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By 2020, the Russian fleet will receive 50 ships!

The Russian shipbuilding industry is busy fulfilling a large number of orders as part of a large and ambitious program for the construction of new warships and boats, submarines and support vessels. According to current plans, by the end of this decade, the fleet should receive several dozen new ships and vessels. For obvious reasons, they are all at different stages of construction or even tested. In most cases, however, we are talking about the completion of ongoing work and the soonest desired results.

On the last day of March, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, spoke about the plans of the military department regarding the acceptance of new ships. According to him, in the period from 2018 to 2020, the fleet will receive and enter ships and vessels of all main classes into combat. At the moment, this is the main task that the command sets itself. During the specified period, according to the commander, during the specified period the navy will receive about fifty units of equipment.

At the same time V. Korolev does not doubt the successful implementation of current plans. In the implementation of the shipbuilding program on the 2018-20 years, the Navy cooperates with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as with leading companies in the industry. In this regard, the command of the Navy looks to the future with optimism.

Expected shipments of ships and vessels should complete the implementation of current orders that have arisen as part of the current State Arms Program, designed for 2011-2020 years. For obvious reasons, orders under the new program launched this year will be fulfilled no earlier than the beginning of the next decade, after the end of the current one. Consider the current position and calculate the new orders, which will complete the current state program.

Underwater fleet

Already this year, the Navy will have to receive the next strategic missile submarine of strategic design of project 955A Borey - Prince Vladimir. Now this ship is in state tests, and in the very near future it will be transferred to the customer. For 2019, the delivery of the cruiser "Prince Oleg" is planned. According to current plans, by the end of 2020 the fleet two more boats of the Borey type will be transferred - Generalissimo Suvorov and Emperor Alexander III.

According to recent news, in 2019, the Navy will receive two multipurpose nuclear submarines of the 885M Ash project at once. Tests of the ship "Kazan" significantly delayed, because of what it will be able to pass only next year. Following him, the fleet will receive the boat "Novosibirsk". In accordance with the current plans, by the end of 2020, another four “Ash trees” should be transferred. Ships named “Krasnoyarsk”, “Arkhangelsk”, “Perm” and “Ulyanovsk” are still at different stages of construction. They will complete the current series.

In 2018, the special submarine K-329 "Belgorod" should be completed. Initially, it was built on the project 949A "Antey", but the construction was frozen. A few years ago, work continued, although it was decided to complete the construction of the ship on the project 09852. No later than 2020, the Khabarovsk submarine, built according to the 09851 project, will be handed over to the customer. What tasks are to be solved by two special ships after they have been commissioned - not specified.

Last year, the construction of a new series of diesel-electric submarines 636.3 "Varshavyanka" was launched, and its first results will appear in the near future. In 2019 and 2020, the industry plans to launch the first submarines of the new series, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Volkhov. The following ships will be laid only next year, and therefore they will be transferred to the Navy only in the early twenties.

By 2020, the Russian fleet will receive 50 ships!

The situation with the diesel-electric submarines of the 677 "Lada" project is similar. In 2018, it is planned to launch the first production boat of this type, the Kronstadt. It was laid in 2005 year, but after a few years the construction was suspended. Work resumed in 2013, and so far have not yielded the desired results. However, the construction has already reached the final stretch. Due to recent problems, the completion of construction and the delivery of new “Lad” are postponed to the twenties.

Surface ships

Already in 2018, the fleet's combat composition could be replenished with two frigates of the 22350 project. The head "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Pots" and the first serial "Admiral of the Fleet of Kasaton" are completed and are already being tested. Prior to 2020, the third project ship, the Admiral Golovko, is also planned to be deployed. The fourth frigate will be able to pass only in the next decade. At the same time, four more ships are expected.

The fleet already has five 20380 corvettes. In the foreseeable future, their number will increase. On 2018, the year is scheduled for delivery of the next ship under the name "Loud". By the end of the decade, the construction of the “Reactive” will be completed, which can begin service in 2020 year. Three more corvettes are being built, but will be sent to service later.

Also expected to complete work on two corvettes project 20385. The ship “Thundering” was launched last year, and in 2018 it is planned to be deployed in the fleet. The second ship, “Agile”, is still on the stocks, but will be launched shortly. No later than 2019-2020, it will be handed over to the customer.

