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Bulat armored vehicle for the Sakhalin riot policemen serving in the North Caucasus

7.06.2012 of the year, on the Internet resource "" there was information about the receipt of the Sakhalin riot police, which is on a business trip in the North Caucasus, one copy of the Bulat armored vehicle. The fact of the transfer of technology was noted in the press release of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Sakhalin region, which reported on a working visit of 01.06.2012 of the year, heads of the Sakhalin Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the temporary deployment of their police officers in the North Caucasus, and their transfer to Bulat’s armored car the amount of one instance. The bosses of the Sakhalin police department arrived in Mozdok (the city of the Republic of North Ossetia), where in a solemn ceremony they handed in a registration (number) sign to the armored vehicle to the commander of the Sakhalin riot police. After that, according to tradition, a bottle of champagne was broken on the car’s body and Bulat got into service of the Sakhalin OMON combat vehicles.

Bulat armored vehicle for the Sakhalin riot policemen serving in the North Caucasus

BM “Bulat” was created on the basis of 3-x axle KAMAZ with wheel formula 6 х6. The developer is the Fryazinov Scientific-Production Association Zashchita, which are the business partner of KAMAZ OJSC. The armored protection of the new machine is declared in class 6А, which will withstand aimed fire from any kinds of small weapons. The company's distinctive feature of an armored car is the armored capsule of the assault unit, which houses the personnel of the special forces, developed by the Russian designers of the NGO “Protection”. The armored capsule is made with the use of anti-explosion materials with an anti-explosion device installed. According to available information, the capsule will withstand the blasting of an explosive device in the TNT equivalent of 20 kilogram. The car weighs about 10500 kilograms and has a maximum speed of movement up to 120 km / h. According to the results of closed tests, which take place in the winter on the territory of Sakhalin, the armored car showed excellent mobility and the ability to overcome various barriers at a high level.

This is another armored vehicle developed by Zashchita Corporation, which gained wide popularity due to its armored vehicles of the Scorpion series, and the booking of domestic and foreign civilian cars. About the development of the Bulat armored car, the developers had practically never reported before, possibly because Zashchita had recently joined the development of armored vehicles based on KAMAZ - Shot / Patrol. The data of the armored vehicle, after the demonstration by KAMAZ together with the Urals, of the modular armored vehicle "Typhoon", faded into the background and further work on them is carried out very slowly. It seems that BM “Bulat” is an attempt to give these machines a second chance, by upgrading them to the “MRAP” standard. Outwardly, the Bulat armored vehicle is similar to the Shot armored car and the BTR-40 and BTR-152. The given characteristics of the new car make you think about the improbability of the characteristics of the mine protection, because even if the armored module withstands the undermining of 20-kilograms of TNT, then the Bulat 10-ton will also turn over the personnel in the module will definitely suffer, if not perish.

Key Features:
- weight 10500 kilogram;
- speed up to 120 km / h;
- Armor class - 6А;
- mine protection - up to 20 kilogram of TNT equivalent;
- wheel formula - 6х6;
- The base is one of the standard KAMAZ all-terrain vehicles.

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  1. Senzey
    Senzey 21 June 2012 09: 12
    Good car, you feel safe in this. And decent speed and armor is strong. Good service to him!

    1. vadimus
      vadimus 21 June 2012 09: 17
      More Bulatov less loss!
    2. Dmitry23RUS
      Dmitry23RUS 21 June 2012 10: 07
      This is real. A beautiful military vehicle, brutal with views and powerful inside. Yes, and the armored capsule for the landing piece in the war is indispensable, saving lives.
    3. Terry Jones
      Terry Jones 21 June 2012 10: 29
      Quote: SenZey
      Good car, you feel safe in this. And decent speed and armor is strong

      in this you feel like in a coffin, therefore you always ride on the armor, although you can catch full light dust and a bullet in the forehead, but you will not burn in an inverted piece of iron with torn legs
      from poverty, all these crafts, we need a technique with a V-shaped bottom and not kneeling on my knee, and so that the Kevlar lining
      1. MrBoris555
        MrBoris555 21 June 2012 12: 55
        1) if you look carefully, the presence of a V-shaped bottom is noticeable. Kevlar lining is an option, it can be put on any armored personnel carrier. And about pokatushki on the armor, if under the car 10 kg explodes, then sitting inside, in the worst case you will go deaf, and sitting outside, shell shock and torn legs are a dream
        1. radikdan79
          radikdan79 21 June 2012 14: 41
          sitting inside if it explodes 10 kg. TNT, it doesn’t seem enough. and, deafened, far from the saddest result. don't write about what you don't know
          1. Sergh
            Sergh 21 June 2012 17: 09
            Guys, stop trying empty-handed! No one on it will go into battle now in one copy, they gave them to the running gear close to the combat ones, the riot police at least drink vodka in a closed room with the convenience of prying eyes, and they will wind up the mileage to check the running gear and the strength of the knots, everything will help the designers. I am glad that they offer to test it in practice, and not at the stand, so let this "Bulat" be turned inside out in the natural environment, but everyone will clearly and understandably, you see, the driver can advise to change a square steering wheel, and two put the tiered sofas, everything is more fun.
            1. 755962
              755962 21 June 2012 20: 04
              Quote: Sergh
              I’m glad that they offer to test in practice

