Poem of Maxim (part of 1)

“Everything will be as we want.
In case of misfortune,
We have a machine gun "Maxim",
They have no Maxim "
(Hilary Belloc "New Traveler")

About the Maxim machine gun did not write except that lazy. But ... it always happens when you collect material for several years, it is, firstly, a lot, and secondly, there is a lot of it in it that previously escaped the attention of the authors. Therefore, sometimes it is worth returning to any topic, including the "topic of the Maxim machine gun, which fully pretends to become the most real" poem. " It is strange, of course, to feel respect for the person who became most famous for the fact that the invention he created killed the most people on planet Earth. But it just so happened that everyone just admires it, but he somehow forgotten that he created the device that killed the most mice - the mousetrap. By the way, it is for the mousetrap that he is worthy of the monument, and for his machine gun curses for ever and ever. But since we live in our traditional world ... then let it be the other way around. We will not break the tradition! And if so, then let us once again get to know the person who created this suicidal invention, and his machine gun himself.

Maxim was born in Sanguville, Maine, 5 February 1840 of the year. He became an apprentice to a blacksmith (according to other sources, a carriage master) at the age of 14 years, and ten years later got a job with his uncle Levi Stevens in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Subsequently, he worked in different places and changed many professions. But everywhere he was distinguished by such qualities as an inquisitive mind and a desire for invention.

Hiram Maxim with his first machine gun.

Interestingly, his brother, Maxim Hudson, was also a military inventor who specialized in the development of explosives. For the time being, they worked quite closely, but then they had disagreements over the patent for smokeless powder. The patent claimed by Hiram was signed by “H. Maxim ”, and that's why they quarreled. Now it is difficult to say which of them borrowed from whom, but the jealousy and disagreements between us caused such discord that he lasted throughout their rest of his life, which, by the way, Hudson stayed in the US, and Hiram was forced to leave for Europe. Two bears in one den turned closely!

Poem of Maxim (part of 1)

Sample machine gun 1884 year in section.

Hiram Maxim first married Englishwoman Jane Badden, 11 May 1867, in Boston, Massachusetts. The children were born Hiram Percy Maxim, Florence Maxim and Adelaide Maxim. Hiram Percy Maxim followed in the footsteps of his father and uncle, and also became a mechanical engineer and designer weapons. He later wrote a book about his father called “The Genius in the Family,” containing about 60 funny stories from his life with his father. Most of these stories are very interesting and give the reader a visual idea of ​​the personal and family life of a person of such a multifaceted talent. Interestingly, in 1946, they even made a feature film for it.

Patent No.297278 1884 of the M1876 hard drive recharging mechanism. As you can see, the device is very simple. The plate on the back of the butt is connected by a spring-loaded lever with a bolt. Recoil force plate tightened and simultaneously actuates the shutter. Everything is very simple. Easier than this system was perhaps that one of the first systems of automatic Browning rifles with a cup at the muzzle of the barrel with a crank and a long pull to the bolt. When fired, the bullet flew into the hole in the cup, but the gases pressed on it, threw back on the crank and forced the thrust and bolt to move. Very efficient design. But very uncomfortable!

For the second time, he married his secretary and mistress, Sarah, the daughter of Charles Haynes from Boston, in 1881. The marriage was registered at Westminster in London in 1890. In addition, there was a woman named Helen Leighton who claimed that he married her in the 1878 year and that "he deliberately committed bigamy" being married to his current wife Jane Badden. She claimed that she bore a daughter from him, whom he subsequently left 4 000 pounds sterling. It is quite possible (although the claims of this woman were not proved in court) that such generosity could have certain grounds.

Another Maxim patent for an automatic rifle. Massive bolt rests on the rod with a spring located in the tube in the butt. Well, there is even nothing to explain. Before us is a diagram of a finished submachine gun, which simply never occurred to anyone!

