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No noise and dust. Muzzle devices for small arms

In the period of rapid development of the industry silencers small weapons new offers on the market appear like mushrooms after rain. At the same time, modern devices for silent, flameless shooting become smaller, lighter and more efficient.

With this choice of options offered, finding the right muzzle device for an assault rifle can quickly turn into an almost impossible task. Manufacturers offer literally a sea of ​​muzzle devices, ranging from muzzle flash suppression devices and kickback control to quick-release mufflers, combined mufflers / muzzle brakes and reflective shields.

The information in this article can help, based on the specific operational role of the weapon in question, to make the best decision. The easiest and most logical way to benefit from all this information is to break it down into categories: flame arresters, muzzle brakes, combined muzzle brakes / flame arresters, flame arresters, and finally sound silencers.

The Innovative Arms silencer Scar Suppressor Interceptor 7.62 / 5.56 can be quickly bolted or removed from any rifle using a threaded compensator brake

Flame arrester

In fact, the flame arresters constitute a special group of muzzle devices, the task of which is to eliminate or reduce the muzzle flash coming out of the barrel after the bullet, by scattering gases upwards and sideways so as not to raise dust.

One example of such a device is the XEUMFF FLASH HIDER flame arrester from V.E. Meyers. The 249F device, originally designed to work on ships in low light conditions, regularly wins first place in the US Department of Defense tests and has an excellent reputation among end users. Able to withstand operation in the toughest combat conditions and having a service life of tens of thousands of shots, the 240F FLASH HIDER flame arrester is a proven solution for reducing small arms signatures. According to official estimates by the US Army, 240F excludes 249% of the entire visible muzzle flash, for which he received the highest score during testing. The flame arrester prevents short-term loss of sight of the shooter and distortion of night vision devices, preventing the soldier from losing sight of the target throughout the battle.

Flame arrester 249F FLASH HIDER company V.E. Meyers

Briefly about silencers

Assault rifles, by their nature, are quite noisy systems. The striker’s striker, striking the primer, creates noise, the cyclical nature of the work also creates noise, but a really big bang creates a bullet overcoming the sound barrier and gaseous products of combustion leaving the barrel at supersonic speeds, cutting the surrounding air space. These powder gases are the cause of most of the noise and the whole flash.

The task of the muffler is simple - to keep burning powder gases inside and absorb their energy. Most silencers are hollow cylinders made of metal (usually steel or aluminum) or plastic, containing small chambers within themselves, separated by baffles. Manufacturers use various angles and openings in the design of silencers, resize and resort to other tricks so that the powder gases have the opportunity to expand, cool and calmly flow out of the device.

Just how effective is your typical muffler while reducing the volume of a typical shot? Rifle shots emit a volume of about decibel 160-180. A good silencer removes dB from this 20-40 signature and often makes it “hearing-safe”, as the norm requires. In general, the larger the silencer, the better it will cope with its task.

Muzzle brakes

These muzzle-compensating devices allow reducing the recoil force and throwing up the barrel during firing. They allow you to improve the accuracy of automatic fire and reduce the time of aiming after a single shot. In the production of the second and subsequent shots the muzzle brake helps to keep the target in the optical sight with the increase. Holes, which are an integral part of the design of the brake, working in combination with a set of reflective walls, also contribute to reducing wear of the muffler and increase its life.

Daniel Defense's Muzzle Climb MITIGATOR Gen II muzzle brake redirects gases through calibrated openings, counteracting recoil forces and muzzle bounce. Reduced recoil and bounce leads to faster and more accurate subsequent shots, as well as reduced fatigue. Muzzle device made of aviation stainless steel 17-4, weighs 2,52 ounces (72 grams).

V Seven Weapon Systems recently unveiled a new HELIOS linear melee compensator. According to V Seven, this muzzle device HELIOS, made of titanium brand Grade 5 and different 100% corrosion resistance, due to the redirection of the muzzle wave preserves the hearing and mental health of neighboring shooters. The design in the style of “short-barred Kalashnikov” allows you to send a shock wave and the sound of a shot forward and to the side of the shooter. The company V Seven states that the shooter, firing from a carbine or rifle, equipped with a muzzle brake HELIOS, will receive some reduction in the intensity of the flash bonus. Although they say that the brake is designed for melee weapons, it will work reliably with the barrel of any caliber length up to .338. This device with a diameter of 3,2 cm is suitable for installation on most rails and adds to the weight of the weapon the entire 57 gram. HELIOS comes with 1 / 2x28, 5 / 8x24 thread pitch, as well as in two coatings - titanium and carbon black.

