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The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

The existing border fleet of leading world powers, as experience has shown, is extremely ineffective in operating in real stormy conditions against small-sized maneuverable and high-speed targets. Efficiency is achieved through borderline interaction fleet and coastal helicopters. Highly specialized vessels for the fight against terrorism should perform the following tasks:
- release of captured ships:
- delivery of underwater assault group,
- the landing of the above-ground assault group,
- cover assault groups,
- assistance to victims,
- convoy of captured ships, terrorists to the base.
- patrolling the area of ​​responsibility in order to prevent terrorist operations at sea;
- stopping the delivery of smuggled goods;
- stopping the delivery of illegal immigrants.

Based on these tasks, the following requirements can be identified:
- minimum acceleration time to full speed,
- the minimum time of the reverse from full front to full reverse,
- high speed reverse,
- minimal flooding and splashing of the upper deck,
- the possibility of placing assault groups and special equipment,
- convenience of action of underwater and surface assault groups from the ship,
- ease of operation of the vessel.

The most promising project is the A-77 “Harpoon” project developed by Agat Design Bureau and built at the Vyborg Shipyard, tested on 2003-2004. In parallel, several generations of models were tested in the FSUE TsAGI basin in order to verify the original calculation methods and electronic simulation of the dynamics of movement aimed at optimizing the hydrodynamic complex of the gliding type, including the hull geometry, waterway parameters and the laws governing the system for stabilizing the angular coordinates of the model while moving on a regular excitement of a given intensity.

The following local technologies should be highlighted that will improve the performance of the boat and its effectiveness, including:
- hull geometry, providing an optimal combination of indicators of seaworthiness, maneuverability and inertia;
- Laws of management of the system of maintaining optimum trim and moderation of side and pitching;
- water propeller with a high-pressure pump and water intake, the geometry of which provides the maximum efficiency of the propeller in a wide range of speeds of the boat;
- system of optimization of centering along the length of the boat;
- a number of design solutions aimed at reducing the empty mass of the boat, increasing the service life of individual components, and increasing the overhaul period of the boat in operation.

Proceeding from the above, a proposal arises about the possibility of creating in one hull, deeply inter-design unifying a complete set, design, technical and technological solutions, two boats of the A77-4, A77-5 projects with the characteristics outlined in the table below, which also compares the TTX for comparison project A77 "Harpoon".


Comparison of the characteristics of boats shows that the A77-4 and A77-5 systems are significantly superior to the A77 in maneuvering and inertial characteristics, navigation range, autonomy, and possess the infrastructure necessary to perform the tasks previously listed.

TTH A77 "Harpoon" and its modifications

Additionally, we can say that a unique automation system was developed to control this boat, which has the following functions:

Automatic control of the bottom lifting force when gliding with the help of an interceptor system:

- ensuring the minimum resistance in the transitional mode (going to gliding);
- ensuring the maximum hydrodynamic quality by controlling the angle of attack depending on the speed of gliding;
- stabilization of the hull position due to roll and trim, including when exposed to waves;
- management of roll on the turn;
-the formation of a warning signal on the limiting values ​​of heel and trim, the formation of a team for emergency braking of the vessel in case of dangerous heel or trim.

Controlling the magnitude and direction of water cannons in various modes:
-synchronous tracking control of water jet nozzles, reverse valves and engine revolutions from the steering wheel and the handle in the wheelhouse;
- automated control of the direction and magnitude of the thrust force when maneuvering at low speeds. In this mode, the navigator sets the desired direction of movement using the joystick, and the desired speed of rotation - using the steering wheel. The automation system calculates tasks for nozzles, reverse flaps and engine revolutions necessary for movement in a given direction, including lateral movement of the vessel;
-automatic control of water jet nozzles in the mode of stabilization of a given course.

Management of vessel technical facilities:
-mapping the state of hatches and doors, remote control ventilation compartments;
- mapping of the volume of fuel and fresh water in tanks;
- display of the state of the power supply system, remote control of the generator switches;
-Display of the state of the hydraulic system, remote control of the hydraulic system pumps;
- signaling the presence of water in the compartments.
This project is the fastest ship in the world of this class. Only unfortunately, NATO countries show greater interest in it and are ready to place orders, unlike the Russian special services. For very unknown reasons, the FSB of the Russian Federation refused to accept this boat for service and today it remains in the number of 3 units and one model in the display case

For its own needs, Russia Agat Design Bureau has developed another boat project A125 Strela. Strongly simplified copy of A 77-4 "Harpoon"
Special purpose boat A125M

And a special purpose boat Pr А125-1

- Patrol and protection of state and customs borders,
-participation in search and rescue operations,
- interception and detention of vessels violating,
- implementation of customs control,
- protection of seaports and coastal engineering structures.
TTX project A125 and A125-1

Total released:
PrA125 “Valentin Chuikin” №800, addition of CFS, year of launching 2004-1pcs
Pr A125-1 No.801, on the test (pre-Kaliningrad FCS), the year of descent to the water2008- 1pcs

Probably it's time to think about the means by which we will defend our borders with real boats or modelkas.

