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The most powerful small arms. Part of 2. Submachine gun UMP45 chambered for .45 ACP

UMP submachine gun (Universal Machinen Pistole) produced by the famous German armory company Heckler & Koch might not have been included in the rating of the most powerful small arms, if it were not produced under cartridges of various calibers. The most powerful version of this universal UMP45 submachine gun is chambered for .45 ACP (11,43x23 mm). This model of firearms combines high stopping action of a bullet, moderate recoil and high accuracy of fire. Unlike a pistol Desert Eagle, the UMP submachine gun, even in its modification chambered for a fairly powerful .45 ACP cartridge, is used by special forces and army units of some countries, and its younger brothers chambered for 9 × 19 mm Parabellum or .40S & W (10x22 mm) are even more widespread.

Engineers at Heckler & Koch created the UMP versatile submachine gun in the 1990s as a complement to the HK MP5 family of submachine guns that are popular and renowned around the world. The design of the new model was simplified, but at the same time more modern materials were used in the construction of the UMP. The company originally planned to offer its model on the police weapons market in the United States, so it chose the .40S & W and .45 ACP ammunition for it, popular in America, the version of the submachine gun chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum appeared later.

Currently, there are three varieties of the UMP submachine gun: the most powerful UMP45, designed for the .45 ACP pistol cartridge, the UMP40, respectively, for the .40S & W cartridge and the UMP9 for the 9 × 19 mm Parabellum cartridge. Despite the difference in the caliber of the weapon, all three submachine guns have the same design, the external difference between the three models from each other lies only in the shape of the store. For submachine guns in large calibers - a straight magazine, for a 9x19 mm Parabellum cartridge - curved. All three versions can, if desired, be easily transformed into each other by replacing the barrel, bolt and magazine; during development, the Germans implemented the modular design of the submachine gun.

In addition to the three listed versions, one civilian is also represented on the market - this is USC (Universal Self-loading Carbine) - a universal self-loading carbine. It was designed specifically for further export to the United States and complied with all American standards of civilian weapons. The carabiner differs from its combat counterparts in the form of a butt, a longer barrel, a magazine restriction on 10 cartridges (at the time of development in the US, there were restrictions on the capacity of stores for civilian weapons), while USC stores are not compatible with combat versions, and the carbine does not have a pistol grip fire control and there is no possibility to conduct automatic fire. This civilian version can be used for sporting purposes or for self-defense. USC carbine sales were discontinued in 2013.

It is worth noting that the designers of Heckler & Koch took almost six months to create a submachine gun capable of firing bursts of cartridges of such a large caliber as .45APC. Initially, they tested the same semi-breechblock scheme that was implemented in their MP5 submachine gun and was traditional for the company. However, this scheme could not withstand the long-term operation of the weapon, as a result of which the new submachine gun was out of order after 5 thousand shots. As a result, the engineers of the German company switched to a free gate circuit.

The German submachine gun HK UMP45 is a small arms, built according to the scheme with a free gate. The principle of operation of the automation is used - the release of the free shutter, the fire from a submachine gun is conducted from the closed shutter. Trigger mechanism - trigger. The weapon has a double-sided fuse-switch fire modes, as well as a slide delay, which stops the shutter in the open position after all the cartridges are used up in the magazine. The following fire modes are available to the arrow: single shots, automatic fire, shooting can also be optionally available in bursts with a cut-off of an 2 or 3 shot. Since the UMP submachine gun was originally created for firing large-caliber cartridges, as well as due to difficulties in feeding .45 ACP cartridges compared to conventional 9x19 mm, the technical rate of fire was artificially limited to 600 rounds per minute, which makes this submachine gun one of the “slowest” in the international market.

