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The participation of our troops in land operations in Syria is one of the most closed topics. The Ministry of Defense initially emphasized that only aviation Aerospace Forces, there was even an official definition of "operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria." Although in the first videos and photographs from the Khmeimim base it was clearly visible that in addition to the aircraft there Tanks, armored personnel carriers and marines. And after some time, from the report of the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu, it became clear that Russian gunners were also helping the Syrians on the ground.

In 2016, in a speech dedicated to awarding campaigners, Vladimir Putin acknowledged that the Special Operations Forces are working on the ground in Syria. They provided target designation of the Russian military aircraft. In 2016 – 2017, several times there were reports of the death of our soldiers in battle. As the Defense Ministry officially stated, they acted as advisers to the government army.

In the summer of 2016, units of Russian sappers appeared in Syria. Their task was the demining of Palmyra, which had just been repulsed by the militants. Later, the sappers took part in the cleaning of Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor. The military police had previously been present at Hmeimim airbase and at the Navy logistics station in Tartus, but in December last year, an entire EP battalion was deployed to stabilize the liberated areas. Later, additional units of the EaP were transferred here.

At the final stage of the IS defeat, the Russian command sent pontoon units to Syria, which ensured that the Syrian troops quickly crossed the Euphrates near Deir ez-Zor.

But in addition to official messages, various photos and videos with our fighters in Syria were regularly published on the Internet. Moreover, information appeared in local social networks that it was Russian military advisers who became an important element of the victory over the “Islamic State” (banned in our country). The video got the work of our artillery units. And in 2016, foreign journalists were able to photograph some kind of mixed armored group, which included several T-90 and BTR-82. The crews were staffed by Russians.

The Marine - the guarantor of security

The first marines to appear in Syria. These were the military personnel of the 810th brigade of the Black Sea fleet. It was her composition that included the first dead Russian military Alexander Pozynich. He acted as part of a search and rescue squad that rescued the crew of a Su-24 front-line bomber shot down by the Turks.

The task of the Marines was to protect the base and its defense against possible attacks from land. As the experience of the war in Afghanistan has shown, even missiles launched inappropriately can paralyze aviation operations and cause significant damage. 23 June 1988 of the year at the airfield in Kabul, one rocket led to the death of eight Su-25 attack aircraft. Assistance to the Marines was provided by the T-90 tanks: judging by the photographs, the tankers occupied the dominant heights, from where they could cover the approaches to the Hmeimim airbase. Another task was the search and rescue of flight crews.

According to various media resources and social networks, in the winter of 2015 – 2016, units of the 7 airborne assault division and the 34 motorized rifle brigade appeared in Syria. These military units wear mountain rifle consoles, their personnel are trained and specially equipped to conduct combat operations in difficult mountainous terrain, just the kind that surrounds Khmeymim airbase. The mountain shooters appeared in Syria immediately after the death of the Russian Su-24 front-line bomber. Then the possible invasion of the Turkish military was seen as quite possible and in the event of such a development, they would have to go to Hamme along the roads in the mountains.

Apparently, the task of protecting Russian bases in Syria until the withdrawal of troops remained for the Marines. In particular, on December 16, the Russian Defense Ministry issued an official statement that, on instructions from the Supreme Commander, the Russian Defense Minister encouraged the servicemen who provided Vladimir Putin’s visit to Syria on December 8, 11. This, as indicated in the message, the units of the marines, covering the most sabotage areas outside the Hmeimim airbase on land and from the sea.

Russian marines and paratroopers actively participated in escorting columns of humanitarian supplies, guarded by journalists. When performing these tasks, one soldier died, several were injured. They lost one armored car "Tiger", his photos were published by the crew of the TV channel ANNAnews.

"Terminators" and "Sunlight"

Our artillery appeared in Syria almost simultaneously with the aircraft of the VKS. The first photos of the towed howitzer “Msta-B”, as well as loader cars, radio stations and KSHM in the province of Lattakia could be found on the Net in the fall of 2015 of the year. The report of the Russian military department later indicated that a battery from the 120 artillery brigade operated in Syria. The main caliber of this military unit - just 152-mm "Msta-B".

