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New 2018 Weapons: Arsenal RS-1 Shooting Revolver Knife

Attempts to combine firearms weapon with a cold one, probably, began when the first primitive pistol had just appeared. It is hard to say whether these attempts were successful, since as a result of this symbiosis it was very rare to make the firearm part complete and good, if the knife itself did not suffer, while remaining comfortable and functional.

This year another similar knife was demonstrated at the Shot SHOW exhibition, but this knife has a six-part firearm part of its design and a full-fledged barrel, which does not interfere with using the entire blade length. Let's try to figure out what this new "beast" is and how well the designers managed to combine what was previously compatible quite conditionally.

The cutting part of the shooting knife Arsenal RS-1

It should be noted right away that this knife is not a new product, it appeared as early as 2015, however, it was shown at the exhibition only now, so that it became widely known only this year.

What is this knife-revolver externally? Outwardly, it is quite an ordinary-looking knife, of which you can find thousands in specialized, and not very, stores. The only thing that can cause questions is the blade moved down in relation to the handle, the hole above it, and an excessively thick handle for such a blade, which, however, does not make the knife disproportionate. What else can be alerted in this weapon is its price of more than 2000 dollars, which, as it were, hints that the knife is clearly not for peeling potatoes and cutting sausage. The blade length of the knife is 165,1 millimeter. Unfortunately, there is nothing intelligible to say about the steel grade from which the blade is made - information differs in different sources. Perhaps the manufacturer changed the grade of steel from release to release of these weapons.

Gunshot part of the shooting knife Arsenal RS-1

But we are not interested in the knife itself, but in its handle, in which the real revolver is placed. So by pressing the button, which acts as a kind of pommel, the handle can be divided into two parts. Inside these halves of the handle you can see the drum and barrel, as well as the firing mechanism. In practice, it all works as follows. In the handle, in the recess under the fingers, there is a protruding metal plate, when it is rotated 180 degrees, a lever is released, which causes the mechanism of the revolver. So when you press this lever, there is a turn of the drum and a platoon, and subsequently a breakdown of the drummer, which leads to a shot. From the drum to the guard, the barrel of the weapon is placed, the muzzle of which is a hole in the guard above the blade.

Of the interesting features of this design can be noted that the ratchet wheel is placed in front of the drum, and not from its rear part. The drum itself has an 6 cartridge chamber. The design does not have a trigger, the drummer is made a single piece with the axis of the drum, the axis itself is movable and a twisted combat spring is installed on its front end. Actually the design is simple to impossible.

The trigger mechanism of the double action is tight enough to exclude a random shot. However, this also affects the accuracy of shooting from this unusual weapon. By and large, you can confidently hit the target only at those distances at which you can reach the target with a knife.

It is strange that the manufacturer did not bother to install even the simplest and cheapest laser designator, which would significantly increase the range of the weapon. Moreover, there is still room for this inside the knife handle. In order for the shooter not to stick his finger in front of the barrel, a sharp spike is installed on the guard, which will immediately remind you where the barrel is located on the weapon.

For cleaning, as well as reloading the gunshot part of the knife will have to open the handle. Extraction of spent cartridges occurs one by one, as well as the equipment of the weapon with new cartridges. With the handle open, the drum rotates freely on its axis.

It is quite logical to ask how the designers managed to place a six-shot revolver in the knife handle, which, although it looks thick, does not seem so thick that both the drum and the barrel and firing mechanism would fit in. The answer lies in the ammunition used, namely the .22 Short cartridge. This old, but still popular cartridge, by virtue of its compact size and modest characteristics, makes it possible to create really small samples of weapons on its base. For compactness, you have to pay with combat characteristics, which is the main disadvantage of the Arsenal RS-1 shooting knife. Interestingly, the manufacturer made a short drum to exclude the use of .22LR cartridges, apparently, the design is not strong enough for certain variants of these munitions.

Cartridge .22 Short and what it can do

This part of the article can be safely missed by those who have an idea about this ammunition and its capabilities, but for the rest I will try to outline in general terms how effective this cartridge is and what to expect from the weapon that uses it, including the Arsenal RS- shooting knife 1.

New 2018 Weapons: Arsenal RS-1 Shooting Revolver KnifeThe .22 Short was introduced in 1857 and was one of the first metal-cased cartridges produced in the United States. At the time of its appearance, this ammunition was used only in the Smith & Wesson Model 1 revolver. An interesting fact about this weapon is that it was from the revolver of this model that Wild Bill Hickok was shot, at the time of the shot he had a combination of cards, which later received the name in poker Dead man's hand. From this we can conclude that a weapon chambered for .22 Short can be killed and this ammunition should not be neglected. However, everything is learned by comparison, and if we talk about whether you need luck to successfully use the .22 Short, then let's say that luck is an accompanying element for every shot. There were cases when the bullet of this cartridge did not pierce the forehead of the attacker, although, of course, after such a hit, although not fatal, it was unlikely that the attacker had a desire to take any active actions. Repeatedly there were cases when the attacker, being intoxicated or drugged, simply did not notice the bullet hit of this cartridge. So, unfortunately, this cartridge cannot be called good for self-defense.

