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The American fleet is outdated due to Russian rocket technology.

The anti-Russian stance is now popular abroad, and the mass media are responding to such a “demand”. However, attempts are being made to change this state of affairs. Some foreign-language publications, differing from their colleagues by an open pro-Russian stance, are trying to promote an alternative point of view on issues of politics, economics, and material matters. Curious material of this kind was published a few days ago by the online publication Russia Insider.

21 April edition published an article by Dmitry Orlov, "Russian Missile Tech has Made America's Trillion Dollar Navy Obsolete" - "Russian rocket technology made obsolete the US fleet worth a trillion dollars." The subtitle stated that times change, and America can no longer project its military power as it did in Iraq. These days are irretrievably gone.

The author begins his material with an excursion into history naval fleets. In the past 500 years, European states such as Portugal, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and, to a lesser extent, Germany have been able to plunder the rest of the planet, for which they used powerful fleets. A significant part of the world's population lives along the coast, and trade is conducted mainly using waterways. Thanks to this, the ships that arrived from nowhere could impose their will.

Military Brontosaurus crippling budgets

Armada past could rob, impose tribute and punish the recalcitrant. Then the funds received were used to build new ships that were needed to expand empires. All this allowed a small region with limited natural resources and some initial advantages to dominate the world over half a millennium.

The current heir to such a naval imperial policy, the author of Russia Insider, calls the United States. With a huge network of military bases around the world and with floating airfields, aircraft carriers with numerous aircraft, this country can impose Pax Americana ideas on the entire planet. Rather, she could do it - for a short period between the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of new global powers in the form of Russia and China. New superpowers have modern developments in the field of anti-aircraft and anti-ship weapons. As a result, the “US imperial project” is coming to an end.

The author recalls that in the past, the United States did not risk directly threatening the allied countries of the USSR. Nevertheless, the available naval power allowed them to control the sea freight, primarily oil and petroleum products. America managed to initiate the sale of oil only for dollars. She was able to issue debt in her own currency and force other countries to invest in them. It became possible to import everything desired, paying with borrowed money and “exporting” inflation. In addition, the actual expropriation of savings of people around the world was carried out.

These processes led to the formation of a staggeringly large public debt. The US debt has never been so great, neither absolute nor relative. D. Orlov reminds that undermining such a “debt bomb” will lead to a financial catastrophe that will affect not only the United States, but also other countries. Such catastrophic processes will begin after the US naval and air superiority can no longer provide a steady flow of “petrodollars.”

Further, the author proceeds to consider the main threats to American naval power. He points out that the new missile technology significantly reduced the cost of the battle against naval armada. Used to fight powerful fleet required ships superior to the enemy in speed and firepower. That is how the Spanish armada was defeated by the British Royal Navy. In the recent past, this meant that only a country with comparable industrial potential could fight the United States. Therefore, most states could only dream about it.

Now the situation has changed. Russia has at its disposal new missiles capable of flying a thousand kilometers and breaking through the enemy defenses. Only one such rocket will be able to sink a destroyer, and two will cope with an aircraft carrier. With such weapons, the American fleet can be sunk without its own powerful naval grouping. The relative size of the military budgets of the United States and Russia are now irrelevant. Russian industry will be able to produce hypersonic rockets much faster than the American - aircraft carriers.

The author also calls the progress significant in the field of air defense systems, expressed in the form of S-300 and S-400 complexes. Where these systems are deployed, for example in Syria, combat aviation The US is forced to refrain from active action.

As superiority at sea and in the air is rapidly declining, the United States may be forced to use large expeditionary forces. This option is unpleasant politically, and also was not justified during the operations of recent years in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is also a solution with the use of nuclear weapons, which so far cannot be neutralized. However, nuclear weapons are only useful as a deterrent. Its special value lies in the ability to prevent the development of conflict with the transition of a certain point. However, these events are associated with the complete destruction of advantages in the military-air and naval sphere. The author also recalls that in some situations, nuclear weapons are not just useless, but also dangerous. Aggressive behavior against a country with its own nuclear potential may be a real suicide.