The HELIOS compensator from V Seven Weapon Systems with an overall length of 7 cm adds approximately 5,6 cm to the rifle's length

Muzzle brakes / flame arresters

These combined devices provide muzzle flash suppression and reduced recoil, offering a solution to those who operate with a gun with a silencer only a fraction of the time. According to the company, SureFire's WARCOMP flame arresters from the SOCOM family of flame arresters "provide a reduction in muzzle flash of more than 99% compared to a smooth barrel and virtually eliminate the jump in the muzzle of the barrel." They are manufactured with high precision stainless steel followed by the application of a diamond-like carbon coating; the threaded part allows you to attach these devices to most popular rifle models. WARCOMP flame arresters also serve as adapters for mounting the Fast-Attach silences of the SOCOM series.

The flame deflector allows you to avoid the situation clearly shown in the photo when neighboring shooters may be exposed to a shock wave and muzzle flash

Flame deflectors

These devices are designed to direct the shock component of the muzzle wave forward. Due to the direction of the shock wave forward, they reduce the impact force acting on the neighboring shooters and people in the immediate vicinity. These devices also minimize the effects of dust raised when shooting from a prone position. Flame protectors can be screwed directly onto the end of the barrel or work in combination with other muzzle devices already mounted on the weapon.

Gemtech's latest BLAST JACKET accessory is installed on all existing Gemtech Quickmount adapters. BLAST JACKET directs the muzzle to the front, away from other shooters, and prevents the rise of clouds of dust, which, as a rule, rise when lying down. According to a company representative, “we have manufactured a reliable device of pure titanium, so it weighs only 99 grams; high-grade stainless steel spring capable of withstanding a million compressions. It adds to the length of the weapon the entire 6,5, see, this is a great addition to the outfit of any soldier. ”

No noise and dust. Muzzle devices for small arms

Delta P Design manufactures a BREVIS silencer line. These mufflers, screwed onto the barrel, are simple and reliable in operation. All BREVIS silencers are robust and affordable.


At SHOT Show 2018, Magpul introduced its new Magpul Suppressor Cover - 5.5in. This is the first such product of the company capable of withstanding extreme temperatures after long lines in automatic and semi-automatic modes and at the same time protect the operator from burns.

Magpul Suppressor Cover - 5.5in is a heat-resistant polymeric sleeve mounted over a cylindrical heat shield made of stainless steel, which is mounted directly on the muffler housing with steel clamps. This allows minimizing heat transfer and keeping the temperature of the outer polymer shell 540 degrees lower than the surface temperature of the muffler due to the passage through it of large volumes of cooling air. Magpul claims that its muffler casing meets the requirements of the Special Operations Command for improper handling of weapons and easily withstands repeated cycles of heating the surface of the casing by more than 700 degrees, which allows the shooter to wear a weapon on the belt after shooting without fear of burns clothes.

This casing, working as an improved heat insulator and signature reduction device, significantly reduces image distortion in the sight, protects the silencer case from damage and reduces the risk of injury or property damage when in contact with a hot silencer.

The SilencerCo SAKER ASR 5S6K modular silencer is one of the shortest in the SAKER family, it is easy to use and reliable in operation. SAKER ASR is designed for installation on semi-automatic and automatic weapons with a longitudinal sliding gate. In addition, the design of SAKER ASR allows you to maximize the convenience of working with him and to minimize the time to adapt the user


Shooting silencers can be deceptively simple. In fact, most of them are just tubes with partitions, but in the case of assault rifles, not all mufflers are equal in capabilities. Some are really very simple, but now most of them have a modern design, which effectively reduces the acoustic signature of the rifle and eliminates the muzzle flash, but adds a minimum weight to the front of the weapon. Many devices can be mounted on a weapon quickly and easily in the field without any tools. In general, they are a cylinder with a lot of partitions and holes that suppress the sound of a shot due to the direction of expanding gases through the chambers, which absorb energy, cool the gases and smooth out their outflow into the open space outside the muffler. Most of the silencers is a welded cylinder in which partitions are placed, which are fixed by means of welded or screwed plugs. Cylinders are mostly unified in internal and external diameters (thickness). This thickness is determined by the amount of material needed for those areas that are experiencing the greatest load.

