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The main purpose of "Tigr-M" MCTC of REI PP is to conduct radio intelligence, detect sources of radio emission, set up radio suppression and REM interference. Additional features - the creation of interference or simulation of the operation of radio-electronic devices at field tests of various weapons and equipment. All features of the new complex are not advertised, and the developers declare that this mobile EW complex has no foreign analogues. The Russian Defense Ministry has already planned to purchase a small series of such complexes for staffing EW troops.

РџРѕРїРѕР »РЅРµРЅРёРµ РІ семействе in« РўРёРіСЂРѕРІВ »- РјР ° С € РёРЅР ° Р РР" "РўРёРіСЂ-Рњ" РњРљРўРџ Рџ Р Р Р Р Р

Another proof of the versatility of the domestic armored car "Tiger" is an electronic warfare machine based on the armored car "Tiger-M" with the installed equipment "Leer-2" (MKTK REI PP). The Tigr armored cars began to be developed at the beginning of the 90-s, the first Tigers were put into trial operation in the 2002 year in the Moscow Special Operations Police Unit. Serial production "Tiger" comes in 2005 year. At this time, more than 20 projects and modifications of the Tigr civil and military vehicle are known. The latest announcements on the Tiger base are the mobile ATGM equipped with the Kornet-EM anti-tank vehicle of the same name and the Tiger MK-BLA-01 mobile version of the Lastochka and Dragonfly drone control systems.

Recently, the Etalon Scientific Research Institute, the developer of the Leer-2 equipment - jamming, imitation and technical control of EW MKTK REI PP, proposed to install it on the domestic Tiger-M armored vehicle. A new development of LLC “VPK” and the VNII “Etalon” - “Tigr-M” MKTK REI PP, in which the EW equipment naturally fitted into the chassis “Tigr-M”. Now this complex will be able to carry out its work at the forefront of a possible military conflict, which will ensure increased efficiency of electronic warfare.

The Russian military, in particular from the EW troops, have long been waiting for a special vehicle with EW equipment on a light wheeled chassis. All previously supplied EW machines were built on the basis of trucks or on the basis of caterpillar-type conveyors. Such machines in flaws have low maneuverability, large size and, what is today quite important, high fuel consumption. The new EW vehicles based on the Tigr-M armored vehicles are highly mobile, compact and reasonably protected EW vehicles of the new generation.

Armored car Tiger-M
MIC-233114 or Tigr-M is a special means of transport and is known as an army armored vehicle, intended for the movement of personnel and cargo, installation weapons and equipment for further use and towing of towed goods. For the first time an armored vehicle appeared in public view in 2009, when the military-industrial complex released the first prototype "Tiger-M". In 2010, Tigr-M successfully passed state tests, after which they immediately released a test batch for operation in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. With 2011, serial deliveries to army units begin. "Tiger-M" are in service with the armies of Uruguay, Brazil and Russia.

The main changes and equipment Tigr-M:
- a powerful multi-fuel diesel engine YAMZ 5347-10 was installed, provided with turbocharging and cooling of the intermediate version;
- bridges with positive locking differentials;
- installed improved braking mechanisms;
- additional controlled brake provided by a flap in the exhaust pipe;
- the engine hood receives armor protection from small arms;
- locks of latch type;
- set an improved door sealing system;
- air conditioning and installation FVU-100A-24;
- Improved pre-start heater PZD-16;
- electric winch;
- increased the number of personnel transported - 9 people.

Near future
At the moment, it is known about the joint development of domestic enterprises of the new modification of BA "Tiger" for army special forces.

The Tigr armored vehicles are waiting for a bright future - a sufficiently reserved internal volume, high payload, security and high traffic will allow using this vehicle as a base for various weapons and equipment, both military and civilian. This means that the "Tiger" will be constantly improved and modernized, and very soon we will see the most modern developments, at least, not inferior to world analogues.

The main characteristics of the armored vehicle "TIGR - M":
- weight - 7.8 tons;
- payload - 1.2 tons;
- towing cargo to 2.5 tons;
- speed up to 125 km / h;

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 1 May 2012 07: 32
    A very useful version of the tiger, given modern wars, which are increasingly computerized. For the ground forces, the car will be very useful!

    Vidio is awesome! It turns out that we have a PR with redki VPK well developed!

    1. Gamdlislyam
      Gamdlislyam 1 May 2012 09: 11
      Vidio is awesome! It turns out that we have a PR with redki VPK well developed!

