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Hypersound on "Zamvolta" - dual sensations


The hypersound, which is now fashionable, haunts many people today. Russia brandishes "Zircons", "Vanguards", "Daggers", China shows something suspended from the H-6 bomber with a mysterious hint that "we also have something", and here, as in the French saying, "the situation obliges" , you have to dodge somehow.

And the United States has to dodge, because for once, but the palm flew away from the States. On hypersound. And therefore, as is customary in our world, it is necessary to "catch up and overtake."

In general, a lot is still unclear about the value of hypersonic units. Much is classified. 90% of the information is based on reports from "sources close to the defense departments" and so on. Well, or on the statements of our Deputy Prime Minister Borisov, which is almost the same thing.

Nevertheless, the US military took up the challenge and also entered the hypersonic race.

US Naval Operations Commander Michael Gilday made a statement that aroused many "experts", including in our country. Passions boiled, and meanwhile, what did Gilday say so terrible?

In principle, nothing special. He said that plans for the near future are to equip American warships with hypersonic missiles. Specifically, the Zamvolt destroyers.

Naturally, for this, the destroyers will have to be re-equipped, killing some more billions of dollars. In principle, it’s no longer scary how much has been poured into “Zamvolty”, you won’t surprise anyone. Moreover, the revision is not very big - to remove one artillery tower and instead install a launcher for two missiles. And add the necessary components to the guidance systems.

Overall - probably not particularly ruinous for the US military budget. In light of the change in power and priorities in the United States, it will be normal in general. Biden is not Trump, he will save money.

Some of our "experts" immediately made a noise about the fact that the Americans are doing stupid things, nothing will work out, hypersonic missiles should be placed on submarines and stuff like that.

But just someone was too lazy to get acquainted with our plans for the installation of "Zircons". And the list includes quite surface ships "Peter the Great", "Admiral Nakhimov" and "Admiral Kuznetsov". That is, everyone who has a launcher 3S14 can operate these missiles. Including "Buyans" and "Karakurt".

Yes, submarines Antey and Yasen-M are also on the list, why not? Because yes, weapon, which can stand on a surface ship and on a submarine with minimal modifications, it simply has to be there.

As for why the Americans chose the Zamvolty as the carriers of the new weapon, in general it is understandable. Far from being the most successful ships, and even with a murky prospect of use and further development. And therefore, processing them into experimental platforms for new weapons is quite logical.

With the same success it was possible to remake littoral ships, but they are worse in terms of cruising range. In fact, it is also not the most successful solution, but what to do if other free carriers in the American military navy simply no?
Do not build new ships for new missiles, really?

When there is a question of "catching up and overtaking", then there is no time for designing and building new ships, here it is necessary to react promptly. And the Americans are clearly running out of time, we urgently need to show the whole world that the United States is still the best.

That is why "Zamvolty". And they already have it, and they seem to be swimming on their own, and it's not a pity to redo it, since the pancake came out lumpy.

What will be posted is, in principle, clear. Rocket STARS IV with C-HGB (Common Hypersonic Glide Body), that is, with a hypersonic controlled unit. There is no exact data, but in fact - the same "Zircon", with approximately the same characteristics in terms of speed and range.

Hypersound on "Zamvolta" - dual sensations

Model of the American Common-Hypersonic Glide Body (C-HGB) universal controlled maneuverable gliding hypersonic warhead

That is, the gizmo is no less in terms of size and weight (we just keep silent about the price) "Zircon". Accordingly, it is quite understandable why one or two launchers will be installed on Zamvolt. "Zircon", based on the dimensions of the 3S14, the rocket is about 10 meters long. STARS IV, apparently, is not less, and maybe more. A flight range of 3700 km on tests requires a sufficient amount of fuel.

It is clear that the US military will not calm down only on surface ships.

Naturally, there will be both underwater and ground-based missiles. In principle, there is a solution for submarines. This is still the same STARS IV, which is two stages of a rather old ballistic missile "Polaris-A3", and a solid-propellant booster "Orbus-1" as an upper stage.

