C-300В1 in Ukrainian hands are extremely dangerous for the Russian videoconferencing system even without the “main gauge”


Launcher 9A83

A huge shaft of reader comments spawned information about the restoration for the ground forces, and, possibly, for the air forces of Ukraine of the universal C-300В1 air defense missile-missile systems for the formation of powerful "anti-missile umbrellas" covering the network large groups of land forces, as well as strategic industrial and administrative facilities, from strikes of high-precision air attack weapons (including large cruise missiles alnosti, aeroballistic missiles, tactical ballistic missiles and medium-range ballistic missiles).

Against the background of the carte blanche provided by Washington for the implementation of the next escalation scenario in the Donbass theater, including the possibility of being drawn into the conflict of Russia at the same time “pressured” by the new sanctions package, this information cannot cause a barrage of surprise. After all, in order to cover up the 36 th OBMP, as well as the 28 th and 93 th separate mechanized brigades preparing for aggressive actions against the LDNR, the General Headquarters of the Supreme Soviet decided to deploy at least one anti-aircraft missile division C-300PS more than one and a half years ago (Later, referring to the data of intelligence intelligence of the DPR, the number of “300th” ZRDN near Mariupol increased to three).

Today, when the so-called truce of peace finally confirmed its complete inefficiency, when more than a hundred 14- and 82-mm shells were fired on Sakhanka and Leninsky in the evening of August 120, and finally, when the head of the army division aviation “United Forces” Muhammad Bulanbayev publicly announces that the Ukrainian Su-25 and Mi-24 crews have worked out low-altitude overcoming of enemy air defense to strike surface targets in the Sea of ​​Azov, it becomes clear that the crazy actions of Kiev may not be limited to air shock alone. It is logical to assume that due to the presence in the air force of the “standard” standard modifications of fighter aircraft gaining dominance in the air, the Su-27 and multipurpose MiG-29A fighters (equipped with outdated radar N001 with Cassegrain AR and H019 Rubin with slotted AR), not adapted for use though It would be medium-range air-launched missiles RVV-AE, all the tasks of covering the operation of Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft and Mi-24 attack and transport helicopters over the Sea of ​​Azov are planned to be assigned to the ground component of air defense, which al and planned to add the restored S-300V1 "Antey-300V1." But what are these complexes capable of, given the information present in the Ukrainian media?

Based on the data from the Ukrainian news portal mil.in.ua, published on November 4 on 2017, we can say that tests of some of the individual recovered elements of C-300В1 were carried out during last year's field tests of the C-300PS air defense system in the Kherson region. In particular, in one of the photographs presented by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, a lifting mast device with a radar of continuous illumination of the X-band target mounted on a self-propelled launcher 9А83 (by coincidence of circumstances, the mast with the radar of the C-300ВХNUMX complex illumination appeared in the background) was captured , for the 1P5С launcher of the C-85PS anti-aircraft missile system). Almost a year later, on July 300, 17, during a visit by Alexander Turchinov, the illegally elected secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchinov, the Vizar state enterprise (the Vuar engineering plant of Zhulyansky), engaged in the restoration and testing of the Ukrainian C-2018B300 radio equipment, correspondents of local The media managed to take a photograph of the 1М9 anti-aircraft guided medium-range missile on a workshop transport trolley.

A couple of weeks later, in preparation for the military parade in honor of the so-called Independence Day of Ukraine, three tracked self-propelled 9А83 launchers using 9М83 anti-aircraft missiles again appeared in the convoy. Apparently, the specialists of Vizar managed to bring to mind only the “short-range asset” of the C-300В1 systems, while the “main caliber” (“long-range active”), represented by more high-speed and long-range “energy” interceptor missiles 9М82, failed to recover yet. What does this mean?

Photos from the November tests of the C-300PS in the Kherson region. The red oval is marked with a mast with radar target illumination, placed on the 9А83 launcher, which indicates parallel tests of firing elements of the C-300В1 SAM also

First of all, that the range of the Ukrainian C-300B1 will not be 100 km, but 72 km (this is precisely the interception range provided by the 9М83 SAM equipped with a less powerful starting level). Secondly, the worst opportunities to destroy high-speed targets are at a distance of more than 30 km, since the maximum flight speed of the 9М83 SAM includes only 4320 km / h, while 9М82 accelerates to a hypersonic speed in 6120 km / h, due to which the kinetic energy reserve its march stage is significantly higher, and it takes 30% more time for aerodynamic drag and critical speed reduction. Thirdly, due to the lower flight speed, the efficiency of the 9М83 combat stage aerodynamics at altitudes above 25000 m is reduced to unsatisfactory performance, while the 5,8 flywheel stage 9М82 rocket engines retain their efficiency at 35 km altitude. And finally, fourthly, without the 9М82 interceptor missiles in ammunition, the С-300В1 complexes are almost impossible to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles, because initially these products were developed by specialists of the State Design Bureau of Compressor Engineering and the Novator Design Bureau for destruction of ballistic missiles Pershing-1A / B medium-range missiles. As you can see, in the absence of 9М82 missiles, the C-300В1 anti-aircraft missile system has a lot of various disadvantages.