It must be said that Maxim was the author of a mass of useful inventions, and often they were born spontaneously, as far as he personally felt the need. For example, he suffered from bronchitis for a long time and ... manufactured, and then patented a pocket menthol inhaler, and then a larger desktop steam inhaler, which used coniferous steam, which, he said, could alleviate asthma, tinnitus , fight hay fever and Qatar. And when he was reproached that he added to his suffering people with his machine gun, he invariably replied that no one considered how many people he had brought relief from suffering.

Hiram Maxim crowned with glory!

So, one large furniture factory often suffered from fires, and Maxim was invited for a consultation - how to prevent their recurrence. As a result, Maxim invented the first automatic fire sprinkler, which also reported a fire to the fire station. He also developed and installed the first electric lights in New York (“Fair building of life” on the No. 120 on Broadway) at the end of the 1870s. About how significant were his work in the field of electrification, testifies to his litigation with Edison himself over patent rights to the incandescent bulb. Working in this area, he came to England in the 1881 year to reorganize the London offices of the Electric Electricing Company. And here in Vienna (at least that's what the legend says, the author of which was most likely himself) in 1882, he met an American friend who advised him to quit chemistry and electricity and come up with something deadly, because that’s good to earn.

"Maxim" Mk.I sample 1892 year. Already pretty close to what we know.

And I must say that in his childhood Maxim was knocked down by the recoil of the rifle butt when fired, and this made him think of using this recoil to create an automatically reloaded weapon. In the period from 1883 to 1885, Maxim patented a number of mechanisms using the recoil force. It was then that he moved to England, settled in a large house, formerly owned by Lord Thurlow in West Norwood, where he developed his machine gun, which operated with recoil energy. In the local press, he announced that he was going to experiment with firearms in his garden, and asked his neighbors to open their windows in order to avoid trouble with broken glasses.

“Maxim-Nordenfeld” is an ultra-lightweight model of 1895. At that time, the idea of ​​water cooling the barrel and all this fussing with water topping up seemed absurd to many military men. They rightly noted that the soldiers could have far from always water, especially in such quantities as the Maxim machine gun had devoured it. In addition, with a water jacket and water in it, it was much harder than without them. In general, the weapon, in their opinion, was too heavy ... And Maxim didn’t argue, but he immediately made a model of a machine gun, firstly, extremely lightweight, and secondly - with air cooling.

Machine gun 1895 of the year under the British caliber .303.

Note also that Maxim was not only a good inventor, but also a skillful manager. He regularly invited to the demonstration of his machine guns crowned persons of different countries, and when they honored him with his visit, he took pictures with them and immediately published these photos in print!

King Edward VII of England personally shoots Maxim's machine gun. Here's how to promote your inventions !!!

8 March 1888 of the year from the Maxim machine gun was fired by the Russian emperor Alexander III in the arena of the Anichkov Palace. After the tests, representatives of the Russian military department ordered Maxim 12 machine guns of the 1885 model of the year under the 10,67-mm cartridge of Berdan rifle. In 1914, this machine gun was presented to the Artillery Historical Museum in St. Petersburg by the Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich. For some reason, the caliber of the signature under the machine gun is 11,43-mm. The museum workers were wrong. Berdan's rifle had a caliber in 4,2 Russian lines, which is exactly 10,67-mm. (Photo by N. Mikhailov)

A very interesting sample, and above all that it has both a pistol grip and a trigger, as well as a handle with a trigger. That is ... to choose from! If you want - so, you want - here is the commercial: “Any whim for your money!” A wonderful marketing ploy. (Photo by N. Mikhailov)

To be continued ...
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  1. +6
    4 May 2018 05: 58
    Wonderful construction and in the Russian version is generally legendary
    1. Cat
      4 May 2018 06: 07
      More than half a century in service !!!
      1. +7
        4 May 2018 09: 24
        In the British version, even more, but Russian is not bad - when and where it shoots, and not bad shoots.
        1. +11
          4 May 2018 11: 55
          Quote: Kibb
          when and where it shoots, and not bad shoots.