"Orbus-1" is a new element in the "harness", developed especially for the C-HGB.

For ground-based, a ground-based LRHW (Long Range Hypersonic Weapon) complex is being prepared.

Everything is new here. The missile is a solid-propellant medium-range ground-based AUR (All-Up-Round), on which the C-HGB is "planted". Both LRHW and AUR have been transferred to Lockheed-Martin, which is responsible for finalizing the media.

However, this is a matter for the future. In the meantime, we have the present, which contains the Zamvolty and the old ballistic missile with a new upper stage. And the hypersonic unit C-HGB.

So, one 155-mm artillery mount is removed from the Zamvolts and launchers (or launchers) for the C-HGB are installed. It turns out one or two launchers with one missile each inside. Ammunition is not impressive, is it?

But everything is logical here. The missiles are very large, the destroyer is not the most suitable ship for them, in addition, it is very difficult to actually integrate new weapons into an existing ship. Harder, at least, than building a new ship.

It will require reworking the entire system of Zamvolta launch cells, which in itself is not very clever, although possible.

Therefore, two missiles - it looks absolutely not threatening. And the project of equipping "Zamvolts" with these missiles looks like a perfect experiment for working out the use of hypersonic units with missiles.

Will work. It is clear that three ships are quite enough for this. Further? Then you will have to think about how to place hypersonic missiles on ships that are completely not intended for this.

There are three ways.

In Russia, they took the path of universalization, creating a rocket based on the universal PU 3S14, which they began to develop in 1991. And in the end, the launcher does not matter what is loaded there, "Caliber", "Yakhont" or "Zircon". Everything will fly.

The second way is to shrink the rocket in every possible way so that it fits under the existing cells. A very difficult path, it immediately becomes clear that you will have to sacrifice cells and reshape the space for placing larger missiles. Moreover, it has already been calculated that one missile with a C-HGB will take the place of 5-7 missiles of a smaller caliber. But in the case of submarines, this is more or less realizable, there, on missile carriers in the mines, rather large gizmos are placed. But surface ships, however strange it may look, will have more problems.

Therefore, there will be a third way for surface ships: the installation of separate launchers for new missiles. Where possible.

Another question - where is it possible? Especially when you look at the main attack ship of the US Navy. And this, of course, is not an aircraft carrier in mind, but an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.

The Arlie Burke is a very versatile ship. Its standard cell PU Mark.41 can accommodate an anti-aircraft missile, an anti-submarine torpedo missile, and a cruise missile for work along the coast. And if a new anti-ship missile appears under this launcher, then the destroyer's power will only increase. Versatility and flexibility of use means a lot.

Whether it is worth violating the built launcher system to accommodate several missiles with a hypersonic unit is difficult to judge.

"Tomahawk", which can be launched from cell Mk.41 (by the way, like its counterpart "Caliber" from 3S14) has a chance to slip through the enemy's air defense system. Has, whatever they say. As for hypersonic missiles, it is more complicated. The question is to what extent the enemy's air defense can withstand hypersonic units.

Modern S-400s and, in the future, S-500s seem to be able to cope with this. It is not known what the Chinese colleagues have, but it is also possible that they have something in this regard.

Is it worth it to strain and remodel ships? Definitely not worth it. Experiments with the Zamvolts are preferable to cutting openly unsuccessful destroyers for metal. They are gold and so.

Therefore, all this is no more than one episode of the arms race at sea. Americans just need to show that they are in the subject. That their hypersonic missiles were flying far, fast and accurate. And that is all.

We do not yet know how much it costs to shoot a hypersonic missile at the enemy. It is quite possible that with this money it will be possible to build several good old ICBMs with MIRVs, which at one time could very well cope with the role of the weapon of the Apocalypse and destroy the whole world.

But 2025, in which Gilday promised a successful launch of a hypersonic unit from a submarine, is not far off. And in 2025 everything will fall into place and will be clear and understandable.

