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Armored Vehicle SBA-60-K2 "Damask" (photos added)

The main purpose of the armored vehicle is to transport personnel of special and military units. Additional features - the installation of various types of weapons and equipment. The armored vehicle is able to perform the assigned tasks on any roads and terrain. It is possible to use “Bulat” both in the conditions of the Far North and in hot desert conditions.

The armored vehicle was created on the basis of KAMAZ using units and assemblies from KAMAZ-5350. Armored protection received: the perimeter of the cabin, roof, bottom, engine compartment, cabin (laminated protective glass).

The body of the Bulat SBA was designed by Moscow engineers of Zashchita with the use of improved armor providing protection against 7.62mm bullets having a heat-strengthened core. Armor class VI according to GOST Р 50963 – 96. The bottom of the multi-layer machine, together with a special body shape, provide the armored vehicle with mine protection when a mine is detonated with an explosive equal to four kilograms of TNT.

To increase the survivability of the personnel in the car, the designers developed a corporate design of the seats. The principle of operation of chairs in the undermining of a mine separation of a person sitting in it from the effects of a mine explosion The landing module accommodates up to ten people in full gear.

Rear balancing and front dependent suspension - spring execution. Transmissions and transfer - mechanical type. Drum brakes, pneumatic with ABS.

Since the beginning of June 2012, one copy of the SBA-60-K2 Bulat has been transferred to the Sakhalin OMON unit in the North Caucasus on a business trip by the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Sakhalin Region, where it is undergoing various tests. At the moment, the operation of the armored vehicle is quite successful, as reported by the Sakhalin riot police.

The main characteristics of the Bulat armored vehicle:
- length - 8 meters;
- width - 2.5 meters;
- height - 2.6 meters;
- clearance - 38.5 centimeters;
- wheel formula - 6X6;
- wheelbase - 3.34 (+ 1.32) meter;
- wheel track - 2 meter;
- weight full / max - 12.8 / 15.8 tons;
- payload up to 2-x tons;
- capacity - 2 + 8 / 10;
- turbocharged diesel engine with power 260 hp;
- speed 90 (up to 110) km / h;
- range to 800 kilometers;
- The capacity of fuel tanks 250 liters;

Equipment and units of the basic version of the armored car:
- emergency hatches;
- additional locks of doors of mechanical type;
- hinges of reinforced doors;
- Spotlight Finder;
- CCTV equipment;
- air conditioning and heater in the troop compartment;
- equipped places for personal fastening weapons;
- A standard set of security tools.

Maximum grade additionally includes:
- navigation satellite system "GLONASS / GPS";
- heat / noise insulation;
- radio station;
- air cleaning system;
- door locks electromechanical performance;
- device internal-external communication;
- inserts for wheels such as “RunFlat”;
- loud-speaking light signal device;
- any audio system and alarm;
- the color of the car of choice;
- other additional equipment according to customer conditions.

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  1. klimpopov
    klimpopov 25 August 2012 10: 19
    Reminds armored personnel carriers of the Second World War, no, well, the truth ...
    1. Petrix
      Petrix 25 August 2012 10: 44
      Quote: klimpopov
      Reminds armored personnel carriers of the Second World War