          So, and now you can buy a "carbine" (!) "Maxim"!
          1. +5
            4 May 2018 13: 15
            Thought something already could not surprise me. laughing
          2. +5
            4 May 2018 13: 17
            Maxim’s carbine is some kind of stupid show off: “look and envy my“ shooter. ”But seriously, such a carbine will be bought only by someone who is crazy about fat: Saiga is much more convenient for hunting, or any double-barreled gun is much more convenient for saigas” "hunting option:" Sveta "," SKS "," Mosinki. "I now remembered Gaidai’s film:" Operation Y ", when Shurik was on duty with a berdanka, and if he had Maxim? It would be a sight
            1. +4
              4 May 2018 20: 00
              Quote: Monarchist
              Maxim’s carbine is some kind of stupid show off: “look and envy my“ shooter. ”But seriously, such a carbine will be bought only by someone who is crazy about fat: Saiga is much more convenient for hunting, or any double-barreled gun is much more convenient for saigas” "hunting option:" Lights "," SKS "," Mosinki ".

              Yes, do not pay attention to the official classification. smile Nobody will go hunting with this carbine. Just the only way to legalize the combat "Maxim" (not MMG) in our conditions is to kick it into the classification "long-barrel firearm with rifled barrel".
              1. +2
                5 May 2018 01: 51
                Quote: Alexey RA
                Nobody will go hunting with this carbine.

                Or maybe you say that! I’m not a hunter, but in the cinema I saw how they set up an "ambush" on a boar! As they expect a boar at the feeding place .... That’s where the bullet is .... The Maxim carbine came in handy! fellow And what pictures would then have turned out ...: wild boar, "Maxim" ... and "modest hero"! wink good
                And in the criminal part? Remember how in one village (a village?) A former special Nazi soldier in a hut fired from a gypsy gang? Wouldn't Maxim fit into that story? angry
          3. +4
            4 May 2018 14: 59
            Quote: Nikolaevich I
            So, and now you can buy a "carbine" (!) "Maxim"!

            So ordinary incandescent lamps have become heat generators.
            1. +5
              4 May 2018 15: 33
              Quote: Amurets
              conventional incandescent lamps became heat generators.

              So ...... and that is true! Yes What kind of lamp is it when 95% of electricity is "converted" into heat ?! wink And anyway .... a pleasant factor (!): And the "wolves" are full ... (demand is there, supply is valid ...) ...). And the sheep are safe (the law is bypassed, there’s nothing to complain about ... ) tongue
          4. 0
            5 May 2018 09: 51
            Well, I’m not talking about “carbine”, but there are still a lot of them in warehouses - at a checkpoint or other stationary position, there’s still water cooling. It’s just that the Vickers were in service for a long time after the maxim (though they are no longer quite maxim)
    2. +11
      4 May 2018 09: 25
      Quote: polpot
      Wonderful construction and in the Russian version is generally legendary

      In the old machine-gun pillboxes on the Soviet-Chinese border, installations under Maxim remained until the last, until, on the basis of an agreement on the withdrawal of troops, the Far Eastern URs were disarmed. With water-cooled trunks, there was no problem replacing superheated trunks

      This is how the GPP looked assembled from STAD machines. Corrugated hoses were used to extract powder gases and to supply water to the machine gun casing.
      And yet: "At the end of the XIX century, the creators of the first machine guns sincerely believed that their offspring would make war impossible - the effects of automatic fire are too destructive, and the attackers cause too much loss.
      Alas, these hopes of “eternal peace” did not come true. Machine guns were actively used in all wars of the XX century, killing millions of human lives. From S. Fedoseev. "Machine guns of the Russian army in battle."
  2. Cat
    4 May 2018 06: 05
    Vyacheslav Olegovich, it remains only to pick up the words to the music !!!
    Thank you so much for the poem, I read the flight ..... So is the hunt to pick up a tambourine and begin to burn "continuation", "continuation", "continuation", .............
    And today and now !!!
    Sincerely yours, Cat!
    The boy in the village found a machine gun, no one else lives in the village
    1. +6
      4 May 2018 06: 38
      Dear Vladislav! And I would be glad to please you and please immediately and quickly, and probably not only you, but ... even this material has been prepared for exactly a year. And for this, one person went and rented, and then sat and worked in the archive. T imagine the situation - the topic is interesting, and there is something - but there is something and there is no material ... And where to look is unknown. And then you browse site by site. Write is easy. 8000 characters is 40 minutes of work. Here are the "pictures" to pick up and make 92% of the novelty on the Advego-Antiplagiarism system more difficult. In short ... As the young people say now ... There is a second article, a third is written ... And then, like God knows.
    2. +5
      4 May 2018 08: 04
      The little boy found a machine gun -
      No one else lives in the village.
      Except grandfather Ahmed,
      Which has a torpedo
      Yes, and the old grandmother Matryona -
      Sorry for her did not have enough cartridge.