Currently, according to D. Orlov, the United States is in a difficult situation, which, in fact, is one big financial problem. The country is facing outstanding debt and insufficient income. In this situation, a very unpleasant discovery is the fact that no nuclear explosions in various parts of the world can solve the problems of a collapsing empire.

The author recalls that the events testifying to the most serious changes in the world themselves look insignificant. Thus, the transition of Julius Caesar through the Rubicon was just a crossing over the river, and the meeting of the Red Army and the American soldiers on the Elbe was, conventionally speaking, a secondary event, in its scale inferior to the blockade of Leningrad, the Battle of Berlin or the fall. However, all these small events were signals of a “tectonic shift” in the historical landscape.

In the light of such arguments, the author considers the latest events. Not long ago, something similar could be observed during the “ridiculously tiny Battle of Eastern Guta” in Syria. Under the pretext of an alleged chemical attack by government troops, the United States and its allies launched a full-scale missile attack on several airfields and other facilities. American politicians responsible for actions in the international arena tried to demonstrate that they still play a leading role in the world and are able to make decisions. However, in practice, the air and naval forces showed themselves not in the best way.

All this, according to Russia Insider, is terrible news for the military and political leadership of the United States. In addition, congressmen will not be happy with such results of combat work, in their constituencies there are defense industry enterprises or army facilities. Also, the latest news may strike at defense enterprises, military base personnel, etc. Finally, all this is terrible in terms of economics. At the moment, defense spending is the only effective means of stimulating the economy available to Washington.

If you recall the events of the recent past, the administration of Barack Obama tried to stimulate the economy with the help of the so-called. Shovel-ready jobs. It was assumed that such projects would prevent a sharp decline in the level of participation in the workforce (a kind of euphemism for denoting a decrease in unemployment). There is also another plan for solving the same tasks, which is to invest big money in the company SpaceX Ilona Mask. At the same time, purchases of vital rocket engines from Russia continue, which in the meantime plans to stop such deliveries in response to sanctions from the United States.

If, however, to remove the incentive protecting it from the economy of the United States, the consequences, according to Russia Insider, will be the saddest. The American economy will first make a roar, followed by a hushed whistle.

The author indicates that all interested persons and structures will now do everything possible to hide current problems as long as possible. No one should understand that American foreign policy and the military are now virtually neutralized. However, he believes that the sea and air forces of the United States will not suffer any crushing defeat from the enemy. In addition, they will not be disbanded after the current problems of a military-technical nature become apparent.

According to D. Orlov, the collapse of the United States Air Force and Navy will look different. Due to the lack of sufficient funding, they will have to drastically reduce their operational activities. Before they finally “surrender”, several new loud strikes are possible. But in the future they will have to listen mainly to complaints. So, as the author recalls, the Soviet Union was leaving, and such a fate was prepared for the United States.

* * *

The controversy over the upcoming economic collapse of the United States has been going on for years, but the most radical forecasts are not yet justified. At the same time, very interesting trends were clearly manifested in the field of armaments and military equipment. They cannot be a direct confirmation of an emergency catastrophe for the United States, but they significantly change the situation and affect the balance of power. In addition, new types of weapons and equipment can influence the policies of certain states towards each other.

The article of Russia Insider rightly notes that modern anti-ship missiles are a convenient and cost-effective means of protection against armadas of a potential enemy. Just a few missiles that have broken through the warrant's defenses can sink any ship and prevent the enemy from accomplishing the tasks assigned. At the same time, in accordance with current views on defense, Russian anti-ship missiles are based on land, water, under water and in the air.

The situation is similar in the field of air defense systems. In this area, our country occupies a leading position, and produces the most modern means of protection of different classes. The range of products allows Russia or any foreign country to create a layered air defense system that can cope with all relevant threats. At the same time, the development of anti-aircraft complexes continues, and in the near future several new products of different classes should be put into service.

If economic or political processes can be a subject of controversy, then in the field of armaments the situation is clear. Russia can respond to a potential threat from the United States by a number of its new developments, which have already been adopted or are close to it. New Russian armaments are capable of leveling the characteristic advantages of the American armed forces. And this may have a negative impact on the further development of the army and the US economy. Whether Russian missiles will be able to launch the processes predicted by Russia Insider, time will tell.

