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"Aileron", "Hunter" and others. Domestic UAV scheme "flying wing"


Preparation for the launch of UAV "Eleron-3". Photo by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation /

To date, a great many unmanned aerial vehicles have been created in our country and abroad. aviation complexes for various purposes. During the construction of the UAV, a wide range of ideas and solutions are used, incl. all major aerodynamic schemes. The “flying wing” layout is quite popular because it offers well-known advantages - and at the same time leads to some limitations.

In our country, the topic of the flying wing was taken up several decades ago, but this direction did not have much success. In the field of manned aviation, other schemes were developed, incl. structurally similar, such as tailless or integral layout.

However, the situation has changed dramatically with the beginning of the active and massive development of unmanned aerial vehicles. In this area, it was possible to more fully realize - and bring to operation - all the main advantages of the "flying wing" in different classes of equipment. Consider the most interesting examples of the application of such a scheme in domestic UAVs.

Light class

At the beginning of the two thousandth, the first UAV of the future Eleron family from the ENIX company appeared. It was an ultralight vehicle weighing 3400 g with a wing span of less than 1,5 m. With the help of an electric propeller group, it could reach speeds of more than 100 km / h and fly for 70-75 minutes. The payload of the drone was day and night cameras.

UAV "Eleron-10D". Photo by

In the future, new samples of the family, such as Eleron-10, appeared. Its wing increased to 2,2 m in scope, and the mass grew to 15,5 kg. Due to the larger and more capacious batteries, it is able to remain in the air for 2,5 hours and work at a distance of at least 50 km from the operator (with video transmission). All samples of the Eleron family have found application in the army and law enforcement agencies.

You can also note the UAV line ZALA 421 from the company ZALA Aero Group. This family includes tailless birds, flying wings, and even a convertiplane and multicopter. Devices weighing in kilograms can fly tens of kilometers and carry reconnaissance equipment. Some of these samples are accepted for supply and are commercially available. Standing alone is the barrage of ammunition ZALA CUBE. This product also has the features of a flying wing.

Heavy weight

For a number of reasons, the “flying wing” scheme did not find application in domestic middle-class projects, but was useful in creating some heavy designs. Due to the size and functions offered, such projects have invariably attracted the attention of the public and specialists.

In 2007, RSK MiG introduced a full-size prototype of a heavy strike UAV Skat. The project envisaged the construction of a machine weighing 20 tons with a wingspan of 11,5 m and a turbojet engine. Estimated speed reached 850 km / h, range - 4000 km. The drone was supposed to take on board up to 6 tons of weapons at 4 points of internal suspension. Together with the Skat prototype, several types of guided aircraft weapons were demonstrated, compatible with it.

Ultralight ZALA 421-08M drone - it can be launched "with hands". Photo by ZALA Aero Group /

In the future, the fate of the project remained vague. He was remembered every few years, but without mention of any progress. At the same time, it was alleged that the work stopped and continued. Last news this kind appeared in a year ago - and since then no new messages have been received.

In June 2018, the experimental heavy UAV S-70 Okhotnik developed by the Sukhoi company was removed from the assembly shop. The wing span of this machine is estimated at 18-20 m, take-off weight - at least 20 tons. One turbojet engine is used. The payload is several tons in the internal compartments. According to various sources, the UAV is made pre- or transonic. A developed automatic control system is used, capable of interacting with the operator or other aircraft.

The first flight of the Hunter took place on August 3, 2019, and flight tests are still ongoing. S-70 operates independently and in conjunction with the Su-57 fighter. When the development work is completed and mass production begins, it is unknown.

Context Benefits

The advantages of the flying wing scheme over other aerodynamic configurations are well known. Consider why it turned out to be useful in creating some domestic (and not only) unmanned aerial vehicles.

