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PLC pistol at IDEX-2021. Expectations and prospects


PLC pistol at one of the exhibitions

On February 21, the next international military-technical exhibition IDEX opens in Abu Dhabi, one of the largest participants of which will traditionally be Russia. At this event, the Russian Concern "Kalashnikov" plans to present for the first time several new developments, incl. self-loading pistol PLC. This demonstration will begin the process of promoting the pistol on the international market.

On the eve of the exhibition

The other day Kalashnikov revealed its plans for the future IDEX-2021 exhibition. All major recent developments in the field of small arms will be presented at the Concern's stand. weapons and in other areas. A number of products will be shown for the first time on a foreign site. Among them is the PLC self-loading pistol.

The Concern's press service informs that the PLC has successfully passed the state test program and has confirmed its characteristics. In addition, all the necessary permits have been obtained to bring the pistol to the international market. The countries of the Middle East are considered as potential customers, among others, without specifying specific states.

Potential customers from foreign countries could already familiarize themselves with the PLC at Russian exhibitions of the recent past. However, until now they have not been able to purchase such a product due to the lack of an export permit. Now we can expect the start of negotiations and the signing of a supply contract.

Family member

The PLC self-loading pistol is another member of the family of weapons developed by D. Lebedev. In 2015, a basic sample of this line was presented under the name PL-14, and a year later they showed an improved PL-15 pistol. In 2017, two new samples were shown at once, the PL-15-01 with an updated firing mechanism and the compact PL-15K / PLC. In 2019, the development of the modernized MPL-1/2 pistol was completed. In the same period, a batch production line was prepared.

The PLC pistol is a compact self-loading weapon chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum. The frame and casing are made of aluminum alloy and polymer. Used automation based on barrel recoil with a short stroke; locking is performed by engaging the breech with the liner ejection window.

For weapons of the PL-14/15 / PLC line, several types of trigger were developed, trigger (with a hidden trigger) and striker type, only double action. The PLC received a trigger mechanism. Provides a manual safety lock and a slide delay. The controls are symmetrical. The PLC pistol uses 14-round double-row magazines, held by a side button latch.

The compact PLC gun has a total length of 180 mm by a height of 130 mm and a maximum width of 28 mm. Barrel length - 92 mm. Weight without cartridges - 730 g. Additional equipment can be installed on the casing and under the barrel.

In terms of combat characteristics, the PLC is similar to other modern pistols chambered for 9x19 mm with a similar barrel. The competitive advantage of the pistol is called the optimized ergonomics, which makes it easier to carry and provides the proper usability. For this, two sets of notches on the shutter are provided, recesses that facilitate the removal of the magazine, etc. In addition, there is an increased safety of weapons and a high resource - 10 thousand shots.

Successes and prospects

Since its inception, pistols designed by D. Lebedev regularly undergo the necessary tests, according to the results of which certain measures are taken. So, testing the first product of the line, PL-14, showed the need for improvements and led to the emergence of a more advanced pistol, which later became the basis for new models and modifications.

Recent tests have confirmed the high combat and operational characteristics of the compact PLC. Now this pistol can be adopted by the army and other structures of Russia or other countries. How soon this will happen is unclear. Based on the results of the tests, Russian structures can issue an order at any time. Foreign buyers, in turn, will have to negotiate and define the terms of the contract, which takes some time.

It should be noted that the mere fact of the PLC entering the international market does not guarantee the receipt of orders. In search of a customer, a new Russian development will have to face fairly tough competition. In the sector of compact pistols chambered for "Parabellum" there are a lot of foreign samples, incl. from the world's leading manufacturers. The most popular pistols of this kind have high performance and a good reputation, which will make it difficult to compete with them.

PLC and accessories

The compact PLC is intended for officers and generals who do not need a "full-size" weapon. In addition, it can be used by intelligence officers in need of hidden weapons. It should be noted that the demand for weapons of this class among the armies is limited. For most tasks, size and weight are not critical, and therefore larger items are mainly purchased.