The UMP submachine gun stands out for its small mass, the UMP9 is immediately lighter on the 0,75 kg than its MP5 A3 submachine gun similar to it, due to the extensive use of modern high-impact plastics in the UMP design, which not only made it possible to seriously reduce the mass of weapons, but ensured its stability to corrosion. The bolt-case of the submachine gun is made of plastic, and a plastic box made of plastic with a magazine receiver and a pistol grip also joins the bottom of it. Impact-resistant plastic has good resistance to damage and stress, which allows you to freely use a weapon in the field. The mass of UMP9 submachine guns without a magazine is only 2,35 kg, the mass of the UMP45 submachine gun without a magazine is 2,47 kg.

The pistol grip of the UMP45 has a rounded shape and small notches along the cheeks and back plate, there is a small protrusion under the little finger of the shooter at its base for a more comfortable hold in the hand. The trigger guard is large, it is possible to shoot from a submachine gun in gloves or to hold a weapon, passing the thumb of your left hand through the bracket (as in the Beretta 93R). The latch of the store is straight, as in the Kalashnikov machine gun, it is made of metal and has a deep groove, the stroke is short and clear, and the magazine is not removed from the weapon, but drops out like a pistol.

The switch of fire modes is two-sided, reversible (the lever is directed towards the butt of the submachine gun), it has three positions:
- the extreme upper position - blocking the striker and the trigger, while the trigger is still pressed;
- middle position - fire by single shots;
- the lowest position - automatic fire, the inclusion occurs with a slight click.

In the submachine gun there is the possibility of replacing a fully automatic fire mode on the firing in short bursts of 2 or 3 cartridge. For such a replacement, you need to change the pick-up lever or install another firing mechanism on the weapon. This module is fixed on the weapon with the help of two "canines", which are in front of the receiver of the store, and a long bolt connecting it with the receiver and located behind the translator of fire modes.

On the UMP45, a butt that folds to the right side is used (someone thinks this option is more convenient than on MP5), it can be fixed in the tilted position. The folding skeleton type butt with two cut-outs of the UMP45 submachine gun, unlike the receiver, is reinforced and has an aluminum frame, which significantly increases its strength. True, given that the butt fixation elements are made of plastic, they should be beaten on with some caution. With the butt folded down, the length of the UMP45 is 695 mm, with the folded - 455 mm.

On the upper part of the receiver UMP45 are sights, which are used as a normal rear sight and front sight. Rear sight on both sides reliably protected by the projections of the receiver. This is important when working in cramped spaces and in urban areas, when a weapon may accidentally strike against an obstacle. Rear sight also placed in a protective ring. Between the sights on top of the receiver can be installed Picatinny guide rail, which allows the shooter to install various optical or collimator sights. In total, it is possible to mount four Picatinny strips on a submachine gun - on the bolt box at the top, right, left and bottom of the case. The ability to install a vertical front grip on the UMP can greatly assist the shooter when firing automatic fire from a weapon.

The barrel of a submachine gun is devoid of any compensators in its muzzle, but it also has a mount for a device for silent and flameless firing. The greatest efficiency is ensured when using such a device with subsonic cartridges. The standard barrel length of all three models of the UMP submachine gun is 200 mm, the USC civilian carbine had a barrel length 400 mm.

Together with a submachine gun, straight-shaped box magazines for .45APC and .40S & W cartridges and forward curved for 9x19 mm Parabellum cartridges could be used. Magazine capacity chambered for .40S & W and 9x19 mm is 30 rounds, magazine capacity chambered for .45APC is 25 rounds. Like the receiver, the magazines of the submachine gun are made of plastic. On their sidewalls there are special slots covered with transparent plastic. These slots are used for convenient control of ammunition consumption.