      1. +1
        4 May 2018 13: 31
        Crest, we didn’t know such a song, but there was the so-called “kindergarten library”: dad said to his son: Put two fingers in the socket, there were charred bones, "but I don’t remember anymore. Although wait a little later in the city they said: "the little boy has found debts. The little boy went to the Birch, went delgo: the dolor was returned, but the boy is gone
        1. +2
          4 May 2018 14: 04
          There is a video clip from the show group Masks (were popular at the sunset of the USSR) based on such "nursery" poems! Search the Internet! hi
    3. +5
      4 May 2018 10: 37
      Vyacheslav Olegovich, it remains only to pick up the words to the music !!!

      I recently often start to write comments with the words "I join GlavKot"! drinks what can you do, Vladislav gets up earlier because of geography! request easy, informative, visual. Bravo, Vyacheslav Olegovich, bravo! hi We look forward to continuing. An interesting person was Maxim. It seems that you can safely write an encyclopedia of creativity on it! soldier
      1. Cat
        4 May 2018 17: 57
        No dear Nicholas, Kotische brazenly dodges spring-snow vacation for the length of service! So from Tuesday ...... "geography" does not work !!! winked
        1. +2
          4 May 2018 19: 51
          No dear Nicholas, Kotische brazenly dodges spring-snow vacation for the length of service!

          and here I have not reached the extra five days of vacation and the “sand medal" for three months .. recourse True, three months after my dismissal, I had a “social elevator” that I never thought about! request in general, I do not regret drinks and I wish GlavKot even more brazenly to walk around the fences, to chase everyone, and to yell even louder with pleasure until the end of the vacation! laughing drinks
  3. +13
    4 May 2018 06: 36
    Maxim was born in Sangville, Maine, on February 5, 1840. He became a student of a blacksmith (according to other sources - a carriage master) at the age of 14,

    A carriage master should possess the skills of a blacksmith, and not just a carpenter and a locksmith. In the manufacture of carriages, there was a lot of blacksmithing, starting with the manufacture of nails. And this article once again convinced that if a person is talented, then he is talented in many ways, if not in everything. Thank you, I read a lot of new and interesting things about Maxim Hiram.
  4. avt
    4 May 2018 08: 07
    Handsomely ! good The seed from antiques is quite good, you need to keep the continuation at the level.
  5. +4
    4 May 2018 08: 21
    Very interesting! I look forward to continuing.
  6. +5
    4 May 2018 08: 33
    The legendary machine gun of course and is still being shot in many films. I will attach here an epic scene from "Brother-2."
    1. Cat
      4 May 2018 09: 07
      I AM ? Or in a machine gun tape on a video the cartridges are somehow “stuck” wrong !? Or is it shells?
      1. +4
        4 May 2018 09: 58
        Yes, a complete bullshit happened with this cinematic "shooting from" Maxim ", a bad imitation is absolutely not visible (with this empty tape, and with the ejection of cartridges forward, at least a heap of smoking cartridges was poured, what?), number and excitement is not felt at all, also inappropriate to the moment, completely dead, "song" request ... it’s a pity, but it could be one of the most powerful scenes of the film, with the corresponding production and not in the “one camera”, even without special effects Yes !
        1. +1
          11 May 2018 11: 56
          I agree with the comments on the ejection of cartridges. Force fire shots apparently painted. It is unclear why he raised the whole sight if aiming is done by the flywheels of coarse and fine aiming. And most importantly - at such a distance the bullet scatter is completely absent and the car would simply cut off the roof. (sawed trees at 100 m), and showed the whole a \ m broken through. Save filmmakers on consultants.
      2. +6
        4 May 2018 11: 09
        Quote: Kotischa
        cartridges somehow "stuck" is not it !?