Concern "Kalashnikov" believes that the PLC has advantages in the form of optimal ergonomics, safety and high resource. At the same time, according to the main firing characteristics, determined mainly by the cartridge, the Russian pistol differs little from foreign products of its class. The possibility of using additional devices, ease of use, etc. also do not provide fundamental advantages. These facts make it much more difficult to win a hypothetical foreign tender.

An important competitive advantage of the PLC and other domestic weapons could be the adoption by the Russian army and law enforcement agencies, followed by mass production and development in units. Potential customers are usually suspicious of imported samples that are not accepted by their own army, and rarely risk purchasing them.

PL-15 pistol with standard silencer

The Middle East is being considered as a potential market for PLCs and other weapons. Russia has long and mutually beneficial cooperation with a number of countries in this region. It is quite possible that the positive experience of past years will affect the fate of new contracts, incl. for the supply of compact pistols. However, such factors can help competitors too.

Not just a gun

At the upcoming IDEX 2021 exhibition, the Russian Kalashnikov Concern will for the first time show foreign countries not only a PLC pistol, but also other modern developments in the field of small arms. All these products may interest foreign military personnel and become the subject of contracts in the near future. The same applies to the products of other defense enterprises participating in the exhibition.

What the commercial future of the PLC pistol and other new samples will turn out to be is unknown. However, the necessary measures are being taken, and the first of them will be the premiere of the product at a leading foreign exhibition. IDEX is very popular among manufacturers and buyers of military products, and thanks to this, new Russian weapons, at least, will not be left without due attention.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 23 February 2021 04: 25
    Compact, cute and recognizable at the same time, which is important for commerce.
    1. ammunition
      ammunition 7 May 2021 16: 17
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      Compact, cute

      What's cute about him? He may not be as ugly as most of these modern pistols - cuttlefish ... all sorts of Boas and other dregs. But to a very nice one (Luger P080), and to a simply nice one (Makarov) he can walk to China.
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 11 May 2021 07: 25
        Quote: ammunition
        But up to very pretty (Luger P080) , and to just cute (Makarov) him as to China on foot.
        You still esponton or protazan some remember.
  2. Emil mamedoff
    Emil mamedoff 23 February 2021 04: 36
    The chat entered:
  3. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 23 February 2021 05: 05
    The question of the cost of the PLC - can become its competitive advantage, it's a pity about the price of the product, not a word is written.
    Adoption, Mass production - real price reduction. Accordingly, with the optimal value of price - quality, there are prospects both in the domestic and foreign markets.
  4. Kot_Kuzya
    Kot_Kuzya 23 February 2021 05: 53
    They would allow short-barreled weapons in Russia, while banning imports, and sales of pistols would go in millions of copies.
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 23 February 2021 06: 04
      We would allow short-barreled weapons in Russia,
      Dreamer smile after the first shot, they will confiscate the pistol from you and start a criminal case ... in our country the laws on civilian weapons are only getting tougher ... it will still be possible to populate in the shooting range and no more.
      And so the PLC pistol was not made for large circulations ... command staff and special services ... that's all.
      1. Kot_Kuzya
        Kot_Kuzya 23 February 2021 06: 11
        And I'm not going to shoot anyone. I would buy it for the soul to be.
        1. Lech from Android.
          Lech from Android. 23 February 2021 06: 30
          I would buy it for the soul to be.
          I would also like to have a collection of weapons ... but expensive and unsafe in our time and in our country.
          When you look at the collections of American gunsmiths, they just drool ... they just make works of art from an ordinary pistol, rifle, machine gun, and we cannot imagine such a thing.
          1. Alexfly
            Alexfly 23 February 2021 13: 43
            So Lech, the Americans do not run around and shoot anywhere, but only in places adapted (suitable) for this, and safety for them is not just a word ... In shooting ranges or on sites .. perfect. In Russia, this is most likely impossible for "reasons: the presence of majors in the legislation and the fear of the STATE to give the opportunity to arm their people .... feudalism has not gone anywhere. About the PLC - stillborn, who will produce it for 300 €? If known and proven CZ-P10 costs a little more than 500 €, for which people even think to spread money or not ...
            1. vladcub
              vladcub 24 February 2021 16: 11
              The "fear of the state" is the coolest thing, that in the Republic of Ingushetia, before the revolution of 1905, ANY weapon was freely sold, after 1905 combat rifles were banned for sale, but foreign rifles, under the old bullet, could be bought. Browning Long, Colt, Mauser could be bought without much difficulty. And now just lick your lips
        2. Cowbra
          Cowbra 23 February 2021 06: 57
          Quote: Kot_Kuzya
          I would buy for the soul

          Souls are beautiful impulses ... "Souls" is a verb lol
          1. Catfish
            Catfish 23 February 2021 07: 02
            A portrait of Pushkin hangs in Andropov's office.

