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Magic MAG-7. African exotics shooting

The MAG-7 smoothbore weapon, the brainchild of the South African firm Technoarms, can undoubtedly be classified as armory exotics. Moreover, not only because of the country of origin, but also because of its design and appearance. This 12-gauge police pump-action shotgun "copies" the famous Israeli Mini-UZI submachine gun.

Magic MAG-7. African exotics shooting

According to a legend voiced by marketers Tehnoarms PTY Ltd, this is no coincidence: they say that the South African police special forces, for which, in fact, the gun was created, wished that it was as close as possible to the UZI PP, which was its main weapon to which the fighters were accustomed.

MAG-7, the target audience of which were police officers and security company employees, is designed for urban battles in cramped conditions - in buildings, in slums. The minimum length (total 55 cm with barrel length in 320 mm), combined with a good balance for shooting from the hip and from the hip, makes this compact weapon very comfortable in such conditions. It can be used ammunition with a traumatic, non-lethal action - plastic canister and rubber bullets, as well as special cartridge for knocking doors.

The MAG-7 is a magazine shotgun with pump-like reloading principle. The cartridges are fed from a detachable box magazine with a capacity of five cartridges, placed, as in the prototype UZI, in a pistol grip. So that such a handle could be held in the hand, the cartridges had to be shortened. The sleeve length of the 12 caliber cartridges used in this gun is 55 mm.

Of course, such dimensions seriously limit the range of ammunition. In particular, the possibility of using magnum and half-magnum cartridges, or, for example, equipped with a sabot bullet with a long polyethylene stabilizer container, is excluded.

However, the weapon is intended for firing at distances that are not much higher than the pistol, which is also due to the short barrel. For which the cartridge with a weakened linkage is optimal.

The receiver is made of pressed steel with a thickness of about 3 mm, with stiffeners. The handle and handguard are made of high-strength plastic.

The whole design of the shotgun is simple and very reliable. On the company's commercials, the disassembly of the barrel is done without rushing for 20 seconds. On the same rollers they shoot from the MAG-7 shotgun taken from a tub of water or from under a layer of sand.

The gun is tenacious, with a large margin of safety, factory tests are carried out with a charge that develops pressure up to 100 MPa.

The manufacturer denotes a guaranteed shotgun life in 40 000 shots, and there is no reason to doubt this figure.

The barrel, however, is not chrome-plated, “black,” that is, more demanding of care.

In the basic version, the shotgun has no stock, but, optionally, it can be equipped with a folding steel shoulder rest.

In general, the gun turned out quite thoughtful and successful. But not by the time. MAG-7 was released in the 1995 year, when violent exchanges of white policemen with militants of the Spear of the Nation organization, the armed wing of the African National Congress, took place in the slums. The year before, the ANC won the parliamentary elections, the country's image began to change radically and rapidly. And the novelty in the law enforcement agencies of South Africa turned out to be practically unclaimed.

Not wanting to abandon successful development, Technoarms decided to explore overseas markets. First of all, the largest - American and Russian. But due to the small overall dimensions and the short trunk of the MAG-7, it is prohibited by law to civilian traffic. And the model MAG-7М1 was developed taking into account the requirements of the American and Russian legislation. This gun had an integral wooden butt, and the barrel with a “cylinder” was extended to 500 mm.

The weapon that turned out at the exit cannot be called graceful: the forms seem to be cut down with an ax. But there is a fascinating brutality in it, to which I could not remain indifferent.

The purchase of this unusual gun was not in my plans, it all just coincided: the presence of an extra “green” (license to purchase a smooth-bore weapon), some “free” amount of money and the fact that I went to the “Perun” gun shop near Moscow station Metro Dynamo, which was the official dealer of the South African campaign.

Taking the gun in my hands, I immediately noticed the uncomfortable wide grip and great weight of the gun ... and bought it. Together with the gun, for which 8 thousand rubles were paid (it was in 2008 year), I also bought several spare shops (they cost a thousand each) and four packs of shortened shotguns “Record”, produced specifically for MAG. I was driving home, tormented by doubt: was it worth buying this strange device?