        You're right! The Maxim machine gun has ammunition on the right! And in this movie episode in the tape and ammo "in the normal way" is not visible! "Damn that" without a bow!
  7. +1
    4 May 2018 09: 52
    “The idea of ​​water cooling the barrel and all this fuss with topping up the water seemed absurd to many military men at that time. They rightly noticed that soldiers might not always have water, especially in such quantities as the Maxim machine gun devoured. "with a water jacket and water in it, he was much heavier than without them." - Thank you very much for this comment! I have a very similar situation with these notorious "Many Military". :)
  8. +11
    4 May 2018 09: 56
    A wonderful story ... both about the inventor and the machine gun! Here are just some small questions: 1. The article mentions the son of the inventor Hiram Percy Maxim (after him, it seems, he was named afterwards a pistol with a silencer? ...). But for some reason the complete (! ) inventor name: Hiram Stevens Maxim ...
    2. So "whose" is still the inventor of the machine gun .... "whose" machine gun: American or English? Born and lived in the USA ... the idea of ​​a machine gun appeared in the same place .... but the "light" machine gun "saw" in England, the production of weapons at the Maxim-Norfeld factory also started ... the British used the machine gun for the first time in battle Africa in 1893 In 1899, Maxim received British citizenship, but in many "sources" Hiram Maxim is called an American inventor ... So who is he "really"?
    3. Hiram is in Hebrew. I’m sure that neither in America nor in England did anyone pronounce the name Hiram ... In America they called it Hiram, and in England it was Hiram. It is believed that the use of the name would be more correct in Russian pronunciation Hiram (Hiram).
    4.Although the article is dedicated to Maxim-man and the machine gun, some other types of weapons are mentioned there .... To my great regret, the Maxim-Silverman pistol is not mentioned ... Of course, a "trifle" .... but I really like it ! The image of this pistol is hanging next to my computer ... What a handsome man!

