New mine detector for engineering troops of the Russian Federation - non-linear type locator НР900EK KORSHUN

The units of the IRFS, which are stationed in the Southern Military District, have begun full-scale work to clean up the territory of the Shelkovsky and Grozny districts in the Republic of Chechnya. The IRFS personnel received special training in the Moscow region in April 2011.

Work on demining the territory of Chechnya by engineering and sapper units began in March last year. Work has already been done in the Kurchaloevsky, Shalinsky and Urus-Martan districts. Full cleaning of the territory of the republic will continue for three years, the work will end in 2015 year.

New mine detector for engineering troops of the Russian Federation - non-linear type locator НР900EK KORSHUN

The personnel of the IRFS received the new Korshun mine detectors, which now will be cleared much more quickly. He is to carry out demining together with other engineering and special units, a total of more than 16 thousand hectares of agricultural land and more than 7 thousand forest lands.

Demining personnel comes out in groups. At the moment, more than 30 hectares have been checked and cleaned near Gikalo. At the very demining of personnel working in pairs. The first sapper is engaged in the detection of explosive objects, the second sapper is engaged in their neutralization. If it is impossible to neutralize an explosive object, it is destroyed on the spot using an explosion. When it is possible to safely move objects, they are collected in one place and undermined by means of an overhead charge. All work is carried out with the support of local authorities. Reportedly, it is necessary to clear a total of at least 24 000 hectares from various explosive items in the territory of the republic of Chechnya.

A little earlier, the leaders of the republic showed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the federal center did not solve the issues of demining the territory of Chechnya. According to the data available to the republic’s leaders, more than 4 000 people exploded on land mines and mines during the two military conflicts in Chechnya, of which 2170 people died, of whom almost 150 are children. Last year, about 20 people were injured.

Nonlinear locator type НР900EK KORSHUN
The main purpose of the Korshun mine detector is to detect explosive items with electronic filling, which are located in the upper soil layer, on the ground, in building materials / structures, and snow.

With the help of a locator, detection is possible:
- transceiving radio devices used as an alarm system, communication system and remote control of various explosive objects;
- electronic and electromechanical timers on the GP;
- acoustic, magnetic, optoelectronic sensors installed on the SPM;
- TV-video-photo camera;
- hidden structures and devices that may be used in conjunction with GPs;
- maximum effect in determining the electronic component of various items;
- ski equipment in avalanches and debris.

Features of the mine detector:
- the number of false positives from various objects is reduced by using the newest highly sensitive 2-channel receiving device (2-3 harmonics);
- the risk of passing an explosive object when turning the search antenna is solved by using an antenna with a circular polarization;
- for optimal tuning of devices with different electromagnetic oscillations, use a stepwise adjustment of the sensitivity of the receiver;
- to increase the safety of the use of the mine detector, the transmitter is provided with the ability to control the power of the probing signal;
- for carrying the mine detector in the kit there is a knapsack in which the blocks are placed during use;
- for ease of use and operation, all equipment is combined in an ergonomic design;
- the long-term operation of the mine detector is ensured by the nickel-cadmium accumulator “5HKGTs-7-1”;
- for charging the battery, the charger is supplied with the mine detector;
- the case of the mine detector has a dust and moisture-proof design and ensures operation in a wide temperature range;
- has a long range of detection of the SPM with electronic filling of almost 30 meters;
- Provides detection of GPs even behind obstacles;

In addition, the Locator HP900EK KORSHUN provides enhanced performance in comparison with existing mine detectors, is lightweight, has a modern appearance, is easy to manage, and conveniently provides the information received. Designers ensured safe use of the device, long-term use with intensive work on one battery, and operation in various field conditions.

Key Features:
- frequency of operation - 848 MHz;
- output pulse - from 30 to 200 W;
- sensitivity - 150 dB / W;
- detection - light and sound signal;
- battery - type "Ni-Cad";
- voltage used - 6В;
- battery capacity XNUMHA / h;
- current consumption up to 500MA;
- the time required to bring the device into working condition is about 10 minutes;
- battery life is about 8 hours;
- temperature range - (+ 50) - (-30) degrees;
- the weight of the device when using 5.1 kilogram;
- kit weight - 13 kilogram;
- the weight of the instrument block when used - 900 grams.

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  1. +1
    6 June 2012 08: 41
    I hope it is clear that
    counteraction to this system can be created quite elementary, and moreover - since the key technical parameters have been named - active forms of counteraction can be made easily under them ..
    1. +2
      6 June 2012 09: 06
      Well, it’s probably not the boys who made it, nor the Chinese, so that some Papuans could deceive
      1. 0
        6 June 2012 09: 57
        We have no common border with the Papuans and there is nothing to share .. And all the rest are a little smarter.
        Non-linear response gives everything that has pn junctions, .. and now, for example, I have a bunch of any old kit that will be emitted ... Non-linear response of course also comes from metal-dielectric-metal transitions (this is what they usually look for) - but it’s much weaker.