              EEEEE ..... How? Still all right, if the lead on the armor clicks ... And if something more serious will arrive (God forbid)? .... Eh ... It's better, in my opinion, at least polygon for pro forma "rushed". Everything is more fun request
              1. BUTCHER
                BUTCHER 25 August 2012 11: 40
                On the ground * tear *, do not be afraid. In real conditions, * kosebreks * are revealed that cannot be climbed out of the field.
        2. chistii20
          chistii20 21 June 2012 15: 44
          You say it right
  2. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 21 June 2012 09: 24
    Good car. I hope that our fellow countrymen will not have to experience its survivability in conditions of a real clash.
  3. King
    King 21 June 2012 09: 40
    Recently, Russian builders are spreading more and more new products.
    1. Trailer
      Trailer 21 June 2012 10: 14
      In the amount of one piece unfortunately! And we buy, in the end, Italian and more! For the tests of course!
      1. MrBoris555
        MrBoris555 21 June 2012 12: 56
        Well, the Tigers in the troops for a long time, soon the Scorpions will go to the troops, the supply of the Wolves is still in question.
  4. Tirpitz
    Tirpitz 21 June 2012 09: 46
    And it’s not too expensive to carry one armored car on an airplane, is it cheaper to transfer by train ?. And the article did not say the main thing - what series of these machines, 300,500 units ?. or 2-3 pcs per year as boats.
    1. Trailer
      Trailer 21 June 2012 10: 17
      300 pieces - is that much? And as regards seriality - indeed, our people are not happy about this! For we give preference to foreigners (I'm talking about armored vehicles)! Who disproves, I will be very grateful!
      1. Tirpitz
        Tirpitz 21 June 2012 11: 46
        Quote: Karavan
        300 pieces - is that much? And as regards seriality - indeed, our people are not happy about this! For we give preference to foreigners (I'm talking about armored vehicles)! Who disproves, I will be very grateful!

        It’s even not enough. And breakdowns, losses (possible) and indeed the country is huge.
      2. BUTCHER
        BUTCHER 25 August 2012 11: 42
        I DENY!
  5. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 21 June 2012 09: 46
    20 kg is good data - God forbid that it be true - and those who will ride in it remained alive and healthy.
  6. Rus_87
    Rus_87 21 June 2012 09: 48
    Something really hurts like the old old Soviet BTR-152 looks like ... I hope the similarities are only external ...
  7. party3AH
    party3AH 21 June 2012 09: 58
    Excellent technique, the truth is similar to the German bronic from the Second World War Sd Kfz 250, only that one was tracked.
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 21 June 2012 10: 07
      Amerovsky reminds me more of the one that was supplied by Lend-Lease.
      1. Terry Jones
        Terry Jones 21 June 2012 10: 33
        Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
        Amerovsky reminds me more of the one that was supplied by Lend-Lease.

        Well, so all Soviet armored cars from there legs and grow
        and this one - 152 in a new way
      2. morpekh
        morpekh 21 June 2012 10: 45
        It looks like an APC 50, although of course it is only externally.
        1. Splin
          Splin 21 June 2012 11: 22
          The muzzle on the 40th is similar. But the BTR-50 is generally tracked, where does the similarity come from?
          1. Vanek
            Vanek 22 June 2012 06: 34
            And here is the ancestor.
  8. quaygon
    quaygon 21 June 2012 10: 12
    God bless you men. Get home safe and sound. drinks Who was in the Caucasus will understand me ......
  9. general.bnw
    general.bnw 21 June 2012 10: 21
    Lord! Something elusively reminds this legendary BTR-152, but, of course, this device is modernity itself. Good luck to our * Bulat! *
  10. sergey69
    sergey69 21 June 2012 10: 28
    I would like to know more about this car. It turns out somehow strange. Some private company issues a novelty after a novelty, which actually go into service, albeit in small quantities, and a GAZ group with powerful plants has been testing Medved for the explosives for three years already, and when it goes into service, it is not known, the same situation with Typhoons , who entered the troops in 2-3 years, then, as they are needed now. And "Bulat" is similar to the BTR-152 [/ Center]
    1. wk
      wk 21 June 2012 15: 44
      and BTR 152, in turn, is a copy of the German trophy armored car.
  11. borisst64
    borisst64 21 June 2012 10: 57
    "The 10-ton Bulat will turn over anyway"