In general, the Americans had very serious and outstanding developments in hypersound. At the beginning of this century, but here's the trouble - many programs were curtailed due to lack of funding as unnecessary. And now we have to catch up.

However, the prospect still remains. What has been created today in the United States is still a weapon that can become a real danger, but ...

But all of the above suggests that the massive use of missiles with hypersonic units by the American fleet is unlikely. It is precisely because of the lack of the proper number of carriers and the high cost.

So it's not worth talking about the fact that surface ships with missiles carrying C-HGB will swarm near our shores.

The submarine fleet will be able to rectify the situation. There are about the same conditions, you will have to change one missile with a hypersonic unit for seven cruise missiles, but the US submarine fleet may not afford such an exchange.

The question is, why should we not be so worried about all these innovations? It's simple. First (and most important), Russia has something to oppose to American missiles. Not the fact that the S-400 will be 100% effective, but also not the fact that the RIM-161 SM3 will be better.

And the second thing. In any case, the number of carriers of hypersonic missiles in Russia is definitely not the same as the delivery of the required number of missiles at the launch distance can allow. That is, the same "Zircons" are definitely tactical and defensive weapons. All these corvettes, MRK, RK - these are all short-range ships in the coastal zone. And the United States will not be able to inflict any harm with its "Zircons" on the fleet if the fleet does not operate in our water space. It's simple.

We wish the Americans good luck in assimilating the next billions of dollars in the next round of the arms race.

Suddenly what happens ...
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  1. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 11 May 2021 05: 37
    They still need to modernize their nuclear potential, in short, they still need to print a lot of dough smile
    1. Cheshire
      Cheshire 11 May 2021 06: 05
      good On the whole, a good article with a calm analysis. We can't giggle at the problems of the Americans, we haven't solved our problems yet.
      1. Pessimist22
        Pessimist22 11 May 2021 06: 28
        I state the facts, in the US ICBMs from the 70s without modernization, no matter what happens.
        1. Cheshire
          Cheshire 11 May 2021 07: 18
          hi Sorry, put it wrong.
          I am not criticizing your comment, I’m more with a return to the last article on VO, there were many smiling, forgetting that in the Navy the Americans are mad with fat, and we are counting pennies.
          1. NIKN
            NIKN 11 May 2021 18: 04
            Somewhere these zamvolty for any need to attach. Such a hassle happened to them, even if you alter the yacht and sell it to Abramovich.
        2. yehat2
          yehat2 11 May 2021 09: 25
          Quote: Pessimist22
          no matter what happens.

          already happened
          several accidents were recorded
          moreover, since the equipment is archaic, the quality of the personnel at the missile bases is simply nowhere worse.
          In this regard, there have already been several incidents, even with deaths.
          Recently, at scheduled exercises, they could not carry out the procedure for launching a minuteman.
          In connection with this tin, the Senate regularly raises the question of developing a new rocket, and it seems to me that Musk already has this task. And finally, recently in the Senate this issue was raised again, and quite decisively.
          1. Alex777
            Alex777 11 May 2021 13: 55
            The complete replacement of the Minuteman III arsenal is part of the United States' nuclear triad modernization program, the total cost of which is more than $ 1,2 trillion.

            Under Trump, things were moving, and Biden temporarily suspended this program.
      2. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 11 May 2021 08: 08
        Quote: Cheshire
        an article with a calm analysis.

        Well, something about the analysis you got excited, firstly the author confused Zircon with Vanguard, the analogue of which is STARS
        Rocket STARS IV with С-HGB (Common Hypersonic Glide Body), that is, with hypersonic controlled unit... There are no exact data, but in fact - the same "Zircon", with approximately the same characteristics in terms of speed and range.