The article “Russian Missile Tech Naked Obsolete”:
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  1. ammunition
    ammunition April 27 2018 06: 47
    Not the fleet is the most dangerous and powerful weapon of the Anglo-Saxons. Fleet is an addition.
    Their most powerful weapon is their sophisticated "art" of provocations and the bleeding of unwanted countries with each other.
    500 years they managed it. And with each century - better and better.
    So .. beware UNKNOWN WHERE taking tension or conflict with China. Against the background of the chaos that they (the Anglo-Saxons) arrange along our borders. sad
    Easy .. and we can do nothing.
    This is the "ease" with which they make problems, and we should be wary.
    1. newcomer
      newcomer April 27 2018 07: 07
      regarding the article _ such is life. Thank you for expressing the author’s point of view. I disagree only in one thing, the Yankees will not idly wait for the collapse of the economy. to maintain the vital activity of the vampire’s body, a new victim is needed, the victim must be large enough to saturate the uterus of the yankee and European jackals, and only we can satiate them. therefore, I am pleased with the fact that in some respects we are more prepared than we were by the year 41. The main highlight of readiness_ is the experience of the same 41st. and China, a colleague, is not so stupid as to pretend to be provocative from the outside, this will be tantamount to the self-mortal killing of China's bright dream of dominance in the region. why in the region and not in the world? he has many problems with Asian neighbors, without solving them, China will not be able to think about something else. China will never lead a provocation against us, because it is suicide. and from a practical point of view, we and the Chinese have a lot of joint affairs on the nose. as recent events have shown, in my opinion, we have only two honest allies_ China and Iran. I think so.
      1. Per se.
        Per se. April 27 2018 07: 38
        Quote: newbie
        we have, in my opinion, only two honest ally_ China and Iran. I think so.
        For our country, I will repeat it a million times by everyone, we have allies in the army and navy, well, and for our burzhuins there is still oil and gas. As for China and Iran, these countries have never been Russia's historical allies. At present, we are simply friends with Iran against the United States, and China, for which the crafty West allowed the "Chinese miracle" to take place, and, for some reason, China is not stifled with sanctions and isolation, like Russia, at least for one thing in China "Communists", moreover, closes their eyes to terry piracy, theft of technology, copyright infringement. Think about why capitalist Russia is an enemy to the West, and "red" China is in itself, quiet on our borders, pumping up a huge industrial potential and combat power. Sooner or later, the forced Chinese economy will not only have China within its present borders, but, actually, the Chinese do not hide their territorial claims to all neighboring countries and applications for world hegemony. There is such a science, geopolitics, unfortunately, the Anglo-Saxons succeeded in it, and for a long time we had it at the level of astrology or alchemy ... India can be an ally to us, but not Chinese "national communists", who, having sucked out of Russia Soviet military technology will soon cease to smile at us.
        1. newcomer
          newcomer April 27 2018 08: 14
          besides emotions in your comment I didn’t see anything; you can repeat the same thing at least in the second round_ two million times, but justify why you didn’t agree with me why you didn’t agree. Yes, colleague, geopolitics, say, well, yes, where did you see the unionist who is ready to go free of charge with the Russian Federation? they choose allies according to the situation; more precisely, the situation is tactical or strategic. Why are you embroiled in the Chinese economy? do everything that is beneficial to the country, to people. We are thinking of legalizing the same piracy, what’s the problem? historically, if you look deeper, we have neither constant enemies, nor constant friends, that is to say allies - there are no countries on the globe with which we would either not fight or were not friends. Well, if you want, it’s impossible to choose according to historical patterns, you have to choose from what is. and what do we have? _ Iran, China, Serbia, Cuba and the little things. the list is small, but the perpetrators themselves_ have given everyone to strangle. and the last thing that interested me in your comment. you haven’t been able to see the movements of China and Iran over the past few years, although you talk about historical parameters.
          1. Per se.
            Per se. April 27 2018 10: 43
            Quote: newbie
            except for emotions in your comments did not see anything
            "I'm sorry," though, it is a pity that they did not see anything. Simply, if you are talking about allies, this is somewhat more than current interest partners and circumstance companions. I called that India could be an ally, we can add Vietnam, Cuba all countries that have friendly ties with Russia, mutual interests, lack of territorial and other claims. It is necessary to fight for allies, to demand from them and to give them, it is difficult, it is easier to make enemies. I am sorry if the words about the allies at the very beginning of my previous commentary could have been perceived as a kind of moral. You expressed your opinion, I own, on that and decide.
            1. newcomer
              newcomer April 27 2018 11: 41
              Per se. all this: allies and other concepts_ beautiful words from the diplomatic lexicon. we have the Union State and the CIS, but I don’t see any special geopolitical steps in unison with us. I repeat, we choose travel companions, even so, if you like, for a future or a strategy. or you are going to live forever, or you think that the geopolitical arrangement has hung forever. I do not agree with you.
        2. Tomato
          Tomato April 27 2018 18: 11
          The phrase "we have allies in the army and navy," sounds just as silly as - I have 2 friends; left fist and right.
          Simply put - there is no ally. This is very sad.
          That's about China, I agree completely. As Nazarbayev said: friends come from afar, and enemies are always nearby. I wonder who from mean?
      2. NEXUS
        NEXUS April 27 2018 09: 49
        Quote: newbie
        and from a practical point of view, we and the Chinese have a lot of joint affairs on the nose. as recent events have shown, in my opinion, we have only two honest allies_ China and Iran. I think so

