Ersatz artillery based on RPG-7

The good old RPG-7 grenade launcher, the same age as Gagarin's flight into space, deservedly gained fame as one of the most common grenade launchers in the world. RPG-7 love and regular troops, and militant groups. You can write a very voluminous book about the military biography of this grenade launcher, which has fairly fought in various countries.

Ersatz artillery based on RPG-7

RPG-7 in the hands of a Vietnamese soldier

In my opinion, his military biography is far from over, and it is this grenade launcher that has every chance of becoming one of the most widespread types of weapons in a major war. This article is devoted to this aspect. Due to the fact that the topic is extensive and has many details and nuances that are interesting in and of themselves, I will briefly describe, dwelling only on the essential points.

Universal "pocket gun"

Despite the fact that RPG-7, like its predecessor RPG-2, was created to combat armored vehicles, and only cumulative grenades were made for both grenade launchers for a long time, however, experience in its use clearly shows that RPG-7 was without prior order It becomes a universal wearable recoilless gun, used against armored vehicles, and against unarmored vehicles, and against firing points, and against manpower.

There are many examples of this. Afghan Mujahideen and Chechen fighters (from 50 to 80% of the fighters had RPG-7) usually began their attacks with a massive grenade strike. The sudden shelling of several or even dozens of grenade launchers not only caused casualties to the attackers (the cumulative grenade strikes a shock wave and debris around the radius of 4 meters, which is comparable to the striking action of a hand grenade), but also created an inevitable temporary confusion that gave the attackers a chance development success. Armored vehicles, even with good dynamic protection, were knocked out by a focused 2-3 RPG-7 fire on a single target. This grenade launcher was very successfully used against helicopters, and according to some of it was shot down over the entire time of military use around 150 vehicles, including 128 helicopters in Vietnam.

In general, such an application of grenade launchers, originally intended to destroy armored vehicles, for a variety of purposes, in my opinion, was typical of weapons of this type from the very moment of their appearance and use in war. All kinds of Panzerfaust and Bazuki were very often used to suppress machine gun points. The Chinese copy of the RPG-2 was widely used by the Khmer Rouge against the troops of Lon Nol, and was a substitute for guns and mortars. I did not conduct a thorough analysis of the experience of using hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, but also from what caught my eye in the course of studying various materials and publications, it is quite enough to add up such an idea. A hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher on the battlefield becomes a versatile pocket gun for infantry.

In the light of this circumstance, it is impossible not to be surprised that the splinter-explosive fragmentation grenade OG-7В “The Shard” appeared in service only in the 1999 year. Although at the beginning of the 1970-ies did not exist newsthat cumulative RPGs to RPGs are often used as high-explosive fragmentation weapons. Subsequent wars only confirmed this. Nothing prevented even in those days to develop a whole line of grenades of various types and purposes, especially since the design of the grenades for the RPG-7 itself permits a modular approach: you could install any warhead on a powder accelerator or an accelerator with a jet engine. in size and weight.

OG-7V "Shard", nicknamed "Pencil" - a very good grenade. Compared with a cumulative grenade, it has a very simple design.

This attitude to military experience is hard for me to name, staying within the framework of printed decorum. Probably like this: stubborn stupidity, forcing tenaciously to hold on to cumulative grenades. The most interesting thing is that this stubbornness is now quite a place. Here is from the recent. Artisanal hybrids of PG-7В with 82-mm mortar mines, fragmentation charges for LNG-9, as well as attempts to create something like a fragmentation grenade as the head part began to appear in the Ukrainian army. Not everything and not always worked and exploded, which is not surprising for homemade products. Reaction: "crazy hands of Ukrainians." In my opinion, this is the most illustrative example when a commentator signs his stubborn dictum, and in combination with arrogance.