    If I saw this gun in my school years, when I tried to craft all kinds of self-propelled guns and self-arrows, I would definitely "imitate him ....
    1. +2
      11 May 2018 12: 07
      Dear, this is only the first article, and you want everything at once. Hyrum Maxim is an American, and the first patents for a machine gun are also American. But the USA did not want a machine gun, and money needed to be earned, and Maxim offered it to England, apot and in all countries. In England, an agreement was concluded with Firm Vickers (and probably the sale of a license) for the production of a machine gun. The Armed Forces of England first adopted it and applied in Africa. Later, the Vickers company finalized the machine gun: made a ribbing for the barrel cooling casing, and turned the crank upside down - the bunker box became more compact, and the machine gun was lighter; another tripod was used.
      1. +2
        12 May 2018 07: 19
        Thank you for the answer. In 1899, Mr. Hiram Maxim became a British citizen ...... died in 1916 in England as a British citizen. The following is written about Maxim on Wikipedia:
        Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim [1] (sometimes Maxim [2], Eng. Hiram Stevens Maxim, 5 February 1840— 24 November 1916) - British inventor and gunsmith American origin, creator of one of the most famous machine guns - Maxim machine gun.
        Maxim offered his invention to the US Army, but the military refused. Maxim began the production of his invention in England, the English army first used machine guns in battle, there is evidence that the inventor patented a machine gun in England. In 1901. the English queen knighted Hiram Maxim for "outstanding inventions" .... for "American" (!) inventions? belay Is it not considered that Americans cling to a "freebie"?
  9. +5
    4 May 2018 10: 51
    Dear Vyacheslav Olegovich, the beginning of the poem I liked, the beginnings are good! good
    Although, I’m sure that you haven’t written everything you know about this stage of Hiram’s life of our Maxim, because, with your level of knowledge and ability to work with information, you could tell grateful readers much, much more specificity, and not “get off "just hints" around the edges " winked ?!
    Maybe well, these mandatory 92% of novelty, roll the declared topic to the fullest, because even the comments show that not everyone knows the elementary basics of this story about Maxim, so who, if not all of you to collect "to the heap," so say, "in the most integrated form" ?! wink Or save for your new book? smile And I (and probably not only me?) Would like to read holistically here and now, after all, how much is that life ?!
    By the way, you can delve deeper into the philosophical (not only in the antithesis of a machine gun-trap, inhaler) -medical aspects of designing weapons, because it is no secret that Maxim Khairem lived a long, eventful and unceasing intellectual work, life, like Mikhail Kalashnikov, and how many creators of deadly weapons, IMHO, I think that many readers of this will be interesting?
    About Maximov’s weapon designs, there is I.Markevich’s book, little known to a wide circle of interested people, and in the magazine MasterRuzhё, somewhere in the 90s, I met an article about Maxim-man and a machine gun, his famous photo on the background of a thick Chinese tree chopped by a machine gun burst, and the case of the robbery and its long-term, but inevitable, "answer" to the robbers is also described, which also clearly characterizes the stubborn and stubborn Yes the nature of this Designer from God ...
    Your future story about how all infantry combat tactics changed as a result of the use of the first “Maxims”, including the Russian army during the defense of Port Arthur ?!
    Vyacheslav Olegovich, all the pictures for this article are beyond praise, and the photo with King Edward is just a song good ! I really liked it, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times! Yes !
    I look forward to continuing the "Poems about Maxim"! I wish you success and good health!
    1. +4
      4 May 2018 14: 43
      Thank! This is the first! And secondly, such comments are doubly pleasant, as they are the basis for new topics. I didn’t even think about anything ... Thanks again!
  10. +9
    4 May 2018 11: 06
    Thank you for the informative article about the automatic gambler of the Maxim system (machine gun of the Maxim system)! hi
    1. +4
      4 May 2018 12: 20
      Thank you, dear VictorZhivilov! good
      So I would look and look at this wonderful animation, mesmerizing, chesslovo Yes
      Not without reason, at that time, the heyday of designs for mechanical sewing machines ... produced, often in the same factories as in Podolsk, was observed.
      1. +2
        4 May 2018 14: 58
        There is animation on the very first model of 1884. It is even more interesting!
        1. +3
          4 May 2018 18: 40
          Thank you, Vyacheslav Olegovich, for your feedback on my comment!
          I read it in the afternoon, but only now I have the opportunity to write.
          I’ll definitely look at the animation of the 1884 model, somehow I didn’t think at all that there could be anything on the Web and you just need to correctly search Yes .
  11. +2
    4 May 2018 13: 50
    All the peasants have shot at least once in their lives, but only Hiroma Maxim’s return gave me the idea that it could be used to good use!
    "She claimed that she had given birth to his daughter" whether he knew it or not, but something tells me: if he was in a simple state or Kuznetsk it is unlikely that Helen Leighton would say that he: "deliberately became a bigamist"
    1. +1
      4 May 2018 14: 27
      Quote: Monarchist
      but only Hiroma Maxim’s bestowed the idea that it can be used to good use!

      And I thought - Browning.
    2. +1
      11 May 2018 12: 17
      Not only not one. Baranovsky V.S. in 1873 he used the recoil of the barrel to develop a semi-automatic gun. Krupp also developed similar. There were enough craftsmen. Maxim used this in a machine gun.
  12. +1
    4 May 2018 14: 17
    Quote: pishchak
    Thank you, dear VictorZhivilov! good
    So I would look and look at this wonderful animation, mesmerizing, chesslovo Yes
    Not without reason, at that time, the heyday of designs for mechanical sewing machines ... produced, often in the same factories as in Podolsk, was observed.