    This is if under the bottom, and most often a pressurized mine, it means the wheel will be torn off, and the guys will whip a day from the shell shock, but they will remain ALIVE.
    I liked the car, the impression that made wisely
  12. Havoc
    Havoc 21 June 2012 11: 33
    It looks like the topic of an armored car just wants to chat. At the moment, an incredible number of models have been evoked: Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Scorpio, Italian Lynx, Shot, on the basis of BTR-80 three models, Typhoon, Ural, now Bulat. Produced at best in small batches. Why so many models. a competition should be held and only three models selected light, medium and heavy armored car. How to repair this variety in the field, if necessary? This reminds me of the theme of pistol-guns, they also produce a dozen models, but the main one is not. But also the need is great, pilots, tankers ...
    Forces and means are being dispersed, but in the troops, as they were not, they are not.
  13. radikdan79
    radikdan79 21 June 2012 11: 40
    seems to have been created in an eye to the "Shot" BPM

    a simple and unpretentious car came out (made on the chassis of an army KAMAZ). That's just the ability to hold 20 kg. TNT is in doubt ... request
    and also it was:
  14. Bad_gr
    Bad_gr 21 June 2012 13: 17
    Pancake! How many conversations about unification, how many contests there were ... but they’re either bought abroad, or it’s not known from whom, but what would Kamaz produce, which roofs Serdyukov. But Kamaz also has its own developments, so why not buy them? vobschem continuous questions ....



    Wolf (Arzamas)
    1. radikdan79
      radikdan79 21 June 2012 14: 44
      "Triumph" is a good car, no doubt. only its price is an order of magnitude higher than that of Bulat. and for quick mobilization, simplicity of design, the ability to establish production at any car repair enterprise and the price are of the leading role
    2. Mut Anthony
      Mut Anthony 21 June 2012 23: 06
      I think that the second Ural is the most successful and promising heavy armored vehicle (3 photos). Yes, both beautiful and powerful, and I think that THERE, inside, 20kg is not a hindrance, only a large-caliber machine gun of the "cord" type would not hurt.
  15. suharev-52
    suharev-52 21 June 2012 15: 12
    I read the comments. I agree with the majority. Nice device. But ... 1 Again, twenty-five. Everything counts in pieces. And you need at least hundreds. It is a pity the guys who are still located behind a cold sheet of iron. Sincerely.
  16. Cadet787
    Cadet787 21 June 2012 15: 13
    The fact that new armored vehicles appear is good, and what time they will show in business.
  17. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 21 June 2012 15: 17
    Low profile silhouette is a plus, moving more powerful, and everything will be normal!
  18. n key
    n key 21 June 2012 16: 24
    Why do all the cars that we make have fuel tanks fixed to the bottom and open?
    1. Bad_gr
      Bad_gr 21 June 2012 17: 43
      Quote: Nkey
      Why do all the cars that we make have fuel tanks fixed to the bottom and open?

      And where is it? to the salon, to the infantry? On the street it is covered with armor, and should be protected (it should not explode). The V-shaped bottom implies a lot of free space on the sides in the dimensions of the machine, and if this place is used for tanks, zips, spare parts, then this will be correct.
  19. Strashila
    Strashila 21 June 2012 17: 19
    Everything is new ... well-forgotten old ...
  20. 911811711
    911811711 21 June 2012 18: 16
    I believe that such machines do not have enough DZ, besides, modern DZ such as the "relic" can provide protection without being hit by shrapnel of people standing in the vicinity of the equipment that was fired from an RPG or ATGM.
  21. n key
    n key 21 June 2012 18: 27
    Well, either close it or remove it closer to the middle of the car, otherwise it’s right in the place where the mines usually explode, so I always don’t have funny feelings when I see this :)
  22. 911811711
    911811711 21 June 2012 18: 39
    Yes, and I believe that in the Russian Armed Forces all vehicles should be armored, to one degree or another, since they have decided to take the path of troop reduction, it is necessary to ensure their survivability as much as possible.
    EMILPOLAK 21 June 2012 19: 19
    I remember the "shot" had problems with the quality of the armor. how interesting here.
    1. radikdan79
      radikdan79 21 June 2012 21: 05
      if I'm not mistaken, last year a modernized version of the Shot was presented. in addition to improving and optimizing visibility, crew and troop habitability, work was also carried out in terms of booking (unfortunately, I could not find exact numbers)
      1. Bad_gr
        Bad_gr 21 June 2012 21: 30
        Quote: radikdan79
        last year, a modernized version of the Shot was presented. in addition to improving and optimizing visibility,