However, the very first visit to the shooting range dispelled some of my doubts. The gun suddenly turned out to be very comfortable when shooting. According to subjective sensations, the return is lower than that of Saiga-12, a very convenient recharge and positioning of the forearm. Due to the short sleeve he has a short stroke, which allows him to shoot very quickly. After some preparation, you can shoot at the speed of a semi-automatic. When fired due to the large mass of well-thought-out layout and compensator (three cuts are made at the end of the barrel), the gun practically does not lead away from the aiming line, which also allows you to conduct tempo firing. Even in the “fenced-in” version, the gun is quite compact - see the 96 cm, which is quite comparable with the size of the AK.

The shop is fixed by the key on the left It can be changed quickly and easily.

Sights - massive front sight and rear sight, located on the rear of the receiver. It is close to the eye, which creates a diopter-like effect. At first, a little bit unusual, but when you get used to it, it becomes convenient, especially when shooting offhand.

The MAG store becomes very good in the pouches designed for the AK store, which is also very convenient.

The specific cartridge made me become a “roll-over”, that is, to engage in reolding. The size of the liner with a standard powder sample makes reduce the weight of the projectile. So, instead of the usual caliber for the 12 cartridge with the 70-mm sleeve, nine 8,5-mm ratchecks for the MAG have to be limited to six. By the way, you can shoot a gun with a regular cartridge (the chamber has a length of 70 mm) by inserting it through the window of the receiver.

A serious advantage of the MAG is its omnivorous - it works great with repeatedly re-loaded sleeves. Some I used up to seven times (until the cap began to hang in the socket) and did not even calibrate. Other users of this device claim that it works great with metal sleeves, cut to 51 mm.

Very good results are given by the gun with the Poleva-1 bullet (it needs to shorten the walls of the container a little bit) and cap Lee.

I note that the hunting use of MAG-7М1 I did not even consider. At one of the weapon forums, the owner of this gun, which in Russia can be 180 people (so many units were sold), called on "colleagues" to share their experience in hunting. But there was no response.

I must say that the civilian version of the MAG-7 has lost the main advantage of its prototype - compactness. While maintaining all the disadvantages (large mass and low power cartridge, not too comfortable pistol grip).

As a result, as a niche, MAG-7М1 is, in general, a good and curious gun, only entertaining shooting and a hypothetical “self-defense” can be seen. Which was the reason why the battle of South African gunsmiths for the Russian market was lost.

Well, and, having played enough, I sold my gun.
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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 10 May 2018 07: 07
    After such a detailed assessment of this “device” of hunters, it was noticeably reduced to acquire one. The smart ones learn from other people's mistakes!
  2. tchoni
    tchoni 10 May 2018 07: 56
    Damn, an adequate article appeared on VO! "no son, this is not fiction, this is a MIRACLE!" Not otherwise it will rain today)))
    And according to the text of the article, the author himself made an excellent conclusion - a device for Saturday post-shootings at the shooting range. Although he personally intrigued me. I wanted to try this device myself)
    1. Arkady Gaidar
      Arkady Gaidar 13 May 2018 10: 45
      This "adequate article" is a hodgepodge of articles from 10-15 summer ago. And a little added analytics from myself, already a look from today. That's all hi
  3. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 10 May 2018 10: 55
    Oh, these Afrikaners! They love to cut everything off, like Jews! Either the 20-mm PAW-20 carbine-grenade launcher will be released under the “trimmed” cartridge (20 x 42 mm) ...... then the lightweight 20-mm iNkunzi Strike cannon under the same “trimmed” .... And now "hunting" caliber got! For 12 mm, instead of 70 mm or 76 mm, it has already been shortened to 55 mm ... They don’t want to admit that “size matters”!
  4. Kot_Kuzya
    Kot_Kuzya 10 May 2018 12: 27
    Complete nonsense. The firing distance is like that of a pistol, but at the same time its dimensions and weight are similar to that of the AKS74U, while you can confidently shoot from the AKS74U at a distance of up to 300 m, and at short range to hit in bursts, which is no worse than releasing 6 buckshots with one shot from this miracle - yuda. At the same time, the AKS74U will pierce a standard body armor to protect against pistol bullets, and this “miracle” will not be able to penetrate a bulletproof vest. During the assault, the special forces will prefer a full-fledged shotgun or a PP or an assault rifle, because the special forces are transported to the place of the assault by cars, and this short guy didn’t rest against them. And a simple policeman, when patrolling, will prefer to carry a gun on a holster, without bothering with the problem of carrying this bandura with him.
    And for a civilian, shooting a problem will be a non-standard cartridge, which is impossible to buy. The author won out of hopelessness and became a scooter. And at current penny prices for cartridges, it makes no sense to twist the cartridges.
    1. skif02
      10 May 2018 17: 48
      Well, some services in some countries, rifle is not allowed. And besides, in the West, the police traditionally use a smoothbore for carrying out doors, and shooting trauma. And also prefers it when firing in the premises, on the grounds that the fraction does not penetrate the interior partitions (with unpredictable consequences). And the rest of the AKS-74U, or, say, MP-5, is certainly more convenient.
  5. the47th
    the47th 10 May 2018 15: 11
    very convenient reload and forearm position

