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Belarusian-Ukrainian Mobile ATTM "KARAKAL"

For the first time, Beltech’s self-propelled Karakal anti-tank systems of Belarusian production with the participation of the Luch Kiev design bureau were talked about after the IDEX-2011 exhibition, where it was first demonstrated on February 20 of 24-2011. According to the developers of the company, in Abu Dhabi, they signed a contract for the delivery of a certain number of copies of "Caracal" in one of the eastern countries. What is a country is still kept secret. In addition, other states of the region showed interest in the complex. The next appearance of "Caracal" occurred 24-27 in May last year in Minsk at the sixth international exhibition MILEX-2011. This complex has become one of the few that the Belarusian defense industry has created from scratch and brought to production readiness, the earlier projects were worn mainly in the form of upgrading old complexes and replacing them with separate units.

Belarusian-Ukrainian Mobile ATTM "KARAKAL"

The main purpose of the new complex is to defeat a potential enemy armored vehicle, even a vehicle equipped with dynamic armor protection, defensive and protective structures, surface boats and ships, and airborne objects at low altitudes. The presented complex is made on the basis of a light-armored car with the wheel formula 4х4, produced in Belarus. The car is divided into two isolated compartments:
- the front compartment serves to accommodate a crew of two people;
- the rear compartment is used to accommodate a retractable transport and launcher.

The TPU has 4 anti-tank missiles Barrier, developed by the Ukrainian Luch design bureau. Between the two blocks of two rockets, in the center of the TPU placed the electro-optical equipment and infrared sensors. The capabilities of the complex "Caracal" - automatic target tracking with laser-guided and the defeat of two targets simultaneously. In addition, in the manual mode, the rocket is controlled by the operator using telemetry, the rocket is guided by a joystick at the selected target, it is possible to turn on the automatic mode after aiming. Homing can be done azimuthally in 170 degrees and in elevation in 15 degrees.

During the transition from the marching mode to the combat mode, the TPU extends upward, while the manhole cover remains on top of the TPU. After the launch of ammunition TPU automatically returns to its original position, where the automatic reloading of the installation. Full ammunition missiles "Barrier" - 12 units, of which:
- Four ATGMs are ready for use;
- four ATGM are ready for automatic loading;
- Four ATGMs are located in combat deployment.
In addition to the retractable transport and launcher, in the rear compartment is a remote installation of the complex "Caracal" - ATGM "Skif", which houses one ATGM.

It can be controlled remotely using a laptop computer at a distance of up to 50 meters. Deployment of SPU on the ground does not take more than 5 minutes. ATGM "Barrier" can be equipped with combat units of various types, such as tandem, armor-piercing or cumulative. According to the results of the ground tests, from the 10-ti ATGM 8-9 ATGM can accurately hit a given target. Declared armor penetration - 800 mm dynamic protection. Especially for the complex "Caracal" developed a rocket with thermobaric warhead.

In addition to the automobile chassis with different wheel formula, the designers are ready to carry out the complex on a tracked chassis, provide them with surface boats and ships, and produce the complex on stationary platforms.

In general, “Caracal” is a whole complex of counteraction against the occurrence of a potential enemy. This complex includes:
- control system - a combat control machine, from which the entire complex is actually guided;
- reconnaissance system - reconnaissance vehicle with drones of the Midivisana type and ground control complex. Built-in radar provides detection at a distance of 20 kilometers, the use of UAVs increases the detection area to 30 kilometers;
- mobile means of firing - mobile launcher with P-2 “Barrier” ATGM. In one unit can be from 4-x to 6-SPU. It is this individual universal SPU that is mistaken for the whole complex of KARAKAL anti-tank systems, although it is possible to use SPU separately, since the own SPU equipment is capable of detecting targets at a distance of 7 km;
- a system of technical support and support - an MTO machine in which SPU maintenance equipment is transported and delivered. In the division, the number of machines MTO - one machine for three self-propelled PU complex.

All systems of the complex are made in the same type composite case, which is based on polymer armor. Armor case technology-combined, multi-layered. Such solutions reduced the radar visibility of the complex and provided effective protection. On request it is possible to install a dynamic protection class, according to the STANAG 4569, 1-4 level. In front of the car to protect the crew, it is possible to install bullet-proof windows.