Meanwhile, the authors of pseudo-analytical articles on such resources as www.dialog.ua and inosmi.ru have already managed to surprise the media space with “pearls” of technical awareness, such as “giving Ukrainian C-300B1 the ability to intercept Russian operational tactical ballistic missiles 9М723-1 "Iskander-M", which can not be a priori, because the maximum constructive overload of anti-aircraft guided missiles 9М83 when performing a maneuver can reach as little as 20 units., While "Iskander" maneuvers with overloads th in 30 units. that requires interceptor 60-70-fold overload.

We do not advise our reviewers to linger over the fact that the C-300В1 anti-aircraft missile systems fell into the hands of Ukrainian military formations with inadequate command, supervised by an absolutely unpredictable pro-American leadership, because the solid set of C-300BX1 combat qualities is also maintained when using the “near asset”. Interceptor 9М83. The fact is that the Ukrainian C-300B1 still have a staff of high-performance radar detection, tracking and guidance based on passive phased antenna arrays, which during the repair could not only be spared the effects of prolonged downtime (oxidation of metal radio engineering materials of radio components and contacts), but also to get new modules for the conversion of the radar signal reflected from the target, which will have a beneficial effect on the noise immunity, and therefore, the the effectiveness of hitting a target in a difficult noise situation.

In the “Square”, these works are carried out by the specialized enterprise “Aerotekhnika-MLT”, whose specialists were able just a few years ago to create the upgraded C-125-2D Pechora-2D anti-aircraft missile system. This complex received a fundamentally new command and control unit UNK-2D with an information field based on modern computerized automated workplaces of operators (to launch a missile system, just click the mouse, and high-resolution LCD indicators provide more accurate and “digestible” information about tactical air conditions). The new antenna tracking and guidance post UNV-2D is equipped with a modern microprocessor control module for antennas in azimuth and elevation, and also received a new digital modulator of a magnetron transmitter for sensing a target. Such devices could also be integrated into the 9C32М radar guidance element base, the high-potential radar of the 9C19М2 “Ginger” program review (designed to work with aerodynamic and ballistic targets in a difficult jamming environment), as well as all mast radars, the target radiance radiation value for continuous radiation, continuous radiation, continuous radiation, and continuous radiation, which can also be used for radionuclides 9A83. It is important to mention here the brazen sale of the C-300 serial system to the Pentagon in the 90-s. For more than two decades, Raytheon's specialists could certainly develop a lot of modernization options for Antey, and then transfer them to the headquarters of the Ukrainian Aerotechnika-MLT.

Yet the well-known merits of the C-300B1 persist to this day, falling into the hands of the APU. Firstly, we are talking about the maximum speed of the target being hit in 3000 m / s = 10800 km / h (for Ukrainian C-300PS, this is just 1300 m / s = 4700 km / h). "Iskander" he, of course, will not be able to amaze because of the low maneuverability of the 9М83 interceptor missiles, but he will fully cope with such elements of high-speed high-precision weapons, as the 4,5 multi-purpose fly-missile X-32, launched from the Tu-22М3, the operational-tactical ballistic missile “Tochka-U”, or the 300-mm rocket launchers of the RSMO “Smerch” (the latter version only under certain conditions).

Also, the С-300В1 complex can pose a huge threat to the Russian tactical aviation covering the patrol boats of the Coast Guard of the FSB Coast Guard Service in the area of ​​the Sea of ​​Azov at the time of the aggravation of the situation in the Donbas and throughout the Azov region. In this situation, the Khibiny container complex, located on Su-30CM or Su-34 suspensions, can improve the situation, but it may not provide 100% protection, because C-300В1, as we mentioned above, has radar software review "Ginger", designed to level the interference effects from the enemy. Secondly, it is a small effective reflecting surface of the target that is hit, which is about 0,05 square. m, which means that the C-300B1 will be able to shoot down unobtrusive strategic cruise missiles of various types (including 3М14К / Kaliber-PL / NK) and all known anti-radar missiles that are in service with the Russian VKS. Thirdly, according to Ukrainian sources, each Ukrainian C-300В1 division has 3 multifunctional 9С32М guidance radars that can transmit target coordinates for highlighting 12А9 self-propelled PUs equipped with “radar searchlights” directly to 83.

In this case, to disable the system, it is not enough to destroy only one 9-XNNXXМ guidance radar. To do this, it will be necessary to destroy all three radars of this type, as well as the programmed Ginger radar, which during the battle may include radiation alternately or in a chaotic order, as well as change the location of the dislocation to make it difficult to calculate positions. Therefore, as you have already guessed, it will take several times more time and Iskander or Dagger missiles to defeat even one Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile division C-32В300 than in the case of the C-1PS complex, depending on the performance of only one 300X30E radar . Moreover, additional exploration of 6-XNNXX radar-replacing radars will require a systematic approach using Tu-9P radar reconnaissance aircraft. Such realities are prepared for us by the supply of "Anteyev" to Ukrainian troops.