The dimensions of this baby are as follows. The total length of the cartridge of the entire 17,4 millimeter, the length of the sleeve 10,7 millimeters. Real bullet diameter 5,66 millimeters. Depending on the bullet and the powder sample, the kinetic energy can vary from 55 to 100 Joule, which is comparable to the kinetic energy of the bullets of domestic traumatic shares, only in this case the bullet is not of rubber, but lead.


What result can be summed up on the Arsenal RS-1 shooting knife? Of course, the very idea and implementation of the design is worthy of respect only. At least, the weapon turned out original. However, there is no practical value to add a gunshot component to the knife. The inability to properly aim even at a distance of 5 meters makes shooting this product very ineffective. Does not add efficiency and ammunition used in this weapon. The most logical use of such weapons would be firing into the air as a warning, however, even in this regard, the .22 Short cartridge is not the most suitable ammunition. If, however, to make a shot at the attacker in self-defense, then it is likely that even after several hits, you will have to use a shooting knife just like a knife. Apart from the fact that a revolver in such an unusual wrapper can be a knife handle, it can be placed practically in the handle of any object, for example, in a case handle.

It is worth noting that in most countries where citizens are allowed to carry short-barreled weapons and use them for the same self-defense, a person with a knife, rather than a pistol or a revolver, will cause more questions and attention from law enforcement agencies.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 19 February 2018 15: 04
    The inability to properly aim even at a distance of 5 meters makes shooting from this product very ineffective. The ammunition used in this weapon does not add to the effectiveness.
    Is it interesting to our scouts who used the "LDC" of the same opinion?
    1. AlexMark
      19 February 2018 15: 25
      Look closely at the design of knives and ammunition. hi
      1. Maki Avellevich
        Maki Avellevich 19 February 2018 18: 19
        better so
    2. Michael_Zverev
      Michael_Zverev 19 February 2018 18: 40
      Here is the opinion of a person, KVM, quite competent in this matter:
      “The scout’s shooting knife is a funny thing, if only by the combination of the qualities of cold steel and firearms in it,” said Alexander Khabarov, veteran of special forces of the airborne forces. - The product NRS-2 of domestic production generally has no analogues in the world. But here you need to understand that its purpose is narrow-profile, such a knife is not suitable for any combat mission. In a regular intelligence output, when contact with the enemy does not imply much secrecy, he is simply not needed.

      And in Afghanistan, the soldiers of special forces did not always take him with him to tasks, preferring the usual knife, gun or automatic machine with PBS (silent shooting device). Plus, there was strict reporting for each used sleeve, and then carrying it in your pocket was then dangerous because of the residual high pressure. But in some situations a machine gun is useless! Given the fairly low rate of fire associated with a difficult loading procedure, when even an experienced and trained scout takes almost half a minute, this is essentially a weapon of one shot.

      But after all, it is precisely his time that is sometimes lacking when, in hand-to-hand combat, the numerical superiority of the enemy does not allow effective use of cold steel alone. Plus, the practical noiselessness when firing and the absence of a light flash make the shooting knife indispensable when performing tasks in the rear of the enemy. ”
      We can conclude that the weapon is very specific, of little use to the ordinary person, and the commandos are not suitable in any situation either.
  2. prodi
    prodi 19 February 2018 15: 30
    useful device, but not this one, but single-shot under 5.45х39
    1. philosopher
      philosopher 19 February 2018 20: 30
      With a possible barrel length at the shooting knife, with the cartridge marked, at the moment of the shot there will be an outbreak of aki at the flamethrower, and there will be little sense. Whatever one may say, the cartridge of the knockout type (like the SP-3 and SP-4) will be ideal for a shooting knife. But the shooting knife itself is unlikely to find worthy use anywhere except for scouts and special units.
      1. prodi
        prodi 20 February 2018 07: 39
        Yes, there are enough scenarios for ordinary mortals: there are two of them - you are one, the enemy is more agile than you, you are wounded, cartridges are out
  3. Blue fox
    Blue fox 19 February 2018 15: 52
    One of my colleagues dragged such an LDC, "waved" at the radio headset that was easily written off at us, but scarce in that department. :)
    There was a handful of ammunition, we practiced. Personally, my opinion is not a knife or a gun. Heavy and impractical. I got the impression that his main task was to shoot himself, in an extreme case. Used during my stay in the North Caucasus Military District as an interesting gift, but no more. A colleague later presented it to the very respected Mi-8 link commander from Armavir. It has long been, I do not remember the names of both :))
    But the knife from the article ... With such a caliber, it’s true that you need several rounds to shoot yourself, God forbid. :(
  4. Curious
    Curious 19 February 2018 15: 53
    Honestly, I did not understand what the novelty is.