The Karakal complex, as part of a single unit, can carry out long autonomous operations, first destroying the cover of enemy units, aircraft, then the main mechanized forces and enemy enemy manpower. Belarusian designers, for the first time since their independence, have created a single anti-tank system, provided with their own means of control and intelligence. In addition, the complex can serve as the basis for a unified enemy fire attack system, where not only SPU with anti-tank guided missiles, but also cannon artillery units and MLRS can enter. For the operation of these units in a single system will be enough use to adjust the UAV complex "Caracal".

The main characteristics of the universal SPU "Caracal":
- ATGM - P-2 "Barrier";
- caliber - 130 mm;
- crew / crew - 2 person;
- dead zone of application of ATGM - 100 meters;
- day / night distance - 5.5 / 3 km;
- range - 1000 kilometers;
- SPU weight - 4 tons;
- transfer to the combat position no more than 300 seconds;
- Remote PU - Skif ATGM;
- guidance system - semi-automatic with auto tracking, day / night - television / thermal imaging.

Car chassis has the following speed characteristics:
- maximum speed on equipped roads - 80 km / h;
- The maximum speed for not equipped roads - 60 km / h;
- maximum speed over rough terrain - 15 km / h;

The main advantages of the new complex:
- high maneuverability and mobility;
- automatic recharge TPU;
- an additional opportunity to fire from the remote PU;
- firing by the operator immediately from the SPU and remote PU;
- automatic tracking of detected objects;
- Increased maintainability, due to the availability of MTO machines;
- one SPU is able to withstand / destroy one tank company - 10 tanks;
- one unit consisting of the full complex "Caracal" will stop / destroy the 1-n tank battalion.

Additional Information
27.11.2011 of the year at the military parade on the independence day of Turkmenistan in the ranks of the armed forces, marching along the main street of Ashgabat, were marked SPU complex "Caracal". Probably, Turkmenistan is still the main customer of the new Karakal anti-tank systems.

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  1. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 10 July 2012 08: 27
    ambiguously somehow, the chassis is not entirely successful, except to shoot from a ravine, the silhouette is high, sorry for the pun - you should have mounted it on BelAZ ..... the armor is not like a tank - you need to be more modest in size ... But in general, an interesting example, well done - they try, they do!
  2. Tirpitz
    Tirpitz 10 July 2012 09: 57
    Try, do not stand still. I am glad that the armament of Ukrainian production.
    1. Odinplys
      Odinplys 11 July 2012 03: 18
      Quote: Tirpitz
      Try, do not stand still. I am glad that the armament of Ukrainian production.

      Not even production ... pleases ... but the fact that together with our Ukrainians ... Slavs forward ...
  3. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 10 July 2012 10: 20
    Cool car, but the silhouette is really tall.
    1. Civil
      Civil 10 July 2012 10: 36
      Its absurdity reminds gazenvagen:

      1. Brother Sarych
        Brother Sarych 10 July 2012 12: 53
        Gazelenvagen will probably be more accurate ...
    2. mox
      mox 10 July 2012 21: 42
      It's a pity there are no numbers, but this complex is not higher than the "Competition" based on the BRDM-2
  4. itr
    itr 10 July 2012 10: 47
    a feeling that without ours could not have done. It seems that a hod from the gazelle took laughing
    1. sergey69
      sergey69 10 July 2012 14: 24
      The chassis was taken with Iveco
  5. atos_kin
    atos_kin 10 July 2012 11: 00
    I wonder what the name "KARAKAL" means? A curious thing, only machine guns are not enough. Suddenly reptiles creep closer than 100 m, not to jam them with rockets?
    1. UzRus
      UzRus 10 July 2012 11: 55
      Caracal is a large steppe cat, such as a lynx.
  6. Mikelanjelo
    Mikelanjelo 10 July 2012 11: 25
    Cartoon Car - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  7. berdichev
    berdichev 10 July 2012 11: 45
    It seemed to me alone that two grenade launchers were welded to the minibus on the roof?
  8. Flooding
    Flooding 10 July 2012 12: 51
    Caracal is a steppe lynx. Although, of course, in silhouette the car is closer to the wildebeest.
    The chassis, at first glance, is ambiguous. Yes, and doubts about the effectiveness of Ukrainian anti-tank systems flicker a bit too much.
  9. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 10 July 2012 12: 52
    Very much looks like an armed Gazelle!
  10. Tourist Breakfast
    Tourist Breakfast 10 July 2012 13: 40
    The declared armor penetration is 800 mm of dynamic protection.