Barrier ammunition ZALA CUBE. Photo by ZALA Aero Group /

The main advantage of the scheme is the ability to turn all or almost the entire surface of the airframe into a bearing - with a corresponding increase in flight performance and / or carrying capacity. This feature of the circuit allows relatively light UAVs with a small fuel supply or limited-capacity batteries to remain in the air longer than traditional designs of similar sizes and weights.

The flying wing offers advantages in terms of available layout spaces. The necessary components and assemblies can be placed not only in the fuselage, as in the normal scheme, but also in the center section smoothly coupled to it or in the wing of increased thickness. Such capabilities are best demonstrated by the heavy Scat and Hunter. Inside their gliders, it was possible to place quite large turbojet engines, cargo compartments and tanks with a large amount of fuel. Light UAVs are built in a similar way, although with understandable differences.

An important feature of the flying wing is the potential in terms of stealth. Smooth contours of the desired configuration in combination with the right choice of material can dramatically reduce the effective scattering area. According to various estimates, such techniques were used in the Hunter and Skat projects. The same applies to a number of foreign developments.

Fighting Disadvantages

With all its advantages, the flying wing is not without drawbacks, which have to be fought. Often, these problems are too serious and lead to the rejection of such a scheme in favor of other layouts.

"Aileron", "Hunter" and others. Domestic UAV scheme "flying wing"

Prototype UAV "Skat" from RSK "MiG". Photo

One of the biggest difficulties in creating flying wings, including UAVs associated with the layout of the necessary units within the volumes of a specific configuration. The largest nodes can be placed only inside the protrusion-fuselage or center section, the volume of which is not infinite. The expansion of the available compartments requires the processing of aerodynamics, which is not always possible or appropriate.

Fortunately, such issues are successfully resolved in the early stages of design. In addition, in the UAV sector there are some features that facilitate the assembly of units. So, the drone does not need a cabin and related systems, and control is carried out by electronics, which does not require much space.

A serious problem is the behavior of a flying wing in the air. Without vertical plumage, such an aircraft cannot show acceptable ground stability. There is also a problem with providing management. The traditional elevons at the trailing edge of the wing do a good job of roll control, but they may show poor pitch control due to insufficient offset from the center of mass. Without vertical plumage, the problem of providing yaw control arises.

Stability along the course can be ensured with the help of bent endings, as on some "Ailerons" and parts of UAVs of the ZALA brand. Course control can be carried out at the expense of fissile elevons, like the "Slope". A radical solution may be to abandon the “flying wing” scheme in favor of a tailless tail with a keel and a full rudder.

The latest heavy UAV S-70 "Hunter". Photo by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation /

The solution to all problems with stability and controllability contributes to the active development of autopilots and electronics in general. Modern UAVs of all major classes use high-speed automation and advanced algorithms that can support flight with given parameters and respond to undesirable phenomena.

One option

In general, the “flying wing” scheme at the current level of technology development is useful and can be used in various projects. Its characteristic features can be used in solving certain problems, receiving serious benefits and advantages over other schemes. However, due to limitations and shortcomings, the flying wing does not become a universal and unambiguously positive decision - and therefore cannot supplant other schemes.

UAVs of other schemes are still being created and implemented. So, along with the Eleron flying wing, the Orlanes of the normal layout are actively used. Simultaneously with the strike “Hunter”, “Altius” is tested with a full fuselage and a narrow straight wing. Moreover, in some classes of drones, the flying wing is not yet used, for example, in the field of medium-range long-range vehicles (MALE).

Thus, the creators of new aviation equipment need to remember the existence of different aerodynamic schemes and understand their characteristic features, which will allow you to choose the best solutions for specific projects. With this approach, new models of unmanned or other equipment will have an optimal appearance and characteristics - regardless of the presence or absence of a pronounced fuselage and plumage.
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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 19 June 2020 18: 16
    and can you write something new, or just shove old stuff?
    1. wow
      wow 19 June 2020 19: 09
      "enroll" in the army, study for 5-6 years, serve in places not "so remote" and then they will "write" something to you. No other way ... .
  2. knn54
    knn54 19 June 2020 18: 28
    Everyone who is not lazy is engaged. Budget money is "mastered", but nothing real is in service.
    1. svp67
      svp67 19 June 2020 18: 49
      Quote: knn54
      but there’s nothing real in service.