      is it good or bad? Nice. The classics live a long time.
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 25 August 2012 11: 11
        This is neither good nor bad. I just noticed the resemblance, about the front engine - it's debatable ...
      2. Skiff
        Skiff 25 August 2012 12: 55
        Well, yes, classic, but as if in advance you have to move and not promote curiosities.
        1. sergey69
          sergey69 31 August 2012 11: 01
          In the photo, the Soviet-made BTR-40 was launched into production in 1947.
    2. atesterev
      atesterev 25 August 2012 11: 27
      Everything new is well forgotten old :)
      1. Mervik
        Mervik 27 August 2012 17: 46
        and cars with a body "sedan" for how many decades have already been produced!
  2. atesterev
    atesterev 25 August 2012 11: 26
    And in the photo a completely different technique than what is described ... :(
    1. bairat
      bairat 25 August 2012 13: 33
      also noticed in the video a three-axle car, in the photo two.
    2. Korvin
      Korvin 25 August 2012 16: 55
      Yeah. In the photo, in my opinion, Grandpa is shot at all, and his granddaughter Bulat describes his corrected jambs and normal doors.
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 25 August 2012 20: 16
        More than fully right
        1. Mervik
          Mervik 27 August 2012 17: 42
          The biaxial copy is the development of KAMAZ. Three-axle - almost a copy of KAMAZ, with some modifications by the Zashchita company. Mitryaev came from KAMAZ.
        2. Uncle Serozha
          Uncle Serozha 1 September 2012 01: 12
          And the fact that the Shot is biaxial and in a completely different mass-dimensional class is nothing? Well, if they hadn’t figured out the nuances, but they seem to be able to count up to three!
  3. denkastro
    denkastro 25 August 2012 11: 34
    Quote: klimpopov
    about the front motor - debatable ...
    Greetings, Klim. Tell me, where should the motor be? The trend of recent years is precisely that the engine can move forward, including on the obt and other armored vehicles. So the crew receives additional chances of survival. The machine is cool, Now I’ll break in and be a worthy competitor to the Wolves, only cheaper (although there is no price yet). You give more armored vehicles, good and different.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 25 August 2012 14: 36
      Greetings, well, somehow with the BTR-60 I’m used to what drove me behind, although I can’t call me an expert in armored vehicles, otherwise I would ride such a device
  4. understudy
    understudy 25 August 2012 12: 02
    The only thing that "strains" is the variety of "transportation" equipment and the resulting problems with repair. Although military equipment should be "different", as denkastro claims, it should also be unified.
    However, the possibility of overcoming ditches and rivulets would not hurt this object either. Today it is "police", and tomorrow?
  5. bask
    bask 25 August 2012 12: 18
    It was already. Kamaz A shot jointly designed by Bauman Moscow State Technical University. CIS countries returned from it because of cracks in the armor. They returned to Russia. Now they ride in parades. Bulat series No. 2. It would be better to break the Yuarovsky RG31. And they are building it again .. . steam engine ... and metal is not a pity.
    1. RUS-36
      RUS-36 1 September 2012 01: 16
      We had a "Shot", warmed up constantly ... the build quality sucks
  6. sania1304
    sania1304 25 August 2012 13: 30
    wheel formula - 6X6; ???????????????
    1. 73petia
      73petia 26 August 2012 01: 02
      I also noticed. Something is wrong here. Either there is an error in the technical data, or something is messed up at all.
    2. sania1304
      sania1304 31 August 2012 22: 20
      AND! Well now it’s clear
  7. Zomanus
    Zomanus 25 August 2012 13: 37
    The photo is a completely different machine. The rear balancer is 4 wheels on two axles.
  8. Sober
    Sober 25 August 2012 15: 45
    the photo is wrong! This is an armored car shot! even with the video would be compared)
  9. Owl
    Owl 25 August 2012 16: 45
    It's nice to read, but "Iveco" - "Lynx" in the Russian army surely wins everyone. Or a "magic" car, or such an army.
    1. speedy
      speedy 26 August 2012 15: 15
      Quote: Eagle Owl
      It's nice to read, but "Iveco" - "Lynx" in the Russian army surely wins everyone. Or a "magic" car, or such an army.

      Lynx - car com. composition, and here is an analogue of an armored personnel carrier with a convenient landing compartment and a door in the back. Promising apparatus.
    2. Protey
      Protey 1 September 2012 15: 41
      The "magicians" ordered it!
  10. alex4i4erin
    alex4i4erin 25 August 2012 16: 45
    It’s much better to drive on such mountains and passes than on the 80s there the cat burst into tears, but KAMAZ doesn’t do it anyway, but there’s still something to work on. We have one, BKM is called, until it breaks and wherever need to work ..
  11. Korvin
    Korvin 25 August 2012 17: 05
    Here’s Bulat. At first glance, it’s quite normal modern MPAP. Of the advantages, the silhouette is unusually low for cars of this class. It is unclear how the bottom was protected, or cellular fillers like in Mombomb or an all-ceramic plate.
    1. Forward
      Forward 31 August 2012 14: 47
      Quote: KORVIN
      unusually low silhouette for cars of this class