The most powerful small arms. Part of 2. Submachine gun UMP45 chambered for .45 ACP
Comparison of 9x19 mm and .45APC cartridges

In general, it can be noted that all UMP submachine guns are excellent for fighting in urban environments or in buildings, including in cramped spaces. The weapon is distinguished by its low weight and dimensions, as well as the arrow provides ample opportunities for upgrades and installation of various tactical body kit. The modularity of the weapon and the ability to change the caliber also should not be discounted. Option UMP45 is a very powerful firearm, especially in the class of submachine guns. The .45ACP bullet (11,43x23 of a millimeter) has a very strong stopping effect (albeit a small punching action), and now imagine that a whole line of such bullets is flying towards the target. The version of the submachine gun for this cartridge, according to Wikipedia, is used by the special forces of Lithuania and Georgia, and the UMP45 is also used by the special forces of Malaysia, the Philippines and Egypt.

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  1. corporal
    corporal 12 January 2018 06: 44
    I want myself the same wassat
    I have always wondered why ours cannot buy a license for a successful sample and release it at home. For example, this PP would fit very well as a police weapon.
    1. Kot_Kuzya
      Kot_Kuzya 12 January 2018 06: 51
      Cartridges are non-standard. Our police are armed with a cartridge 9 * 18.
      1. alex-cn
        alex-cn 12 January 2018 07: 10
        Why is 9x19 going to pp-2000 ...
        Our software in general is no worse. The only advantage of the 45th cartridge is to kill, it may not kill, but it will be knocked down like an iron. But this is only important for the police.
        1. corporal
          corporal 12 January 2018 07: 24
          Quote: alex-cn
          But this is only important for the police.

          So I talked about the police. It is important to stop and not penetrate.
          As for the .45 ACP cartridge, its production is easy to set up for the needs of the police and the Russian Guard.
          1. hohol95
            hohol95 12 January 2018 08: 45
            The PS-32 cartridge (12,3x22 mm R) was developed in the early 1990s under the OKD “Udar” program as an ammunition for a promising large-caliber revolver. Assembled in a shortened metal sleeve of a 32-caliber rifle cartridge. Certified as a standard cartridge for the U-94C Udar-S service revolver. Available in several equipment options.
            cartridge PS-32.000 with a cylindrical shell lead bullet weighing 13,4 grams is the main type of cartridge. The bullet has a high stopping, but insufficient penetrative effect.
            test cartridge PS-32.I.OO (with increased powder charge) - produced in small batches, used for technological purposes in the manufacture of firearms.
            blank cartridge - cartridge case dowel is pressed in with an “asterisk”
            traumatic cartridge with a rubber bullet - designed for use by employees of private security agencies, but was not certified as ammunition for official weapons and was not mass-produced.
            non-lethal cartridge - with three plastic balls
            1. alex-cn
              alex-cn 12 January 2018 11: 31
              There will be the same problems in automation, as with 7,62x54R, you need a groove. And here it’s all the same - either launch the Koltovo, or remake ours.
              1. hohol95
                hohol95 12 January 2018 11: 49
                Is it necessary ??? No orders - no development! They made hunting rifles out of “Kalash” - not an assault rifle, but self-order! Quite an option!
        2. yehat
          yehat 12 January 2018 18: 54
          Well, he has not only this advantage. Shooting from it is very specific, but if you adapt, you can conduct very effective selective fire at close range against a group of targets with a high proportion of incapacitation and small kills. I couldn’t shoot at anything like that. MP5 is too different, Kalash just can not. I wonder if AEK could do that? For the police somewhere in Brazil, a very useful machine. We rarely need to solve such problems.
          although it is possible for self-defense of your home will be very convenient or in the protection of civilian facilities.
    2. would
      would 13 January 2018 07: 04
      Firstly, our police already have the PP-19-01 Vityaz, as far as I know, more than a successful model. And the main thing is its own (without any licenses and deductions) and is unified with the AKS74U or AK105 (depending on the model).

      Also in another layout there is PP-2000 and SR-2. This is a success, that is, for example, not counting the auger "Bison". More than enough.