        You are mistaken ... and India and ... Pakistan is not strange. I will say more, we pick our nose for a very long time, not rushing to go to meet the construction of a new silk road. And in this regard, the rejection of Armenia from the Russian Federation is very inappropriate. Asia is much more important to us than Europe, because the markets in it are much more dynamically developing, while the population is not an example of the EU. China has long been talking about the Silk Road, but we do not moo and do not calve. We are working sluggishly with the same Pakistan, as well as with Iran. I'm not talking about how we are stupidly losing the post-Soviet space.
        For example, Ukraine ... another ten years, and the generation that still remembers the USSR will be sidelined and then nothing will connect us with Ukraine. Why do our diplomats and politicians not use such a trump card in the CIS as the multiplicity of Russians and Russian speakers in this territory? What are we waiting for? Until we are replaced by mattresses from the territories of our interests? How much has been invested in Ukraine by us? An order of magnitude more than the United States has invested, and as a result, the proshtat blockhead is sitting in Kiev. Since the 90s, the rulers of the CIS countries have been convinced that if they move away from Russia, then neither they nor these countries will have anything for it. And it was. We played with these sovereignty in the post-Soviet space. The United States, overgrown regimes spread rot on all fronts, so they sit quietly, and we play nobility no one needs. And returning to the same Ukraine, one question comes to mind - What are we waiting for? Country after country in the CIS, mattresses are torn away from us, despite the fact that in all these countries it is full of our compatriots and sympathizers. And we have been sitting for 30 years and have been comforting ourselves with the hope that they’ll change their minds, that the peoples of these countries will return their countries to the pro-Russian field themselves. They will not return if they don’t do nichrome, and it’s resolute and tough.
        1. newcomer
          newcomer April 27 2018 10: 18
          after reading your comment, I still do not understand what was wrong? naming allies, I proceeded from the degree of importance made in relation to us over the past decades. and yet la, while we, as crazy suicides, climb to cuddle with our murderer, many sympathizers turned away. yet, where are the differences between our opinions?
          1. NEXUS
            NEXUS April 27 2018 10: 30
            Quote: newbie
            naming allies, I proceeded from the degree of importance made towards us over the past decades