In February, an 2016 artillery unit equipped with towed howitzers hit the lenses of a CNN film crew in the Palmyra area. The four-axle armored KAMAZ-63501 served as gunners, and the gunners were dressed in “hills” and EMP field uniform (uniform camouflage colors). It can be argued with high probability that these were Russian servicemen.

The gunners were covered by a consolidated armored group of several T-90 tanks, as well as BTR-82A armored personnel carriers. Although the journalists were shooting from a sufficiently long distance, the video clearly shows that the crews, like their fellow gunners, are wearing slides and EMP.

Before the first release of Palmyra in the summer of 2016, the consolidated armored group and howitzer crews were taken several more photos and videos.

The next time the Russian gunners lit up in May this year in the Hama area. There also operated a unit equipped with Msta-B. True, this time the gunners did without armored cover.

In the summer of this year, a tank support fighting vehicle, BMPT, was sent to Syria. Judging by the photographs and video, “Terminator” was also managed by Russian servicemen or civilian specialists from Uralvagonzavod. The BMPT acted in the most responsible direction - it supported the Syrian troops moving towards Deir ez-Zor.

It can be concluded that Russian gunners and armored vehicles were a kind of reserve for the commander of our group. They were transferred to the qualitative strengthening of the Syrian troops in the most critical areas.

At the beginning of the operation, the Russian Federation handed over the TOS-1A Solntsepe heavy flame-thrower systems to Damascus. Machines were active in the battles in the north-west of Syria, and then lit up in the Palmyra area. Moreover, the militants reported the destruction of one "Sunpinek". The video of the defeat of a certain rocket launcher with the Kornet anti-tank missile system served as evidence. However, after some time it became known that the RSZO BM-21 “Grad” of the Syrian army was hit by the militants. Later, the Solnticeki paved the way for the troops advancing on Deir ez-Zor. There was information that TOC-1А was transferred to the Syrian side from the reserves of the RF Armed Forces. True, later there were reports that the "Suns" still belonged to Russia.

Righteous Chechen trace

Parts and units of the military police appeared in the Russian army relatively recently, and the actions in Syria became their baptism of fire. Deployed in the country back in the 2015 year, they directly guarded the Khmeimim airbase, and later the naval base in Tartus. Marines and paratroopers occupied the outer circle of defense objects, and the police acted inside the perimeter. Red berets patrolled the area, guarded the parking of aircraft and helicopters, served at the checkpoint. Another task for the police was to maintain law and order and military discipline at Russian military facilities.

But in December 2016, several EaP battalions were introduced into Syria, the task of which was to stabilize the situation in the region of Aleppo, Damascus and a number of other settlements. The decision to deploy them was made directly by the Supreme Commander. The units were formed on the basis of the special purpose battalions of the 42 Motorized Rifle Division, 19, and 166 Motorized Rifle Brigades. These BSpN belonged to the so-called ethnic, that is, they were staffed mainly by the military from the North Caucasus - Chechens, Ingushs, Dagestanis. As Vladimir Putin explained at a recent press conference, this choice was not accidental. The servicemen of these battalions are predominantly Sunni — co-religionists for the majority of Syrians. In addition, the units had a solid combat experience. Although in Syria, IDP soldiers only once directly participated in hostilities. In the autumn of this year, a police platoon stopped the breakthrough of Islamists in the province of Hama. Then special forces forces and attack aircraft came to the rescue. The police without a loss out of the environment.

They provided for the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid, the work of Russian doctors, and maintained the rule of law in the liberated territory. They have become the main defense of the Russian reconciliation centers deployed in Syria. We had to act under the strict supervision of foreign media.

Also on the military police were assigned the tasks of combat training of Syrian colleagues. In particular, the Russian red berets taught the wards tactics, conducted classes in fire and physical training.

It was the military unit units that became the first military units of the RF Armed Forces, massively equipped with Typhoon armored vehicles. These cars do not carry weapons - instead flashers and inscriptions "Military Police".

War "engineers"

On the Russian engineering troops laid down no less difficult task. In 2015, they carried out a large amount of work on the preparation of the Khmeimim airbase to receive the equipment. The hands of the sappers created a protective perimeter around.

The next task was the clearance of Palmyra, Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor. In addition to the soldiers of the International Mine Action Center (IMSC), this work involved fighters from several engineering brigades. They coped with the task, but several servicemen were injured.