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  1. -9
    16 August 2018 05: 37
    As practice has shown ... Ukrainian air defense is a danger to civil aviation ... But for military aircraft it is unlikely ...
    1. +20
      16 August 2018 06: 43
      Remember South Ossetia ...
      1. +6
        16 August 2018 08: 16
        Yeah ... Our planes flew there with transponders turned on ... Perhaps the only case in world practice ...
      2. +1
        16 August 2018 10: 52
        There was not a dead or a wrecked vehicle, which was then restored on a knee. This time. And two, I think all these theirs complexes will be crushed right away, well this is in the case of a real batch, which I hope will not happen.
        1. -1
          16 August 2018 22: 25
          How is June 22, 1941 in the Minsk direction?
      3. +3
        17 August 2018 02: 34
        Quote: Black_PR
        Remember Ossetia ...

        and what to remember. Ossetia is an example of how Russia was able to obsolete Soviet weapons put the ultramodern Georgian army armed with modern NATO weapons in one position. Do you know how proud Georgia was in its strong army and its capabilities before the events of August 2008? .After a 5-day war, everyone in Georgia was shocked like Russia on rusty tanks (and the tanks were really rusty and their dofig broke down on the Georgian military road and did not have time to engage in battle) instantly smeared the Georgian army.
        Russia, on the other hand, learned the experience of the 2008 war perfectly and seriously modernized the electronic stuffing of the SU-24, SU-25, TU-23, and also became convinced of the effectiveness of the SU-34 REB (then we had all two aircraft), the Carapace C1 was improved. I generally keep quiet about modern weapons (the same "Caliber" missiles in Russia then simply did not exist).
        The world has changed and Russia, which before the 2008 war, the West actually buried, solves problems in the Middle East.
        Ukraine? And what about Ukraine? .There, apart from Yuzhmash, there was no military design school capable of issuing new weapons. Technologies and competencies mean a lot. For example, even the United States could not create a high-quality American cannon for its Abrams tank and put on it a German one from Rheinmetal. Ukraine I could not make my own cannon for tanks, weld armor steel and here they write about some kind of breakthrough in air defense.
        This is really funny when we are reminded of Ossetia in 2008. Until 2008, Russia had a Soviet-style army with outdated weapons, most of which were in malfunctioning.
        1. +2
          17 August 2018 05: 14
          I completely agree with you, I would also like to add that the air defense systems themselves, even the most advanced ones, do little to solve. The solution to the problems of object-based air defense and missile defense consists in creating a system of object-based air defense and missile defense (I’m not even talking about the air defense and missile defense system of the theater of operations, and especially the whole state), which includes a lot of different components, the absence of at least one of which makes the system as a whole vulnerable and not effective in solving air defense and missile defense problems. Air defense and missile defense systems are only one of the components of this system. Accordingly, without understanding whether there is an air defense and missile defense system in Ukraine, it is impossible to answer the question of whether Ukraine will be able to effectively solve the problems of at least object air defense and missile defense. I have very big doubts about the existence of an air defense and missile defense system in Ukraine. Most likely it simply does not exist. There are separate air defense and missile defense systems for various purposes, there are separate radars, there are separate air force units, all of which are outdated, incomplete and equipped with equipment and systems that have exhausted their resources under the control of poorly trained and trained people. The air defense and missile defense system, capable of at least repelling a strike directed at itself in Ukraine, most likely does not exist and it is unlikely that such a system ever existed there.
        2. +1
          15 October 2018 20: 54
          Do not confuse Russians (and for me Ukrainians, Belarusians are one Russian people) and "courageous" Georgians, if Ukraine and not Georgia were in that situation, it is not known how everything would go.
          1. 0
            16 October 2018 19: 35
            Quote: Sailor
            Do not confuse Russians (and for me Ukrainians Belarusians are one Russian people) and "brave" Georgians

            hungry, cold, barefoot, without modern weapons, communications and centralized management at all stages, the Russians also do not fight. We saw this reality in Chechnya in the 90s and early 2000s.
            So everything would be similar only with a little more power and longer in time.
    2. +1
      16 August 2018 09: 15
      So far, yes, and God forbid us another practice. Although "Black PR" rightly noted above about South Ossetia.
      1. +8
        16 August 2018 11: 14
        Quote: unwillingly
        Although "Black PR" rightly noted above about South Ossetia.

        And so it is. Eugene focused on the S-300. But not only are they there, but the air defense system is effective if it is properly built, and taking into account all the means involved. It’s worth citing Yugoslavia as an example, when fairly old systems performed their functions, so the question is open and how successful it will be decide? request
        1. 0
          16 August 2018 20: 27
          To blame! Accidentally minus. I wanted to plyusanut.
  2. +9
    16 August 2018 05: 54
    As not Damantsev's article, so another panic. In short, we wrap ourselves in a shroud and quietly crawl into the cemetery. The title of the article is "" the boss is all gone. "Whoever ukram will allow something to be done. One time may be shot. You understand what will happen if you shoot down at least one Russian plane. It will be an excuse to kick the teeth in the teeth. And they want it. Do not compare the shot down plane in Syria and dill.
    1. +8
      16 August 2018 06: 09
      they will only shoot at our airplanes if suddenly kakly climb into the Donbass and ours climb into the open.
      and here is a double edged sword. on the one hand, our air forces are not the same as in Georgia. but underestimate even the old air defense systems is also not worth it. in skillful hands and a member of a screwdriver, and even about the air defense system is not worth talking about.
      1. +20
        16 August 2018 09: 04
        Quote: just explo
        they will only shoot at our planes if suddenly ...