      Secondly, we are not armed with a .45 ACP. That is, if you adopt UMP-45, then in addition to this you will have to adopt .45ACP and add one more caliber to the supplies for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will add complexity and cost. For the sake of one model of software. At the same time, there is a universal 9x19 which modern PPs and pistols use. 9x21 use as many as 2 models, PP SR-2 and SR-1 pistol.

      Thirdly, the .45ACP is an unpopular US police caliber that is being discarded. Ammunition is placed in the store with less than 9x19, much heavier, more recoil. And the US police are not without reason and with practical examples believe that the quantity is better than power.
      1. Michael HORNET
        Michael HORNET 28 January 2018 19: 59
        Exactly. UMP 45 is generally a very average sample, Saiga 9x19 is no worse, and the myths about the "terrible stopping effect" of the cartridge 45 AKP
      2. VictorZhivilov
        VictorZhivilov April 15 2018 15: 15
        Thirdly, the .45ACP is an unpopular US police caliber that is being discarded. Ammunition is placed in the store with less than 9x19, much heavier, more recoil. And the US police are not without reason and with practical examples believe that the quantity is better than power.

        So .45 ACP was originally created for the needs of the army. From here and the corresponding consumer properties.

        "The .45 ACP cartridge was created as a result of the combat experience gained by the American army during the Philippine-American war of 1899-1902 between the United States of America and the First Philippine Republic. Revolvers and pistols of the 38th caliber were not able to stop a decisive enemy, masterfully possessing knives and using local drugs, attacking from a distance of several meters. " Source: "Small Arms and Ammunition"
        -ammo / 45ACP /

        I'm afraid to upset you, but the 9x19 Luger is not the most suitable ammunition for police operations, which is why the .40 S&W was born.

        The .40 S&W cartridge, created as the most practical of the high-stopping power pistol cartridges, is a good alternative to the legendary .45 ACP. The cartridge was jointly developed by Smith & Wesson and Winchester and introduced in 1990. Applied to modern equipment, on average, the muzzle velocity of a 10,7 g bullet is 350 m / s, and the energy is 650 J. The main goal of the creators of the cartridge was to combine such qualities as a large magazine capacity with an acceptable grip thickness provided by the 9mm Parabellum cartridge, and the high stopping effect of the cartridge .45 ACP. As a result, the new cartridge has become one of the most popular in the US. 40-caliber pistols are used by the police, the FBI and other US law enforcement agencies. " Source: "Small arms and ammunition"
        -ammo / 40sw /
        1. would
          would April 15 2018 17: 52
          I'm afraid to upset you, but the 9x19 Luger is not the most suitable ammunition for police operations, which is why the .40 S&W was born.

          You have outdated information. As a result of design changes in 9x19, its efficiency reached the level of .40 S&W and there was a reverse transition from .40 S&W to 9x19. Including it was on him that the FBI switched, on whose order the .40 S&W was made, which they were the first to switch to. It is symbolic.

          odit-na-9-mm-pistolety /

          At the time of the news about the reverse transition, I saw a very detailed article, including research by forensic experts in which it was shown that the wound channel from a 9x19 bullet and a .40 S&W bullet are often indistinguishable from each other, that is, 9x19 inflicts the same wound with a smaller caliber ...

          So .45 ACP was originally created for the needs of the army. From here and the corresponding consumer properties.

          Suitable for late 19th-early 20th century. Now is the 21st century and .45ACP is not popular in the US Army either. Now the main gun of the U.S. Army is the SIG Sauer M17 (modernization of the P320 for TK army) 9x19 caliber. Before that, it was a Beretta M9 of the same caliber.
          1. parma
            parma 25 May 2018 13: 50
            The main one is still M9, for M17 has been accepted even less than a year, and accordingly it will change for a long time ...
            1. would
              would 25 May 2018 20: 44
              By itself. It’s just worth distinguishing between “accepted as the main” and “de facto the main in the units”.
  2. otto meer
    otto meer 12 January 2018 10: 44
    But it’s interesting why the author decided to give an overview on this particular weapon. After all, submachine guns under .45 ACP are dark and dark. That's not all: M3, MP 18. and MP 28.II, Reising M50 and M55, Thompson M1921, M1928, M1, M1A1, Ingram M10 and M11, Uzi and the most recent squeaky splatter of the Kriss Super V! And if you think about it, you can probably still remember a lot.
  3. brn521
    brn521 12 January 2018 11: 14
    Clappers under .45ACP can hardly be called a powerful small arms.
    1. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 12 January 2018 11: 44
      Quote: brn521
      Clappers under .45ACP can hardly be called a powerful small arms.

