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ATGM HJ-12. Chinese response to advanced foreign developments


Exhibition model ATGM HJ-12. Photo

To date, several countries have developed the so-called anti-tank missile systems. third generation - systems that use the principle of "shot-and-forget." A few years ago, China introduced its development of this kind. ATGM HJ-12 developed by NORINCO Corporation adopted by the PLA, and is also shipped to foreign customers.

"Red Arrow-12"

In July 2014, at the French Eurosatory exhibition, the Chinese corporation first showed the layout of the promising ATGM HJ-12 or Hongjian-12 (Red Arrow-12); export name HJ-12E or Red Arrow 12. This was the first system of the current third generation, created in China. Subsequently, the HJ-12 was repeatedly shown at various exhibitions.

According to official figures, the Hongzian-12 is a multi-purpose missile system capable of hitting enemy armored vehicles. When developing the complex, the main modern trends observed in foreign projects were taken into account. ATGM made as compact and lightweight as possible, which allows you to start from the shoulder. Capture the target before launch; The principle of "shot-forgot" is implemented.

The promising Chinese ATGM with its characteristic capabilities quickly enough was called an analogue and competitor of a number of advanced foreign systems. First of all, the HJ-12 was compared with the American FGM-148 Javelin ATGM. Also remembered the portable versions of the Israeli Spike. The declared characteristics showed that the Chinese complex, at least, is not worse than foreign samples.

Technical features

According to its general architecture, the ATGM HJ-12 is similar to some foreign developments. The complex in a combat position consists of a transport and launch container with a guided missile and a unit of equipment responsible for finding targets and entering data into the rocket. The total length of the ATGM is 1,2 m, and the mass is 22 kg. Due to its light weight and size, the complex can be used without a machine, from the shoulder.

View from a different angle. Photo of Wikimedia Commons

Startup control is carried out using an aiming device mounted on the TPK. On the front wall of this unit there is a large lens for day and night optics; the eyepiece is located behind. A laser rangefinder is provided. Using such devices, the operator has the opportunity to inspect the area at any time of the day, search for targets, capture them and launch the rocket.

The missile of the HJ-12 complex has a length of 980 mm with a diameter of 135 mm. It is performed in a cylindrical body with a transparent hemispherical head fairing. In the center and tail of the hull there are folding wings and rudders. Starting weight of the product is 17 kg.

The missile is delivered in a disposable composite TPK, which has connectors for connecting to the sighting device. A belt and a handle are provided for easy carrying. At the ends are large protective washers made of soft material. After the shot, the container is removed from the control unit, and a new one is put in its place.

ATGM complex is traditional for such weapons layout. The homing head is located in the head compartment. A tandem cumulative warhead is placed behind it. The tail compartment is given under the solid-fuel engine with side nozzles and steering cars.

HJ-12 uses infrared seeker. Before starting, the sighting equipment of the complex sends data about the target to the GOS and the autopilot, after which it is captured. Flight to the target takes place in a fully autonomous mode. At the end of the trajectory, the rocket performs a vertical maneuver to hit the target from the upper hemisphere, in the least protected projection.

Tandem warhead, according to the manufacturer, provides penetration up to 1100 mm of homogeneous armor. The presence of a leading charge allows you to hit armored vehicles equipped with dynamic protection. A powerful warhead and a specific flight profile can dramatically increase the likelihood of a successful defeat and destruction of the selected target.

Missile in flight configuration. Wikimedia Commons Photos

The missile leaves the TPK with a light starting charge. Thanks to this, it is alleged that anti-tank systems can be used not only in open areas, but also from premises. At a distance of several meters from the launcher, the rocket includes a solid propellant marching engine. Maximum firing range - 4 km. In the dark, the firing range is limited by the characteristics of the optics and is halved.

Against the background of competitors

In the framework of the Hongjian-12 project, Chinese specialists for the first time managed to create and bring to production a modern ATGM that meets the requirements of the latest generation and shows fairly high performance. The new complex has significant advantages over other systems of Chinese development and can, at least, successfully complement them.

From the moment of the first demonstration, the HJ-12 complex has been compared with leading foreign samples, and such assessments of capabilities are of great interest. According to its "tabular" characteristics, the Chinese anti-tank missile system is not inferior to foreign developments or even surpasses them.