        Popular wisdom says: "The clever learns from the mistakes of others. D ... k learns from his mistakes!"
        I advise you to look at the chosen Malays. They did not wait for the Syrians to deploy the C-300, but destroyed the missiles in warehouses and storage bases, during unloading in ports ... And they put a bolt with a left-hand thread on all the screams of the world community!
        Question: What prevents us from doing the same? "Fraternal" feelings for a soldier of Slavic nationality who is preparing to kill you? So he is not my brother! and not a relative, but the most sworn enemy. (It's like in V.S.Vysotsky:
        He’s not my friend or relative.
        He is my sworn enemy
        Bespectacled private owner
        In green, gray, white "Zhiguli"!)
        Therefore, in war, all means are good, and especially - pre-emptive attacks on enemy air defense, and there is nothing to be deceived about it. They are unarmed old people, women and children of the DPR do not spare. So they should be given the same coin .. But a hundredfold!
    2. +1
      16 August 2018 07: 42
      Recently we read about a Ukrainian military pensioner that he was engaged in fantasy, and now we read our fantasy about the war with Ukraine.
      Apparently, stupidity is contagious: in Kiev, stupidity is in the trend and they fantasize "Moscow beer for three hryvnias", and here Damantsev found "Great and mighty APU"
      Petya happens too much is enough, but not to the extent that jumping into the abyss. Maybe McCain wants this, but Kiev understands what will happen if
      1. +2
        26 September 2018 06: 52
        I think the fools are just those who "we will throw our hats." This is a stone in your garden, do not hesitate. Before each war waged by the Republic of Ingushetia, the USSR and the Russian Federation, a chorus of fools was heard everywhere, saying that the enemy was weak, and "we will wage the war on its territory." And each time it cost our people a dear and bloody price.
    3. 0
      11 November 2021 04: 14
      I agree, Damantsev periodically loses his expert folk-collective sofa, then he finds it again. And he begins to paint everything down to the screw, with obvious technical gaps in knowledge on the topic. Either he lets out snot at the Russian Navy, then he tries to consider the entire air defense system at the atomic level. Would he mind!
  3. +4
    16 August 2018 06: 08
    Do they have many missiles? how many starts? after all, one launch will already open the PU position and receive a retaliatory strike
  4. +5
    16 August 2018 06: 18
    "Ostap suffered ..." I. Ilf, E. Petrov
  5. +6
    16 August 2018 06: 59
    It's "funny" that right there on the VO there were so many joys of "patriots" that the Ukrainian economy was "torn to shreds" - all its more or less technological enterprises of the military-industrial complex went bankrupt, closed, the equipment was taken out to Russia and Poland to earn money .... And podizh-you, more and more information, of course served with a mockery, under the "ironic sauce" that this very Ukrainian military-industrial complex is "alive" and is successfully improving the existing weapons and even successfully develops new samples. Directly "miracles" of some kind. Or maybe it’s just enough to lie about Ukraine’s "kinking" economy, and take a "sober" look at what is actually happening there, honestly admit some of its successes?
    1. +10
      16 August 2018 07: 42
      Quote: Snail N9
      that this very Ukrainian military-industrial complex turns out to be "alive" and successfully improves the existing weapons and even successfully develops new models.

      If you take an ancient Soviet sight, repaint, replace the nameplate, replace rotten rubber products with nasty rubber products, and all this is pumping in at exorbitant prices for your own army as a "newest weapon" - this is not "industry", this is not "improvement", this is actually an ordinary theft. In normal states, such actions are considered "fraud"
      1. 0
        16 August 2018 08: 20
        China also started with "nameplates" .... wink Well, of course, how could I forget, this is "fascist" Ukraine, not "communist" China .... You talk about fraud .... here "Zenith Arena" is not a fraud, the "Vostochny" cosmodrome is also not fraud and that's all http://pravdaurfo.ru/articles/162731-stroiteli-otkazyvayutsya-ot-rabot-na-yamal-spg-v is also not a fraud .... but the rubber eyecups are fraudulent ....- I agree. wink
        1. -3
          16 August 2018 11: 01
          You, however, need a censor, and then somehow it extends a rogue from you
        2. +5
          16 August 2018 19: 35
          Quote: Snail N9
          China also started with "nameplates" ....