      for the police - behind the eyes. when working indoors - too. H&K has a very decent weapon in general.
      1. ydjin
        ydjin 12 January 2018 15: 01
        I like the AK-74, it’s really Armageddon’s weapon, when all other weapons samples fail, it will work! PS With 14 rounds of short bursts in automatic mode, 7 targets were laid down, who knows mode 22. In training, 25 were knocked out of single targets. Training "Stoves", Borisov, 1990. Military unit 68559. Black shoulder straps with the letters SA.
        1. tracer
          tracer 12 January 2018 15: 37
          This weapon is different. Indoors, a 12-gauge gun is what is scary. But on the street at ranges over 100 meters, it is useless. .45 ACP is a heavy subsonic bullet with a powerful strike. The principle of a gun shot .....
          1. dokusib
            dokusib 13 January 2018 07: 33
            PP over 100 meters is also not ice. Especially if it's a .45 ACP
      2. brn521
        brn521 12 January 2018 15: 34
        Quote: K0
        for the police - for the eyes

        But the title is not about the police, but about the most powerful small arms. And the beginning was adequate. And then suddenly the transition to a weak pistol cartridge.
        1. Michael HORNET
          Michael HORNET 28 January 2018 20: 07
          The 45 AKP cartridge has as many joules as the 9x19 cartridge and even less
          Weapons of 45 automatic transmissions are not done on + P +, so a submachine gun under 45 automatic transmissions is not at all a “powerful” weapon and it does not belong to this review
          If you make a submachine gun, ATTENTION under 10 autos or more powerful pistol cartridges, type 45 Winchester Magnum, 50AE is another matter
          In Russia, by the way, in the same niche there is a weapon chambered for 9x39 (Val, Vikhr, 9A91) and it is MUCH more killer than this misunderstanding UMP45 under 45AKP
  4. like this
    like this 12 January 2018 18: 45
    created as a result of cheapening mp5, wah how cool
    1. Northern warrior
      Northern warrior 13 January 2018 22: 58
      MP-5 - the trunk, which was tough in the 80s with the movie "Die Hard", has a rather clever scheme for locking the barrel with a half-free bolt (like the G-3 rifle). It does not have special advantages in accuracy over other PPs firing from a closed shutter, and complex automation requires proper care and reduces reliability in case of contamination. Of course, he is in all respects better than an ultrasound or Ingram, but it is difficult to call him a weapon as a masterpiece.
  5. Northern warrior
    Northern warrior 12 January 2018 19: 59
    Bullshit it all! PPs are significantly inferior to small-sized assault rifles in efficiency against protected targets, and the firing range of them rarely exceeds 150 m. The U45AKP disgusting trajectory and penetration ability of a bullet, and the mass of a worn ammunition surpasses all reasonable limits.
    Our SR-3 "Whirlwind" and AK-9 chambered for 9 × 39 mm significantly exceed ANY existing PP in armor penetration and can be effectively used with a silencer. The mass of the cartridge 9x39 mm slightly exceeds that of the .45AKP, but its ballistics is much better.

