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Georgian defense construction attempts

In the first few months of this year, several Newsconcerning the development of the defense industry of this country. At first, the general public was informed about the creation of a new Lazika infantry fighting vehicle, then there was news about their own MLRS, and in April, the public discussed the visit by the President of Georgia M. Saakashvili of the Delta scientific and technical center. It looks like an ordinary event for a country producing its own weapon, thanks to a number of presidential statements provoked a strong reaction. Often it was laughter and mocking jokes. If Saakashvili is to be believed, then Russia is now trying to copy the Georgian achievements in the defense sphere as well (previously, something similar was said about economics and politics). In his opinion, the “Lynx” armored car is an attempt to somehow catch up with the Georgian Didgori, and Georgia’s unmanned aerial vehicles are superior to those of Russia. All these statements look too bold and implausible. However, we will not increase the number of monotonous jokes about the Georgian defense industry and will try to analyze the situation.

If even Russia - one of the leading countries in the arms market - is often accused of using more Soviet developments, then what about Georgia? Indeed, almost all elements of the Georgian defense industry went to Tbilisi due to the collapse of the Soviet Union. And even then, Georgia received not so many enterprises. The most famous is Tbilisi aviation plant. Another large enterprise passed to Georgia only in 2005. This is the 142nd tank repair plant. The other 26 organizations that were engaged in the Soviet defense industry and are located on the territory of Georgia represent the classic “subcontractors”. These were enterprises and research institutes that were not able to independently produce weapons and equipment in any acceptable quantity. In addition, there is the Kutaisi Automobile Plant, which has been pinned great hopes on for several years. Previously, he tried to participate in competitions on the creation of tracked and wheeled chassis for military needs, but did not achieve any success in this. Separately, it is worth noting that in Soviet times, the products of Georgian enterprises did not enjoy special respect. So, often “users” complained about the poor build quality of the aircraft, and Colchis trucks earned a very bad reputation several decades ago.

Having gained independence, Georgia received a lot of problems of a territorial and military nature. Attempts by Abkhazia and South Ossetia to become independent states demanded that Tbilisi take any steps towards improving its military potential. To buy weapons abroad did not allow the economic situation in the country. The solution seemed simple - to organize their production. For this purpose, the Delta SEC was created in 1993 year. At first, Delta needed to set up production of relatively simple rifle and artillery types of weapons. This fact at one time became the cause of one popular version, which stated that the mobilization documentation left over from the USSR helped to develop Georgia’s own production. The fact is that in the Union all defense enterprises had a certain package of technical documents that could ensure the rapid deployment of military-made products. Apparently, Georgia took advantage of these documents.

In favor of the version of the mobilization documentation, the fact that in the middle of the 90-x "Delta" presented a whole family of 82-millimeter, 120-mm and 60-mm mortars. As is known from open sources, the relevant papers for these types of weapons remained in Georgia after the collapse of the USSR. It should be noted that the Georgians did not manage to start large-scale mass production of these mortars. Several small batches of 82-mm “lightweight” mortar were produced. It was suspiciously similar to the Soviet 2B14 “Tray”, although it differed in its shorter trunk. Shortly after stories With the new-old mortars in the "Delta" developed 60-mm silent type of the same class. At one time it was advertised a lot, but this topic did not receive any development. Similarly, most of the projects in the field of small arms have ended. Over the years, the Georgians tried to launch the Iveria submachine gun, which strongly resembled the PPS of the 1943 model of the year. Another Georgian draft submachine gun goes back to the machine gun AKS-74U. Other models of small arms of their own (?) Development were repeatedly demonstrated. Anyway, none of them could not reach a large series. The Georgian defense industry copes better with less sophisticated products - ammunition, hand grenades, mortar mines, etc. are produced.

Also in Georgia, tried to continue the production of aircraft. Shortly before the collapse of the USSR, the Tbilisi Aviation Plant began to create a reserve for the production of modernized Su-25T attack aircraft. In addition, the original Su-25 were already sufficiently mastered. However, the overwhelming majority of components and assemblies arrived at the TAZ from enterprises located throughout the Soviet Union. The available stock of components did not allow to continue the production of aircraft in the required quantity. I had to seek help on the side. In 2001, a prototype of the Su-25KM Scorpion was assembled. The first Georgian modernization "Rook" was carried out in conjunction with the Israeli company Elbit Systems. We also managed to make a training version of the attack aircraft with the name Su-25U on our own. However, the total number of Su-25 produced before the “War of Three Eights” does not exceed three dozen. About a fifth of them were sold for export, while the rest remained in Georgia.

Georgian defense construction attempts
Su-25KM Scorpion

The lack of normal domestic production of weapons and military equipment at one time was one of the reasons that Tbilisi began to massively purchase equipment abroad. As for their own enterprises, they mainly engaged in the repair and modernization of existing equipment. For example, the 142nd tank repair plant has been carrying out repairs together with the same Elbit Systems since 2007 tanks T-72 with simultaneous re-equipment in accordance with the project T-72-SIM-I. The new tank electronics comes from Israel.