From the same fact it is possible, and, in my opinion, should draw other conclusions. Firstly, the need for high-explosive fragmentation grenades to the RPG-7 is so great and significant that it makes resort to risky amateur scrubs. Secondly, the handicrafts are resorted to when the arising task is no more than other types and types of weapons, and nothing from the available infantry arsenal is suitable for it. Thirdly, why not connect the 82-mm mortar mine (for example O-832) with a PG-7B engine? The mortar mine is a very weighty argument; it hits living force in the radius of 60 meters, which is much better than that of a hand grenade or a cumulative grenade launcher that was not used for its intended purpose. The weight of the mortar mine 3,6 kg, that is, the firing range of this hybrid will be approximately at the level of the PG-7BP tandem grenade - about 200 meters. For trench or urban battles is quite suitable.

It turns out a good hybrid of grenades and 82-mm mortar mines

If we neglect the stupidity and arrogance, recognize that there is a need for various grenades to RPG-7 and it is very great, then by crossing the engine and accelerator from PG-7В with different warheads, you can create a fairly wide range of grenades suitable for different tasks.

I will not specifically consider the design of the PG-7В jet engine, although I will note that it clearly needs to be simplified and rationalized, since a precisely-milled nozzle part is a real punishment for military production. It is surprising that the product of such a complex shape fell into the design of a grenade, one of the consumables of war.

Nozzle close up. The designers implemented the original solution, which was required by the overall layout of the grenade launcher, putting the nozzle in front of the combustion chamber, and not behind, with the turn of the jet back. But this detail will clearly be a bottleneck in high-flow production in wartime.

The subject of my interest is the head of the grenade. The requirements for it are about as follows. Weight ranges from 1,5 to 3,5 kg, but it is better not to exceed 2 kg. Caliber to 105 mm, but it is better to keep the caliber 80-90 mm. Form streamlined for better aerodynamic characteristics.

High-explosive and high-explosive fragmentation warheads

Despite the fact that the FG-7В is very good, I am still a supporter of more powerful grenades, and the grenade is predominantly high-explosive. This may be a charge of explosive placed in a thin-walled case (biconical or cylindrical with a conical fairing) and fitted with a percussion-type fuse. The weight of the explosive charge can reach 1,5-1,8 kg. You can refer to the Geneva Convention, but in a big (world) war, when existence is at stake, conventions are usually not respected, and all effective means are good for armed struggle.

In the conditions of a large and long-lasting war, with the strain of the entire economy, business will surely reach the ultimate simplified and most technological ammunition. The body of the head of such a grenade can be made of steel or plastic sheet, and if it really squeezes, then of thick cardboard, followed by impregnation with varnish for water resistance. I am in favor of using the technology of manufacturing PET bottles. The tubular billet, at the ends of which nests are formed for the fuse and fastener with the engine, swells up in shape to the desired size and shape. Plastic shells for high-explosive grenades can be very diverse and manufactured using different technologies. Details would take too much space, but offhand you can offer 5-6 or even up to a dozen options for plastic cases. Fragmentation element can, for example, fall asleep in the body, in its nose, before pouring or filling the explosives.

The advantage of a high-explosive grenade is that it allows, if necessary, to move from the oxyethanol used now in garnets to TNT, then to the mixture of TNT with ammonium nitrate, and then to various explosive mixtures based on ammonium nitrate. In the conditions of a big war, there is usually a shortage of explosives, which can lead to resort to such cheap substitutes.

In terms of manpower, fire points, unarmored or lightly armored vehicles, as well as for stripping premises in urban combat (for example, before a storm of a building, high-explosive charges are thrown at the windows by grenade launchers) such a grenade will be quite effective.

As for the high-explosive frag grenades, in my opinion, the best solution is to equip a high-explosive grenade with ready-made fragmentation elements: balls, wire cuts, nails (a plastic strip into which pressed steel nails of the same size as steel wire can be pressed fragmentation addition to the cumulative grenade).

Incendiary MS

If in such a thin-walled case, steel or plastic, instead of explosives, incend incendiary mixtures, such as CS, BGS or napalm, equipped with an ignition igniter or ignite when in contact with air (COP was a solution of white phosphorus and sulfur in carbon disulfide; the composition ignited when the bottle broke and the mixture was in contact with air), then you get a very good incendiary grenade.

It is not so difficult to create a thermite incendiary grenade. Incendiary air bombs from the Second World War can be the prototype of the thermite warhead They just fit in size and weight.