Our experts have done a lot of work on the training of Syrian sappers. The IMCM has deployed several training facilities in the country where ATS soldiers trained to clear and remove mines and improvised explosive devices. This year, Russian engineers prepared and fully equipped several Syrian anti-mine forces.

Great work done pontoon units. Last fall, a military fleet was transferred to Syria by military transport aircraft. Having made a march, the sappers on the move launched a crossing over the Euphrates. I had to act under fire - the militants used quadrocopters to strike the pontoon bridge.

Polite and classified

The Russian Special Operations Forces and military advisers became the most important tool for victory over the IS. In many ways, they decided the outcome of the war, but, unfortunately, their activities are classified as “Top Secret” and practically nothing is known about their success to the general public.

The first soldiers of the MTR appeared in Syria even before the official introduction of Russian troops there. It is now known that “polite people” were engaged in guiding aviation to jihadist facilities. Vladimir Putin repeatedly spoke about this. A unique operation was the salvation in 2015 of the navigator of the front bomber shot down by the Turkish Air Force. Then, with the help of local Syrian detachments, the pilot was found and evacuated.

MTR units participated directly in the hostilities. They carried out night raids on objects and control points of militants. Snipers and groups armed with anti-tank missile systems were actively working.

In Syrian social networks, several videos appeared that captured the Russian “polite people”, acting together with detachments of the SAR government forces. In general, as well as military advisers, special forces were maximally involved in ground operations and worked in contact with the Syrian military.

Officially recognized the death of only one fighter of the Special Operations Forces - Alexander Prokhorenko. But various information resources published several investigations on the loss of "polite people" in Syria. How many fighters of the SSO in fact died while fulfilling their official duty while they remain secret information.

Russian military advisers have appeared in Syria since the first day of the operation. These are officers and contractors of motorized rifle, tank, reconnaissance and amphibious units and units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. They were given the task of training the local military. Advisers acted at the headquarters of the brigades, divisions and corps of the armed forces of Syria.

In one of the VGTRK reports, the work of staff advisers in the Deir ez-Zor area was shown in detail. Russian officers were engaged in planning air strikes, transferring the coordinates of objects, assigning a squad of forces, analyzing data from UAVs.

About those who acted directly with the Syrian soldiers on the front line, we know very little. The effectiveness of their work can be judged only by social networks. According to the Syrians, the Russian military not only helped them, but sometimes they also participated in armed clashes.

It was from social networks that the Russian paratrooper was killed in battles in the area of ​​Palmyra. The Ministry of Defense acknowledged several more losses of military advisers. In particular, in September of this year, Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov was killed by mortar shells in the Deir ez-Zor area. A year ago, under Aleppo, Colonel Ruslan Galitsky.

Based on the available information, we can make a very flattering conclusion for our army. We have deployed a small ground grouping in Syria — even with military advisers, the scale of the participation of Russian ground forces is very small. But despite this, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, with minimal losses, managed to solve a large number of tasks. The main forces of the IG defeated, Hamique and Tartus were not subjected to any shelling. Palmyra, Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor are cleared of mines, normal life is established in cities.
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  1. cedar
    cedar 23 December 2017 06: 27 New
    "Moscow. December 22. INTERFAX.RU - Nearly 50 thousand troops of the Russian army passed through Syria, said Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.
    Of these, over 14 thousand were awarded state awards, "Shoigu said at a meeting of the final board of the Russian military department on Friday."

    Judging by the results, our military went through a good school and gained real combat experience, which no exercises give, which will certainly serve to strengthen our defenses and sovereignty.
    Sovereignty. Russia. Putin
    1. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 23 December 2017 06: 57 New
      Quote: cedar
      "Moscow. December 22. INTERFAX.RU - Nearly 50 thousand troops of the Russian army passed through Syria, said Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

      To get a whole army, almost 10 full-fledged divisions !!! belay
      1. cannabis
        cannabis 23 December 2017 08: 17 New
        And if you measure in the "parrots" (cropped divisions), then MUCH more! A hundred pieces!
      2. Sling cutter
        Sling cutter 23 December 2017 09: 32 New
        Quote: Stroporez
        To get a whole army, almost 10 full-fledged divisions !!!