The first third-generation ATGM for shooting from the shoulder was the American FGM-148 Javelin. In its dimensions, it almost does not differ from the HJ-12, although it is slightly heavier. The Javelina missile is slightly longer and has a smaller caliber. Launch range with standard devices is comparable - 4 km. At the same time, for FGM-148, penetration of not less than 750 mm of armor per DZ is declared - significantly less than that of the "Red Arrow".

In the Israeli Spike family, the Spike-LR systems of two modifications can be considered a competitor to the HJ-12. The Spike-LR missile weighs 14 kg, but the combat-ready complex has a mass of almost 45 kg and is used with a tripod machine. Flight range - 4 km, penetration - 700 mm. The Spike-LR missile can operate on a “shot-forget” basis, but has an auxiliary communication channel with the operator, which gives certain advantages.

In 2018, the Israeli army received the first Spike-LR II ATGMs. They are characterized by reduced weight and improved performance. In particular, a rocket weighing less than 13 kg now flies 5,5 km. Penetration rate warhead increased to 1000 mm. All other benefits of the predecessor are retained.

ATGM HJ-12. Chinese response to advanced foreign developments

Preparation for launch. Photo by NORINCO

Thus, the new Chinese anti-aircraft missile system "Hongjian-12" looks quite interesting and promising development. However, some foreign samples from market leaders are already circumventing it in all major respects.

For your own and alien army

ATGM HJ-12 was first shown in 2014, and since then he regularly appeared at various exhibitions. Information appeared about the upcoming deliveries of such weapons of the People's Liberation Army of China. Its export version of Red Arrow 12 / HJ-12E was waiting for its overseas customer.

According to some reports, the "Hongjian-12" has already been adopted by the PLA, went into production and is supplied to the troops. The volumes of such deliveries, the cost and distribution characteristics of the troops remain unknown. We can only assume that the promising HJ-12 products are not yet the most popular and in this respect only complement the ATGMs of previous models.

In late March, NORINCO Corporation announced the shipment of the first batch of HJ-12E export facilities. The quantity and cost of the delivered systems are not specified. They also did not name a specific customer, but noted that this country is currently in dire need of anti-tank missiles. Despite the holidays and the epidemic at the beginning of the year, the manufacturer not only completely completed the order, but also shipped the products ahead of schedule.

Thus, one of the main participants in the international market of anti-tank missile systems not only expands its product range, but also finds customers for the systems of the current third generation. It can be expected that in the near future NORINCO will receive and execute new orders for the HJ-12, and this will strengthen its market position. However, even after that, the Hongjian-12 complex will have to face stiff competition.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U April 24 2020 05: 10 New
    However, some foreign samples from market leaders are already circumventing it in all major respects.
    And this, unfortunately, is not domestic samples.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 April 24 2020 08: 35 New
      The position of the Ministry of Defense on this issue is approximately the same as for shock UAV. Doroho, richly, is not necessary.
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U April 24 2020 08: 40 New
        In UAVs, the position has long changed.
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 April 24 2020 09: 19 New
          Not so long ago to have an impact UAV now, even in the zero series.
          Plus, they changed again behind a runaway and outdated trend. These are all mega-hunters and domestic rippers. The most popular, expendable striker of the battlefield is not even in prototypes. Even in Iran, they are mass-produced from plastic sticks and Chinese engines. wink. MO dreams Russish Ripery and X47.

          1. bars1
            bars1 April 24 2020 16: 53 New
            Or maybe Iran can’t get into Ripers and X-47s and Hunter, by the way, and there’s enough mind for only pieces made of plastic sticks and Chinese ICE?
            1. donavi49
              donavi49 April 24 2020 17: 34 New
              Well, they have quite suitable UAVs for 4 ammunition. And active experience in military operations in Iraq and Syria.

              Iran is doing what is now in demand. Cheap consumable shock UAVs that are needed in every war, of any scale. The loss of each Ripper or large UAV is already a serious blow, even for the United States it is sensitive. Therefore, they are used carefully especially where it is possible to catch a ZURka. X47 / Hunter will generally be piece goods of dubious use (which actually killed the original X47).
      2. Mountain shooter
        Mountain shooter 1 July 2020 07: 16 New
        Well, what is actually the position of the MO - we do not know. Our research institutes are working in this direction or not - well, how do you know? We'll find out soon ... it's like with drones. It was not, it was not ... But now it is, and more and more every year ...
  2. Same lech
    Same lech April 24 2020 05: 15 New
    The Chinese, as always, are great fellows ... they don’t worry much about the latest developments ... they are buying a small batch of modern weapons abroad ... they are studying it up and down and are already doing it on their basis ... that’s a crook.
    1. mvg
      mvg April 24 2020 08: 06 New
      here is a crook