            Your mistake in tm is that you call economic partners allies. Even in the territory of the CIS we do not have allies, otherwise the CSTO countries would take an active part in Syria, but this is not observed.
            We are losing Cuba, just as we are losing the Indian market. We are being kicked out of there by kicks, however, just like from Syria, creating tools that would allow us to bypass our right to veto whatever we want. And in this regard, we would be much more active and closer to work with China and the same Cuba, and India ... I generally am silent about the CIS. But I’ll say that a little more time will pass and the rejection of the brotherly country (Ukraine) will end, because the generation of people who remember the USSR will go to the sidelines and people will come who will not connect anything with our common history.
            1. newcomer
              newcomer April 27 2018 11: 31
              Well, eco, you pulled me by the letter. Allies, of course, do not exist at all. this is a term denoting countries that are close to one another or somehow, economic as you say. it’s something like a portneroa, koi really are enemies, but in fact we are in contact, we are exchanging something, it means tailors. Well, about the CIS, I generally keep quiet. there is no power here that would set us on the shoulder. since the times of the USSR, it has been the custom, milked all the republics of the RSFSR and do not give a damn. the same here, all sorts of “unions” only for the purpose of milking the RF now. Russia needs this, the CIS, to at least prevent the Yankees from entering these territories. Well, about our softness, Kazakhstan shouts louder than asekh. yes, and about allies and tailors. Yes, let there be economic ones, at least some, then no others. Yes, strong alliances are born on economic ground, not ideological. Well on this great burned, right?
        2. Abrascha
          Abrascha April 27 2018 14: 22
          You are absolutely right, Moscow with all its might, pushing away from itself all the post-Soviet countries and all the Russian people living there. In fact, she preferred to simply forget about them. My eldest son, with all his might, was eager for the Ryazan landing party, he wanted to, so to speak, "follow in his father's footsteps." He didn’t even look at the documents. As a result, he now serves in the French foreign legion, where they accepted him, which is called "with a bang." Well, how many more of these Russian boys, whose dreams are based on the stories of their fathers, crashed on the attitude of the Russian state to the Russian people left on the outskirts of the Empire. Well, apparently Moscow is not interested in anyone other than oil workers and gas workers. With what I sincerely congratulate her.)))
        3. Tomato
          Tomato April 27 2018 18: 15
          “Asia is much more important to us than Europe, because the markets in it are much more dynamically developing ...” is a very interesting statement. And what Russian products are in demand in Asia? And who in Asia can help us in terms of technology? Iran, Pakistan ?? With finances, too, entertaining. It is indicative of how China funded the Power of Siberia.
          1. dSK
            dSK April 28 2018 07: 13
            Quote: Tomatoes
            It is indicative of how China funded the Power of Siberia.

            The Power of Siberia was supposed to be financed by our NWF and receive a guaranteed income.
            1. Tomato
              Tomato April 28 2018 09: 19
              Ahhhh, I have to ... read Putin’s previous campaign promises. A lot of what was supposed to happen. And the Russian economy MUST already enter the top five. But here it hangs in 13th place, between Italy and Argentina. A show off like a power number 1.
    2. dSK
      dSK April 28 2018 07: 21
      Quote: ammunition
      This is the "ease" with which they make problems, and we should be wary.

      Yes, very "cunning" overseas partners have learned how to act with the help of other people.
      Invites us to disperse the "arms race." We do not have an "unlimited printing press", we will have to cut the "social network" and raise the retirement age up to 70 years.
  2. jonht
    jonht April 27 2018 07: 25
    Yes, now time works for US!
    The main thing is not to accelerate global crisis processes wassat .
  3. Vard
    Vard April 27 2018 08: 24
    The war in Iraq ... ended after the Iraqi generals brought the money ... so there is nothing about the ACG ...
  4. Sergey985
    Sergey985 April 27 2018 08: 42
    Frankly, the US Navy is not in danger. They will not risk fighting the nuclear powers, so no one will drown their aircraft carriers. But the rest in fear to keep in a state. So all the talk about missiles that could sink the American fleet is, by and large, about nothing. Will Russia and China begin naval battles? Only in a nightmare.
    1. meandr51
      meandr51 April 27 2018 11: 38
      China, India and Russia will simply push the United States off the map and that’s it. Everyone else is a playground. By the way, we can arm all of our missiles. And who then will the States keep in fear? There will be only holes in the spreading caftan to patch. Yes, and it's time to divide them ...
  5. Yura
    Yura April 27 2018 10: 14
    The article is balanced, with a rather sober look at what is happening. We do not have direct allies, and therefore the defense is built on an independent reflection of any aggressor, but the very presence of economically and politically developed countries (China, India, etc.) is already a help to Russia, because the United States should reserve to prevent undesirable excesses on their part. I would be glad if such countries are in South America and in the Middle East.
    1. Cherry Nine
      Cherry Nine April 27 2018 11: 12
      Quote: Jura
      The article is balanced, with a rather sober look at what is happening

      It’s even amazing how incredible hack Margosh and the others are reporting for grandmas.
      The complete impression is that now with propaganda it’s like tiling in Moscow - no matter how much money you give, they won’t do it normally. That is, they don’t even steal, but simply can not normally.
  6. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk April 27 2018 10: 21
    Curious material of this kind was published several days ago by the online edition of Russia Insider.

