Gulfstream III N30LX reconnaissance aircraft for the Italian Air Force

The Italian Air Force leased a Gulfstream III scout for 12 months. The aircraft is given for rent by the American company "Lockheed Martin". The rented aircraft of the month already 2.5 is based on the Pratica di Mare airbase, owned by the Italian Air Force. The cost of rent is still not advertised. As part of the lease, several Italian crews were trained in the United States in 2011.

Gulfstream III N30LX reconnaissance aircraft for the Italian Air Force

The transferred aircraft was Gulfstream III N30LX with serial number 438. Earlier, in 2010, this aircraft was demonstrated by Lockheed Martin at aviation exhibition in Farnborough. It is called the multi-intelligent flying laboratory. It was performed on the basis of the production aircraft G-1159A Gulfstream III, used in the civilian sector of private air transportation. Major changes:
- complex for electronic reconnaissance;
- opto-electronic sensors;
- data transmission system.

Today, the Italian Air Force has only one G222 SIGINT reconnaissance aircraft. Although it is already quite obsolete, it was used in the operation of NATO forces in Libya last year. The intentions of the Italian Air Forces to acquire the Gulfstream SIGINT aircraft to replace the G222 SIGINT, the service life of which is issued in the 2012 year, are known. But due to budgetary constraints, the acquisition was postponed, and alternatively leased Gulfstream III N30LX.

Gulfstream III aircraft based on the Gulfstream II aircraft. The main developer is Gulfstream Aerospace. The first flight of the new private aircraft took place 2.12.1979 of the year. Of the features of Gulfstream III, it can be noted:
- new wing;
- supercritical profile;
- end wings.

Aircraft crew:
- two pilots;
- on-board engineer;
- navigator;
- two operators;
- the observer.

Power planes - two turbofan engines from Rolls-Royce "Spey RB.163 Mk 511-8". Total takeoff thrust 10342 kgf. The engines are placed on the horizontal pylons, which are located at the end of the fuselage. The total stock of aviation fuel is 15.8 tons. For military versions, additional equipment is installed on the basic version, such as a radar station connected with an autopilot and an SPV by means of an onboard computer. When using an aircraft for special missions for search and rescue on rescue platforms with dimensions of 60X60X90 centimeters, they install the necessary equipment and equipment, which is then sent by parachute through the cargo hatch to the rescue operations.

- civilian version of the G-1159A - the main destination - the aircraft for private use or a representative aircraft.
- The military version of the C-20A - used until the 2002 year, transferred to NASA, which uses it as a test aircraft;
- military version of the C-20В - created for the needs of the Air Force and the US Coast Guard. The main purpose of "OSA" and "SAAM";
- the military version of the C-20C - is a modernization of the C20В, the main purpose - maintenance or replacement of the aircraft "VC-25A" - "aircraft number one";
- The military version of the C-20D - is the operational support aircraft of the naval forces of the United States. The main purpose - the delivery of senior management of the Navy;
- The military version of the C-20E - is the operational support aircraft of the United States Army. The main purpose of "OSA";
- military variant СРС-1 - special observation and reconnaissance aircraft for overseas supplies;
- military version SMA-3 - special aircraft for Denmark (three copies). Installed radar "APS-127". The main destinations are reconnaissance, coastal patrols, fisheries protection, search and rescue missions, VIP airplanes. Delivered in 1983 year. To date, the aircraft decommissioned.
- military version of the C-20F - aircraft for the US Army;
- military version of the C-20j - aircraft for the US Army;
- military version of the C-20G - aircraft for the US Navy;
- military version of the C-20H - aircraft for the US Air Force;
- a special version of the G-III UAVSAR - unmanned test aircraft for NASA;
- special option G-III UAVSAR
- A special version of the three aircraft SMA-3. Former Danish aircraft now belong to the American company Phoenix Air, headquartered in Georgia. Aircraft are used to collect information in favor of the Agency for Missile Defense, the US DoD. The aircraft installed new equipment intelligence and search;
- special version N30LX. Made as a multi-intellectual flying lab in favor of Lockheed Martin. In the plane made some changes and added / changed equipment;
- A special version of the Gulfstream IIIs for the Indian Air Force. Equipped with modern equipment and cameras.

Key Features:
- wing 23.7 meter;
- length 25.3 meter;
- height 7.4 meter;
- weight min / max - 14.6 / 30.9 tons;
- patrol / cruiser / max speed - 540 / 820 / 928 km / h;
- flight range - 6.7 thousands of kilometers;
- air transportation capabilities - 8 people;
- time spent in the air - 8 hours;
- High-altitude ceiling 13.7 kilometers;
- Operators - around 20 countries of the world.

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  1. +2
    30 2012 June
    Where exactly is this aircraft built and equipped?

    1. +1
      30 2012 June
      Lockheed Martin writes that this is their development and equipment.
      more details here
      of-defense-with-intelligence-surveillance-and-reconnaissance-aircraft /

      and here
      1. 0
        July 1 2012
        About the plane itself did not find where it was made. sad
        1. 0
          July 1 2012
          A tricky question ... winked
          the glider itself on General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) / Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, assembly line Savannah, Georgia, USA.


          or do you suspect that on Galaxy aerospace ? but do they make the G550? , Like only G150 / 200 (IMHO).
          1. 0
            July 1 2012
            My suspicions are even deeper, but is it not the IAI?
            1. 0
              July 1 2012
              Something you really went deep ... smile
              IAI sold Galaxy in 2001 to General Dynamics, but still they only make the G150 / 200, and this is the G550.
              Anyway, IAI produces only UAVs.
              1. 0
                July 2 2012
                Not only UAVs. For example, this is the only place outside the USA where they remake the Boeing 747 into a cargo one, etc.
  2. bamboo
    July 1 2012
    FOR RENT)))) strange sounds ...
    1. 0
      July 1 2012
      And a nuclear submarine for rent- does this sound strange? bully
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