There may be a combination of options when a high-temperature thermite component is added to a liquid incendiary mixture or sticky gel.

Although the cumulative grenades PG-7V can no longer cope with modern tanks, which was the reason for the development of specialized tandem grenades, as well as specialized grenade launchers, however, it is too early for RPG-7 to write off as an anti-tank weapon. Liquid and thermite incendiary grenades can be a solution to the problem. It is clear that the solution will be partial. At the same time incendiary grenades can be used for other purposes, especially in urban combat.

Anti-aircraft warhead

Since the RPG-7 is sometimes used to hit air targets, helicopters and airplanes, it would probably be advisable to try to develop an anti-aircraft grenade. Such a grenade can be high-explosive fragmented, equipped with arrow-shaped attacking elements, and it can be equipped, like anti-aircraft missiles, with two fuses: contact and non-contact.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, is to develop a proximity fuze, which would be relatively light at the same time within 100-150 grams (a laser non-contact sensor 9М113 SAM for Tungusk SAM weighs 800 grams), is relatively cheap, and at the same time provides satisfactory performance. If such a proximity fuse is already or will be created, then the anti-aircraft grenade becomes a reality.

A typical enemy for a grenade launcher with an anti-aircraft grenade will most likely be unmanned aerial vehicles. At the same time, it remains possible to fire and destroy a larger airborne target, for example, a helicopter or a turboprop attack aircraft, which began to appear among our probable opponents.

This, of course, is far from a complete list of possible options for grenades to RPG-7, especially since in each type it is possible to offer several options that differ in TTX and are adapted for different purposes. The development of such grenades may seem useless and unnecessary to someone. In my opinion, these developments significantly expand the possibilities of using the RPG-7, equip the infantry with more diverse means of fire destruction of the enemy, and also greatly increase the mobilization potential. In the worst case, when the war did not go according to plan and brought the economy to exhaustion, it was the grenade launchers with the grenades described above that would become the most mass ersatz artillery allowing infantry, albeit with difficulties, to solve the tasks facing it.
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  1. +5
    2 November 2018 05: 14
    82 mm?

    On an RPG shot?


    Indeed, the gimmick of inventions is cunning.
    1. +3
      2 November 2018 05: 25
      as they NURSy did not guess to start with RPG? wassat
      according to sabzh: the range of ammunition is poor of course. But old man count 70 years
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        2 November 2018 05: 31
        Quote: Tlauicol
        count the old man 70 years

        The old horse does not spoil the furrow.
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          2 November 2018 10: 37
          But it won't plow even deeper
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            2 November 2018 13: 55
            Quote: vkl.47
            But it won't plow even deeper

            Oh well. smile

            Old horse in the law. He does not plow at all.*

            Rosenbaum A. Ya.

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              2 November 2018 14: 04
              From all the horses - special thanks!

              Let the tractor plow, it is iron.

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                2 November 2018 14: 12
                Quote: Horse, lyudovѣd and soulѣlyub
                From all the horses - special thanks!

                No question! laughing

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          3 November 2018 05: 20
          The old horse does not spoil the furrow - he lies in it and sleeps bully
    2. +1
      2 November 2018 12: 33
      Quote: Vanek
      82 mm? On an RPG shot?

      There is a video where APU uses this.
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        2 November 2018 13: 57
        Quote: marshes
        There is a video where APU uses this.

        Oh my God . It also works ...
        1. 0
          2 November 2018 13: 58
          [quote = Vanya] Oh God. It also works ... [/ quote
          See below in the comments.
        2. +3
          2 November 2018 14: 02
          In the DNI works.

          And the APU is working.
          1. +1
            2 November 2018 14: 05
            Quote: maykl8

            In the DNI works.

            From the DNI? I mean who shoots it and where?
          2. +2
            2 November 2018 14: 08
            Quote: maykl8
            And the APU is working.

            Both there and there.

            The right to say is surprised. I never thought it was possible. I saw it, yeah. I believe.