        Ugh, described 5 divisions or 10 brigades.
        Quote: cunning
        And if you measure in the "parrots" (cropped divisions), then MUCH more! A hundred pieces!

        Yes sir!
      3. segamegament
        segamegament 23 December 2017 22: 09 New
        10 divisions is 120 bayonets, no?
        1. Sling cutter
          Sling cutter 23 December 2017 22: 18 New
          Quote: segamegament
          10 divisions is 120 bayonets, no?

          Firstly, not always.
          and secondly, I got better, and my colleague supplemented. hi
    2. faiver
      faiver 23 December 2017 14: 08 New
      50 thousand of military personnel is a very vague concept - this includes teams of all the Navy ships that visited there, but some of them didn’t even see the coast of Syria, about 14 thousand of state-awarded awards is also very interesting - I can understand that pilots, SSO military personnel, sappers, military were awarded police and who else? or for each launch of the caliber someone is awarded? and not in the singular? I have vague doubts ...
  2. yarema vishneveckiy
    yarema vishneveckiy 23 December 2017 07: 17 New
    Please explain what valuable combat experience you can get by conducting military operations, in fact, with partisan units that are not provided with aviation, air defense, or armored vehicles; forced to use gas canisters instead of mortars .... Do you believe in propaganda hype ??) )
    1. Maki Avellevich
      Maki Avellevich 23 December 2017 08: 30 New
      Quote: yarema vishneveckiy
      Please explain what valuable combat experience you can get by conducting military operations, in fact with partisan units that are not provided with aviation, air defense, or armored vehicles; forced to use gas cylinders instead of mortars ....

      experience of fighting with irregular.
      partisans are in fashion today, such an experience does not lie on the road.
    2. alex-cn
      alex-cn 23 December 2017 09: 15 New
      If only because this scum (God forbid, of course) can be set against our borders.
    3. Deck
      Deck 23 December 2017 09: 57 New
      Because this experience can be useful within your own country. In addition to the Russian Guard. Therefore, I do not believe in propaganda hype
    4. Spez
      Spez 23 December 2017 12: 23 New
      unlike the virtual experience gained on the couch, any shot from real weapons, and not yet at the training ground, is difficult to overestimate. And here is not only an offline shooter, but also a full-length strategy. It’s not very easy to simulate the interaction of several military branches on a computer, and this is an art to conduct such an operation on a real theater.
      1. Deck
        Deck 23 December 2017 13: 15 New
        The Nazis conducted experiments on people in the camps, tested weapons and taught pilots and tankmen to kill Soviet prisoners of war. This invaluable experience finds its followers and is used again
        1. Spez
          Spez 23 December 2017 13: 50 New
          butyrate use, or fun in life?
          1. seos
            seos 23 December 2017 14: 57 New
            Well what are you .... he just has a forelock in his brain ...
          2. Victor_B
            Victor_B 23 December 2017 23: 01 New
            butyrate use, or fun in life?
            Can bottled butylate?
            0,5. :)
        2. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
          Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 23 December 2017 23: 48 New
          Please specify what kind of Nazis you are talking about ???
          Looks like about these, yes ?!
          Then immediately drive all the Nazis and Foshizd from your head, otherwise they will still win something good and even be taken prisoner :-)))
          To then put experiments on you ...
          Like today's Kiev Maidan shepherds over their svidomyom not ...
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
              Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 24 December 2017 10: 03 New
              Poor ... poor Wahhabi barmalei ...
              Salafis and stuff like that shit ...
              Let me roam with you :-)))
              They just peacefully re-sold Bosch to living people, and them for this - aviation and missiles, right?!?
              WHAT WHAT ?????
              Here are the fiends, these staAAshnye Russians ...

              Any weapon serves only to kill.
              It is just for this and created.
              And if you DO NOT experience it, then others will certainly experience it ...
              Some tested the atomic bomb.
              Moreover, for some reason twice.
              Looks like once seemed a little ?!
              1. The comment was deleted.
                1. The comment was deleted.
                  1. The comment was deleted.
                    1. The comment was deleted.
            2. Days
              Days 24 December 2017 16: 14 New
              Quote: Deck
              What is there in Ukraine that I am not interested in, I am interested in the followers of the Nazis who admire the human test of weapons. There are many of them.