        To make this passive option but specialized -
        at a discount - 1000 sets - 10-20 thousand rubles.
        If there is frequency data - make a highly economical receiver and logic binding on a low-power processor - 250-300 rubles / set
        1. Eugene
          6 June 2012 11: 38
          You are a little mistaken, professional devices in this area are starting from 70000 for the figurative models.
          Quote: JustMe
          Of course, non-linear response is also provided by metal-dielectric-metal transitions (this is what they usually look for) - but it is much weaker.

          Not this way. It differs in display on 2 scales. If you first bring the antenna and then begin to move longitudinally from the source, the display on 2 scales on them will be different in attenuation. There is still some difference, we experienced specialists sometimes even distinguished the type of PP device. In addition to the non-linear locator that we used (it’s not military but close), an X-ray was delivered with the help of which we then shone through and looked at what lay in the wall. A couple of times really found KT315))
          1. +1
            6 June 2012 12: 44
            Maybe I inaccurately put it
            As far as I know during the war, in order to knock German dogs off the true bookmarks of explosives, ours in false places did sprinkling with TNT crumbs ... With regard to today - to fill in the right place just electronic waste or slightly "sharpened" special electronic waste (passive option) - not a problem.
            This mine detector works on radiation .. This level of radiation can be detected even with the simplest receiver (slightly modified detector) .. And what can our enemy do? .. Just fill up the "brains" - processors now cost a penny and put in them suitable logic, for example, to eliminate a sapper ..
            1. Eugene
              6 June 2012 14: 21
              Quote: JustMe
              This mine detector works on radiation .. This level of radiation can be fixed even by a simple receiver (a bit modified detector) .. And what can our enemy do? .

              A little bit like that (or I didn’t understand you), there is a transmitting antenna, but there is a receiving one. These are the so-called active nonlinear detectors that help detect devices equipped with PP elements that are in passive mode (not at the time of information transfer or even in disconnected mode) / sleep mode, when there may be no radiation at all). That is, a signal is sent (in pulsed mode most often, it is safer for humans and less energy consumption), and the receiver already determines the nature of the reflected signal.
              We used them to check the premises for embedded devices (bugs, microcams, although for them the device is even cooler with a UV-emitter that is looking for lenses) and the kit included an X-ray and a microdrill with a fiber optic camera, if it weren’t for all of us to get it out there. As I already wrote, they once found embedded transistors, often found the remnants of corrosion wiring (when the devices were worse, especially), other small radio elements under the baseboard (apparently dropped then swept), etc.

              I understand that a little bit wrong, but the principle of searching for devices with PP elements should probably be similar.

              However, conventional selective metal detectors are also probably used, I have had such an addiction once.
              1. 0
                27 October 2012 23: 04
                Probably, this principle is laid down in store "clothespins" for goods. A diode with a foil antenna is glued there. When crossing the frame, the induced signal causes re-emission at a different frequency, which is fixed. Similar passive transmitters with re-radiation are used by climbers when passing avalanche slopes.
      2. 0
        6 June 2012 10: 02
        what parameters you set, such will be) and you can specify anything for the press
  2. Alexey Prikazchikov
    6 June 2012 10: 43
    By the way, mine detectors have been buying amers for us for a year now.
  3. borisst64
    6 June 2012 11: 53
    I was already twisted when I saw the machine on the ground, and even down the slide frame. Oh boy you did not fight (and thank God).
  4. +1
    6 June 2012 12: 36

    By the way, mine detectors have been buying amers for us for a year now.

    respected Alexey Prikazchikov this non-linear type locator НР900ЕК "KORSHUN" is not Russian-made, in my opinion American manufacturer Martin L. Keiser, Inc
    1. Passing
      7 June 2012 21: 25
      Quote: rumpeljschtizhen
      this non-linear type locator НР900ЕК "KORSHUN" is not of Russian production
      In my opinion, the production is Russian, at least the manufacturer is listed as STT Group, and this is a Russian company. Probably components (microcircuits, etc.) are imported, but that's another matter.
  5. +1
    6 June 2012 12: 53
    For reference.
    The theoretical foundations of such devices were "sucked" in the journal "Foreign Radioelectronics" for 1984, the number seems to be 10.
  6. 0
    6 June 2012 18: 03
    "A little earlier the leaders of the republic showed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the federal center did not resolve the issues of demining the territory of Chechnya." Well, as always. The inhabitants of the republic were still happy to mine their republic, and Vanka is to blame.
    I don't know what about nonlinear responses and metal-non-metal-metal, but my "one-off" (excuse the sappers and explosives technicians, I love this) Sanya "Diesel" would give a linear response and metal beads, oh, how he needs it !!!! !!!!
    And the fact that an automaton on earth, a fellow warrior, knows the procedure for working with GPs and it’s not scary that the shutter frame is down, the main thing is not to make a mistake at one time .......