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At the suggestion of the Minister of Defense of Russia in the Armed Forces, a five-day work week with two days off will be introduced for conscripts, and civilians will take up the preparation of food for the personnel, the cleaning of the territory and premises in military camps. The Defense Ministry also wants to change the daily routine in the army, making a rise in 7.00, and retreat in 23.00 (now 6.00 and 22.00, respectively). In addition, in all parts it is planned to allocate an additional hour for an afternoon rest. In distant garrisons, conscript warriors will be able to use the accumulated weekends as additional leave. Also, the leadership of the military department came to the conclusion that it was necessary to free the defenders of the Motherland from performing functions unusual for them, which should be assumed by commercial organizations.

Anatoly Serdyukov's initiatives caused a flurry of criticism. Some opponents of the Minister of Defense even express suspicions that there is a secret part of the innovations, in which it is ordered to issue pointe shoes and tutus in addition to soldiers.

Meanwhile, traditionally in the Soviet / Russian army there was a lot in the life of a soldier that was not caused by any strategic / operational necessity, but served solely as a means of creating additional torment. Others and deprivations of military service were invented exclusively on purpose. Even the expression of Alexander Suvorov “It is difficult to learn - easy in battle” in our Armed Forces was interpreted distortedly (the Generalissimo spoke about the organization of combat training, by the way, quite another thing). Soviet soldiers and officers tried to instill many skills that cannot be fixed by the very nature of man. For example, on the maneuvers they constantly tried to teach the fighters not to sleep for several days (instead of rational organization of shift military activities), to carry on 60-70 kg of equipment and ammunition (instead of submitting material resources to the battlefield on time), not to be afraid of bitter cold (which is much simpler than the supply of winter uniforms, which corresponds to the climate of the area where military operations are deployed). Only in the Armed Forces of the USSR, during the period of the Great Patriotic War, personnel did not rely on leave (as there were none of them after 40 years, during the Afghan campaign). Only we did not have such a thing as withdrawal of a part (unit) to rest to restore combat capability (if it was withdrawn, then only headquarters with rear units for retrofitting). Moreover, only in our army there were such phenomena as death from exhaustion (or even from hunger).

To this day, many different kinds of small-scale bullying live and live in everyday peaceful military life. These include, for example, cleaning the territory (associated with all sorts of notions of commanders in the form of calculations on the ground of various figures of stones and cones), aligning the blankets on the soldiers' beds strictly along the stripes, giving the pillows some kind of unusual cubic shape, scraping off barracks floors with broken glass to white, cleaning taps for washing to shine ... and much, much more. Not a single army in the world, except ours, has yet invented the devices for giving the soldiers' beds the shape of a brick. And we still have them in each barracks. This nonsense was sometimes the main criterion in assessing the combat readiness of the unit. Naturally, this did not increase the ability to repel the enemy, but it took a lot of time. If we add to this the guards and outfits, the harvesting of vegetables and other household work, then there was absolutely no time left for combat training. Maybe that is why any war takes the Russian army by surprise.

However, the measures of the Ministry of Defense (and personally the heads of the military department) to overcome these phenomena and to humanize the military service cause gnashing of teeth from other Russian ex-commanders, parliamentarians, politicians and publicists. It is quite possible (and this must be dealt with separately) that most of the critics of Anatoly Serdyukov never underwent military service (and certainly not commanded by companies). After all, it is very fashionable for us to act according to the principle: I did not read, but I condemn, did not look, but did not like it.
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  1. Bururuz
    Bururuz 24 June 2011 19: 38
    Schot decided to do something normal, his ****
  2. Shurik
    Shurik 25 January 2014 14: 11
    maybe they’ll come up with correspondence service?
  3. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv April 29 2014 20: 51
    The author confuses the concepts:
    - "army dibilism"
    - "necessary order and discipline".

    If the first concept needs to be kept in check, then the destruction of the second will finally corrupt the Army as such.

    Yes, blankets lined with a string along the "blue stripes" and knocked off with "planks" - THIS IS ORDER.
    Tracing is the ORDER.
    Checking the gatekeepers in the morning is the ORDER.
    Otherwise - z.srut all around him and zavyeshut.

    And there is also a concept - DISCIPLINE. This is generally the cornerstone of the Army, here comments on 10 sheets can be crossed out.

    And do not confuse them.

    А how can 5-day workweek be done for conscripts of the LINEAR part ??? - ... finally I don’t understand ...
    Yes, you have to fight against dibilism, but do not rush from one extreme to another!
    This is a damn thing, our trait is that if we deal with something, we’ll surely overstep it at the very least.
    And where is the middle thread possible?

    Well, that circus has already been made from conscripts, but the combat readiness of the Armed Forces begins to suffer due to the 1 year of service.
    Now the demobilization and sho will leave? Old people with half a year experience will stay and green salabons will come.
    Hurt yourself.
    That's what Nana needs to think about, and not to be wiser with the 5-day working week for urgents ... better about platoon and company companies, think that they should draw an 1 weekend in a week.
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