            - Yuri Vladimirovich, do you like the poetry of Alexander Sergeevich?

            - But of course! He has such beautiful lines: "Beautiful impulses of souls"!

            ("Duzi" also serves as a verb here)
            1. 41st region
              41st region 23 February 2021 14: 10
              Mom asks Vovochka why he got a deuce in Russian.
              He replies: "Because" weaken "is a verb, and not a donkey's girlfriend, as dad said."
    2. Intruder
      Intruder 23 February 2021 20: 28
      Short-barreled weapons would be allowed in Russia
      Well, yes, and who else would revive the weapon culture in the Russian Federation, would open courses and many shooting galleries and other infrastructural things revived from school and the legislation was optimized for wearing and using this short-barrel in Russia of the Future! ???
      sales of pistols would have gone in the millions.
      here people do not save on their phones, walk around with broken screens and second-hand devices, the era of prosperous hands and pawnshops and microcredit scams, and you swung at millions of copies in civilian weapons ... request
      1. Kot_Kuzya
        Kot_Kuzya 24 February 2021 00: 08
        Quote: Intruder
        here people do not save on their phones, walk around with broken screens and second-hand devices, the era of prosperous hands and pawnshops and microcredit scams, and you swung at millions of copies in civilian weapons ...

        Have you tried to work?
        1. vl903
          vl903 13 May 2021 11: 41
          . [/ quote]
          Have you tried to work? [/ Quote]
          another major of life teaches)))
      2. Hagen
        Hagen 24 February 2021 08: 22
        Quote: Intruder
        Well, yes, and who else would revive the weapon culture in the Russian Federation

        The culture of conversion cannot be revived without weapons in hand. But on the shooting galleries and courses I agree. At one time, there were a lot of shooting galleries in the USSR. Up to 9 million people were involved in shooting sports. Nevertheless, this was not enough for the army in 1941. Realizing that today we are surrounded by by no means good neighbors, it would be worthwhile to take measures to create and promote something like a shooting association in the United States in the Russian manner. At least with DOSAAF. Organizational problems are minimal. All that is needed is intelligible legislation and non-prohibitive norms for organizing shooting ranges and shooting ranges. There are a lot of civilian hunting weapons on hand today, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority hardly go hunting. And of those that go, many just go out to "shoot at the cans and eat the chicken they brought with them. I think if there is an available shooting range, there will be plenty of people willing to shoot to keep it in working order. The simplest competitions can spur the intensity of their use. The whole question is in the political will and understanding, whether the country needs a prepared rifle mob reserve.By the way, in the USA the rifle association is considered to be just such a reserve.
        1. LastPS
          LastPS 27 February 2021 23: 59
          Nevertheless, this was not enough for the army in 1941.

          But the number of snipers in the Soviet Union was the highest, and the quality was very good. It is enough to look at the statistics of the most successful snipers. The army in the 41st had problems not with snipers)
          1. Hagen
            Hagen 28 February 2021 12: 11
            Quote: LastPS
            But the number of snipers in the Union was the highest,