    1. Mika_blin
      Mika_blin 13 January 2018 04: 39
      Quote: Northern warrior
      firing range of them rarely exceeds 150 m

      Do you think that it is much larger for small-sized machines? ;)
      Quote: Northern warrior
      The .45AKP disgusting trajectory flatness and bullet penetration

      It’s ridiculous to talk about persistence at such distances. A direct shot. And the penetration ability of .45 is no worse than that of 9x19 and 7,62x25.
      Quote: Northern warrior
      the weight of the wearable BC exceeds all reasonable limits

      Cartridge mass .45 ACP - 19-22 gr. Cartridge weight: 9X39 23,2 ... 23,8. That pistol 9mm .45th loses noticeably in this regard. But they are chosen mainly by those to whom it is not so important. I think that its main advantages for all kinds of "special forces" are the subsonic speed of the bullet, combined with the prevalence and a large selection of the type of ammunition in the world. And all sorts of "ODP" and armor penetration, especially for these police officers stripping teams are not particularly relevant.
      Quote: Northern warrior
      Our SR-3 "Whirlwind" and AK-9 chambered for 9 × 39 mm significantly exceed ANY existing PP in armor penetration and can be effectively used with a silencer.

      Any PP .45 gauge, even the ancient "oiler" can be used with a silencer. And, unlike our uber-waffe, it uses the most common cartridges, of which there are many in the world. Comparing them, in general, is not very correct. Both the Whirlwind and the 9A-91 are much more complicated and more expensive than any software that uses gas automation. AK-9 is not produced at all.
      Quote: Northern warrior
      The mass of the cartridge 9x39 mm slightly exceeds that of the .45AKP, but its ballistics is much better.

      Yes, better. But there is no real possibility to use it in weapons of the PP format ("Whirlwind"). This is the same spit at a distance of 100 meters. Only the store’s capacity is less, and the cartridge is unique.
      This ballistics is realized in weapons of a completely different class and purpose, in particular, in 6P29. But comparing the Vintorez with a free-gate software is completely ridiculous.
      1. Northern warrior
        Northern warrior 13 January 2018 19: 37
        Small-sized assault rifles with a 9 × 39 mm cartridge have an effective firing range of about 200 m, but the energy of the bullet of the SP-5 / SP-6 cartridge at this distance exceeds 500 Joules. From a distance of 100 m, the SP-6 / 7N12 bullet sews right through 7 mm steel sheet or body armor of the 3rd protection class (protection against AKM), while maintaining high OD. What other software in the world, except the German HK MP-7, is capable of this?
        As for the comparison of the breakdown ability of .45АКП and 7.62 × 25 mm TT, the latter has much higher. The bullet speed of a bullet is 7.62 × 25 mm when firing from bullets at approximately 500 m / s, while the 45th has only 290 m / s, so a higher class bulletproof vest is required to protect against 7.62 mm bullets.
        1. AlNikolaich
          AlNikolaich 13 January 2018 22: 34
          Well, about 9x39. You disguised a few ... 400 meters effective range. Val and Vintorez confirm! And about the stopping action there, the seams are full. The rifle bullet is pointed. Punching action is crazy! I saw a Chevrolet van American old, after processing from 9A91. There, the metal of the body of the deuce is probably thicker than that of the Volga Gaz21! It will fly through both sides, simultaneously making a hole for goblin passengers. There were no wounded! And in general, I have not heard about the wounded by this bullet. Either immediately 200, or almost immediately from pain shock. Hands-off legs.
          It is rather an anti-material cartridge. Although created as a subsonic sniper ...
          1. Northern warrior
            Northern warrior 13 January 2018 22: 47
            400 m for a 9x39 mm cartridge is the limit given its ballistics. If many blame the cartridge 7.62 × 39 mm for the poor flatness of the trajectory of the bullet, then there is nothing to say about 9x39 mm - it is subsonic.
            1. philosopher
              philosopher 15 January 2018 19: 45
              You are right, the ballistics of the 9x39 cartridge bullet are very far from the concept of "flooring", but if we compare 7,62x39 and 9x39, then they are not so different. Here it is necessary to take into account not only a 2,4 times lower initial velocity, but also a twice as heavy bullet, which not only has the correct form for subsonic, but also due to inertia maintains speed along the trajectory better, and therefore is more predictable when introducing corrections to lead when transferring fire at different distances. Well, if it reaches, then at 400 meters this 16-gram crowbar will hardly break even one rib through a bulletproof vest ... Although, of course, it depends on the bulletproof vest and the particular rib.
          2. would
            would 14 January 2018 03: 59
            And in general, I have not heard about the wounded by this bullet. Either immediately 200, or almost immediately from pain shock. Hands-off legs.