        Secondly, the article contains at least one serious logical contradiction:

        The second way is to reduce the rocket in all possible ways so that it fit under existing cells... A very difficult path, it immediately becomes clear what will have to sacrifice cells and reshape the space to accommodate larger missiles.
  2. jonht
    jonht 11 May 2021 05: 52
    The question is, did the FSA solve the problem of controlling hypersonic vehicles? Yes, they flew with them, but they were not controlled, and there were problems with maneuvering. Who in the course enlighten. hi
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 11 May 2021 06: 07
    And the United States has to dodge, because for once, but the palm flew away from the States
    ... OH REALLY!! The statement .... a peculiar one, I just want to ask, but when, why, why for the sake of the palm of the minke whales who handed it over ???
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 11 May 2021 06: 25
      Why, why, for the sake of the palm of the minke whales someone handed over ??

      They are an exceptional nation ... they have appropriated for themselves. smile as well as the right to execute and pardon, to impose sanctions, to decide for other countries and nations to live or die ... the highest form of democracy, do you understand.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 11 May 2021 07: 40
        Quote: Lech from Android.
        the highest form of democracy, you know.

        No, I don't understand, I don't accept ...
    2. dzvero
      dzvero 11 May 2021 16: 12
      For the sake of truth, in the 10th they actively experimented. But it did not grow together ... And in those days there was no information on the other side of the sanctions curtain. And suddenly - a gliding block, a rocket, moreover, brought to the stage of adoption for service ... So I had to give up the palm tree that was occupied unknowingly ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 11 May 2021 19: 08
        If you look at who was in what conditions, during a specific period, it looks like they did not climb the palm!
        1. dzvero
          dzvero 11 May 2021 21: 37
          Yes, as a result, the palm tree turned out to be a cactus ...
    3. Intruder
      Intruder 12 May 2021 21: 39
      The statement .... a peculiar one, I just want to ask, but when, why, why for the sake of the palm of the minke whales who handed it over ???
      one must look at it from the last century, somehow ...:
      In the 1960s, the United States carried out a program for the development and flights of the North American X-15 experimental rocket plane, which became the first in history and for 40 years the only GLA aircraft.
  4. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 11 May 2021 07: 12
    Russia cannot do with "Zircons" alone ... other "hypersonic" ones are also needed, but "more modestly" ... "products" are needed for land and sea launches based on the 77Н6-Н / Н1 SAMs ... a kind of "counterweight" "American women" ARRW ...
    1. Barberry25
      Barberry25 11 May 2021 18: 41
      GZUR, aka Gremlin, is now actively sawing, but quietly ... there is a question of creating long-range missiles, in principle, it is not difficult to get hypersound with a range of 3 km, but in fact it makes sense to base it only on the shore and, in theory, on a Dolphin-type nuclear submarine or Northwind ..
    2. Ryusey
      Ryusey 12 May 2021 16: 23
      Is it better than ISR?
  5. OgnennyiKotik
    OgnennyiKotik 11 May 2021 08: 51
    For the Mk 41, a shock / universal hypersonic version of the SM-6 with a booster from the SM-3 is being developed. Whether they will be able to combine the strike and air defense options in one missile is not yet clear.
    1. Intruder
      Intruder 12 May 2021 21: 41
      A shock / universal hypersonic version of the SM-41 with a booster from the SM-6 is being developed for the Mk 3
      Hmm, they took off the booster from the third, in order to get - up to 3,5 km / s., In the endoatmospheric flight mode, with an altitude of up to 80 km ... an overbearing, but solution !? recourse
  6. isker
    isker 11 May 2021 10: 26
    Suddenly what happens ...
    It will not work ... America is not the country capable of recovering lost technologies! Yes, and the people - they sour souls, sprinkled ...
  7. Azzzwer
    Azzzwer 11 May 2021 11: 01
    Yes, that iron.
  8. Anachoret
    Anachoret 11 May 2021 12: 28
    you also need to put laser installations on the zumwalts, provide for the vertical take-off of the entire ship to improve visibility and target designation, and super-duper quick diving under water, if necessary)) to make it expensive) and apply gilding on the guns)
  9. Angry Alt-Right
    Angry Alt-Right 11 May 2021 12: 43
    Palm tree? Seriously? Well, they dabbled in hypersound earlier, so what? What did they have in "mass metal"?
    The author, to put it mildly, feeds the reader with hyperbole, as a hypersound! laughing
  10. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 11 May 2021 13: 34
    Before welding, gas cutters, the elite of the sabotage troops, will work. I hope the Zumwalts will not survive the latter, but the ends are first in the fire and then they will be put in. Everyone will be happy with the spending on this project.
  11. Yuri V.A
    Yuri V.A 11 May 2021 13: 57
    There was information that they want to add 16 launchers for missiles with a range of 5 km, and this is a different level.
  12. timokhin-aa
    timokhin-aa 11 May 2021 15: 15
    As usual, for those interested - the original:
    1. Ryusey
      Ryusey 12 May 2021 16: 25
      Well, he took and threw his opponent from heaven and straight into the mud)
  13. Artemion3
    Artemion3 11 May 2021 19: 58
    How can you build 3 expensive destroyers and not know what to put on them? What guns are you talking about.
  14. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 11 May 2021 20: 41
    "The missiles are very large, the destroyer is not the most suitable ship for them" ////
    Zircon is big too. Like Onyx, no less.
    But it will be placed on the destroyers.
    1. Intruder
      Intruder 12 May 2021 21: 49
      Zircon is big too. Like Onyx, no less