The Fast-Attach SureFire SOCOM 2 silencers are among the most advanced silencers in the world with certain enhancements to the original SOCOM series, which includes the SOCOM556-RC and SOCOM762-RC models. On them, the company received contracts after it won in several of the most difficult and tough tests in stories US Command Special Operations Forces. These models have characteristics that are critical for a combat-ready silencer: compact size, minimal weight, a significant reduction in acoustic and dusty signs of visibility (unmasking a cloud of dust), reliable internal partitions, extreme long-term reliability that allows continuous operation, and ) the actual exclusion of the first shot flash, reduced back pressure, reducing the effect of gases on the operator.

In December 2017, the company American Clandestine Equipment unveiled its new silencer SMG9-SC, designed for installation on the Czech submachine gun CZ SCORPION EVO 3 S1 / A1. Model SMG9-SC, manufactured from 7075-T651 aluminum alloy on precision machines, has 12 taper holes and a large internal volume, which allowed to reduce the sound volume on 32,5 dB. According to the company, this design minimizes moving the target mark to less than 2 minutes of angle and completely eliminates the flash at the first shot. SMG9-SC weighs 305 grams, has an overall length of 224 mm and a diameter of 41 mm. The adjustable adapter with the 1 / 2-28 thread, created specifically for the CZ SCORPION submachine gun, used a lock “providing a rigid mount that prevents the silencer from loosening during movement or firing.”

At the exhibition SHOT Show 2018 company V.E. Meyers introduced its four-prong flame arrester M2A1F, fully compatible with the 12,7-mm heavy machine gun М2А4

Delta P Design manufactures silencers for the BREVIS series. All these threaded models are designed for easy and reliable operation. Model 5.56 mm COMPACT adds the entire 52 mm to the length of a typical carabiner, providing an average level of muffling sound. The standard model offers a shot loudness reduction and flash reduction typical of most silencers. All BREVIS silencers have a robust, durable design and an affordable price. Delta P also manufactures adapters for standard M1A rifles and SOCOM 16 series rifles. Originally created to install their own full-blown silencer, these adapters can also be used to mount flame arresters and muzzle brakes. These adapters allow the use of a standard or adjustable gas regulator.

The SIG Sauer silencers combine the latest signature reduction technologies with combat-proven design, test and production methods. According to the company, “our achievements in reducing signatures, based on exact sciences, and not on marketing promotion, help the military to win on the battlefield, while enriching the small arms of the civilian population.” The pipeless rifle silencer from SIG Sauer, having reduced dimensions and weight, lowers the volume of the sound, while increasing accuracy and reliability. “The absence of an external tube is the first sign of an innovative design that distinguishes SIG Sauer rifle silencers.”

The SIG Sauer SRD556 silencer is manufactured from Inconel 718 (heat resistant and heat resistant nickel-based alloy). This nickel alloy has a high level of long-term reliability, in particular when firing from short barrels with supersonic cartridges. The 1 / 2x28 thread is suitable for mounting on the vast majority of modern .223 / 5,56 rifles mm. The back holder has turnkey flats for screwing the muffler to the barrel.

Israeli Tavor assault rifle with silencer

At the SHOT Show 2018, SIG Sauer presented the upper part of the 300 BLK Upper Reciever Group, which is compatible with the lower parts of the receiver of the MSX and AR range. This short gas piston upper part has an 6,75 inch long barrel with a permanently mounted titanium silencer with 19 baffles. It has two positions for firing: pre-and supersonic cartridges. Later, she will receive an 1913 adapter for simplified docking with the lower barrel of an AR series rifle. In addition, the 300 BLK Upper Reciever Group comes with a Matchlite Duo trigger.

It does not disclose the connection of the 300 BLK Upper Reciever Group box with SIG’s application for a weapon purchase program for naval special forces Naval Special Warfare Personal Defense Weapon, which also has an 300 BLK caliber. In addition, it looks as if it used the experience gained when applying for a special forces program on the Suppressed Upper Receiver Group's upper receiver box with an 5,56 mm caliber barrel.

Daniel Defense, using additive technology (almost 3D printing), manufactures a WAVE muffler by layering molten layers of Inconel 718 alloy, titanium and stainless steel. The result is a one-piece silencer without welding seams weighing less than 480 grams. It is available with 5 / 8x24 thread for mm 7,62 caliber and with 1 / 2x28 thread for mm 5,56 caliber. DD WAVE 7.62 is installed on all systems of the caliber from 5,56 mm to .300 Win Mag. The silencer is also designed for automatic firing. Depending on the caliber, barrel length and application conditions, the DD Wave silencer absorbs 30-40 dB, generating an arrow in the ear when fired by a typical .308 caliber cartridge on the order of 140 dB.