However, after the events of August 2008, Georgia in fact found itself in an embargo. Despite the absence of real documents on this subject, the overwhelming majority of countries and arms manufacturers refused to cooperate further with Tbilisi. The lack of any prospects for new supplies, combined with heavy losses in equipment during the war itself, forced the Georgian leadership to return to the development of its own defense industry. And the development of their own. All this was expressed in two main ways of development. First, all the money that was previously planned to be given to foreign firms for new weapons was redirected to their enterprises. Secondly, the entire defense industry of Georgia was significantly changed. Thus, Delta SEC in 2010, in fact, became the leading defense enterprise of the whole country. The Delta was directly subordinated to the Tbilisi Aviation Plant, the Tbilisi Tank Repair Plant, the Kutaisi Machine-Building Plant, as well as a number of defense research institutes.

The first year of the existence of the new system was not marked by any achievements. It is understandable - first it was necessary to debug communications and carry out a number of works. But at the end of May 2011, the Didgori armored cars were presented for the first time. For some unknown reason, Georgians call these armored vehicles armored personnel carriers. A little later it became known that before May-month 30 of such machines was released. It should be noted that the Didgori armored cars are not fully Georgian designs. So, the chassis of cars represents the corresponding part of Ford F-series cars, and almost all electronics, including the system of remote control of the weapon, most likely, has the Israeli origin. The situation with armament is similar. Different versions of Didgori are equipped with Soviet-developed NSV-12,7 machine guns and American M134. It turns out that the Georgian in "Didgori" only body. According to available information, it has a second-level protection for the standard STANAG 4569. As a trial balloon, Didgori armored cars look like quite a good design. However, the use of imported chassis and weapons can significantly spoil the whole impression. What is called, in the aggregate of parameters, the “Didgori” looks like a typical representative of the class of armored vehicles that are collected from poverty in many third world countries.


In February, 2012, it became aware of the completion of the development of an infantry fighting vehicle Lazika. And again, the new machine has the characteristic "old" features. In "Lazike" immediately identified the revised BMP-1 or BMP-2 of the Soviet production. Joking-mocking discussions began again, while the Georgian leadership, meanwhile, spoke of its plans for the mass production of the BMP and of a certain foreign customer. It was mentioned that this “someone” was not only acquainted with Lazika, but also expressed interest in her. Judging by the existing characteristics of the new combat vehicle, it is unlikely to be any large and developed country. If a potential customer exists, then, most likely, it is a small third world country that needs to replace the old equipment with a new one.

BMP Lazika

A little later, Delta SEC presented a "new multiple launch rocket system". And again, as before, in the guise of a new technology, something familiar could be seen. An 6322-barreled MLRS BM-40 “Grad” was installed on an armored KrAZ-21 with an extended cabin. Given the age of the original "components", one can imagine the combat prospects of such a system. However, the Georgian side insists on the modernity of its development and adds, as an argument, the firing range to 40 kilometers. The general condition of the Georgian military-industrial complex was the reason for assumptions about the foreign origin of missiles. Turkey is considered a “suspect”.

An even more interesting story came out in April of this year. 10 numbers in the Delta SEC arrived M. Saakashvili. He was invited to test the new unmanned aerial vehicle. According to its characteristics it is the most ordinary lightweight UAV, designed for reconnaissance and similar tasks. The lack of outstanding performance of the device did not prevent the Georgian president to declare his superiority over foreign counterparts, including Russian ones. Russian officials did not respond to these words. But the general public once again carried out an “identification” and recognized the well-known UAV SWAN-205 produced by the Estonian company Eli Military Simulation in the new Georgian design. As it turned out later, the production of it at the Georgian plant is only a consequence of the purchase of a license for manufacturing. Perhaps Georgian engineers will thoroughly examine the purchased SWAN-205 and make something of their own based on it. But this business is not today and, most likely, not even tomorrow. Meanwhile, Saakashvili calls the licensed equipment completely own and unparalleled. Interestingly, the SWAN-205 unmanned aerial vehicle was first introduced back in the 2006 year. Then this UAV participated in the competition of the Estonian Ministry of Defense. As a result, the device, developed in Eli Military Simulation, could not win. According to the information available, the Estonian military was not satisfied with the fact that SWAN-205 did not correspond to all points of the technical task of the competition.

The next day after the "incident" with the drone, the President of Georgia again visited the STC "Delta". This time he was shown infantry weapons. These were 82mm and 120mm mortars, Georgian copies of Russian / Soviet grenade launchers and RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher, as well as a number of ammunition for all these types of weapons. Saakashvili again could not refrain from loud statements and began to talk about the start of production of his own anti-tank weapons. Judging by what he saw, he was referring to the RPG-7 grenade launchers. Of course, this tool is actively used all over the world, especially in the Arab countries, but it is unlikely that the RPG-7 rocket launcher can be called a completely modern system. And the replacement of wooden parts with polyamide ones does not solve anything here. Except that the grenade launcher began to look a little more fashionable. Only enemy tankers absolutely do not care what parts are on the grenade launcher. Also on April 11, a certain automatic rifle was demonstrated. Outwardly, it strongly resembles the German Heckler & Koch HK416. However, no information was provided about her. Apparently, Georgia is trying to negotiate another production license.