This year, the sixth rocket ship of the 21631 project “Buyan-M”, which received the name “Vyshniy Volochek”, will begin service. Despite certain problems that arose during construction, the main work was completed, and the ship was put to the test. Over the next few months, he will complete the checks and receive the flag of the Navy. The launch of the Orekhovo-Zuyevo and Ingushetia MRK is also scheduled for this year. In operation, they will enter 2019-m. In 2020, the Grayvoron spacecraft will be deployed. Later, the fleet will receive several more similar combat units.

In the 2018-2020 years, the Navy intends to receive nine small rocket ships of the newest project 22800 "Karakurt". The head "Hurricane" and the first serial "Typhoon" are already launched. Soon they will complete the tests and replenish the fleet. Also for the current year is scheduled transfer of the ship "Monsoon". The next Storm and Flurry will start service in 2019, and the next 2020 is scheduled to deliver the ships Storm, Okhotsk, Cyclone and Smerch. It is important that the construction of "Karakurtov" will not stop there.

At the end of March, the head patrol ship of the 22160 project - "Vasily Bykov" went out on state tests. Until the end of the year it is supposed to check and enter into the fleet combat composition. Also in the near future, the first serial ship of this type, the Dmitry Rogachev, will be put to the test. He will be handed over no later than the beginning of 2019. The transfer of the third and fourth patrol ships named Pavel Derzhavin and Sergey Kotov is scheduled for 2020 year. Two more ships are already costing, but the customer will receive them only in the early twenties.

In 2018-2020, the protracted история with the construction of large landing ships project 11711. After completion of state tests this year, the Navy will receive the head BDK "Ivan Gren." In 2018 or 2019, the second ship, “Peter Morgunov” will be transferred. Further construction of such ships is not planned.

The construction of the base minesweepers for the 12700 Alexandrite project continues. Three of them are at different stages of construction and will be commissioned in 2018-2020. The deadlines for the transfer of the first serial “George Kurbatov” are still unknown: the fire at the construction site led to the need to restore the structures and to shift the deadlines for completion of the works. Three more ships, the construction of which has not yet begun, under certain circumstances, may be handed over to 2020-2021.

Currently, there are six anti-sabotage boats of the 21980 Rook project at different stages of construction. However, only two of them are intended for the Navy. The remaining items were ordered by Rosgvardia. However, they will all be completed, tested and handed over to customers already in 2018.

Since 2016, two rocket boats of the 12418 project have been under construction. The first of them will give the fleet this year. The transfer of the second is scheduled for 2019 year.

In 2018, the navy will receive a pair of 02510 / BK-16 high-speed amphibious assault boats. In the future, their construction can continue.

In the shipbuilding program, the frigates of the 11356 project stand alone. Now there are three such ships at the stage of completion near the wall - “Admiral Butakov”, “Admiral Istomin” and “Admiral Kornilov”. Due to problems with the supply of components, their construction was suspended, but it was nevertheless resumed. If no new problems arise, the industry will be able to complete their construction and testing by the end of 2020. However, transfer of frigates at a later time is not excluded.

Auxiliary vessels

In the coming months, the Navy plans to commission the first serial 18280 reconnaissance ship Ivan Hurs. He is now on probation and is nearing completion. Two more such ships will be built later, but not earlier than 2020-2021.

Auxiliary vessels of the 20180 family are under construction. This year the fleet will receive the sea tug Akademik Alexandrov of the 20183 project and the sea transport of weapons Akademik Makeev of the 20183TV project. New members of the family will appear in the twenties.

The construction of 20360M project weapons transports, Gennady Dmitriev and Vladimir Pyalov, is underway. According to the contract, they will be transferred to the Navy in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The construction of sea tugboats of projects 23120 and 23470 continues. Leading ships of the projects Elbrus and Sergey Balk are scheduled to be commissioned this year. Two more such vessels will complete trials next year. Further construction of such tugs is not planned.

Two off-road tugboats from the 16609 project and one 04690 project are expected. The Navy in the recent past received one ship of these projects.

Soon the average tanker Akademik Pashin, built on the 23131 project, will be put to sea trials. In the absence of problems, he will begin service this year. A little later, the appearance of two new ships of this type is expected. Also in 2018-2020, the fleet will receive four small sea tanker project 03182. The first one will go to service in the coming months. Two more will pass in 2019 year, the fourth - in 2020-m.

The construction of three boats of the project 1388H3 is being completed. It was originally planned to build them in the configuration of communications boats, but then two of them decided to make torpedoles. All three boats will be commissioned no later than 2019 of the year.