    I would clarify: at that time there were a lot of convincing inventions. It was a century of inventions: telephone, telegraph, cinema, glasses, electrodes, Mausers created pistols and rifles, Maxim created: a mousetrap, a machine gun and a whole bunch more
    1. +2
      4 May 2018 18: 34
      Comrade Monarchist, I am very grateful for your indifferent clarification! good
      I also clarify: I wrote specifically about sewing machines, as the most "advanced" mechanisms, with all their cam levers and wings, akin to machine guns of the time. Yes
      It was not without reason that he mentioned the plant in Podolsk, in Soviet times, better known for its peaceful products, the famous "Shelves" good - I sewed on such ones myself in my youth, and even now I use them sometimes when I need to sew or sew something (well-adjusted and oiled is not a machine, a beast smile !)
      Believe me, I know quite well the history of technology, and who invented what and what at the Mauser brothers factory, as well as the biography of Hiram Maxim in general and even with some details Yes
      Thank you very much! good
  13. +7
    4 May 2018 14: 50

    Hiram Stevens Maxim, inventor of the MAXIM machine gun. Authorship made in a single copy of bronze. in our workshop. High quality workmanship, fine detail. The work was done on a real historical event captured in a photograph of a demonstration of a machine gun by the Chinese government. During the demonstration, the inventor directed the machine gun in the direction of the growing large oak, and made a burst of two hundred and fifty bullets, after which it collapsed. The Chinese were amazed by what they saw, saying that for China the machine gun fires very quickly! Hiram Stevens Maxim is the inventor of thousands of inventions, of which 293 have been successfully patented. Workshop "LITVIN"
  14. +13
    4 May 2018 14: 53
    "On March 8, 1888, the Russian Emperor Alexander III shot at Maxim’s machine gun in the arena of the Anichkov Palace. After the tests, representatives of the Russian military department ordered Maxim 12 machine guns of the 1885 model with a 10,67 mm cartridge for the Berdan rifle. In 1914, this machine gun was donated by the Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich to the Artillery Historical Museum in St. Petersburg. For some reason, the signature on the machine gun caliber is 11,43 mm. Museum workers made a mistake. The Berdan rifle had a caliber of 4,2 Russian lines, which is exactly 10,67 mm. "
    Museum workers were not mistaken.Moreover, the staff of such a museum. On March 8, 1888, Emperor Alexander III fired a Maxim machine gun under a cartridge of 11,43 mm caliber. It was these machine guns in 1887 that were purchased by Russia for comparative tests with Nordenfeld's card case. The tests were mired in discussions between machine gun supporters and "drago-mirs" advocating for saving ammunition. Maxim, as an excellent marketer, attracted the king to the process, which moved something as if from a dead point. At the end of the tests, Maxim, Vickers and Sons received an urgent order to manufacture as many as 12 machine guns under the 10,67-mm Berdan rifle cartridge, which was accepted for supply in the Russian army. Tests of a new version of the machine gun revealed the unreliability of the automation. Further refinement of this machine gun was required at the factory in England.
    While the machine gun was being finalized, the standard rifle and cartridge were replaced in Russia: a three-line (7,62 mm) magazine rifle of the Mosin system of the 1891 model was adopted for the Russian army. Therefore, the caliber of the machine gun also had to be changed, unifying it with a rifle.
    So it’s not worth incompetence to defame the honest name of the workers of the Military History Museum of Artillery, engineering troops and communications troops.
    As for Maxim, for 40 years of active work he received 122 American and 149 English patents. Among his inventions are machines for sawing stones and producing pipes, an automatic fire extinguisher, a regulator of gas burners, improved methods for producing light gas and phosphoric anhydride, steam power installations for water machines, a vacuum cleaner, a ship’s automatic machine, an inhaler, an improved blackboard for schools, an amusement ride , the design of the electric motor and generator, electric meter and regulator, switch and batteries, coal arc electric lamps, its method of producing incandescent lamps was used up to the production of Edison lamps. Maxim ventured to even engage in aviation and made a significant contribution to its development and formation. Already after the success of his machine guns and automatic cannons, Maxim was engaged in explosives, mines and torpedoes, developed the design of a bulletproof cuirass, a self-loading pistol. Together with his son, Hiram Percy, the elderly designer patented in 1908–1910. various silencers for rifles and guns.
    1. +4
      4 May 2018 18: 12
      That is, in 1888, the emperor shot another 11,43 mm, and then there was an order for 10,67 mm? Most likely. Well, this typo is not fixed for long.
      1. +2
        4 May 2018 19: 51
        Moreover, the cartridge was still under smoky powder.
        1. +3
          4 May 2018 20: 31
          About this (about gunpowder) I just wrote ...
  15. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  16. BAI
    4 May 2018 16: 42
    Speaking of "Maxim" it should be noted:
    When rumors that Hiram Maxim invented a machine gun firing 666 bullets per minute reached China, the famous dignitary Li Hongzhang hurried to England. As soon as he stepped ashore, he declared: "I want to see Hiram Maxim." Finally, the meeting took place, and Maxim showed the guest the destructive effect of his weapon. Shocked, Lee asked: "And how much does the shooting from this wonderful machine gun cost?" "One hundred thirty pounds per minute!" - said Maxim. "This machine gun fires too fast for China ..." Li said thoughtfully.