      Sorry, but you just said stupidity without thinking. Light reconnaissance UAVs are already firmly established in the troops, and most importantly are actively exploited.
      1. knn54
        knn54 19 June 2020 19: 54
        Excuse me, where did they prove themselves in real combat conditions?
        USA, Turkey, China, Israel. Even Iran.
        1. svp67
          svp67 19 June 2020 19: 58
          Quote: knn54
          Excuse me, where did they prove themselves in real combat conditions?

          Yes, a long time and no need to look - in the same Syria. There are plenty of shots from reconnaissance UAVs in YouTube
        2. Falcond
          Falcond 20 June 2020 00: 19
          Did not show?
        3. Constructor68
          Constructor68 22 June 2020 08: 29
          Excuse me, where did they prove themselves in real combat conditions?

          Another "all gone" rang out. In Syria, the UAV group is now about 70 units. All tactical intelligence relies on them. Even the navigator Murakhtin from the downed Su24M2 was found by our Orlan-10
    2. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 19 June 2020 18: 55
      To the Outpost dimension, so far everything is going well. Everything that is larger stalls.
      1. Grazdanin
        Grazdanin 19 June 2020 20: 24
        For info "Outpost" Israeli UAV.
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 20 June 2020 06: 31
          Yes, but what's the difference? They are.
        2. vadim dok
          vadim dok 20 June 2020 18: 20
          And as old as a mammoth!
      2. Yarhann
        Yarhann 19 June 2020 20: 27
        -10 qualifying.
        it just doesn't make sense in large sizes they rule MFIs. UAVs are good when they are small inconspicuous reconnaissance vehicles or target designation means, as weapons carriers they are miserable in a mass of parameters. One modern IFI replaces several UAV systems (i.e., about 10 UAVs) and, most importantly, UAVs are highly specialized in reconnaissance, target designation, and WTO strikes on the ground, while IFIs perform a full range of tasks + act as the basis of air defense missile defense and it is impossible to provide without an air component protection.
        The size of the Outpost - if you look closely at the crafts that Israel does - this is the most popular size of a tactical UAV of a reconnaissance aircraft. It can carry both various reconnaissance equipment, including radar, and also targeting equipment for the WTO.
        To understand that in modern times large shock UAVs are quite miserable, you can see the composition of the US Air Force - the backbone of the US aviation is a variety of IFIs, UAVs are already used as a means of cleansing the territory from scattered militarized groups.
        Until the battlefield UAVs appear as a replacement for the su25 or A10 - that is, heavily armored UAVs with powerful small arms, MLRS, KAB and tp - MFIs will steer as carriers of the WTO.
        As for me, it is necessary to develop various types of adjusted inexpensive WTO - the same planning bombs and TP, in collaboration with UAV reconnaissance and target designation, they can be very effective, and any bomb carriers can be carriers of long-range WTO. In the meantime, the UAV bombers are like bullet shit.
        1. mvg
          mvg 19 June 2020 21: 40
          it makes no sense in large sizes rule MFIs

