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Combat prepares fighters and is undergoing modernization

At present, the Combat, a combined-arms tactical combat trainer (OTT BS), developed by the Kronstadt Group and the Era Technopolis, is currently being supplied with the Russian armed forces. This complex is capable of simulating military operations and is intended to prepare personnel for work in different conditions. In 2017, an improved version of the complex called Combat-E was introduced. According to recent reports, the development of OTT BS continues.

Modernization methods

According to the developer, OTT BS "Combat-E" includes a number of different equipment. The simulator includes a training command post, a multifunctional training class, simulators of combat vehicles, a shooting simulator, etc. Fully equipped, Combat-E occupies 1800 sq.m and provides simultaneous work for 85 people.

The other day, the representative of the technopolis "Era" revealed some details of the ongoing work to improve the tactical simulator. The current upgrade does not make major changes to the architecture or to individual components of the system. At the same time, a software update is provided.

The combat simulation system is supplemented by new models of weapons and military equipment. Now in "Combat-E" new models of domestic armored vehicles and robotic systems are being introduced. Such products enter service, and they are brought into the memory of the OTT BS. Due to such updates, the simulator meets the modern requirements and the current appearance of the armed forces.

In parallel, a second approach to improving the complex is being implemented. The hardware and software of the simulator, which is responsible for the simulation of hostilities, is based on a neural network. This system, interacting with people, accumulates experience and learns. It is alleged that to date, the Kombat-E neural network has learned to choose the most effective solutions and scenarios that ensure victory over a person.

The implemented elements of artificial intelligence are reported to perform well in simulated aerial combat. The neural network has confirmed its ability to defeat living pilots.

Training complex

The OTT BS “Combat” of the first version began to be supplied to various parts of our army in 2012. Later, the Kronstadt group developed a new version of this Combat-E complex. Now the development of developments on two projects is carried out in the framework of cooperation between Kronstadt and the technopolis Era.

The complex is intended to prepare fighters and commanders for combat operations in different conditions against various enemy forces. Modeled work in the selected conditions according to a certain legend. With the help of Combat-E, combat coordination can be carried out at the level of a platoon, company or battalion. During training, the simulator’s neural network assumes the role of a conditional adversary.

The structure of the OTT BS "Combat-E" includes a large number of different systems and means with which commanders, crews of combat vehicles and individual fighters must work. All components work within the framework of the so-called A single virtual battlefield (EVPB) and interact with each other, as well as with the automation of the complex.

The architecture of the simulator provides high flexibility of its application. At the same time, you can use both all and individual components. In addition, it is possible to scale and change the configuration. EVPB technology can be used to organize interspecific training events.

In the latest versions of the complex, models of modern models of equipment and weapons have been introduced. In particular, unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic systems are integrated in them. An important innovation is the possibility of a relatively simple integration of new learning tools, including from third-party developers.

The modern approach

The use of the OTT BS "Combat" allows you to conduct various training events without going to the training grounds, the organization of live firing, etc. Moreover, in all cases we are talking about simplifying the organization of exercises and improving their effectiveness.

Using the simulator, first of all, reduces the need for trips to landfills. Also with its help it is possible to reduce the ammunition consumption in training firing. Arrows and crews of armored vehicles have the opportunity to work out the use of weapons in a classroom or on a simulator - and only after that use the real weapon on the ground.

Previously, the training of commanders was carried out using available means. In particular, combat scenarios were modeled on maps. OTT BS "Combat" allows you to perform the same work using computer technology. A computer with a neural network more effectively models combat operations with many different factors and variables, which increases the results of training.

The automation of the tactical simulator collects all the data on the work of the participants in the exercise, which can then be analyzed. Based on the results of such an analysis, recommendations should be made - both for individual military personnel and for units. “Combat” and instructors will help determine what issues should be given attention during further training.

OTT BS “Combat-E” can also be used to study promising weapons and equipment at the design level and in the context of application. Modeling a new sample with its subsequent verification within the framework of the European School of Biological Safety provides the development of optimal methods of application, and also allows timely identification of some shortcomings. The conclusions of this stage can then be verified and confirmed by testing real prototypes.

In the classroom and at the training ground

The use of the tactical simulator of combat coordination of the Combat family does not exclude the need for other training activities. Fighters and commanders still need to visit firing ranges and training ranges to practice and test skills on real sites - outside of the European Military School. The basic concept of the OTT BS provides that by this moment the personnel will already have the necessary skills and will be able to solve combat training tasks faster and better.