The grouping of communications vessels must be supplemented with a boat "John of Kronstadt" of the 21270 project. In 2018 and 2019, two cable vessels of the 15310 project, the Volga and Vyatka, respectively, are handed over to the fleet.

By 2018, there was a noticeable renewal of the rescue boat fleet. By the end of the year, four rescue boats of the 23040 project are expected to be delivered. Also ordered two multifunctional rescue boat project 23370M. The head, QMS-2177, was tested and soon it will raise the flag.

New vessels to be mastered by the naval hydrographs. In 2018, the fleet will receive large hydrographic boats of the 23040G project with the names “George Winter” and “Alexander Evlanov”. In the future, four more such boats will be built. The year 2019 is scheduled for delivery of small hydrographic vessels of the project 19910, “Nikolay Skosyrev” and “Alexander Rogotsky”.


Having certain information about the plans of the navy and shipbuilding industry, it is easy to calculate how many ships, ships and submarines are currently at different stages of construction or undergoing tests, as well as how many combat and auxiliary units will replenish the Navy in the coming years. Let's summarize and compare them with the stated plans of the command for the 2018-2020 years.

In the area of ​​strategic submarine missile carriers, the delivery of 5 new ships is planned. The fleet will also receive 6 multi-purpose submarines and 2 special submarines with a nuclear power plant. 3 diesel-electric submarines will be completed and delivered. In total, for the three years under consideration, the fleet will be handed over 16 submarines of all classes.

Surface ship connections will receive the 3 frigate, the 4 corvette, and also the 13 small rocket ships. 4 patrol ships, 2 large landing craft and 3 base minesweeper will be obtained. Scheduled completion and transfer of 6 boats of several types. Another 3 frigate is still in question: they will be completed, but may not be in time for the 2020 year. Thus, the surface fleet for the surveyed period will receive at least 35 ships and boats.

The grouping of auxiliary ships will be supplemented by 1 reconnaissance ship, 4 transports, 7 tugs, 7 tankers, 2 cable ships, 2 hydrographic vessels and 14 boats for various purposes. Total 36 units.

Thus, 16 submarines, 35 ships and combat boats, as well as 36 ships and auxiliary boats are being built or tested. In total - 87 units. This means that the available information on the progress of current programs does not agree with the words of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. Admiral V. Korolev spoke about fifty new ships and ships, whereas in fact this figure is almost twice as large. However, even if there are certain problems that can shift the deadlines for delivering individual orders to a later time, by 2020, the navy is guaranteed to receive at least 50 new combat units and auxiliary ships.

It should be noted that a large number of new ships and vessels in 2018-2020 will be obtained due to several main factors. First of all, boats for various purposes make a significant contribution to the total number - they account for almost a quarter of all deliveries. In addition, the development of the surface grouping is carried out at the expense of the 2 and 3 ships of rank, while the first-class ships are built only for submarine forces. All this to a certain extent accelerates fleet re-equipment, and also increases the permissible number of combat units under construction.

Nevertheless, even taking into account such factors, the current program of building new ships and ships for the fleet gives every reason for optimism. The final state armaments program has already led to the most serious renewal of the material part of the armed forces in general and the navy in particular. However, there are still only a few years left to its end, and during this time the industry must have time to fulfill a large number of orders. In the case of the Navy, the fruitful work of many enterprises will lead to the transfer of almost 90 ships, submarines, ships and vessels for various purposes.

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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 April 11 2018 05: 30
    With our long-term construction and exorbitantly long trials, the fleet will always be only in the future.
    1. Vard
      Vard April 11 2018 05: 34
      We are a poor country ... And the emphasis is on building small ... But very well-armed ships seem right ...
      1. Viktor Afanasev
        Viktor Afanasev 24 June 2018 21: 43
        We are not a poor country, we are just robbed well ... The extraction of resources is several times higher than in the USSR, and the costs are several times less ... Where is the money, Zin ???? In the US stabilization fund - we help them build the Absolutes ????
    2. Titsen
      Titsen April 11 2018 06: 59
      Quote: Spartanez300
      1 Spartanez300 New    
      Today, 05: 30
      With our long-term construction and exorbitantly long trials, the fleet will always be only in the future

      Good thing not in the past.