            This means that the bullet is just the same perfect stopping effect. That is, after a hit, the target cannot take active actions and is not dangerous.
  6. demiurg
    demiurg 14 January 2018 06: 12
    It’s easier to twist with ammunition than to create weapons for every new case.
    Is there 9 * 19 armor-piercing and expansive ones? You can alternate the cartridges in the store, and during the assault, tear off arms / legs and pierce bulletproof vests at the same time.
    Not enough energy? 5.45 * 39 in hand. Not enough again? 7.62 * 39 tear the bodies in half, and full of armor 4-5 classes.

    But much more attractive to the eye are 145 types of weapons of various calibers. And it is necessary with picattini straps on all sides.
    1. philosopher
      philosopher 15 January 2018 20: 07
      How to tell you? In reality, the situation does not look quite as it seems at first and even at second glance.
      So, in the ruins of a city building, perhaps 5,45x49 will be ideal, but in a green house it is better to 7,62x39, little is equally effective. Well, 9x39 is already for very special tasks; So for specials, in fact, it was developed. I want to say that if you need to storm the premises, then I would not use the AK-74M or AKM, if there is a choice among weapons with a subsonic bullet muzzle velocity to use it with PBS. The shell-shock from automatic bursts in a confined space and the unmasking factor should not be forgotten. In other words, there is a task - there is a suitable tool for its implementation.
      By the way, planks are more likely to expand the potential capabilities of the same weapon model in conjunction with a specific munition, instead of containing several different, but similar in characteristics.
    2. Red_Baron
      Red_Baron 16 January 2018 19: 33
      Sorry, but I think you wrote it completely without thinking.
      Exactly what weapons are needed for each specific case. Only lack of opportunities and finances limit this.
      Somewhere, hidden wearing is required, somewhere controlled automatic fire, somewhere dimensions, and somewhere, and the possibility of firing at a greater distance. These and a bunch of different circumstances require not at all different cartridges. A weapon. Naturally, within a unit, the smaller the species, the better, again for many reasons.
      Further sounds like some kind of not too smart movie. Tearing this out. You didn’t even set tasks, but to tear, dismember, kill.
      What is the alternation of bullets. From some you will get ricochets and hurt yourself or your comrades, but at the same time break through the soft tissue of the enemy, which he will not notice until the end of the battle. And others will not leave the possibility of further interaction with a person. At least read the article carefully, look at UMP. Where and why can it be used? The task of the policeman is not to leave a sea of ​​corpses. And somewhere in the fighting to use UMP is unlikely to occur to anyone.
      In general, even using the same cartridges but at the same time easier to maintain, much easier isn't that great? Here the bullets will not give such an effect. And special weapons are not produced in huge quantities, like army ones. So it is quite possible to place an order at the factory and satisfy the needs.
  7. gladcu2
    gladcu2 15 January 2018 23: 12
    UMP is not a line from MP-5. This is a continuation of the concept of "gnawing".
  8. Navigator Basov
    Navigator Basov 18 January 2018 18: 10
    Quote: Yuferev Sergey
    also the carabiner does not have a pistol fire control handle

    Let the first one to throw a stone at me who proves that the USC does not have a pistol grip. But the author’s inability to see at least USC photographs before such a statement is a stone in his garden.
    Wikipedia, from which this fried fact has been ripped off, has already been fixed.