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  1. tasha
    tasha 5 October 2018 05: 00
    Since November 2016, the US Marine Corps has been testing a new theory - installing a silencer on every small arms unit in the battalion, from M4 rifles to machine guns of the 50 caliber. The first unit armed with the proposed concept was the Bravo company of the 1th battalion of the 2th marine division, stationed in Norway. According to the company’s servicemen, the use of silencers increases the effectiveness of unit management in battle, since earlier “due to the roar of gunfire, the commander could not communicate with his subordinates more than 100m away”. In addition, "no need to use hearing protection when shooting." The main advantage is considered an element of surprise when performing training attacks. The constant use of communications by unit commanders forces them to carry extra batteries and causes the so-called. "Tunnel effect" - loss of peripheral vision. The disadvantages of using silencers include strong heat when shooting, the need for frequent cleaning and heavy weight.
    The main supplier of muzzle brakes, flame arresters and silencers for the US military is SureFire. For example, the SOCOM 556 RC model of this company weighs 510 grams, has a length of 15 cm and is made of heat-resistant steel with a ceramic coating. Installing silencers on all small arms of a battalion will cost approximately 700 000 dollars.
    1. Horse, people and soul
      Horse, people and soul 5 October 2018 21: 38
      I don’t know how much the silencer will help each of its soldiers if the enemy hits them with artillery and mortars. The explosions are not silent.

      Active headphones, yes, help. Quench the roar and intensify speech. You can speak calmly next to the machine gun without shouting.
  2. Jerk
    Jerk 5 October 2018 06: 33
    Half of the lotions are hunting. "Direction of sound forward and to the sides" is for the enemy to hear better where they are shooting from. And when two fighters beat in one window, hiding behind the walls - one on the right, the other on the left - then they will only jam each other.
    It was definitely noticed about the glushakers - they do not remove "races", and subsonic bullets are a separate topic. And for supersonic bullets this good is not called a silencer, but a moderator) Admins are not screwed onto the barrel yet laughing
    In short, of all the stray real army useful - afterburners. By the way, why in the Donbass at the slightest opportunity artisanal afterburners were installed, I don’t know how now. This is a necessary topic, especially at dusk. And they are not so that dofiga, in theory.
    And by the way, on the same topic, SCS is such a thing. The barrel is longer, the flash is also smaller.
  3. gross kaput
    gross kaput 5 October 2018 08: 23
    A cheap compilation of advertising brochures, and m not without blunders - "the sound of a shotgun 180 dB" laughing Does the author know at what volume of sound serious consequences for health occur? If the volume of the "gun" were really 180, then there would be no hunters in the world laughing
    1. Michael HORNET
      Michael HORNET 8 October 2018 10: 59
      Unfortunately, it is customary here that articles about firearms are written by people who have experience on the topic "two read articles"))))
      Hence all the absurdities and SEE that the author in the subject is not a tooth toe)
      By the way, the most effective DTC for today is the sports DTC of Alexander Petukhov
      The military massively use mask burners such as Krnkov - they slightly reduce the blow to the shooter's ears and those who are close to him reduce or even remove a completely muzzle flash and do not raise dust from the ground when firing while lying down (well, or minimize this effect). But they increase returns by 1.11 times on average
    2. Michael HORNET
      Michael HORNET 8 October 2018 10: 59
      Unfortunately, it is customary here that articles about firearms are written by people who have experience on the topic "two read articles"))))
      Hence all the absurdities and SEE that the author in the subject is not a tooth toe)
      By the way, the most effective DTC for today is the sports DTC of Alexander Petukhov
      The military massively use mask burners such as Krnkov - they slightly reduce the blow to the shooter's ears and those who are close to him reduce or even remove a completely muzzle flash and do not raise dust from the ground when firing while lying down (well, or minimize this effect). But they increase returns by 1.11 times on average
  4. gridasov
    gridasov 5 October 2018 09: 05
    Obviously, the use of not just the muzzle technology, but the very principle of the bullet’s flight and its rotation about the axis of flight, have limitations on effective destructive ability. What am I talking about? About the fact that everyone knows what a rebound is and its reasons. So this process can be developed to defeat an enemy who is behind an obstacle and direct line of sight. The basis of this non-muzzle technology, of course, is the physical effect known to everyone.
    1. Maki Avellevich
      Maki Avellevich 5 October 2018 16: 15
      Quote: gridasov
      So this process can be developed to defeat the enemy located behind the obstacle and line of sight. The basis of this non-muzzle technology, of course, is the physical effect known to everyone.

