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Experimental Ukrainian firearms. Part of 2. Pistols "Khortytsya" and KBS-1 "Viy"

In a previous article about Ukrainian developments in the field of handguns weapons You can get acquainted with such pistols as the PS and the "Gnome". In a few years, with weapons that appeared, if not analogs, then, very similar in construction, the development of a common concept in the West. In this article we will look back at the pistols, and although they have a simpler design than the previous ones, they do not become less interesting from this.

Pistols Khortytsya

These pistols have become widely known due to the relatively recent funny case. On the territory of the Radiopribor enterprise, law enforcement officers, quite unexpectedly, found dozens of these weapons. And the curiosity of such a find lies in the fact that it was these guns that were developed by the company, and after the cessation of work on them, part of the manufactured weapons was kept in the weapon room, along with the weapons used by the factory’s security. Apparently, no one bothered in due time to inquire what to do with the weapon and was simply “forgotten” about it. “Lost” exactly until someone remembered that it was possible to cover a “large batch” of unregistered weapons, and then another rank was not far, well, or in the worst case, improved statistics and bonuses.

Experimental Ukrainian firearms. Part of 2. Pistols "Khortytsya" and KBS-1 "Viy"

Work on the new weapon was begun in 1996, and it should be noted that the result of this work turned out to be very worthy. These pistols were planned to be developed for armament of special units, but, as we already know, these pistols were not accepted for armament; preference was given to Fort pistols. In addition, a small-sized pistol chambered for the .22 LR was developed, this weapon was intended for those who need a weapon of self-defense, but there is no need for full-fledged military weapons. The cessation of work on pistols dates back to 2001.

Appearance and ergonomics guns Hortitsa

Unlike many other Ukrainian developments, Khortytsya 125 pistols have a finished appearance, in fact, you can talk about weapons that were already ready for mass production. Nevertheless, some details, or rather their absence, suggest that, in the case of military testing of these pistols, they would be guaranteed to be refined. So, in many photos of the weapon there is no shutter lag, which can be explained by the fact that the models were “intermediate”. A fuse switch, made in the form of a very small part above the store eject button, would obviously not satisfy the military, since switching it with gloves would be very difficult. Yes, and simple dirt on his hands could make the removal of the weapon from the fuse a difficult task. But the controls are those parts that will take a minimum of time to recycle if there are specific requirements, so still consider the 125 Khortytsya pistols in the context of an already completed weapon.

If there are many who doubt about the completeness of long-barreled pistols, then there is absolutely no doubt about the small-sized pistol of Khortytsya. Even by modern standards, this gun has not only a presentable appearance, but also a design. It already has no controversial controls, they are all located in their places and are quite convenient as part of small-sized weapons. At the very least, foreign pistols of similar dimensions have the same location as the fuse switch and the gate delay with the magazine eject key, so there is something to draw an analogy with. The only thing that does not "pleases" is the used ammunition, but more on that below.

The design of pistols Hortitsa

There is some confusion with the designs of different versions of the 125 Khortytsya pistols. Thus, isolated model 125-01, feeding tube 9h18 PM, and model 125-02 DAO, which, as is clear from the notation had trigger mechanism double action and could be adapted for use 9h18 ammunition 9h19 and 9h23 (here in this The place can be met by an obvious nonsense in the form of mentioning the cartridges of the company Steyr 1912 of the year) However, in publications there is a mention of the 125 USP pistol, which took into account the shortcomings of all previous designs.

Since getting to the truth, using only open sources, is problematic, I will use common sense and logic to the best of my ability.

The simplest version of the automatic system for pistols is an automatic system with a free gate. This automation system works fine with 9x18 PM cartridges, it is logical to assume that the first version of the pistol, which was powered only by 9x18, was based on automation with a free gate - it simply does not make sense to complicate the design.