              What a dull attempt to turn everything upside down.
    5. cariperpaint
      cariperpaint 23 December 2017 13: 48 New
      here it’s more important not with anyone but how.
  3. saygon66
    saygon66 23 December 2017 17: 09 New
    smile Why is the dog not painted ?! They didn’t give a damn about the service ...
  4. Nekarmadlen
    Nekarmadlen 24 December 2017 12: 51 New
    And they forgot about military doctors ..
    MOSKVITYANIN 24 December 2017 17: 13 New
    Apparently, the task of protecting Russian bases in Syria until the withdrawal of troops remained with the marines. In particular, on December 16, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued an official statement stating that, on behalf of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the Russian Minister of Defense encouraged servicemen to ensure Vladimir Putin’s visit to Syria on December 11. This, as indicated in the message, Marine Corps units covering the most sabotage-hazardous areas outside the Khmeimim air base on land and from the sea.

    I think the Russian Federation has matured to recreate the 17-th BrSpN KCHF RF ....
  6. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 24 December 2017 17: 29 New
    It is not clear why the article does not cover the actions of PMC Wagner?
    They were highlighted in various photos and videos repeatedly.
    Several dozen fighters died.
    If to declassify, then these too.
      MOSKVITYANIN 24 December 2017 17: 34 New
      voyaka uh If to declassify, then these too.

      What is the purpose of antiresessing? The party will say, declassify ....
  7. trahterist
    trahterist 25 December 2017 13: 53 New
    Quote: voyaka uh
    It is not clear why the article does not cover the actions of PMC Wagner?
    They were highlighted in various photos and videos repeatedly.
    Several dozen fighters died.
    If to declassify, then these too.

    They do not belong to the Regular Forces of the Russian Federation.
    Free birds ... And to this article no bokum, alas and ah.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 25 December 2017 15: 32 New
      But salaries are paid to them by the Russian Ministry of Defense. And insurance, pensions
      families in case of death - too. Orders, medals give. It differs little from contractors.
      And they are included as combat units in both operational plans and expenses.
      1. Lena Petrova
        Lena Petrova 25 December 2017 18: 30 New
        And where did you get the data about a few dozen dead?
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 26 December 2017 11: 33 New
          From the open Russian press. And this is the minimum figure. 20-30 Wagnerites died
          only during the last offensive of the Syrian-Russian army "Palmira-Der-zor-Efrat".
          But they began to fight in Syria before the official entry of Russia into the war.
          And they suffered losses even then. Both in Idlib and in Aleppo
          In general, these are small losses, but now we could declassify them.
        2. max702
          max702 11 March 2018 20: 20 New
          [quote = Lena Petrova] Where did you get the data about several dozen dead? [/ quo
          voyaka uh December 26, 2017 11:33 ↑
          From the open Russian press.

          -Who's talking?
          -Everyone says !!!!
      2. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
        Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 26 December 2017 01: 24 New
        And who then cleaned up all over the world the culprits of the kipesh at the 1972 Olympics ?!
        Is it really done conscripts in the form of the IDF ???
        Where, when and in which country openly covered the actions of illegal saboteurs ?!
        And about their successes or shoals it becomes known only after many decades ...
        This is what all states capable of defending themselves, keeping elite illegal saboteurs and providing their cover in case of what happens ...
        It’s clear that war doesn’t happen without losses, but admit that Al Jazeera whispered into your ear about a few dozen, yes ??? :-)))
          MOSKVITYANIN 26 December 2017 01: 48 New
          And also his friend works in the "mutual assistance cash desk" of the RF Ministry of Defense ... gee ...
  8. panzerfaust
    panzerfaust 26 December 2017 19: 03 New
    The experience is good, but a number of losses could have been avoided. Sorry for the guys.
  9. Clone
    Clone 27 December 2017 03: 01 New
    Quote: cedar
    Nearly 50 thousand troops passed through Syria

    More than 600 thousand of our troops "passed" through Afghanistan. But then all the invaluable experience of conducting military operations in the conditions of mountainous desert and mountainous terrain was simply thrown onto the shelves of archives and safely forgotten.
    1. meandr51
      meandr51 16 March 2018 19: 01 New
      And what do you suggest? Prohibit politicians from using the army in hostilities abroad?
      Then start with the USA and France.