            I'll know.
  2. +4
    2 November 2018 06: 33
    Fine, of course you can work here for a long time. I read how I got into my element - I love this thing. At first glance, it reminds a set for barmaleys whether the manufacturer accepts this fact, because demand is needed - the question is! In general, the topic is awesome. Thank.
    1. +4
      2 November 2018 07: 58
      Hi Vladimir soldier
      If you dive into history, the mortar was also invented by necessity! The main efficiency.
      On the battlefield, it becomes very clear what exactly is needed at the moment. Designers and staff strategists, often not very much of gunpowder, just do not understand what is needed and create "beautiful", but not very necessary. The soldier's ingenuity helps out then!
      1. +3
        2 November 2018 16: 25
        Good evening Victor. Sorry, I read it before lunch, I didn’t have time to answer - I had to go to the garden, I still collect the harvest. Now on the topic. The author, and as I understand it, I don’t know how to put it right, let’s say the developer is well-done - he opened the topic, though not completely. Everything that he wrote correctly, only not everything will be done by production, they won’t do anything for each situation, that is, they’ll let the assembly line go, for a reason - this cannot happen in combat conditions, with a full-fledged Army. Barmaley - yes in the subject, although the same question. Suppose you are fighting, it doesn’t matter the place, next to the RPG side by side, visually pinpointed (ears resting) spinner (I’m barmalei), change the grenade to RPG !!!?, It’s good if there is someone nearby, and carrying it with you for the situation is an ass. On the whole, it is necessary, in such cases the station wagon is also flavored with a turntable (the type of the fragment is also controversial - assortment is necessary), and cumulative in armor - then you do not need to carry anything extra. And the last is about another. This grenade would now oh how would be useful to the guys in the DLNR. It should burst in the air and at a certain angle the fragments should go to the target (the larger the angle of the fragment, relative to the ground, the more difficult it is to hide from it). It is necessary that the grenade has a discrete slider - the time of detonation, at least four positions. Then oh! believe me - a tubercle with a hole will rest, those who have visited will understand. All this is not difficult in principle - a ribbon with fragments - balls and wire wrapped in a circle of the rod, but again at a certain angle, so that they would not fly around, but then they went to the ground. The mechanism of detonation, too (purely mechanical miniature). You can’t tell everything on the clave, but you can do it if you wish.
      2. +3
        2 November 2018 16: 48
        Istria at the expense of the mortar. My grandfather experienced it (with General Belov). The Germans surrounded them, nowhere to go - one way out - a swamp - a quagmire, and there is no water, and everywhere there is scrub. The swamp is huge and along it, like a trampoline. The Germans of the swamps were afraid like fire. We decided to finish off with mortars. In short - the mine falls 1.5 meters from you - the explosion stob is straight up and you are alive - that’s how they left.
      3. +1
        2 November 2018 18: 31
        And most importantly, why this is not necessary, because this weapon will appear in our opponents in a couple of years, so Victor, and we need it!? P.S. does the fish bite? - we are waiting for ice, in the swamps the ice has risen, waiting for the strength of the ice. They will shoot us down, and not some of us. Everything from the author of the article - 100% lies under the cloth, no offense to him from me.
        1. 0
          2 November 2018 18: 49
          Walk through the first ice, drown out the pike is a topic!
          We haven’t yet, although it has been -8 for two nights in a row, but in the afternoon it is up to +12, and it happens until the new year! The climate has changed, winter, God forbid, a happy new year will come!
          And I really do not like grenade launchers / I'm afraid !!! Oh, a very reliable memory, this striped product left me! Weapons are very effective, pocket artillery and the last argument of the infantry when an iron box creeps on you!
          1. +1
            2 November 2018 20: 19
            Something is wrong, in temperature - we have at night in the region - officially - at night, minus three - during the day plus - and you have the South.
            1. -1
              2 November 2018 21: 14
              We have the South, but with such a boost, oo-oo-oo! Like the wind blows from North Kazakhstan, "hanger" in summer and winter! Steppes all around. But in winter, like the wind from the Caspian Sea, or from Iran, EVERYTHING melts like that !!! In January +12, it's like you !!!!
              1. 0
                2 November 2018 23: 49
                Victor, the change of weather on the globe, who speaks of human activities and who speaks of freezing snow caps at the poles (near the ball during rotation, the poles begin to change to balance - although the earth, this is far from the ball - this has been hammered to us from childhood - it has bends and bulges. Yes, the weather is with you. We had an extreme - in the new year in the 78th kind - in the region (Chelyabinsk) to minus 53. But not so long ago - six years ago - December 31st - ordinary thunderstorm, here you have the Southern Urals.
  3. +18
    2 November 2018 06: 59
    Well .... I thought that it would be about the Ukrop and Armenian "ersatz-MLRS", representing the "packages" RPG-7! But then the Author decided to look at the root! However, does the Author know that the "assortment" of ammunition for the foreign RPG-7 will long ago be "richer" than the Soviet-Russian ammunition load? What kind of "bulge" has long been producing and using high-explosive, fragmentation and incendiary rounds with a caliber of 80-85 mm? These are Iran, Egypt, China and many former "social friends" ... For example, the "assortment" of NORINCO:
    ((- Cumulative anti-tank grenade - has a cumulative warhead and is similar in design to the Soviet PG-7B.