The second option, which we call conditionally to the second one, has already had the opportunity to use more powerful ammunition, for which the automatic system with a free gate is unsuitable. Based on this, the design of the weapon needed to be recycled, but instead of doing something new, you can make the most of the old. So, you can find a way of locking the bore, which would not have to significantly rework the frame of the weapon and the cover-bolt.

The solution was the use of automatic weapons with locking the barrel with the help of powder gases, the principle Barnitske. After the shot, a part of the powder gases is discharged from the barrel to the piston under the barrel of the weapon, while not allowing the bolt group to roll back. After the pressure in the barrel falls, the weapon is reloaded. When using such an automation system, the weapon can very easily be adapted to a wide variety of ammunition, including returning it to automatic equipment with a free gate.

Most sources indicate that the version of the gun, which was powered only by 9x18 cartridges, was also built on this automation system. Such a statement is extremely doubtful, since there is simply no point in complicating a weapon where it can be made much easier. And it seems to me that people who were able to realize the normal operability of a pistol with a fairly “capricious” automation system would not complicate things that can work without fail with a simpler design.

As for the small-sized Khortytsya 76 pistol, it uses an automatic system with a free gate, there is nothing extraordinary in its design.

Characteristics of guns Hortitsa

Back in view of the fact that the division into the first and second models of weapons is used, it is impossible to give guaranteed exact characteristics of the final product, but these figures will also be used as a reference.
The Khortytsya 125-01 gun has a total length of 190 millimeters with a weight of 770 grams. It feeds weapons from the detachable magazine on 8 cartridges 9x18. The length of the barrel, as it is not difficult to guess, is 125 millimeters.

Gun Khortytsa 125-02 has a length of 200 millimeters with a weight of 900 grams. It feeds from a more capacious magazine for 16 ammunition in versions for ammunition 9x19, 9x18 and 9x23.

The Khortitsa 76 small-sized pistol has a total length of 137 millimeters, a mass of all 440 grams. Magazine capacity - 8 cartridges .22 LR

Pros and cons of guns Hortitsa

We will consider the positive and negative qualities of weapons in the context of the Barnitske-based automation system. The automation system itself has proven itself to have a positive effect on the accuracy of the weapon. In addition, pistols with such an automatics have a more pleasant “soft” return, as can be seen from the example of the P7 pistol from Heckler und Koch. However, such an automation system imposes a limit on the quality of ammunition and significantly complicates the process of servicing weapons. Do not forget about the cost of production and the cost of repair, which is significantly higher than that of weapons with different variations on the design proposed by Browning. Apparently this was the reason why pistols with bore locking on the Barnitske principle were not widely used.

It is obviously impossible to talk about reliability and convenience of operation, since such data simply do not exist, and it is not entirely correct to rely on factory tests and the opinion of Radiopribor employees, which will be biased. We need data and experience of using weapons in different conditions, by different people.

As for the 76 Khortytsya pistols, it is only possible to make such a weapon badly on purpose. Similar, if not similar, designs are found in each weapon manufacturer. The question is only used cartridge. Still, even with the presence of sufficiently “evil” .22LR ammunition, this cartridge is absolutely not suitable for self-defense, namely, this gun is positioned as a weapon of self-defense.


After the cessation of funding for the project, these guns tried to offer the military, but could not even achieve testing, which already says a lot. The designer of the weapon, Mikhail Leonidovich Korolev, apparently decided no longer to engage in such a thankless task, and it can be understood, especially after the “party” of unregistered weapons was discovered at the factory. In general, time and money were wasted, but with this weapon one could try to enter the foreign market.

Pistol KBS-1 "Viy" Ukrainian Glock

Immediately it is worth noting that the gun under the name "Viy" is now known as a traumatic one, and is made on the basis of a Makarov pistol, so do not confuse these two completely different pistols. Like the previous guns in question, the KBS-1 was developed in the 90s of the last century. Judging by the name, the work on it began even before the Shevchenko pistol. It is very often possible to meet the statement that this gun is the Ukrainian version of the Glock pistol, which is partly true, but with some reservations.