        Somewhere I came across information that it was difficult for the driver to look through thick glass. Near "Shot" they almost lie, narrowing the view of the road, but there are at least 2 of them.
        The one that received the riot police, one windshield. How practical is this in combat?
        1. IGR
          IGR 21 June 2012 22: 24
          I support! Such a showcase!
  24. andrey903
    andrey903 21 June 2012 21: 01
    I think that in the event of a 20 kg explosion, the capsule shoots off, and soars up several tens of meters, and then descends by parachute
  25. denkastro
    denkastro 21 June 2012 22: 53
    Riot police are not troops, this is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And there, purchases always follow other principles, up to individual ones. The machine is indisputably necessary and if the Ministry of Defense does not purchase, then the Ministry of Internal Affairs will probably be. And its potential will show time and combat use.
  26. tarnishes
    tarnishes 21 June 2012 22: 58
    Great car, more quality and fair selection! good
  27. sedoj
    sedoj 22 June 2012 00: 15
    All-wheel drive triaxial with a speed of 120 kilometers per hour? Hard to believe.
  28. omulu
    omulu 22 June 2012 00: 22
    Something is not enough for the Sakhalin region of one instance ((
  29. passmel35
    passmel35 22 June 2012 09: 24
    You will be surprised, but there is a site with data about each of us.
    I generally accidentally found him
    You drive a name, a surname - and it shows you everything that can beat
    (your relatives, friends, phone numbers, well, a lot)
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  30. USNik
    USNik 22 June 2012 09: 41
    Nice car, but placing the spare tire on 5 and 6 photos is alarming ... laughing
  31. Roman 3671
    Roman 3671 22 June 2012 11: 48
    Russia is going to acquire 500 Patria infantry fighting vehicles in Finland, the country's media reported on Thursday, citing Finnish President Sauli Niiniste.

    According to media reports, the chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, Army General Nikolai Makarov, showed interest in the transaction in a letter to representatives of Finland, Interfax reports.

    “It seems that Makarov is interested in the deal. A letter was received in Finland asking about 500 armored vehicles, ”the head of state told reporters before leaving for the economic forum in St. Petersburg.

    According to the president, this issue will require significant discussion.

    “First, Patria will discuss with the Russians the economic feasibility of the deal. Then government approval is needed. And only after that the real negotiations will begin, if it comes to them at all, ”Niiniste said.

    As the VZGLYAD newspaper reported, in May, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin opposed the purchase of Italian wheeled tanks, several samples of which were acquired by Russia for testing.

    The Ministry of Defense is already cooperating with an Italian company, which also specializes in the production of wheeled armored vehicles. In late January, the Russian department announced the purchase of 60 four-wheeled armored vehicles Iveco LMV M65 Lynx, which received the name "Lynx" in Russia. Assembly of cars is carried out at a joint venture between Oboronservis and Iveco in Voronezh. At present, the localization of the Rysey production is 10%. By 2014, this figure should grow to 50%.

    The volume of licensed production of "Rysey" will be about 500 cars per year. The purchase of Italian armored cars has already been included in the state arms program of Russia for 2011–2020. In total, the Ministry of Defense plans to acquire 1775 of such armored vehicles. 57 of them will enter the troops in 2012.
  32. dan-frya
    dan-frya 22 June 2012 18: 27
    Fryazinsky, but not Fryazinsky !! (a trifle, but personally it offends me, so my city is distorted)
  33. firever3000
    firever3000 22 June 2012 19: 16
    nice car, sorry that one. tests will be carried out, and will buy in the army from Europe angry
  34. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 22 June 2012 23: 28
    Does it just seem to me that way, or does Bulat really have no outdoor antenna? The fact that in the middle of the roof above the windshield is not very similar to the antenna for communication is more likely some kind of radar or infrared camera. And on the Tigers, the antennas are somehow not visible.

    The most expensive walkie-talkie for mobile communications, which is designed for 200 or more miles, cost a maximum of $ 1000. I don’t know how much Bulat costs, but to build such a car and not put a serial walkie-talkie into it, well, at least the cost of $ 300, designed for one and a half to two dozen kilometers ... I don’t know how to say a little softer about it.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 28 June 2012 18: 26
      I think there is a combined arms portable. It makes no sense to put the hospital on the "truck".
  35. ss_18
    ss_18 29 June 2012 14: 38
    yeah ....... this thing!!!!
  36. zhe602
    zhe602 3 November 2013 11: 24
    Somehow, this model was exhibited at the exhibition, so there you could see a bunch of marriage with the naked eye. Kamaz is an unreliable technique, roughly speaking - a bucket of nuts.