      Have you reviewed the movie?
      1. bk0010
        bk0010 7 October 2018 23: 55
        Well, why, the 152-mm shell is known to all and very few obstacles will save the enemy. True, it’s hard to get into a rifle, but there are no barriers for persistent ones!
    2. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 5 October 2018 20: 44
      Bravo, gridasov! You haven't been in a long time! Are you proposing to use a rebound for shooting from around the corner?
      1. Mihail28
        Mihail28 7 October 2018 02: 47
        From two sides and into the pocket?
  5. dr.star75
    dr.star75 5 October 2018 19: 13
    In short, Glushak are needed only for special services. In other cases, this is crap
    1. Horse, people and soul
      Horse, people and soul 7 October 2018 19: 14
      Glushak thing is useful if there is money for usually more expensive subsonic cartridges.

      If you shoot an IPSC sport in the RCC division (pistol caliber carbine), then the excess mass on the barrel greatly reduces recoil, and so that double double-tap shots go hole to hole.

      But to clean the glushak after every 500 shots is a damn job.
  6. san4es
    san4es 5 October 2018 20: 26
    hi ... forgot about shotguns
  7. san4es
    san4es 5 October 2018 21: 01
    In fact, flame arresters constitute a special group of muzzle devices whose task is to eliminate or reduce a muzzle flash coming out of the barrel after the bullet by scattering gases up and to the side ...
  8. Horse, people and soul
    Horse, people and soul 5 October 2018 21: 31
    Thank you for the article.

    A separate story is silencers for pistols, with automatic equipment operating according to the Browning scheme.

    The extra weight of the silencer may interfere with some guns or reduce the reliability of reloading.

    Impulse silencers are produced for such pistols, which at some point in the shot disconnect the mass of the silencer and the pistol barrel of the Browning scheme.

    The price for such a Brügger & Thommet silencer (750 euros including VAT) exceeds the price of the pistol itself (Glock 17 costs 650 euros including VAT). But it's worth the money. With a 9mm 158 grain bullet, the shot is very quiet, quieter than a small one and reloading works reliably, as without a silencer.

    True, you are tortured to clean. After 500 shots, the internal parts provided by the pulse disconnect are coated with coke. I cleaned the whole hour today with a bronze brush to clean it to an acceptable state.

    I wonder who cleans the silencers for specialist units? Or do they turn in an arms after surgery and then their head does not hurt?

    I’m already thinking about buying an ultrasonic bath. I poured the solution, threw the details into it, pressed the button. All. After half an hour he took it out, wiped it with a cloth, greased it with oil, where necessary, and assembled - it was done.
    1. san4es
      san4es 7 October 2018 18: 23
      Quote: Horse, people and soul

      ... True, you are tortured to clean. After 500 shots, the internal parts provided by the pulse disconnect are coated with coke.

      hi Can auto-chemistry (ie. Means. Antinagar for candles, pistons) help?
      1. Horse, people and soul
        Horse, people and soul 7 October 2018 19: 08
        Thank you!

        While I'm trying copper grease. The main problem is to untwist the silencer body. There are two round recesses on the front end, I suspect that under a special key. I don’t have such a key. I disassemble from the other end, where the mechanism of impulse separation and sadly look at the remaining parts covered with coke, where I can not reach yet.
        1. san4es
          san4es 7 October 2018 19: 31
          Quote: Horse, people and soul
          ... at the front end there are two round recesses, I suspect that under a special key ..... the rest of the parts covered with coke, where I can not get yet.

          ... Yes, not at all ... Somewhere I met such a nut ... I did not find the key, thin-nose pliers (bent) helped - a universal key. The main thing is that the tips, under the size of the holes were.

          ... And WDshka, I think you're familiar ... An indispensable kerosene assistant, before disassembling coked products.

          ... And graphite grease can also come up (before assembly) hi
        2. Timeout
          Timeout 9 October 2018 08: 36
          Quote: Horse, lyudovѣd and soulѣlyub
          The main problem is to untwist the silencer body.

          Quote: Horse, lyudovѣd and soulѣlyub
          I don’t have such a key.

          And why such difficulties? In general, they understand without problems, the case of a pair of aluminum + steel is unwound by hand. If you have Impuls-IIA (B & T only have them for such calibers), and after folding the front cover do not put it back in place, the holes are designed just for screwing the rear ring on the machine, if it is already really stuck, but for this you need to shoot a couple of thousand Barnaul ... Yes, there are no problems with cleaning, I threw it into a container with Solo (in extreme cases, Solins) for an hour, then rinse under running water and dry, you can in the oven.