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Strengthening the Marine Corps of the Caspian Flotilla


Black Berets at the exercises, April 2020

The most powerful naval association in its region is deservedly considered the Caspian flotilla Navy of Russia. In recent years, the flotilla received a lot of new ships and vessels, which positively affected the combat effectiveness of its surface forces. Now the gradual development of the coastal forces in general and the marine corps in particular is being carried out.

History of development

Until the beginning of the nineties, the Marines were absent from the Caspian flotilla. Only in March 1994, an order appeared to form the 332th separate battalion of the Marine Corps based in Astrakhan. In 1998, the battalion became the 600th Guards. At that time, he was the only part of a kind in the flotilla.

In May 1999, the 414th Separate Marine Corps Battalion was formed - in the city of Kaspiysk. Soon, in the fall of 2000, serious transformations began. Two battalions were brought together as part of the newly created 77th Guards Separate Red Banner Brigade of the Marine Corps. They were supplemented by several other units for various purposes.

The 77th brigade had three marine battalions (414th, 725th and 727th), the 1200th separate reconnaissance battalion, two howitzer divisions, the 1387th anti-aircraft missile battalion, the 975th communication battalion and 530th separate electronic warfare company. Thus, as a part of the coastal forces, a full-fledged grouping was created as soon as possible, capable of solving a wide range of combat missions in different conditions.

Landing on an unprepared coast, September 2018

Soon after its appearance, the brigade took part in the battles of the Second Chechen. Various units from its structure regularly went on business trips and participated in a number of basic operations. "Black Berets" showed themselves in the best way. More than 300 servicemen of the 77th brigade received state awards.

The 77th Guards Brigade lasted until December 1, 2008, when an order was issued to disband it. In accordance with it, only two separate battalions of the marine corps were left in the Caspian flotilla - the 414th in Kaspiysk and the 727th in Astrakhan.

The reasons for the appearance of the marine corps in the Caspian flotilla are obvious. Further transformations, in turn, were associated with the need to strengthen this type of troops in accordance with emerging challenges and threats - and in conditions of limited resources. The results of such transformations were often far from desired, but they gave rise to optimism.

Latest events

In 2018, the marines of the Caspian flotilla underwent new transformations. On the basis of two separate battalions, the 177th Marine Regiment was created with command in Kaspiysk. On December 1 of the same year, the new regiment began the process of training and completing assigned tasks.

Armored vehicles of the 177th Marine Regiment on the march during exercises

It is curious that this unit is currently the only regiment in the marine corps of the Russian Navy. In other fleets, the "black berets" are consolidated into brigades, including battalions and divisions.

The 177th regiment is a full-fledged force capable of working on land and on water. Battalions are equipped with all necessary equipment and weapons. The basis of their fleet is modern armored personnel carriers BTR-82A. There are self-propelled guns "Nona-M" and towed howitzers D-30. In service are unmanned aviation intelligence systems. All fighters use the Warrior kit. Management is carried out using the complex "Sagittarius".

At the end of last year, the appearance of a new reconnaissance battalion as part of the 177th regiment was announced. It has a special-purpose company. Both the company and the battalion as a whole are designed to conduct reconnaissance in the deep rear of the enemy. It was alleged that the entire Central Asian region could be under the control of the reconnaissance battalion.

New battalion

Not so long ago it was announced that another marine battalion, similar to the existing ones, would soon appear in the 177th Marine Regiment. It was reported that the battalion will include three companies: two marines and one air assault. Thus, the battalion will be able to more effectively solve one of the main tasks of a kind of troops - landing on the coast will be carried out both from water and from the air.

Gunners of the 177th Regiment

The formation of the battalion has already begun and gives the first results. Personnel were recruited and deployed, combat training began. A part will enter a fully operational state before the end of this year. In its combat potential and capabilities, it will be like two other battalions of the marine corps.

Not only marines

Serious transformations of the marine corps of the Caspian flotilla began not so long ago, but so far have produced the most serious results. The number of combat units and the total number of personnel and weapons has been increased. In addition, infrastructure and equipment / weapons were modernized, which led to a qualitative improvement in the situation.

At the beginning of this year, a subunit with anti-ship missile weapons reappeared in the coastal flotilla forces for the past few years. The 51st Separate Coastal Missile Division uses the Ball complex and is capable of supporting both surface forces and coastal forces.