      As I understand it, this will be a big swarm of pilots?
  2. Chichikov
    Chichikov April 11 2018 06: 21
    Yeah! And according to the logic of Khoji Nasreddin, by 2021 "either the donkey will die or the shah." We got used to work as rattle bookmakers ... Previously, it was like this with us, - the hero did, reported. Now, - crowed, but did not promise to marry.
    1. Borik
      Borik April 11 2018 15: 57
      By 2020, the Russian fleet will receive 50 ships!

      A ship is a ship. A boat and support vessels are completely different, I bet they are also needed since many have already worn out.
      So we get 50 ships by the 20th year or not, that is the question. I'm sure not. With boats and support vessels - probably.
  3. Deck
    Deck April 11 2018 06: 21
    Something MO sharply slowed down. Previously, they wanted so much for a year.

    The Russian Navy in 2016 will receive 42 new ships, ships and boats. This was announced by the head of the main department of shipbuilding of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Vladimir Tryapichnikov on the air of the Russian News Service.

    “In 2016, we plan to receive from the industry 42 surface ships, vessels, boats. We plan to lay 15 warships, ”he said (quote from RIA Novosti).

  4. Romario_Argo
    Romario_Argo April 11 2018 08: 04
    everything is correct (!) we are updating gradually: Minesweepers, Scouts, communication vessels, RTOs, MPK to Corvettes, TFR to Frigates, tugboats, floating cranes, floating berths, tankers, weapons transports, boats
    as many say mosquito fleet - but this is the basis of the fleet (!)
    but then how do we update the base and infrastructure of the fleet - the turn of ships of the 1 rank will come
    * no matter how before, at least noah noah noah
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. konstantin68
    konstantin68 April 11 2018 09: 03
    Quote: Romario_Argo
    everything is correct (!) we are updating gradually: Minesweepers, Scouts, communication vessels, RTOs, MPK to Corvettes, TFR to Frigates, tugboats, floating cranes, floating berths, tankers, weapons transports, boats
    as many say mosquito fleet - but this is the basis of the fleet (!)
    but then how do we update the base and infrastructure of the fleet - the turn of ships of the 1 rank will come
    * no matter how before, at least noah noah noah

    As far as I understand, the task for our Fleet at least for the next 5 years is to provide such a quantitative and qualitative composition that will allow us to cover the deployment areas of our SSBNs in a threatening period. It’s too early to talk about some work on remote TVDs.
  6. exo
    exo April 11 2018 11: 57
    Overly optimistic. We are just starting to disentangle really serious sanctions. And what will happen to the budget (and oil) is not clear to the end.
    1. Borik
      Borik April 11 2018 16: 13
      We are just starting to disentangle

      No, we are just starting this dish. But we are already preparing an additive.
    2. BastaKarapuzik And
      BastaKarapuzik And April 26 2018 23: 41
      The paradox is that in the long run, sanctions are more likely to be useful to us. Already, efforts are underway to reduce dependence in a number of strategic areas.
      There are a number of other pluses from sanctions. (Although the pace of development, today, now, sanctions certainly slow down.)
      I also wanted to draw attention to the fact that the strategic balance of forces in the world exists thanks to nuclear weapons. This is the type of weapons in which the United States was, at some point, the absolute leader, and we were among those catching up. The fact that, according to the plan of Western strategists was supposed to contribute to the assertion of the States in the role of an absolute world hegemon, is now for them a restraining factor.
      I find this fact just wonderful!
  7. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk April 11 2018 13: 28
    After the author managed to turn in the fleet before 2020, he stopped reading all six ash trees. I love science fiction, even unscientific, but not to such an extent
    1. Borik
      Borik April 11 2018 16: 29
      And here is another fairy tale. Although dreaming is not harmful. Harmful, do not dream.

      At the moment, Yantar is still modernizing production, but now the plant is ready to implement a series of six powerful BDKs, with the release of one ship per year. According to Efimov, the construction of new landing ships will take about eight years.

      The general director of Yantar also added that Russia is ready to build such large projects as Mistral. The program can be divided into St. Petersburg enterprises and PSZ. In any case, it all depends on the Ministry of Defense, but at the moment there are no "technological obstacles to this."
      1. Igor V
        Igor V April 12 2018 01: 31
        At PSZ Yantar dream of building a series of 8 - 9 ships, as in Soviet times, and not suffer from two or three ships, and even without cars.
    2. Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 April 11 2018 20: 32
      what if they surrender .... that you have such a sad look, more positive
  8. Monarchist
    Monarchist April 11 2018 15: 17
    Quote: Spartanez300
    With our long-term construction and exorbitantly long trials, the fleet will always be only in the future.