          Educate the United States, China, and Israel, the leaders. And then, there is such a thing, they are completely confused. Build off-topic.
          1. Grazdanin
            Grazdanin 19 June 2020 22: 04
            Well, China would cross out cheap, stupid clones. Like the Saudis are selling UAVs bought from China, as useless.
          2. Yarhann
            Yarhann 19 June 2020 22: 39
            And what to teach the United States the main drummers are IFIs (f16, f15, F35) and A10, and large UAVs are Global Havk strategic intelligence))) Israel and China compare with the United States for UAVs it makes no sense at the moment. While the Predator Americans were already running to the full in local and not only conflicts (balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq), Jews only dreamed of a drummer, not to mention the Chinese. Then they made Ripper, which was already fully armed (in 2007, it already bombarded the barmalei in Afghanistan) at the same time as the Jewish Ethan just took off. And then there were disappointing results of the use (not in terms of combat effectiveness) of the traitor and ripper in Afghanistan, however, it is expensive in comparison with the hours of operation of the A10 and F16 - although it was the UAVs that were supposed to take the main burden of the assault operations. Therefore, the write-off of A10 was suspended. F16 and A10 are the main democratizers and bombers of the U.S. Army, the total tonnage of high-precision cast iron being transported is a couple of orders of magnitude greater than the U.S. Ripper and Predator UAVs can carry - which, by the way, the U.S. is also armed with.
            So excuse me, I think in terms of the use of shock UAVs, we need to take an example from the USA, they have the most experience in using these weapons in various conflicts and all the same, the basis of their Air Force is IFIs, attack aircraft and bombers) And there is no particular tenacity of the Pentagon in terms of UAVs absolutely (they had long gone through all the pros and cons) - in the next few decades, it’s manned aircraft MFI F35 will be the basis of their US Air Force. Something like this .
            1. mvg
              mvg 20 June 2020 13: 27
              Israel and China compare with the United States for UAVs it makes no sense they are currently far behind

              Somehow in the world, it seems that Israel is a leader in UAVs. Only the approach with the United States is somewhat different, there are no turbojets. And they do EVERYTHING, from kamikazes, hovering over the field, greetings to Karabakh, to drummers and strategists.
              1. Grazdanin
                Grazdanin 20 June 2020 13: 55
                Quote: mvg
                Israel is a leader in UAVs. Only the approach with the United States is somewhat different; there are no turbojets.

                Israel has no task for turbojet UAVs, they have only regional tasks. Nevertheless, they are a very small country, with very large eggs :) I do not remember that they would produce jet engines, so they need to be bought again, this is a dependency. And so for classes from micro to MALE +, Israel has everything. In these classes, they are clearly leaders. Advances in electronics and software development make themselves felt. The USA and Israel are unequivocal leaders in all UAV segments. The rest are extremely secondary and are late for decades.
            2. mvg
              mvg 20 June 2020 13: 30
              So excuse me, I think in terms of the use of shock UAVs, we need to take an example from the USA, they have the most experience in using this weapon in various conflicts, and still the basis of their Air Force is MFI

              If you have 3000+ F-16/15/35, then you can use them too, after releasing a couple of hundred axes and harms, and if you are just a regional power and count your pennies and lives, then I am sorry ...
            3. Grazdanin
              Grazdanin 20 June 2020 14: 14
              Quote: Yarhann
              the next few decades, it is manned aircraft MFI F35 will be the basis of their US Air Force