It should also be borne in mind that even the most advanced electronic systems can not yet fully simulate and simulate real events. The mathematical modeling of real objects is constantly improving, which still has certain limitations.

Era technopolis believes that this problem can be solved by further increasing the processing power of the simulators. A potential leap of opportunity is associated with the development of promising quantum computers.

However, the emergence of the most successful and perfect models of the situation, weapons, equipment, scenarios, etc. will not allow to completely abandon the exercises at the training grounds. Battles are always not conducted on a virtual battlefield, and military personnel should be familiar with the real conditions.

For the army of the future

Over the past few years, the Russian army has been actively using a convenient and effective complex to train rank and file and commanders. Combined simulators of the Combat line provide optimization of the learning process, as well as provide some other characteristic advantages.

It should be expected that the “Combat-E”, undergoing modernization at the present time, will also receive wide distribution and will contribute to increasing combat effectiveness. At the same time, it can be assumed that the OTT BS based on current concepts and solutions will retain their place in the future. Timely software updates and the replacement of individual components will ensure such systems meet current requirements for many years.
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  1. antivirus
    antivirus 29 October 2019 18: 21
    Is there dirt in the simulators (and around)? otherwise they learn to "fight" on a clean basis
    1. ul_vitalii
      ul_vitalii 29 October 2019 18: 34
      Well, there is such as "the commander's decision to fight." Well, everyone should know the basics as our Father.
      And there is already dust or dirt, everything along the way.
    2. Chaldon48
      Chaldon48 29 October 2019 19: 49
      Dust and dirt will then be on the field, before you move your arms and legs, it's not a sin to practice your head, then bullets and shells will go into the "milk" less often.
      1. Sibiriya
        Sibiriya 29 October 2019 20: 45
        Even Suvorov, before the assault on Ishmael, practiced on the ground with his soldiers the assault on the moat and walls on the model. Certainly a necessary thing in front of the training ground and exercises. good
    3. Tavrik
      Tavrik 29 October 2019 20: 06
      Yes, it’s sprayed on top. And the scent is pumped with special compressors. laughing
    4. YOUR
      YOUR 30 October 2019 03: 03
      Do you need to learn to fight in the mud?
      How do you imagine that? Sit in a puddle and read the combat manual?
  2. lucul
    lucul 29 October 2019 19: 10
    At present, the Combat Combined Arms Combat Coordination (OTT BS) consists of supplying the Russian armed forces.

    Basis - basics. You can simulate different situations. The better the training, the better the fighter.
    The highest priority for such systems.
  3. Tavrik
    Tavrik 29 October 2019 20: 12
    The thing, of course, is interesting. Questions:
    1. What parts-connections will be equipped with it? Educational institutions, training grounds or someone else?
    2. How many posts of system administrators are agreed with the GOMU to maintain this product in a healthy state?
    3. How are the capabilities (and impossibilities) of ESU TK taken into account in the simulator?
    1. Black sniper
      Black sniper 30 October 2019 01: 01
      hi and yet, can this "Kombat" swear at? In battle, this thing is very useful! negative
  4. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 29 October 2019 21: 15
    The sergeant of the PTOP, or as the anti-tankers are now called, the platoon commander --- these are your impressions and valuable who went through this line. How do you know the difficulty of overcoming, have you ever stood in front of a screen with an ATGM simulator, where does your knowledge come from, is it objective? Troops periodically pass a similar strip or exercise elements during classes. The combat readiness of the guys increases by an order of magnitude, I can compare it with the training of the Ulyanovsk Brigade --- after electronic classes they began to feel more confident at the field boundary. Therefore, the grandfather principles should not be imposed on the preparation of the Russian infantry --- the cost of their cartridges even at shooting ranges and they meet with steel monsters more often than at the Soviet shooting ranges. He decided to make the Ulyanovsk brigade very well prepared for the war. But they entered the electronic classes regularly and be sure that they developed a very valuable skill. They later at shooting ranges proved --- the best percentage among the airborne.
  5. Good_Anonymous
    Good_Anonymous 29 October 2019 22: 06
    The implemented elements of artificial intelligence are reported to perform well in simulated aerial combat. The neural network has confirmed its ability to defeat living pilots.

    Intelligence simulator for training motorized rifles defeats pilots? Freshly a tradition.
  6. Izotovp
    Izotovp 30 October 2019 04: 51
    Reservists would be through them ...
  7. archiroll
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    not frail such a computer club ...
  8. Vladycat
    Vladycat 30 October 2019 07: 42
    Serious games, Arm 3.