As we can see, the current statements by the President of Georgia on the superiority of Georgian defense products over their foreign counterparts are nothing more than the embodiment of the proverb about sandpiper and swamp. Nevertheless, Saakashvili is currently doing everything possible to raise the defense industry of his country. For now, one cannot make confident assumptions about the prospects for the development of Georgian defense. At the same time, taking into account the material and technical base of Georgia, raw material resources, the economic situation, etc. You can lead the appropriate reasoning. It is unlikely that in the next 5-10 years, Georgia will be able to become the leading country in the region in military terms. Most likely, during this period she will only have time to increase her defense potential and master the necessary technologies. Approximately at the same time, the emergence of the first types of weapons, truly independent development, should be attributed. Obviously, this will not be, for example, aircraft technology, but the release of its own small arms, even if not capable of competing with foreign ones, clearly does not hurt the entire industry. So Georgia is fully capable of building a defense industry complex suitable for the tasks facing the country. The main thing is not to get involved in the praise of our own products and pay more attention to development itself, and not to PR.

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  1. Kobra66
    Kobra66 22 May 2012 09: 02
    РљР ° Рє то СЃРјРµС € РЅРѕ РІС ‹РіР» СЏРґСЏС ‚РёС ... РІРѕРІС‹ тки, РІРѕ С Р ° РІС € ее сеР± СЏ оружие Рё РЅР ° Р · С ‹РІР ° СЋС‚ СЃРѕР ± ственной СЂР ° Р · СЂР ° Р ± откой РѓРѓР ° Р °Рµ RјSѓS "P" SЏR¶ ° F RјRμSЂRoRєR ° RЅSЃRєRoR№ RњSѓR "SЊS,RoRєR ° Rј of the PS RєR ° ± RєRѕRј SЃRѕR SЃS,RІRμRЅRЅRѕRј RѕSЂSѓR¶RoRo RјRѕR¶RμS, RoRґS,Ro SЂRμS ‡ SЊ
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 22 May 2012 09: 37
      In principle, with what they need to start!
      It just seems to me that they needed to concentrate on developing one or, in extreme cases, two types of weapons!
      And so personally I do not see the prospects for the development of the military-industrial complex in Georgia!
      Not that level of economic development!
      1. yards
        yards 22 May 2012 10: 52
        16 th
        The site very often accuses the United States of always "pulling" with countries that are much weaker than them. But if they finally met with an equal adversary (I would like to hear the names of these countries), they definitely got it in the teeth.
        So the question is: a comparison of Russians, themselves with Georgians - is this an adequate comparison in general? 143 and 4! million people ... Elephant and Pug?
        Do not make yourself heroes of jokes
        1. vozn_ser
          vozn_ser 22 May 2012 12: 29
          DECLINED URANIUS: criminal use on the peoples of the world.

          "The US has 3 nuclear wars: the first in 1945 against Japan and the second in Iraq and Kuwait in 1991." The third was Yugoslavia.

          (information on bombs filled with purified uranium is fully collected in the book “Metal of Dishonor” published by the International Center for Action (English)

          1. depleted uranium particles propagate in an explosion of 25 miles

          2. The American army was not informed about the presence of depleted uranium in the bombs that they used in the Gulf. Upon returning 10.051, they were ill with a “previously unexplored disease”: leukemia, carcinoma, cancer of the lungs and digestive tract, the birth of deformed children in families of veterans of the First Iraqi, including the absence of a brain in a newborn.

          3. In Scotland, in Dundrennany, where in 1983 tests were made of 7.000 bombs with purified uranium, the highest number of childhood deaths from leukemia.

          4. The United States tested uranium bombs on the island of San Clemente, located a little off the state of California and although this island is not populated, but it is 10-15 miles from California beaches.

          For 60 years, the test of uranium bombs has been taking place on the Puerto Rican island of Viegus with a population of about 9.000. Drinking water on the island is called “chemical soup” and the percentage of cancer among children is 86%.

          5. Hundreds of thousands of miles of land in the States of California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Washington have been poisoned by depleted uranium bomb tests since 1950. The closest inhabitants in these places are Indian reservations.

          At Socorro, for example, residents did not know until 1986 that tests of uranium bombs would stand out a few miles from the city at the depth of underground structures since 1972.

          6. The United States sells depleted uranium to Taiwan, Thailand, Barein (where the victorious troops now live), Saudi Arabia, Greece, South Korea, Turkey, Kuwait. But the largest deliveries go to Israel (8).

          CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS: criminal use on the peoples of the world

          1. Since 1940, the middle age of the 50s was the following: the USA - England - Canada propagated one “secret” bacterium among the population of the Caribbean islands. Thousands of animals and birds died. The number of human deaths is still a “document of special importance” and there is no access to the results of experiments or to their victims. (Leonard A.Cole: “Clouds of Secrecу”: (Clouds of Secrecy): “Viruses and Bacteria Used by the Army for Wars in Densely Populated Areas” (Maryland, 1990, p. 18)

          2. “In 1953, the United States for the first time, using powerful spray guns mounted on an airplane, sprayed a vitally dangerous chemical device zinc cadmium sulfide over a convoy of trucks moving along the road to Winnipeg (Canada). The Pentagon did not hide the success of the "test of biochemical weapons." (Newspaper Baltimor Sun August 15, 1980).

          3. During the Korean War (1950-53), US aviation dropped innumerable bacteria and insect-borne infections into the territory of the Republic of Korea, as well as in seaport areas, destroying live fish onto the territory of Korea. In part, this fell into China.

          36 American from American war prisoners of war published their testimony, listing 25 deadly items such as Anthrax, plague, encephalitis and others.

          Korea has published photos of insects delivered by American planes to spread these diseases.

          An international commission was created immediately at the insistence of China. It included: Sweden, the USSR, France, England, Italy and Brazil.

          A 600-page document (with photographs of the victims) was published after 2 months of the Commission's work:

          “The peoples of Korea and China are in fact a victim of the use of bacteriological weapons by the United States.”

          70.000 gallons of napalm per day were dumped on Korea in 1952.

          From 1967–69, U.S. Air Force irrigated 23.607 acres of land daily with the Orange Agent between the North and South Korea to destroy vegetation and greenery in North Korea.

          4. VIETNAM. (since 1960) the country was sprayed with tens of thousands of tons of herbicides, which destroys all the green on the earth and all crops. (Today this is happening in Colombia, where year after year the people are experiencing crop failure and HUNGER. The United States today calls it the “war on drugs”, the profits from which are invested in the needs of the Pentagon.)

          Also 500 pounds of dioxin, akin to nerve gas. Both of them lead to a neuropsychic disorder.

          (Three ounces dissolved in water is enough to completely destroy the entire population of New York.)

          (Guardian London, February 17, 1984. Conversation with Dr. Barry Commoner, Director of the Center for Biology and Natural Systems, University of Washington)

          5. LAOS. 1970. Nervous gas SARIN.

          The operation was called “TailWind“ (“Wind on the Tail”!). It was preparing an attack on the village where the Lao army camp was located, where several American prisoners of war were also located. How much died before the gas attack, and how much as a result of the attack is difficult to establish.

          SARIN was opened in Germany in 1930. It kills immediately on the spot after the first breath or the first drop that gets on the skin. Paralyzing muscle movement. Having met resistance from the communist army of Pathet Lao, the US Army requested air assistance. The air force dropped SARINA canisters onto the Lao army. The wet fog that formed after the explosion of cans, dispersed, revealed a picture of bodies writhing in a dying convulsion, among which were American prisoners of war.

          In 1998, NewsStand: CNN & Time interviewed Admiral Thomas Mourur, who led the operation. A big scandal arose in defense of American school books, the flag of America, apple pie (a symbol of family comfort) and American Mom. The “big canons” were introduced in the attack: Henry Kissener, Colin Powell and the Green Beret veterans (US special forces) and the entire Pentagon. Result: The admiral is demoted and the producers of the program are fired.

          6.PANAMA. (from 1940-1990) Mustard gas, sarin, hydrogen cyanide, VX - in mines, bombs and missiles.

          Total: about 10.000 types of chemical weapons. During the attack on Panama in 1999, the United States left all traces of chemical weapons in the poisoned spaces of the earth. Dispersion of deadly gases from aircraft is one of the most popular types of gas delivery to the territory of the “enemy”. In 1989, the village of Pakora was destroyed, with the entire local population, which (according to CIA reports) helped Panamanian rebels.

          7. CUBA. 1962

          14.135 bags of sugar bound for the USSR were poisoned by CIA agents at a time when a Cuban ship with sugar (total sugar 80.000 bags) was forced into the Puerto Rican port of San Juan.

          A Canadian agricultural specialist working as an adviser to the Cuban government ($ 5.000 a month from the CIA) infected a herd of Cuban turkeys with a stinging virus. 8. 000 people died. The disease is called Newcastle. (“New Castle”)

          1969-70 - poisoning of sugar plantations. High-tech USA at that time was concentrated in the California desert called China Lake - the Center for Military Weapons. Over the course of a year, planes flew away scattering clouds of crystals over Cuba, causing heavy rain in non-agricultural areas, leaving sugar fields without moisture. Residential villages perished from the rains and people were forced to leave these places.

          1971. The CIA supplied anti-Castro to Cubans living in Miami with the virus that causes African Swine Fever. After 6 weeks, it took to destroy 500.000 pigs, because it took the size of a national epidemic.