      And what did they buy to immediately outperform their competitors? Maybe the RF Ministry of Defense can teach this, otherwise we can’t make an analogue.
      1. Skay
        Skay April 24 2020 08: 25 New
        we cannot make an analog

        "I am tormented by vague doubts ..."
        That is, we can create a system of video cameras with face recognition and cover our capital with it, but cannot we shove it into an anti-tank missile?
        -"I do not believe!"
        1. Pashhenko Nikolay
          Pashhenko Nikolay April 24 2020 12: 51 New
          And on the element base of which country did this face recognition system reveal to you a secret? Or guess yourself?
    2. musketon64
      musketon64 April 24 2020 09: 59 New
      Now it is correctly called "reverse engineering" smile
  3. Thrifty
    Thrifty April 24 2020 05: 27 New
    Penetration one meter of normal armor, or Chinese? Show at least one video where this Chinese miracle REALLY affects even a tank at the training ground! And you can say and show anything, even a nuclear reactor the size of a ruble coin. ..
    1. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U April 24 2020 05: 31 New
      Quote: Thrifty
      Penetration of one meter of normal armor, or Chinese
      Well, when you hit the top and half a meter of Chinese armor is enough, so you need to demand a video of just that. )))
    2. vadim dok
      vadim dok April 24 2020 12: 20 New
      But China sold these ptrk to different countries! People paid and what ....?
    3. exo
      exo April 25 2020 15: 31 New
      Quote: Thrifty
      Penetration one meter of normal armor, or Chinese? Show at least one video where this Chinese miracle REALLY affects even a tank at the training ground! And you can say and show anything, even a nuclear reactor the size of a ruble coin. ..

      Apparently, as in the lanterns: Chinese Lumens, are very different from the generally accepted ones.
  4. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 24 2020 05: 35 New
    In fact, it must be taken into account that the specified range of 4 km is valid for a television GOS, which can be used during the day ... The range of a thermal imaging (IR) GOS is 2 km ... Such characteristics were indicated in the first reports about the HJ-12 .. .
    1. user1212
      user1212 April 24 2020 06: 09 New
      Thank you, otherwise I already had time to be surprised. 4km for IKGSN on ATGM far from button accordion
  5. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 24 2020 07: 18 New
    The Chinese alteration of Javelin striped did not surprise anyone. Everyone is ready for this.
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek April 24 2020 08: 05 New
    Well done Chinese! I wonder how prices compare with competitors?
    1. Vita vko
      Vita vko April 24 2020 10: 44 New
      Quote: Zaurbek
      Well done the Chinese!

      Not only the Chinese, but also the Jews. This javelin unification of anti-tank systems with a laser rangefinder in the initial phase and the infrared seeker at the final allows you to develop a similarly unified effective defense system for aviation and armored vehicles. For example, not only elementary aerosol curtains, shooting infrared traps and exhaust heat removal systems have proven themselves, but also high-tech KAZ, laser systems for detecting and destroying optical guidance sensors.
  7. Tuzik
    Tuzik April 24 2020 10: 31 New
    Why can't we buy ours from the Chinese if we don't make our own? I do not think that they will be much more expensive than our "analogues". The Chinese buy our weapons, and do not consider it shameful, yes, in the future they will switch to their own.
    1. Pashhenko Nikolay
      Pashhenko Nikolay April 24 2020 12: 57 New
      Could be, but for what noises? Yes, and pride does not allow. Electronics then from the subtype of procurement for military needs. Allegedly all their own, until the sanctions struck.
    2. sgrabik
      sgrabik April 25 2020 14: 57 New
      We may well develop our new ATGM, nothing new and overly complex is presented here, the whole thing is the approach to this issue, sometimes our Ministry of Defense surprises us with its passivity and unwillingness to promptly respond to such important challenges !!!
  8. fa2998
    fa2998 April 24 2020 18: 29 New
    Quote: mvg
    analogue can not.

    we can all, remember the Tu-4. The entire industry was rebuilt as well as the allies. And UR Saindinter copied, the list goes on hi
    1. Qas
      Qas 26 May 2020 14: 07 New
      You recall the achievements of a country that is no longer there.