    What is true is true: our long-term construction can be corrected 60% to the right. The most interesting thing is that almost always the builders have a "reserve" in the list: "objective" reasons why they failed by the deadline. Under the Union, they always blamed on allies, and they made the “switchman” to blame.
    Once I watched a sketch of Arkady Raikin: he comes to the subcontractor of the “pusher” and begins to make noise that he was detained for a week. The director calls “Vanya” and makes a noise: “where were you yesterday from 14 and until 16”, “Vanya” turns on the fool “and it turned out that the“ pusher ”has balls for the rollers. Let's go. They write“ fool ”in the head office:“ the chickens are dead. There are no wheels. "And now they can write:" there are no cats, but mice are a complete barn. "
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. General70
    General70 April 11 2018 19: 34
    China has 41 destroyers, not all truth is of the first freshness, but Russia needs Arly Burke 2 level ships, at least 20-30 pieces to feel like a sea power hi
    1. Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 April 11 2018 20: 30
      you don’t have to feel like a sea power, if it is so long and pointless, for the senses, the presence of Kuzi is enough ... but for the defense of the country and ensuring its security you don’t even need one arly burke, but you need 20-40 more Yasenei, Boreev, Husky. Moreover, they are being built so quickly as it is written in this wonderful article that boosted my mood, thank you ... even if it’s not fast, then in any case we are on the right track, the first rank should be only nuclear submarines, the basis of the fleet is submarines of all kinds, and the second NK rank only on the oceans, but the third ship rank is the basis of coastal forces,
      1. Viktor Afanasev
        Viktor Afanasev 24 June 2018 21: 52
        I'm sorry, where do you live? Where is it all being built quickly ??? Ash 885 - since 1993, only one in service !!!! the second was built for 8 years ... Not yet accepted. The third is under construction for 5 years ... Count, if we build in such a way that it will remain from multipurpose nuclear submarines in 10-15 years?
        1. Vladimir1155
          Vladimir1155 25 June 2018 10: 11
          yes about speed got excited, well, at least something is being built and that’s good
  11. wicked pinnochio
    wicked pinnochio April 11 2018 19: 38
    and before it doesn’t work out, it’s enough to build a fleet for different Indians and other Papuans, you need to think about your army when we need help, all these imaginary allies throw us
  12. bone1
    bone1 April 11 2018 21: 37
    "... According to him, in the period from 2018 to 2020, the fleet will receive and bring into combat the ships and vessels of all major classes."-Are AB implied as well? or are ABs not a class of ships? —or a class, but not a “core?”
  13. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter April 11 2018 21: 40
    “The next Storm and Flurry will begin service in 2019,”
    There are suspicions that they will start. Pella will soon die and kill its workers, but it will hand over the steamers on time. As long as all the work one way or another, but go on schedule. As management tells us. [I] [/ i] hi
    1. Igor V
      Igor V April 12 2018 01: 22
      No workers, better than anyone in bookkeeping ... winked
  14. Saxahorse
    Saxahorse April 11 2018 22: 28
    The grouping of communication vessels should be replenished with the boat "John of Kronstadt" of project 21270.

    I think this is a particularly important replenishment. Appointment: official patrols of the Navy command and accompanying persons, acceptance of parades, delivery to the ships of the highest command staff standing on the roadstead.

    "A luxury cabin for the senior chief is provided on the boat. It includes an office, a bedroom and a sanitary unit. The project provides for five double cabins, an indoor cabin for 20 people and an open salon on the upper deck for the same number of passengers. An open bridge can accommodate 12 people. There are two sanitary units for passengers. In the living compartment there is a cockpit for personnel, a double cabin for crew members and a bathroom. "

    Well, it’s also worth blaming the author for completely missing the placed fleet orders for lifeboats and rubber inflatable boats.
    1. Igor V
      Igor V April 12 2018 01: 26
      Wretched is the fleet that has no opportunity to meet guests.
    2. Viktor Afanasev
      Viktor Afanasev 24 June 2018 21: 56
      laughing good
      I agree to 100000000%! We still need to begin to consider aqua bikes as cruisers !!!
  15. Normal ok
    Normal ok April 12 2018 12: 26
    By 2020, the Russian fleet will receive 50 ships!