              In the next 10 years, that's for sure. But then not a fact. The development of UAVs rested on the weak capabilities of compact computers and undeveloped software. Over the past 5-10 years, the situation has changed radically. There were opportunities, it is not clear how to use them. Therefore, there is a search, in the USA and in the world, dozens of experimental models. The fact that in the next 10 years the role of manned aviation will be decisive is clear. But progress is moving forward. Jet aircraft did not immediately and completely replace the propeller, but there is no doubt about its superiority.
              1. Yarhann
                Yarhann 20 June 2020 20: 12
                The F35 operating program is scheduled for the next 50 years, with more and more powerful computers being put on board, as it were, do not go to a fortuneteller. The operator - that is, the pilot, in fact, will only give commands for the shot (killing) - this is the moment that is very important. Over time, the cost of training a pilot in the United States will decrease very much, most of the work will be performed by the onboard computer - let's say so I think somewhere by the middle of the century the F 35 pilot will cost like a mechanical drive of an abram now (taking into account inflation). Something like that . The U.S. Air Force follows roughly this path - they introduce robotics precisely to reduce the costs of the war - that is, dough. It’s just as bad for the pilots of the Pentagon as for all the other soldiers, the question is grandmas. The usual economy - the cost of F35 100+ lamas of greenery; the cost of a pilot 5-7 + lamas of greenery (+ 1-2lama insurance in case of death) - in the modern US Air Force. Pilots are garbage in the background of the apparatus it controls. So count. When cars become smarter, the cost of the pilot will proportionally fall. Therefore, I think by the middle of the century we will see cheerful and cheerful at the controls of the F35. And UAVs will certainly also develop in the same vein - stealth, reconnaissance and target designation for the WTO. Until the UAV-hawk appears, moreover, small-sized (six-barrel engine) flying gatlings - this is not to be expected in particular.
                And I wanted to say to all the terpils for the help of Turkey in Libya - the guys are not a war, this is only help. The Americans also help the government of Afghanistan and Iraq using rippers and traitors - but the question is price. But the war is being waged by aviation precisely in such a way ISIS - the Russian Federation and the international coalition collapsed. But it’s an ideal tool to drive underelicts and UAVs, especially Turkish ones - they say their bombs are relatively inexpensive. Grannies, grannies decide everything. Any war is a competition of economies and MTOs and no more.
                1. Grazdanin
                  Grazdanin 20 June 2020 21: 42
                  Quote: Yarhann
                  UAVs will certainly also develop in the same vein - stealth, reconnaissance and target designation for the WTO

                  The UAV will take up the main shock work. F35 will be the commander of the Link, where instead of airplanes there will be UAVs like Loyal Wingman, XQ-58A or converted into unmanned old Fki.
                  The commander’s plane will give orders, remaining invisible to the enemy. Only UAVs will be at risk. With the development of technology, the efficiency of UAVs as drums will increase and the price of 1 unit will decrease. I suppose that in this decade the entire "teenage" Fok series will be replaced by UAVs of various models. They have a lot of groundwork. Technology already allows.
                  Quote: Yarhann
                  Pilots are trash in the background of the apparatus they control