    The author forgot to mention that the head office of Russia Insider is located ... in Moscow :))))) That is, by and large, this is not "their" news, but ours :)
    1. meandr51
      meandr51 April 27 2018 11: 39
      Of course, ours. More news, good and different! The main thing is that they go where necessary ...
  7. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 April 27 2018 11: 30
    Time has already shown that the armada from the AUG are neutralized by high-speed Dagger systems and coastal anti-ship missiles. FSE is a prevailing fact!
  8. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 April 27 2018 12: 02
    Well, flood it yourself! laughing
  9. weksha50
    weksha50 April 27 2018 12: 03
    “the events that testify to the most serious changes in the world, by themselves, look insignificant. So, the passage of Julius Caesar through the Rubicon was just a crossing over the river, and the meeting of the Red Army and American soldiers on the Elbe, relatively speaking, was a secondary event... "...

    Hmm .... Now, probably, few people know in the USA that the Russian fleet stood up for the defense of THEIR birth, their struggle against Velikonaglia at that time ...
    Sometimes I would like to turn back the clock ... So that Russia does not protect the emerging states ...
    However ... Then now Naglia would be the "mistress" ... Alas ...
  10. wachmann
    wachmann April 27 2018 12: 29
    "we, we ..", who is this "we"? HSE specialists who methodically and purposefully promote kudrinomika are far from us. while they are in power, we’ll wait for little good, and the “allies”, such as Belarus and Kazakhstan, also tend to sit in “multi-vector” chairs on two chairs, even the events in Nazarbayev didn’t alert, but before that the most cautious was and left the union the latest;)
  11. shinobi
    shinobi April 27 2018 12: 44
    It’s a good article, but incorrect at its core. The reason for the irreplaceable collapse of US hegemony lies in the purely economic plane and is not at all where you are used to looking for it. The USA understands this best of all. Key words “transit country” and “great silk road.” And this is Russia . While the USSR was an "iron curtain" everything was fine. The goods went in a roundabout way under the control of the United States. Who controls the way he owns the world, an axiom that no one will ever cancel. That's why the Yankees fall into hysteria from just one phrase, the Beijing-Moscow axis -Iran. A new silk road. Directly. By land. Once it is fully operational, the whole power of the hegemon will burst like a soap bubble. A mighty fleet will become an exorbitant load on the feet of a sinking economy. That's why the Middle East is blazing. We are trying to cut off the world, Iran strangled, they are trying to set China on Russia. The funny thing is that the first to whom it came was Ronald Reagan. Being alone in an interview with the Air Force, he said- "We still really regret the collapse of the USSR." Words that the West doesn’t really they like to remember. It’s funny that current US politicians only speed up the process. No, the United States will not disappear, I don’t share the optimism of many. It will just become what they were before the First World War.
    1. Sergey985
      Sergey985 April 27 2018 14: 04
    2. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
      Andrei from Chelyabinsk April 27 2018 14: 40
      Quote: shinobi
      Key words "transit country" and "great silk road".

      About nothing. This greatest silk has existed since time immemorial, and?
      When will you understand that marine transport covers land in terms of efficiency, like a bull to a sheep?
      1. Korax71
        Korax71 April 27 2018 20: 22
        Greetings Andrew hi probably they will never understand. Well, you need to strain and look for the cost of transportation and compare. It is not interesting to anyone that the lion's share of transportation falls on the sea routes. winked By the way, what is not a reason for the article? good quite relevant, and from an educational point of view it would not be out of place.
  12. Curious
    Curious April 27 2018 13: 15
    After reading the article, I caught myself thinking what’s stopping me from eliminating the United States, which at the moment is simply defenseless against the “peacefully having analogous arms”, having solved this problem once and for all. Agree with China, divide this vile country, as once the great powers of Poland, and this is the end. And it’s better to slip this territory to China, let him think what to do with these black-assed African Americans. Maybe they assimilate them? True, there is a danger of a new race of Afro-Chinese Americans, but this is already a problem for the Chinese.
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 April 27 2018 16: 40
      Quote: Curious
      True, there is a danger of a new race of Afro-Chinese Americans, but this is already a problem for the Chinese.