    And also:
    In 1775, the French engineer Du Perron introduced the young Louis XVI "military organ", driven by a crank, which simultaneously threw 24 bullets. This tool, the prototype of modern machine guns, the inventor accompanied the instruction. But the car seemed to the king and his ministers Malcerb and Turgot so murderous that it was rejected, and its inventor was considered the enemy of mankind.

    Roland of Ronselsky, killed by crowds of Saracens, exclaimed: "Damn the coward who invented weapons capable of killing from a distance."
  17. +2
    4 May 2018 18: 28
    Quote: pishchak
    Or save for your new book?

    No, of course - phew, what suspicions ... I just don’t know much. And then on the machine guns there was a book by Semyon Fedoseyev. I better (in terms of the amount of information) do not write.
    1. +3
      4 May 2018 19: 13
      Dear Vyacheslav Olegovich, it was, just, a friendly second step, as a promising author, absolutely no suspicions! smile Do you think it is inappropriate?
      Books of Semyon Fedoseyev, of course, I read and read, like yours too, I have them in paper and electronic form Yes
      But Semyon Fedoseyev is Semyon Fedoseyev, and Vyacheslav Shpakovsky is Vyacheslav Shpakovsky, each has its own style and angle of view on the same events and models of technology. IMHO
      Incidentally, I am more impressed by your style and look ...
      We all do not know much. request - it was noticed and substantiated by ancient philosophers winked !
      It is by no means necessary to chase “volumes” in order to look from your point of view and “spectrally” expound to your readers what they saw, in conjunction with the general history of technology and “social historicism” smile - you did it well, it turns out (I read your “Standard” - “Marty” on the VO wait for continuation, did you promise?))) and, I am sure, it will turn out from now on, more than once, you will truly please your faithful readers Yes !
      1. +2
        4 May 2018 20: 30
        I understand you! It's just that I do not take humor well, do not blame me. You wrote a very interesting comment. I thought about it for a long time and then made a change to the text of the next chapter. As for books ... publishing houses decide everything. Here they need to - please. You suggest, but they believe that "no" - so at least crack. I have one book twice renamed and changed in content due to changes in the "policies" of the publisher, and one had to be redone several times. So it’s difficult here. Time will tell...
  18. 0
    5 May 2018 18: 25
    For some reason, the signature on the machine gun caliber indicated 11,43-mm. Museum workers made a mistake. The Berdan rifle had a caliber in the 4,2 Russian lines, which is exactly the 10,67 mm.

    But isn’t the fact that in different countries the caliber is measured differently? Somewhere between the rifling fields, and somewhere along the rifling itself?
  19. -1
    10 May 2018 08: 46
    interesting article. I did not know much about the inventor. but what’s amazing - having managed to develop a complex reload mechanism, the monster was rolled out on a gun carriage ... although the decision to facilitate the construction would seem obvious

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