                  This is so in Russia, in the West the price of human life is priceless. The death of even one person is unacceptable to them. Price is a problem of the poor.
                  1. The comment was deleted.
                    1. Grazdanin
                      Grazdanin 21 June 2020 13: 45
                      You are absolutely wrong. Huge funds in the Western armies are aimed at saving the life of his soldier. The economic and political effect of the loss of a person is much higher than the loss of glands. You have the typical logic of a “poor” person for whom things are valuable. Only in the ru segment did I see the calculations of money for downed bayraktars and the comparison in money of the loss of the Shell.
                      If we switch to a cynical approach, then a destroyed technique is always good. The industry will receive new orders, corporations profits, general kickbacks. Erdogon's son-in-law was definitely not particularly upset with the downed bayraktars. The capitalist world needs to be constantly updated, it is necessary that people always consume. Losing a person is always a problem. There will be a consequence, find out the culprits, political consequences, protests in the homeland are possible. It is necessary to prepare a replacement, the training of a modern soldier is very long, the same pilot has been preparing for 5 years.
                      Even at my level, as an IT leader, it is always easier and more interesting to make purchases of hardware and software than to search for a replacement for a person. In most cases, glands are cheaper than people. This is clear in my segment, where people are expensive and there are very few of them. This is a problem for highly intelligent industries.
                      1. Yarhann
                        Yarhann 21 June 2020 15: 11
                        nonsense again. in all the armies of the world, money is spent on increasing the effectiveness of combat units and complexes whom the military absolutely does not care about bipeds or machines — the main thing is to complete the task with the lowest money, well, or within the budget. often there is robotization and automation of processes because the two-legged are simply weak and vulnerable, in addition, for the quality of the task, they need to be trained for a long time and tedious, and this time and money, and since this time is money, it is only money. And such processes are not only in military affairs, but everywhere robots and automated systems crowd out a person - not because they protect the two-legs, but because robots make work more efficient 24/7/365. And you remain in the world of illusions of the value of your carcass.
                        regarding political losses - this is still solved through PMCs - this is a cheap consumable item - as a rule, these are the operators of the simplest and cheapest weapon systems - small arms, man-portable ATGMs, etc. Expensive weapon systems require trained operators and naturally the labor market of such operators is not large - as a rule, these are regular armies of all countries of the world. Although often in underdeveloped countries, expensive weapons systems (aviation, air defense systems) are controlled by mercenaries from other countries - usually retired military personnel. It’s just that there are no professionals in the local labor market. How to solve the problem of the lack of operators - yes, everything is just as robotic as possible for the complex - which is what we see in the army and in everyday life.
                        Of course, I understand that you want to amuse your FWM - but from reality you still can’t escape; you are valuable only to your mother. As they say there are no irreplaceable people)) the era of robotization is in full swing - machines are gradually crowding out two-legged people from many professions.
                        Take the same IT sector for example - many companies refuse to support expensive IT infrastructure in two-legged companies and switch to IT outsourcing and gradually migrate from physical hardware to cloud services. And if for now all this is partially tied to network equipment, networks of copper and PC users - which also requires support. Then, in the future, networks and network equipment will go into oblivion - companies will work in the cloud using conventional broadcast networks of the Internet of 5G standard and beyond. There will be no need for network engineers and network security engineers - everything will be provided at the user authentication level in the application - well, as now, for example, in Google products, I bought a Chromebook, created a Google account and work anywhere, Google provides a lot of cloud services for doing business)) .
                        So do not confuse my good cause and effect, that robots are crowding out people from military equipment - this is a consequence of the widespread introduction of robotics, as a more efficient and cheaper operator compared to two-legged ones.
                      2. Grazdanin
                        Grazdanin 21 June 2020 15: 48