      Smiled))) Afro-Chinese)))
    2. Korax71
      Korax71 April 27 2018 20: 26
      Aha.a to the Chinese every year for 500 lard to trade with whom request for their economy, this is very critical. Yes, and who will deliver the technology to them ??? on the contrary, China will agree with mattresses to divide Russia recourse
  13. 501Legion
    501Legion April 27 2018 13: 20
    I do not understand the almost universal (abroad including) indignation regarding the updated synopsis

    apparently that palyak smart guy doesn’t read such articles but writes his own nonsense)
  14. tazilion
    tazilion April 27 2018 14: 18
    Orlov’s opinion is fair
    one third two thirds three quarters
    MOSNTDTTCH or MO ... SNTD ... TT ... H, where the choice of "N" from the CH four; choice of "T" (right) and "H", without selection
    6611253538 or 66 ... 11.2 ... 5353 ... 8, where the choice is "2" from 11.2, the choice is "3" from the extreme 53 and "8", without a choice
  15. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 April 27 2018 16: 38
    ... As a result, the "US imperial project" is coming to an end

    PMSM, this end has already come, just some (we) still cannot get used to it, while others (they) do not want to get used to it, resist, do not believe in the obvious. Perhaps a demonstration is needed to accelerate events, if they ask for it, then a demonstration may happen.
  16. 123456789
    123456789 April 27 2018 17: 52
    The American fleet is outdated due to Russian rocket technology.

    I do not believe! Fak laughing you're on the table! Where is the sunken aircraft carrier? laughing
  17. Wolka
    Wolka April 27 2018 18: 09
    air raft today is too expensive a pleasure as an argument of force pressure, and the price of its life is a maximum of half an hour since the outbreak of hostilities in the modern war of superpowers ... calibers, onyxes, and even iskander and dot-yu in sufficient quantity, this is vivid confirmation
  18. Old26
    Old26 April 27 2018 19: 40
    At the disposal of Russia there are new missiles capable of flying a thousand kilometers and breaking through enemy defenses. Only one such missile will be able to sink the destroyer, and two will cope with the aircraft carrier

    And three - to sink all the American fleets together. How many hats. Test launches at the training ground have already been elevated to the rank of "prodigy" capable of destroying an American aircraft carrier?
    She is this wunderwaffe, at least one target ship sank?