            I didn't say a word about snipers. I spoke about the culture of handling weapons and the methods of educating it among the civilian population. Sniping is a slightly different perspective.
            1. LastPS
              LastPS 1 March 2021 08: 45
              I mean that without mass shooting training, such results would not have been achieved. The low culture of handling weapons was due to the fact that they began to enlist in the army en masse, and the level of education of the population was very low.
        2. vl903
          vl903 13 May 2021 11: 44
          they even say they were in schools. what a horror !!!! wild wild Soviet people !!!!
  5. Andrey Skripkin
    Andrey Skripkin 23 February 2021 07: 09
    But because of its design features, the Lebedev pistol, in principle, cannot be adopted by the Russian army.
    1. John22
      John22 23 February 2021 08: 54
      What features? The GSh-18 pistol also has a magazine with ammunition rebuilding in one row. But it was adopted by the army. As they said. But he is not in the troops. Cannot ensure the quality of production.
  6. Thrifty
    Thrifty 23 February 2021 08: 08
    Is this a single standard cartridge, or a cartridge for Parabellum, because the pistol is an export version?
  7. Avior
    Avior 23 February 2021 09: 50
    ... The compact PLC is intended for officers and generals who do not need a "full-size" weapon. In addition, it can be used by intelligence officers in need of hidden weapons.

    It's not entirely clear what is compactness? It is longer than the PM in length. Why does the general need it?
  8. Operator
    Operator 23 February 2021 10: 00
    PL-14 was presented with a 127 mm barrel, PL-15 - with a 120 mm barrel, PLC - with a 92 mm barrel: a tendency, however laughing

    Lebedev's pistols are distinguished by a trigger trigger with a hidden trigger (the striker trigger was declared, but was never demonstrated), a sports filled grip, a two-row magazine with a two-row exit and an inertial (rather than pedal) automatic trigger trigger. The bolt and barrel are steel, the frame is aluminum (glass-filled polyamide is declared, but not shown). Automation is standard - a barrel with a short stroke, coupled to the bolt by means of a protrusion in the breech.

    The pistol has passed the domestic reliability test "dust chamber - rain chamber - dust chamber", in contrast to foreign analogues.

    Despite the execution of Lebedev pistols in two calibers 9x19 and 9x21 mm, their competitiveness abroad is questionable due to the fact that they were not adopted for service in Russia. Plus, a slumped grip, several times less resource than competitors and an aluminum frame are additional barriers to commercially significant sales.
    1. Mik13
      Mik13 23 February 2021 12: 33
      And also the trigger DAO. This, if someone does not understand, every shot is self-cocking. And the effort on the trigger will be 4 kilograms ...
      The question is - why reinvent the bicycle on square wheels, if the trigger of the Makarov pistol is almost ideal from the user's point of view? Copy it and you have a great pistol.
      1. soloveyav
        soloveyav 23 February 2021 12: 59
        The trigger of the PM and his relatives is very fickle - good on one pistol, disgusting on the other, and without any regularities. From the point of view of triggering the trigger, the PSM and its variation on the Viking / PYa are better than the PM.
        A trigger DAO instead of a striker seems to be a requirement of the army.
        1. Astra wild2
          Astra wild2 23 February 2021 15: 50
          I will not say anything about Viking and PYa: I myself have not seen and read almost nothing, but I like PSM: beautiful and light, and PM is angular and heavier
          1. soloveyav
            soloveyav 23 February 2021 18: 36
            From personal experience - I tried Viking, PSM and PM in the shooting range, + PM-like pneumatic and gas ones I saw. The descent of the PM is very dependent on the specific pistol - the shooting range Baikal 442 (the same PM, only with a different marking) had a good descent, the Soviet PMs - very average, the pneumatic MP654K - from medium to very heavy and ragged, and if the effort is really reduced then the very nature of the descent is very difficult to change, it is easier to replace the trigger.
      2. Operator
        Operator 23 February 2021 13: 20
        Now most of the pistols are equipped with a double-acting trigger, the problem is different:
        a modern Walther PDP with a 101 mm barrel and a plastic frame without a magazine weighs 606 grams, a PLC with a 92 mm barrel and an aluminum frame weighs about 660 grams.