      Well, what is wrong with that? what
      1. Set
        Set 31 August 2012 17: 21
        Protection - well, than we will shoot back.
  12. bask
    bask 25 August 2012 18: 57
    Low silhouette .. 20 claim kg of TNT the Yuarovskaya formula will not reach the higher the better. But all the same, RG31 or Mamba are better to be torn. For lack of better Bulat and Shot Vodnik. Everything that has been done in Russia protects our soldiers and feeds slaves and engineers everything gut.
    1. smprofi
      smprofi 26 August 2012 00: 00

      champagne bottle withstood it! and did not crumple ...
    2. Korvin
      Korvin 26 August 2012 01: 05
      Mbomba is also low and claim 12kg of TNT, so that even South Africa is gradually moving away from the high scheme. Another thing until I see the tests I can’t believe it.
  13. rosomaha
    rosomaha 25 August 2012 20: 25
    reincarnation of the BTR-40 and BTR-152
    1. smprofi
      smprofi 25 August 2012 23: 58
      yes, classic 152nd

      1. Protey
        Protey 31 August 2012 20: 36
        All went to his grandfather!
        BTR-152, adopted in 1950
  14. denkastro
    denkastro 25 August 2012 21: 39
    Korvin, That's right, this is it. Only when I saw him he still had a spare tire on the hood (closed the review). I was explained that it’s only being transported not under its own power so fasten. I still can’t understand how this miracle can withstand a blast of 20kg. TNT? This is what kind of compression blow should be on the crew? I think over time the guys from the riot police will comment on the features of exploitation.
    understudyI welcome it, Henry. You are absolutely right about unification. I also consider it extremely necessary. However, if our manufacturer provides a wide choice, the final consumer will only benefit from this (soldier). But unification is one of the components of the TOR of the Ministry of Defense. Products participating in tenders must comply with TK. Regards.
    1. Korvin
      Korvin 26 August 2012 00: 44
      That’s why I’m guessing about the material of the bottom that the figure 20kg is somehow annoying :) Could it mean an explosion of a roadside IED weighing 20 kg? They are usually considered taking into account a certain distance from the car. .
      1. Mervik
        Mervik 1 September 2012 02: 38
        20 kg he can’t stand it.
  15. gorkoxnumx
    gorkoxnumx 26 August 2012 10: 03
    4 kg of TNT under the bottom is not enough !!!
  16. bask
    bask 26 August 2012 13: 42
    The article doesn’t have trials on antinomine defense. But the Yuarovskiy developments should be used. Instead of Iveco, it’s better to buy a batch of Matodorov and Maraderov beautiful cars and tanks are not visible.
    1. Korvin
      Korvin 26 August 2012 14: 43
      Iveco is generally a separate song. There, even Iveco herself could not have Lynx but buy a normally armored and mine MPV instead of Lynx. But as they say if it’s not the result that matters, but the development of money ..... (((
  17. Serezhka
    Serezhka 26 August 2012 17: 04
    The Protection Corporation has somehow ennobled the Kamaz Bulat. But at 20 kg under the bottom it is hard to believe what it is holding. Maximum 6 kg. But everyone will show the state tests. IMHO of course.

    Everything is better than such Kamaz miracles ...
  18. Procurement officer
    Procurement officer 27 August 2012 10: 52
    really like 152
  19. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 27 August 2012 11: 54
    I like. Quite a nice car. And "Shot" and "Bulat". Cheap (in the best sense) and angry ... And the fact that they look like the BTR-40 and BTR-152 is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it gives these armored personnel carriers a kind of peculiar charm and zest ... But now what concerns its practical use. That is to say about his niche in the armament system ... For the Internal and Border Troops, all kinds of OMON and SOBR, as well as special forces, the GUIN is quite suitable. Just..
    But, the army should be armed with a floating armored personnel carrier ... And this is not discussed ...
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 27 August 2012 14: 56
      A shot - there is pure horror. Starting from the door.
      1. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 31 August 2012 22: 25
        Doors on "Shot" can be made in the likeness of those installed on "Bulat". And all this "pure horror" will disappear by itself ...
        By the way, these same doors also did not arouse my special sympathy. However, I think this is not a fundamental and completely solvable problem ...
    2. core
      core 31 August 2012 14: 48
      That's right, Europe remembers these cars, if they begin to forget, we recall again. continuity.
  20. angel
    angel 27 August 2012 13: 57
    Damask steel should come in service with Russia, it’s a good car and is perfectly armored and mobile, even if our soldier is at least more likely to get to the battle and don’t fall on the road
  21. Andrei
    Andrei 28 August 2012 00: 09
    I agree that if they start to mass-produce it, it’s only for the best both for the manufacturer and for those who operate it ... as I understand it, the Ministry of Internal Affairs uses it more ... mainly in kakaz so the inability to overcome water barriers to swim is not a very serious drawback to overcome fording at a shallow depth of about 1.5 meters is most likely ensured, but swimming over mountain rivers still doesn’t work out - it’ll blow it over ... so it’s better not to swim but it’s well protected (I sincerely hope that these are not just words Cove) an armored car than a floating but cardboard armored personnel carrier or even a huge armored URAL (I don’t understand the name I remember that in the back of an armored capsule hidden by an awning) is the dream of calculating an RPG or ATGM.
  22. Bad_gr
    Bad_gr 28 August 2012 19: 46
    An interesting matter is how many words have been said about unification and the transition to one platform. And in the case: the purchase of imported mixed consumer goods + products from a developer with no reputation in military armored vehicles, but released at KAMAZ production facilities.
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 29 August 2012 16: 49
      De facto, there is a huge lag in some areas that cannot be eliminated in one fell swoop (stole-bought-copied). And they’re doing what they’re buying right. Don't you think that the lives of soldiers will be more expensive?
      1. Bad_gr
        Bad_gr 29 August 2012 18: 49
        Quote: Pimply
        Don't you think that the lives of soldiers will be more expensive?