      And this, as in that saying: "There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped."
      The Ministry of Defense forced to engage in advertising, including among the country's population. The result was not long in coming. In the Moscow Region, officials made tongues, we became more informed, and now this technology has begun to appear at international exhibitions. And production continues, and new developments appear.
      1. Aleksey67
        Aleksey67 1 May 2012 10: 32
        Yesterday this news passed, it was indicated that more than 10 complexes would be bought (not enough recourse ), however, for local wars it may be enough, and in the case of a large "BOOMS", even thousands will not help winked
        1. Норд
          Норд 1 May 2012 12: 13
          I think 10 units are enough for a military break-in. They will study the experience of military operation, eliminate shortcomings, finalize and put on stream. This practice is justified. The complex is absolutely necessary and relevant.
          1. Civil
            Civil 1 May 2012 13: 59
            as a series for testing in combat
            1. Sergh
              Sergh 1 May 2012 14: 34
              Aleksey67, of course, for the big drum there is in the military version, and these will roll in full speed ahead. It means that it was not for nothing that the trophies at 08.08.08 gutted our advanced minds, looked at it and made it twenty times better, "Tiger-M" MKTK REI PP is an irreplaceable device at this time, its time has come. Well, the video shocked with the "ripper", even incredible pride struck, and civilians with "smeared lips", so it's generally a miracle! After all, they can, devils, if they want! And "Iveku" in scrap, in the trash.
        2. beard999
          beard999 1 May 2012 16: 09
          Quote: Aleksey67
          Yesterday this news passed, it was indicated that they would buy more than 10 complexes (not enough)

          The purchase numbers for Leer-2 have long been announced on the website of the manufacturer of this electronic warfare system.
          The initiative development of the All-Russian Research Institute "Etalon", an automated complex of technical control, electronic simulation and jamming of radio-electronic means (MKTK REI PP) "Leer-2". Designed for radio reconnaissance of radio sources, jamming and radio suppression of electronic equipment. Built on the mainline-modular principle, the complex can be implemented in various configurations - from a single-machine version with a basic set of parameters to a multi-machine complex that implements a significant set of functions. The kit is accepted for supply to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. By the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2011, 8 single-machine complexes on an armored base and 1 multi-machine complex (based on a KAMAZ vehicle) were delivered to the troops. Order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for 2012 - 12 single-machine complexes and 5 multi-machine ones.
          Total until the end of the year in the troops will be 26 complexes. And as you can see, the purchase is growing.
          Confirming information here -
  2. Neighbor
    Neighbor 1 May 2012 08: 34
    Quote: tronin.maxim
    Vidio is awesome!

    Especially the police version !!! Well - direct cops on Hammer !!! laughing
    If they get killed, it’s necessary to have more cars like these in the troops, and the Police will train in Pazik / Bobik. Not sugar.
    Particularly pleased: Thunderstorm UAV.
    You see - they only had to give ....... to the developers, and right away - they started to do worse than Iveco. All errors were fixed in a couple of months. And so the incomplete and crude version would be thrown in. And then look - how distressed. We got it the most - and did it! laughing
    “Tiger” will be constantly improved and modernized and very soon we will see the most modern developments, at least not inferior to world analogues.
  3. Redpartyzan
    Redpartyzan 1 May 2012 08: 46
    I completely agree. The machine is extremely important and most importantly, in no way inferior to Western counterparts! I myself would buy one)
  4. party3AH
    party3AH 1 May 2012 09: 21
    One word-machine BEAST i.e. TIGER!!!
  5. Ridder
    Ridder 1 May 2012 10: 14
    Yes, the car is excellent. The Tiger has great potential !!! But what is the right of the Ministry of Defense without fundamentally calling the car bad and not high-quality and in addition they are going to buy an iveco car from pasta which even the armored car cannot call the language belay ? Remember the recent iveco procurement scandal?
  6. Zlu
    Zlu 1 May 2012 10: 20
    cool, but only drones just do electronic warfare, then generally shikarius will be
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 1 May 2012 12: 04
      Don’t be bored, they were engaged in them back in 45-50, and put off .... as inappropriate to those modern requirements and conditions ...! Good luck!
  7. Gendalf
    Gendalf 1 May 2012 11: 13
    Not criticism, but just a remark. A spare tire on the roof. In the civilian version, there are no problems, but in the military, a very large sector is not shot.
    1. Gendalf
      Gendalf 1 May 2012 13: 33
      it's me about the movie
      1. sedoj
        sedoj 2 May 2012 00: 04
        By the way: the video is a computer fantasy, although not bad.
    APASUS 1 May 2012 11: 26
    electronic warfare machine "Tigr-M" MKTK REI PP