          China began by copying foreign technology. Attention, the question is - what did you copy in Ukraine? :))) They copied something else a decade ago - they tried to make tanks for Pakistan, for Thailand, armored vehicles for Iraq. It turned out, however, a rare trash, but still it was an attempt. Now they cannot copy a mortar normally. What successes can Ukraine talk about?
          It is clear that we have a wagon and a small cart, but what does this have to do with Ukraine?
    2. +11
      16 August 2018 07: 48
      I agree with you: their industrial potential should not be belittled, and we will be held in high esteem.
    3. +1
      16 August 2018 09: 56
      the state of the Ukrainian economy is about the same as in our 90s, the standard of living / crime is the same. migration to Europe and Russia has not gone anywhere. then the military industrial complex and the enterprises that exist are kept afloat thanks to the help of "partners" and tranches of the IMF at decent interest rates. this is not an ironic sauce, but facts.
      sooner or later Ukraine will go back under our wing (if we don’t crumble ourselves). and we will have to pay these loans, but it’s a shame.
      1. +10
        16 August 2018 12: 54
        At the same time, at one time I thought that everything in Ukraine was “bad”, all the more so as I watched the Ukrainian Gaster at our company, it was clear that it was not from a good life that they came to work in Russia. But now, recently, all Ukrainian Gaster from our company, went back. I asked the last one to leave, why so? He hesitated and, not really outspoken (I had a “cap” relationship with him, and they don’t want to open up, and suddenly, I have to come back), he answered something like this: Firstly: there was work — someone dumped on earnings The EU, and people are needed for vacant seats, secondly, the salary in Ukraine has become comparable to the Russian one, and food and everything else is cheaper, thirdly, “the house is home”, and most importantly, fourthly: in Ukraine there is a clear tendency to improvement, but in Russia, on the contrary, the tendency to worsen the life of the common people is gaining strength. In general, he summarized all this with one phrase- "There is nothing to catch in Russia ...." This is on the one hand. On the other hand, my acquaintances (going to study) went to Kiev for an American visa, because in Russia it is not possible to get it. So, having arrived from there, they unanimously say that, in any case, people live normally in Kiev, everyone speaks Russian both in the streets and in shops and institutions, etc. There are no marching fascist youths there, people go to work and they work, and do not rummage in garbage dumps and do not die of hunger in the streets, as can be judged by the nonsense published in the Russian media. Shops and supermarkets are bursting with food and all kinds of goods, etc. The only thing they noticed is that Ukrainians, like us Russians, everywhere laugh at their parliament and criticize their government, considering it incapable of putting things in order in the country and sincerely wish it so that let no one care, the EU, America or anyone else, bring this order. Personally, I don’t see anything so “fascist”, “anti-Russian”, etc. in this desire. Well, in the end, I’m inviting them to bring in an uncorrupted “brotherhood” from Russia, to put things in order, there are enough of my own.
        1. +14
          16 August 2018 13: 24
          Voice in the wilderness. How can you write this?
          In fact, those Ukrainians who did not disperse to earn money, with pots on their heads and a portrait of Bandera in their hands and embroidered shirts, jump in lines at the windows where IMF tranches are distributed, to which they exist. At the same time, they only think how to attack Russia, so that Ukraine is from Cape Roca to Cape Dezhnev. According to some reports, Ukrainian motifs appeared in the design of clothing of the Chukchi and Nenets. Explicitly the work of the SBU.
        2. NKT
          16 August 2018 15: 37
          What does your company do, what profile? And the comparability of salaries must be done in the specialties and directions.
          Something in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, I did not notice the outflow of "specialists" from Ukraine ... where they will still earn that kind of money ....

          "Torchlight" processions, which do not exist ..... Everyone, probably, goes to the library ...

          1. +4
            16 August 2018 17: 08
            "Everyone's probably going to the library ..."
            No, on subbotnik.
            1. +3
              16 August 2018 17: 10
              Or to the museum.
            2. +3
              18 August 2018 16: 52
              is everywhere.
              There is only one difference. In some countries, the police drive the Natsik, and in other countries the Natsik police.
              1. 0
                18 August 2018 17: 02
                Everything flows, everything changes.
        3. 0
          18 August 2018 16: 22
          I agree, it is, I felt it through my example)
        4. The comment was deleted.
        5. 0
          12 November 2018 10: 26
          somewhere I already heard it !!! I don’t remember, maybe someone in VO told me that in Ukraine it’s so wonderful to work now and everything’s good that everybody from Russia is bluffing and raving !!!! I have many friends in Ukraine and believe me they tell such passions that I’d like to bring me down from this cradle of humanity
  6. +3
    16 August 2018 07: 01
    Well, the article! ..
  7. +2
    16 August 2018 07: 28
    Damantsev know comment!
    1. +2
      16 August 2018 09: 42
      Nevertheless, the well-known advantages of C-300В1 are preserved to this day, falling into the possession of the Armed Forces. Firstly, we are talking about the maximum speed of the target hit in 3000 m / s = 10800 km / h (for Ukrainian C-300PS this is only 1300 m / s = 4700 km / h). Of course, it will not be able to hit “Iskanders” because of the low maneuverability of the 9M83 missile defense, but it can cope with such elements of high-speed high-precision weapons as the X-4,5 multipurpose X-NUMX missile launcher launched from the Tu-32M22 board, and operational-tactical ballistic missile “Tochka-U”, or 3-mm rockets of the Smerch MLRS (the latter option only under certain conditions).

      The S-300V1 air defense system, even for the armament of the Ukrainian air defense system, is a very difficult to kill air defense system, especially when it contains Polyana ACS (500 tracking; 225 target designation) and third-party long-range radars.
      The only 2 options for the destruction of the S-300V1 are:
      - fully fired BC ZUR - destruction by aircraft
      - when the anti-aircraft missile systems did not manage to change their position - OTRK destruction
      1. +1
        16 August 2018 22: 20
        Quote: Romario_Argo
        The only 2 options for the destruction of the S-300V1 are:
        - fully fired BC ZUR - destruction by aircraft
        - when PU SAM did not have time to change position - the destruction of OTRK

        Why complicate things like that? There is a traditional approach to the breakthrough of any air defense system: a strike by cruise missiles under the cover of an electronic warfare complex. Therefore, a pair of Caliber or Iskander is enough to cover the Khibin Su-24. Not to mention the fact that it is enough to destroy the KP and the S-300 will shoot down everything that flies, especially its planes as the easiest targets.
        1. +1
          16 August 2018 22: 39
          There is an opinion that the Pentagon will calculate this option. True Velkokry themselves with a mustache! As you know - "War is not poker!"
          1. 0
            16 August 2018 23: 00
            Quote: Pyotr Ivanov
            True Velkoukry themselves with a mustache!