        I completely agree with this, but not the fact that they buy equipment for these reasons. I read the answers of our factories on the issue of the backlog of protection: there is also armor, the use of which with the same protection makes the equipment easier (or better protection with the same weight), there is also ceramic armor, which, unlike foreign, does not lose its properties in the cold, There are also aramite fabrics, which in their parameters are at least no worse than imported ones - but the Moscow Region does not notice this point blank.
        They rule kickbacks (I see no other explanation).
  23. soldier
    soldier 31 August 2012 13: 59
    remembered youth - 152
  24. ... in motu
    ... in motu 31 August 2012 14: 30
    Good day!
    "Bulat", "Lynx", "Tiger", "Shot" ...
    And why, such interest (and not only ours) is asked for armored cars?
    Or is this a new round of military equipment - in 1917, too, many armored cars did.
    In the photo "Shot"
    1. Protey
      Protey 31 August 2012 20: 44
      "And why, one asks such interest (and not only among us) in armored cars?"
      Or is it a new round of military technology - in 1917, they also made a lot of armored cars. "-

      And it’s convenient to push speeches from them! lol
  25. Forward
    Forward 31 August 2012 14: 56
    And I would buy this in a "civilian" version, without combat equipment and with improved comfort inside. Better than any ovish crap.
    1. Mervik
      Mervik 1 September 2012 02: 41
      selling price of about 12 million rubles. Only here on public roads is impossible! No certificate for civilian vehicle
    2. mind1954
      mind1954 1 September 2012 21: 41
      And abroad there are such lucky ones!
    FATEMOGAN 31 August 2012 15: 03
    please tell me why you need Bulat if a bear is ready soon and with much better characteristics
  27. old rocket man
    old rocket man 31 August 2012 16: 07
    The machine is not bad, but purely police, 4 kg of explosives under the bottom is not protection, laughter.
    Particularly impressive is the ability to install an audio system and an alarm system (so that perfumes do not hijack?)
    It seems that the security forces do not know where to put the money (for the cut it was possible, something smarter to come up with).
    А to ride ok gee laughing
  28. erased
    erased 31 August 2012 17: 20
    Yes Yes Yes! Old native BTR-152, based on Zila-131. Only in the modern version and with a covered body.
    Against the background of "Bear", "Tiger", Wolf "it looks quite, but there is only one test of merits - a battle! At least full state military tests of all models. And in the end ...
    And if you forget about the situation, kickbacks and backroom games - you can hope that they will choose the best, and not profitable.
    Everything can be. We are waiting for the results of the tender of the Moscow Region, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB.
    1. REZMovec
      REZMovec 31 August 2012 20: 04
      Mdya, only the base of the BTR-152 is not ZIL-131 (it was not yet invented), but ZIL-157.
      Learn materiel, my dear.
      1. erased
        erased 31 August 2012 20: 34
        Yes, you need to learn the materiel.
        Several designers took part in the design of the BTR-152, and they used different bases from Zil-121, to Zil-151, and later Zil-157.
        More details here -
        Learn the story, amiable.
      2. Protey
        Protey 31 August 2012 22: 11
        BTR-152 - an armored personnel carrier created on the basis of components and assemblies of a ZIS-151 truck. Adopted in 1950. The armored personnel carrier had an open welded load-bearing housing. It was in serial production from 1950 to 1955. ZIL-157 was mass-produced since 1958, so there could not be a base for the 152nd.
  29. bask
    bask 31 August 2012 23: 23
    Yes, in the USSR, BMP armored vehicles were created, which had no analogues in the world. And so on ... now, we are engaged in reincarnation of junk. Presenting for a new one. Or by the type that they will buy it anyway. Not an order .... Let's get into For 13 years do Boomerangs in metal, have been waiting for ...
  30. snek
    snek 1 September 2012 00: 31
    When I look at him, I can’t get rid of the impression that this is a modification of the BTR-152
  31. maxiv1979
    maxiv1979 1 September 2012 09: 03
    than the standard armored personnel carrier is worse, until you understand, modify it for mines and that's it
  32. killganoff
    killganoff 1 September 2012 09: 25
    This one is good for fast and safe transportation of units of internal troops and riot police along the streets of uncontrolled cities, ideal for cases of popular disobedience. Not for nothing that they primarily rearm the units of explosives.
  33. pinachet
    pinachet 1 September 2012 17: 51
    read the article and komenty and that's what thoughts came ....
    some compare with BTR 40, 152, but this is not so bad .. I recall that those BTR were made by people who directly participated in the Second World War and customers in min. defense too .. they all have a fresh memory and they knew what they were doing !! and for examples of armored personnel carriers 40 were made on the experience of using American armored personnel carriers (set on landwise) in battles.
    returning to armored personnel carrier 60, 70 80 (armored personnel carrier 90 does not matter, this is a wheeled infantry fighting vehicle) that we have .. there is no protection (at least not bigger than it was) the landing, too .. it didn’t get better (who at least got out of armored personnel carrier 60, 70 understand me on the go) with the same success you can use an armored truck (which is now done in the Caucasus)
    In general, for me it is a good idea to make tested things in a new version.
    I recall that the armored personnel carrier is intended for the transport of troops to the battlefield! , and on the battlefield soldiers support the BMP.
  34. Praetorian
    Praetorian 1 September 2012 21: 30
    Tigers, Shots, Bulat. But do they plan to supply them to our troops? How many tigers bought? Ten? Twelve?
  35. mind1954
    mind1954 1 September 2012 21: 38
    Still, I would like to clarify why this car ?!