    Given the current pace of construction, most likely the numbers will look like this: by 2050 the fleet will receive 20 ships.
  16. nikoliski
    nikoliski April 12 2018 13: 49
    They will receive it if by that time the war does not start and the ships are not destroyed on the slipways (together with the ports)
  17. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri April 12 2018 21: 41
    Ocean zone (excluding nuclear submarines) - will receive very little.
  18. Palagecha
    Palagecha April 12 2018 22: 16
    There is no full fleet and will not be in the long run. When they start building ships of the first rank, it becomes obsolete, decaying and decaying what is being built now. One is happy, the admirals can now fly in the first class and they have good boats.
  19. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn April 13 2018 10: 44
    "All major classes"? And the "grades"? Yes, and surface, basic? Grind rubbish, not bags ...?!
  20. Anton Capucin
    Anton Capucin April 19 2018 18: 38
    Everything is fine, but do we have specialists? It’s specialists, so that later experienced teams should not be divided into all. Ideally, you should start from school, and in principle for the civilian population it would not be bad to have minimal training.
  21. nnz226
    nnz226 April 19 2018 23: 09
    "Smart" words: frigate = SKR, corvette = IPC, MRK. Ships of 3-th or with a stretch of 2-th ranks. Of the ships of the 1 rank, only nuclear submarines are mentioned (with ballistic missiles or torpedo boats). Nuclear submarines, by definition, cannot "show the flag" (their main advantage is stealth). And what will happen at the meeting of the American AUG led by the Truman, accompanied by several missile cruisers and destroyers off the coast of Syria ??? Frigate? It will look like a Papuan pie against a three-day battleship .... Not comme il faut ....
    1. Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 25 June 2018 10: 15
      the frigate will come true ..... but the submarines will go next to it, and planes from Hmeimim will fly over it, so that the US will all drown after the first shot at the Russian frigate
      1. Viktor Afanasev
        Viktor Afanasev 29 June 2018 09: 38
        The cap-bailing ended badly in the Russo-Japanese War ... It is necessary to objectively evaluate the enemy. And the question is - Hmeimim with planes can move around the Sharik or is it enough for us to be able to fly only over the eastern part of the Mediterranean ??
        1. Vladimir1155
          Vladimir1155 29 June 2018 09: 56
          It’s enough for us to be able to fly within 3000 km of our borders ..... and Middle-earth and Khmeimim are even more
          1. Viktor Afanasev
            Viktor Afanasev 29 June 2018 10: 04
            I don’t think enough ...
            But even if you think you need 3000 km - what kind of aircraft can and how long can be at such a distance?
            1. Given that our airfields are NOT located along the perimeter of the borders
            2. The flight range also involves returning to base. For example, Mig29 has a maximum range of 2100 (this is with an incomplete combat load) i.e. 1000 km from the airfield ...
            1. Vladimir1155
              Vladimir1155 29 June 2018 19: 26
              why stay there long? it should be taken into account that there is no need for the plane to get close to the target, its missile also flies far, ..... there is still long-range aviation if you need to reach a remote target
              1. Viktor Afanasev
                Viktor Afanasev 30 June 2018 17: 47
                And the target (especially the underwater one) will itself inform - where exactly is it located and plans to be in the near future? Multipurpose boats with tomahawks will you destroy intuition from airplanes at the direction of ???
                AUG - more than 30 fighters + 2/4 destroyers with air defense - how many planes should I send so that there was a probability of 1.0 AUG destruction? How much will they fly. What is the trajectory, and during the flight it will be necessary to overcome enemy air defense even before the firing range.
                We need a powerful submarine fleet and a minimal surface group (Destroyers, BOD, frigates) Our new aircraft carrier, unfortunately, apparently we will never see ...
                1. Vladimir1155
                  Vladimir1155 30 June 2018 19: 56
                  As for the powerful submarine fleet, I agree that enemy submarines can only be destroyed near their coasts; under the protection of the coast, aviation PLOs operate and combat aircraft destroy them .... as for frigates, they need a little protection of fishing and shipping to display the flag; will even give five destroyers in the conditions of superiority of the enemy? Nothing, and AB will not go to sea. It’s necessary to reconcile that offshore you can only work with submarines with missiles and coastal aviation
  22. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 20 March 2020 12: 14
    2020 has already come, or rather March is already running out, I wonder what was possible to do from the planned.