        Therefore, it will be difficult for the PLC in the presented configuration to occupy a niche of subcompacts in the foreign market, and so far it does not have a plastic frame.
        1. Sergey_G_M
          Sergey_G_M 23 February 2021 16: 08
          By the way, with not such a big difference in weight, many may consider the aluminum frame as an advantage (not everyone likes plastic in weapons)
          1. Operator
            Operator 23 February 2021 18: 54
            The weight is 10% more, the barrel is 10% shorter, the resource is three times less - as a result, flying past the checkout is guaranteed.
    2. John22
      John22 23 February 2021 18: 37
      The PL store has a single row of cartridges!
  9. Konnick
    Konnick 23 February 2021 10: 02
    Quote: Avior
    ... The compact PLC is intended for officers and generals who do not need a "full-size" weapon. In addition, it can be used by intelligence officers in need of hidden weapons.

    It's not entirely clear what is compactness? It is longer than the PM in length. Why does the general need it?

    And where to wear it? Some sharp corners. The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield features a 6-round single-row magazine so it is slim and lightweight for concealed carry.
    1. Astra wild2
      Astra wild2 23 February 2021 15: 42
      I haven't seen him and I don't know, but purely theoretically: Glock, Beretta or Zaur are more serious.
  10. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 23 February 2021 10: 12
    Freak. PLC - Polkan is loud for him, a stick is just right. The back of the head allows you to shoot only from an outstretched arm (hence the stick). fool
    I fired only with "Makarov", so my opinion is only superficial. hi
    1. Astra wild2
      Astra wild2 23 February 2021 15: 37
      I know: PM, PSM. Izh disassembled, but did not shoot
  11. soloveyav
    soloveyav 23 February 2021 13: 03
    Has anyone seen / disassembled his shops? There is a normal store with one spring or the traditional Izhevsk scheme as in PMM and single-row Viking stores with two springs (I wonder who invented this dream of reason).
  12. Silinvv
    Silinvv 23 February 2021 13: 51
    In appearance, something from Glock, something from Sig-Sauer, which I did not see inside. It is quite difficult to resist these two, except for dumping at a price. Well, let's not forget that the Sieg-Sauer is the pistol of the European police, and the Glock is the American one. Reputation mom do not cry. Well, success in any case to the Kalashnikovites!
  13. Astra wild2
    Astra wild2 23 February 2021 15: 31
    [quote = Kot_Kuzya] And I'm not going to shoot anyone. I would buy for the soul, so that it was. [/ Quot
    I would buy PSM with pleasure. : I know him well, but for the soul, but for self-defense
  14. senima56
    senima56 23 February 2021 16: 25
    Neither the USSR nor Russia has yet created a more beautiful pistol! Dmitry Lebedev State Prize!
  15. Severok
    Severok 28 February 2021 20: 39
    It's somehow strange: everything in Russia that can actually raise GDP, and not on paper, is stifled by laws, taxes and energy tariffs. A good example is the law on weapons, which is more prohibitive than permissive. After all, the fool understands that by changing the law on weapons in the direction of allowing rifled short-barreled weapons in civilian circulation, albeit with restrictions on the categories of persons to whom it will be allowed, the arms industry will receive an impetus in development, will receive funds for R&D and production development! Metallurgy and chemical industry will follow it! But it seems that far from national interests in industry are being lobbied ...
  16. anykind
    anykind 3 March 2021 15: 49
    It's even interesting how to secretly carry such a fool) This is a combined-arms pistol, but not a secret type of makara or ppk
  17. Konnick
    Konnick 28 March 2021 08: 39
    On February 21, the next international military-technical exhibition IDEX opens in Abu Dhabi, one of the largest participants of which will traditionally be Russia. At this event, the Russian Concern "Kalashnikov" plans to present several new developments for the first time, incl. self-loading pistol PLC

    So many people wrote with admiration about the Russian exhibits at the exhibition and ..... silence. Where are the results of the exhibition. What is there about "Armata", "Boomerang", "Armor C1M", I am especially interested in the nonsense of the designer from the Kalashnikov concern, reviews on the MP-155 Ultima SMART-gun.
    Silence by results, for some reason there are no enthusiastic articles. "Maxim died, well, you're with him"
  18. Basarev
    Basarev April 12 2021 23: 22
    Yes, he has no prospects. He cannot enter foreign markets, you cannot squeeze Glock and Beretta, and without them there are a lot of other, completely modern and serial models. And inside the country ... PM is eternal, Lebedev's people will be convinced of this.