    Now for the choice of a .45 submachine gun to view the most powerful small arms. Well, it’s not serious: just the caliber is bigger, the bullet is heavier, and that’s all? and is this the basis for selecting the review of the most powerful small arms? Now is the era of diverse PDWs, combining the dimensions of a submachine gun and the firepower of a full-fledged assault rifle: PDW (KAC), Honey Badger (AAC), MARS (Colt), PDR (Magpul). Including compacts of intermediate calibres 6 — 6,5 mm for special ammunition, for cartridges SP-5 / SP-6 (CP-3, OC-12). Recently, the term small-sized automatic machine has even come back into use: MA (Kalashnikov, 2016), AM-17 / AMB-17. If we talk about firepower, then the special armor-piercing ammunition MP7 and P90 are also much more worthy candidates for an overview of the most powerful submachine guns, and even much more obvious. Why the choice fell on an ordinary submachine gun of an ordinary caliber is completely unclear.
    1. psiho117
      psiho117 19 January 2018 00: 52
      Quote: Navigator Basov
      If we talk about firepower

      ... then you can recall the MP5 / 10, chambered for 10x25mm Auto, which was once chosen for arming the FBI

      however, later this cartridge was supplanted by its own lightweight stepson - .40 S&W. He was blamed for excessive recoil when firing a pistol by the average shooter.
      It is a pity that it was more than good as ammunition for the police PP: the muzzle energy of bullets was more than 800 J and was well preserved on the trajectory - exceeding the energy of .90 ACP bullets at a distance of 45 meters at a departure.
      And there are also hunting "hot" options - with an energy of over 1000 J.
      That's where the power is! wassat
      1. Red_Baron
        Red_Baron 27 January 2018 13: 15
        That is, for a police officer, the main criterion is the energy of the bullet?
        Great logic. That is, that it would be possible to break through several people when firing, or when missing a thin obstacle and not visible to the arrow.
        Perhaps it’s worth using then a weapon with an under-barrel grenade launcher, that's where the power is.
      2. Michael HORNET
        Michael HORNET 28 January 2018 20: 27
        Well, now the swing is going in the opposite direction - the popularity of 10 cars is growing rapidly, the popularity of 40 is steadily declining, and 45 has practically disappeared, remaining among the most stubborn and special forces using Mark23 SOCOM pistols
        In fact, there remain two pistol cartridges - 9x19 as a general one (it has now grown substantially in terms of energy from the original, the specification appeared in 9 major) and 10 auto as special when you need "something more powerful"
        Now they have learned to design pistol bullets of different weapons in such a way that they pierce the same way, but at the same time make a hole of different diameters (they try to keep the piercing at the level of 12-18 "gelatin, trying not to allow anything less or less)
        9x39 cartridge bullet has a very strong stopping and lethal action, ahead of all pistol bullets
        The fact that a cartridge and a weapon for it is still not widespread is the problem of logistics and imitation of activity, instead of work. So it’s even certified as a civilian, without a carbide core
        Weapons like AK-9 will be perfectly suitable for use as an “assault” one - excellent kill and stopping effect, acceptable noise level (this is very important in closed rooms, as shooting is conducted “above the ear” and even the presence of active headphones does not protect enough rumor), only stores 30 and 40 are needed, so order - and they will)
        1. Ua3qhp
          Ua3qhp 7 March 2018 21: 34
          Here are the big experts, explain why the distance less than 300 is plotted on the AK M sighting bar, if the position P is exactly 300m
  9. Simargl
    Simargl April 14 2018 19: 47
    Unlike a gun Desert Eagle, the UMP submachine gun even in the modification of a rather powerful .45 ACP cartridge is used by special forces and army units of some countries
    Replayed in CS?
  10. VictorZhivilov
    VictorZhivilov April 15 2018 15: 26
    It is nice to see a certain succession of weapons schools and to realize that legends do not die. Well done!