            All who were there "with mustaches" and brains for a long time in the Russian army. Although "foolish" is also dangerous, they, as you know, have not written the law. If it were otherwise, they would not have shot down the Malaysian Boeing in 2014 instead of the Russian Il-96 unit "Russia" (located 25-30 km away) at which the Russian Tu-154 was also aimed in 2001.
        2. 0
          17 August 2018 08: 34
          it’s enough to destroy the KP and the S-300 will bring down everything that flies

          not to knock everything down, because there is a "friend or foe" system, it is very problematic to destroy the command and control system and the ACS, they are interchangeable, especially on the territory of the layered air defense: S-300P, Buk, S-300V1, Osa, Strela, Tunguska + fighter aircraft + CU from Ukrainian overseas partners. .e. USA and NATO - the same AWACS
          (!) rather more efficient and without a dudger will be the MTR DRG or the North Wind - as you like best (!)
        3. 0
          22 December 2018 23: 00
          The S300B1 air defense missile system has a more complex construction than the S-300P, the destruction of the CP does not solve anything, since control is possible directly through the ACS of Polyana or Baikal, via relay communication. do not confuse it with C-200 where there is no friend or foe defendant on the missiles - this is about your planes
      2. 0
        18 December 2018 01: 31
        Quote: Romario_Argo
        The only 2 options for the destruction of the S-300V1 are:
        - fully fired BC ZUR - destruction by aircraft
        - when PU SAM did not have time to change position - the destruction of OTRK

        Joker. With just one missile you can hit from Iskander or Dagger. Even the pessimist Damantsev admitted
  8. +12
    16 August 2018 08: 19
    Pancake! (I'm on the comments)
    Either the author is the alarmist, or we’ll throw the hats over.
    There is a complex S-300V. Great technique. If they could extend the resource reliably, the danger is VERY serious. Skillful hands are abundant in Ukraine.
    Suppressing / destroying the air defense system (Soviet, modernized is not known how good it is) is quite a serious event.
    Losses are quite possible. But I would not want to.
  9. +18
    16 August 2018 09: 25
    First of all, that the radius of action of Ukrainian C-300В1 will not be 100 km, but 72 km (this is the interception range provided by the 9М83 missiles equipped with a less powerful launch stage).
    Author, 72 km is the border of the "effective action" zone. This is a very conditional value that shows the most productive range at which the target can be hit by one missile defense system with a given probability. You can shoot down at a greater distance, but with a lower expected probability. And this rocket has enough energy to fly 200 km away.
    Secondly, about the worst possibilities of destroying high-speed targets after a distance of more than 30 km, since the maximum flight speed of the 9М83 missiles reaches only 4320 km / h
    Where does this figure in 30 km come from? Calculations made on the knee show that during the operation of the marching stage, the rocket will travel approximately 2 km, gaining 1300 m / s, then 20 seconds of inertia, fly another 20 km and lose speed to 800-900 m / s, then the main engine will turn on and for almost 14 seconds it will fly, dispersing from 800 to 1200m / s, flying about 14 km, and then again, by inertia, will lose speed from 1200 m / s (it is not known how many at the moment it hits). Already here you can roughly count 36 kilometers of range, and at this distance the rocket will have at the moment the main engine is turned off have a very evil speed of 1200 m / s, which, gradually losing, will be able to fly another kilometers of 20-30 in a passive state and not greatly losing its overload margin. That is, already under 70 km is gaining range. Why wouldn’t she have caught up with the fighter in this situation? If only of course the target will be initially located at a distance from the air defense system of kilometers on the 30-50 and will be blamed strictly on it afterburner and top speed - then of course. That is, we are talking about the interception of the suddenly discovered MiG-25 flying away from the air defense system at high altitude and maximum speed in the 3M. A very likely situation in the war must be said. What not to look at modern conflicts - so only the MiG-25 from the air defense system and escape.
    Nevertheless, the well-known advantages of C-300В1 are preserved to this day, falling into the possession of the Armed Forces.
    The main advantage of this SAM in the APU is that the missiles have a guaranteed shelf life of 10 years, and they have no where to get new missiles from.
    1. +8
      16 August 2018 09: 50
      Respect Alex! It’s nice to read sensible commentary, not political srach.
    2. 0
      16 August 2018 13: 59
      For Bukov, the shelf life of the missiles is over, but for the S-300? wink
    3. 0
      26 September 2018 07: 09
      about there is already a range of 70 km. Why wouldn’t she have caught up with the fighter in this situation?

      this is true only for a non-maneuvering target flying at a constant speed. In the case of active maneuvering of the target, the range drops by 2-3 times. And we still do not take into account the dependence of the range of the target missile on the altitude. The flight range at an altitude of 1 km is 2 times lower than the flight range at an altitude of 10 km. So all these "calculations" are pointing your finger at the sky
  10. +6
    16 August 2018 09: 36
    "which is just planned to be supplemented with the restored complexes S-300V1" Antey-300V1 ""
    Author, what is this? What is S-300V1 Antey-300V1?
    Not an article, but diarrhea from numbers, letters, abbreviations and emotions. Extensive discussions about what can and cannot do 9M83 missiles, 9C32 braided, and Ginger.
    SYSTEM S-300V can work efficiently under condition of normal operation of all its components. Even if Ukrainians podshamanil technique and what else can she show there, then there is no reason for panic. In splendid isolation, any air defense system is nothing more than a target for aviation, OTRK and so on.
  11. +4
    16 August 2018 12: 47
    Another blah, blah, blah from Damantsev. A bunch of terms to the place and out of place + the mass of propaganda water.
    Plus, the old record started again:
    a carte blanche provided by Washington for the implementation of the next escalation scenario at the Donbass theater,