The implementation of the naval assaults of the "black berets" is provided by the landing boats of the flotilla. At the moment, this group includes only eight combat units of three projects. Together, the boats are able to deliver to the shore a battalion of marine corps with attached equipment and weapons. There is also the possibility of airborne landing - for this, military transport aviation of the Air Force or its own aviation units of the Caspian flotilla are involved in operations.

Landing boats pr. 11770 "Serna" from the Caspian flotilla

Perspectives and opportunities

The quantitative and qualitative growth of both the Caspian flotilla as a whole and individual structures from its composition leads to obvious advantages. Ships and coastal forces of the flotilla are one of the main forces in the region, and not only at sea. As it became clear several years ago, the striking means of the Caspian sailors can hit targets even in remote areas.

It is likely that the area of ​​responsibility of the reinforced and improved 177th Marine Regiment is not limited to the Caspian Sea and its shores. If necessary, his battalions and divisions will be able to work in different regions, from the North Caucasus to Central Asia. Such a potential will be useful in combating the terrorist threats specific to these regions.

It can be argued that the end result of the current measures to form new units and units will be the creation of a developed and effective group of coastal forces capable of working in all major environments and solving all the main tasks specific to the Caspian region. The backbone of any such grouping is the infantry - and in this case, the key component of the Russian forces is the 177th Marine Regiment, the construction and improvement of which has not yet been completed.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Asad
    Asad 6 July 2020 05: 44
    Great news! The region is not the most hectic, but as the saying goes ears on the top!
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 6 July 2020 07: 55
      Directional dispersion. You can prepare \ need everywhere. Fortunately, we have climatic zones for every taste.
      1. YOUR
        YOUR 6 July 2020 08: 53
        One thing is bad. Just a battalion. And the regiment was of two battalion composition. Now there will be three battalions, which in general does not reach the regiment of the Marine Corps of the USSR.
        1. Private-K
          Private-K 7 July 2020 10: 08
          Quote: YOUR
          Just a battalion.

          In local conditions, considering what kind of opponents are there - normal. Three solid battalions with a set of reinforcement is a very serious force. Get used to the new realities.

          Quote: YOUR
          Now there will be three battalion, which in general does not reach the regiment of the Marine Corps of the USSR.

          Separate regiments of marines had WEAK OSH. They were constantly kept in an extremely poorly staffed state (no more than 30% of the I / O staff) and, in fact, were barely making ends meet in terms of at least some correspondence with the tasks facing them. The transition to the brigade organization only a little bit of a situation, but absolutely not enough.
          1. mojohed2012
            mojohed2012 8 July 2020 07: 55
            I agree, it turns out that there are some kind of marine corps units, but if terrorist units move to the region supported by sworn overseas friends in the rear, and even after Trump’s elections, Iran may try to attack, such instability in the region will clearly be beyond the strength of such a group troops. We'll have to strengthen this direction, transferring troops from other directions. This situation with Iran and terrorists has already been available for several years, but our leadership is doing everything to a minimum, but allowing people like Potanin to merge waste into nature, saving on wastewater treatment plants and pumping everything that can be exported from the Soviet plant.
            1. Andrey Miroshnichenko
              Andrey Miroshnichenko 20 August 2020 20: 32
              And that there are no ground forces in this direction? Or will only marines fight?
    2. svp67
      svp67 6 July 2020 20: 02
      Quote: ASAD
      Region is not the most hectic

      Wow, NOT THE MOST TROUBLE ... This is the Caucasus then ... Quiet, yes. There, that there is not something like "ears, there and" dry powder "is very necessary
    3. iouris
      iouris 6 July 2020 21: 20
      Quote: ASAD
      The region is not the most hectic

      There is a loss of vigilance, tovarisch. From Herat to Orenburg by Toyota 2 days 2 hours and 38 minutes.
  2. Doccor18
    Doccor18 6 July 2020 08: 45
    Where there is a sea surface, there should be a marine corps. And she is. Only the point was to form a brigade, then disband, and then form again, but ... already a regiment. How much money was spent on these tweaks and jumps? But it’s difficult to talk about poor personnel, especially officers. When will a normal, seriously considered military doctrine be adopted, for 30 years at least ..? That there were no these shy things from divisions to brigades and back, from brigades to regiments and back ...
    1. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 6 July 2020 21: 56
      Only the point was to form a brigade, then disband, and then form again, but ... already a regiment. How much money was spent on these tweaks and jumps? But it’s difficult to talk about poor personnel, especially officers.