Appearance and ergonomics of the gun "Viy"

As you know, beauty must save the world. In the form in which the KBS-1 pistol is presented, it is possible to speak of it clearly not as the savior of the world, but this is only the first impression. If you look at this product objectively, then there is only one problem - the color of the frame. For some unknown reason, there was no dye in the design office when the frame was cast, or at least the paint with a brush remains a mystery. After all, if the frame of weapons repaint, then you can get quite a modern, even by today's standards, a gun. Beauty is of course a subjective concept, and for firearms in general, it is the fifth case, but still they are met "according to their clothes."

After you start to get used to the color of the frame of the weapon, its positive sides appear sharply at the pistol. First of all, a low-set barrel of a weapon catches the eye, and it means there will be less toss a weapon when firing. The absence of a fuse switch is due to the use of a double-action impactor only, that is, each trigger pull presses the drummer, and then releases it. Such a decision has a negative effect on the accuracy of the weapon, and it would be possible to use USM with dovzvod later, if the weapon received the “green light”. But the gun is completely safe, because to create a situation in which a random shot can be made, you need to try.

Questions are caused by the lock of a weapon shop, which is made similar to a PM pistol at the bottom of the handle, by modern standards this is, of course, archaism, however in a situation when a new weapon could change all the same PM, it is obvious that the usual location of the magazine lock is only a plus.

In general, the weapon seems quite comfortable, but the color of the frame ...

The design of the gun KBS-1 "Viy"

The basis for the gun has become an automation system using recoil energy in the short course of the barrel. Special mention deserves that the whole gun is assembled from 27 parts, that is, many parts perform several functions. Of course, it’s impossible to see weapons in parsing, in order to consider every decision, nevertheless, only for this alone is the work of designers worthy of respect. Nastre, who kept the gun, is 10 thousand shots, not a record of course, but also a very good result for an experimental sample, if it is true.

If we abstract from the appearance of the frame of the pistol, then we can confidently speak about a completely modern weapon with a design that is popular now and the general concept of a pistol that is instantly ready for use and at the same time safe.

The frame of the gun does not just attract attention with its color. As it turned out later, the frame of the weapon became the main problem. Insufficient strength, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other pleasures made the weapon unsuitable for mass production. In addition, the attitude towards plastic even now is wary of many people. The question remains, for what reason did the designers not "play" with aluminum alloys?

Characteristics of the gun KBS-1 "Viy"

With the characteristics of this gun, everything is very ambiguous. On the Internet there is information on which the total length of the weapon is 161 millimeter with the barrel length 140 millimeters. These figures could not be believed even if the power scheme proposed by Shevchenko were used, and judging by the location of the window for ejection of spent cartridges, the layout of the weapon is “classical”. According to the same data, the weight of the gun without cartridges is equal to 800 grams, which seems to be true.

Pros and cons of the gun KBS-1 "Viy"

The main positive point in the weapon can be called its constant readiness for firing and at the same time wearing safety even with a cartridge in the chamber. When complying with all safety rules, the weapon will never spontaneously shoot, although accuracy suffers from this, due to the great effort when you pull the trigger. But the gun throws less in firing because of the low-set trunk. Unfortunately, one is not compensated by the other, since a hard descent takes the weapon to a shot.

The minus can also be called all the same trigger mechanism, which could be done with dovzvodom or double action with the button safe descent drummer.

However, talking about the pros and cons of the experimental sample, as well as about the mass-produced models of weapons, is not entirely correct.


As a result, we can conclude that the weapon had no flaws that could not be eliminated, apparently something else prevented. Perhaps, by the standards of the middle 90-s, this gun was too “bold” in terms of a set of decisions; nevertheless, looking at modern samples, we can say that many solutions were correct, that is, the designers, definitely, correctly predicted further development pistols.

It is very often possible to find information that corruption or a lack of funding, limited capabilities of enterprises hampered the mass production of this new weapon. It seems to me that the reasons should be considered together, not separately, against the background of all events and conditions in the country.

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