    Maybe all the same 800 mm for dynamic protection?
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 10 July 2012 17: 24
      yes, it’s more correct
      although if they make 800 mm of dynamic protection, then it is enough to "activate" this protection and the tank owner from the protection itself))))
  11. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 10 July 2012 13: 55
    In hilly and mountainous terrain, where movement requires passing through settlements unnoticed, as well as during the construction of protection against tanks and helicopters in the city and suburbs, a very successful approach.

    Cross-country ability, maneuverability, increased landing, rather interesting design.

    Only frankly military color doesn’t suit such a car as camouflage, there is more camouflage for a minibus or a bank car to the place.

    Well done - a car like an SUV should be good!
  12. sergey69
    sergey69 10 July 2012 14: 26
    Who knows, don’t tell me which complex is better - “Barrier”, developed by the Ukrainian design bureau “Luch” or Cornet
    1. Passing
      Passing 10 July 2012 18: 20
      The larger the caliber of the rocket, the greater the armor penetration. The Cornet is much better in armor penetration, it has a caliber of 150 mm and an armor penetration of 1000-1300 mm. But, IMHO, and the Cornet caliber will soon be not enough, for the future it is necessary to do something larger, such as Hellfire, which has a caliber of 190mm. In addition, anti-tank systems without means of overcoming KAZ will soon lose their meaning, so the dimensions (in length probably) and the weight of anti-tank systems will grow even more. Such an ATGM will of course lose the ability to carry it manually, but even without that, the Cornet is very heavy and its portability is very arbitrary.
      1. Insurgent
        Insurgent 11 July 2012 21: 55
        You can hit in the upper projection of the tank where it is sewn up militarily inappropriately shoot for this in the forehead
  13. Andrei
    Andrei 10 July 2012 14: 31
    Well done they collaborate with each other, develop ... not like us,
    soon, because of gas and oil, soon we will quarrel with all the countries that are less friendly to us
    1. Graaf
      Graaf 10 July 2012 17: 48
      Andrey - set you +, because You told the truth and no one has said better than you, you are right !!!
      1. Vulkan raven
        Vulkan raven 11 July 2012 03: 40
        Well, for example, on the basis of the Tiger there is a similar machine, and I would even say much superior - "Cornet-EM". As for the cooperation - the Belarusian ADUNOK is put on the Tigers.
  14. marshes
    marshes 10 July 2012 17: 55
    Better weapons were pushed into a jeep or a civilian minibus. Outwardly, a "civilian" car would actually take it and snap. smile And from the air it will be similar to a civilian target.
  15. Zlu
    Zlu 10 July 2012 21: 18
    Well done, cooperation in this area is a very good sign in itself.
  16. Aeneas
    Aeneas 10 July 2012 22: 10
    when for the Belarusian Stiletto, "Luch" will be honored to "give birth" from the R-27 an anti-aircraft missile, it will be much more interesting.
  17. Morani
    Morani 11 July 2012 00: 39
    Some rays, stilettos, caracals. How could a light aircraft the other day from Lithuania, a Swede and a Swede on board, fly to Minsk, bomb hundreds of teddy bears and go back? But Tomahawk abruptly light aircraft will be. All this air defense system zilch.
    1. Insurgent
      Insurgent 11 July 2012 21: 59
      Do you think to throw 800 bears this is a Boeing you need some kind of pos from the opposition forged this in Photoshop, the Lithuanian once also wanted to cross the border unnoticed so they planted it quickly so less believe that they write experiences
      1. Morani
        Morani 11 July 2012 23: 28
        How do you know about 800? What experiences? Communicated with eyewitnesses, felt the bear.
        1. Insurgent
          Insurgent 12 July 2012 20: 25
          Yes, they wrote in the newspapers
          1. Morani
            Morani 13 July 2012 22: 35
            Do you have newspaper experiences?
  18. gregor6549
    gregor6549 15 July 2012 07: 25
    The machine is interesting, but it would be more suitable for another "klikuha". "Cuttlefish" and not "Caracal". To roll out such a tall truck against tanks covered with "turntables" is a sure way to commit suicide. And even if there are no turntables. Those. everyone is trying to cuddle up to the ground and bury themselves in it, and this one decided to show himself to everyone and look down on everyone. Moreover, the glazing allows ... to get right in the eye. And the booking of the truck is very "straightforward" and "rectangular". After all, not "Leopard 2" by God. It would be better if the good old BMP or MTL BU were involved. All the logic would be more.
  19. puteovii
    puteovii 7 March 2015 13: 55
    "- one SPU is able to resist / destroy one tank company - 10 tanks;" belay wassat