    This is our "new" knife.
    1. Curious
      Curious 19 February 2018 15: 57

      And this is a knife developed in the late 1990s by GRAD. GRAD produced 4 types of knives, three of which were equipped with double-action revolvers chambered for .22LR. The knives were made of high carbon stainless steel and had one fixed blade. In the handle of the knife was a revolver with a rifled barrel 44,5 mm long. In the lower half of the handle was a spring trigger, and in the upper half of the barrel of a revolver that shot through the handle on top of the knife blade. To reload the revolver, you just need to separate the handles, as a result, access to all the nodes and mechanisms of the revolver is opened.
      The knife in the Standard Edition version had black aluminum handle panels and was equipped with a five-round revolver. In the performance of Millennium, the knife was inlaid with 22 carat gold with hand-polished handles and a blade. In the performance of Bayonet, the knife was already equipped with a 6-charge revolver and had a standard mount for installation on rifles of the M16 / AR-15 / family. In this execution it was possible to shoot both in the state adjoined to the weapon, and in the open state. The latest version of the knife, manufactured by GRAD, was an ordinary classic knife without a built-in firearm.
      Does anyone see the difference? By the way - the .22LR cartridge, not the Shot wizard.
    2. AlexMark
      19 February 2018 16: 01
      No, no, this is a product from Arsenal, they made it a long time ago, but this year they showed at Shot SHOW that large-scale mass production will probably be there. Novelty, a revolver knife with a full barrel and blade, although the cartridge ... specific, let's say smile
      1. Curious
        Curious 19 February 2018 16: 15
        Do you see the differences between the knives, except for the cartridges?
        1. AlexMark
          19 February 2018 16: 26
          I see the full copy yes Is that the needle above the barrel of different lengths. It turns out that the knife is quite old, under the name RS-1 in 2015 is made, and from the company GRAD in general in 90-x. Yesterday I thought for a long time that the “GRAD” on the price tag on the photo in the last article, the surface googling did not bring any fruit, so I dropped the question. You are now explained. hi
          By the way, the inscriptions on the handle of the knife about GRAD are silent:
    KVU-NSVD 19 February 2018 16: 40
    A toy for those turned to military. In practice, I don’t see what to pay 2000 bucks for, a civilian is a useless toy, in war there is an extra load with such a caliber ...
  6. Kir
    Kir 19 February 2018 17: 13
    Something seems that the steel of the blade will be 154cm, with respect to the rest, the news is the trunk above the blade, by the way, can anyone remember how “good” such hybrids showed themselves.
  7. Square
    Square 19 February 2018 17: 41
    Like James Bond
  8. Michael_Zverev
    Michael_Zverev 19 February 2018 18: 24
    A definite opinion has long been formed about such designs of combined weapons:
  9. Foundling
    Foundling 19 February 2018 22: 45
    Ordinary mortals are not available! It would be better to talk about the appeared on free sale in our country carbine based on the machine gun CORD: carbine 6B7-KOS cal 12.7x108 (popularly Kord) which in the process of fencing, only car fire was removed.
    1. Comrade Kim
      Comrade Kim 19 February 2018 23: 12
      Here's another interesting smoothbore with Lancaster:
      tension / blog / article & article_id = 4
      1. Foundling
        Foundling 20 February 2018 01: 03
        I think the deficit will be, given the lack of donors. He even threw a cry.
    2. AlexMark
      20 February 2018 01: 51
      Three questions at once: Where to get the cartridges? How much are the cartridges? WHAT FOR?
    3. KP8789
      KP8789 20 February 2018 09: 53
      Ordinary mortals are not available! It would be better if they talked about a carbine that appeared in free sale in our country on the basis of the KORD machine gun: a 6V7-KOS carbine cal 12.7x108 (popularly known as Kord), which only fenced off during fencing.

      The carbine 6V7-KOS cal 12.7x108 is made on the basis of the ASVK-12.7 rifle, and not a machine gun. There wasn’t any auto fire there. Before writing a comment, study the topic about which you write.
      1. Foundling
        Foundling 20 February 2018 10: 29
        If you meaningfully read my comment, you would be surprised to see that I would ask you to “tell” about this device.
  10. alex-cn
    alex-cn 20 February 2018 08: 55
    again "crossed a snake and a hedgehog"
  11. tsvetkov1274
    tsvetkov1274 20 February 2018 09: 36
    EMNP in the inspection group at Pskr had pistol pens .. (in the form of a ballpoint pen) what
    1. Michael_Zverev
      Michael_Zverev 20 February 2018 14: 22
      As a regular weapon or seized from whom?
      1. tsvetkov1274
        tsvetkov1274 20 February 2018 16: 31
        full-time ...
        1. Michael_Zverev
          Michael_Zverev 20 February 2018 18: 42
          And how was it supposed to be used, in what situations?
          1. tsvetkov1274
            tsvetkov1274 20 February 2018 22: 18
            I can not even imagine what
  12. Mooh
    Mooh 31 July 2018 20: 11
    at least the simplest and cheapest laser target designator

    It is necessary for the Chinese to order a batch, there will be a luc and a flashlight and a bottle opener and the price is less than $ 100.