          And this is 1% of everything !!! Apart from military interventions.
          How many more crimes should you name? And why then THE WHOLE WORLD hates you? !!!
          By the way, Mishka, too, you set against Russia - but to your deepest regret, Russia is not as weak as you would like and the spirit of the Russian people is not broken !!!!
        2. Gendalf
          Gendalf 22 May 2012 12: 49
          THEY attacked, or did they have to sit and watch how our peacekeepers are being killed, just because there are fewer of them?
          1. Geokingxnumx
            Geokingxnumx 22 May 2012 12: 59
            20 th
            gavarite ab napadenii artileristkoi napadenii na miratvorcav i na cxinvale
            i pagibla tolka 64 miratvorcav i 120 chelavek
            eta ni mala dlia 5 dnevnoi vaini
            kto na kavo napadal uznaem is istorii :))
            Ia uje ustal utverjdats chto tam sluchlichas no uje ustal i astavim etu temu :)
            1. Esso
              Esso 22 May 2012 13: 26
              Dear, they try to rewrite history all the time for themselves! Many do not want to see the truth! Saakashvili plays all the soldiers! Poor Georgian people, pity them! The time will come and Saakashvili will answer for everything to the people of Georgia!
              1. Geokingxnumx
                Geokingxnumx 22 May 2012 20: 25
                A gruzinski narod v chom prichom ?? :)
                pervanachalna Putin i medvedev atvetit a patom Saakaa :)

                ps minisuiste, vi je tolka eta mojite delats :(
            2. Denis
              Denis 22 May 2012 14: 00
              gavarite ab napadenii artileristkoi napadenii na miratvorcav i na cxinvale
              i pagibla tolka 64 miratvorcav i 120 chelavek
              eta ni mala dlia 5 dnevnoi vaini
              kto na kavo napadal uznaem is istorii :))
              Ia uje ustal utverjdats chto tam sluchlichas no uje ustal i astavim etu temu additive to ...
              something Japanese is not copied
            3. wulf66
              wulf66 23 May 2012 00: 09
              Are you tired? Have a rest. Your washed brains are a pity, but you yourself should at least try to think.
        3. Esso
          Esso 22 May 2012 13: 22
          Well, no one attacked America except the Japanese, and they provoked them! But Georgia itself climbed, or rather not Georgia, but its crazy leader, a tie-eater, acted on the inspiration of the American puppet Bush! Here they came to us with machine guns, here we are and and they shot and shot! And America itself creeps everywhere, sticks its nose, everyone didn’t fight the Yankees!
          1. Storm
            Storm 22 May 2012 22: 21
            11 th
            This is Russia climbing everywhere! The invaders!
        4. Passing
          Passing 22 May 2012 15: 24
          Quote: yardie
          The site very often accuses the United States of always "pulling" with countries that are much weaker than them. .... So the question is: is comparing Russians and themselves with Georgians an adequate comparison in general?

          Well, who is not without sin, only they are different sins ...
          At least as a result of our "pulls", the opposing country did not plunge into the bloody abyss of terrorism and civil war, and we did not cut its political elite to the root, they still rule themselves, and even they throw mud at us.
        5. 755962
          755962 22 May 2012 15: 41

          Quote: yardie
          But if they finally met with an equal opponent

          "BY" interferes .. laughing
        6. pavelk
          pavelk 22 May 2012 17: 06

          You off-topic

          What does your post have to do with Georgian weapons? Lack of communication?))
        7. Krilion
          Krilion 23 May 2012 04: 01
          Quote: yardie
          So the question is: a comparison of Russians, themselves with Georgians - is this an adequate comparison in general? 143 and 4! million people ..

          Georgians constantly compare themselves with Russia and contrast themselves with it, but for some reason you don’t doubt their adequacy ...
      2. vozn_ser
        vozn_ser 22 May 2012 11: 03
        GEORGIANS EXPLICITLY PLAGIATORS (on the left mudguard of the tank) VAZ !!! laughing
        Probably they are so accustomed to trading oranges from the "six"! laughing
      3. Denis
        Denis 22 May 2012 11: 04
        Quote: Yarbay
        Not that level of economic development!

        Are you serious or politically correct?
        rather, the matter is in the anatomical structure - hands do not grow from there
        which of the drivers without a mat will tell about the miracle of their car industry "Colchis" - funeral, although all the components are ZiLovsky, but to collect their hands ...
        or about the "Wasps" chassis-tormented-tormented and handed over to Bryansk
        examples of such a lot
        1. 755962
          755962 22 May 2012 15: 45
          Quote: Denis
          which of the drivers without a mat will tell about the miracle of their car industry "Colchis" - a memorial service,

          In their time, KAZs were called nothing else than "The pride of Georgia - the tears of Russia."
          1. igor67
            igor67 22 May 2012 18: 57
            although the engine was zil130 the car did not pull uphill. and the cabin itself rose from the circus. We went to bed and the cabin rose horror
          2. zadorin1974
            zadorin1974 23 May 2012 22: 52
            dear forgot to add "Mountain" tractor
      4. Krilion
        Krilion 23 May 2012 03: 54
        what kind of arms production or military industry can we talk about if the entire population of this state is only about 3 million people? ... everything is doomed to be at the level of semi-small-scale small-scale production ..
    2. Castor oil
      Castor oil 22 May 2012 17: 34
      Quote: Kobra66
      РљР ° Рє то СЃРјРµС € РЅРѕ РІС ‹РіР» СЏРґСЏС ‚РёС ... РІРѕРІС‹ тки, РІРѕ С Р ° РІС € ее сеР± СЏ оружие Рё РЅР ° Р · С ‹РІР ° СЋС‚ СЃРѕР ± ственной СЂР ° Р · СЂР ° Р ± откой РѓРѓР ° Р °Рµ RјSѓS "P" SЏR¶ ° F RјRμSЂRoRєR ° RЅSЃRєRoR№ RњSѓR "SЊS,RoRєR ° Rј of the PS RєR ° ± RєRѕRј SЃRѕR SЃS,RІRμRЅRЅRѕRј RѕSЂSѓR¶RoRo RјRѕR¶RμS, RoRґS,Ro SЂRμS ‡ SЊ