    - High-explosive fragmentation grenade against open manpower - designed specifically for fighting in the jungle and highlands. The warhead is equipped with 900 ready-made striking elements in the form of steel balls and from 2000 to 3000 combustible particles for incendiary action, which fly up to 15 meters in an explosion.

    - Bouncing grenade against manpower - has the principle of operation, as in jumping anti-personnel mines. When it hits a target with the help of an explosion, it jumps to a height of up to 2 meters and explodes, hitting an open manpower from above, including and behind obstacles. Radius of defeat up to 18 meters.

    - Tandem cumulative anti-tank grenade - adopted in the 1990-ies., Has a tandem cumulative warhead. Designed to destroy tanks equipped with dynamic protection, as well as light armored vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers) and fortifications.

    - Lighting grenade - is shot along a steep path, equipped with a parachute to hold in the air for the duration of the burning of the lighting composition. The effective range with the brake ring is 600 m, without it, 150 m. For Type 69, a large range of ammunition for various purposes was established, both in China itself and in some other countries.
    Later in China, an improved version of the grenade launcher, the Type 69-I, was also created, which has a reduced launch tube length and some minor changes.
    In addition to the daytime optical sight, the Type 69 – I grenade launcher is equipped with a nightly electron-optical sight. )))
    Why adapt mortar mines to the RPG-7, when the feature of the above-caliber shot allows you to create fragmentation ammunition with ready-made fragments, which means increased "fragmentation"? By the way, I heard that the troops have complaints about the 40-mm fragmentation "cucumber" (many military consider it unsuccessful ...)! The 105-mm thermobaric shot for RPG-7 "proved to be good" and if we consider that shots for RPG-7 and RPG-29 were created on the same "base"; and for the 105 mm RPG-32 there is a "thermobar" with an additional fragmentation effect and there are assault grenades, then the situation is not so bad! At one time, anti-helicopter and penetrating SFZ shots were created. True, special fuses are really needed here: non-contact, programmable ... But this turned out to be impossible at that time, but not now ...
    1. +7
      2 November 2018 09: 46
      I will supplement the photo of the Chinese shots to Type 69.
    2. +4
      2 November 2018 21: 22
      The main thing is that we have them, and not in Egypt or in China. And in the required quantity.
  4. +3
    2 November 2018 07: 36
    One can argue with the author in one thing: there is practically a line of AGS calibers of 30 and 40 mm, which completely covers the niche of fragmentation anti-personnel grenade launchers. Their range and rate of fire are incomparable with fragmentation rounds for RPGs. And, as Nikolaevich I rightly noted, there are thermobaric RPG ammunition with high-explosive action, often more useful than fragmentation.
    1. +9
      2 November 2018 08: 38
      The AGS is difficult and takes time to deploy and leave the position, which leaves its mark on the battles in the city ... Rather, the AGS (as we say NSV or KORD) is in the infantry version a weapon rather defensive ... And from the RPG (even an old one) 7th, at least some) it takes a matter of seconds to shoot .. But in general, the problem with the set of ammunition for domestic designers is always a problem ... Even comparing the set for the GP and M-203
      1. +2
        2 November 2018 09: 34
        AGS-40, for example, is no longer so heavy, and its caliber is now decent. Rapid fire can only be fired from an RPG if the grenade is already in the pipe. It takes some time to recharge.
        In general, as always, there are pros and cons to each type of weapon. It is too early to write off RPGs, but it will not become absolutely universal anyway.
      2. +2
        2 November 2018 11: 30
        Quote: parma
        But in general, the problem with the set of ammunition for domestic designers is always a problem ...

