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What will be the Joint Regional Air Defense System of Russia and Tajikistan


S-300PS launchers at the 201st base in Tajikistan

Russia and Tajikistan are planning to create a Joint Regional Air Defense System (ORS air defense). It is proposed to unite the air defense of the two countries through common control loops, which will have a positive effect on their potential and overall defense capability. The first organizational measures have already been taken, and practical steps are expected in the near future.

International cooperation

In February 1995, 10 member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States agreed to create a Joint Air Defense System. Within the framework of this system, existing and new control loops were used, which ensured the exchange of data and coordinated management of all processes of protection of the CIS airspace.

Later, due to various political processes, the number of participants in the CIS Joint Air Defense was reduced to seven. At the same time, several regional defense systems were created: Russia organized them together with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as OPC with the countries of the Caucasus. Now we are talking about creating another air defense missile defense system in a new direction.

At the end of April, a meeting of the defense ministers of Russia and Tajikistan took place in Dushanbe. During this event, Russian Minister Sergei Shoigu revealed plans to create a new Russian-Tajik air defense ORS. With the help of such a system, it is proposed to "increase the reliability of the protection of the state border in the air."

A draft agreement was prepared, which had to go through all the necessary procedures. The Ministry of Defense agreed it with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other structures, and then sent it to the government. On May 4, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed Decree No. 705, according to which the draft agreement was approved and the president was encouraged to sign it. The document was published on May 12.

Finally, on May 17, President Vladimir Putin issued an order for the signing of an agreement between Russia and Tajikistan. The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should negotiate with the official Dushanbe, determine all the provisions of cooperation and then sign a final agreement on the creation of a Joint Regional Air Defense System.

No new messages about the air defense missile system have been received yet. Apparently, the Ministry of Defense is now busy developing the final version of the draft agreement, and is also preparing for the latest negotiations with a foreign partner. These events will not take much time, and the document may be signed in the near future.

Defense organization

The approved text of the bilateral agreement, as well as the regulation on the air defense missile defense system, according to which it will be built and used, is attached to the decree of the government of Russia No. 705 of May 4, 2021. These documents reveal all the main features of the planned cooperation, methods of organizing joint defense, etc.

System S-400 one of the parts of the Central Military District

According to article 2 of the agreement, the purpose of the air defense missile defense system is to increase the efficiency of solving the problems of air defense in the Central Asian region. At the same time, the Russian-Tajik ORS will become a part of the United Air Defense Forces of the CIS. The activities of the new system will be carried out within the framework of the so-called. a separate area of ​​collective security.

Article 6 defines the governance arrangements. Coordination of joint air defense actions of the two countries is entrusted to the commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The overall command of the forces and assets of the armies of Russia and Tajikistan employed in the air defense ORS will be carried out by the commander of the troops of the Central Military District of the Russian army. Management of joint actions within the boundaries of the collective security area will be carried out by the joint command post of the Air Force and Air Defense of the armed forces of Tajikistan.

In accordance with article 9, the parties to the agreement are obliged to maintain the combat readiness of their troops and forces. It is necessary to maintain the manning level, weapons and equipment at the required level, to carry out material and technical support, as well as to carry out deployment in the indicated territories.

Forces and means

The Russian side as part of the new air defense missile defense system will be represented by units of the air and missile defense forces. Anti-aircraft battalions and regiments are deployed in different parts of the country, including the Central Military District. In addition, since the end of 2019, its long-range air defense missile system has been deployed at the 201st Gatchina Order of Zhukov twice at the Red Banner Military Base.

Shooting of the S-400 at the Kapustin Yar range

According to known data, air defense and missile defense units in the Central Military District have a wide range of radio equipment for monitoring the air situation and targeting fire weapons. The latter are represented by the S-400 and older S-300P systems. Coverage of anti-aircraft systems in the positions is carried out by missile-cannon "Pantsiri-C1". A number of anti-aircraft weapons are deployed at the 201st base. These are the S-300PS division of the air defense facility, as well as the Osa, Strela-10 and Shilka military systems.

The air defense of the armed forces of Tajikistan is not distinguished by its large size, novelty and high performance. The S-75 and S-125 air defense systems, as well as various artillery systems still of Soviet production, are still in service. Radio engineering units also use outdated equipment with limited characteristics.

Thus, the main work in the joint air defense will fall on the Russian units, which are advantageously distinguished by a larger number, better equipment and training. Perhaps the countries will agree on the transfer of any material part, which will increase the potential and role of Tajikistan's anti-aircraft gunners.

Mutual benefits

It is obvious that Tajikistan is mainly interested in creating an air defense missile defense system. Its armed forces have both quantitative and qualitative problems. At the same time, the country borders on Afghanistan, which leads to certain risks. In such a situation, any foreign military assistance is useful and important. For example, the Russian 201st base is almost superior to the Tajik army in terms of equipment and combat effectiveness and makes a decisive contribution to national security.

Russian motorized rifles at the 201st base exercises

Perhaps Tajikistan will receive material assistance in the form of weapons and equipment to re-equip its air defense system. In this case, one can expect both the transfer of products from the presence of the Russian army, and the manufacture of the necessary products specifically for such supplies. In both situations, the Russian industry can count on getting lucrative orders.

The creation of an air defense missile defense system is beneficial for Russia in terms of strategy. First of all, there is an opportunity to strengthen the network of radar and electronic intelligence in Central Asia. It will involve both our forces and the means of Tajikistan. In addition, it becomes possible to move the combat positions of the air defense to a great distance from the state border of Russia - and at the same time the zone of destruction of air targets.

