Never run away from a sniper ...

They say running from a sniper is useless. There is no point, you just die tired. Funny, but very vital.

In this material we will try to touch upon several points of training work among the personnel of certain units at once.

It’s training, because these guys themselves will teach anyone military wisdom, and more than once taught neighbors both near and far as instructors.

We attended one of these classes, the essence of which was very simple: to leave the detachment at a given point, conduct reconnaissance, find a conditional enemy, neutralize / neutralize a group of soldiers.

This is a piece of the training ground on which this ominous action took place ...

By the way, the catcher and the beast runs. In the material about the lack of communication in the modern army, I said that as soon as I see something of our / modern - I will say. Here, I really saw these same "Crossbows." Enjoy.

In principle, everything seems very simple. We went to the position, looked around, clarified the task. The snipers went on their assignment, the rest of the group on their own. We went a couple of kilometers to warm up, grumbled at the training ground, shot at idle ... In general, we have already seen such trainings, and not one.

The thing, of course, is in the nuances.

And the nuances are that in fact two or three hours of fermentation for the sake of two short moments: the first - a group of “mines” will notice, or beating underfoot (unpleasant, I’ll say right away, but not fatally), and who will “burn” someone faster.

That's the whole point. The movements of the group look rather strange and not entirely clear to non-specialists. Zigzags, loops ... I misunderstood twice where they would rush, respectively, I was punished by a race in the middle distance.

The “minefield” on the edge of the “village” was not noticed. By the way, we, too, were not in the best place. "Mines" were activated remotely, by wire, but in such grass it was simply unrealistic to see them, and nobody seemed to tell us.

In general, we still photographed the first explosion of enemy mines, and the second was clearly conditionally destroyed by our group of shooters. I mean, it was covered with earth, grass and branches. We were on a slope below, so everything flew to us.

But the fighters of the group, who had guessed to send a scout, escaped much easier than us: one fragment, conditionally wounded in the leg. While the group made fire contact with a conditional enemy, someone put a smoke curtain (the smoke is very unpleasant on the palate), the fighter was dragged to assist him.

And then all the fun began, but we, as it were, to put it mildly, missed it. Because while the assault group was shooting with a conditional enemy, the snipers went around the whole thing, spotted all the enemies and they, the enemies, somehow very quickly ended.

A little war like that, but with meaning. On the video, everything turned out well from our point of view.

Further there were already serious practical exercises. In the sense of shooting combat. True, there was a certain free element, especially for us. Watermelon in the form of a target for ICS. One was put at a normal distance (in vain, our optics didn’t reach him), the second was killed closer. And for SVD there were several heads of cabbage. Very indicative, by the way.

Well, then, almost like in a movie:

If at a glance: SVK - a single-shot rifle. Rumble, the earth flies in all directions, grass ... It seems that after this shot they will thresh at this place from everything that reaches. Then you understand that if you shoot from 1 — 1,5 km, it’s not so scary.

SVD after SVK looks completely frivolous.

The result, really ... Well, well, it’s not in vain that she’s still armed, isn’t it?

They know what is, that is.

In general, in the end, it’s worth saying a few words about the real use of two such different systems together. And it looks good. SVD allows you to give everything in the head over the middle distance, and SVK - at the far. Plus, not every transport can withstand such a cucumber.

Strong guys. So much to pass / crawl for one or two shots ... Strong not only in terms of physical training, but also in terms of nerves. Running after them along the hills and copses, you understand that running with them is one thing, but running from them is completely different. And really, it makes no sense. They will get it anyway, just yes, you will die tired.

In general, they are very spiritual and calm, even impenetrable, I would say. Perhaps because they themselves will break through anything, perhaps they are specially selected this way. But what are these snipers.
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