models cannot be ruled out. Thus, the medical service is in for a major update with obvious positive consequences.
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    23 June 2021 18: 06
    I think they will show interest abroad as well.
    1. Alf
      23 June 2021 19: 38
      Quote: knn54
      I think they will show interest abroad as well.

      Unlikely. Who from There showed an interest in the Tiger?
      P.S. The minus is not mine.
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        23 June 2021 20: 25
        Quote: knn54
        I think they will show interest abroad as well.
        Quote: Alf
        Unlikely. Who from There showed an interest in the Tiger?
        Armored car "Tiger"
        1. Alf
          23 June 2021 20: 43
          Let me put it this way. For me personally, the "big guys" from this list are the PRC and, perhaps, everyone. But thanks anyway.
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        23 June 2021 20: 55
        Quote: Alf
        Who from There showed an interest in the Tiger?

        Emirates, China, Canada - licensed production.
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          23 June 2021 20: 56
          Quote: mark1
          Quote: Alf
          Who from There showed an interest in the Tiger?

          Emirates, China, Canada - licensed production.

          Has Canada taken the Tiger? Ahrenet ... And how did the big neighbor look at it?
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            Here is the link, but I don't know how the neighbor looked - probably did not notice
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              Here is the link,

              No, I believe you, I was just surprised. A neighbor let out such a cousin from his fat paws? America is getting old, getting old, losing grip ...
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                Yes, the piece is most likely not big (I gave the link for a reason), the license was bought by a native of Russia. Kus is most likely in perspective.
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      23 June 2021 19: 45
      For what? Or where? To tell the truth, after Hamer, designers had a boom in the creation of such machines. The Americans unleashed the potential of the machines. The rest ran to catch up.
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        24 June 2021 10: 04
        The Hummer is a much lighter vehicle, does not have such protection and cannot serve as an artillery tractor, it is just as difficult to imagine a combat module with a 30-mm automatic cannon on its roof.
  2. Alf
    23 June 2021 19: 37
    We are talking about the massive introduction of a unified family of technology, due to which the operation of all samples, incl. "Lenses" will be greatly simplified.

    Not only operation will be simplified, but also cheaper, which is also very important.
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    23 June 2021 20: 58
    Where does so much mass come from? Onozh weighs more than the BTR-80, and protects only from 7.62 ...... the author is clearly not saying something! what
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      24 June 2021 03: 07
      from undermining 6-8 kg TNT under the wheel.

      The BTR-80 has no such function.
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    23 June 2021 22: 18

    The quality is at the "tablet" level, only the materials are more expensive. And this is for the presentation copy.
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      I hope the canisters at the beginning of the cabin are not for fuel ...
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    23 June 2021 23: 24
    in my opinion the machine is heavy, and it would be interesting to know the price tag for this nurse ...
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    24 June 2021 09: 08
    The supply of the Russian army has a large number of ambulances of various classes and types, including specialized armored vehicles.

    It’s just worth adding that with all the considerable zoo adopted for the supply of vehicles, almost all of them are available in single copies (I'm talking about armored ambulances, "loaves" and AS-66 enough). Moreover, instead of perfecting the existing models, they prefer to cut money for R&D on more and more new ones (this is much more profitable for the corresponding research institutes and design bureaus). As a result, the performance of these machines is below the plinth. I remember that during a demonstration exercise during the Congress of Military Medicine in Krasnoe Selo in 2005, when unloading a stretcher with a wounded man from a nurse at an armored personnel carrier, they were simply stuck tightly. This was attended by delegates from 74 countries. What do you think - a lot of orders were received later for this wonderful machine?
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    24 June 2021 12: 07
    And yet the car is too high, uncomfortable for dragging the stretcher. so it asks for an additional winch on the roof or under the ceiling for easy loading.
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    17 August 2021 15: 00
    In 1995, I was assigned a sanitary MTLB with BHVT, a good car, low, powerful and passable. Then from 2000 to 2013 I served in the Main Military Medical University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In my opinion, the adoption of armored ambulances and armored personnel carriers has become a gamble, they take one for 5 years, throw it, then two more, throw it, and so on, apparently, ad infinitum. Equipping MOSNov and OMEDB with RESERVED ambulances is not rational. These medical military units, when redeployed, with proper planning and provision of convoy escort, should not enter the combat areas. The car in the pictures is very high, as they said in the comments, it is very inconvenient to load the wounded into it. In addition, she is also a great target. One more point, "can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h", where will she develop such a speed? When driving in a convoy on highway 30, maximum 40, otherwise everyone will be beaten when braking, off-road maximum 10. When he was young, with an excellent driver at the training ground, Kapustin Yar dispersed the AC-66 to 90 km / h, believe me it was very dumb.
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    19 August 2021 11: 45
    I looked at the photo in the article, it seemed to me that it was not very convenient to lift a lying patient up such a steep staircase, besides, to squeeze through a narrow door. Maybe you should have made a regular slope with a corrugated surface?
    And how to lift a lying person onto the second tier of a stretcher? Let it weigh 80 kg, but together you can lift the stretcher, but in a narrow space, plus somehow you need to intercept the handles of the stretcher. This is all not convenient, and traumatic for the lying person.
  10. The comment was deleted.
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    27 August 2021 12: 24
    There was such a variant of Vodnik

    Loading a stretcher with a wounded person is clearly more convenient.
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    6 September 2021 06: 42
    "Each creature has a pair" ... how many different vehicles in the Army are there and will be? How to provide all this with spare parts and consumables?