  2. Reddragon
    Reddragon 22 May 2012 09: 21
    26 repair and assembly enterprises that produce: BMP, Armored car, MLRS, UAV; mortars, grenade launchers, machine guns and other hand weapons + ammunition. Suppose, but then what are the performance and power? And another interesting question: how old is the equipment there?
    1. ward
      ward 22 May 2012 10: 14
      plus .. Their children are good ... but what they do with their hands, well, it doesn’t work ...
  3. borisst64
    borisst64 22 May 2012 09: 50
    "low quality of aircraft assembly"
    It sounds like a little creepy, I stretch my bike before the trip, and then the plane!

    On the Didgori armored car, you open the horseradish door, unless it is plastic, you need to pull the armored three together.
  4. Flooding
    Flooding 22 May 2012 10: 01
    Of course, Mr. Saakashvili in his role. And take his words seriously can only hopelessly naive people.
    But with all this, I want to note that for such a small country like Georgia, these are very good requests for arms modernization.
  5. leon-iv
    leon-iv 22 May 2012 10: 02
    The concept is simple
    we take Soviet developments we hire Ukrainians and Jews and all "our" military-industrial complex is ready
  6. almost demobil
    almost demobil 22 May 2012 10: 06
    Maybe it sounds like the well-known, "And Carthage must be destroyed!", But I repeat, there was no need to stop in 2008, it was necessary to finish what was started to the end. Now I wouldn’t have any fucking bugs.
    1. Redpartyzan
      Redpartyzan 22 May 2012 10: 48
      Bitch Kandaliza said that the United States would not allow the overthrow of a democratically elected president by forceful intervention of another state. Because of this, they stopped at Gori. It would take us a maximum of 2 days to reach Tbilisi.
      1. almost demobil
        almost demobil 22 May 2012 12: 15
        Gandolysis would have swallowed what she was given. Amers would not have started a war with Russia because of rodents. They would have battered and withered.
  7. Panzer UA
    Panzer UA 22 May 2012 10: 37
    It is very similar

    on this


    EgcxIROdIPqIu9sTzjqFt-qTY31w [/ img]

    Damn well, I can’t insert the picture :(
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 22 May 2012 11: 13
      Damn well, I can’t insert the picture :(

  8. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 22 May 2012 10: 52
    For such a small country like Georgia, this is a good start for a start.
    1. Shah5525
      Shah5525 22 May 2012 14: 22
      Beat him, Vali him on his side, Break him x .... th!
  9. Zerstorer
    Zerstorer 22 May 2012 11: 05
    The main conclusion that I made from this article is that Georgia is preparing its army for a normal combined arms battle, and not for counter-guerrilla actions, which they expected in 2008. How much time do they need to rearm and master the equipment? Somewhere from 2 to 5 years. It is necessary to control the movement of their units, to conduct various reconnaissance activities, so that later it does not come as a surprise ... And then again, the MO will start repairing with replacing furniture.
  10. Panzer UA
    Panzer UA 22 May 2012 12: 02
    Quote: PSih2097
    PSih2097 (2) Today, 11:13 new 3 
    Damn well, I can’t insert the picture :(

    Thank you! wink It
  11. andrey903
    andrey903 22 May 2012 12: 05
    Why should Georgia arm itself? She will not be able to fight with anyone. Georgia should become a neutral resort country, and live off tourism. He works in production, and units can fight in Georgia and do not need to strive for this
  12. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 22 May 2012 12: 19
    Something was inaudible about the purchases by Georgia of new industrial equipment. Not on the Soviet workbenches, however, to raise the defense industry.
    1. 755962
      755962 22 May 2012 15: 48
      all royal with ...Rat
      1. Geokingxnumx
        Geokingxnumx 22 May 2012 20: 27
        Ia je gavariu chto zdes 90% userov dlia trolaa :( i isho plius daiut
  13. Geokingxnumx
    Geokingxnumx 22 May 2012 12: 57
    Didgori -1 BTR
    Didgori-2 BPM
    Lazika eta skareie vsivo maket i ia dumaiu eta BTR ani BMP ...
    new multiple launch rocket system (-budilnik) eta toje maket ani ix dabariotaiot !!!
    UAV - eta madifikacia :) Ochen Xaroshaia Shtuchka :) i ochen vajnaia!
    G-5 (gruzinski avtamat) eta na m-4 baze sdelali :) i budut vaarujats ni pomniu rezervistov ili Specnana (a mojet chastichna armio, no ia ni uveren)