    The war at the World Cup did not happen, as they unanimously landed on VO and on TV. They waited a little so that the previous nonsense was forgotten by readers and again began to wang the war. Soon, dates will begin to set.
  12. -1
    16 August 2018 13: 11
    "Alone", the enemy should not be underestimated - he must be destroyed, and the troops must have the necessary and sufficient tools for this in the hour "H". For this, the RF Ministry of Defense has special people. The question is when this moment will come, if at all. There are other ways to solve this problem. For this, the Kremlin has special people. Discussing these issues at our level is harmful - irresponsible observers can agree on anything, and this harms the business.
  13. +12
    16 August 2018 13: 26
    In fact, the writer Damantsev should respect his readers, since he writes for them (and not for himself).
    Over a hundred 82 and 120 mm shells were fired

    These are actually mines, not shells.
    in honor of the so-called Independence Day of Ukraine

    Why "so-called"? They have an official holiday like this. For example, we do not write in the comments "the so-called writer Damansky".
    during a visit to the illegally elected secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov

    NSDC Secretary assigned the president. Poroshenko, who was recognized by Russia, appointed Turchinov. Where is the illegality?
    authors of pseudo-analytical articles on resources such as www.dialog.ua, as well as inosmi.ru

    Inosmi.ru simply translates articles from foreign media into Russian.
    practically lose the ability to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles

    So what? We do not have them in accordance with the INF Treaty.
    tactical ballistic missile "Tochka-U"

    RC "Point-U" is not operational-tactical, but tactical with a range of 120 km.
    and shock transport helicopters Mi-24

    In fact, the Mi-24 is an attack (combat) helicopter.
    Are there many absurdities on one small article?
    1. +7
      16 August 2018 15: 18
      Quote: Army 2
      Are there many absurdities on one small article?

      "Damantsev, sir"!
    2. -1
      5 October 2018 14: 39
      Mi-24 is precisely an attack and transport helicopter. Because it is able to provide transportation of 8 landing troops.
  14. +2
    16 August 2018 13: 41
    Yes, the S-300V air defense system is a serious thing ... and it can spoil blood! But, given the overwhelming superiority of Russian aviation and the presence of a sufficient number of anti-missile missiles and electronic warfare means, I hope that the air defense system will be suppressed in a fairly short time! I also hope that the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces will not allow that sloppiness of 2008 this time (In 2008, the Russian aviation suffered losses in the initial period, mainly "due to" shown "indifference" ... As soon as "it came" that the Georgian air defense is serious. then they took up the mind and regulations ... as a result of which the Georgian air defense was suppressed in a fairly short time ...).
    Based on this article, here's what I wanted to think about ... More than once articles appeared where it was stated that the S-300V was "better" than the S-300PMU ... because the S-300V had "many" radars ... ! It is more difficult to suppress air defenses based on the S-300V than with the S-300PMU ... There is logic in such statements! Then the question arises: why was the priority turned towards the S-300PMU? Rather, it is more correct to formulate the question in this way: why did the S-300P ... turn out to be not built on the principle of the S-300V ...? It has long been known that the S-300P ... and the S-300V ... are different air defense systems! The S-300V ..., thanks to its principle of construction, is a more "viable" system in conditions of massive use of aviation. SAM "Osa-AK / AKM", "Tunguska", "Pantsir", "Tor", "Buk", S-300V / VM, promising "Morpheus", "Viking" - these are the systems where the design principles are worthy of further development and priority!
  15. 0
    16 August 2018 16: 33
    Western Europeans have a pancake: D But the Patriots did not start the parade yesterday at the parade ... It seems they are investing in weapons, but with equipment there are only more problems. They even took a picture, though only one, because he could not go. If only from different angles of his ...
  16. +2
    16 August 2018 19: 47
    S-300V1 in Ukrainian hands is extremely dangerous for the Russian Aerospace Forces

    to fight against Russia with weapons created and developed in Russia is as crazy as trying to defeat the United States on Abrams tanks. All the "new items" of the Ukrainian defense industry are either "shushpanzer" or restored Soviet weapons.
    When they write that the Americans have modified the S-300 so that now it’s such a miracle that it can bring down ultra-modern Russian missiles it becomes ridiculous to me. All the S-300 missiles are controlled along the entire flight path, which means they can be turned off during the flight (turn off their engine remotely) or give them a command for self-liquidation. I advise you to recall the use of the Tochka-U ukrobandera team in 2014 when none of the missiles launched by them reached their intended target and the debris of the complex’s missiles on the ground had no sign of a missile’s defeat from the outside.

    For more than two decades, Raytheon specialists have certainly been able to develop a ton of modernization options for Antey, and then transfer them to the headquarters of the Ukrainian Aerotechnika-MLT.

    they he their vaunted "Tomahawk" did not finalize to the level that they would not be knocked down by Armor C1. And to develop a lot of options for improving the characteristics of Soviet weapons for free, so that later transfer them to future allies this madness.
    If this were so, now all countries of the former Warsaw bloc would conclude contracts for the modernization of Soviet weapons with the United States.
  17. -4
    16 August 2018 20: 19
    Again Damantsev catches up with horror. Apparently does not know about tactical nuclear weapons. We calculate the approximate area, then a 100-kiloton strike by a warhead. We look at the result, in case of failure, search for the goal and repeat. Plus massive bombing of military bases, factories, and, most importantly, Kiev.
    1. -2
      16 August 2018 22: 30
      Kremball, the first will not do it! For political reasons. Consequently, the alleged adversary has the preventive power in the attack! And after his attack, the initiative, of course, may end up in his hands for a certain period ... well, like the Saah fighters in South Ossetia.
  18. +2
    16 August 2018 21: 53
    Quote: Dzafdet
    We calculate the approximate area, then a 100-kiloton strike by a warhead.