                        1. I say pieces of iron cheaper And more profitable than people. The price of a person is not only the cost of search, training and maintenance. And you confuse Russian values ​​and Western. Transfer Russian realities to the west. Here your life is important only for your relatives, I agree with this. But not in the west. They even try to use humane weapons that do not harm others, for example the AGM-114R9X. I understand that flies believe that the whole world is shit, but this is not so. Saving the lives of their people is the first task of the Western armies and countries. Therefore, they are rich, people are modern oil, so the best seek It is to the west. I don’t see the point in continuing the discussion, we have different worldviews.
                        2. The number of people needed in the IT sector is growing every year. Lack of people is a huge problem. Yes Cloud technologies replace the need to keep IT specialists in non-specialized companies, but providers, outsourcing companies, developers require even more, more qualified specialists. Preparation of the 1st middle level Python programmer capable of working in a project with a big date of 10 years. He must study well for 5 years and work as a June 5 years, only then, if he is lucky, he will be good. So in all areas of IT.
                      3. Yarhann
                        Yarhann 21 June 2020 15: 58
                        Of course, I understand that you want to consider yourself especially valuable, but it’s not so)))) you are the same banal two-legged carcass like everyone else - in the West, my good capital, and not Western so-called values. you, like all the ordinary servants of this capital itself, are for its growth and preservation, that is, a consumable and it does not matter in which area this happens. for capital, you are the same in Russia, in the West, in the East - the difference of this consumable is only in price) as much as you would like, but it is. although no one forbids you to be in the illusory world of your own uniqueness and value
    3. vadim dok
      vadim dok 20 June 2020 18: 28
      "As carriers of weapons, they are miserable in terms of the mass of parameters" - tell this to the troops in Idlib and the troops of Khavtar, who were beaten by Turkish UAVs!
      1. Yarhann
        Yarhann 20 June 2020 19: 23
        ))) megaagrument - you can recall the first Iraqi where not the troops, but the real army of Iraq was destroyed by US aircraft, they were used but they certainly did not play a special role.
      2. Grazdanin
        Grazdanin 20 June 2020 21: 54
        Vadim, as Bayraktary UAVs are really not very, especially against the background of American or Israeli. It was created more likely for counter-terrorist operations, as a shock it is used because of the unwillingness of others. The same test Akinchi, according to media reports, can carry 1,3 tons of weapons. This is very decent, the same bairaktar carries 55 kg.
        But these operations showed the superiority of the UAV class. They destroy equipment, provide intelligence information while they can be lost in packs. If at least one F16 had been shot down, such a noise would have risen. And no one cares about UAVs, except for Russian amateurs to count other people's money.
  • svp67
    svp67 19 June 2020 18: 29
    The flying wing is well suited for UAVs, as it has good flying qualities, but this scheme has great features with active maneuvering, which in principle is not necessary for UAVs now, a large internal volume, with not very long lengths and widths, so the choice of the scheme is obvious .
    1. Grazdanin
      Grazdanin 19 June 2020 20: 17
      It is suitable for reconnaissance and stealth bombers. If you need something mobile, fast and cheaper no longer. Too narrow a segment, as a stage in the development of norms, there is no great future, too many restrictions. UAVs like Loyal Wingman or XQ-58A Valkyrie have more sense and perspective, they are more universal.
      Small and super small reconnaissance reconnaissance and "kamikaze", without them you just can not do without binoculars or automatic. The MALE segment is needed here and now, their effectiveness has been proven.
  • paul3390
    paul3390 19 June 2020 18: 33
    I've always been wondering - well, it’s good how anti-poop weapons are needed and useful. But what will happen if their operators run into a country with advanced EW facilities? After all, all control channels will crush once. If they don’t intercept at all .. Or are there any options? What is around UAV so many dances with tambourines lately?
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 19 June 2020 18: 59
      Do not crush everything. There will be no global field with numbers. You can come up with kamikaze drones that simply fly to a given area with inertia and themselves, with their brains, are looking for a tank. For example, they themselves attack him. I launched 20-30 of these over the positions, found tanks and the result, like the Armenians in Karabakh.
    2. Grazdanin
      Grazdanin 19 June 2020 19: 56
      The importance and effectiveness of electronic warfare is greatly exaggerated; measures for electronic protection are much simpler and more effective than for electronic suppression. The development of AI allows now to make absolutely autonomous UAVs, the first training battle of UAVs and a manned fighter is scheduled for June 2021 in the United States.
    3. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 19 June 2020 19: 57
      Quote: paul3390
      But what will happen if their operators run into a country with advanced EW facilities? After all, all control channels will crush once.