    Ia saglasen chto eta piar dlia mishiko chto bi on na galasavaniax vigral :)
    No dlia malenkoi strani kak mi, eta neplaxoi rezultat. Didgori uje na seriini praizvodtsve :)) u nas toje uje razdrajaiet chto on vsigda rasiu upaminaet :))

    na 26 maie den nizavisamisti gruzii, budet marsh armii. i budut predstavleni
    gruzinski tank (vs kareie vsivo xadavaia budet iz T-72 :) bashnia budet izminina
    Didgori 3 (btr)
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 22 May 2012 14: 14
      Dear Ilo!
      Well, Georgia will not be able to create and equip the army with modern weapons! At least in the next 10-15 years, for sure!
      It was easier to go the other way!
      In the production of something, if you have experience developing? Rather than spraying money! These are countries like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan can afford to work simultaneously in all areas, the presence of oil!
      For example, an aircraft based on the Su-25!
      Well, Georgia will not pull!
      1. Geokingxnumx
        Geokingxnumx 22 May 2012 14: 46
        Yvajaemi Alibek !!!
        eta tolka testi :) mi vabshe ni pridstavlali chto mi sdelali branemashinu ili nu tak daleie :) xot ni atlichnaia, no narmalnaia dlia nachala :)
        no patixonku kagdata budem sazdavats seriozni vaarukenie)
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay 22 May 2012 14: 55
          Dear Ilo!
          I believe that in such matters there should be rationality, responsibility and proper forecasting, and not populism!
          Well, how much is the whole BMP and armored personnel carrier of Georgia ???
          Created designs are inferior to the best world designs ?? Lose !! It’s easier to buy modern ones!
          And who is the potential adversary of Georgia ??
          Are you going to fight Laziks with him ??
          For example, I understand the UAV! The right thing and great prospects!
          and just wrecking in relation to the people!
    2. leon-iv
      leon-iv 22 May 2012 23: 13
      'It's all very interesting, but as always, fairy tales.
      For hundreds of design bureaus where they are in Georgia are working on the creation of each machine.
      You need a lot of polygons and special parts for catching fleas in technology. Where are they.
      Now let's talk in more detail.
      Didgori is a classic armored car for operations BB. Blinded from a dozen different components from different countries, the civil chassis being the basis. Hello logistics.
      Specially discussed with motorized rifles, this did not cause anything but laughter. From BMP and MTLB it was possible to create something more interesting than nito.
      Su-25KM Scorpion is an interesting machine, but without a serial plant and a normal full cycle ARZ, they will quickly kill the resource.
      SWAN-205 quickly bought what was on sale. characteristics are not impressive
      The machine is a German G36 redone for users of the AP-15.
      But we bet that it will be a Ukrainian modernization hung with panels)))
      new multiple launch rocket system (-budilnik) eta toje maket ani ix dabariotaiot !!!
      MLRS is primarily rockets and ASUNO and not an armored cabin that there nafig is not needed because it is not a front-line vehicle.
      neplaxoi rezultat.

      But he is not. This is not a full cycle production. A screwdriver assembly. This is how to assert that the BMWs and Mercedeses assembled in Kaliningrad by Russian development are not so.
  14. atos_kin
    atos_kin 22 May 2012 13: 02
    Each leader of the country in the working day schedule should have at least 2 hours devoted to the development of the domestic defense industry.
    1. Drednout
      Drednout 22 May 2012 14: 32
      Quote: atos_kin
      Each leader of the country in the working day schedule should have at least 2 hours devoted to the development of the domestic defense industry

      I wonder what our "favorite" MSG and BNE were doing during these 2 hours?
      1. Denis
        Denis 22 May 2012 15: 05
        Quote: Drednout
        what were our "favorite" MSG and BNE doing during these 2 hours?