It should be recalled that the typical threats to the region associated with Afghan terrorism are land-based. To combat them, developed ground forces and a shock aviation - but not air defense. Nevertheless, strengthening the air defense on the southern borders of the country and beyond will not be superfluous.

About the benefits of partnership

Since the mid-nineties, the CIS Joint Air Defense System with the leading participation of the Russian army has existed and has been operating. Strengthened regional systems with enhanced capabilities have been created on the basis of some of its sections. In the near future, another Joint Regional System will appear, including the air defense of the two countries.

Thus, Russia retains around itself a number of friendly states and seeks to develop economic and military cooperation with them. In particular, measures are being taken to ensure collective security to counter common threats - with great benefits for all parties. And this clearly shows foreign states why Russia is a reliable and important partner with whom one should maintain friendly relations and with whom one should not conflict.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Olezhek
    Olezhek 25 May 2021 05: 35
    All this is of course very good, but how are things with us with political relations with Dushanbe?
    Will not everything go to dust because of "political differences"?
    1. paul3390
      paul3390 25 May 2021 17: 57
      It is interesting - from whom are they going to defend themselves from the air so severely? It seems as if, judging by the neighbors, they should not be concerned with air defense in the first place .. The Taliban and other barmaley have no cake with aviation yet .. Thank God.
      1. Pandiurin
        Pandiurin 2 August 2021 20: 04
        Quote: paul3390
        It is interesting - from whom are they going to defend themselves from the air so severely? It seems as if, judging by the neighbors, they should not be concerned with air defense in the first place .. The Taliban and other barmaley have no cake with aviation yet .. Thank God.

        For example, something like a no-fly zone over Afghanistan, it is not necessary to shoot down an aircraft over Afghanistan, just not to allow it.
        As now the Jews are bombing Syria, they fly into Lebanese airspace, because it has no air defense, and they do whatever they want there.
        Tajikistan's air defense should be updated.

        But in reality, everything is probably simpler, we are deploying the Russian Armed Forces, so they must be covered with air defense. And vice versa, our aircraft are deployed on this territory, so it is possible to place air defense with calculations.
  2. Dmitry_7
    Dmitry_7 25 May 2021 06: 21
    Russia retains around itself a number of friendly states and seeks to develop economic and military cooperation with them

    a bunch of treacherous freeloaders who drove the Russians in the 90s, and now whine about there lived. All the same, they are nobody without us and in any way. And in terms of economics and defense. From the first shot at the bushes, and Vanka again raking them ...
    1. marat2016
      marat2016 25 May 2021 19: 16
      You do not understand the depths of the HPP !!!
      1. Dmitry_7
        Dmitry_7 28 May 2021 11: 28
        HPP? What's this?
        1. marat2016
          marat2016 31 May 2021 18: 24
          Putin's cunning plan ...
          1. Dmitry_7
            Dmitry_7 1 June 2021 06: 57
            I'll know!... laughing
    2. Alexander Pseudonym
      Alexander Pseudonym 3 July 2021 22: 21
      Rightly said.
  3. Toucan
    Toucan 25 May 2021 07: 19
    Blah blah blah ... article "about nothing." Written solely for the sake of a fee.negative More water than useful information.
  4. atakan
    atakan 25 May 2021 14: 14
    Yeah, well ...
    And how theirs C-75 "Dvina" 18 pieces are mated. , S-75M 21pcs. and S-125 "Pechora" 16 pcs. with our S-400 and S-300 ???
    Although the pictures in the article are beautiful.
    Shoot down a Boeing or a UAV is understandable, but for helicopters they have stingers and arrows, that's understandable.
    It seems to me that with Tajikistan, the old delineations of responsibility of heights and zones with small changes were simply re-signed and sat well.)
    1. Bongo
      Bongo 26 May 2021 06: 43
      Quote: atakan
      And how theirs C-75 "Dvina" 18 pieces are mated. , S-75M 21pcs. and S-125 "Pechora" 16 pcs. with our S-400 and S-300 ???

      You have unreliable information about the composition of the air defense missile system of Tajikistan. S-75M3 have long been decommissioned. At the moment, two divisions C-125M1 and "Pechora-2M" are deployed in the vicinity of Dushanbe. The transfer of the upgraded Pechora-2M complex to the armed forces of Tajikistan took place in 2009.
      Perhaps this will be of interest to you:
      State of the air defense system of the countries - parties to the Treaty on Collective Security (part of 2)

      This publication was published three years ago, but much is still relevant. hi
  5. vindigo
    vindigo 25 May 2021 15: 06
    Again, new equipment will be presented to all Muslims. They won't go away from the USSR's habits.
  6. Radikal
    Radikal 25 May 2021 18: 19
    [quote] What will be the Joint Regional Air Defense System of Russia and Tajikistan [/ quote] None! The same, in a negative sense. as well as their land state border - the former state border of the USSR. sad [Quote]
  7. Spring fluff
    Spring fluff 26 May 2021 00: 50
    United air defense? With a country from which China simply took part of the territory? Hmm ...
  8. nobody75
    nobody75 25 July 2021 17: 56
    So my favorite strategy - to keep a combined arms fist and a nuclear fig on Russian territory - has come to an end. But I think not for long. The Turkmenbashi preferred to pay off the Taliban, Uzbekistan is counting on a professional army and a decent mob, and the most ancient and militant ones are called the CSTO. It is understandable - in the course of the civil war those who fled to Afghanistan who did not recognize the Soviet power under any sauce, and now their descendants want to return ...