      Modern communications based on packet asynchronous-synchronous data transmission, with encoding (not to be confused with encryption!) And even on the basis of spherical-linear antennas (something like AFAR) are almost impossible to drown out, you can only reduce the amount or synchronization of data transmission. But even this is easily compensated by means of destroying electronic warfare systems. You will get acquainted with the architecture of the Internet and its wireless part (Wi-Fi and bluetooth), there is most of all information on them in open access, on antennas there is more information in concert sound equipment (the principle is the same for radio waves).
    4. svp67
      svp67 19 June 2020 20: 22
      Quote: paul3390
      After all, all control channels will crush once.

      And for this they have the function of self-return to the launch area
    5. Mikhail Ya2
      Mikhail Ya2 23 July 2020 19: 29
      In this case, they have programs of behavior and points of striking or shooting the terrain, without the participation of the operator, and algorithms for returning to base.
  • illi
    illi 19 June 2020 18: 59
    Why is the flying wing not suitable for the MALE scheme? Heavier is easier too. As I understand it, for this scheme we need long-range vehicles with a long straight wing. Again, the question is why in this class.
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 19 June 2020 20: 11
      the "wing" scheme has problems with the stability of the flight path under external influences (for example, wind), which causes huge hemorrhoids during landing and a little during takeoff. In the case of UAVs, you can spit on it because they land by parachute method or their loss during landing is not as terrible as the benefit from the scheme. In the case of strategic bombers, there are more options for alternate airfields where the weather is better, and again there is an advantage in the amount of fuel and its consumption. But MALE has another problem, it is transportation, such aircraft are usually packed in ISO containers and long thin wings are more convenient to pack.
    2. Grazdanin
      Grazdanin 19 June 2020 20: 23
      I think everything depends on the price and the limitation of the volume of internal compartments. Male should be massive, not expensive, bear the maximum possible payload. They work in a direct combat zone, where the likelihood that they will fall or be shot down is maximum.
  • The popuas
    The popuas 19 June 2020 20: 14
    All is well, of course, but I have a question: Why is a lantern on the hunter?
    1. KCA
      KCA 20 June 2020 03: 33
      All front sensors, cameras, radars to install in it, and not to carry on the body?
  • Ravil_Asnafovich
    Ravil_Asnafovich 19 June 2020 20: 16
    In the heavy segment, we work and work.
  • Klingon
    Klingon 19 June 2020 21: 25
    Quote: Zaurbek
    Do not crush everything. There will be no global field with numbers. You can come up with kamikaze drones that simply fly to a given area with inertia and themselves, with their brains, are looking for a tank. For example, they themselves attack him. I launched 20-30 of these over the positions, found tanks and the result, like the Armenians in Karabakh.

    there are already such, see the article about the Turkish Kargu (or what is it?) can form a flock and fly along a pre-laid map, checking it with the image from the cameras. Well, to recognize an object and follow it will not be difficult to "teach", since even in Mavik the active Trek is perfectly implemented, what can we say about a military drone-kamikaze
  • evgen1221
    evgen1221 20 June 2020 16: 48
    For me, an UAV is appropriate for reconnaissance and additional reconnaissance, the enemy at the level of special forces, detachment, company, maximum regiment. Larger is either a relay with unlimited airborne suspension or many many disposable aircraft shells against air defense and artillery. Well, isolated and terribly expensive stock removal. With existing technologies and the price of exploration, their niche, drums and other refueling is too early.
  • mitrich
    mitrich 20 June 2020 22: 14
    While we are armed with our own developments, a la aircraft models from the circle of the pioneer house or licensed obsolete models. And not one drummer. A disgrace.
    Even the Turks in Idlib and Libya showed the strength of shock UAVs. And we have only Ailerons.
  • mitrich
    mitrich 20 June 2020 22: 22
    Quote: svp67
    Quote: knn54
    but there’s nothing real in service.

    Sorry, but you just said stupidity without thinking. Light reconnaissance UAVs are already firmly established in the troops, and most importantly are actively exploited.

    This you write without thinking. Light UAVs, who do not have them now? Even barmaley have. They even have ersatz drummers! We, at least to the Raptor, as to Mars. Or to Phobos.
  • kokhan_pg
    kokhan_pg 30 June 2020 10: 38
    I carefully read the article and comments ... In fact, the question is not in the wing .... Everything is much worse. Currently, due to the complete washing out of real specialists from the RF Armed Forces, there is no clear view on the problem of combining manned and unmanned aircraft in the RF Armed Forces. Everyone decides the interests and possibilities of influencing the arms procurement processes. Therefore, nothing really flies, does not reconnoiter and does not work. Something about which someone can go to the President and ask for a signature is put into production. The UMAS of the Customer have degenerated to a certain extent .... and do not understand the real needs, but there is a lot of ambition. Let's take the same "Hunter" or the Predator with others ... The classic is that they do not fly in the presence of a deployed air defense system ... but are more expensive than an attack aircraft ... by an order of magnitude. in general, "digging" is not necessary in the wings. But you try to say it in the never-recreated Air Force Academy ...
  • g3 359Lg,
    g3 359Lg, 26 August 2020 19: 57
    Why copy old American junk and be proud of it! You need to create your own on the basis of modern science and new technologies.
  • Scorp 1981
    Scorp 1981 15 September 2020 16: 21
    fired b2 and all the flying wings for many years, and the same f22, and as a result they are trying to make something similar to them funny! that is, something that flew away for 10-15 years in the states, we only hatch and then everything will end, I think 5-10 pieces) cut and go home follow