        In the USSR / Russia there is no such problem, it is just that we often create more specialized means. For example, in the USSR / Russia, reactive hand-held assault grenades and reactive hand-held flamethrowers are produced.
        1. +1
          2 November 2018 14: 20
          There is also "Partizan" (Grad-P) in warehouses.

      3. +1
        2 November 2018 14: 16
        And not only in the city. You need to protrude from any position.

  5. +5
    2 November 2018 07: 56
    I saw the use of 82 mm mines on an RPG shot, but I did not see the results ... Where and how they got. Mnomer in skillful hands is an accurate thing. But such a "hybrid"?
    And the author forgot about thermobaric ammunition ... Well, not all "Bumblebees" and "Buras" are in service. And the massive use of such ammunition in urban, for example, battles, well, a powerful thing!
    1. 0
      2 November 2018 12: 36
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      I saw the use of 82 mm mines on an RPG shot, but I did not see the results ... Where and how they got. Mnomer in skillful hands is an accurate thing. But such a "hybrid"?

      This is where the lads from the bridge over the ice on the river shot?
  6. +1
    2 November 2018 08: 31
    Good morning everyone and good friday. Ukrainians were not the first to think of it, but in Armenia, on the basis of RPG-7, they collected the N-2 MLRS, thermobaric or high-explosive fragmentation shots, firing range up to 1300 meters, a salvo in 10 seconds.
  7. 0
    2 November 2018 08: 34
    strange for some reason I can’t attach the photo ...
    if that is a link to the photo:
  8. 0
    2 November 2018 09: 14
    so it’s been doing
  9. 0
    2 November 2018 09: 21
    RPG-7 is a great thing in skillful hands ... and not in very skillful too .. simplicity and reliability and a rating of 5 ..
  10. +2
    2 November 2018 09: 38
    He laughed heartily in the morning. Thank. I hope this is a humorous article, otherwise I sympathize with you.
  11. +3
    2 November 2018 09: 47
    And where did the respected author see signs of turning and milling on a nozzle? There, judging by the appearance, casting, and the holes on the machine are drilled. Quite technological
  12. +1
    2 November 2018 11: 22
    Seriously speaking, I really doubt the anti-aircraft shots. Speeds are not the ones to fight with modern devices. If only to catch a helicopter on occasion, then it will pass with any other shot.
  13. +1
    2 November 2018 12: 40
    In general, a fragmentation shot with a remote detonation would not hurt, it can be set manually.

    Here I read that the Mujahideen in Afghanistan managed to shoot down turntables with fragmentation grenades while firing in the direction of the main gearbox.
    1. 0
      11 November 2018 14: 01
      While serving in the army 86-88 I personally heard the story of the Mi-24 pilot-operator, how Mujahideen shot a volley from several RPG-7s in Afghanistan, but didn’t hit them. He saw grenades flying over and under the turntable.
  14. +2
    2 November 2018 13: 11
    A couple of years ago I even wrote a letter to the NGO "Basalt" and cited the experience of Donbass as an example. Attached various photos.
    1. 0
      2 November 2018 13: 46
      What are they? keen interest, even answered?
      1. 0
        18 December 2018 12: 42
        Alas, they were silent
  15. +2
    2 November 2018 13: 45
    The author is a small correction, 82 mm not only Ukrainians screw on the border, we pour the same on them bully
    1. +1
      2 November 2018 13: 55
      Quote: Romka47
      The author is a small correction, 82 mm not only Ukrainians screw on the border, we pour the same on them

      And whose ratsu was the first?
      1. 0
        7 November 2018 09: 20
        But I don’t know, their campaign.
  16. +4
    2 November 2018 14: 58
    Quote: marshes
    Quote: Romka47
    The author is a small correction, 82 mm not only Ukrainians screw on the border, we pour the same on them

    And whose ratsu was the first?