        it would be better than nothing, there would be less harm
        and then the collapse of his own and the prosperity of another's defense industry and his nasty little family
  15. lado-6060
    lado-6060 22 May 2012 13: 23
    On the 26th there will be a dock. a film about the Georgian military-industrial complex on And they giggled at the Israelis and clenched their teeth - they created an excellent military-industrial complex.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 22 May 2012 14: 17
      Okay, frivolous things say !!
      1. lado-6060
        lado-6060 22 May 2012 17: 01
        what is frivolity. yes in quality to kosher like to the moon. but there is political will and to take the road ..... Elbit returned the equipment because they transmitted the codes of the Russian Federation. There was a scandal. He has been exhausted. About 50 Elbit specialists work for 31 factory. I hope not to produce stools wink
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay 22 May 2012 17: 26
          compare yourself with the Israelis is not serious !!
          Do you think everything just came from them ??
          Every year, the United States for this purpose has UNREFORREDLY transferred and is transferring hundreds of billions of dollars to Israel !!
          Does Georgia have it ??
          Georgia will not master !! this is dust in the eyes of the people!
          It would be better to choose a promising direction where success is possible, and not copying obsolete weapons!
          I am not saying this to offend!
          1. lado-6060
            lado-6060 22 May 2012 17: 59
            Yarbayif a normal dispute is not perceived as being offended by the person. I see you have the flag of Azerbaijan. so Azerbaijan with its resources can afford any technology. but it itself has adjusted the production of many types.
            Georgia will not master !! this is dust in the eyes of the people! -Time will tell
            1. Yarbay
              Yarbay 22 May 2012 18: 16
              Dear Lado!
              Azerbaijan has an advantage in funds and in general in financial matters, and how to spend the money in Courchevel to develop the military-industrial complex in all directions, all the more money is in abundance!
              Agree that Georgia has more important problems where this money would be useful!
              It would be easier and more rational to develop aviation and unmanned where there is experience !!
              1. lado-6060
                lado-6060 22 May 2012 18: 43
                Yarbay, and how do you like this version, not all countries will buy weapons from Israel but will not be sold to some. But for Georgia’s brands, it’s the best. maybe Ameri will help to build products of any 3 countries
          2. igor67
            igor67 22 May 2012 19: 10
            Quote: Yarbay

            Every year, the United States for this purpose has UNREFORREDLY transferred and is transferring hundreds of billions of dollars to Israel !!

            and here you are almost a little right. No one gives for free. Technologies. in return.
            1. Yarbay
              Yarbay 23 May 2012 07: 25
              Dear Igor!
              What technologies ??
              What are you speaking about??
              For decades, the United States has rendered invaluable and emphasize the UNREDIEFABLE help to Israel in the formation of the army and the military-industrial complex!
              this is now Israel has the opportunity to share advanced technology and share!
              But still, the price of these technologies is not hundreds of billions !!
          3. zadorin1974
            zadorin1974 23 May 2012 23: 11
            really, don’t need workers - Jews (indeed they are very smart and hardworking) with Georgians who can tirelessly work only in their vineyards - during the formation of the state of Israel, Jews invested their money in defense, plus I repeat, these are very smart and educated people - I that’s something in Georgia I don’t notice that people roll their (personal) loot into the creation of the military-industrial complex
    2. Denis
      Denis 22 May 2012 14: 23
      Quote: lado-6060
      giggling over the Israelis and gritting their teeth, they created an excellent military-industrial complex.

      ek, you compared, Israel is always the war (right-wrong right now is not about that) and leads brains there from all over the world
      and hands not from experience, which is very important
    3. andrey903
      andrey903 22 May 2012 16: 12
      By type of work (service), I communicated in the worst case with Georgians as fat traders. And so all thieves in law, young age, as a rule are not convicted. Nothing after 5 minutes of conversation they took off the crown
      1. lado-6060
        lado-6060 22 May 2012 17: 41
        andrey903, well, there are traders and are thin. The Rech.Kazhadai doesn’t survive as best he can. the main thing is that they worked honestly. And about the thieves, they are acrifying as agree Zheglov nothing smile
  16. Brummbar
    Brummbar 22 May 2012 14: 15
    Whatever the child didn’t play, he wouldn’t climb to us.
  17. Pimply
    Pimply 22 May 2012 15: 50
    There is another subtle point. For example, Elbit Georgia hasn’t paid for deliveries to 100 million;
  18. 755962
    755962 22 May 2012 15: 51
    Napoleon was more modest.
    1. ward
      ward 22 May 2012 19: 23
      And what without a tie ... ran out ... plus ...
      1. ESCANDER
        ESCANDER 22 May 2012 22: 45
        He chewed them, however ...
  19. Marat
    Marat 22 May 2012 19: 16
    This is our great misfortune and the success of the past is that one of our former republics was made our enemy! An adequate answer would be to make, for example, Florida our ally - hostile to the United States and fighting against them

    Everything must be done so that Georgia is the last "success" of the pendos in the post-Soviet space - so that none of the republics will repeat its sad experience -

    As Ivan Kalita collected Russia at the time, so our 3 presidents must bring together fragments of the USSR together - if we start the integration process, then in a year Georgia will be able to come back - and then everything must be forgiven and accepted
  20. lado-6060
    lado-6060 22 May 2012 19: 22
    if Misha doesn’t downplay good
    1. IGR
      IGR 22 May 2012 22: 19
      However, despite the aspiration to join NATO, Georgia’s North Atlantic prospects remain rather vague, since the republic cannot even theoretically become a member of the Alliance until it settles its territorial problems with Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
      sad sad sad sad However, it is not easy to be a Graduate Student of the Alliance.
    ESCANDER 22 May 2012 22: 57
    Borjomi, gentlemen. Do not poke around where the horse did not pop ...
  22. Cheburatino
    Cheburatino 23 May 2012 04: 35
    Sahaka, let’s do it there without initiative ... you’ll carry you to South Ossetia again, you’ll run away again. You’ll throw up the equipment. So you better throw Amer’s and not your own cardboard. Well, quickly I began to buy from amers! dictations? (or how are they there)
    LUXVIAGRGOOD 1 June 2012 04: 59
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