    Yeah, TNW in Ukraine ...
    forgot about ICBMs ...
    it’s easy to bombard a neighbor with nuclear weapons from the couch, everyone immediately became Tymoshenko (only on the offensive plane)
    no one, including the author, for some reason includes the political situation at the very beginning of the active phase during which the VKS of the neighbor should suddenly appear (ORDILO de jure according to MS Ukraine and any operation of the Russian Federation-obvious aggression is no longer only for Ukraine, but for all partners)
    The author cannot operate only with the air defense of Ukraine and with all the capabilities of the Russian Federation as a single planet. This is a global world ... there is a fever from one snake at the other end of the planet.
  19. +1
    16 August 2018 22: 26
    It’s better to overestimate any enemy!
    1. 0
      16 August 2018 22: 54
      Divan regiments have different principles of warfare.
  20. 0
    17 August 2018 02: 47
    About the war of 2008 and the wonders of Georgian-Ukrainian air defense ... You are all gentlemen, comrades, on the Internet ... You can look at what was there for five minutes ...
    1. -2
      18 August 2018 09: 26
      Quote: Vard
      About the 2008 war and the wonders of Georgian-Ukrainian air defense ... You are all gentlemen, comrades, on the Internet ... You can see what was there for five minutes

      The Internet first inflated that the Ukrainians were to blame for the downing of the aircraft of the Russian Federation during the conflict. Inflated inflated.
      Now rollback. The downing was friendly. Yes, and the triumph of Su 34 was not (destroyed radar). An ordinary attack aircraft did the job and the crew was awarded.
      But everything is like in a joke
      Spoons were found, but the sediment remained!
      according to this principle, they have written so much that there is no sediment, but whole bottom sediments.
  21. +3
    17 August 2018 17: 48
    It is necessary to open several points of purchase of radio components in places of constant deployment of these complexes.
    Of course it will resolve))
  22. +1
    18 August 2018 00: 07
    how many Svidomo on the site has become!
    1. -1
      18 August 2018 09: 29
      Quote: garik77
      how many Svidomo on the site has become!

      all who do not agree with the opinion-necessarily the holder of a Ukrainian passport, Pentagon grant and wears a bale?
      Are there simply no dissenters?
      1. -3
        18 August 2018 16: 38
        Vladimir Vladimirovich simply hid his (pile))))) and money, and in the modern world, many people have more than one passport)))) but most commentators from the sofa can see better how it is) as they say, in terms of money and borders, people are dumber than birds.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  23. +1
    23 September 2018 15: 37
    In the hands of fools, an ordinary stick is also very dangerous, and in the territory of present-day Ukraine these same fools have been given too much will.
  24. -1
    18 December 2018 01: 15
    "Secondly, it is a small effective reflecting surface of the target being hit, which is about 0,05 sq. M, which means that the S-300V1 will be able to shoot down various types of stealth cruise missiles (including the 3M14K / T" Caliber-PL / NK »)"

    Our stealth EPR 0.01 cruise missiles
  25. -1
    18 December 2018 01: 15
    In general, the article is delusional. If the command of the RF Armed Forces is not, then 1 shot from Iskander and the air defense complex
    1. 0
      25 November 2021 15: 04
      Quote: Hypersound
      In general, the article is delusional. If the command of the RF Armed Forces is not, then 1 shot from Iskander and the air defense complex

      These complexes are indeed dangerous, even as they are today. Although the author did add quantity, models and capabilities.
  26. 0
    26 March 2021 20: 21
    Well, there are a lot of subtleties. First of all, there are highly qualified operators of these complexes. I dare to assume that their training is lame, it's one thing to work out on a computer and another in real combat conditions. You can tell how many emergency situations happened at the Kapustin Yar training ground, a lot. And no matter how many of their missiles you paint, all the same they are 30 years old or even more. We learn to bypass such air defense systems
    1. 0
      25 November 2021 15: 06
      Yes, I agree. The level of training of the personnel for the calculations of the complexes in Ukraine today is extremely low. There is no shooting, there are no opportunities for this, especially after the loss of the shooting range in Crimea.
  27. 0
    25 November 2021 14: 58
    There are no more s-300v1 air defense systems left in Ukraine. Today it is 22 divisions of s-300ps / pt air defense missile systems and 9 divisions of beech air defense systems. The promised modernization never touched the S-300, but was carried out due to the cannibalization of spare parts. Of the remaining SAMs, the beech has been restored from strength to 25%. Today, even this opportunity has already been exhausted, there is nothing more to saw. According to information from Ukrainian military sources, less than 22% of the 300 divisions of the elderly s-300ps and s-50pt are in combat condition. Basically it is s-300ps. with a limited amount of zur. But this also poses a great danger, especially for single targets. The potential inherent in these complexes since the times of the USSR is simply enormous.

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