    Afghan Mujahideen.
  17. 0
    2 November 2018 17: 26
    Mattresses easily increased its range to 1000 meters. Is it weak for our designers? And about different grenades, the topic has long overripe. It is necessary to do vacuum ammunition, fragmentation, incendiary ...
  18. 0
    2 November 2018 17: 30
    In a protracted war, they will initially switch to wooden aircraft, such as the Il-2, and later to simple rifles and primitive cannons from the First World War. Everything that has been preserved in the warehouses and that industry will master in conditions of military devastation will go into action.
  19. +3
    2 November 2018 20: 15
    Recently on the channel "Arms" there was a story about the RPG-7. They showed a cut of conflicts around the world. The developer's representative presented a wide range of new shots to the old man, production is expanding. Kustarshina from poverty.
  20. 0
    2 November 2018 23: 00
    about anti-aircraft use, this is not serious.
  21. 0
    3 November 2018 01: 00
    "You can also get an old bonbu from the warehouse." We fight all the smaller, we swarm the weaker. Didn't even smile. The author is losing weight.
  22. 0
    3 November 2018 07: 54
    In October, Kiev hosted an exhibition "Arms and Security 2018". We have modestly bypassed it, having named only a couple of not the most successful experimental samples. I looked at the programs on Ukrainian resources, and so one company has developed and proposed a line of ammunition for RPG 7, including high-explosive fragmentation.
  23. +1
    3 November 2018 15: 50
    For RPGs, it has long been necessary to create an inexpensive sight with a laser rangefinder-designator. And ammunition with LGSN. Instead of a standard fuse, you can simply screw in an "advanced" fuse with LGSN and wings to correct the flight. The probability of hitting "difficult" targets at a great distance will increase.
    The shot programmed for detonation at a specific point on the trajectory still does not hurt. It can be counted in time, can be in revolutions. And you can realize this simply with a new fuse, which you screw into at least 70-year-old shots.
    By the way, these can be fired at both helicopters and low-speed UAVs. But this is optional because of hopelessness. The main objectives of the infantry sheltered behind the folds of terrain.
    Well, also as nonsense. Shot by the type of lighting, with a parachute and a camera. It will not cost much. But it will be possible to calm down the enemy's disposition quickly. Now the troops have a huge mass of all kinds of "tablets" on which you can drop a picture.
  24. +1
    4 November 2018 14: 52
    The article is rather entertaining. This happens if the author does not own the topic. The RPG-7V (unfortunately it was not necessary to use others), there is a very big drawback, which is described in the instruction manual for shooting, but not everyone else writes. This dispersion depends on the operating time of the grenade engine, i.e. from firing range. The reasons for the displacement of the Center of gravity of the grenade due to fuel burnout. What does it look like in reality? If two shots are considered necessary to destroy a moving tank at distances of 100-300m, then at a distance of 500m there are more than fifty tanks (although in the trench)! Therefore, everything that different companies create is generally nonsense until they change the grenade engine. At real distances, all these tricky sights and ammunition are not needed. Moreover, our nomenclature is not so bad, the tandem cumulative grenade, thermobaric (I think the best in universality) and fragmentation (in my opinion not needed if there is a second). All guided, high-precision, etc. tricky ammunition does not make sense, first of all, how they will be handled on the campaign and in battle, certainly not tremulously. Secondly, the firing range is small and you can’t shoot from cover. Well, do not equip hand grenades with retractable aerodynamic control surfaces, for high-precision correction. There's no point.
    1. 0
      5 November 2018 20: 21
      Contradict yourself. If a primitive LSG allows to increase the accuracy and the actual range of the shot, then why not try? The head will compensate for the inaccuracy of the trajectory.
  25. 0
    11 November 2018 14: 06
    It is interesting, but how does the operation of a mine depend on the angle of the meeting with the goal ??? The flight paths are fundamentally different.
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    22 May 2019 15: 00
    I remember on such a thing suggested in 2014))