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 24 August 2012 09: 03
    These are not aircraft carriers ... It would be possible to satisfy demand in a short time. Moreover, the length of our border is far from a joke!
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 09: 22
      NATO countries offer 4 000 000 000 $ for documentation. Or order 200 pieces. By the way, the cost of a boat for Russia is 2,8 million $.
  2. Nickname
    Nickname 24 August 2012 09: 36
    I liked the C AK - 630 model. Is there just enough space for ammunition? And what for then in front of the rail, folding or something?
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 09: 49
      The rails are not folding. This model was made before the release of the first model for the exhibition. Then they gave it to someone.
      1. tan0472
        tan0472 24 August 2012 16: 02
        Quote: Steam Train
        Then they gave it to someone.

        With your wheels, a steam locomotive, tap on the head to those who give samples of new technology. fool
        1. Armata
          24 August 2012 16: 06
          Yes with pleasure. Just who to knock?
          1. tan0472
            tan0472 24 August 2012 18: 52
            Unfortunately, i do not know...
    2. borisst64
      borisst64 24 August 2012 13: 01
      Quote: Nickname
      Is there just enough space for ammunition?

      The total mass of the AU, kg: 3800. That's where the problem is, in addition to high energy consumption, i.e. add. engine load. Well, the internal dimension will be a problem.
      1. Armata
        24 August 2012 13: 14
        All declared weapons are put on the A125. And this is only a model. The engine there is an 2 MTU diesel engine on 16 cylinders and 2000 horses. And for him this is not a problem. True, the Whirlwinds have not yet been set, they came out only with the KPVT. But the place was originally designed specifically for it.
        1. Armata
          24 August 2012 13: 20
          I found a photo of the engine compartment. Filmed during construction.
  3. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 24 August 2012 09: 40
    It looks good and the name is suitable.
    I think the state can help establish mass production, and this, in addition to military tasks, also jobs, infrastructure development, private suppliers, and a civilian option would be useful.
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 09: 54
      Quote: Whistling
      , and a civilian option would come in handy.

      On its basis, a civilian is being made. Project A 45-1 for rivers and shelf, A 145 marine class. In the photo A145 acceptance in Sochi
      1. Svistoplyaskov
        Svistoplyaskov 24 August 2012 10: 24
        Wow! Interesting design - similar to the French TGV (train).
        We must make our millionaires buy, so that they do not give money abroad.
        You look at our company, the atelier is divorced (and abroad it is a whole industry) to please their demanding taste!
        1. Armata
          24 August 2012 10: 30
          Side view. There are pictures of the cabin and cabin. And also a video from the tests. Such next year in Khabarovsk 5 and in Zelenodolsk 3. Already released 4.
          1. Svistoplyaskov
            Svistoplyaskov 24 August 2012 10: 45
            Why didn’t you dear Eugene immediately post in the article, do you want to create a separate one? I would like to take a look!
            1. Armata
              24 August 2012 10: 49
              This is civil. She, as it were, has nothing to do with the site smile The most interesting thing is that there is even a bar for passengers there. They are replaced by Meteors and Rocket to replace this entire class with newer ones.
              1. Svistoplyaskov
                Svistoplyaskov 24 August 2012 11: 06
                I see the news of civil shipbuilding will not be amiss on our deeply respected site.
                What about the bar? We will consider it a unit of pressure! drinks
                1. Armata
                  24 August 2012 11: 50
                  I will try to write. Since the bookmark has all the photos. I shot them all from the very beginning and before delivery to the customer.
  4. Vito
    Vito 24 August 2012 09: 44
    Steam Locomotive (4)Good day to you, dear!
    As the saying goes with you and not very bad!
    How many I live in this world, regularly, once every half a year there are reports from the FAR EAST about the violation of our economic zones by JAPANESE and CHINESE fishermen!
    So we need these ships, like a fish in the sea! It seems to me that their number in the Pacific Fleet should be at least 12-15 units.
    I read the performance characteristics, but what kind of weapons is provided on it? Of course, I understand that this is not a patrol, but with the "METAL CUTTER" on it it will somehow be calmer for our BORDER GUARDS! On the models I observe the thing, but on the boat itself it is not?
    By the way, and the photos are excellent, RESPECT you buddy! hi
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 10: 00
      Good day. It was supposed to put the Vikhr-K missile and artillery system, consisting of an 30-mm AK-306 rapid-fire machine gun with ammunition for 500 rounds and four missile containers with a Vikhr anti-tank system with a firing range of up to 10 km, an 14,5-mm naval turret machine gun MTPU with a large-caliber machine gun KPVT, also designed for the installation of 30-mm automatic grenade launcher type AGS-17 and 7,62-mm machine gun. In short, he calculated under the entire arsenal, but it didn’t come to that. crying
      1. Vito
        Vito 24 August 2012 10: 07
        Yes, the list of weapons was not frail, at least half of this should be realized, like a mini-cruiser would be! But probably in speed would lose?
        1. Armata
          24 August 2012 10: 12
          No options were either that way, or so all 3 options for different purposes.
  5. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 24 August 2012 11: 00
    I liked everything very much - both the article and the ship. What we MUST need to have something that is capable of 50-60 nodal speed to intercept the offender is like a law.
    The only thing - a little confused weight. Already lightly kolchuzhka hurt. Although ... won, the TKA D-3 had only 32 tons, and was considered seaworthy ... Yes, and the navigability indicated by you is quite nothing ...
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 11: 28
      Greetings to Andrew. Thank. That's how it was decided.
      It was designed as a high-speed interceptor. Aviation alloy wheelhouse and hull. And seaworthiness of this level is the requirements of the FSB of the Russian Federation.
  6. Gazprom
    Gazprom 24 August 2012 11: 21
    A very necessary car, poachers and other Chinese bones to drive
    lightweight, fast, cheap (few to eat).