    As I understand it, we need it, FIRST, for transportation
    infantrymen on mined roads while protecting against small arms
    weapons, and everything else is secondary! For this, the experience of South Africa is indispensable!
    People must be placed as high as possible above the point of explosion and
    protect "V" with a reflector!
    And on the battlefield, as low as possible, silhouette and armor reservation,
    as strong as possible!

    It’s not possible to harness one horse, a horse and a trembling doe!
    Trying to combine incompatible ?!
  36. atesterev
    atesterev 2 September 2012 00: 06
    Congratulations to the editors, the pictures were brought in line ... I, of course, are not an expert, but I would divide one hefty windshield into two parts and make them at an angle. Yes, and no one canceled the armor ...
    1. Protey
      Protey 2 September 2012 13: 22
      Yes, that this huge windshield does not inspire confidence that it will withstand a PM bullet? . On the 152nd there were hinged armored shutters, but here there seems to be nothing of the kind.
      1. berimor
        berimor 2 September 2012 18: 44
        I did not serve in motorized rifles. In Suvorov, we had the BTR-152, but a solid windshield is, I feel, a tribute to fashion, but by no means a solution for a combat vehicle. Guys are right! Isn’t it really easier to divide the glass into 2 parts and equip it with an armored shutter ?! Firstly, it’s easier technologically, and secondly, it’s easier to operate. And as to whether he can withstand or not withstand a blast of 20 kg - I absolutely do not believe it!
  37. Alekseev
    Alekseev 3 September 2012 12: 44
    An armored car is an armored car, i.e. an armored car i.e.
    It is impossible to demand from him (and it is impossible to achieve) the protection of a tank or heavy armored personnel carrier weighing 50 tons.
    Every thing for its tasks.
  38. Korvin
    Korvin 14 September 2012 00: 12
    Well, you really, it's a police car and not for motorized rifles! A bunch of windows like hint ... for visibility of this class, visibility is important ...
  39. Egevich
    Egevich 24 May 2013 13: 24
    Quote: KORVIN
    Well, you really, it's a police car and not for motorized rifles! A bunch of windows like hint ... for visibility of this class, visibility is important ...

    to the point ... visibility and interior comfort with "audio system and alarm" (c)