    Such vehicles are not just needed by the army, but necessary! In the tactics of modern combat, you cannot do without electronic warfare.
    But with the roller, misunderstandings. Why is Kazakhstan's flag on the machine?
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 1 May 2012 17: 42
      Opinion, not so hot, ..... but a radio amateur !!!
      A visual analysis of the antenna-feeder devices of the electronic warfare machine (1st photo), based on their frequency range (MV and UHF), power, antenna height, suggests that the effective range is very small, 30-40 km and no more, but Mogot and more if you wish! High antenna - most likely this is a scanner + direction finder! A log-periodic lattice is by no means the best option for Kus, except for broadband, but it will do! Antenna communication array of the "Wave channel" type (MV and UHF) of 2 antennas, like one UHF, with an E-dipole (and, accordingly, an E-passive reflector) have a wide forward lobe, the return lobe is also essential; there are no devices for suppressing the back lobe, except for passive E-reflectors; however, the couplers of reflected waves and spurious emissions of the transducers seem to be visible; all this can have an extremely negative effect in the face of effective enemy opposition !!! It makes no sense to talk about antennas in the GHz range. The design is flimsy .... to snot and tears !!! Roll up, turn around .... - 15 minutes and ..... 5-10 minutes remain for work !!! Given the transience of modern combat, i.e. for the conditions of mobile use, this is the machine itself (reconnaissance) .... REB - DOES NOT SHIT on the front line !!! The second machine is quite consistent with the mobile electronic warfare. However, what kind of leash is brought out through the metal window of the exit, obviously, cascades; .... the generator is connected like this, INTO, and WHAT is it EXTREMELY - about the health of the fighters, probably .... are baked !!! ??? And the trailer on the turns at such and such a speed, go, will bring in, like eggs !!!
      However, not everything is so bad under the moon ... START !!! And ... if they have already created ... finally SOMETHING, then they WILL BROKE to Mind, go, after the next .... gr ...- Ossetian or gr ...- Abkhazian .... conflict! Let's hope for the best.
      1. zelenchenkov.petr1
        zelenchenkov.petr1 1 May 2012 18: 10
        I recommend to consider the use of a cable telescope and outriggers 2 pcs. And why not ?! Adhered to a stationary structure with extensions like a birch leaf to w .-- e!
        1. Colonel
          Colonel 1 May 2012 23: 25
          I assume that the AMUs are deployed a maximum of a third in order to fit into the standard frame. If fully deployed, then, I think, the radius of reconnaissance and REB is 70-80 km for ground targets and up to 300 km for air targets. The ability to power the unit, both from an under-body generator (on the march), and from a remote ABeshka or other source in position is rather a plus (I'm talking about the wire in the window). Directional antennas i.e. for direction finding and jamming are quite acceptable. The question is in the hardware stuffing. If there are Japanese scanners AR 5000, AR 8000 or the like, and spectrum analyzers from Hewlett-Packard, as it was in Plavsk, then it's a shame. In general, I'm glad that hardware fellow
  9. djerel
    1 May 2012 11: 29
    the video is not official, but created by a "craftsman", which only benefits the Tiger.
  10. kasper
    kasper 1 May 2012 14: 45
    More to such machines.
  11. Stasi.
    Stasi. 1 May 2012 15: 23
    Mobile, modern electronic warfare systems are needed in all military branches. Their value is difficult to overestimate. In modern war conditions, the enemy actively uses all kinds of various interference and impulses to disable enemy equipment and technology. First of all, such complexes must be delivered to our troops in the land, sea and air versions. And then to Iran and Syria, other countries wishing to strengthen their security.
  12. IrOqUoIs
    IrOqUoIs 1 May 2012 16: 47
    It remains only to attach a cell phone, a lighter, a flashlight and a spoon! laughing And in general, the design is quite futuristic and "cool".
  13. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 1 May 2012 16: 48
    Good car. Only static equipment will not ensure the proper level of combat missions. Eyes and ears are required, that is, a UAV in the kit.
  14. suharev-52
    suharev-52 1 May 2012 17: 29
    Well, it was worth a little push and there is a decent car. So Rogozin correctly said that sometimes it’s even necessary to kick someone so that there is no damage in the work. So a successful check (preferably in combat conditions) and replenishment in the troops to the necessary saturation. Sincerely.
  15. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 1 May 2012 18: 59
    Video cool author handsome .... plans are drawn Napoleonic fellows let it all work out ....
  16. stankomi
    stankomi 2 May 2012 00: 03
    The video is stupid. )) An SUV pressed to the ground on low-profile rubber and asphalt polishing with its belly, and in the cabin a niger in a fur coat with a gold chain for a pound and an ultrasound in the glove compartment. wassat One of the reasons for the rejection of the new APC is its side doors as opposed to the rear .. And here again twenty-five.)) But what, but it looks beautiful and looks like a Hammer! =)))
    The Tiger has a normal design .. He only needs to put the steering wheel in the normal position and go! bully
    1. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 2 May 2012 10: 55
      Well etozh SUV .... there are those who want it .....)))) but yes he needs more clearance ... A cool video ....
  17. lotus04
    lotus04 2 May 2012 06: 12
    Long live "TIGER"! They took Berlusconi by the trunk, they immediately forgot about Iveco! Hooray! Long live OUR MIC !!!
  18. vylvyn
    vylvyn 2 May 2012 06: 54
    But with such technology you can fight. EW is power. EW will reduce to almost all Amer electronic gadgets.
  19. Bad_gr
    Bad_gr 2 May 2012 12: 12
    He drew a line from the driver’s eyes (I assume that they are there) along the hood to the road. In my opinion, there is a big unobservable area in front of the car. I read somewhere that the driver couldn’t sit higher, since the steering wheel rests on the legs.
    I would like to hear the opinion of those who drove the "Tiger".
  20. Ramadan
    Ramadan 9 May 2012 23: 22
    Understand in real combat the capabilities of this technique, with a real technologically savvy opponent ...
  21. Georadarhead
    Georadarhead 12 May 2012 03: 49
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