    Well done boys
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 11: 33
      All design bureaus tried to create the best, including ours. There are no analogues in the world. Only the project itself was closed for the sake of the development of "Almaz", although their boat turned out to be many times worse, although cheaper. In pr. A125-1, if you noticed they put Rolls-Royce water cannons (also because of the Almaz patronage), although objectively the Zelenodolsk VD575 and VD525 niches are no worse and even better than the English ones in most parameters.
  7. Andrei
    Andrei 24 August 2012 11: 28
    Yes, it’s strange that the FSB did not order such a ship in rodeba compared with other departments of the FSB did not experience such serious financial problems .... I so hope that this decision was motivated by the fact that there is (or in the development of) something better than this project and while they decided once again not to fight in anticipation of the best .... but in our country there could be anything, for example, the enterprise management could not agree on a price with the customer ... I hope that this is not so ...
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 11: 46
      Officially, they refused in favor of the Almaz Design Bureau project precisely because of the price. And also they were not quite satisfied with 2-bed cabins for the team (apparently our bastards should, like in the old days, rest on bunkers)
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 22 June 2017 09: 27
        I think that all that less than 100 tons of displacement is not capable of patrolling at least a couple of days at sea ... IMHO, of course.
  8. Rockets
    Rockets 24 August 2012 12: 11
    The FSB of Russia ordered a series of project 12200: patrol boat "Sable"
    And they will replace all boats of the old series
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 12: 14
      Look at the performance characteristics of Sable and you will understand the difference. "Sobol" is a protégé of KB "Almaz" from here and legs grow.
      1. rumpeljschtizhen
        rumpeljschtizhen 24 August 2012 14: 27
        here you can’t argue .. the sable will be more modest obviously .. yes it looks plain.
        and Harpoon-like boats are needed in large numbers
        as I understand it, even on Amur, even on the Baltic and Sakhalin
        and a blend of weapons and wartime come in handy.
        For example, large ships can be converted to the Baltic Fleet by transferring to other fleets.
        Beautiful .. boat ...
  9. dixicon
    dixicon 24 August 2012 12: 56
    The question is, why did you abandon the hydrofoil? :)
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 13: 00
      The answer is simple. Cavitation is too high, running characteristics are reduced. For gliders, it is enough to set a certain geometry of the hull and then the nasal contour will perform the stabilization function.
  10. fedora
    fedora 24 August 2012 22: 16
    I would not like to "work" on the open sea on such a "vessel", even 20 miles from the coast. On this boat you can only show yourself in front of the "girls" and the authorities.
    1. Armata
      24 August 2012 22: 35
      I wonder why? Firstly, this boat was created in order to work in the coastline, maximum in the train zone. And what do you know analogue to it?
    2. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 25 August 2012 01: 52
      Justify the article? .... is it a boat of the coastal zone, what's wrong with it? (Does your statement look unfounded) or is it just a dislike of boats?
      1. Armata
        25 August 2012 11: 55
        This boat is also part of my job. How can I hate him? This is our brainchild. Only the patronage of the GOS KB in our country covers all innovative developments. Read above how interested the NATO countries are. Think and draw conclusions. By the way, "Design Bureau Agat" has the status of LLC. These are the people who once left the Rubin Design Bureau. And our talents are simply poisoned. Again, compare the development of the Almaz Design Bureau with this project (this is a state enterprise). Objectively, who did the boat better? And it was the project 12200 "Sable" that was accepted. At a state enterprise, you can cut the loot in your pockets and do not even steamed. Now I will try to write another article about "Cheetah", maybe you will understand why we have only 2 of them. And Vietnam already has 2.
        1. rumpeljschtizhen
          rumpeljschtizhen 25 August 2012 13: 46
          i am a question fedora asked. For me, so handsome boat
          1. Armata
            25 August 2012 14: 10
            I understood. Only so far you have formulated the complete answer you wrote off. drinks
  11. Phase
    Phase 27 August 2012 21: 19
    Very interesting project. The characteristics are impressive, and externally - handsome. It’s unfortunate if he doesn’t get into our Navy. We will believe in the best.
  12. mine
    mine April 5 2017 17: 22
    article banal lies not related to reality