    The author of this opus in the journal at least understands that if one missile is capable of sinking a destroyer, then this means a warhead that is quite small by existing standards. Even if it is 0,5 tons, then a 1-ton warhead is not enough to sink an aircraft carrier, while for its sinking with the help of air missiles, an equivalent explosive equivalent of 10-12 tons was assumed. And even more.
    And all these conversations that it will go at low altitude with a speed of 10M are conversations for the electorate. Nobody has canceled physics yet ...
  19. yehat
    yehat April 28 2018 12: 36
    The presentation of the topic itself is not entirely correct.
    let’s omit the fact that India and China have acquired missiles of the right level with the help of the Russian Federation,
    but there are other countries that independently and successfully develop their missiles - for example, Japan and Iran.
    Thus, we can conclude that the process is global, and not tied to the Russian Federation.
  20. MadCat
    MadCat April 29 2018 07: 20
    Is history repeating itself? I remember a lover of art knocking with a slipper on the podium, he also spoke about the fleet and the Air Force, and even tried to cut it. laughing
  21. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 April 29 2018 09: 42
    I wrote everything correctly
    1. Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 April 29 2018 09: 51
      After this, I saw another Angel descending from heaven and having great power; the earth was illuminated from his glory.
      2. And he exclaimed strongly, in a loud voice, saying: Babylon, the great harlot, has fallen, fallen, has become the habitation of demons and the shelter of every unclean spirit, the shelter of every unclean and disgusting bird; for with the fierce wine of her fornication she drank all the nations,
      3. And the kings of the earth committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth became rich from her great luxury.
      4. And I heard a different voice from heaven, saying: Come out of her, my people, so as not to participate in your sins and suffer her plagues;
      5. for her sins came to heaven, and God remembered her iniquities.
      6. Repay to her as she repaid to you, and double to her according to her deeds; in the bowl in which she prepared the wine for you, cook it in half.
      7. How much she was famous and luxured, so much give her torment and sorrow. For she says in her heart: “I am sitting as a queen, I am not a widow and I will not see sorrows!”
      8. For this, in one day, executions, death, and weeping, and hunger will come upon her, and she will be burned by fire, because the Lord God who judges her is strong.
      9. And the kings of the earth will mourn and weep for her, having fornication and having grown with her, when they see the smoke from her fire,
      10. Standing far from the fear of her torment and saying: Woe, woe to you, great city of Babylon, mighty city! for in one hour your judgment came.
      11. And the merchants of the earth will weep and cry for her, because no one is buying their goods,
      12. goods of gold and silver, and precious stones and pearls, and fine linen and porphyry, and silk and scarlet, and every fragrant tree, and all products from ivory, and all products from expensive trees, from copper and iron and marble,
      13. cinnamon and incense, and peace and incense, and wine and oil, and flour and wheat, and cattle and sheep, and horses and chariots, and human bodies and souls.
      14. And the fruits that were pleasing to your soul were not with you, and all the stout and brilliant departed from you — you will no longer find it.
      15. Traders of all the sim, enriched by her, will be far from the fear of her torment, crying and sobbing
      16. And saying: Woe, woe to you, a great city, dressed in fine linen and purple and purple, decorated with gold and precious stones and pearls,
      17. For in one hour such wealth perished! And all the helmsmen, and all the sailing ships, and all the shipbuilders, and all the merchants on the sea were far away
      18. And, seeing the smoke from her fire, they cried out, saying: What city is like a great city!
      19. And they dusted their heads, and cried out, weeping and weeping: woe, woe to you, great city, whose jewels were enriched with all that had ships on the sea, for it was empty in one hour!
      20. Have fun about this, heaven and the holy apostles and prophets; for God completed your judgment on him.
      21. And one strong Angel took a stone like a large millstone and cast it into the sea, saying: with such an aspiration Babylon, the great city, will be defeated, and it will no longer be.
      22. And the voices playing on the harp, and singing, and playing the flutes, and trumpet trumpets in you will no longer be heard; there will be no artist in you, no art, and the noise from the millstones will not be heard in you;
      23. The light of the lamp will not appear in you; and the voice of the bride and groom will no longer be heard in you: for your merchants were nobles of the earth, and all peoples were misled by your magic.
      24. And in it was found the blood of the prophets and saints and all those who were killed on the earth.
      (Revelation of John the Divine 18: 1-24)
  22. Cannonball
    Cannonball April 29 2018 17: 50
    The fleet is not outdated, it just became more vulnerable.
    1. Phoenix_L'vov
      Phoenix_L'vov 6 August 2018 09: 05
      The next arms race is unleashed, alas.
  23. Rakovor
    Rakovor April 30 2018 07: 26
    Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
    Quote: shinobi
    Key words "transit country" and "great silk road".

    About nothing. This greatest silk has existed since time immemorial, and?
    When will you understand that marine transport covers land in terms of efficiency, like a bull to a sheep?

    Okay Andrei, all these "silk roads", China, India and other aircraft carriers, all this is lyrics. We are not distracted from the main thing - what is there according to Derflinger?))))
  24. Rakovor
    Rakovor April 30 2018 08: 21
    [quote = Rakovor] [quote = Andrey from Chelyabinsk] [quote = synobi] The keywords "transit country" and "the great silk road." [/ quote]
    About nothing. This greatest silk has existed since time immemorial, and?
    When will you understand that marine transport covers land in terms of efficiency, like a bull to a sheep? [/ Quote]
    Okay Andrei, all these "silk roads", China, India and other aircraft carriers, all this is lyrics. We are not distracted from the main thing - what is there according to Derflinger?)))) And yes, based on our naval theme it would be more appropriate "like a whale-flounder.))