      U ZM55 / P800, length: ship version - 8 m; aviation version - 6,1 m;
      for 3M22, length (with warhead): from 8 to 10 m, based on the dimensions of the 3S14 launcher and missiles also launched from it;
  15. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 11 May 2021 21: 26
    "In general, a lot is still unclear about the value of hypersonic units. Much is classified. 90% of the information is based on messages."
    Goat is understandable. The worst thing is the unknown!
    Well, we thought, how is it? ... Ah, it’s how it is! ..
    “That is, everyone who has launcher 3S14 can operate these missiles, including Buyans and Karakurt.
    Here's another interesting twist. And we wanted to squeeze out of "Karakurt" and under PLO and hand over to scrap ...
    "All these corvettes, RTOs, RK - these are all short-range ships in the coastal zone. And they will not be able to inflict any harm on the US Navy with their Zircons if the fleet does not operate in our water space. And Yon Mal-Po Malu is trying to start operate ... It's simple. "
    This is probably the culmination!
    And a sober vision of the state of affairs. Regrettable as it may seem to the aircraft carrier witness sect! And other ocean-scale steamers.
    1. Artemion3
      Artemion3 12 May 2021 09: 30
      We need medium-sized ships of the frigate and destroyer classes, the golden mean, so to speak. All hopes for 22350 and 22350m
      1. Intruder
        Intruder 12 May 2021 21: 44
        All hopes for 22350 and 22350m
        And how long, these projects (both) will have time to wait ... until 2030, if the Chief presses optimistically with his low-expressive look !?
        1. Artemion3
          Artemion3 12 May 2021 22: 40
          Yes, it is not clear, but the projects themselves will not be abandoned, the deadlines have been shifted, but there are no alternatives
          1. Intruder
            Intruder 12 May 2021 22: 42
            but there are no alternatives
            this is for sure, especially in the field of the modern trend - "hypersonic technologies" in the creation of promising types of URO!
  16. Dilettante grandfather
    Dilettante grandfather 20 May 2021 16: 36
    It is quite a normal article.
  17. Biodred
    Biodred 25 May 2021 01: 32
    Well, the porridge is mixed. If you need an experimental platform, it is cheaper to install a PU on a barge, because one exit to the sea of ​​such a trough as "Zamvolt" is very expensive. Then, what do you mean - "the destroyer is not suitable"? Durishcha, one and a half times the displacement of the Kr URO type of our 1164 - does it fit badly?
  18. Siegfried
    Siegfried 15 July 2021 23: 01
    It is unlikely that the Americans generally take into account the capabilities of our fleet in their naval planning ... they are more worried about China.