    And here you can clearly see that reloading with a finger on the descent is fraught with delays and injuries, the shooting itself from the 14th minute (and why the Review has forgotten how to read YouTube’s timestamps).
    In the advertising video, the shooter also removes his finger from the trigger before reloading.
  6. Catfish
    Catfish 10 May 2018 17: 13
    Thanks for the info, Boris.

    The South African military-industrial complex was once in the top ten global arms manufacturers. But then what happened happened. The black guys seized upon the brilliant trinkets of an officer uniform, and the superbly trained White Army of South Africa ceased to exist. The same with the military industrial complex, people went to De Beers and other private structures. It’s a pity that our Cuban friends did not appear in Angola at one time, and there were no rivals on the continent of the South African WHITE Army.
    Now about that trunk which you perfectly presented. Thank God that he only "looks" like an ultrasound scan, he’s never been among those who "licked" this design. But so much has already been said about this. But the machine that you submitted for consideration interested me.
    Because of my age, I have long been growing in the village of the Ryazan region, I have a piece of BM-16, where you aim -
    there you get. But ... a double-barreled shotgun, she’s in Ryazan, in Africa - the same double-barreled shotgun. We have no bandits, but there are enough freaks like everywhere else, and the appearance of this machine suggests certain thoughts (if there is something to think about), I mean automatic "fire". So thanks again for the idea that was thrown in time, and I already mastered self-equipment a long time ago.

    Happily. Good luck. And best regards. hi
  7. Shtroffrus
    Shtroffrus 10 May 2018 19: 53
    Barrel without chrome? Good joke. I speak as the former owner of this miracle
    1. Kot_Kuzya
      Kot_Kuzya 10 May 2018 20: 16
      For liberoids trashing everything domestic, the black trunk has a lot of advantages over Russian chrome. Well, about the same as Freedom of Speech in the US.
      1. skif02
        11 May 2018 00: 06
        Yes, they are now also full-length guns chrome - and guns, and assault rifles
        1. Kot_Kuzya
          Kot_Kuzya 11 May 2018 00: 33
          It is now. And you would read how in the same Hanseatic 10 years ago they extolled the "advantages" of black trunks. A chrome trunks in every possible way vilified.
          1. Michael_Zverev
            Michael_Zverev 11 May 2018 19: 24
            And in what did Black find an advantage there and see the flaws of chrome trunks?
            1. skif02
              11 May 2018 23: 57
              Type of reduced accuracy. Maybe this is a high-precision weapon. Although magnum cartridges kill trunks only on the way, especially black
          2. Grid
            Grid 12 May 2018 00: 39
            A chrome trunks in every possible way vilified.

            This is from the category:
            - Do you like cats?
            - No.
            - Yes, you just do not know how to cook them ...
            Oddly enough, but all such an advanced West for a very long time did not know how to normally chrome trunks. Then, of course, we learned, but it was only later ...
  8. The comment was deleted.
    1. skif02
      11 May 2018 14: 01
      Quite a complicated operation from a technological point of view, and not cheap. Now mastered. And the assurances that chrome reduces the accuracy of an assault rifle or shotgun are just ridiculous.
  9. Understanding
    Understanding 1 December 2020 21: 57
    Nice story! No show-off and water, thanks.