      The case of unsinkable Marshal Taburetkin lives and wins!
    2. Korax71
      Korax71 7 July 2020 15: 45
      The normal team was, coped with its tasks drinks The 727th baht and 600dhrs-in Astrakhan, 725,414,1200-in Kaspiysk. The brigade was equipped with double basses at full speed. what purpose did you like such a part negative
      1. Doccor18
        Doccor18 7 July 2020 16: 42
        I also don’t understand for what purpose fell in love with such a part 

        To say so delete immediately ....
        The army should have clear objectives and definite goals, which should also be legislated. Defensive doctrine should be with clear prerogatives. And if all this is not there, then leapfrog and confusion begins ...
  3. Pavel Amarok
    Pavel Amarok 6 July 2020 12: 25
    I am glad that they are not forgetting about the marines, although the measures are inadequate.
  4. Lopatov
    Lopatov 6 July 2020 12: 54
    There are self-propelled guns "Nona-M"

    This is not a self-propelled option. This is a breech-loading towed mortar 2B18, the forerunner of the "Nona-M1" 2B23

    Apparently, we are talking about "None-SM", she is also 2S9-1M
    1. Private-K
      Private-K 7 July 2020 10: 16
      Until some time, the arsenal of the Caspian Marines consisted of those rare instances of the towed gun 2B16 Nona-K that were produced. Then, these guns were sent to the warehouse, and the marines were given self-propelled Nona. The local officers still scorched on Inta in search of documentation for the operation because the authorities, as usual, scored it. But good people helped artillery officers.
      Threat And Nona-K were in the Donbass. Ahaha.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 7 July 2020 11: 15
        Quote: Private-K
        Until some time, the arsenal of the Caspian Marines consisted of those rare instances of the towed gun 2B16 Nona-K that were produced. Then, these guns were sent to the warehouse, and the marines were given self-propelled Nona.

        Strange decisions ....
        And on "Nona-K", and on "Nona-S", which had to be "propped up" by D-30

        There are 2C1 that are great for marines ...
      2. Korax71
        Korax71 7 July 2020 15: 50
        2b16-stood on armaments in art. Batteries 725 and 414 battalions. The art division was so with d30.
  5. Pamir
    Pamir 14 July 2020 23: 55
    Remark, paradox, the headquarters of the Navy with the fleets are subordinate to the land operational-strategic commands, each fleet is its own, we have four fleets and a flotilla, and the number of marines is with a gulkin's nose. Because of their strategic importance, the fleets should have at least one division each, in the Caspian Sea there should be a full-fledged six battalion brigade, with support units subordinate to the marines. Accordingly, all landing transport ships should be completed and subordinate to the marines. The Caspian Sea is in the south, and this is actually the largest lake in the world, geographically correct, would need a Zubr-type MDK, 5-6 pieces and boats of course. The conflict in the Caucasus in the 90s showed how combined battalions from all fleets were assembled, and this to fight the barmalei, although that territory did not even belong to the fleets in any way, the marines, in fact, in the depths of the land more than 60-70 km from the coast, had nothing to do, not their area of ​​responsibility. iki, and the special forces of the VV (speckles) with the FSB. And in fact, almost all the marines from all the fleets serving at that time visited. My native country is wide, but it turned out that even inside the country, far from the coast, I had to fight the naval The question is, why are the marines in general? It seems like their task, reconnaissance, sabotage and assault operations on the enemy's coast and the defense of their bases, ports and coastal cities, the coast as a whole. The Marines should not have the D-30 under their command, but the self-propelled guns and even the MLRS NOT of the ship's deck armament, namely independent platforms for the necessary maneuvers ashore together with infantry units and capable of rowing on water. It is not clear why to strengthen the Marines for many decades have not designed floating platforms with MLRS, for example, of the "Hurricane" type? Why is the Marine Corps deprived of this? For the Airborne Forces, there are landing equipment, and where is the floating one? For the Marines? And more heavy classes. For MDK, BDK and I hope there will be UDC weight restrictions, the possible tonnage of the load for ships cannot be compared with aviation. Ships can be delivered together with the Marines with more serious shock systems with ammunition. Moreover, due to the specifics of the use of the Marine Corps, the water is the element of the Marines, all equipment must be floating, anyway, for The Airborne Forces invent an airborne assault force. The reconnaissance forces of the marines and sabotage groups are provided with ATVs, 2-4 local snowmobiles, again, an extra ammo can be loaded The third decade of the 21st century is on the nose, and we are all in burnout, physical training is not canceled, the antelopes do not refuse to run the Marines, and it is useful for tone, but still, this is not always necessary. for small groups is a must.