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Ultralight Polaris RANGER MRZR ™ SUV

Ultralight Polaris RANGER MRZR ™ SUV

The shelf of light all-terrain vehicles arrived. Polaris Defense represents the MRZR ™ family of ultra-light tactical vehicles. It is noteworthy that these vehicles were designed and designed from scratch by order of the Minister of Defense.

MRZR is available in two versions, 2 and 4 rights.



Performance characteristics of the RANGER MRZR ™
The engine and drive
Engine type: Polaris ProStar 900
Engine capacity: 875 cube. cm.
Engine power: 88 hp
Fuel system: Electronic fuel injection
Fuel Type: Petrol
Transmission: With continuously variable gear ratio (CVT): P / R / N / L / H
Drive: At the request of the customer full drive

Bottom protection: Full bottom plate
Bumpers: Front / Rear with shock absorbers
The seats are located opposite the direction of movement: Optional
Back door: Removable
Steering: Electronic power steering and height-adjustable steering wheel
Standard Ignition: Keyless
Infrared illumination: optional
Seat belts: Quick-release four-point seat belts
Winch: Standard
Hitch: Standard

Front suspension: Double A-arms
Front / Rear brakes: Dual brake discs
Wheels: Beadlock
Parking brake: in transmission

Fuel tank capacity: 27.4 L
Width: 152.4 cm
Height: cm xnumx

Photos of the RANGER MRZR ™ 2

Photos of the RANGER MRZR ™ 4

Polaris Defense has also introduced airless tires for its new MRZR ™ SUVs. The principle of operation is simple: no air, no punctures.

According to the designers, additional benefits are:
-Reduced noise when driving on hard surfaces
-Reduced rolling resistance
-Improved turning characteristics
- Improved vehicle handling
- Reduced operating costs
- Ballistic resistant tire design
- Lack of need for a spare wheel

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  1. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 31 May 2012 08: 14
    very close to our "Lunokhod" brand LuAZ as a conveyor of the front edge, at a new technical level, only with us the driver could control even lying
    1. aktanir
      aktanir 31 May 2012 13: 22
      To sniff at such an RPG)))
      But seriously, it’s very mobile, maneuverable, convenient and, apparently, a simple thing. Yes, and 88 horses - also not sickly! It would be nice to have such in the RF Armed Forces, but more !!!
      1. edge
        edge 1 June 2012 18: 33
        it is a desert steppe machine ........
  2. leon-iv
    leon-iv 31 May 2012 08: 37
    based on ATVs chtol was made?
    1. Armata
      Armata 31 May 2012 08: 48
      There are civilians. The base of the ATV but is slightly reinforced, the engine is slightly larger in cubes than that of the quadric, and the drive is only rear. But they will also somersault. So they can not even be compared with a banal quadros. It’s more like a safari car.
    2. Professor
      31 May 2012 09: 10
      based on ATVs chtol was made?

      It is noteworthy that these vehicles were designed and engineered from scratch by order of the Minister of Defense. wink
      1. 755962
        755962 31 May 2012 13: 02
        Cool material, professor, pleased! The mobility of a small unit can increase at times. On its basis are options for carrying various types of light weapons, communications, UAV control.? In addition, it is lightweight, which means it is airborne. Interesting device!
    3. pribolt
      pribolt 31 May 2012 09: 35
      Polaris this is ATVs sold in Russia
  3. Nester
    Nester 31 May 2012 08: 43
    Cool unit. For alcohol in the neighboring village, it’s the most wandering. And so, something seems to me, the suspension is flimsy, especially at the rear.
  4. ICT
    ICT 31 May 2012 09: 00
    I have already spoken out about fighting vehicles with a half-open body, but I’ll bother: the windshield should always be present on the car, this is where the land drove the second car with a running convoy (and the crew) should go in gas masks, but what about territory similar to ours you eat at the edge of the forest crushing the undergrowth and all branches hit you in the face --- the driver’s exit and the front half-door must always be closed, but the loading platform is intended

    we still have all NIVES registered with military commissariats
    1. b0bi
      b0bi 31 May 2012 11: 23
      I agree, this is not for our region. In winter you won’t be able to drive through this - you’ll lose your limbs, and in summer even if you don’t ride in a convoy, all the midges will be in your eyes.
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 31 May 2012 15: 21
        Eye Glasses
    2. Dust
      Dust 31 May 2012 13: 00
      Imagine how your glass will let the bunnies start and sparkle in the sun - weight is the point of riding such a machine will go to ashes! So the lack of glass can be considered the right decision ...
    3. Professor
      31 May 2012 13: 57
      So recently I personally decided to try all the delights of bugs. The lack of a windshield does not interfere.
      1. ICT
        ICT 31 May 2012 15: 09
        Well, in the rain or a day on clay after the rain that has been going all day, then try to tell us your impressions.
      2. Professor
        31 May 2012 16: 03
        A couple of photos in pursuit:

        Infrared light

        1. ICT
          ICT 1 June 2012 00: 43
          WELL AS SO

          "Desert Raider" armed with 3 "Negev" machine guns

          The Desert Raider has low noise and thermal signature and can be transported inside the CH-53 helicopter, making it very suitable for special operations. The driver's seat is located in the center, on either side of it are two passenger seats, behind is a cargo platform (two more seats can be installed instead). "Desert Raider" can carry weapons - three machine guns (two - opposite the passenger seats, one - above the driver; in the published photos - 3 "Negev" caliber 5.56 mm). The vehicle was tested in special forces of the IDF and was officially put into service under the name "Tomer", but its arrival is delayed due to the IDF budget cuts. According to Janes, Desert Raider is produced for export, the customer is unknown.
    4. Oleg777
      Oleg777 31 May 2012 17: 32
      You ask your dear friend, this is a very necessary thing both for border guards and for quick transfer of infantry in difficult passable areas, even better than a poor horse to go through mountains and swamps. And also these ATVs are used in Canada and in Australia and in the mountains of Aganistan, sometimes this moto-driving vehicle was the only combat vehicle in which you can take out the wounded, bring in ammunition and make silent reconnaissance of the area over long distances. By the way, our paratroopers during exercises in the USA highly noted the mobility and high characteristics of this type of equipment.
    5. sesame
      sesame 31 May 2012 19: 28
      I heard about UAZs, but cornfields? I have a cornfield and I did not put it on the military commissariat.
      1. ICT
        ICT 31 May 2012 23: 47
        about seven years ago I had to run the most to the draft board (there my aunt registered in a greasy magazine) before registering, and now
        everything is automatically taken into account electronically, as well as with the tax one (that is, traffic cops send the data themselves), if I don’t err, then the ural motorcycles with the sidecar are also taken into account
  5. Zerstorer
    Zerstorer 31 May 2012 10: 44
    I completely agree with TIT. !!! Then do not forget that a modern vehicle should protect personnel from bullets and fragments (preferably also from mines). And something else ... these open structures are designed for operation in places with a good climate, and according to our standards, military equipment should work from -50 to +50.
    1. ICT
      ICT 31 May 2012 15: 13
      Well, the meaning in the open box is
      (to perform some special tasks)

      I’m talking about this.
  6. roial
    roial 31 May 2012 12: 48
    Normal unit. A tank or armored personnel carrier should protect against bullets and fragments, and such machines should be used as liaison, transport., Medical, for reconnaissance purposes and so on. in non-combat zones. And if they got there, then no armor and bulletproof glass will save them (Coco can I hang it there ???) their advantage is the speed and high density of the crew’s fire.

  7. borisst64
    borisst64 31 May 2012 12: 50
    A winch for this category of equipment is clearly an overkill; for the self-pulling out two fighters will provide the same effort, the mass is small to help other equipment. At the TPK Luise, the winch was for evacuating the wounded on a stretcher, a pallet at the front edge under fire, the car is high here, it can’t hide in the folds of the terrain.

    But I liked the airless wheel, but it seems to me short-lived and a rush of one membrane will cause a domino effect.
    1. Follow us
      Follow us 31 May 2012 14: 02
      Quote: borisst64
      But I liked the airless wheel, but it seems to me short-lived and a rush of one membrane will cause a domino effect.

      They were invented in the Michelin office a few years ago. In winter, such a design will not work.
  8. bazilio
    bazilio 31 May 2012 13: 02
    The machine is good, everything is better than walking
  9. sedoii
    sedoii 31 May 2012 17: 08
    I like this car. The only tank is too small. For a raid car
    the tank needs a minimum of two more.
  10. akromaserp
    akromaserp 31 May 2012 22: 06
    Even Venezuela has a military off-road vehicle of its own design - "Tiuna", and in Russia there is still a UAZ created in the middle of the last century!
  11. Uncle Serozha
    Uncle Serozha 1 June 2012 00: 49
    It is a well-known fact: as soon as in any class a technique "grows" out of it in terms of power and weight (due to the continuous growth of requirements), then substitution takes place - a new "light" class appears. As soon as light jeeps turn into hummers, and - voila! - "the jeep is dead, long live the jeep!"

    By the way, here you can recall the ultralight M422 Mighty Might, who was in service with the US Marine Corps before and during the Vietnam War. Funny car, reminiscent of a children's pedal car with an air-cooled engine and an aluminum case. He weighed only 790 kg, but carried 390 kg of cargo - more than an "adult" M151MUTT.

    True, the machine was very expensive and for the Marine Corps was needed because helicopter transportation with a driver and cargo was required, and then Sikorsky H-19 did not take more than 1200 kg. They built them a little more than 1000 pieces, and then there were more lifting helicopters. Accordingly, the high cost of this small car ceased to be justified - in 1962 production was turned off. But in armament, this thing survived to the 70s.

    And here is the South African way: Bae waspdeveloped by BAE Land Systems in 2000 and 2008-2009. produced in the amount of 25 pieces by order of the armed forces of South Africa.
    The car has an unusual layout of the passenger compartment: the second row seats are located across the axis of the car with their backs to each other, and the third row seats - with their backs forward. As a result, the entire crew sits “legs out” and can fire in all directions, and in case of danger, jump out of the car to the ground within literally a second. Well, except for the driver, and sitting next to him ...
    Due to the tiny dimensions of the little car, the arm for the swivel of a heavy machine gun had to be carried out in front of the windshield on a spatial farm. But this machine is only tiny in size - it weighs as much as 2-plus tons due to the reservation of the engine compartment.